Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine on March 27, 1890 · Page 3
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Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine · Page 3

Bangor, Maine
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 27, 1890
Page 3
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·[Continued from Fhat f*g«.J . ir. -Spear, Mayor -w Gardl»«r; ; p. Sargent, Mayorf of B*ew*rj '. C. K4rshaflv ot Belfast; HorKJ A. i :,-^[ji;Usworthy G. I. Kwi Upon » eaHtd; a. maBttkBtoHHE Hty, b«t W" *» ' The toast ot '*CKw Mflnbut Hwlntf' ·Mreppooded to by Dr. A. J- Fuller, ot PtetlitCDt of the Tilth I Bd.rd of who Mid be was glad to *M*t the basini-M mthot lUogor. What Batt) doM w*» Hifu lol -^ «*_. ~"" '" "** "TM»f lTM******! · «HBBB^lf«BWV« **Vh TM*^ 1 »·"· - "*^* ^V »^-*.M«.^^ IBFwTH VI J,f^ U^TJB · IT JPftP I f^M | HUW BCAt ·, «*.»? i? *?? ^T?? 0 ? 0 hl !"P" !?** ··""··Of EMBWtMtnrlDg ttthitrlM. for her own prosperity means help to oar »es, tabwc " B *" d « Tnuto. It I* .tf · ftUto . T _ - --Haiflln ipohfl ot hi* ww «* Ibe State ot Jfktae In wMehlw w» 3^ T. Goldlbwaitv Esq.,"Of -i ton); Dr. A. J.. Fuller, « roaaDt.Eiai.ofqld-^owo. TtwMglw e«ploy Bunt to over SJBOO per- State, audit la har endeavor tp do*U ah* aons. Our haatior Is; oee of tbe mntt mag- can for lea advancement- Our sMpping nttoanl to the world, all tt* shipping later- hu rxiai^d for 10* yeara, and tbreagh aets an extonikw, B)e amount df boaluaa* prosperity and adversity It baf gonei on. Mayor Mtlchet .Bath IIM* been tor many yeir» the largest city la UM world. In this these dan b* 9 ballt »hfc* oq, ritt Ui n with- : ?" ·try. lotenactot the 1 chy. wMcb Is erery day on a solid foandatfei will not tie *fr j fr^" Porthud produce* PKt F tbe i bar of schooners and oue-third jbat ·- *eo»H tfae i . DUffqrt, Piy«e«, V CITIZENS!-!- by.*, very -teat pleasure to look Into Stote. been proud to ha proojtecjet ..iBeire* «* n wermlnated. o«t tlie Qneen CIcyof the East, o!nr country In all tt* length and own.Banger, a ^id I .believe mfc pilce ; ad inay abe go on until the Uji.u otlif r I* a sou, Comcsodoae Projble, *nd Gen. of tbe people, (or the people ley. Portland j proud of lu location, Is bvaltbftil, aM BO city 4s more ad Throogb tbe btait- ttru] eliua one *ej?s tb* gleam of tho sea and a great CKp.nco f country. Whether we live In IWtlBn^ or t^nngnr iff will work l"Ci'tt»T lusuBtpfuoaf Slat*. , . . M with ^| « not b« e p«tdow 0 *«* city Bath n» suffered, and tile cry ha*, been what ta the cause of tbe decrease In the merchant marine. In law we In tlie United States ted tbe world Our expona were some three hundred millions, imports aome two hundred and titty millions, and all came an* was brought back on Amertoui vessel*. We wore doing tbe target* bustoefs In the world. Iron vessel* cane Into use and steam power was discovered. ~ptir marine then began to decline and tba Wonder waa ward ftdcerlng, Tosbow ·ad hiw qi iRQEKT'-S 3FSECO. f, onJfo will tafaem " ward,: dy, Lai ; bai :it is this evetlng; · _ T - j -T-W- «- s - · ^*" «""j aim gu vi city das ; erer b^tt greater nVUoce to litwrtT. i-as I-.ioofcj »boi.fc ITT-}.. ::. .