The Elyria Democrat from Elyria, Ohio on December 7, 1870 · Page 2
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The Elyria Democrat from Elyria, Ohio · Page 2

Elyria, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 7, 1870
Page 2
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i-rente »urprisc to lonru t h a t thn | Elyrliv . ]u I ' u i k ' i n Works*. e hut wee ;1.H- .. ( 'iu)' \Volii«Mlay, i»-Miil»*r 1S70. . . fit . c..v o .. .- ...... ,1. r. um'jit'oi. c..v o ...... j, in-ill. ...... , A H m i p . U.S. MnMlul ...... · ,l..i i;i'!ini,-r. M.. Covhiulciii. Ky K. T. Dcnl ilmu keeper, W h l t o lii'ifo ' Itiullntl We ask raudid, H*ilc«-t:ujr K''|ublicans hereabout to answer ft -dnglc c|iiestion : Has ypur parly ever presented to you u .tingle isMio, of conlroliii't W'-Iglil in the parly, located le«.s than a thousand!' inilcs from o n r i o m i - f . and hearth*? . . tie... W. Penl. .\li|. - ... . llc\. M .l.lniiiH-r, II. · M i n i s t e r d i v i l limnl, II.IIIIHH «f i l n l u v l o r Lmilt Pent. fee* In WnMiliiKlon ·(ilil cnrlilii," foes HIT r'l»k It - , . . . jbu. C ' o m n u ; , i s i-ndei'Vunn", . ! ! Row roUo'lm«tork,lotiio tumiiuit .-fluuiivd » MU to place llio u n d e r t a k i n g on solid-foun- It nil! datlons,'flay«: .'-The people only none! t" 0 " 8 ^.TM".TM l l i t M O - - 1 C ' U « K K X T TOPICS. reported in MmiU'eiil d i a l UK* .««»i i:\.ltcliel 1 * -\ ri'i-l. X O I It (!. II. itnliiiwin, A»»i-stor Ailill-mt lli'iil. t liTk . ..... · · · · ·· Sttinul l.lciitaiinnl J. K. Mui|Hon. I . ». A "·cimid Lieutenant .1. I ,|. M l l l l - l l l l , M i n i - l e v W l ,1 S A l.eel, S ' V I II .. :-lmi|'c. Miir-lml .!.» WIIMU I* (Kill Reflect upon tliis, remembering tliotj questions of policy which conn-to y o u r ' cottages, your fanni and your workshops are die question'! of n'tul interest to you, and tliose far remote fioin you, not only affect you le.-* in pi'opoition to their dUlanCe, butalVord tin o p p o r t u n i t y to impose upon your u n d e r s t a n d i n g by false statemcni-i and globes which yoti cannot readily dried. When your leaders flrsi presented you an is-uo, aud addressed their appeals to your pns- s'ons, their t l i r m c win slavery-- an institution located along t h e Southern Atlantic and f i u l f Slates. When t h e y in t a k i n g the stock." A'll-tu. ,. d i CK:\ in - i t - m i l . l i, I'or H.u m.^'lmMi ' s "3 ·JtAfi o l t n ) , K o r t IK-HI | Ainuinlh from Kinonniu'iit im,(-« In.lliwlk. hut fr«m fiilli'l -"»'·' tbiouiili llio I'rc-Mi-nt Thus it iippeiiiN that Ihe peoplo of hit c o u n t r y are taxed for the s u p p o r t o f l h o (· u vvr family, enough lo support in all the spk-udorol 1 royalty, any o f l h o families of tho crowned heads of Europe. The Umi'f article close* w i t h Ibis contrast between U i s A x r and AMV JonsCON: "Was there a n v l h i n g in the facts This may well be termed "dimming Jfl' w i t h faint praise." The locution of llio jiw.coo S o u t h e r n DlvlMou o f t h e C. T.'U, «· taitni tliiwifSh Klyria gave tho place an im- piUus which luih resulted in a rapid increase of pop\il«tlon. But it h nppa rout to every observer that this impetus has now tiioiit its force, and unless new 'would rob you of your hard under tho jjnNo of tin-ill' taxes they talk to yon of the "pauperlabor ot'Kuiopc." "\Vhcu they flnd it neccssnry to their contiuiianci- in power, to subju},"ito (ho vast area ol llie Soulh to Ihu will of tho party by n i i l i i n r y the dlslVan- chiscinunl of white men and I he ciitVan- cbise'iueut of nt'groc*. tliey ring In your ears the monotonous souj,' of ·· Hcbcls 1 ' tvnd "Traitors " and "Ku-Klux." To the same emUlu-y iiuiko you tho pai'ti- zans of ft war in Europe, as if it wore of more consequence to you that the despotism of Prussia should overthrow tho despotism or Republic of France, than that you should be well governed at home. If they desire a pretext for passing laws to control the, elections in the North by military force, they do- claim about t h e election ·citv of New York. frauds in the Thus you are made the puppets of the vilest dcmagoguery, and kept in hot chuac after phantoms and shadows, while the i-c/«ndreU who tliu« impose, upon and deceive you sin ml by 10 pick your pockets, and plunder you of all the profits of yo;ir labor. Tako the lak-sl invention as a specimen. Your part!