Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine on January 6, 1854 · Page 3
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Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine · Page 3

Bangor, Maine
Issue Date:
Friday, January 6, 1854
Page 3
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H O L I D A Y S ! ?RE8H ....L P R Y G 0 0 3 S ! JACOFiiUNST, wp. H ' Through TlcksU without. nopain. h,.t» been ... mon» the very Lest and most coo- ,, "·;· --»« '· irimming Go o d« ! . P ^" " ** ^* H 1 lime to secure? a good.lore i B.^^4.,854 VAN.EL WARrtEfi. , TO, W WEST IfARK? 3CU-RE, If you wish to puttha-e a nice Set of FOBS, rotri one of the 'Bert Stocks ever offered jn thu city or Stare, j My stock is not one o' the largest that can be found, .Sut for QUALITY it CANNOT BE\ EQ^A^LED. "···· is sidelof New York, and at prices varying ftbrn THREE ,_ . , to a "7 a TM""t you are willing to "pay. r purchase my Goods directly from the ManufaCturbrs, and a great liortion of my Stock I havei Manufactured to Gold and Silver Watches: RIC B JEWELRY, cml.iMlnr of Gold Chain. Lobkefi, Crouea, K.r lrop..l'.n.,King«, ( P«»clli, otc , *e. Silver and JMated Ware* ' ...... A.USO ..... . FANCV GOUiW^YVnUt Bn« M , WnlngD..k, 1 fo^lo,.Or.«tagC..e..Colog»f "' {.. "St.lld.,C.|rlCa...,OtC. I *{ *"" to ** d " ul! LOWE8 ' r G" JOHN 3I.IJ8 4. CO, Checked. Plaid, and Hlriped. More of I hoi. e «. celleit TH--"-^ - """ * '"»«"»· Thus enabling nte to sell you S«U of FURS AS low as can be Purchased 1 in any placeln New England.] ' n Adcit'ori to V Attra^tlVQ 8.VMII u. I. we' ire open!DC this In S reM variety, from .11 the best m'.nuf.el.rer,. E m b r o i d e r i e s , ZSstfXtitoSftt?** " M ·! ·- No, 1 Main Street. Millinery drid Fancy Gojida line, ' from tbe l«t,,t t ,nf eterr material tn the attention of the ladi*. I. iHwitl ' 25 UenUemdu' 6 to j 10. ~arr.e qiiantiliei of Ear State Cloaking!, (ore. per yd. ' * f 6 Cue. style Print.,from 7 to It ctj, , V^est Tli rket ,Squa^e. Bales of. BLANKETINGS, - I FLANNELS, »- DOMESTICS, A. of which we offer at prices which will please End of . .,! Kenduskeag Bridge,'' a^E have opened a beautiful establishment lor FittUt, Confectionery . Pastry, Cloak and ilfess fr'mmiogg, in varielv. Read. Made Velvet and Bay Et.t C L O A K S , Malenak for s.roc, and .Patterns faanuhfld. fcH- ne», Taffeta, and Saijn R I B B O N S . G E R M A N W O R S T E D S , EMBROIDERIES, ariety. rer? cheap. Fleeced lined Tal -.and Kid Glove.-; W omen's and Chil dren, VoOLEN HOSIERY; Hi e oleU Mart Stuart, and Children* Hood.. Hpnt-e for Sale or Rent. "^ ' "y 'i'enement in the double i Newhuryjtreel ii offered at . b.rtain. or il will be lented .TMjV^..' r """ H ' "" D0 " 1 " 1 '· convenient .n3 in ·XsTltil «t .