- / ,l*.i ot Bi-rwer wb'o ' ' My OUK STATE. ' flone so } graver- known. And tUi lills- jtw I wiai encounigeiBeDl ' -- respond io tl.p, r aa unable to i del ir- »y rH»Heit'on «f. Brewer as . : K o i - t ' V a « k - ; tiibe f l o o d . ·The nik h»( iy Jabbri e .ori : the boecro t( )!io wai'-r'. ie 1f»l* ; liWSiii «ud Brewer 'i-W£e. f*nt: totfh: no .bnw, hi-iiJiei (Mm- lalrnJilJt'witHifyyrt'j ttud. ;Ic «oil jdown. mill iSn-Sci^th'Bfvner, vrheiTM " ' wtiere It disappeared to BO idddUly. 'JbeV%in, stewt war tookjoany of our best steameraa»vf speed the* and! peenlli ·; time win n Jioif .cttvi 0*0. W. Hi i» tUe-yeirsto eomejlf this 3~ organized effort -irougi tliii'Eoartl of Trade Will- but work'tor her loitbcr advancement and . prosperity; cities Lit the south and west, wltti lait roo- ctedi wttla J possible 4. Ij6f IIMV s?»£r.«^cfr«^ frr n mH" sympathies'with the. good word"!Io which SJf 0 s TM, aod llfehavoe. w: brought terror lid ,the Qjlnd of obi Vfib its p«B3»ge|ihc ;: B»tersof flojwed I H» I^VVU WUTiL 4 ID WnlCn i l l - r -"- " T-ilf »ft«- "J Jtolt tbe advantage^ of Eangoi;, ha.«.! $J? t ,? f P-* The future of M.lnefo l^hildhoirt's.inlnd^SMOdddeliige, ^r^^i.toprldlneaeer: 'ft^Z.^J^3S££ ^^ ^ ^'** Ud **« ·and iiade prosperous JOd populous by. bjilidioij^tip or hermatfrlal rWqariMs, and" u£»ni£itlon$ .of busipess tuen T fewer ,In inaibers aii(t Itss W aLjiUty than that of rjmgbt by lht», to eotorprWof I tot.iv tlial -we .are prosperotw and lappj. tnd'gi'MvIng erSry year, a good, ioiiid, fiealt.hy groirtol' yet, becattse of tlieiloud praises -that have been contlnu- jlljt sodniJct!' of o'thorj localities, oar yotiriR uf will surely be «owned with . _ _ Maine men -onld not posilbly oe-enlisted (onutrywbat tbci i« to-day. ,Wv InBrWer in a wo^rtbieTcaui?. WltBtBiooere tnankfl «U u^n i*J : t t tt(r raiJLi "tcnded, T I rcuoaih · /·' - " ' . .' \^ .. T? ars stood £^ll^no acjracceaieat lln WBU , . , ..- ...Tflry.troly, ) ' . ' : · * . ' : 'jess or cwwth/7bejf*poJ»ttoo cf Brewer; · j EDWINc, BuBUBian,. si well-as BingorXld 1 notf.lDOM^ie The toast Was r*pooded"ti by lion. D. ^incli urtllthet pait decide. ' nje^ wltb many deep eea vejaela not. bertm bj^tbelrowu«ra,4i 'i no navy-tor proteoibV*. Re-re waja wfnBtd' bj Ctwfregf. A'potetry can- ijJ^Ertst : wtthoat a mejeiant mWloe, ,,,,,,,,,,,, wb^cbwelldoanaged lsa.d*feDaei ^RMiay :ltt£vjfi' we,are tbe aeeond mwibmnt marine conn- wli^coWeii try!" theworld, ipdiffiilra at* looking jeaisbSw mnfih brighter. TTblle: we have tsJddom- · almost ever «»t and cro^ln^Qie^iltlah have been ao- trom^hUati toooage. We tneJ wbo .inerlcn merchants. Btoent- blood hi Ux iBtryii coming npJo'3«th and K^iMn* are not tbe oaly city to bo bgbefic* D *sa baa li We are no w locating an iron aud steel lorU,^TM** Batb will *cow 'commence to i Iron abd steel ships. 'Joe goVern- ;in meot biBsomooh canfldenos III our ahd- i^]tnlot to Mil incut * entboTgi) Into * ha or the Interest of -the, Sb«»of and one ft «nd «ie tTatW Statwi. We bare tweptypasj In worMi lor in our labor wa have e wooden! d«ily. celwd In i ^»« our money M been going out · ·!