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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 1

Decatur, Illinois
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Tuesday, December 30, 1902
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·1 determine) tb* ckrcumataaoas) oflfcet Her. Pear* L«tt.rf Loyalty to tie Crown. Fnil Official sutenmt of Royal Scandal. Berlin, Dec_30-Klng George of Ba* «ny ha« ordered preparation of a full of- llcM account of the elopement of Crown Princess Louise and the. circumstance* leading up to II. for the Saxons, among whqpi the most fantastical stories are In circulation to the detriment or the royal family, especially with reference to t)ft future king. The scandal la undermining, according to some opinions, the people 1 * loyalty and respect for the throne. Th* dynasty Ing Catholic and the people Protestant the affair M being utlllwd for wclkmal on troversy The kings statement, doubtless, will follow the line Indicated in an Intimation, supplied to newspapers bavin* court leaning*, published today, atflnMng t*at the crown princess' sole rt-asoh for etoplag was her criminal relations with Profesaei Olron und' that documentary proofs have been found showing the *lop»«isnt had lung been In preparation. Stories of 111- · tre.itmeni in the part or ner husband, of fettered existence HIP ilaxsed a* invrn- nppressive court cerement*. Md of her tli.n*. TO TRY DIVORCE 8VIT. Drwden Dec. 30 -King Oeorge ha* appointed a special court of suven judge* to try the cult for divorce which the crown prince has decided to Institute against the crown prlncsss) HO eBAYKB»,HO HOKOBfl. Vienna, Atixtrln Ier. SO-- The semi-official Wiener Abend Post *as Kmoeror Franrlf Joseph ha ·coVpted Archduke Ix-apnld Ferdlnsvnd'a renunciation of hi* rank, ha* aawUonvd hi* adoption of · cK-ll nnjne. Wwfrhig. and also oMtorsd that Ms name b* strleken from the list* of MM- Knights or tlte OoMssa »1sasa aid rf the army lierlln. !*·· y --The l.utlK-ran olergj- of Saxony have hmuel *n order striking the name of the crown primes* 1 from public prayer*. Corntend, who obot Mmoerf when a poot- orftej teopvctor o*U*A unexpectedly and awnt from the receipt* of the- offtoe. A ocarob of QreenMMfo effects) disclosed KM in oaalv to Ibo pocket* of hi. doth- in*. A* W* residence an additional MW ·was found.'while «70 wao In the oaa* box in Ibe pomoWtc* TnoM fund reduce tb* actual shortage to W», and rooUonte of Uw town declare that the postmaMer cuuld have raUed this amount aknong M» ftwnd* sn ·«**» mrouMO. fi d*r tho circumstance* the coroner'* Jury rtUTMd * verdict of auicldr, eom- mitied white temporarily Insane. ·insiat" IieoeaweWO Uvtpat. PhuallHihli. Pa., Dec ».-By turning out l.» flntebed iocomotlv*«-an average of on* ovory four hours-th* Baldwin I/o- oomodve work* of tills city ha» broken all record* during 1W2 Indication* pomt to tut even greater output lit the y about to dawn. In 1MO. 1101 and 1K2 IS BESEIGED UteihpttoBreakOtitof Fez Foiled. the work* turned out 1,31", 1.375 and 1,8*1 lo- comotlM* n»|K.tlvel. In tonnage a knucti greater Increase won registered, «ome of the iiglnes welching 3M.W pounds each. The money vtlue of the year's output wa* about MMOO.OOO an Increase of W.OOOOOO Of the locomotive* 04 worn compound*. 74 wen» electric and a were oil burners. NluVsty-nlne locomotives w«f expound, the largest number golnc to Wiwt Australia. Thirteen Ihoiia- nnO mm on. employed Olrl Horned to |X**th. Wlneneoter, HU. Dec. 30 -Clr« destroyed William fllevenoon'a home at Merrltt, thst count\ HIM dtntgator. Ml»» Myl sWoveOMn. n yean aid. wn» so badly banted that death resulted. Unloa Maa Dead. Oraoha, N«b. Der SO-Colon ol J. 1 Dickey, superintendent «f the Wurtern division of the Western Ifmor Telegrsyph company, with headquarter* in Omaha, died, at Ms horn* la this city of pn«umo- ta. Colonel Dickey waa on* of the best known telettrajih men In tin- rnlM0 MM«s. A $8,000 (Ml. Qtrincy, I l k . Dec SO.