«»« BUSKER. A well built, modern .trie H, «"»S M W»rl«nd street, is now .,,, LTorsatr.i, fair price. A p p r y t o Arran2tm.ntjlu.Tej the r c e n l u r [J " for San tr. .. /VK* be rjl comnji'iii « . t if *·«·»* »*H lew I'Tnanw - . p^ialeli M arrival ol tb? Atl.ntic Mails and .pawer/em, thus .enger. by Ih* M.i, Line*. P««.g., without . ny drt Kotlce to Passenitern. from PMfihui f?^ N E W ·J08T BiJjCEIVEl .-FOK.. ' W I L D Patent Salamander Safe.?: ALSO..:... , , W.. A D A M S * C0'8 1W-.J_ W "j' l '"ii EAGLE SAFES, New T^s Presents! Filed with the IUM material, .. other Safe, of- ' : feMd brbalc in this market. ,,*·*'*« ·«Tl««e.««t oar «o»uH.g room, No. 45 West Market fquar.. THO'S A. TAYLOR St CO., _ laaS I Age.ts lor Wm. Adams Coi . Qcestions and Answers, W HERE can I pnrehaa. the oest fa faint Oil .nd Uumifg fluid 1' Anaw*-- at MANN'S. dee 19 · '» -- fc -........,.;.*, .nd also lo ladie. !men,anice ill-bit in the .11 I Main and Wall Sts J _ i ** "WHO- f --·-- 19 UPPIIVUIEII, · met; ll[-oi[ in (fie If ape of || " fc " , ' ' , ; Lnr.cb.eou, or a neat aad comfortable Meal, at any H. «V ft. W A D E ' ' . "" d * y " nd ** · m «"«»t's notice , -. patterns. French Flotfers, Plnnes, c. V«i._ i ^" * «r=»» nvti · ryoi. necil fied While. Sea Ktepb.nt, and Sperm Oil, bv tbe bbLMfBlrtniee.T Aniwet---u MANM'8. ' j · 'S? 1 c ' 1 V"l'yP h r"ik'»ns lend their order. 1 Md eitji.'aiy.icijtn.ltheir piescrptioas. and be **" w §«tflnj Knoi^ tftcdretnei. and at th* lowest ntnl .Auwer--.t MANN'S. . Wkere^an ( b o y . b e Best for Sal) RA«dm.!JErofula, the lleh.lhe Pile., t ic Gravel tbe Liver Complaint, Font Slom.cS., Lo.. of Op. pet to. aei t. «nd chronic Court, Cutarrh. Lame' b.«k,ad,dld., Rh.Qm.tism,T«ti A she, S Anct on Comm'ssiod Merchant "rtbe.^^^^"""TM ^EXCHANGE BTHEET BANGOB, IIAIHE, clat '»" R«dmj Room. W« aoheit business. Bales made and settled Thu i. a fast age, and gentlemen vnilinr the prompt jr. Liberal advueee madej.on eoamea- ««v with their wive» do not like . lone, uldion. I**.t'~il*? "*"M ««iy to buy. O«r rrftrmct. j, ··Mioit 'or « set and formal dinner andei the pon- lo iy*fl ; r -·»» *· »·« «"oue bn.iu. n . derou. m.chioery of . hotel, .nd oar plan i. to KJ. ! i( them an elegaat m.«l in our Saloon, wil hoot the IMS ol lime, and at about halCthe botel price. A --" L 1 - ' ilated or ob- ., gM a nice -- ·----« ....uu.n, BHU ..HU »iM0 lo.. of time. We have made^the be^innint; iBone ol Ihe mo. - ,, ... . . ^"~- m i ' lo "»«t"»».«nd»t.hoht|i.lC.thebotel| We do busmen in R E A L ESTATE, and in Ike «««ll«"«n in « hurry, .genlkman belat! afreet o -elsewhere, aa ma r. be required. · .trncted by a stormy day, can pop in, gi -Til IJTT .u , : meal without tronbl.,..d with little lew. d. niS. ~'*" fodr ""f tttt ' k 8to " '» " GI 'J- We h * T " "··"···«·· be«|; in one ol Ihe mo.l den Block, .ameretsenlly oeeupied by IUe H r. convenient and popular arr.» c .meol..ui edw the J ld «r, oc.