Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine on January 6, 1854 · Page 2
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Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine · Page 2

Bangor, Maine
Issue Date:
Friday, January 6, 1854
Page 2
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the!!) lUbuan, Th. M «ee*dini qoanoe of «nd*ho»ls. sssacsgff^ ·oy tot :; 5*5 ··*· a. kind of labor in aumo farts of lour coantly, a rU rffi W/$r WRIG JND COVE1SK. LEOlBLua.' aooa eaMdn a nott to U» effect .. .i ' _ --. -.,,. . ,_ , u j «} . .,,, that tlMi entry ot fee U*tl ink IW Black Se. i. not With » hc«lle intwUon, but to Maintain ' «TATE OV HAUTE. , ., i ..,,_.,,, __ ,,,.. ,,. ,»,,...,,.. .i " '" »*" - ". for conducting the ordinary operattmw o^the road. Such payment to trjecity Treasnr*r ahafl be made at the end of ejtery calendermonfli, and ahall be by him applied tot the payment of afl the interest and work at all. The New York Exprwt .tales ·offering that in Wash nglon some of Ue boat respectable and independent women, both married and singles iengag. in the ahoe-tnaklng business aa ' f^ «\n agreeable piistiir e, aa well as from motive. John 3. 8«yw»rd. HJHtor profitableTM, . The, find it . lighjt, plaaiMt »0d ,.:. We, ..,: mrterwb taught at retail, Ooe*f us has made fire pairs of Udtes' gi,t«ra in p week. Many i Legislature. intelligence, yester- ££££ H5l .i,,^ there ..etiirty ladle, thu. . day morning of the organisation of the Lrgia- employed, and abo it UOO in th. city. We find latun, ty the choice of Hon. Noah Smith, Jr., it'very easy to maie two pairs'of children's «f Calais, Speaker of the, House, ttt.'Smith ·hoe. it^aday, and they soat inhere $1,25 . ia» bad long \ttperience in the Legislature and p ** r ' ,,--^----pJ-- his election to the distinguished honor of Speak- BT W will Ie seen on referriaa. to a notice in er is ilike creditable to him and to the bqdy ancther co umn, Ihptthe Alumnn of theQW. OT« wfcioh he presides. A better choice could. High School propose forming an Association, not ham been made, and w* congratulate htm We are inclined to the opinion thmt Bangor ei- andthJ Legialature, upon tbe 'happ'* atate of tab^hed th»drat public Sigh School for*,Girla letting Which resulted, so honor«bly.«ttd suspl- in New England, and if «,, it « much Do her nlnnslj | credit, and tbe alumnse certainlr do well to a- Tn* Sen»t«, it will be seen, on referring to sociate together to cummemorat. tbe past and oar telegraphic tleepstcb. ha. been temporarily to piasenre old friendahipa andpleawnt memo- organised. I , ri «-,- J I 'I 'Hie ailing up of the Sonata lath* finrt grew |^jf Yesterday, City Marshal Farnhnm "duty before the Legislature, and we hope w* searched the Alhambra, formeily kept by E. nay hare intelligence of the result before our Xebbeia, now by He iry Alexander, and found paper goes to press, and that soon we may be two bofcles of liquor. arrowed Alexander, had , able to announce the election cf Governor, and nim (,,,[,,,,, tne ifolioe Court, on a ablte for (that the Slaw Government ii fu% organized , 8 iij ng liquors, to »hich he pltmd u .ml ready fa) the discharge of all it. dntlealto war ' fined ^ . Dt j c^ wh i oh h , p ,% t»e public. ' ! / i ' | | We have been great]; .muted a»somc of the A' memorial is in circulation among the be- da.p.tohea from, Augusta, sent by the extreme ^ieven£in the apirituul rsppinga praying Con- men I there fa attcrtdajjpe; One of them, a gress to appoint a Scientific ,Qommis«ton to "Vrhig and aqaartcr over," on learning the which, th« subject shall be referred, and for result of the election ef the officers of the Le- such an appropriation as shall enable the Com- gishtture. deelsrad. Hhe' whigtyarty is annihi· missiqitpra to prosecute their inquiries to a suc- .latod," A de.rAteih front/one on the extreme of cessful terminal! jn. ' the opposite par ty a M! the? continuance of whose .Alary of aome seven or eight hundred dollars depends upon the success of the Wildcit sec- 4ion said, in reference to the «ne matter,' "Democracy has gone toj h--1." ; Others of us, a little more conservative, and let. excitable, are more patient ani willing to . .wait the reiult. Of o»e\ing we are certain, e ' arl) ' ! n th P ^ _ _ [ _ ' _ _ , . _ . that it does not distress us 10 Warn flial the tt- B^The Mercantile AMooiMion were d'uwp- M : , Auatnu, January 1, The House" of Representatives was organised to-day by the election of 3. J. Perry, Clerk^by » vote 82 to 67 for William T. Johnson! Noah Smith, Jr., we* elected BpeakW by 83 votes to C6 for Nathaniel 8. Uttleneld. The Senate was organized