- zans have lold you that New York cily has all along been carried by the Democrats through fraudulent voting. Your pocket* have been picked of not less than half a million of dollars lo send an army to thai city, and pay thousand* of Supervisors of Election aud Deputy United States ^Marshals lo nerure one honest election in Xew York. Tlir result is before you, and the lie ami '-heat are fully exposed. The cily was thronged on theiVtyg of wyftfrr.tSon aud election w i t h the tools of llie Kadicsi) party, nn army lay at itc wharves, men were arrested and Bout to the penitentiary tor false registration, and the terrors ol bayonets and batteries were brought home to the people of that great city. It docs not now lie-m tfce months of your party leaders lo-sny there was not an honest election ; uiwS i-till they repeat to you tho old lie. New York registered and polled her old vote, and roll ed up her old Democratic majority, anil ·what is the r e s u l t ? It appear* by tho ofiicial r e t u r n - Hint Jfew York cily polled a far smaller vote in the mitio ol her population than did any Republi can county in the Stall*. charged upon Anilrew Johnson in his impeiichiuniit to compare in real crlml- n a l i i v w i l h tho base and degrading tiiid daii""eroui art ion of President Grant iu giving olllccs to his ichillves?" Froo Triuh; It*imllU-nns Prc- tu«nt ImlU'tnients Af,»nin»t Their Party. Many of the prominent free trader* of tho c o u n t r y recently dined together at DKi.MOjmv's in New York cily, and related Ihoir c.\|erlence.s aud expressed their views on the tariff and some other things. Nou'ly all these men, u n t i l recently, were members of the Republican p a r t y ; and m a n y of them still cling to the party in the hope of converting it to free trade doctrines. General , of Ihis Slate, dolirered himself in t h e manner ot the following extract, from which it may be judged how much hope their is of future co-op- cvuitou of the free trade Republicans w i l h t h a t party. '·When we look i n t o our larllV legl*ht- ion and find a system w h i c h gives m i l ions to monopolies and only thousands o t h e treasury, we seo that it taxes the nniy for the bi'iiullt of a few, u n d i h e r c - ore'that it U contiary to equal right*, ,ml henec we are In lavor of "revenue el'orm " When we look into the civil i-rvice of tho government and limit lint ,bility, integrity, and ettkiency are no onge'r requirements for a p p o i n t m e n t , Mil, on t h e contrary, t h a t it has Lccom« \ mere hospital for b r o k e n - d o w n poli- icians or an asylum for family incom- icIt'iiU, we feel in our i n m o s t nature lint i t i i a n n i s a u l t u p o u l h e equal rights f the people aud adverse lo the p u b l i c ,'ood, and hence we are in favor of civil urvico reform. Wlicn we look out over he public land* of the nation, extend- ngns they do from the Mississippi river 0 t h e golden gates of the Paeilic, and Ind that ihey are luing parodied out \ud deeded a'way lo a few gro.edy eor- )oralins, we protest!!, and vcnolvo that icieaflur Ihe public domain slrill be reserved as ii hcrilagi 1 for the homeless aud 1 resource for the payment irf tho p u b .Ic debt. When we look i n i o l)ie lob- ics of our legislatures and of om Con- fi-essand find t h e m w a r m i n g wilh men .omlcd w i t h bribes, w i l h w h i c h to purchase charters here, ami subsidies there, and railroads yonder, wo act our fa«oa Ike it Hint ngithi'.t t h e whulo system of special legislation, and vow that horu- at'ter \\ e will have general lawb only and equal rights for nlf When we look into bo organ-i/.jUiou of parlies and find has now enterprises arc built up our village must relapse again In'to a period of stagnation. Removals from are now almost a.