· "IV F ' ,f \i ^'^ "* t^Wy streaTn 'for years, to poptlatft *? H , to , Eictlletjcy, the, G^eroor,; w. hw ' and enrich other'stntea. P"* 611 *'** Itt * ond tolbe toast, but In : \ Th" t -h 'ire ivould^be to-day if that "baence would respond SB wtjll as.posait ^..v TMvw^t ;n ao AorpvlfMlcu tr» MJf JAUII. Lf m ..'*.·»"· o^*»» r UM Y l F** 0 * *"C«auc. "]v, WIIIJ I ' T n ^^.. m--v**t *., ||AT?V CWIIECV UHTWi F. DavU, who. said ibat lie could but wlah ISP, bave l^eVbi-bned wjib i m*r*nro- " B «^*P I » wftoare asgoeda's sty in the · about '^.a.'.. M. . ±mi -rm I t .' ' ' . M. . -^ I ' ' · . I l l . . . t \ f* · I, ' ^ ^ " ' ' . ·· _ . II . . lirAltU ^ tiU'^ *!__._.'^ A. .-m- J ·" H . ' - - . ' - J ' ·ere ii|F*38 vetpM aj5 the Increase of ti bis jppsltlon by1fl;fe'tt(cpo* wealth and iee JO' -n^t, fti nrjme tndastries.;. dis-! WwM. ^--a T --» - -- ·--- i i [itentr years ago I JCt it r||C?p*J4 AEVl^lng Sllfd i: }A tioi£ ^! tried to cbcclc it for our own dtrelopnimit aiifl progi^ss. . To do this wt must resort tb the methods TJibjch lave boon w snccessfiil in tjie west and wulil Th i is s dajr of adTertislngi not ;tor indijaiUials ojjj^, but for towns!, and years tlb inonib, and It .WiJa country wsseifited over two great O.ue3r tions, baman llbertynod btiinan slwery/ Two parties contended for anpttiriacy, ^Iven us. end MlE^onrl was admitted under the Mis-,' ~ soxirl Oompromistf 1 ,'and Uatne ted to 1 purposes and are ttie gaibe-- jto make the most of. the advantage fhavGM- and Nature |hsve We have not market} enough; and *10,d00^18* p. trade with Sooth America For the p I^et DS .poll together for the nnntr'y. r * 86 ' - , - · ( . 15 her anrl»slle moderate 1 hi Men bod a c percent, in respoese to the toaat "CM tit BeU ;' Afewyei was made by Hon. W.! p. Marshall, ; i "'"' ies.. ','He · kch a idrii - and Jbloweth K it ' ik simc shall ; selt'. up fish; 1 Jrl!it(n«,. Bangor's"'horn* has not .na. blow Itjto- - notf [TTiik of JSangor's jn»t adraiitng^E. · Loeated viry near the op the bulanee. Mr. »nr teadlog indoa-, to tbe t d tver yon do And [the 'veiy f ont nut, j Oof .3B"n» jfront , w«*Merredtothelat»neai of '.tie bonr, Wbaila wai ?»«!* be would blow DO iorn. It i Aliu| I^IFCK, cu airi uui^.aMcu wnbvr UFUIlk! ' . ^j i ~ -- ^-^^ TM ,, .. v W.H. ^« ^ ^^ 4W,-BV I nstdral-a(Jva-,t»eeif«m»iiuJactnrtoK wa ? Baogw's festival and It wi« fitting been b«lt t sbinnier by t^e largest «las' of ves- that Belfast ebouW lay her tribute at: tbe not be'BO 1 Ue'onr-iaHfoadfscUitlissipffer « qee ' 1 City's **« and not attempd to fflake pofKilatroi), oar people I our' adiaataie lia also for "n* w f «rtlre, good will. ; new; ' industry '.lately ' w ·W.oery and other attractions ot . . . . . , . j . _ . a a y a 'ipeoplebave'btcoiQeiwaketo t^eldeitbat spartejl in 3outb Btewer, the, maiiofactnre bl1 * !IW* of but lea»es ttie staging ofiber jwenotobly ralie/'goodr men.'to, wad"' to of sulphiie-pnlpi 1 as the prom[«e of erand P^"? 