temporarily by ,he election of'Hr. Cntler of FraiUin, President. Mark T. Graf ton was elected Secretary. Jnrther News by tile Cuada. We received yesterday by telegraph the fallowing additional newt by tbe Canada it Hall- fax which was cut off by the breaking oTittk. wire, on Wednesday. ITALY. Th. Piedmonteae legislative session opened on the 19th, the King's speech congrutulales the country on its prosperity. i I BELGIUM. The Minister of Finance ha. presented to Ue changers the promised bill relative to the ft reign code. The bill doe. not fit any duties but auUiorixea tne government to reduce, suspend or reestablish them. ] .. . DENMARK. A 1 ne of defence ia to be thrown up around Copenhagen, seaward, aa in 1848, In fear of Jiostilv operations in the Baltic in the spring. PRUSSIA. [ The Minister of Commerce notifie. that the treaty of commerce and navigation of Sept. 1811, between the Zollverian and Belgium expire, ivith the present year, and that negotiations for its renewal havti led to no reault. AUSTRIA. The budget Ifor 18.54 show, a deficit of 60,000,00) florins. RUSSIA. Petersburg advices to the 13th. The popu lation are kept in continual excitement b' thanksgiving for victories by land and 1 sea. Th Te Deum was sung In all the churches for thi victories of Akhaltnk and Sinope. The Czn permitE part of the force on the Baltic a' fur- i lough till March, the ice rendering ope'ralioni there impossible till spring. Hamburg newi from Petersburg to the 9th, mentions that or An|;. 224 'a Russian Squadron of four ships' anchored at NaugasakI, Japan, and were hoa- between Rnatin and Turkey. An Act to BU Tbe Morning Chronicle'. Paris correspond- gor to B\ ent writes that France and England are now -fully agreed upon taking the moat efficient measures to coerce luwis. Instructions given GEOj W. COHMISSION MERCHANT .te lte,l«rta(i, U ce7i«,t.i|,, F i no Tub .nd Merehaadiie Rtnerail. KO. 4 BROAD STREET, Treasurer, shall be io sue for thc'aarne, applied as herein required. , - · . . SECT. 8. For the purpose of effecting the oh- low) o bla. cmnmori aad) to the Admiral, 'are to stop all Russian ships Bcil enoctetlo* the StntUe and Hmoe of Itxproen-^ jccts Drescribed in ijhetno preceding sections, the j «xira?M){JK horn cruisng in the Black Se«, md force them teft ' c ^ w L^tltOxrt aaenbttd, tu/WtoiM: i^jrof and Aldermen may cause a suit in equity to 6000 bo.-b Cor., * o i. .- , . . . . .J .^u SECTION I. The Crrv rfBarlarjr is hereby au- be-mstitatedm thename of thecjtyof Bangor, in jny bbls Pock, to return to Sebastipool, which port W«y '^ttorbiSltoJolM its *edit to the Penobscot and the supreme judie^l court in the county of.fenob- 100 U, s Lard, asurer, whose duty it f^¥ A E$ in*t reeeivad the followiac. wtuctrfc ;, to be by aim held and^ »-Ja f«r« fur tale, for Caah or approved ) . of « treat* of nea o f . t f e a t y o f p c . .. , . . . ,,J. ^n SECTION I. The City ««Barlmr is hereby au- De-instltateom tnejname 01 meovyoi uangor, m jny bbl» Port, , stipool, wnica port tney w ***»Tthorized to loW its frcdit to the Penobscot and the supreme judicial court in the county of_Penob- 100 k«s« Lard, A to lesve till tbe conclusion Kennebee Bail Road tumpany in ain of the con- icot, against the Railroad Company, its Directors, iDOOo.tlaj.'iih fc^ ff The Pn-aic of Thursdav t truction of tb«ir Rail Road, not cxeeedine, how- or any other W*sons, as may be .necessary, f«r s oo bagi Cofferl. ce. inel-resacol inursGay the auln rf ive? hundred thousand dollars, the purpose ofsc^very, injunction, account or 100 bo«»Tobacco rl HppfA rmrl nnt entered tbe ..,,,,,, *!.,,·· n^-.nic-H.^ ^.,1. .j-- .viin :..,· *ann a nthor rpluf binder the provisions Ol this act^-- rVI tt UA._ ~ blracbed, 5 bbU ^uleraln«, paye, the cotnbuied fleets had not entered the UDOn their coupliaqoe with Black Sea, on the 12th inst. The atatement and conditions, ' WH.K ^, no M.O j^in um. i ic " SECT? 2. If liis a(t shall j that the FrenohenTOy at Co«stantmopl» object- inaftcr loUowinK terms other relief 'unuer, the provisions of this act.-- ·" --- -J -- of the court may issue a writ of othi ' ' ^epted, as nefe- injunction'Or any other miitaable process on any shall, within auch hill, in vacation or in term time, with or J1CO bbla Reft |»b.',»I..L j * kegs Soda, ; 5 bblOOreaai Tartj IOO box«a"r3met s . ;IOO ·· « tf n, . ' ; 50 Scuff '10n M,! irars " ,,. ,-,, ,, . appeal from the Coun Commissioners, and" have urrectors tnereol, or of an engsgemen; on the Danube, but aothing Completed the: voad bed, including all necessary °r none such shall be authentic had transpired. bridges and maamry^eadyfor the superstructure, rnen ofthe city sht 1 «. 