« niimorous. as to Klyria, and the popu- l a t i o n is i u l l y v'oinmonsitrato to (he requirements of it., business enterprises, ll Is, Iherefoi'e, of vital l u l n r e n l to all biiiiness men and properly holders that new Holds of enterprise bu established, to call in populaiion, aud stimulate- the ^ o w i h o f l h o town. And this' can be ellcotod In no other «·«// limn by tho encouragement and l i b e r a l i t y of the elil- ·/.ens inlerobtud iu the growth of their ratio in eighteen irepuiWknn counties was a little more than one vote to fiv inhabitants, while in the city the ratio was one vote to seven aud sixty-live hnndredths of populal ion-- thai is. ii Republican districts the ratio- o'f volcfc to population^ is iiftiu'l.y tlvrce-flflhs gr.catcr Urn lit in Xew York city. Again during the warr.carly double t h e quo tas in the ratio of population was- as signed to the districts in New York eit where fraudulent voting is allegci mainly to exist, (Hot w.os ir«4gaod tt these same Republican districts. Bu nearly all fighting men are voters Therefore, by Radical a u t h o r i t y , the ra tio of votes to population xhottld b ttiyher in the cily than elsewhere. the returns proves that if there wa fraudulent voting any.whcrc It was ii tho Jtudival districts. , Now, is not tli'i Radical party a part of false pretences, of humbugs and o cheats' ? The late elections evidence th fact that the people arc seriously thinking. Would it not be well! for farmers, mechanics and laborers to look a little more sharply into t h i s m a t t e r ? They knoir they have not been and arc not honestly governed 1 by tho Radical party. "Would it not be well to tr.y. the the old Democracy again? It was an honest. Straight forward' old party when in power, and always governed', well and taxed lightly jandjicvor was a people RO prospered as was this people under its rule. Would it not bo well to try it again? Whether you think so or not, a majority of tho people are of that opinion, and with or w i t h o u t f y o u r aid, will try it. town. Klsowhero this is well understood. Akron and Can toil and Mnng!l«!d have been b u i l t up from small' towns by the libonv'ity of their citizens extended lo just such enterprises a.s this. II is said that the clti/.ens of Akron gave §40,000, and raised $100,000 iu stock, to establish the Agricultural Shops there. Tho result is, Akron has more than troubled its population in ten years, Tho other t o w n s mentioned treated (JicirAgricul- turiil Shops, there in an equally liberal spirit. The citr/.cns of Klyria must open their hands and purses if they would build up their town. In a m a t t e r ol this importance, people canuotall'ord to await "assurances of llnancial success," n coun'tv, nlied rceouliy at die advanced age'Wf eighty-neve.,. He had been a subscriber lor one Sixty-two years'. . 1 Ladvlltirjro'vnchiis re.cuivcd from the KmpreVK inclosed as a souvo'iir of h«r meinora- blo'vovago lo England in Sir.John Unr- "oyne's Vnulit, (he C!' l/ -' ;tlt .In die' mailer of t h e t n c o i n o t i t v and poniiltv asm-shed againsl I t r i g h n i n Young, which has boon p o n d i n g some lime, a decision hat boon readied in a- vor of t h e government, but the p e n a l t y is r e m i t t e d . A man may d r i n k moderately b u t steadily all his I if"', with no apparent harm to himself, b u t hi- dangliteni become iici'voim wrecks, bin sons op"1 !'' lies, lihwrtinoo, or- Iiieurablo d r i i i i K i i n U i t h e huredltary tendency lo cr mo having its pathology and unvaried hiw.s precisely as scrofula, c.onsumpdon or any other purely physical disease. There IB a young apple merchant, in Uokton, not yet eleven veiir* ol ago. who In I n y l n g u g o o d f o u n d a t i o n tor the I'utnro. 'Ho employ* live other boys yiningm' than himself, a|porl onm* ihi:m"hi'lr d i s t r i c t s foi-hC'lling, and reaps a ' d a i l v irvciiuu-of from f o t i l ' i o ten do - larw, 'All but one attend school anil all are of n a t i v e b i r t h . One of die lady cleric-.of the I'eik'inp- don d i v i s i o n o f ' t h e Treasury Depart- m e n t hus been for about t h r e w week-, engaged in ashling »''! ri-eogm/ing about $8,000 worth of bonds w h i c h wore recently burned, tho cluim-tl remains being'sent by tho owner lo t h e TriMisurv D e p a r t m e n t ' lor redemption. Allereo'nsiderablo labontlro full amolint has been rccogni/ed. W E E K L Y COOPS. \VJ-.nlmnie ftnd retail