-- R»v Dr. A. B. ArmMrong. pastor of the Second Baptist oburch in tbl* city, «*· resigned Wa DO- ·Itton to acctpt a call to the Fourth Baptist church of Chicago. Wits** he will re- oelve a salary of 13,100 n year 4 *ta**vlljws ·o- BOGS COMING LIGHT, Average Weight Llshttut Blnoe April Chicago. Dec 30 -Only 113 477 hogs w«ro received here last week, against lUsti the previousweelc nnl 241,3t7 the week ending Der 13. whlh was the second largest weeks jewlpts «,r tho jtar l*»t week being H holltl» week dealer* naturally expected comi«rallvp| small receipt*, but the number was below expectations. With the marked railing off in receipt, the average weight last week *aa the lightest In over eight months, or since the weak ending April It The weight IMS been steadily decreasing since the third of last September, when It reached Ml pound*. There ha* been considerable speculation regarding the hog situation during the last few weeks, and most everybody ha* been at sen us to what to expect: but with receipts falling oft In number and the weight decreaslaa; so rapidly there I* no question but what fully matured hog* are scarce und the future "crop" -will undoubted!) b» dlalppolnt- Ing. Th* average weight here last week was «nly Ml pounds, against 218 jwund*. the previous) week 222 pound* a month ago Me pound! »wo months ago and 238 pound* three month* ago. The average a year ago, last week waa only IN pounds, the lightest on record for December. Average two vean ago last week 211 pound*. BnMlkMt W Beaumont. Tex , Deo 30--fflatma Sing HJXHI, reputed)) in.- smallest grown' permit In the world. HM \cry suddenly, l«er« yesterday afternoon Sho and tor brother. Rmnim Sing Hpoo. were on exhibition, and after the afternoon pw'ornvanrx Fatma b«-am* 111 and died at the Crosby hous* liefore a doctor oould reach tier. MM wna 22 year* old, weighed firMn pounds, and stood iwerrty«ight Inche*, In her etooklng fee*. Deer tor Mwrket. Cleburne, Tex. Dw. K.-3. F. Antlhony, living near here, has) made. · «UCC**B thss year of raising dttr for market. He has been getting from 1* cent* to 3» cento · pound for tbe venison, aad *ay* it o not cost a* much to raise a deer a* K doe* i other atock. IndlanapolU. Ind., Dec. ».-Th» Imtkui- ·paili Siren Itallwar «ompany, on tk» \oto caat today by It* «to*hokler», bw. been leased (or · period of thtrty yM» to A* B»W traction oompsmy. juvt formed. t Morgan of mimd***** was, during the WllosJng. ·»· »took- i *f MH Iu*1isss»nlla Msswwgr of- SMSSSBT* w *·· nisi s «"·»-"' ~ fnsjd sw«m«eUon whatever to «H* meiw- tug oT Ma IntwMt* with the** o* tb» new. Jy Bsnrty who to a ksjf ot thta HT. I toes MsAtoon, III*. Dec. SO-- At Jantsvllle, a. snail town south of thk city, on the Fmxrla division of the Hllnoi* Central. flieTe na* bffir * »m«*r»o» ceara, bacuus) ·f (be appearance of Hit dkwase In sev- «ml families No new CM*e» have been reported and the alarm ba« soiaewhau ·bated. _ _ GHMky Knoetei Oat DeseufJi. Terre Haute, Ind., Dec. » -Sieve Cro*by. the ne«ro "Cydtpne" of Chlvam. knocked out Eugene Brnaomth of Cln- elnclnatl In the fourth round ot what wa* t . ha\e betr. a rifteen-round bout, M«r- H of Quecn*berry rule*. V Married in Speedtor Cab. Metropolis. I l l s . Dec. 30--E»eret Barnes nnU Miss Blrcblane of Princeton Ky.. eloped to this city Sunday afternoon and were married by Judge Thomas Leg gett. An unusuul feature of the wedding wa* that the ceremony was performed In a cab while the parly wa* being driven a: breakneck »iced to catch the southbound Ill'nols Central passenger train. . BtandiwdOUOealesv. New York. Dec 30-An official denial to made of t)i« repoi t from New OrJv.n* that the Standard Oil company ha* ob tamed control of the rich Beaumont ol fields in Texas antl the Jennings field In Louisiana. TENANT NEED NOT PAT UsJes* BOOM J« Made Coamtort- ableforHln. Alton, III*.. Dec. ao-JtstHce B. Ntirbon yesterOay rendered a decision that landlord* most provide for the comfort 01 their tenant* In buildings, rented or leaaed. If they expect to collect MX rent lift. KaVherlrwKane entered tan apalns* J. Vf Appleton for po**e**lon of a aWoN- ing on W*st flecond otreot. which had been lessee to Appleton for HO a, nsnoUt Avpleton allege* that Mr*. Kane agre*d to make Improvement* In tho building, whlbh would render It more comfortable In cold weather, and When *b* 1 ailed to do o» h* refused to pay rent. When rent payment* had defaulted two months Mr*. Kan* entered suit to eject Apprrton. Jno- tkw Nathan decided In favor ot Appleton and said that Mr*. K«no *M»K »»·*· tho promised IntprovMnenm tMti»ro Applet could ta^fmced to pay not. AlpW Mid that M* fueJ pxpnwe*) Oad *·*» onor- mou* Mme cold wc*th*r sx* to. FATAL NATURAL GAS pitewan. O.. Die. KlaTny wwrt lo *lWi ··!··*) ·*·· -to attn a ttro for hmMMt * torrino «. plookm of «atur*J Osi oecwl Mcbtad hwsp " Five of tb» Ind.. DM M-AssMM*. Har- ¥· JsVeT* « oornitrfitta* mufdar of Q**r* tlakn ««*». and ws» *ent*lte»a to Mm a term ol llfty years In 3lia penitentiary at ChM. tor. The prisoner ha* been conflnM to the prison hospital »*vml month* and ear. v« but » abort tine. City's Water Supply His Been Cut Olf. fteaVMII. West PJalns. Mo., Dec. ».--An insane who waa shot l» the Howeli county Jail by », guard, whom he attacked, a' ·k ago, has been Identlfled a* Bay X. .vfc. For five year* he lias wandered over tk* oountry. After being shot hi* reason wa* restored andi he gave his family history. Mis father, Sandford Davis, arrived UnlonvUle la., and a reunion fol- owed. The youth ran away from home n 1ST, and Ms parents believed Mm dead. Pordf ners *re Warned Leave Country. to Madrid, Doc, 30 -It Is repoi ted here the sultan of Morocco ha. been foiled in an attempt to break out of Fes by the rebel* who »rv investing that -Ity. FOREIGNERS WARNED Tangier, Dec !»--Foreigners In the hi' terlor of Morocco have been advised to make fur the coast as proUsJons an scarce and communication Is almost closed. The pretender hlmmsjelf Is reported to bf twenty miles from Fes CUT WA.TEK SI PI'l.V. Madrid. Simln. IVo Xt -.\ Tangier lls- patrh tt«tay nrmourM-wl that lli» rebel*) tad nil tlw ni^nediK't 'WtiU-h supplied with wnl«- and trw» rtly It n»* practical- without» r It t» further u«uert*d rhat unless the Kabyleh trlbremon from in* south come to he succor of Fee, the place muHt snrreudcr within three day*. New York, Doc. 30.-JMIss Julie Opp left er apartments in the Hotel Wellington ad, accompanied by her mother, went to Greenwich. Conn., where she was married t noon to William Faversham. The le- ree of divorce obtained by Mr. Faversham prohibited the actor from marrying gain In this state, tir. Faversham's new wife U also a dJ «roee, but her decree did not prohibit her marrying in this state, as *be secured her «paratlon In England a short time ago HAMLIN STARTS IN To Investigate Alleged Coal Conspiracy. Asks Men in tbe Business to Meet Him. WON'T TAKE ANT ADVANTAGE. Madrid. Dec »).-- Great Britain and france have nolllltvl Spain they have no ntenllon of taking any advantage of the situation In Morocco, that they desire to maintain the status quo, even In the event of the sultan being dethroned and his place taken by the pretender. These com. lUnlcatlons have reassured the Spanish government. CALLS IT A. ftllMBDO. Uertln, Qec 30.