-]f preferred, IBe ««« we itccnpvJneil time., and we intend to keep up it. respectability ° oor - j - B. H. WAftB «"d usefulness. * Gas P i p i n g A N D F I X T U R E S . HE l*b«riber. ff scored the continued Mr.ieeiof iheirGan Finer., i}e prepared TM mi * r '/" r Pi|li " l! ?""«»«, H»M« ea. aad Slortf, ill the mm workman- , ,, THOMAS *AT S«r, No« 17, IS53 ||f T BodsFloi A emvni. n | TenenJcnt on Kssei Si GtO -- Jt-r- Dr.«H. Knowles. --- --«=.,-..,u.- U e«»..c^d.. a ho»« ·|2S West Market Square, «»«^d.. ? d h Ul!;"S^ ri "T^'^'Ji^ e ^ 1 fice/low'cr' end on^^n.?/f£t ^"'oV .,,* VERIVON »«, or ,o ChOCOlate, I W. ft G. E.G)ODHlJfS W OULO «t»te ihit they now oflJi. Wry rtitei,- , j stye p»ortrnent of * f ' IVfnsical Instnunenta, Fancy Goods, Toys in great Tart- i ety, frillf Umbrella., .c. Various Patterns! 1 W . Chocolate.. raiuni. hjve beoa . for sale c, c/oooa, and i Jui*Onid. v«* t CO'. Ameifean arxl Vanilla Prrmlun, Pies e». Cocoa and Brran., to which flrMpri- Pastry, awarded by tag. cbief Instiliiteaandfttn ' KlultS. for SalB HV all IhM nrinpin.1 fimnr~~ u. ^^Tl «enredi n aHthatariou ( .iy| M . , and by tbeir n r ngenm: -- . | To* ; CH.I.T (CwTwiL ° , JTuts, Hussar . McaaAr, K Philadelplia ; TKO'S V. Bi ·acDuDLr.", Cincinnati, Ohio.i ' , r ' ~~ff'r"! : . - . ,, *»At TEtt BAKER t CO. · Qtiaigia, Aprs 4, 1853 . dlyi, BorcfteMer, Man. Hot T!a, New Biographic .U and Hist or- PMIIII .. . ,, HotCofiee, ical Work '· . n.fS?i' I «^f«« «^-i -hh. i v.rie- · USTPURl ISH?ll ·!·..*!"·,· j «.· · t'« nllbeahore. in any qu.htii r . and at reaaoua- D. O. S T O J T E ' . A ^"r^r^Hljte o f ' ^ ' c i q i c l s K I l S l n-vii. u " sizes.; ' __ ' "LOVKS--all sires.; -- · -- · -- -- ·** -* J-. |trOur Slock i« all new, anil varied enourh to Woald hereby giv. public notice Ikal je bu r«-' *"" """ ""' Yo ° "'" Bnd "· « yved hi. Mock of No. 2 Bowman'alnew Block. C L O C K S . ' . ^*$?? V9KKAG BBIDG.S. _--. , _ . . . , or(| ^ ^^ and note ii t)u E^L KY, F A N G ' f e d C t S , T. t le A£ IV STOKE in th. ror.erol Ihe hand- wimc block Palely erected jri \ le , Comer of Exchange Street aid Ken- dtjskeag Bridge, ; Wkere we offjir a ol sucfc jroodt aa ire. nwallx kept in the Kit. aad alio R K P A I R VValoh~ and Clock, in tbe.Je.t m.ain-r. and War. r..led to j,iv« load sau.fiel»n. etlE7Vl.Mec.lf and" prove Ibe ' D. c. .sr- , Ba»nor. Dec. 31, 1B» 6w Dancing SchooL" .·A' P-PI'I'-KROfK would announce Ihtl l.e ' 5 . * hM '"!'·*«·* rooms over Vinton a S.lom,. wh»r« he will commence a eonne' »f ^.ioi» in K . L.die. el.M to exmmence on Wedne,- .d«y, J.n 4th, .1 5 Ml Oentl«n,«k' :!.., at 7 a»Mvemnr.. Term, liberal. | Prim, leuona |iv'e.--alw. iulrLolu n on th.' u S*"".!?*" f ""° '0 * 'M lo I* V--f»m I till fi V M. and from 7 lo 10 in Ibe evenine J.nJ if . i .