Foreign aud Domestic 'Dry Goodg, The Great Democrtic Journal The paclllc Rolulion wf llio Black Sea question is assured. President G r a n t is w a i m l y congratulated by the. C/ar on dl.4 oinir of the iistibtance of Iho Ainer- his offer of the iiasUtnuce ieau lied. All tho foreign powers have Of Tim advoento of a t a r i f f for reveinn' alone, w i t h no bounties and privileges to m a n n l a c l n r i n g u i o n o p o l i s l H ol a n y i i e H c r l p t l o n ; t h e c h a m p i o n o f t h e t a x a t i o n of all species of p r o p e r l y nllkp. bonds us v.'fll us filrnM! the friend ol l h « «ub- M l i t l l t l o i l oflpg-til-teliil.M-greunbaeks loi National b a n k - n o l e h ; t h e ( cliiiinplon ol r o l r e n c h m e n t a n i l reform i i i i l l l I'uuiclie- of t h e p u b l i c Kervicp--ol mi eeoilomlcal "ovcrnmont and low t n s a t h m ! «l ' " p n v n u - i i l o f the bonds ncctM'diiig to c iniol, and the lirm and n n l l l n d i i n g pouenl of m l l i l n r y IntiTlVrisnco w i t h me c l e c ( l ( i i i t i , i i i i d l l i e s u » l i i i i i e r o l ' l h e r e , L ' r v cd r i g h t s of I h o Slates iig.iiiHt tho en ciierou-lnncii'.s of the 1'Vdcral Clovern T1IH Weekly Enquirer W h i l e (TevoleiT lo the n d v o c a r y of t h e (if t i n con- op- accepted t h e proposal fur n conference, but the date of t h e m e e t i n g lias nol yet bcnii llxcd. JMIICS S. Constant, of Hotedalc, Now H A K W V A U K , WALL PAPER, BOOTS AND SHOES, OKOCKFUEJ CAICPETS'. HATS AND CAPS, OILS A N D JRAI5TS, Agricultural Etc. TML f\ cSL o OLD CASH 0. S. W. It A Ll) WIN', (j. K, L A l ' . N D O S , T. W. I.A 1). C. M A J . D W I N . T. L. X iO-Iy W. MAS.SKV. ,1. K K X V O N , C i S C H A D J : . Elyria Cigar Tobacco Eiiiporium« hem dominiled by rings, or controlled by fraud so t h a t the voice of t h e majority in nil uncertain sound, and that ol' tlio majority is not heard at a-lB, we feel dial Ihe tinie is at hand when the- honest few should hive an advocate at the council board, a n d i h n t t r u l h should be heard ; and licucc we arc in favor of m i n o r i t y ropieseiitMion as an a d d i t i o n al guara'nlce for the equal r i g h t s of all. Thus, wherever we look, we find this doctrine of equal lights a sufficient tost for every exigency. It is a many-sided jewel and sparkles w i l h t r u t h wherever it turn*.- I5y its light wo fought the buttles of Hie rebellion aud settled its or that the stock "will pay a legal rate o f i n t c r o b t in divideiuls." These assurances can only arise from the n a t u r e of the business, tho diameter o f t h e corpo- rators and stockholders and the facilities possessed S/y the Company for Ihe prosecution oJ its business. The stockholders cannot l,o required, of course, lo guarantee dividends of any certain a m o u n t . It may be slated 1 , however, that about the first ol July last, after the sales Of the year had closed, tho Treasurer of tho Company took nil i n v e n t o r y of the atisel.t and liabilities of t h e Company, whiclt s-ho-wed a gain of about ^noO on t h e use of $1-1,000 of c»pital, beginning about Ilia: mriddlc'of the prcccdripg January. Tho unparalleled linanclal success of all similar cnlirprisc.s elsewhere, encourages- the belief thnt l i k e result*.nay be allained hore. The machines manufactured, both the Mower and Planler, are exceedingly popular. Tho lleld for I h u i r distribution is w i t h out l i m i t . Tho only t h i n g w a n t i n g is capital to enter upon and take poisess- ion of Ibis Held. The amount required for prescn4 cjivergcnctes is viunll, but the-day is not remote wlk-n tr largo capital will be required to 1111 orders, In the meantime the population of the town will bo increased, large minis of York, who wa-. robbed of one i h u u M i n d j four h u n d r e d dollar*, about fourteen years ago, white asleep, wai recentl)'! nulilled by an n n o i i y i n o i i i l e t t e r IhiH h c f w o u l d lln'd Iho amount in a package at the Kingston express ofllcc. He w e n t there 01* tho following day nnd- received it. It wns directed in such a way dial ii would bu impossible to truer the thief. Three yomig men recently a houso iir I'ficii, Ifew York, via/ the cellar window. The lady of t h e mansion quietly pointed a revolver at t h e m , when they had got as far as the d r a w - above p o l i t i c a l principles, and y i e l d i n g t tu die Democratle party it 1 - s u p p o r t , gives a large p o r t i o n of iu '.pace to ,1, Literal'}!, .SViV/i////'', anil f.uL'itt !.'