-- General von B?guslaw. ski, one of tlie foremost military writers. yesterday contributed to thv Taegllche lundscati his view* upon the Monroe doc trino, and argue* that the withdrawal of rbe Veneiuelan blockade at I hi* atafe would show singular weakness After aludlng to Hie late Prince Bismarck's expression that the Monroe doctrine was "a «rtal piece of impudence." America Is U In varletle* ol That waa a true word vidM Into many state*. rove ana languafe sbe IB hardly second to Europe. flow can one etete assert that it the right of Interference and protection over an entire continent, and that It will tolerate only under certain conditions any action, however just, of Ruropean nations against an American stite?" BROKE FAITH AND 1MED Si Poternburg, nussla, Dec. 30.-A dispatch from Moscow announces that un Armenian millionaire named Jumlxircn ha» been mui de-red while entering the church there. Jambarov was captured by brlganda It the CaUcasiui severs* month* ago and obtained Ills release toy promising to pay them a ransom Tfcl* ft* fulled to do and his captor* killed Mm In revenge. Prince Henry to Come Again, Berlin, Deo. 30.-Tno papers here say Prlnco Henry of *Tu*am U going to tine United «tate« In MOt to vis* the 8t Louis World's Pair and unveil the veteran* monument in PMlade4pMa PKBMIBU WOULD Vienna, Auwlrla. Deo 30.-- The Austrian premier, Dr Von Koerber, wu* received 1 m audience by Emperor Francl* Joaeph today and! tendered Mi rwtffnatlon. tout, MB majesty declined to accept U. The emperor subsequently presMed at a con ference between Dr. Von Koerber and the H»ing»rlan premier. Coloman De B«eM at which the situation was considered, BBAZfL ACTS ON TRJBATT. Rk Janeiro. Bnuill. Dec. 30.-- Th* protocol of an, ·extradition itreaty between Bratll and the United flbates unanimously paasiedi both houcssj, AMERICAN HANDICAP. Brent Win Be at InanlmatoTar gets VtO» Hprlnf. Kansas City, Mo., Dec. 30,-The Qrand American handicap at Inanimate targets will be held In KawMo City next April This Is the largest shootmg event of !!· kind In tho world, and th* Interstate association decided to hold the (hoot here on account ot tho great-success of the Grand American handicap at live bird* held here la*t April. Tho Grand America* live bird handicap ha* probably pawed Into htotory, a* the climax iraa reached la*t spring, when IN man entered, breaking oil records for the world. With the promotes* of "v*Urd ·hooting, those groat shoots have ceasod to become popular. Tb* whotesale steushter ot ·routo* opiNMrfdon to th* sport, which doe* not ·sort IttolC during club and *tet Uxnu. Tb. largo asmbor of bird* Wiled tend* to atwwo oppofMton, For till* r»a- ·on tbera tg llttte probabUHy of tho big tounuuwnt ov*r botog h*W PJ ·*vlt to DjU-f , ID*; OK, I of tho ·(·** otnoosMutatlonoftlKH MM et Fr»»k OX r-- pfteCMr'· teywUl i 4twqn»m:** » FOR Iff 1NSC Says He'll Get at the Bottom of It All. Chicago, Dec. 30.--Attorney Genera, lamlln reached here todny to begin hit nveitlgatlons Into tho coal combine. Invitations were at onoc sent to tht all road officials, coal dealers, shippers nd some larger consumers to meet Ham In at the hotel this afternoon. While he lias no mandatory power, lamlln mild he «xnected to get ut the bottom of the. (mention of shortage ol Iturnlnous coal. The Investigation Is prompted by the re perl that thousamlK of rar load* of soft coa lire being held out of tbe market ut he result of u conspiracy to raise th« rice of coal to consumers'. President of Teachers Attacks SomeFliwi. Wants Nope Uniformity and Leu Fads. Suggests Secretary of Bd«ca tlon ID Cabinet Sptlngfleld, Ills., Dec. ^.