8 * 8 ^ 0 Hnwe who come to'^lsH her. to'tber States, bat that'we ba« lodustiies H suit 3, DOW. The. bastxMtemi still more c tavkgabu An eminent tbemtgb [has lately "*** conditions are «o favorable m Belfatt, to bt Bivtnj Vhicb our people ;shonld tab j h)old iOf and 1 .slid that leacbcroould 3e made .equal : to t 116 eontented mini Is so prevalent that pleiinreof develop. 1 We have very mnt.ylndaatrleB. : . the leitber made froof any kind of. sk.nof "'"re Is dsngec of longevity. Tte time Mend In \hi antEn.1.^ BlAAfjtkihl: tlil nivu1i»4J nui-dh .^.All- ·nwny ..... r _... j _ ,, --t greaW fA at our very doors, anu (town -wbose IIUTO rtoated since,the jtos 1 --"'-' than ten We have the beat 1 lumber Ujlose, could by ohemlcil process be made ln gi"»g*eat seaport or Maine, 6a:itn4rver . Tbudepo State in the trciom and when tbe pine IfWd. and Ibe old Joke At feeding the bbrse 1 TM*^TM" i *d- Since 1 Belfaat'e .disappoint- over:f4,00ft treea. are" awe'pt froia stbet States, 'tbey "Otf ebaviuge wbowonld have liredhadne ponts local Indostriea bave been fincour- op.oi: saTfa tK«oTM.t ' will grow beb In almidaoce. When yoor 'iil)tslar»feaiii:learqlng.liow to digest I tbe -*BTM shipbuilding has renewed with gW interest, t;o tnegreat- ^i,^^ Bnayonl , ehnoren-a chddren are aiw food wWcome true,and what ia|nowf M "-^ * na ^^n«» been firmly es- la, tn|at to U ^ringbere 1 ttey ;iii(l be engaged'In tbe a kTMetf v tlie ta'vr dustfroni oor%HI*J wUJ tab 'TM ea ^ Wei ba7« «n excelMt *ater mlsslowr, I |We b^ve shipbuilding tyf. "tilled either i a that! way, Of made) btfb P^^^J 0 * 1 ^ %bts, a free publl^ U.t(r|ar7 B · ' ftchnnnmhor ^nd HnTMn^Hi n ilTMtii *«*1~ Wilt«» a to-day Maine baudsihree-fonrtbB wlperand Icoon »Kpectto«emsooloJiJd .J' 1 '* ,6(W .tolnouis, .. -- feUH B[B b cr ,a n ddoy,n. w bl c hwmtxnie. ^ (tofe a^Uisiba of the wooden TMK -.itogetl«ri B piper,«eU as jshod; and B "«°"'"? »-M-« : «· JMtnut^^. ank : more in the! foture, from a- iehls [neshanstibte^nd np whose nuts Teswis of the deepest draft can and · There is no more lovely In this year ttere Is! more property p this Une than ta the list blrty years. Oar r msonlactijriig Is fed on '4l nj Storspro, sWaltt eqoal Ttetarboroiangorlsat thai bMutttal and intere^g^ picture to An otor^r ou a Bt^amw if the "la. v andwe ntowi mine* at Gokjondt and the elayiUw nidelntobVlckbytheiirentive i4r«b«mlsts. who already tune pfbcettea ofi extUrtW alnmlaam.i tB. toitor boats th'at plyto aiicl 'fro onodf . _ '·?* will sn employes thousands ot men, we 1 , bifkve slate enough aave ice, and tnfe year It U » splendid tn- dastry. Ib 19^0 GoTCcuor Co »m s^ld to (no ttiat the Kennebec Ice for H» ten years p|revkus to'1880' bad broufbt In toore m the Eennebec liuwber. r suDDmer resorts deser re' mention pound, per. pound. EMW and Belfast refolecs with Butgor in bar r ._, perlt^ Mr. Marshall wondered that no own) nee was made of the natural advan- is .the water .power an4 ttit county.' In etostag Mr, to. tbaofc tne ioai h^opportunity of beln; seat. ',Ks,Tlga£lo large rotun hoped for lee, of whtc TbltBan, wblca we, B . CITT OF swottb»,was; responded Th ntto i, wa fron'or steel, weixball ^aylgate the aWae, !. "^Cfty ?/Ellswottb".was;responded easily* as-wenowldjtne'bcean.