The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 15, 1896 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, June 15, 1896
Page 4
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Baking Powder at ll ic .' ^UUi Gtct Jtuci CO. 10* W«i! 8t_ K . T. THE DAILY NEWS. MONDAY, JUNE 15, 18WJ The Chinese Viceroy at the Imperial Court of Germany, T GREETINGS EXCHANGED. hllia'* I£i-|r«^«'ntati\f Due-tU I'pan thr 4 ai t u.^t tttc k . i t i i t n m * tu-twi-ir-ii l l i * Country aittlirriii^ti\ Ari- M*rt* K~irutll 1SK!:1.I\, .lull.- !.'·- Kn:(vn-r Willtnni prn"te^i an i!!i; i^'ii 4 :n:i!i''i.'«' }i-- tonlay to U H-::I..- Tha!!.- .-: -h- kmsh:-' h.-tll ..f the u!dea-;!c I.: \\:\'.\f fh :!:^ w.i.-i cuii- vey"! sh't:'!" !·! '!''· r-v 1 · irri.tjr' «'-· corvd liy l " h ' n ^ K-:'.;--^. 1 - \ViUlani and Empre--. A :j':-:a\\i n' -M-. .'. n;»i'i thrn:ie» ceUnr V"!i t! ·!···;. ih · .nut r"r ih'-rr Mar- R-h;i! Vn:t lii.-'.i ir-t-'in, s h - ni!!n»t«r of forvtirn :t!T.t!r-- wct\-.iU' ji--^.'::t- _ ntf '.!i-' t h r i r s - . mid jr-- i-tit-i! ti the his ··rviU-' .1: the S.I::K time del!v.-rir!^;»i itildri^-. .·xim^siui: hi- adniirntioT' "f i;.-r""i'y !!·· dw.-lt n;».i" the fact th.'i' sin- n-'.a'i'in- ln'Sween ( er many and China «er«' nion- fru'iu'.ly than thoe N'twei»n n'hiT jimviTx He nl-i thanke! thi-i"!iieror t h t i t 'ii--iniin nid n 1 - (tardlnt; the rt*tr»:fH.iin t.i ( ' h i i a tnx tv Jatvin i.f the 1,\-. · "l..n-r . ·u-^u\:\ U. referred r-i ·'·»» i!e-- n-. i ..-i.u- us the tirsi in the wor!d :i'i'l e-.-i-i -. ! h ; - f i r i i ' . ' - t Ing frifiui~h.;i U-:.i" . t.\ .-m.-nn- .-nul China Eluperor vnilinni r ·· ' I \\ :'!) :i'il ·welcome, and -!:' ..... v ' \ --,·-. .;t;l t h ' friendly «oi!t:n:^:!'~ . \ i i - . ,:r · ."·· . -! :i.-;« that thi- friend-!!:;! U-. \v-' :i thi- two n.. tions w,uM i!- v.! .,,. ii, ;, ... .; ;.; ii.n.^ Chanjr to taank tiio emjvrsir " t'tiin.i t - « * seodiup him to lierni.iny :· ,.:i envoi .11:. d to convey hi- Iie^t wUln'x for the welfare and prosperity of the Chine-j- empire. JEx-PrtrettxeCllftV Convlctnl of Munlrr. jEKSi-n" CITY. June 16.-- PruUiMy forthc first time on record in this state, a jury in a murder cau bronp;ht in a verdict ol murder in the first degree, accompanied by a recommendation of mercy. This precedent was estahli^hed by tile struck jury which tried ex-Detective Edward Clifford for the murder of Superintendent \Villlnnt G. "Wattson.of the West Shoro milroad. on March 5. The court- wonid not accept thr lecommendation to mercy. Tho law doe.' not permit it. Clifford was romundcd for sentence. He will lie haiifjed. unless the court of pardons interfere*. Ho killed TVattsoa bocauic \Vattson ratnlly Stabbed In a Quarrel. HOLLin.vy c i!ni£U. Pa.. June 15.-- The people of this community were startled by the f.itul stabhinu of John Ix-mou, Jr., aged 24 ye.-ir~. He i. :i son of the Into John A- Ijemon. of thi-; place, who was nuditoi geneml of J'cnnsylvnnin, and for innny years suit* senator from this district. Tin young tuan WHS eiif^iped in nn altercation Trith a companion. John Farmholst, when the latter, it is said, suddenly drew n pocketknife nnd made a furious assault on Jjemon, sl:tshing him in the left side, making several gn.-.hes four inches deep. Lemon lies at his home in a comatose condition, and Farmholst has been nrrestctl. Babe Killed by Drinking Whisky. PiiH-AnbU-HiA. June 15.--A halt" pint flask of whisky standing on a shelf in a closet was found and drained by 4-yoar-old John Tucci. of Xo. 733 Carpenter street, about two weeks niro Tho child fell to the floor unconscious withiu three minutes, and never rc^.