-President Tracy in his annual address at the oia-n- ng session of tho State Teacher*' a»so- clatlon last night, attacked the school system of the state at several points. That the Kunkakec superintendent'* views met with the approval of a major- ly of his hearers was evidenced by the demonstrations of approval that punctuated every line of thought advanced. Mr. Tracy culled attention to the "uncertainty in educational processes," and the Idea of some educator* that they must be Bealotis exponents of a »o-call- ed "fad" in order to maintain a professional reputation He recommended that th* teachers work more along the lines of uniformity, and that the tendency to dl- gross after Ill-considered Innovation* be llkcouraged The president recommended that some .revision be made by local school boards n cities to provide parental school* for :ho truants and incorrlgibles who are denied the use of the public school* The demands for such a school have been luccecsftilly met In Chicago. It may b* that the nnsnclatlon will rail upon the eglxlature to make Dome provision for such schools. NEED NATIONAL, CURRICULUM. In speaking of a public school course ot study he called attention to the need of a. national curriculum under the charge of a secretary of education. It oould be so planned that everywhere there would bo the same standard of scholarship In the same year or grade. Several attempts have been made in this state to formulate i course ot study and to have It adopted, at least for the rural districts, but to far such attempts have resulted In failure. 'Those who are '/te best prepared to know tell us that we have no system of education in this state," continued the ^resident. "We simply have a law that permits each community to educate is It pleases, as well as it pleases, or as 111 as t pleases, with a few meager Hmita tlons." MISS BARBER WBDS Balph Harlc«l Tonight and Mn. McKloley Will Attend. Canton. O , Dec. 30--M1s» Mary Barber, niece of Mr* MoKlnlc. will be married his cxentn* to Ralph Unmet, a prom- rent young attorney of Dcmver. Mrs. McKlnley will attend. THREWPHONBM! STREET, At(oro«yThen Iterated PeUcv man and Wa Arrested. Kankakce, Ills 'Dec. 30-Daniel H haddock, a leading member of the Kan- kakeo county bar and prominent in the he said, ly get prompt service, and tore Bell telephone from the wall, smash *d It to 'small pieces and then thre them Into the atreet. Officer John Folrbalrn remonstrated with Mr. Paddock, whereupon the latter uied such language that the policeman placed him under arrest for disorderly conduct. The. lawyer, considerably calm *d. wa* taken to the police itatlou and there release* on hi* own recogoltanie. Prominent politician* and officials. Including Mayor 'Brekman and Chief o Police Jackson .have in vain endeavored to Induce Falrbalrn to withdraw the charge. Farbalrn *ays he will resign firs* The affair ha. been the sensation In kankakee. Mr. Paddock was a member of the Thlrty-flrst general assembly In the ower houve, Is a director of lending bank* and a candidate for circuit judge. He hac employed two'of the most prominent at torneys here and unless' the charge against him -,is withdrawn threaten* to sue tho city for «8,000 for false Imprls onment. . ' RICH GIRL IN CHARGE. Noimal iTeumr Woman DeoIareO a Spendtbrttt. Bloomdngtoiv, III* 1 ., Deo. ».