-'. n^T"! I? b ' H ^: **", ^ «««'"«»*»'»* ** ^rbeontytnWaiatlpepatatesoui'cltles, tn * t TM h »o been deeply interested In jbt Letallwl .. aJe ton brlVTwIl by puronase soon^ be- ^"^ ^'"e speal^e, taitbe rt^ desserj labortomsl eo^freeaiS'tt^^tbwigb .nderaspa- f"^ Mj^mai! referred In i^^ o i., 3Tiinnld4.Lgo)ve^ 0 ient»,we sbaS] In j^M» «» ebo* *wtoy to . Bltewortli, .^irMab - · - ' ^ -^.IsU^eW laboring J^'^ ^ »^ w« mo otthe, toe.-, to th* by g. B . . ft -"^" -.. ,, «- ^,«t.. Hetbengave.thebJitorVo* Ihe ^ · "*· " , ^ coast. *· msr nsarlj-CTcry hour olj- tbe day, can Me veisel; O f . iveiiy description loading 'for coastwise ot foreign ports, Steamers S vessek loai ing spootwood 1(jr ^fn^f^toS?""" 3 ^ MowebeidLaieh ^tlned to be the place deed and In bkft.., ... ·rit fc,~.i - n' -. v iV^ 11 ^^?'. ? , of smnnier resirt. .lOni sea Isherksi are lor the prosperity of tbe PenobacofValksy. *for tl« l^stlndto, and all kinds a ^ 1(1 ^^^ ^ er l in ^ ^ ot ^ where tf.^ipj^ ol tbe-money ^i w^ have ropre |katarLl "Resources 4 b^^ been invested by otiv cltlaena-in weaV (lo uiscooutry, and if frn mln«f,ollletc4'had been invested ^ere tfttfnsnn t- ,«· .1 ! i ' .,,,. · t L- wtecouia- develop fbem« we could 'keep' at borne we tooaWjhave jeen one of line ·*£^££iK£.*fZ-* otryo W n«^37ath4','«-d:grow In .bw^t manulkotSng centtr^ l»],ifew -wwus.^muli^f^l^ nnr t. r **a*x. , * . . . - ,, . ^ . - . . , . England, ««t to Wwomplsb ttala purpose .TM* J " *-"»TMTM -H" ^TM»TM o». ^^ to(B ico^^anyiwe we^tte^t^^htWbbon, o» t «Wn S r ^ ^ " ^ iSTbTtST P 0 ^ 16 '^ .rthherttSUtesSen- ££$?, .mo^g the |^j^ ,,,, sooreeS'ire make XKnufetinxoi pro- umq ause ,101 u^reum-- mncn wuj^ne ! .J." , M'I' ~j V VL ~~' '"H!?? 1 '* 6 * - ' · . ""^T swson. sixty or-seVenty trains conic m. gt, every" . - · - . . .- "fttin tbreo -tani.e-verywl'ierefo^ts.-irar.ty«iia*».- °T y T/ "Imce'.fortiisvratersof thta river come P *^ " 1 W L, Jram mfrLinhnEn e»^a*^d «, n «t. n *^T .^* n ""* ** *." Maloe men are noted for ibelr abiiltv an~d ^.'.U^l energy. The Portland and -Jjewlston dta- ^ · TM Tbe bett crop which we'prodoce 1* r done to bring about the We^prodnee patrkilc s men, and In '' tBos who come after, «s win rise op' and 'as seaside resort. Mtl Desert, and witb- "i foot hours rftloot that great inland tea. "! e'lually fainoui ' ' ' L J V ' - ^. ^ 1L)9U. rj Vi^ll^nlDI'V ^Btlv«*v^ vwu, B«W *u %UTT4^ *T«l,r wu» ^,-iB-cntr-four boors. .She Is j^^ seventy years, blatori" Inempljfles n1) q» bWet. -fmiirs ndjtef tbat moBtfa-, ^.ijnoe-comlpr tat*tbttTalon Kahw ' ·"*-"· b^s never gone jbwfc upon .tha^ principle. ^Mnyor Kl H. Blake responded to tbe toaet"Oor.Cltir" »s'foliew«: [ J ,. !' ; "itiTOB BLAJUff SPIECH. Mr. PiesMeat; Gentlemen; t was prea- eqt Kome yens WKoat. the deilverr of a Day *ddre** by an t»-Qovemor tbi* State. Tbe, amflted dnnu bad ID one class JLong/tltW, Haw| Itborne an* John S. C. Abbott,"] aoj oar tbej3li«teo* Lnke, - 1 cannot speak "·*.»»»}: other adrolittaB'SS but let me ed whln tt Baog4 r . w tint stuj f3 OHC of S ,n t| le worl g; SJj L- j^ ' ^ j^unainj Iff suurily atL.J'a gftoil sewerage ay Steal. 'tass;ood stryeEs. good : chna? g good 'tSts.unr.