18M ' KRRSHAWS 50 60 ·' st.rcb, MO ·· Raiama, 100 do* Broom, Stt bttxef frit Cnftee 500 bi,« Fine Salt, tOO b»ci4JliciHe. 10 taaka Rice, . . . . . . . of~wiy, all nec«asary"and convenient ra-ound "for courts of equity, as the necessities of the case may SOihkdi *olsst«i. that the charges were made without authority station houses Mid dcrjots except the principal do- require. , rrti, · k- and th« government regrettwl their tablication. not in Bangor, u,d fSm tic proceed^ of assess- SEC. 9. If the Ruilroad Company S haU,,after "^TSX "ell I.'.ldlCtarl'liST .\? "* Af \Ti«,n, .onrrlh«- of mmar. wm -arr.nt ments hav? pai^ for tic same, «ccpt in cases of notice of possession as aforesaid, neglect to choose «'"_"*'¥!'"" to CI " **""* ·»«"«* then ( At Vienna a number of rumors were Current ,,,,,,,,,,{£; Coun^ Commissioners, and" have Directors thereof, or any other necessary officer,, *»«·"·«'*.« ' r - - · - · · i -.' v ihall be found, the Mayor and Alder- sha 1 appoint a boara of Director., ineu HUVU laci fiju Deccrtmea oy ine juayor wia "."···.o-«'o u * "^t lci«s than seven persons, or any ^^ p t Aldermen to the 3ity Treasurer, aKci ho shall forto- other necessary officers, and the persons so appomt- Pfgumim Fife PTOO Sarffi with issue to S · Directors ot said Company, for ed shall haveall the power and authority of offi- _,.. i ,^^_ ».a\s«j. wofc " · . . . . . :ctl0 n, and the cers chosen * appointed under provisions of the H. Little , Co., Agents, 2 Smith'! Bloc pointed afeouV 1 UK sale of the S -- ^ - - . » ,, --= «-«TM« CT , ,, the; sum of flfty, thousand dol- SEC. 10. The city shall appoint one of the Di- «r.KI!g^HK333Maai " hlclll «*; h « i Among the passengers per Canada for Boston l ar5 with conpcns fo An lores t attached, payable rectors of said Kailrcad Company from among the I^HsBa^HiHSaSlai anMitow BTM Were Mr. and Mrs. Norman, of Bangor, Me. scmi-annually. And whenever said Coranarry shall stockholders, who shall be chosen annually by the i^^^E^^BLSaaBaa^HB We believe ttiu . , have satisfled saul Maysr ind Aldermen, that said city council in joint bal(ot, before fhe. annual l-pm3lS^fS^. it reliable fcr fa XXXIHd CONGRESS. «un has been ay«,)rooriyce in the manner aforesail, meeting of srud Company, forthe choice of therr £^KHflHj^^l^|T '"f '*"*«· PP j w , , , and said sectaou has beei completedin all respects, officers who shall haic the same authoritj in trans- E^I^M^^Sf-la^aaaaBaai record., and aa,, * I CUTCIT^ ' and made ready for th^i curs to run thereon and acting the business o' said Company, an*,whpshall j SKwAlJs. ' over the same, t lat the* have secured the rieht of be entitled to like compensation from\the company Mr. 1 Seward roee to a question of privilege wa y as aforesai4, groUnd for statiob houses arid as any other Director. But the right to choose urosrs Mr amw a touching the case of Mr. Phelps, the Senator depots, paid for and completed the road bed for such Directors shall cease when ^thc loan contem- Wl u receive attention and the work warranted to fi« bora Vermont. He recited the facts in the one other and' ontmrjous section [of five miles, ,pliitcd is extinguished. ^ , , . Minion, tithe lowest cash Jincea. case, and offered a resolution that Mr. ^helps commencing at die termination of said, last sec- Sec. 11. As an additional or cumulative pro- . -- A tjj o -, ,. j 'n his seat Laid over tion, and cemplfed wits the conditions ol said first Action for said city, all liabilities, whica^by said About one half the quantity of grain which from fire and UIK and are not infr to any in the C.' Oroen lor said S vamatea to five . ._.. .. . aOOprs '/AVEKti'VLIPPERS lot ale loan, thon upon such Tact being certified to the c ity may be assumed ^)r incurred under or by vir- janG d«v.w h^KNRY Ll'lTLE CO. - Treasurer as aftnsaid, he fehall in like manner is- tueofanyof the protisions of ^. - uj^anaj. sue one other sctip of .Vty thousand dollars, paya- rhe time and by force .thereof a fir. Sumner presented a petition for the re- ble in one year" jter tac drst shaU become due and payments of the same, create in favor of said of this act, shall at faVor of the Niagara Ship Cans', " ^I"^"n CrT£T^f''.K.TM'^."t"'':.ii"^""."' rhe tiine and b7force,thertof and for the security UNITED STATl\S AHD POREfG i . » *.*.»