-A rather novel caw from Normal attrwrted twucta attention hi the county court. Mlw Hat. tie Watt, a» extremely pretty gin of It wa* tna dvfeodcnt. Bh» WBSI recently eft a fortune of 110.000 suidi her relatives ·led complaint that *he had become a ·ponMhrlft «nd wa* afcnlpaiMn*; her bank account *o- rapidly tbnt urtessi Immediate atsiM) war* talun to prevent It *h« would be pennlltw. A goodly ipqrtkm of her wsjaHh *is* been spent In traveling over the country and In buying finery. The «as» WM Jward by a Jury 'and a vsrdfdt was fotrnd aeUnwt ittra, cJrl. Accerdkqr ly, ths, court appointed a con*erator who will Iwro aoio ohaifjso( h*r fortune until become* of l«gal age. noots ana Mr. SoWnway wfl be ffteo* at Taytonrlll* and Sboraway Wt for K*V t*V wbera ha naa b«en pr*«o4sd by Attorney W. M. reovine. The deal will be finally consum- ·ted there. It !· said no attempt wOt he Mt4e to **· ure other mine* at preaeat. ·HOBTAPBO*' CABS to '!»· Carbondale, VI*. Dec K.-Bvery effort · being made--being « concerted movement or coal operator* and railroad offl- lala-to supply coal to the market* where he aupply I* limited. In the eouthern Illl- note flslds the mine* are only working tair time, owing to a acarclty of car*. This icarclty I* due to *o much coal remaining in St. Louie and Chicago In car* when they are so badly needed at the mine*. Railroad official* dlMlalm any concerted movement to raise the price, merely stating every effort I* being made o relieve the present acute dtuation. A pcnlmlitlc view of the condition I* found In a belief gaining prevalence that no accumulated *uppty or coal wilt be permitted by the miner* until after the annual meeting of the operator* and rain era In Springfield 1* held to adjust the mining; icale for the coming year Thin ha* some foundation In fact, due to FUNDS TO FIGHT IGNORANCE. Continuing, the speaker made an appeal for a bigger state school fund, "War igalnst Spain had only to be declared," he aald, "when congress unanimously placed 100,000,000 In the hands of the president for UHe In Inn defense against u foreign foe Will not Illinois be proper Uonately liberal in maintaining her de fenac against a more nub tie and insinuating foe a more dangerous enemy thaa Spain ever could have been In her palm leat day*, that of Ignorance within her border*?" The president recommended that the high schools be made more Inclusive. He believe* that the doors «f the high school* should be opened for n gieat many more pupils than they are IJnch boy or girl takes a broader view of life If he has etate a* a Republican politician, became TM 1 V ·'* TMntlW training In some good nfurlated yesterday because he failed, a* high achool. CONSOLIDATION ADVOCATED. Mr Tracy strongly iei unintended the plan of consolidation of country schoo districts, which probably will be put into the bands of u legbilatlve committee by the association. In conclusion the president dilated upon the need or a national educations system under the charge of a bureau ot education whose secretary should have a seat in the president 1 * cabinet. In addition to the adjdren of Prealdea Tracy, the teacher* listened to a discussion of "Music A* a Life Force: It* Relation to Education," by William Tomlhis of Chicago. Several committee* wer* appointed and music by the Imperial quartet of Chicago interspersed the program. Twelve hundred teachers are In the city Indications at the present time are thai W. L. Bteele of Oalesburg will be elect- 3d prestdant of the amoclatlon for the next year. NEW NINE COMBINE WILL BE FAIR tf o Intention of Raisin* Prices of Coal* TaylorvUl*. 111*., Deo. ».-The promoter* of tba ntw coal combine which in elude* th* ste largwt producing mfeuw In this district deny any Intention ot raising prices. They claim that they will h* able to work tb* agement more economically then »ey oan bo worked now, and that controlling such it larg* outpnt thoy win be able to o»oiiro much iar*w cont than any on* mlno oould twadlo, ' mine* OKA *· roadfly tmprarog aad « tbe tersest producor. m the *tel*. « The deal Include* th* aoauMtJon ot UK here, of n*w coal rlghte. Xfeo* hnbind BASIS OF SETTLEMENT. f»V(^B VK H*W ll^il V^pM. 4 ·cm w*ro osnurod kttsly to from tb* XufttA) ostate at a coot of ^about Ik* denial u tho'oaJosJ^FteMe 1 Kallrosi* ilnrtlVei tthi vsclaUy, * · mw tnan a HiS/Uut ·nd a «tut*r tois t B. H. Han*-, or ofstf p*V aniju**, tot " LWSPAPLRl FOILS BANDIT Tkoacfc Wotaietf Be UMs · Wincfteft.