^oj'.bdmgg, -Her people " ·"-" ; ·- ·· ceased to beat; the roll of the 1 dead and when be aroae i theae wwda; Mlemn roll o*Il Uwtaton," Wa* e- ^ DJ ? (osututiort- Capital ^oboutt boild ip spoused to 'by C. I Bs*er,Bsq., Pfesl- ;now (udusbrtealn Maine rather than j in the dent of ;tbeLeklatoBBo*n!oI Trsde. JBe '.Bgnja and West, and Maine energy aWld i»td that be w» yei|y m*cb pleaeed wiUi be exerted for 1 her own good. i-^ what be bad heard: Be i {bad 'beard some' - STATE BOABD orlc^ADB, | , other eltWa and It, Had i "The State Board of Trade 1 ! was'Mr" ...., gfvenhlm n*ir Inspiration. Be had al- [Bponded toby SI. M. Bleb, «f [Potctona, city proper, ways heard of the proapertiy of Baogvr, i^eoretsry of tb^ "State Board of Trtde. outlying · indili»oj[ht she bad * pishtng Board of iMr. filch fatd,he waa very glad to hale' Tfade. Xitoe baa auilulted resources, jtheopportnn ty of comfogt«B|sxor atil ·dmlnble facilities for mannfactur- irejolcing with her people tb tbe new 'era ol tn-day over eighty years *!·-people intelligent and citl- ^n S qrli« a lrcadyb!)d^n«nyprom^ t 1(1 tllslioguislied ritliais. Here U * · CT..I.J -.-n-- T.n,,,, - Itg, and Lewistoa «n produce and eblp 'jnrmperltr, which b shown thrrougbout lirin,* ^ba^ar^" answerr 1 So to^lgbl, good* as cbe^ly m a n * place uj the the State by the oreanliatloD of new ontJmmta sb.ll t»e*k la th« imtvac* ot c*anby. Vie have resoirces which are L boards of trade and their energetlir work. *e Nation'^ venerable and homorrf son, po**«*sed by no Other State to the Union. '.In forming tbe State Board of Tr^e we f.ctures is i anoVr UBCO!B, belped naba Oat Mr. Barter said that Uje» were In Lewls- elgbteen cottoo ao4 three wool$p tbe; c.pltal Incotpoi»tl0o »8,000,o6o. Tbe ooottljF dlibarsemwlB · for labor are If oonclaiion jtr. B*rker a*ld good place to emi dftlred to do m wMbf be gladly weleooiei, wttM *.«·*· Board tot MM »hto» w. «a '·i ft:., can 1 spea* more '' Iof our goodly city, and '- sayingthat,-a* Bangorba* #«kb M iMHIk fttfMB llH'VHBMHMR MNtTAmB · ^^V (M*T WV^^HHH^^BVMf WW rMpWeiSv ^E?3S3i*'*** -wT-S. a-fcjr.Mt e^»w«^ Pnnto.1 *f tb» op** « ffr^.r" ^ , ^.--t .i -^ .}»^.i(^g»WSr*«d.' · A**j* *·* wantrd to find tbe ablatt*noit prpgraaalve man we could think of H Its bead, and we caiae to Baogor for Iti President. We vow have thirty boards at trade, tblr* teen ol wblch hare been Martad within a year. Every ono organized mean* the bringing together of the brt1u* and capital of tb* plao*. The board* of trad* dorm a *yst*ai keeping brfom a. *t all tlae* the Dtale Indastrls* fcblob we «]ght atflerwlte tose sight of. The friiBpeaU tit oar SMte were Btver so bright u ctpnf. 4ot, utd nHwy of oor jonsg Beoaracoa- Ipgbaek to Nit**. j fUBTKAJ» AVDOOHMXBOK. : "O«^ Trad* And Upamuoa" wai IB- to by HTM. J. 8, Wbwlwilght,, who (poke M fellow* i Hr. rresMent: WeM (bat yon bad butter able I wm tbe f oundsll WbBlDMCtlO been derigot of mauifaoi part of tbe s ·go, very lit ·ny othar - talologto a for tb*t wai DOW we bat' dtutry. 801 can* of .the «re not. A» mention the ataUttfc»c*t may*, patcaH Bfa WOM ft* U 'SPAPERr

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