*,,,,*. ,«.. ,,«.. « t -««» a ««u,uc^u,«c «uv, r-j ---Jame, create in favorofsaid "D A III LIWVtTI AfVEIXTfTV peH of all duties on coal. wfth coupons foi inreiwt »ttached, Uyable-semi; city a lisn on said RaJroad, its franchise and all of *~* · c *"' * -«»-WXU.TH/r, Mr. Bright gare notice Of a bill to establish annually. And n like manner for every continu- its appendages and aU the real and personal prop- HO 33 STATE BTIfEKT,--BOSTON « Board of Claims. I cd and succeeding sefto» of fvc Wia«s. | as (the erty of said Railroad corporation, which lien shall The bill for dividing Ohio into judicial dis- same shall be eoajplete, , V d all the conditions at- have the preference a»d be prior to all other liens , SAMUEL COOPER. ' _ _ _ _ _J_ ·· _7_ ,--U_J »,, « TM i j . C _., ' ] . I _,: 1 ^n/l in/1,mhnrqn/.nD IvKqfnvor nnA ^hnTI Iw, attfflrfotl **r~t--~~-- ^- w^^^r* AJA»; fort,, of the Bangw and Belfa't Custom-houses pointed in not having a lecture .a^t evening, pjtably Uceived. They remained Jhere at 'have not been ·» poterllUl as j their' masters at Uie genljeman who was engaged not arriving Whlnslon had 'expected, however mart they in t,he city. - ' Jasl, HAI.IUAX, Jan. 3, 1854 i -_^,i_J . ,- · I fgr The amcuntof property reported to W The Bath TTOM m*c« a Idnd complaint the authorities oTi Lowell as lb.t « stolen dur- ^etierallyagainAithetnanagemtntof the|Port- iog , ho psst , l r ,' wa , «j 8 ,4C6,2.; recovered land and 1 Kcnne ec Railro»!l, a complaint which $2,703,94. i t it ssys it has arndthered foy some time. The \ » . -- -. ·--^ \-Daily Mirror of Both overHauls the man of the Cw* the weather 1 yotwdajy was beautiful Times in a very unceremonious manner and ahd moderate, settling tbe snow fine y and im- ·uggeat»,.h«t if free tickets had baen given to proving the traret Wm and. a liberal advertising bestowed there ~ would 1 have beon'no complaint. ', Tnme»i«nsgn«e at the EaslWar,-Heavy .-f the Mirror has made n. mistake as to the I*~~*H~*iV»t» ** 8ai»p.Bg. oiu«e of diMatiiCtvciion, it U wtll to sustain the railroad manigeir ent, oil except their blumcr io not giving ttp editors a paits and not { n g a nombevof reaaeitf'at the whurvea in liie t'uing. .Editors rarely travel mucli, and when harbor. The Ion is computed at £20,000 ·they dti if tT«j thing i*miade agreeable thiby "Bay ao many pleakantthtuglB about it u to induce many to travel. AAT railroad 07 steara- bort commits a biuntler. uvdii in a pecuniary tense* in not encouraging and tempting editors 'I to travel. As for ade«i»ing, why, 1 everybody ^ ff ^ hc cftptaillf t h ee own and a boy ; Vaa 20 .V ought to understand iKtt it Is difficult to do ( too jtnilo S. B. W. af Cfcptf Sable; t nc. a total muchoT it, f ifia properly done. ' , f"««f. On Moniy, ten niilca eout*i of Sam" We shonl* bo v«y wrry to belipve tW any V° U ^' fett .!» *** " e ^H 11 * ""T ^ u ' ,, . _ _ , . i . ,, | iusta, of Machtas. M*., deck ini\vat«r and de, editor in IB quite so amall a* to get up a $ cnt ,A, Captain JaliMMi sent] four men on tynpcst in a teapot because he had no free tick* .board with the intent on o^ bringing her in.but ·t. That U · little tqo amali. \ \ fftve miles off the harbor $he tarried oven the , ijh'nd* on board escaping; brought -egieter of of a consti- vcascl; took captai i r s cheat, containHg'clothcn, Sto. ~ ' ' ' " " " accounta. ' LiVEapooT, COTTON MARKET. Throughout the week steady/ without activity. Fair demand foil the trade in American, and for specv! la- ton, chjefly for Surat. Market a|ilt well supplied with American, particularlj 1 with' infeiior qualitio*. The Baltic'? advicea^gave ral ler more tone to the market. · ] LivtupooL BBE\»3TUFF3. t The week opened active but fell off towtirda the close, leaving, however^ an advance on the week of 2d on wheat, 6ql on flour, and Is. on Indian corn. ' Some circulars quote no advanbe. Brown. Shipley Co. call American wh^te ·heat IDs. 4d a lls. Red lOa. n 10s. 4d. , |T Wester more. Phi N arrived f *n«. «*, from , hip , 01t |, we . t of a, ml)ro di,n:.a.ted. her' dock being even with the watei*. The brigantine Jalifai, arrivEd, «n Tuesday, prevailed, Canada flour 37a. a 37s. 6d. Balti- ladelphia, Ohio, Canada, 37a. 6(1 a 38 ~ parties may drcrr cxpecieni. 'i this act. The return of suck ward meetings shall - .- . , . terests ot the Unilcd Slates in Hayti and St. SECT. 3. Conciirrc»t'-.vith the delivery-' of the be made to the Aldermen of^aid city, and by them aUawmeiiu are sjeh as emaeotlr q.alvy him fc Domingo. Allo the corrfspondence relative to first kcnp as alore said, tic President and Directors counted and declared, and said city clerk shall ',ip,--EY°rf*HpKwrp e i? i T-"r" p^il'r'" 5 " 8 " thi construction placed Ufjon the Clayton and of said Company in tbei o%ial capacity, shall ex- make a record thereof j bnf fais act shall take {f- o . L GALE I T f l S s u EVERETT 'Bulwer treaty touching Centra! American'af- ecute and deu'ver ao sai* C% Treasurer, the bond fcct from and after its'i.ppro'-al by the Governor, j.' H . LANE,' F. SOUTHSATC SMITH airs, cumamms; seven letters of said Company n tbe* sum of ten hundred so.far as to empower the K ulroad Company-And Pr,«ciM/ Etcmaur*- W.J'HAUNCV 7.ANGDO3 Mr Clavton at some leneth cotnnlained of thous TM d dollars,jjayabC to said city, conditioned the inhabitants of the tity. to act upon the ques- · -«u..i«w his soMch m the .