The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on March 31, 1899 · Page 4
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · Page 4

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, March 31, 1899
Page 4
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THE HAWAIIAN CHINESE. «· *-· - ·-- Importance of the Element In the Islands. JAPS OOKF1SED ·*·"* Fnmrr Better LUt«4 Thu tk« IMN[CUP tlH^ fltU^tftttt ISue l-mttlltfrnt «*d Cfcrictlaa C«tett*ate M [Copyright. 1SSS. fcy the AotJtor 1 V On ChtiafanasMay, 18S8, oot tipon the ^^rt veranda 1 sat writing, wearing a white embroidered mnU dreaa. Tropical tens wared all around me. and the pomegranate blossoms was in On the whole, it was the most bint iJoet iatportant and interesting, however, is thainSnenceof western civilisa- tion OB the Chinaman himself. Be does not say nmch. dot he «eA what he and bis people lack. A great ground swtll from the west is gorging against the anewn* oriental kingdom that will break into fragments tire o3d social and political life «o surely a.-, the snn shmts. A new China and a young China are coming on the !ct.ue, and no internal tyranny can kwp them buck. People 10 the States, who know the Celestial only as the jabl«enng nonde«cnpt animal who eomes for tbe weekly wash, woald be surprised to see some of the fine, progressive yoangnnsnof the race here. . For instance. I am proud to number among my pleasant acquaintance* in Honoitjjn Mr. C Yaknazn. a yonng on The Chinese Chronicle, ! RAGES. | Omu «f UM Won* ttniai af · B»d | KASAS Cm, March at--Beporte from the Sontbwt*-t radicat« that the t storm is general and excetds in seventy that of Wednesday, which was a record breaker. Chillirothe report* the worst snowstorm m Xonhera Missouri m many years, wun a fall already exceeding a foot in depth oa the )*vel and UK storm still raging. Atchiaoa reports heavy snow from the storm, which is being drifted by a strong wind. The Missouri Pacific, expecttng blockades. j'VESTlBCLED TJUJSS, B1SXISG CABS'! JAPAN CHINA P.A. Pacifie reported fBPEJ 9 to 13 inches ef j BJOW from Aichison to Grafton. and 2 feet at Blue Rapids and Waterville. f · Kaii At Lfvenwufib street car trance i has betn iicf*«ded ' »u*-« -No. 3 - "· * -t !,- ,, """W No. Si. west bound -Ho.56, «i*t booad I ! Ticket Office/(H- S3-S0 FnjJUI HfciT-fliSS HI i fWIWP 8LEEHJM ('IBS.' sh^e tnads a great powwow «mti»occasKm.tteCh«iaseandJap- aaese perhaps most trf ali Strange on- «Btal wares were aaanipalated to fcxA fflte 3irisfanas things. Onaese w itk twisted ti^»t under straw hate «huii3i today Th* women brooght queer babies. aH alike, clad in * * °~~ cotton pantaloons, irre- *ejc or previous condi The things were hnl- pnrple, a I Biimnlat S». JOSEPH. Mo., itarrfi 31.--One of ibs worst snowstorms of the season j» ragtug here. Th« wind la blowing and sttvvf is so badly drifted that street ears have be«n osable to ran. EaUroad trjun- are irregular and some ha abandoned. 7ae temperature i srt* The storm is thy worst enc«*d a«e jn many yean so late season. PEEPABJKG TO FLEE. Allee^a AcottuldA b Bendy to «ut 31*. . March 31.--A dispatch .bom 3Ianfla «ays: lasorgente hare jbeea toond with Sieir throats cut , This is taken to indicate that they *rere ana pasishad f«» refnsing to fight. It ts now beHsred the insnrgents' faith in Agwaaldo isdestroyed. Agnin- *ldo, with aisfenjay. is sajd to1e ore- 25C ? ermim * 11 tor tbe Dally. 