-vined his sen.~es. He was taken to the Pennsylvania hospital, ·where he died yesterday morning in convulsions. Gladness Comes lA/itha better understanding 1 of the · * transient nature of the many phys- .ral ills, ivbich vanish before proper ef- forts--trentle efforts--pieasantefforts-- rightly directed. There is comfort in the knowledge, that so many forms of cckness are not dne to any actual disease, but simply to a constipated condi- Bon of the system, trhich the pleasant Jhmiiy laxative. E-\ nip of Figs, prompt^ removes. That is why it is the only ^tnedv with millions of families, and is j^erjTvhere esteemed so highly bv all srhovalne good health. Its beneficial ·fFects are dne V the fact, that it is the tme remedy which promotes internal Cleanliness" without debilitating the Organs on -which it acts. It is therefore »lf important, in o der to e«t its bene- " effects, to J ote when you pnr- . which is maan actnred by the Cali, _ma Fijr Syrup . only and soid by f3 reputable drnjr? sts. If in the enjoyn ent of Jrcod health, *sd the srstem "is ecclsr. laxatives or ·siher remedies are then not needed. If -*35cted with any actual disease, one 3527 b? corKae:"?** to the most skilful ' ruysicians, but if i, need of a laxative, £e should hare trr best, and with the ^ell-informed ev ijTvhere, Syrnp o£ ^gs stands hijfne* and is most largely M^A --j ~~^ -~^ general satisfaction* There is fun in the foam, and . health in the cup of HIRES Rootbeer--the great temperance drink. OBIT ST Tbf OI.IM E. fir" Co.. PWjd. :?M». ' ' COINTY CoBIlESi V\ !»!:..; E. A C*-u*ou»u» of CurrriU »;..-.:· Cuuutj X BCCX8V»TOir5. --George L. HUd*»*ai. of MAT Back- eyrtowe, Udi coast*. bai parchued a ne p*lr of drtTlog borwe. -- Mn. L. A. Htud«bnuitl aad gtajid»o», Ciuriw, of near Buckeyiiown.uc vWilnjt at BarsMTliLe. -- HIM L. Kithryn Hildebraad tad brjther.Jobs, ejjyed * pietttti bone- back rid* Friday erecting, June 12. CBUKCS --The recnlar osoathir tawting of the L»Jte« AM tjochrjy o! the Laiiseran Cbarcb will be field 8ondiy erenlax, June 21it, it half pot terra o'clock. Ail are cordially lurked. -- MUM Annie Tboauu aad Eitie Shaffer tpent Tueaday afternoon with MlM Maggie BtoeluBia. -- MU»e» Maggie Slockaan and Annie Main, of Frederick. ·pent Timndar with friend, on Chorch H11L --Mr. Newton and Ada and Wetley and MUi Clara Shaffer speiil one day lait week In Waihlngum. -- Barreit time U here Igala and h»y making bu been the order of the day. M'EAIO. --The rain we bare needed 10 long ha* come and the corn hai come ont where it teemed to have died. hertbi Duller vlal'.cd tier aunt near Ml. Pieaini Sunday last. --Mr. Wtllio Ogle aad lady friend spent rinnday near McKalg. --Mli« Blanche Ogle, who baa been ·pending tome time (n Mew London, Las returned bcme. Harvey K. LeaM paue-J through McKalg Sunday evening. -- Little Hiss Ella Honck, wbo has been vlettlng near here, returned borne Saturday. --Miss Gertrude Thomas spent Sunday near here. --Mr. irring Albaugh, who baa been living In the West, baa relumed home much to the delight of bh many f rlendi. -- Mlua Ireoa Cromwell spent Sunday evening wltb Miss Fannie Angleberger. --The Children's service at Mt. Zloa was largely attended. -- Tharo will bo Children's service at Pair View two week* from. Sunday night. -- II r. »uJ ilio. Goo. Cruuiwuii bpeut Sunday wltb his brother, near £*arl. -- Mr. Hlx Bailor's wife presented him with two very fine daughter* on Monday last. THCEETOK. --Children's Day services were observed at Bennett's Creek Cbupei