* l? ell '"' r of lhe '-if'.fl the R iv.i Jacob »«. l e y , A . I M . My Rev. vVlllifn S H.rlletl-wilh . Pref.ce jy Rt. Rev Georie Bur«e.., DO. »bhop of Ibu Protestant Cpiscopal Church iu Maine, lii lustr.ted with Steel, Wood and Lithograph Gnl eraviii.^. 8mo. pp. 268. \K For sale dec9 G E ° Rg 8 M I T H SARD PINE. '^O f (It I F .P El o( ' "· l "i ""=° Sonthern 5":!'"V. Pfa « BOA HIM, «nj. of which lor Halt, Counting. lu . --~~ : In call in Knd trv our "i.r.i.rss" 31 - ' c.cioT-1561-i. to __.. v . Horiset, like manner. All Work will be tested with a foree-uum i and warranted Gas-tight. ''' Our price, irill./or lilt prtitnl, remain the a, l«tyear, Filter, in lloston and Portland have advanced wllb Ibe recent rise in iron,copper, dee. The following certificate will .peak for Itself t thore tntere.ted. FEN NO 1ULB, mS5 H ** m»in Btreet. llAKoon, March M, 1853. 40 whom ic may conctrn--The undersigned hav- IUR wiluessed the excel|^n; arid very, .atisfactory mannrrin which RAS PIPE and r JA».KllT»iii!s b.»e been put u» in Ibi, ciu by Mes^H. Feono «i H.le.docordiariy recommend them to those ol ·our fellow ciliien. who deaijrn to introduce Ga« the coming leason into tbeir House, or Stores and who *lsh their worl, done by competent work' men,and In tM best Manner. ' , LEONARD MARCH ALBEfl^Sfffi 1 .?? C °'° I '"° T M. L. APPLr.TON. ' £ ,, j J A M B S DUNNJNC f »i'e«t«r. ! ALBERT 1IOLTON, J RdbMs, Top^wTiif R ^ * N E JESS rrfomlare well filled np, and Ocuuti- .k "I"""'li|*J|ik« l)a:nerreotip«s luken in all the nfy , ,rf.t,,Ltti styles, »i .lufrt notice and at roasnnabl- pricey, , ~ SB TO C A L L . Th . (.ommandrr. to sail on 1st HV, punctna ly, will be the ye- i o e ure Be PORT PHHJP: Feather? ar.d Matresses. JER SAFES OF A^l. SIZES, x mi hand and fur *afc» al manufacturer'. . Bangor Gas Light Co. A M V I U E N D o f ail o. in. capital . oek oftba Haacor O.. Li«ht 1. h». bin declared, payable at the Kank of the State i f Maine on tbe tenth day ('January ne»t ' _1»»,or. P.. 30. .Sit 8 lBr ' N . E ' l t- Tr -- · Lit !·'· 3np*rior Extracts, , ·plUNslSTINO ol S«.,tBri.r,.J M iker Club, ..«^.. P|to»..lev, Mlakon.elte.Ac, H a lou n ** °*"?!7f '« r *" Vabfnt mn received Slaln.d ' I N U 1 U H A M »T r-LLI.EK'S t»» AT i jn^RetaU! TotLZSIAJ No. H jViain Street. S on hand, fo^.ale dn'lern. «,,,,« cu ,, o J , Burning moid, \ V Ite llbl. or at retail . . .,, OUILfc HARLOW, deil7 comer K«ch.n;e and Vnrfc ulreetn, Over Coati l ; , , A iQRE ATIVARIETY of O,,,co,li,, i! «,.mo»g , them is I! pa. Extr. rSo,,rr PILOT, 'u thick as aboard, for ^ Water Priwf and 'Kitjlra' Warm uoat--Onl/ one:pieve--all ihere was to'be had .'OSEPH FORBES, WfERCHAIfT TAILOR, HM Ibe L«le.l F.ahioni., .nd will make them ip to your taste, at E..C. SMART'S No. 3 Strickland'. Block. Gloves!, .Ill ^ - -- - * - o f ·*·«*·*«* Lided. Fur, Kid «JU .1.iDeoVHerlin aud C».imere Lined, and other van. M.. uf CI .ve., ffr tale low at .. I "'· [ E C. SMART'S. a"" 23 ' No 3 Strickland'. I Also, Glove.