7SC ** yt * r Iw the Weekly. ST. tout. DISPATCH . General JfacArthor is matuig ready an arajored railroad car for fattoe o«ra- "^ AlB«» W*. duerad. ufiuo, March 3L--The secretary of · »w, 6ene«a Bnaffill A. Alger, feft Ma , taazasfor Oenfnegos. The secretary [TOBtedtne sagar plaBtatwaiof AgnaV |eate. Hewasmet by Major Geaexaf i WilSOn. IBUltsnr tre\v*im,*m *f »l-~ J. THE HONEST AGRICOtTCRIST DJ HAWAH. «P«» mats in flie Strega aaa sefl Sowers P« up tin price of their leis to double. W«B HoQicrs seem^tae had away at its kind of re^~ "~ai'i-. ···!.« »^* vucAl? -Mf $cr ·uexCnXsa. **c«*M«eufc. Krecrackers exploded in ttestreefa and Sam* of aerery yoang women are *» hon» steieied nonajy. Kow and* 0 "* 1 ^ owa^i. with, their aatin smooth, wen I stopped the cUck of my typewrit- * ea " a anS «"** ·"«-·«·-. -v--»_ «r to wq* the pez^riratioa from my ( partment of Matauzas. Hewascheered by toe people and spent the dayiatae citvad in Txritmo: dumw. PKW A6AISST THE CZAS. »«B»»t~Hiw It Itat Be _, to !*»» «r ab Caeto. Pasis? ilatcb 31,--The Echode Jtoig publishes a sensational dispatch from Copenhagen saying a plot against the caar, in wtaen bra mother and M. Boby- ^donotzeff. the bead of the holy synod are implicated, the object of the conspirators bemg to take advantage of the state of the czar's health to remove him ftom power and confide the government *_ v*_ 1_ wno .- . ·-- a»e St. Pa«J -DISPATCH w (be beet Twin QM, daily 4t ixas no ectaal *n theNcrttwest as to ««· orlpaSuy' !Rle ^SF CH BSCeUs ta ^ert^western news, havmg ccr- respondents m evsly Storthwcstem wwa, ^^SSeS^TI! 0 * 11 ^*" itS "^P 1 ^ «** «eJ»bte aoarfeet seports; its toaiketpage js one oi its features ^y^sssss^sssf' *· Associftted press ""'SSSSS^ 08 ^ B ° equai ^*^«^y and S££* - ^^^s^^. 0 ^ to ^ ^ 1 ^i 1 «SVS*""""°' Y TRIBtJNE ^^^L^ A S^ -- w ***^ ~ SAINT PAUL. fMINNEAPOUSJ flfr MONTBEAt, 4h«B^Uh«BV^ * J ^n«*CWC VvUCv. GMTABI0, L WCHICAM, ·aUHMRi W.«.CAIAAWAr. ^-? PATEN, IE WMW^too.D.C. ut ttu*f*vrr_U . . . _ S»«d Mr* AddrewallO M tO -North-Western" Advertisers THE BISMARCK TRIBUME, Bismarck, North Dakota- to tfce Swrtest aad Bert Roote t» CtUCAOO and tbe EAST vto MINNEAPOUS aad ST. PAUL; todate-theeqaJMnaat oUt»tiata»4«ae most I «id ^·^uj*u.uuer «. ji, jrorsytn n^ been assigned to the command of the Balti- joa», mow - ^^ OT the Manila atatkav ""· TM"» poly teete, now-1 -P* 6 president baa appointed Colonel EB those of a real Christian f E d w m V.Sumnerof the SCTentlTcay g-^d a spot of red paint apon' jj*? to ** brigadier general in the ruga* . - «J«?* OT tte^iridiag or any houi^ 1 ?^ evidently of the better aewCMnl now fires, noteTeBabotattie^rterte^ 88 * fiae ta**** gwamena of aan- «aadl9apto. ItwasaotnatniaLaia** booaa8aa y- U»ve always had acreat «tt * wtt ' 1iuw * sr e for good looking men, and I nnS' a a e r a m e a o t a h a r e -~- -- -- »^wwwwwwWW» t *W«V«^ W TJ-IC i^fc,^ WEEKLY INTER OcEflN$ll uwoesr etHcuumoN AU, POUTtCAt PAIMCIIS IN THE WtST -----"--'··-·"-·,«»· tn ink WC9T Atways American Always RepubUcan ^SI? oct * 11 »»«·«·«* «.i: THtMIW«AMP»C»TCUHRHiTUTlRATUtt , Between the tromcal weathw juwr.^y^^^w^eaBaaiidioiBBMthBbest, 1 « orthodox Omstoas trw enongfcEngHshBfl^opOT^the ^ ttere was trndoabted^-asnggesaoBSom and found tb* place for of jew about it queer ChineBe nymnbooks. A white *o account of 8fe a» theae island* man conM °°* J^^e done it better- ^onM be complete without njentfajnrf ^^» fi»se gentlemen, and a - 6io»«*x»tiB»iu* " «»'«»s-, JT. J., Marco 3I.