^btect rtP the trfa v h..ins - tha f "^ C T pal * nil1 ^ TM » £ interest on tl0n -"' ^^ *? '"^ T he ^ Veral *""?, F«"» '»"S acqn.hir.Dee »a intimate official n bK.paech on the sunjeet o| thp treaty having sa id Bcri n and the pnnc pal thereof and the prin-' meetings of the mhabiU-nts ftr that purpose shall i^iTM. ,,,,» Mr Oooiwr 1 follv and Iwarlilr en beeu subjectea to enticism by the British Gov- clpal m Siaterestaf all bther smp wSeh said eitj be called and holden wilbip, lixty days alter such ^ TM,H fmto^^Latll^i alte »* ernmeht, and intimated hia. intention to enter may subsequently^ isHiiel in pursuance of the pro- approval; and the 1 same ·time shall be allowed for ( 4 te"ctolleaine8 VV.'H P N FI'lZtjLKALI/ into ^he matter hereafter. visions of this air., andl in ^11 respedts hold and its acceptance by the said CoTipany, which accept- ' Orl motion of Mr. Cass the correspondence save the city hamless on account of!tbe iss,ue of anee shall be recorded oil their books. And if the wasbrdered. to be printed, and after a short the same. And s lall alio e;ecnte and deliver to act shall be accepted as ifore aid, then after such eiMutive sfasion, the Senate adjourned. said Treasurer thcKcrip ttt BCjd Compiay payable acee^ance and record rtereo/, all the parts ofthe ° ta " holders the-oof at.Iho «;tmc time and for the act shall take clfect, and be i^full force. HOUbJi. same amount as trie sfripitbcu issued by sard ' The resolution for presenting a sword to Treasurer to said Company w th the like coupons General Wool tor bis gallant conduct at Buena attached, and tbe ^cnp ^df said Company shall in Vista, was pased. l - · in all cases subsequently Se icsucd in sums corres- On the motion of Mr. Ingeraoll, the President ponding iu dates -ndariourts with the scrip of of th. United State, was requested to fumsh !fi^S:^^?^ 5cl 5. ^ , neW X s S d ^ Congress,. if in his opinion tne pilblic interest v*ill allow, with copies of alt correspondence that has passed between thi* Govern! . I Lisle Principal Elomnrr rtf Uodoo, Dec 31, ISJ3 S n w l y i t Oldtown and, Liaoobi from titne to time , RAIIjIOAIl nment and sell said s«np or ny portion thereof at public m.,. ,,-j TM!_Tj i . ~ ,» 11 . »i. · ^^ j»eople tbe right of choo«ing by a plorality vote A , 80 Hrivcd ih r oe- mM ted'brigantitc Charle. Instead 'of a majority vote, at ( no' and enlaiaing the number of awnbybUlot. Thew reform, we, ^effected, and they should have been /fet^sd. Keen,, Chajtton, fro-n New York for ^Antwerp, tobocho- with Hour and wheat, put iiL leaky ; will dis- ne .olee charge cargo. ^ | T Iwwou DHTBimmoN or TH*i Pumic Ltsos. On 7l»v»long.ince but for the (ingotrnji of the Saturdav last, Mr. 3«nnett, of New York, in- ISour 33s. a 319. 6d. White Indisn corn 4Gs. Yellow to». Mtx- Cd. ImporU small. Eastern winJs Christmas holidays also limited fcn- X.IVKUPOOI. PunvisiONs. Large ssles of beef .to clear off stocks at a considerable reduction. Seven hundred tierces prime mesa changed hands at tSi. Pork unchanged, i Dealers buying sparingly of old. Bacon U slightly better. New quoted at 41 e at retail. Lard generally quoted at 56s., but S2». ha. been taken to effect sale*. · . Cheese rjuick, nncharlgvd. LIVERPOOL Puonocs. Broker'. Board report ashes large business cbiefiy to arrive,--3 la. Gd. for pots, 28s. 6d for pearls. ' Tea was dull the «arly pait of the week, bu-. toward, it. close a speculative demand sprung SKYMOUR'S ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER. '|HtS »}Mr.iiQS pos»en«* *tt tbc miecli^aiciU »d J. Tanluges of the AbdomiD*. Htipportera 1100 ID UK, and al«o some v finable imprtwem^Qti be iiJe th* galvanic aUt-tchment It t** b«co t^led *l»profed of, and onirer*ally adopted in the pnic- uc« o( all the Vemdrng Vhy^c'uns in New York, Ho* loo, ami »H other [daerk where introduced, in tbjt UeatnWOt of all Pierton .Idtswases which rxlub- it lh*?in^e|t*| under tn manf different h«adt, UM! t*i|attM enreof Uterine dilfieuliies The R«**niu *jl..eb in 1850. Mr. McDonald offered a resolution, which SECT 4 Tbe lo-esidciit atd- Director)* of said was adopted, calling on the Secretary of the Company'are bcre iv authoriaett, and U sh,Ul be s -*/ H^J 8 " Navy to communicate the number and names thcir,dutv in their *f5cial 'capacity, upon the re- Walter Bro - - . . . . . . . . _ . _.,:_il..i " :j £_. ,,_:_ *_« X_;j l-^-. _ L j *u _ j_ Pmnklin A tnation generally respecting them. The House ion of Mr. Ben; 100 acres for eacl md to'the Western Slates from a million to prior incumbrance, vhich hortaafrc i le million and a half m addition--the Weatei n by the said President in lus official capacity,"and Mr. fccMullen to devote the process 1 inds to naval purposes was reftmdi bill waa referred to the Committee an; Lands. »a.y that the Jeffennian is for from right in tion to each State except Texas, of .50,000 a- t^Y4 oharMterizing its political party associates: crea for each Senator and Representative, and '"TheoNtioaUTthcjwipfe of Maine an the prorxata to cede all tlte new States etc^pt Ar- *!· depositories 'of power, but practically thnj TMn»as, Mwsoun anil Him «, which hi Jlar. but c»mpsrstively little power in the J*- Py/°ceived ^°«« grants, 1,600,000 lection of their ruler, and law nskeri. * ll8 additiori ; » atw of _ ^ learn from the 'Bait Mrror thit . . a . r o n i o e k U n 6 was m ui l)i IMt. · few dayi .ince, on a oompla(nt of obl»to!ng ,tm»y fr«uiiilently' in Uocklind. It seema that 1'tlmer »old a cargo of limn for Bcvcnhun. dftd dollars, and, starwd for OalUornia. When arrested h« had on hit person a new dirk kni 0. a new pair of piitoli the lat .er not loaded, and plied it the corutrwtlon «f railroads but the »""· 4«atea ko tie older States ua ? be at Rice was in bet'ter demand and prices steady Molasses dull, 6d,to Is. low«r. Coflee in strong demand, but market bare. At London native Ceylon reached oO. SsrojirMTr, 1 P. M. All market, quiet .nc unchanged 'to-day better. He- l he so executed and delivered arid recorded in tile ^- ^- Jewett^ the Registry of Deeds f» tho Corinpy of Ticnobscot, Thomas Masita, iblic shall to all intents at.d purposes be, and'the same ^ Cn 3- *· Broirn. fe hereby declared to lie, a full anc complete trans- Lemuel Bradford. Mr. Cutting offered a resolution selling forth £* °' Silid K"" 1 ^-, ° f ^ "r= property of said ^athimel Holton, rte removal of Collector Branson, arid the cor- STM*" 1 ''' TMy an ^l r , , , cr f L «n to-tre actluired, antl t Mpondence betvf een the Secretary of the Trea- 8 iry and the Collector on the subject, end call- contrary notwithstanding, j , ing for copies ol such correspondence, and any g ECI . 5. i\j r the.purpcBe, a "foiecloiing said Tiios. N. Egery, o-.lier letters that may have passed on that sub- mortgage, it shall be «i(Sci»nt f r the sail Mayor chas ' '· Crosby, iect. Mr. C. advocated the edvo, ated tbe and Alaermcn, to gfte notice j according to the A - Sanborn, adoption of the resolutjon. mode prescribed in »o fifth section of the one i h ?-- A J.,:!' ute - the City of Bangor to asscml evening, the seventh 'he ose of ibis instrument ar^ a anrneient R'larann ., . o'clock, to consi cr ·( it« nlilny and seWral applicanon. '1'head'an- , - . , ""·- I«'F.«!I.T ul .unuiugthe credit oftheCityin l«IT'a of rliia over oih^r Sop.4rt«M «r«, itenMsbv icl proceeos a id of the Oldtown and Lincoln Railroad. 't* action, ffremntaiii smooth surface Ihtt Elijii L. Hirnlin, Joha Short, Chatles Sawtclle, ' Leonard Jones, Jeremiah Fcnno, otetson Co., ·M. Schwartz, Jonathan Young, Shnw ·Merrill, Hatch, Thompson 1 Co., J. C. \\Tute SL Co., M. Gilligan, Isaac R" Clark* Bcnj. O. Foster, Thomas S. Mo«rc, Isaac'M. Bragg, Josiaa Towle, Fiske Dale, F. M. Sabine", W. S. Dennett, Waldo T. Peirce, WJ A. Dresser, Tbo's J. Stewart, Sam'l. Clark, JEhsha^Ayer, Thomas Jenness, Oco. B. Smith, V. C. Crosby, I. W. Baldwin, S. C. Hatch, E. AfVpton Co., Clark Ayer, £dmund Pearson, W. L- Lumbcrt, " Pendleton Roes, Joseph. Bryant, t »%* s loe* nol retjin beat or ira}ia*iii«* which pass trout the »rstein. and can b4 kept |Mre and bealihfol Tfce *n«n.hnof th* medical profeMion ia r»t- i«ci fully §olici1rd tn an exammatmn and test of the init^runteot TKf ^boT.- ^ap^drterg are for«alebF GK\) XV KMERSON, I»ra-jUi t t^o 4 Srniih. Itlncti. *ole tigenl for lian^nr and » Jcioitr. " » * P "C V R 41 CO. ~~~~ , TJnclkim^d Baggage. f l l H R followiiaf article/ remain at Jne Sfafitft M. in iHan^or, unclaimed it this Uate . t «mitl '('ranks, 1 Vtilice. 