-lbr Ihe Boya:a l above. riXHE snhMriber would respectfully infirm the ,:V c| tiien« ol Itan^or and tbe public ee lerally, mat he bac jusf received at "·,- · ', j Not 2 Exchange Street, Phillips' B oct, a New and Extensire assortment ol{ FANCY GOODS, TOTS, MTJSIOAI. IN8THUMBNTS, ic bompri»n| in part tbe following, Guitars, Violins, Bass Viola, Banjos, Flutes, Fifes,'Fiagolets, Clarinets, Accordians, Flulinas, Cane.-, Whips, Umbrellas, Parasols, Porte Monnaies, Pocket Knives, Hair Brushes, Shell, Horn and Ivory Com M, J Card Cases, c., c. Alao, INSTRUCTION BOUKSof variou. kind. ind a rood variety ol Violin, Gqilir, IJanj., .nd -Remember the That yon can purchase ,Hats anc Caps I of every.atyle aad quality, --MEN'S-Calf; Kip and Thick Boots. l ' t £'/,l!.' 1 'i IHiMe " t H'i r "'' d Polk. BOOTS SMOGS s Gent., LaJlie. and Mi,,,, Ru jj. SHAW '· /; * J /?^» aj- n « 04 and 66 Main Street, - -Bangor. ' L T ' b */^^J£« ,^$*«TM**TM'i£?'e££ Furnilriri', of iSr, litest styles, consisting of' HKJH PARLOR SETS, _ In Brocrtelle, ^lu»_h t llarnwk and Hair Clilh The price, ol passejre are Da follow.- In First ^'»3i:i, - V"- ' . (55S- r » In Second Cubin, -r ff!40 j F.very ll.iri; h prorided for the Pawenrer. er. cept V. me. and Uquon.-ToTClt and Soap The I^ORIII of passase varies Irour 80 10*^100 davs Fifteen cubic feet oll.uj*a. or n.,t exceodhie 2X)l» s ,n w e - h i . i- a lif,*M la-each adult S5 berth will be :oniJrrM .s^ecured till itUastoii. JMrd the amo int of vw^fff has been paid M a de- persit. An expfriencedisurjeoo accompanies each jVepse!.an(f every »ttend«nce requixite lo?ftejccm- Ifort of iikusn-er, proviird free of charge. u vessel will succeed ihe Ai.EERT . Sntl..»ail on ]:l of March +^ · ' B. W. CAMEROA. NewVork.^an 3, 1854 .1m Ladie **'*' -----]--·»---. . -uEi.ia, *Lapi)i«» ana tint* BER.f, ol every .lyte; UliFFAI.O (lined and unl " ire, Sol., turd. aidF» n c , I - A H ^ E S . CHA"MBER FDRNITORE, "LADIES' FURS,'* of all kinds, evr offered in ibis market, and at pnec. a. Low as the Lqwesti ., No. 19 West Market Square. JOHN AYER. Banger, Dec. 10 doiw Mahojwij,, black Wallnut,.n;d Cimmon Bedsteads, Bureaus, sinks. Krtensii.c, Dim fir, antf Comraou TABLES. Kkava-n 'ntu !_. «.aT af^jT L I »I r T, ., ""TM" t.lLC. Top M.rhl ' Ready _, atJThdesale! C OIJNTIV MBRCHAKTS will Cnd . l.rre block to .elect from, and LUMBERMEN supplied on FA VORAHl.K reiCHtS^ ·ovS4 | 'NO'; s C ' «*»»l«l «nd WASHSTA N»S , Painted and Fire Insurance ! A NV penon wUblnr INSJRANCK without /V (ivmr . Premium Npl. subject Jo aoeu me.l., for. term rflromr to J year., can bo in_________ jr Book jrorJ.nMry.recclredby, . _i* UUBBKE. , . AVER, in- attention pairl to .he Melodeon. .nd Accordenns tuned .od