*. Robber Succeeded ii Up Only Panoicer Fled bnt Is Be Stared to Bin Been Kilted. Ixjulnvllle. K y , l'-c. M--A* Conductor Keene was passing tnrougn the Pullman cai on the Louisville and Nashville New Orleans-Cincinnati exprcs* this morning near South Louisville, u masked man jumped from a corner or the car and with drawn revolver conunanuXd Keenu to throw up hi* hands Instead of doing so the conductor grappled with the robber and the latter **ot wound the apparent Indifference of Ui* miner*' official* over the coal shortage and the evident desire of the operator* tt rush their output to the markets WATERWORKS BORROWS, Alton, Ills.. Dec. 10--The scarcity of fuel Keenw " theTbaif niaklng~a n Alton yesterday became alarming. andl over the t( . m p,,, ,,,,,, m omenta"rtry"slunnlng · became nereasary tar manufacturing th( but be- Pullman i. a/*?v*»u(*i aic-i-ia*!***,) v j ji «un(iuj SB w u* ii*n) tnff f*Ofltl UClOr nstllutton* lo .end teams to haul coal TH, robber pulled tbe from mine. In «e vicinity of Alton. The' fore , he tra)n ,, ^ hl _ . Alton electric light and street railway Cinu , wtor R^ rord alld j R . Mo ore. the power hoa» was supplied with fuel all 0 _. ,,..-,,,,_.,, ,,,,, ,,,,,,.. t« day Monday by team, hauling it though an abundance of COM wa. st*nd- , Th9 , n|ef jumpe( , the train, follow- ^.TM«'J5 e *Z«*^"1^" *«TM id a^nch..,.; T^JatUr" by Conductor Keene, who had Mcur- ilfli ut the retliing highwayman and ly wounded the fleeing man. A posse ha* gone to the seen* of tb* hold-up. and consigned to the street railway company. A shortage of motive power I* responsible for the condition at Alton, as he railroad* are unable to move th* car* The Alton waterworks Is short of cost and Is unable to get enough of Its own ut other Institutions have been loaning their own meager supply In order to keep the pumping station in opemMon. NO NOTICE OP RJBK Springfield, Ills. Dec 90.-Jf local coal operators contemplate a rise In the price of coal for Springfield consumers on the first of the coming year they keep their secret well guarded. Men interacted In the ChlTfC Thftt V*B Cott rade Hiere *ay. when Interviewed, thati """»* v ·"·* »"" ***** he rumor* of an 1ncrea*o Is new* to them I They are unailmous In the assertion thau :he present price of t2 M per ton delivered | for mine-run coal will remain unaffected, New Vo rk, Dcc »_ wm ,, T aridity. WORKED HIM FOR $20,000 Against a Conple. by the Increase In tbe market outside of the city HAMUN'S MOVES a lu»yer of Syracuse, and Edna Ranney, a bookkeeper of Byraciis*. have been arrested, the, former pew. the latter at Sy- Springfield, His, Dec 10--Attorney Gen- r«cuse. Grldley wa* secretary-tre*surer era) Hamlln left for Chicago last night ana Edna Ranney bookkeeper ot the Kato Investigate the coal famine and learn tlonal Mercuntlle agency tit this city. The f possible how much truth there Is In th* 1 cnmplnlnnnt u Cornelius Van Cott. port- Charge that n combination exists to raise master and president of the company, the price or conl and keep It from thr who charged that GrMley tanned worui- sWUkat. General Ilnmlln has studied the coat situation and transportation facilities as Mat he could from this distance and go** :o Chicago prepared to make a thorough nvestlgation. He ha* secured the name* of the dealer* and the railroad*' and will not onlv hear them, but any person who may have evidence to offer In support of the accusation. COSTLY ALTON WRECK. Heavy Freight Train* Met In a Cot. CarllnvUlr, Ills , Dec. 30.