Sunday, Jnne 7, at 8 p. m., also a baptismal service, after which eloquent addresses were s.l\ea by Rev. Wm. Harris, oar pastor, and Rev. 0. T. House, formerly of Baltimore. A good collection was taken, Master James P. Harris receiving ihe premium for collecting the largest amount of money. -- The Misses Hobbs, of Baltimore, are visiting at Mr. Zscbarlah Harris's. -- Miss Belle House was the guest of her friend, Miss Fannie HcElfresh, of Canada Hill, on Bnnday and Monday last. -- Miss Olllo B. Peters is the guest of Miss Ellse Simmons, of tbls place. --Mr. William Peters and family, of Washington, are spending a few weeks with their mother, Mrs. Olivia Peters. -- Rev. C. T. House has returned home, having spent a delightful visit with friends in Baltimore and Washington. -- One day last week one of the young gentlemen of this neighborhood on raising a stone fonnd three large copper snakes and had the good luck of killing them all. D«-«|rrnto Hutllr \rith Thieving Trninv- EIUK, 1'a . Juiu- !." -- A west bound freijiht tniin ui the Lake Shoruand Mich- i(i;m Southern railroad wins brairded by a pint; of ftirty ili'-|cmto truinpo. The tniin crew was ixiworlcs* to clonr the traiu, and tho holxi* pructiKli-U to liruak open ear-: and rob them. Almost ovcry trninp flttoil himself out with new clothes. Half tlu- cars in tho tmin in which there was rnor- chnmliso were broken into and rolboil. Wonl was .-enr to this city and oflicrr- stnrtoil KI thi'relief of iht rrew. As the train approached Eric t h e p.'ing lc;an to Icsivi- the tniin and t"nk to tho womK. ThirRvn wrrv caprured after a U-rrilir chiiseand iicht, in which tirearms figutvd ou both nidi's. A Strong Alibi for Miller. L \XC.\TKU. I'a.. June 13 --Tho in the trial of \ViIliai-.i C. Miller, who is charjnti with iMiirdennc his father, wn* ojx'ned on r-unml.'iy- It was nn nlibi. and a strung ens' \v:i ::i:u!o out forthi'prfeoni'r. Hl« whorwilKiut-- from "o'rloelf the evon- inir the Ch.unpion work's were Imrnixl. which w:»- nn hour bpfoiv the buildinp wa= firvd. until 10 o'clock h.i\o !x«n sati.-- fartorily ex]'laine'l by the witnow=es for the arrnvt! He jnved hi alibi by »t levist .1 do?en -.vitne-x~i'. Millt-r denies all knuw- ledire of the crime. a d'H-s Tinker, his al- legvd necoinplire A venlict is not cx- pcctod 1x»fore T:ie-d:iy. '-il to Honor MrKInlcy. ALLIASCK. (.) . June l.". --Twenty Tear? ago Major McKinley was first nominatod for cinpre-- The ixoiple jnio'*. if hf sball bo nominated for pr»-sident. to celebrate the rvc-'.r !y ilrinn of cannon, the Wowinp; of whi«tlos and tho ringing of bells. It has licen aminfred to ran twv excursion trains t Ciin;«n within an hinit after the n«!D!nat!'i is announr-od. aad it Is expected that I..VM Alliance ]o^ple will take of the opportunity to congratulate him. LKBANOX. P.i . Jan- !."i -- X'nknown persons poixncii The wells on the premise-; «.f Henry Weaver. Sr.. and Henry Bcekloy. Jr.. of Weavcr-towTi. thi* counry. some tin;ca^o. wi:. /!Ui^r.-'i;«. Or-- of Henry Btvki y"* ch::ir^n diet! as s result of drinkinc th-^ p"i«fnecl water and another is vry .· k. w'.th t-Tiirht chancfs .{ recovery T - Mr ^.-nvt-r's f.-.m'.'.y -sever;.! were Strieker, with ·-irkness. the direct r.- solt of the n^o .vf the water. Fatally Rnrncd ly ^Tii«kr Flamos. Iomsv;:.:.E. .Tune IS --Fire le*tr^y«l -^ larsre w.-i7i-h.·:;-.- ,.f ;h. Wh.;t- \\VlNi):,- tiliery cn:::;'ir.y. -!lu,-jte: .