1, Carpet Ba C , t bbn- -tiie lUuiiket^-none of iheiu narbed. K. H A K K I S , A-enl. January l«t. 1354 j5 ' % ' Bug. Currants,' O F aitneriar qujlilv.jHsl rtc'tl and for i5 FUt-LER. c . - contauicd, any liw to thi A Hayfcrd, ;T T» ' John A Pe TIJST Oranges and Lemobs eters, Jan ' * ln - I No a MANCKBSTIK. Market rafher protements t3TTuo Washington corretpo^deut bf the Baltimore American says : ^ ' -' '· It is believed in #ell informed po'l tica.1 cir- clcs, that Hfman J. ^eafteld, eoltettm of New certaul bnct - »"* P Ten bujren. £ONDOV, Baritag Brothers report colonial *nd foreign produce genenlly active. Now elosed for holiday). Large business in coffee and .sugar at improving rates. Cotton steady. to report a bill repealing all duty on railroad deeds for the county rf Penobscot: whictifpublica- iron, and demanded the previous question tion and record shall *e sufficient for the Purposes . L --=r -=; r-^rrrr=r=^-- wnich was tabled by 78 to 65. of such foreclosure. Jjjon the expiration of M A R R I E D . A. resolution was offered by Mr. McMullen years from and after i urtx publication, if the con- AIit."Parker Hou»," in E«t Cortuai Jss.'ad, by ar d passed, instructing the Committee on jEub- ditions of si(irl mortara^c ttmll raot vnttm that Rev. 8. F. WMJurboe, Mr. J. B. S. Curtis to Win Martha lie Lands to enquire into the expediency of set. JTM" j" 1 " ^"f^i kS'th ti6t 1 th re £,'l U d tiKg apart the proceed* of the public Isnda for ^^ jf ^ p?upertj ~ d franlLVoreSud'ab- aolut~in said city, f ~~ i SErt. 6. If the Dir-^ors of die Companv shall at any time neglect or »mit toe pay the *» 1* INGRAHAM 4. FULLER Sperm-and Wax Caitdlei»r~ rfl i«)XKS lor,ale h ? , F »-*U ji I . S G K A H A M ft FILLER . Floor and Hearth Brushes: A 5 U P t K I » K »orlnKnl*l ja I M J H a H A M Dr. Pitch's Medicine*, tNI'l.,Y on Band aad tar asle atcut. for Itaninr INGRAH.y.Vl i FULLER. C OX m j5 j the support of th« n.vy. Mr. freslon offered a resolution calling on uct " "" On .arri»a|-of parlies from Rockland ha wu olulu, will be jwr««i by _....TM.. e ..... allowed to depart, he tains) Hab e to a civil auit Senator Cass, it i. saU, will in executive «es- «nlr. 80 wajs this evil world. j aion, givV to the, Oil er.llar Bayard of · Young · --1 £^_ ' \ | Amerioay George a*der*, the consul ait Lon- olnnatlTinu.of'Thuraday thna dojn--»»i'«4»--.harp jutting icuiort." ', i novel s.le:--* t la^ 8 j| amount ft the President to communicata copies of instr ticn" to offloers of the Navy, having inference to the protection of the rights of fishermen under the treaty with Oreat Britain. After other unimportant business, fjr. Churchwell submitted a resolution in' . _ ._ , _ _ ,, ", HOdgUhUl (JOS d « re '- "" Sut » "* « ta " «» » White 7« » ^3s. Flour 39 * tls. No alteration in Hsh qilaj, Olive, dart and cheaper. Th . iron trade continues healthy with con- due, or to comply wita mylaf .he condivions of said bond, the city of.feangorlnui^ take actual poa- . seafllAn m tbe manner nereirt£afttx provided, of tho atmcting the Committee on Ways and Means flajlroad, of all the property.yreg. and personal, of to report a bill giving four f est'a credit to rail- {ho Company end of tbe feuuguse thereof, and road companies on duty on railroad iron. mav hold the same and apply Lhcuiconve thereof to Jdr. Hamiltoa moved to lay it on the table. make up and supply s«ch dsriri^nraca and all fur" ' ifull trTM J - ***-* --*- rl - 1 -- Ocean, Ofeg open day aad eveaiHK; : Ground Sage. !| itf f\ I-DS Urouud S»;e. lur »te very 'low by *tU |6 · G.F.SARGENT. Cod Liver OU i. BUKflE'IT'3 OIL, £8 Or, thr Id IBM r l»r, dark Red Cor, y wilb hrthk lihafwd fa(*rn«. drv. aboot / yeuia oltl, with a mtUrbl*ek artsnt the beadiCinc into the rncfn-nrcNaf ihr -ab«erijber, . ssile frsai ·he cilv i'R (he I'tt^haw Itttad ,'l'ba owaer is rc- qneslrii l» p~sy CAarsea and Isktt her awar. THOVAS ALLEN. H.nyor, Ja. 4.J8S.1 Winte? «iJCH a^tt'ool PUius, DrLams. Thibt(«. Pan 1)9 roalta^Kc , making; thr best ufiortme.t * Ihta n nrke(V H * ( rtareain. · ' jan4 · IVUCLUKK, LQM'IIROP CO. ' PATCH* At LEWfS~^ W ILL famuli lhe Ac» York Iritune to i«b- KribenloclB54atSljO--poUaf e frea , jao 3 'depot. ' Many dr»w ,· prize.' indeed, jlng a I in their trunks articles of great value. ' ' )f gre; ked- blank.' cnoujh, in not Sliding «)»cn tfce worth of their m»ney. The trunks I contents urik.own to the par- o'clock. UI( HOHMT tt«i on ** The defection of the N*« Sfork h " d * ited HATBE, Evening of 23d. Dally sales ot the week about 300 bales.-now firm. Breadatuflb--none ottering. . , . - , - - _ upon t h e · * mirvirtiri '-- President or Treasurer/of 4n^lLd]ctor of the Com- HOTIOX1. P* 11 *' °5 ^ ttiere are nonsuch, apon any stock- Tft* Annual Meatlofofthe FemaU CbarltaLle Soctely holder in the Company atatJUK ttatthe city tkere- wil be heU at tne Man of Mm. Billftlfi. H.ninioral 8t. by takes actual posscu on of tbWEUdb-oad, and of m£a^£? V ' 3 'SlKaruutot°'° ° *' '' "'* W *°' Proper^ a»dftancaos. of th Company, shall ' a. legal transfer of ah the sms Tat the purposes No 8 Sm BOXES Freih S/I^O/Wi'S. at whole sale aad retail, at G. F. o~*-zzzz£zr*»**Q*. pirSgTO'i in p±ci^TM of "-' ^jtllfBli, wbM« tfoihp.ny got out one hundred wss written by 8«HT»twy Hanv r i 1 *.