/- FAM2LY JOURNAL H is- ndutrtted to be MAJIKKT Jl/·:/'. HITS. MSSKY, KI^XYON CO., 10 A n n e A V A N UOCTKN.] M*n i.'.uiirorj .lu-l ile.ik-r« la ing room. Unlhor limn be shot I hc S| . (MriMill ,, uibhp(1 |- 0l , d i e i r n c c n r a c v a t n l consented to eflnvl, one by one, out ol · -, , t . , , ,,· , ,, that cellar Wimlo-w «««..), w h i l e hi- .' ' ,, Wl . BlL . 1 .; 1 A ,^r, cull(fr . ·rood- Indv looked on and commended I ° . 'ood- lady looked on t h e i r i n d u s t r y . A f t e r the last one had crawled out he felt like -'sassing" t l m t | ** l ."»»» '' " woman, and turned- about to do so, but one look-down the barrel of that ru7ol-| ver willed his determination. Such women as Unit, arc "handy to have in tffe honse.'' aiist. Kvery n u m b e r c o n t a i n s a choice and aNo, u c o l u i i K i ol' PMt'K. A D V A X T A C i K S OK Self-raising Flour A L W A Y S H K A D Y ! A L W A Y S U I C L I A H L K AST) iti-Mor:, and iior.sKiioi.i) ITS N K W S D K P A K T M K X T IH cliarai:teri/.ed by the great v a r l e l y and c o n d c n s a l i o n of m a t t e r in every res peel. AND DOMESTIC G 1 Gr-A. K.S 1MB LSF T0BA0. £«£·- V y.u-K-ly o f C h n ' c r Il.-and-, coimandy on h-ind. Altt. Fino Cut CU»w and .Sinokin;, Tub t OK TIIK MA\UI-ACTUI:KIW AXDSAVI: rat CENTACE.^J All orders p r o m p i l v nUmA*!? to. CLOTirfNcT." M n m i l i i d o r y opposite Dcpoi, Klyrj.i, (). Till-) t h e guiding-star to- victory. Through its teachings we gave to- the black man the ballot, and by its teaching* we w i l l give to the w h i l e man amnesty. Finally, my friends, llio party of the f u i u r o must- be a national' party, and must win its battles.nnder Ihe flag of the Union. There must bo no stain of treason upon its garment-., and no seeesiion in.its cccecU A parly might have all tlio virtues I have incntionoil, but if it lacked t h e savor of n a t i o n a l i t y it would be a failure. lake charity to a Christian, it ii a irci-essity, and' without it all else Is a* sounding' braes on* n tinkling money, now sent abroad, will be cx- peiid««\ at home, the property of the citizens will rise in value, and oilier enterprises of a similar nature w i l l bc'en- cotiritgcd to locate here. It is nol believed the people of ffilyria are disposed to challenge a ncw enterprise l i k e tliis; to show its d i v i d e n d sheets after less t'.ian a year has elapsed since its establishment, before they w i l l consent to extend to it a helping hand. TUB W a s h i n g t o n City 1'utriot notes two recent incidents,, w h i c h illustrate/ the present moral c o n d i t i o n of society growingovrt of the war: "During the trial of George Chahoon, ex-carpet-bag- Mayor of liichfcrond, Vn., recently convicted of forgery in thai cily, and sentenced to the. penitentiary for' four years, an fucldcnt occurred which is probably unparalleled in judicial histo- oy-mbal. Grant's A'ciinllty mid »notmiu. Tho deep disgust felt even by his own party, bis high position in conferring olllces mid pobitioiis upon his and his wjfu's "poor relations," has hithot-lo been tha lending journals and even by the most'honorable men in the party, in tho hope dial the parly might survive Iho shamoamhllshouor.brought upon U by the I'l-esldcnt it oluolod. Hut now that the Into elections have shattered the party, and written ltd doom iu legible, elmraclcrs upon, tho- wall, tile party prcsa is uUcriiig.itx rebukes to the .President in tones of t h u n d e r . The Xew York fli/rt, a liadical. pnpor, in,-a ··pccnt Iciii'thy ndltm-ial gnvo fiiiAN'r a broadsldo that sally shallei-i his. dm, )ie«. The following U a list of (hn rel- ....-, ,. , "I* wiro .'ding fee 'trndor Tii* ajipointinent, and ih'e · - . . . --, i-,. ('Jhiilioon. it appears, is United ... .