-A h*a4-tnd coMicion at Macuupln on the Chl«a*x and Alton between two heavy freight train* completely tied up the W. Lout* division of that road and all train* between Bloomlngtoa and Godfrey were detoured via Roodltouse. The train* m t In a out and tria crew* barely tiad time to escape Ind ant death by jumping Engineer* Mcflfcwn* and Davison were badly bruised and a brakeman sustained a fracture of Ute l»g. That no one waa killed Is regarded) a* almost miraculous. The engine* were completely dismantled and th« destruction of numerous) car* with their content* will Involve a tiroper- ty IOM that may reach WH.OOO. Failure to. observe the electric block *ignol* WM re- aponsIbUi for the accident. MANY PEOPLE HURT ·Then Street Oar Went Into Ditch at Marloa. Marion, Ind., Dec. ».-A Wast Marten street car Jumped- from the twen|y x toot embankment at Lenfeity avenue to railway track* below this morning, O twenty-five passenger* aboard sixteen were more or lew injured. Anna Klg»V will probably die. A GOOD EXAMPLE T* the World Hot by 1 Parii, Deo. JO.--France and Ouaumala have agreed to submit to the International arbitration court at Hie Hague French claim* agalnit Guatemala. They an similar to those against Venesuela. BIO INCREASE la sHook of an Ohio BUesrlo Columbu*. O., Doe. ».-The' Morthw* Ohio TraotJon and Light company «C Akron Increased it. capital (took today from m«0* to VftM*. Richmond, bsst, tMe. m-ls; Tfimsun bnro Brraa. tho nsjsy'uMlinl o| tedl- ·**». win ho th* foonAhsf ft of thoi of two yoani a*». «·* less iittfx'r uod prevailed upon Van Cott as president to sign them. Orldley. with the aisiitaace and cooperation of the Bsaney woman, had false entries made In the books. It Is alleged. In thi* mannei the book* of the company Instead of showing a balance, or 118 000. to the credit of the postmaster showed a debit on hi. part of 12,000. -a- SCANDAL AT TOLEDO Smallpox Patients In Feat Howe Terribly Treated. Toledo. O.. Dec ».--The first oMdal ae. knowladgment of repeated charge*) of cruelty and neglect of smallpox patients at the Toledo contagious dls*a*f hospital was made today, when the board ot police commhwloner* subpoenaed wUn**s- es tor the purpose of making a public Investigation. It Is charged by various ex-patient* that *om t persons culTerlng from ·sasOI- pox wer* struck by nurses; they w»ro neglected, and In their oIMum allowed to about In tbe saowv clad In th* ,' that they were miserably fad even when their convalescent eondltlM would permit of substantial food. Charge*) were first preferred by Dr. B. L P. Cook aad son. the latter a msdloal student. Both were patient* at tbe pact house. WRECK IN INDIANA. ·vlteh. Qulncy, Ind., Dec »,--A freight on tb* Monon ran Into an open iwltch at I this) morning. · Several ear* at stock wen badly dona- aged. The engineer and fireman and a bnk* man were killed. All lived at LaFayctt*. Chmi Des Molnes, Dec. sO.-Mrs. L L, Bomv wits of Marshalltowa, mitt ot a fcotsa buyer, committed suldd* today by ·hoot- log herself In the head. Publicity of *oaa- dals at Ames recently In which her name wa* involved wa* probably tfc* cam*. THE WEATHER Chicago, Dec. H-Tbe weather Indications for Illinois for twenty-tonr hoon winter follow: rair tonight and Wsdnosdori warmor Wadneoday (ad tat north toadgkt. VnEATHMt MAP. Weather awp shiw* oovdWon* this ··rates, unporatures with anow thjrrt** thtwsgh MmsjuoU and low* and a Ugh* e**or*l fall ot snow in th* Ohio valtoy. *»· ·»* ·ikikiMt i* tnvorabto for com unfavorabte tm whoat, tho bring ovw and tb*r*

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