^ V u ._ n _ atnd rix'tr thousand dollar* worth of gold in * w * ""i"" to ll r Ifoney--Market unchanged. Fund, fluc- not alarroinglj. Consuls icloling ib* saatrucUon a »7t exchequer dividends. Arrival, of to!H«i"'m« euU large. Standard gold 77s. »d. Hrt. It. a, HOLTON, Sec'v. To U* *'--r-- of Uw GUrl'. High. School. TfemT funnar HMraiMn «ftl» t aforesaid to the city, and shall ehablc the city to hold the same against roy other transfers thereof, 4 A 4U i*» y.|h , i«inVsH]d, WiikflAflMj Tunwc, BUKBWII BUIUI uu*- w w iiHiueruu as an cncrr lor kfcaua,ui£ Howard, an!nvhcf forsdoaure, under any mortgage hetejubeforeriro- °lL^iI o «- tt 2* t ^* Wsow«»- vided, nwr shall the riphts of the city or of the thereby. city or of tbe ''" 6 fc OUpBID . «rbotli f«r90 PAI'CH lah ' 'in hi. good fonutie and truit he o 8 "'" 11 «ln»no*yi»rni*«ign.liire to heap opprol Mum on General Scott, wa. Beereurj at Wmr i I r durhiffie Mexican w.r.c and, although his ««, u« ., «»t«4 hX P enwo «« '^*»Wf «rf» it* Oenorml wiire un- Uen. Hcou parted he* p | ew . nu ,,« Inv.riaWv bat* twtimor,^ to his closed 236V Threw, 74,10. Bell report, businew no variations |n nrioes. Ba- rings report small .aha. Pretsid on market ·ialn. to the l.t. fU .nd taint /..bore at F*rt fctingnihed »»rit."a. .n offl"»i7 rotet bovej-ajhere she stranded badly. Cam* piper attack of Secretary Marcy · _·-!_.. t » . · j ..^.. --1 wwteonteopi K ISIOBTS--from Liverpool to the U. Bute. York, rather richer! " ' , Mr. Maty U BU««, i- HairtatsFStft, " Catton A Wa«l, i" a t HcB FwU ·· B F BsUwin, MiaaCTPanihaii, ·· UdM M Tbnnun,! i*af |W, Jan Wi, ISM ( . n. Ulll., 8anh flr(«t. Mary E C-Bt«llow, ; - Idtlix MrJturr, " Hannsh C Bradbarv, " Ans.MBIancJt.rt, '· Arrsh B Arnold, Kitten, tbe niceft Black Cloth ever SIK. 7,--^AU moneys received by or for the Bail ¥ t _ Hosd Comp°any,*ftelrnotioa as afbmyld, from any \J oflered in lhi» market, may find the aasnc for HROP 4- CO'S. aour^ whatever, and by whomsoever toe same may 6,UQ per yard st be received, shall beton^to and be luM for the use' IS MeCLUKB, LI and benefit of the city, in the. manna and for the ...--.. w»»«^Wl r_ _T-------- ^-^vt.and.ha.l.^^ee FURS--FUBS^fFrRS ! ^, 8WALL.bin aelct lot, ol [VlCTOaiNES jpanj'thcreibr but If any person, with- (A aixlCUFFS, whicb will be sold al a .very, T*. nt.~..ll. I1_J|.. it^_ Jk I Ikr.r« out """*' notice ' "hsjl maate payment of moneys'so ' «naU'adr«nce from cost. Al«o, For, Plmnl sod ' iff'JL*ZSSS3 £££ t £ l Ui!%!£.,»«£.!/ TMw»-»V toth»XKawir«orEheCompany, *uch Cloll.C-.i,. : .l J^S^S^JfSSyJf*-' SS 1 ?^.*? 11 ^di^o-rg. of»C_of toe New Tear Gifts -- 1854. A GOOD V A K I K I ' X »C«me« Ikmk. .11 it»iT A. lot tb« food pal Eaat Side Booi- , , given to persons receivins; the «ame, y, riebyUuffli.paidtfltieo.trTre«s«Hr, wtadL payl mont «haUbcmc*«inaiaiMha«f/)»malleiairo«, A 8 pf the Company 1 thcretbr but If any person, wift- A a . Sharon, May Flower. Carhaf Aaajui, Afftctw Gift. Aoioma Hoars, GeaM of Beauty. Aanratl" Ftoral Gai, Mapwlia, *«.. very eb'eap ^ WM ' . . . . Iherefot. AUmon««teceiTc4 by IhoTmumr- in N». 5 W«at M.rk.T'l.uue lT|AlvJBL 8, «EIL ha. «pe»ed a G.Mail. 1 ' Ko. I VYeU slarktl JS^aaBe. JJ sbr^ i. Ltaeohj, PejwlWot eosDlv. "w"- ia the Tin "tlrf^puillt Gd. Tr»'« t.Ttro-«f , Stove« Alt tuMi »l Gnu Kepamaf done. Abo, irlawut of fiuhioolble tint. aa aNnMa Skoofra, Rtnea insnifeeim' * tf^jfe E "5TM* arKl*.l« M kaad tor ails Ores* fail, tike" » I I Kl*UDa1lD Jt, /rt _! _*aAa a«_ j f Tla... . _ * t a . ,fi». ;» glr. w a cMI ie»i rrMJB annual meitinf of tbe Pencbaeot JL drivtac GOI»PSBY , Tor choice of officer* aM traataetioo oflwainFW. will be beld at lie office of Itax Farrar, ia the new building corner of Stale T «~.-i f\£t ' · and EzchaM* slreeta, in Banco* 1 , on WBONEa- Jjamp «JU. 1 UA Y, the l««h nslsnt, st half fal two ja'Aocki* . ElephtDl, (Vhlle, and sore Sperm Itx ifttraoon. P.rcrder ' Oil, tor sals by G. F, SARGEMT. CHA'S H. " )mi5 ' ja4 d|i and against any other tlaiius thereon, until sncb ^----- · --^ ------ -_ . purposes have been full-accomplished. 'Suchpos- ··t(M| L J? ti - Fre » B F » 6 8 , w Drum "1 Water COTe and PlirellOlOgi. »e«swn shall not be o nsidered as an entry for «W" 'Bo»e., for s.1. by _,_ , ^ J o1arna l.,. » ' ·; VXTILL faraish either of ta« atwv. 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