^'iSarte torwa'nl'to Vi°- f sW, Commissioner,and who,, the ease lory. All liail lo-Mie-blarry llag wblulu! si^aiust him closed for tho lUy, he was lloa'is at die head o f t h e column-. A l l j mken into custody by the UnitertStates hall to tho inscription blaxoned ivpoii- its ji- nrs i,,,i nm i conveyed lo his own Court, tlie,ro t o - i t in judgment on other-offend' folds, which conveys-1 the ivilion assurance of equal rights- of all." the CQjrTho State of Alabama is doubly* blessed. She now boasts of two Governors--one elected by the people and one who "holds over' 1 under color of Iho law. Saturday tho ftegisldturo of Unit Stain met In joint convention to cffuvass the votes for Slate ofllcei-s, when- (iovernor Smith stepped in wilh a writ of injunction and prevented the counting of Ihe votes for Woverrror and Treasurer. For a few m i n u t e s tho \\re- ce)l wan respected, and tho canvass for Governor and Tronsurcr wis postponed. The now Lieutenant Oo.vcrnor, however, not having been enjoined,.immediately after being inducted'iiilo c oiVice, proceeded to e o u n t the rotes for Gov- venality and abu«o of °»'uor, when Lindsay, Democrat, was declared to be elected, and took-thcottth of olllce. This llank movement 'wa.s totally unexpected by Smith, who still calls h i m s e l f Governor, and is rcoog- iilxcd as such by (In; Scnalo. This is simply a revolutonary movement by the Abolition carpvt-bnggcrti and scalla- wagd t o ' r e t a i n power in that Stale, in dctlauec of the overwliolminji popular condomuation of the tribe. If. it was by any other party, Grant would have hii troops theru to secure the SUCCOD.-J of his party. S A V I N l V ! I.A1KIU H A V I X i ! i i K A t / r n u i v i x i M O X K Y DV'.nuiillt-f nnd Invallili, can n-u ll w i l h I m p i i n l - ty. ' N u t nlft-i-u-il lj l l u t o r l o l i l \\«.ulii-r n\rt. erne.Ii,ill"Iliu llniu-i, I.ard mid DKK-, » l i l l aluiic ncarl.N |iu rnrllir *ell-ltnli|n}? I-low. -».in.-^ ill tin- llnkhiK 1'owilirr, hmln and Cream I [KMracl from a Icllci fiwn Union';, of licr- iiiuny, to 1-rol'. llnnloid ] "I have, iliuni:li a (?rcnl cii«»ol' o\|ii'i-liiurnts, salMU'il uiv-oll' ui' UIL- ( i n i l l s nnd CM clli-nrc ul voiir Krriuf I'rviiarntliin, 'J'tio l,rcnd hu- n u ' i i v l i l . I-. ci^lh dlKC-«lcd, and (if the ho-,1 laslo. A~[-UI ruin tli'f cninunlviii'i-MliI-. liivalnnhlii Mi'.i "f "\ir, tin-, piurldrd, I »n»ldcv Ihli I n vent Inn .1-, ,nc ul llu inihl n-efnl (tin-, nhli-li- -M-lcncc lini made to mankind - II Is i-ri-lain ihal tlio u n l r l l l u ' uihiv ol' llnurwili lc liii-u-iiNOil Ci-n per cciii. In your |iluv- plintlr Ilivn'l I'it-|).iiiillin: nnd I In- ni-nlt Ii |nv- rlvh llio snnii-at If I h u lVrlllil u r n n r H l i c . i l lli'l-K had teen iili'rPiiMjil lj that amount. .1 \\on- tlvrhil rv.ull Ii lliM" Self-Raising Buckwheat Flour! Ar.w.vYsj ui;.\i)Vi In-lcn tiilnnu-^ i i f i t u 1)1 havl- naki-h'lll f(.r ti kiiir' Sold ly all Uiuil*iilcr, and liy «luilc-iilc lij the in.innl'.icliircr, .1. W. llnllui-k, al'lhe Knuli- Mill-., i:,\(il.K .Mil.I. 1'I.OIMI. If yon H'nnl a llr-l-rnlu Flour, iifllilr-. fur llie I::IK!,I M i l l In-.inirnl' I'loiir. Weekly Enquirer Is a Political and F a m i l y J o n n u t l . Kew t h n t snl)i'ciil)e for it evereeaio t a k i n g it. Kach n u m b e r c o n t a i n s T 1'- KIG JI T ( 'O I, Ol 1 I t K A D I X l i MATTIMI, w i l l 1 , bill I'CW ail- vcrtini'inents. We place ii in the, liamU of llio p u b l i c at the l o l l o w i n g low J!ATi:tS OF x Merchant Tailor, ?BEST SIX-COED l put 11 ji for Hit AiiK-rioin uinrkri \ r h l o h l i i s v ix-oi!t) is AM. xrnu:its, Troai So i '.b so IW 10,000 C A X V A S K K S W A X T K l ) . V.'O I l i l l l l llu- M.illli, ;m,t u i l . l l IJlClllJK HOUSE- ers." "At the closo of his day's work," saya tho'paper which records t h o facts, "ho was handnd'ovcr by tne Marshal to' be put in llie lock-up." Tho other bc- loiijja-to Missixsipm', and is of colored complexion. We arc told'lliat a ilegro was tried in Tunica county, o f ' t h a t Stute, for hog stealing, iincl' ncfiiiittcd. lib was immciUfitcly put on 1 aiiotlfcr j u r y to try nud'ncqult one o f t h e negro jurors that tried' and' acquitted' him,- charged'with' Horse Btealing. So runs' reconstruction-, and BO aprouts tlic non- departure. S8T