Whip, alio repaired, .nd Jobbing ol an Kind, executed In the beitl manner, at .hort notice. All urdera from Ib. country promptly altered t. ffo. t Exchange Slrett, fliilliLt' Bttrt. nov 4, )8£3 . ! i N E W Jf ~^ Gas-Figure Establishment. /CHANDELIERS,"Pendant., Bracket!,*«., of Vy every varietv, just.received and cons an'tlv n ceivmc, direct from the beat manufactory. Oas and Lamp Firturek rtpaired, re- crfored aDdp.1 up in th. bert m.n.or. .ml w.r- ranled ijerfect., Dwelling.. Hole!.. Slorea, 4.O., pped and lurniihed al the lowe.t price.. »«O.a Work of all kind, promptly exeo.ti d, .t ^ is John Steyens Co's., Iffher PretrerratiTe: r ^Hfc, beat ever made, at G U I L D * IIARLOW'S, decl? corner of Ktchange and York i la. s:: TAYLOR HOPKINS. No. 11 Broad Street -- Bam»6r, ' for the .PUWTOfl COOK t lch "· be y" ad » q»«tio», tbe er'. Cook Star* in use. Coata! BUFFALO, Wolf. Coon, Heat and F«r * Coals, .grntririety for aale by ! HE»EN*AV 4- HEKSEV deelT R Boston Almanac for - K C K I V E U .MI ,,,,,.,« D , ** D lUlfillgR. ic^Mew Yeart Toretber with .11 the minor article. «.|| found I. .n e»t.n.l,e Pnrnltnre establishment a.d will b. sold a Wholesale price. °TM" I P U ! " t ' " "·!'"''·«' ·"··l'.ii* e.unine ForUt. LOWKOT CASH PWCE3, and a , an e .,,^ a , «"* _?*!?!___ W. H. GKEKNOIJGII. 87 K 1.2 Cent, per 10,000 feetTubint;(chain, Wheel., and Fixture, for the aame. which weloffer at Ibe lowest market price. Pedlarn'who are deairou. of zoinr into Ibe bu.ii*.. will do well to give uj . caU be- lore pirch..ln«. ' ; Remember, No. 11 Broad St. TAYLOR . HOPKINS. Bangor, April 18.1883 i dwtl ; ' · B. H. MACE, Counsellor A .torney at Law, H AS op«n.d an office over I!jldwin's .loreJinl door to A. W. Paine', office. Went Market Ho alleud. ta,Cox4,/mKi*g. Colttclmg and Ibe pronenliou ol all Claim, lor Bounty Ltnut pay. thtir «OMi/nr/.e, wic(, ii'mnch'aWe' tht kixheat market price-. ETC and Feather Beds, 00 ,i6 Jl ^ UN STE *',f : ' v , s , . T -- · - cor..,: ntly .,, hand'.nd mid. to order. d^V. « £LJTM!«!^L« spHixXB^ED^wiND^w SHADES, ISAIAH BUDB YOUNG' House aud Olf-'ice iFahiilore ^ of every deseriptioKmannfactured to order. In «». , -- - - "ss sa»«3a.» ijnted u^i, ^ L £i M f» f joung) rFe^wKrT ""' S ^" »*" »-^«V40 S t ,1 t G S t f 6,6 t, M ""4-^=--u_ J _ i _L i \ I BOSTON: . nie.lim.lry mail promptly answered. act la - . B R O W N H A ^.ST^.!5 Sl ° J '* * F *" 8 "" !k for WINTER 1 RAPB, and oflen lo purchasers a /rrra natty of art tie,, .owm, wjich mar be found Chamber Firnitnre, PLMjI-fX'"*, " Wajnul,; Binl.e.M.nle, indOak. A1 M . Flowered, and ImltK.ioni of the different Wood. P a r l i o r Sers, Sofs., O..HTIM or-- DESCRlPTtoN OF BIILEBNG ttoiton, March S, 185^, ry ' i Green Motintain Vegetable ^ " ? n r " ? ' r ^ i - ain l« Ike T.HOUS departmer «. -of 'Art iur. and Science. . . ' T H