--E*- presiaentQTOVerCleTeI an« ·»»» *»ked * rlietlle f b f expected toattead the Bd- ^ 11116 * 31 ^^ 6 *»*« was what 4e bad «eenin the papers. j [ gv»y Ctaamn is Bright. Cteao aatf Packed yjtft News T * **«*«* tfce saj- that ererydetaa of blspw- e. fie Uttntan of its cotmom Is «m*J to that of the best mis*- It la lotemting toS« we//as the pveats.* "aoo-Eiieia* l78»p. a "Isa TO , WESTERN I Mgas Eke this; ^ S^^bdT g6aeflytha11 **** Ja^UBg eaTJJBggc^thelawverreflectiydy. ^-Jfow, In agncaltcreit is the Chinaman wades and iBlB* raracKSTcvEft sammiftT I^^J* lilnraiK^^sriSIl *««»ee^^w«eee e«eieeeeee wa«.ni^r M A^^^-? " u c k - J "°- *** a he ShawSu- P^u, puea booy. we de --*«* 44vuu t.uiftt. the jodge wai K!TBQ fco i «cn«litiea --Chicago Tost , koked bowed tha * he ' SO YCAK«* Few white men ,,,, ^ . teportel S£? Cftf\e^~£^TM ' beathemsh creatnres he plows with at "TM eB y 00 * le * r OBe wr, as people home. I saw oneof the things the other Sr? 11188 ^ that ^ UD ** e caanot sing aayr a brnte tiat aeemed to be fc»» ?*^ ve no **' {ar nvisc, do cot be- j goat ialf bafiato. On*of oarboj^^^ 8 lt At tb " * mc * trjds ? - ^a*«*-! Wn« who had been to Manila and seen gfeyatiaDa ^ wag as wefl in tune and i tton toJd me they are called water ^ ne- ** « of *'ra»B««l, M yon hear any-' ww» and that ttey an really a roecie* *^ They sac» the faalliar melodies «f btson, of noeertbly good for either - £* con » re ?»twnal byinns. the words meat or nalk, but that tber work like '* ^ OWB lan ? n «*e- Ther* was, too, · nmle. The pfctnre shows a China- abotf^ deVDntaea * a3 «"«»(» ' cow * ing. This looks bett«r than bnnungred Th^ Chinese are likewise almost the PSpet to i ° ss - ^h** 1 so* ciarket gardeners and poultryjnen. "^SS 6 orgaa *° d a ^^ f^a«d clwir aronna ttonohiin. Tbey bring ducks to p81 ^ "** c * nrc 'i bekn^ngs. At n^s^t Vv the cartkaad, aQ quacking "^ ^ sart °* tae ^^^'Oe the male roices *f? C ^S S ^ U1Z docks and Chinamen * rel * Sleat. and tbe little dark eyed · aUke Th=r s^iong together, daefa aad 8tri8 weat rt * k * e - a^ that intcrertod Ctonatnea Both '$ a Uutt-niaiw no- ttK lacre te *° aa the ^^ Tb" TOafl ».._ ' taPn w*Fes can und^stod. * wces dl4 tiotnse and soar tnampbanl i^*'- »· r^^O and mr re ·"J"- v-ar-^^a J j PJ* Chinaman took * Mtew - bo * to be sarewder an4 nwffr*^**' ** ^ a **- *ft*r gray ages of rt-pres- at the same time more ? OB . t!leip Daman's soul was beginning far planter **** * aut *J r «»3 expreaR itw^ll That ~as what tbe Toiceimaid to me. At Qw-end th« bwr,, o y doxology United States Nap. I5c. -- HISTORY OF THE SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR By HEMIV CABOT UHKJE. I. «. SCN^TOS W. O K»r2f 1 By l_eat. \ K it that hu* ead to his job" bealways waited ttll the season when work was plenty, , 11 *** klwi18 ^^^^^ thatto- I»»wStetai,iatne kingdom. and l l - « l « A e i a t a i o tb« tea, it iffi kiadwd-- H. I SUBSCRIBE FOR THE TRIBUNE. Jrfe era. j r .^^ a *· tp^- *r u i*TA.fC» 33 BattU of Manila Bay r,t.SV. Brlj^jul M fciLitnrr, I.-H.V THEIR 5tLVER.WEDDfNQ JOURVEY By WTUlwn f*», Hnreft« Ti« Priscess Xeaia Danish War Story SHORT STORIES ;K' 186 Bf^ T 5 D -TS5f WAY of r«s cpn^s 138 sf M^r F **???* tWm TM E ^ 3 ; 0 ° c ' ' CK ' THE "JT^iMk *T-~,M^ ^.j- t7iro i. /* I*B_ j WJu*e Kaa's Asia Re^bics of nf Acurica ! "FINEST TRAINS^ ON EAJCTH FKOM StJPaul And Mfnnsapots § CWoigp. EUBCTKK HEATE' T DISECT KfCfE TO Canadian Province HEW E?f;LA¥I HEW TOUR ' AND ALL POiVTS EAST. PiCIFIC POUT. T. B. ft*. Vati'ir Om.FMi.Act.

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