Congress convened on Monday. Tho President's Message wa* read, but l i t t l s or no business was transacttd. The 'JMtMi Jfadical Jmmutl gives the case ol 1 a lady wh.o ten years ago, after hearing suddenly o f l h o death o f a ton, was sci/ml wilh a violent paroxysm of grief, shed tc'irs profusely, suffered some days from headache in llio forehead, and then recovered. Lately she received nows of tho doalh of another son. 8ho did not shed a tear, but was soon sei/cd w i t h paralysis of the entire ,right hide. This continued complete for tivo days,-when ahogradually recovered ; but during all this time she never shed tears. H is suggested, in explanation of this ami similar eases, that severe grief causes a'congestion of what arc 1 called'the entoifimal /«»//»«, and lliat Ueeently ati East Clcvcl.tnd, nn old | thlseo-ngcstion is relluvcd by the bccro- goul Ionian buried in tlm old KastClevo-, l «on of tears. , . ' land c(Miiplti-y,.ilifi |u»t one of liiri . dauu'hiciM, ihirth-lwo " -»f ngv iiiiinod Mrs. Klkton. "Tlm next day on visiting this -gravo.. ' T h o - i t o r y o f finding seven thousand dollars of 'Captain Kidd"s tiensure in _. tho Hudson, turns oiit to haTe'been not IJ . . 1 _ _ . » . .. ! _ . . ! ! " j \ _ ' ^ ·!. · .. I. 1 -^T- Jewelry an4 Toy Store, Chm. W.', Smith. It on Unucl n^aliV-for IhV HOLIDAYS! ,' rifijiM -dock or goods In hit line ever In Klvrla. l-'lllccn |uir conl. MI red In- Im; Inif K'wl? lit)liiUH'-. Give him n c u l l and \uui'.-i'll. All kinds of Unit) mill SilM-r Wnl.-lnn.l locki, (iuhl Jent'lry. Knimy l.noiU iind'l'oji Inciullc^ Mirlcly. I'uckvl I'llllcrj /I'ljiui, Miisli-al lioxc, .Vei-orlvvu, TO SPORTSMEN. · Ho also liiis J^st rw:elvc\l a line us^oitmcnt of t Double mid Siu'gle Barreled Shot Guns nnd .HevolvuM,- Game Bags, Shot JJelt-i and Touelies, Powder · '"e'aps, e., 14.' 'niteJrpebc riousn. ' AME into my emilo'-ore. luCurtllilo, alioiittlio Wo» Novmnlior. H Shooii. Tli» owner I" ro- - · - · · · ' - " I'hargci nml-tak«i them awny ·-IUCO tmtlor TIIH appointment, Kn'd ih'e v ' s '" 11 !? ''* u '(?''"ve,,. the-^frie.nds.'noliecd 'the Hudson, turns oiit to haTc'been not (j jjant x«v«mior. n siiooii. -jit lo the Dfloolo for t'hcJr HUDDOI-I n. tllft ' ! Ul ° f? | I O »" d l m ·Joonrtliturbod.'aiid only *'hoax, but a swindle, by which Hf^^Sd'-iM'"^^'^ " ,, , , , . » Ait i ! / P ' *" c: a "»'''i-tloii fthowcd tut t h t b o d r three gontlemou wore diddlodout'of^^?fe«. ^ -'' J ' S liUJllsJje.tJ }q Ji« (Xlltoriw rpvorrcti to.| \v.»i y o u - . Uwo thousmul ( « u r Iiundrc4 dollnv. ; c'irii I«°DK,I, w irlll bo sold todo- Slni;k' t.,i|)j, "lie- . " ti.\ niotilli-, I'll,. 1 ( ii|)k'i, unu JIMI- c.i Tisi l o|iii"i ' ?."00 . I 0.1 .. 1 'Ji . 1 IV) .T I ,'iO . i :o . t an COPV, Kiir.K, is f u r n l i h " eel-to i h c i i g u n i b i M u l i n g i n c'Lcus or-rKS, or more. Hurl} Tut} I. I i)|,ie- - if :i « . i u n i j la-l. Nil id in I'M" I n i u - . l ol (.·ciilli'inan in CM r\ ». !i,i,,l . -l.ili« t » n l nsni(i,|ii I',.i u., 'I ,',iu,|. aud n.i.-ajiil il rc.|iilr..l .111,1 .i,ldii-i^:ii ii,|i o. cii.-lii.hi · I C t l j I I I IMI-J.-.-'l'. .111.1 K- i | \ f | Add.,-, M A f c i i M T \ x::w- 1'C-J. :.v o X.V F l i n t (llax-s L A M P C H I M N E Y S ' *Y«m/ IIwt better tluin ni'/ ultier Jttik. A-k I.n- liitlu-ld^i-'!,. and i.iko numliur j-oc Ihiil nut n.inn' H o n c \ i'\ IKI.V ^ ^ l i r r i l l l l l i i . l ' A SoX, l'Ui'lniri'*i I'a- j Ti links, Vn||M-k, cinlirrllak, .Vi., i. Civul I t . i r K . i l n s M i l l I..-Miiuil In A 1 /:'A DY - .IM n/·; CLOTI /.N i M i i i i c i i t x iii.i'lc in oiili-r nn ilmri nctScu l a., JH'COIKS, (Ji 1 O A 1 A V rou V L l / inulUM iVcc. ' U.-Sini.-il T.i.,1 Miiniilr J. t ' I ' I . l . A M «|j lii-jj ', Additional Inducements. j$1OOO PER WEEK SaJes J 'I'o all subscribers of thn Weekly qtiirvr for 1S71 wo shall send a copy u i ' t' our . M A N U A L A.SU I'ui.rrirAi., J;which w i l l b« put to pi'c-- nboui die l i . _. ol January n e x t . This K an exceed! u g - J , ly valtnibli- publication,- as tnoso w h o ' ' * ('an lie made by p.-inlo-, «hu n.-,; \\ldo-.uvakc-.wllh- Mil l i i t c i i e i n i i ' \ \ l t h oilu-.- liiitlnc-s Aildrun ' 15i-lli:ur .·^ WAK1), \» ISiw.nlx.