E p O K T S BOOKS, T E 8 T A M E W T S , 50 Bales of Buffaloes, J UST KECEiVED and now roady for w l ' " ° b ' * 1 '-- 1 ". I-eopard Skin and ' in r.rlon. ,l ,i... and «f ., from the miniature to th. jMM».»Ht«»f.lloft.rm-wltk.T.rielrof Mi*oellaneon« Bookb, .' a. gifts for Few Year'. D.T ! , ,or ral. E. F. Ul KEN, .., «j«f V."" 1 ! "··· · r «»«»"»».t. t.r|i.ik»ak.Uby Ih. earn, I will n |l opened *,,*. from , h . ,,,.,, ,,, ,,,. '.,,,,,, AH I. watt oT i Fresh article irMI pleue .all. ^* ct * 6 " _ A. RiqHAKDS. $0 Purbhaverg of Druga, i Medlclne.»ji«aint.,Oll«,Dye., .^ dec6 AMUttodE wiwefKn, ! . No. 3 Qranit. If lock, ' - '-]- -..__,|*a... 9KIU wn« Shawl Robe^, Wolf and fancy Kobe** of rrvrv aocripitoo, *t 18 and 2O Main Street. , M E M C N W A V * HKKSET J»c 17 fcw3w I AMJ3S, XtTNT A flOWITS r Quadrille Band, r tHE anlersigiMd respectfully inform th. citi ,, - len.of llanior, .d ici.ity.lfa.t tkev ire pro,i.r.d lo furnish the MutfOfut,, Ma.ic of "k" Seamen and Marines Vff^HO served in U 8. veTM»l., on tbe i coast of T » l.alilornii. from May l.lih, 1816, to February, tSiH, or durmj any partlflf that lime, can obtam ellr. pay by anplyinr.iniper»n. or by letter, to HORATIO" vto O 6.H A N,' JS Rail R...d Eick.n X e i;oun.qo.uar.JBo.tou, wbo will alw cash Iheir claims. ; oclt? ItawSn- ; | HORSE BUtJSHEiS, C ASTILE SOAP, Card.; Uiuler. I'lnimenl Spo«ne, Currv Cnml.. M.n. Brunhe. c »« ' , GOILO t HARI.OWS de.17 corner Kicba.,e and York streets . - . _ . . IS THfi TIME! tauj Fox aad WolC PaiMa, of which ~ ' -· .up.rMr;,..ljly. . HARLOW, nrkiareett. . O A.LUWT, H] AMES...! r»Wiim'« Vtoitlng Li.rt, r »4 HeMk of for , 81 «»·*», *.., which now render* It the plet. to b. f«.« t. tke city To w l.rMe tke allenliosj of tbose per. that w. caa V.rmoat et by the M retail. tFULLEU, Druggist, ' foot , r ..1. .1 .ndu.k«,g M.rk« b , 186 s Cuttjiyf Fresh Flgii, AISINS, aad Pra.ea-- al«. NVT8 - kl^i.. tor .al. by aAlM'L E. FER Extra Marble hip Centre Table.. Gilt Frame Mirrors: .Mahogany, Koaewood, ahc Walnut do. Secrelarler. WhUnoK Eitention Table.. C.n. Dining Chair.--llat^trce. of wood or iron: Live Geese FEAiTHERS M . / . T T R E I S S E S ol all kind., w hal^e.tocfcof Ihe mere com! toDn kmM of Furniture. ; ' , fO-MAMJFACTUR Nli. .. ,,,,,,!, by the-bestof Workuwo, all kiad. of Office rurniture. ^"Thankfql "or verv liberal patronage of the public, ead hafing made large outlay., I trail In deiom and receive a fair share of busi- ; nen from thl. eominnnity. Order, from Ihe country prompily fi^d. H. s. BKOWR, _J*"" «·"* ' Wo tVEuhange street. TJ)ROKKN Chi... Gla«, EarthTM Wwe and AJ Kancv Article., of every d*serptio.,rep»ired .nd mended .k|ng it .. .trong u ^forebr.kea, vtithout injuring its appearance. , , , , / IhisCement. whicb ha. ' een pfrvd to be of great slrength, will be 1 fo. u partic^Iaffy .MfuMn - cveryfamilj; the simple manner of itx apjtieatibn i. ilone a recommend.tion. The idhesive property which II contains is so wOnder«il that maW I lbii»js will rather break in a freaS place tlij' where fhey Imve been mrnded wllh^t. The variety nf imrp ,, 11 for which it may be lacd are M numerous that n would be difficult to ricite Ibem Id. sncces. iu raeniling Gla-s, China. ... i. extrior- I dinary, no ordinary if rr-e of heat erecting iL.nd .» the joints are scarcely pcrceptibfe. article, of Ihi.klnd ma) be made useful for ye: erwise would have been caht a w a y . ' t tbe most favorable terms, by i JOS I AH BR-G«S,- ! i .. ,, Inventor and Mant far.tunr, l.ur.19 No. X E,.t Market Plto--Bantor. ··..V'SS'.i? 1 ,; wj 01 ""^ «»» fet«n, 6y GEO. W. .MF.HsniM N 0.4 Smith 1 . Block. ....... Co TM«' »d V-ioncello. -- .-- ----.....« W.H ··vaiii. _ -fnr.le p.rlir. al tended wllh any na »- berrf tnatrnment. required. CTA nplv to O. A . LUNT. al Cyno.«re Hall, or to E IIUWE, al Mrs. Hill'., on Hammond .t Jed 10 tf , Cotton Warp. O r the bert q«IUr. 'or ..I. u if. law..t m.r- kel prjees. by K. 3 MOKIMtlN « CO. **". Ag4 .? 5? ^ !|f ? Y q q JJ^EADI REAP! HEAD R E A D ! D R . H A M P T O N ' S lor mje it manalulurers iinces n' R. 8. HORldON t CO. ' Fair 'I AM BOUND TQ VAUNTED, WiMche», 'Jewelry, Silver rVare, and Fancy Goorji. «. A ***** LOT !.mp, f.y til* Grtat Ratoralict and Im-igtrator of the 1 ki. article. whichVa. miide «i many wonderful 2E*'ir*" d " C ° V ' red »' D r.J.«.. IfAiir-oif, ot ioiuv vllle Ky, now in twe be.lui in ih« 70tti v«r of ti» an, «n4 b ackuowM^ed by chow W|K have omil II to b. tb. tut fkmilr medkine In lue; and in nm By ib milrl action f viU cjin TaW. and Pook.t BolrM. tlol«b«: aad S ' Rjlsorat, ; T~^J " *'"1*'* * I 1 «*«·'·. R««»r. f\V L«di.a ttilk a.d Meruio ll.ader Long If «rJ abort 6s..v.d,jurt «e.i,.d it * ' H. · KKNT'3. ***** 7 Main street The Bronchial Troche*? -|(.Lh.l,.nd..T..tu|i. .Illym. Irrlia. JOSIllH IlkJOUH « · " "?· '"J" 1 " ··* «»"»« r.cler. · Prepared by Job. t. Krow. !Ju. Bo.t« .ddfor..l.kv»A«'L E PErlKIWd, ' - Tht Bon. f l l H E ^...·al OFftf Houtt of Stpmmtatires tf At Sot, ff^lttat. 1 r.dd.t, IJir. ire utlTncreatiTaf their . . «t.(ft*ur..*dCoiiipuyo(lh. Muokwu Barf u H^n-r, reapeelfully ~-^Z" -' ' Co.nmplien. Serotula, Fit.. Rbcnmalim, (iout. Neuralgia, Fistula, Bowel, Worms, and Nervous Debiliry, with all ditease. arising from Impure Blood. . i'a a Female Medicine it has no equal! It wflf ihan.e the complexion from a palid to m bloo'taini; on. SAM'L V.. PERKINS, »l o).,aie Bridge. SLk Velvet Vegtings, , » etpit.l rtMk of twenty-fife ' m " i Styles DoeHtins! atf. AMI ** pMrt *,'Jlf 4, for .ale .( at,d rM.Hl- " M. SCHi/ARfZ. · ««. ta«m a. law at ' JM*.. _ N- I saoo ·a. »AM*H!iCHiVEsr.O!r.

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