-jv, .Nor York. O X ic.-ol ! "I'U'in-cnii. ihe MI!IM rllicr will I'urii. Mi (itl.iliiinilon w.,n!.ll\v:«l..l]iy* Addi-eik L. " DAIII.II.O, No. 3 Woivi.'.terM.. l-iinldcntif, K I , t n r ,' * T ,,, .. ,. _ A It i \ (r I - S R l Pri l *· « "''» i) t V tost. i-11,mi':-,.ui,in \riih M u r i l o d l,,idlc» bv ono Hi",, i i i ' i i f i n i i i . i i i n n l . i i i . - ii-:n .11 -TUirlrnumber. SI-IK five for nv'U'Hainps.' Ail--' i n u prc\ ions n t i i n n e i ) H i l l at- dnesMri. Mi;iv.c;i;it f · " w i l l coniiiin die elect.on ' It w i l l conttmi die elect. on ro- in all the Sjlnies by t'oumlcs a n d ) 'CillgrCi-iOli:il Ulslriclti, the C o i l S t i l u 1 lion wilh all the A m e n d n i c n t s , Ihe ivn- VOID «.fJ,?S-A vicllin nf onrly Indlv-ri--' Inn norvon-- d ^ l i i t l t r , i,roHatni".-dr. liiK-rvlwl !n "."Aln i v f A " ,v!-.v«(-·!«.: , , , . . , Jiinplc ine'iiibof lell'-eiiro. wlil.-li lie' MIS ot t h e btatcH by counties, die v o i c . w i n semi rici-ioiiN iv-iiii\v^-.nroicr«. Ad.irots ,1. of Ohio iiiuUiiiliiiim by t o w u h h i p s , die i-'i (. iru..76.N.M.nii,i ,so»-Vu-t. nailluf) ol' members of Congress and St'ate ofHei:rn, and u great v u r i e i y of po l i t i c a l i n l o i million Unit nowhci-o can bo t i ' \V ' -rl'.l v* FOU -A.T OOB r J? I addresis. ,ti'McLi:AN, Publishers, C i n c i n n a t i , Ohio, D-KN'WBTKY. ·JVTKW A l t U » X « K M E . S T IS TI1U Fllt.M JV Knowlton . Kelsey, ('. It. K n n n l l n n "'111 lie uliH-nt Irani III-- olllre In Klyrln, uml ill llii'ollli-i 1 ol Kiimrllon »*f Jvclscy Iu Ulji-rlln, llio l'oIloM'ln e - wcelin Ijes'luiiliiKOn Moil- 1SIO. Jice ............ '. Jail Mnrcli April '.'..'.',".'.'.".'.'.'. -Time r. " Ill .Inly .^80,1.,. ,. Ii Oct .-H " ... . -'I Nov.. .. - ,,. ',.'.'.;., 15- ·· 1 J.. C', KulM". will nllerniiln '. H. ICnowlton I lliii unices In Klyiln and Obcrlln, , lOly , K.SUWJ.TOSA! KICLSKY. jianlcl jrnrnliy, ItulniliV, ) lleforuc, l)o\vnin», uualiHt . , / .T. I'., of Klyiln lowu- Daniel Qulgi'-y, Dcfeiulunt.J ^il|iil.oralnc'o., 0. O ^ - ··-· "-- -- arlni; Ut - R VICLII'IU'. ' t ) ' - - ' tiun for Hit Man 'of S2H ou. For bciirln For the next tixty Itl3 J. A. WANTED. lAVERILL'S- CHEMICAL PAH A XBW 1IOHK at llu- InK-u^i .unl Im- nortnnro. W r l l l v n from a ItUlt ai:d |iliv-l.v loj( Maiiil|Miliii lit ui: L-minViit !lijMri.m':iml nicilK-iil proiV'M)!-. li^ilmwi how Nitnn N wArkln; nut Ills snlill« anil ,|.u\)[cni\ib c!i'hlK-ns (hiviim-h our nirtu facvoil nojicsiac mid sow u. I'rnr.'UisnKi). but iiit*|iokon iiiitluii- liamlles llio wrriiot'T ( , liimlnlitiM t o n |irnrliiit, CA1, U I X i K S K K A l ' t O N OP Till-: It U'l:, Is n sub- jci'ljnsily ( i n l M l n g t l u i inioiosi innl uyinpailiv of nil liiioiililliuitlii-opliti. mid ilils IKH));, ii lnliclluV. O'l.wlll eontrllinlo to thnt oiil.lntl Iu i)ro|iorilon ni It hit; i-wiiloi-ii. A cii'i-iilar HMII free, containing a full iloicrlpllon un.l 9ynA|i»U ni il-,c work wilh liberal citltcli. i;. V. V E X I', I'ublliliei-. »l «« Wwi KonrlU St.. Cm(Hiiu»ll. O. llie IUM of any uthci , raek nor eli.ilk oil'. 'I hi ihiin Ihe licM \vlilte Ic.ul mil iiycronv lnindtv.1 dill new n»e. ,-i!.il ll \!U i.ut ji-c!, j'.'lm \\i!l I..M '-.iiKur V e h:i\|. nun Hii,«, . _ i-nt s)i K i c - - ' Vh lung, ll ifimdiKMtiv t^,!l- i , i i \ ( - i t h \ u Lull iiml i,ii* 31-tr llliNNIM.-i.OS out^pnkon ami atrKi'ci-'-htf. tlio i · i i n I n I IIS^SSS ftfcade Luficti mm and Saloon, ODD rEl.l.OW.1 Orro.'lTI! DjfQT, · rp ! oui thoii-.i,;rt«i oi PAINTING. ~w. . . . i mrtliod of Informing ihu HQuse,Signa d Carriage Fainter, ELYniA, OHIO. | i:l»ntw^«rcft(lytodow«rk I n t l i a a i f f t r e n t ] lill'- ·;·· ne. ,Ul ih«: 1m will cixrry on ihc biii'lno* .is»!cii.. at.,'. hniio li\ MrU-t niuuillon 10 Imtli.i'k' «» uui'U ,i ln.i u of ihulr |uttruiiHgi. ll» *Alll Vu,i j.i.,.,,,.111; On haml B «uiorlir nock of Xll ,. Ul!M . w . USK ; AT.K. WISUV ItC.VUV TOI(A(, ,i/rt:ii ALK. ct;r.NM.- US .J'OHTKH, .\S\' ' B K It l)r.- Rur n.l G lion rrugc I'ulntliiK. Oi-nliiliiK. 1'illicr lluilKl ig n.l A l l onion, l ' TM 1 " " ' 1 ' h , i frc»b h» SS * . wlicroli) hv v!!*. »·,- , ond[will »mvu ibou-, u; SPAPFRf

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