-! Kichtcen:h and iA--xinsr:o". ftivei#. t-ntaihnc a h*« of $]25..ii«X Kin-man Srhwnh fell into -i barnine stream of whisky, and was so badly burned that it i;. thoucht he will die. John Fit/herald and Philip Biertxi. firemen. n--«ived painfnl bnrns about the liencral Bar-itiori .4r«;aitt«I. ROME. .Tnce 15 --A dispatch received from Massowah conlirniv the report of tfw acquittal of Crenerai Ixinitien by the court martial which heard charges against him connected with the defeat of the Italians by the Abyssiniaus. Say yon saw U la The News. iranE_K_iuviu h Causes Co^si*rnatioa ia the Cuban Metropolis. fWO STOSE E21D3ES DAMAGED. tti4vntljr »u lt(rui|t or lluc fart of la- i r» tu Cot tHI thr , H «.v wh: h -. lai:-~ aj; w h . l t usi .\ ;«.irty ( n.- !!·.:! tr-iM wh.'-h the the »;rv.-!- l--l 111 lh-- i!i l - « ^ · · · · f-'-iii'l that tf.- -l"!.«- *r!'!s-- ·J :-:!!;. i .»:iU i .:.cha u!nl thi- ^.[U.-vJty! jf K'Tifinln -.·[,[., w.-ryr i!u- j-.:r.t» that ha'i ji::!'Tii! fn.:i iht- dyirmiUe 'Ihc bri-J^'-t \\* rt- jjtirti.illy iit'«itr»Aitl. umi th«- |i|k- ..ii t h v iu|iii!ui i u[)-(H w h l ' h th-" .·ity !» ilo|.-M.!,-!jt f.r It-. Wttt-T ·.ujj'.ly, W OX(«-M-:M» !-· tho il.t !:/ !t U.L!»ru l- n It. i lie 'l!u-r i- ii'xt" I'll (\ It lli-j irit:iuit( · :ix'"-"!-"f i f s r nisusvM*. It h:i-. I it-n slu-ir i!i't«T!.i'ti;it:'F! .;:.·! .,111- «'il - .!!.».· tsiui- .1^". to · til n!f till- w.i-i-r -ili'ih of il i\:i:in, iilnl -jj -«T\I- !" in ... · u a :»· irlv ui:i.'ih.«ti::i- I.!.-.!, I-.-M!,., C'nuit ..f tin , . \ i-sr. .·t:\4-n.-s w-i-h . ', · » . . . . .'. f _ ». v . . i, . ., ,!,;,. |. h. h ;h .:.-.,..; f:irry i '. f :!· · : ri --.^'; ^ ^|1·llt in !·· .r . i r i . l i!:" ·,! , K'-r. ' I h i ' - t - f. r- \ \ . - n - liy t i n - r.' .'.-it i.i d n - i utixii'M l- :. i t , t , t.. tit,. It 1- !» I n t u i t ^ ;trt- l«"it utH.:i i i i M -- t i i i L 1 Ii.i'..i,..i ' :· i u t i . M 1 ; ··'·( -i- Jii'i'-h .»-. |i .-.,:·;. :h.' ~;» :·. ,if m. . -, i! n.i by a c t u a l l y lv--;tviH;. r it. All f r u i i - i an.! \i'ji-t.ilili.% and fp'-h lue.'it- an uiijin- ·i-.!ni". 1 lly In^!: prui-d mid i l i l l i r u l T t i oli!. i';i. mi'l m i l k l- of !!:·· poori-it, Mifh a- i-, inMU^lit in iK'inj? nuu h . . r l . t T . K. t * * e - . . I l l . M I fever and -in. illpox has brnki-n out hen-. mid in the iiii\\h'lc^iiiie condition of Jii- falrs thrcatoiis to in-come epideiiuc. Many ore sullerin^ fi-om me.'i.'-les. and thurv i.- miich inte.Htinal trouble iimoni; [he inh:i!- itants, owiii|;to jwornud iusullieieut food Tho failure of tho water supply under theo conditions is a dire calamity. It is thcantiomi'vd intenriou of the authorities to continue ihecainpjiijrn aj^aiust tho Insurgent-; in spile of the unhealthy rainy season having set in, ;uid additional troops are in tlie Held in Pimir del Kio. with the purpose of runnitig dowu and surroundin.u Jkntonio Miiex. It is evident, however, that the insnr- Kent.s themselves, are prewiring to enter ujhrn a more an^ressivo plan of action. nnd tho Ktnh.TinK:»f insurirent forces in 1'uerto PHneipe and Santa Clanv is believed to lie :t prelude to another mid westward in force by Maximo Gomez. The presence of this combined litMir^unt force in the nei^hlHjrhood. uud even in the outskirts of M.iviiuu in the next month, is a condtiiou th;it must; probably bo counted oil. / __ THE BASEBALL RECORDS. ftnmlliic of tlio Clulu In DIP Rncn for Cinriiiiiati 2S 28 r.r. oi.riw w. r» r.r. .'«·.' Pitt-lmri: £ 21 ..12 .Gl! Brm.klyn... 24 22 .3± ; .S«i Ti.. 23 20 .Ssa Xi-«-\".irk 3) 27 .42"' 19 .XH St. I^uis . 13 31 /iK 20 ..U' lyouisville. 10 So ^i22 SATCKOAY'S XATION'AI. LKAGCK GAMES. At Philadelphia-- Loui.wille, a; Philwlrt- phia, 1. At New York-- Pittslmrp. 10; Xow York, S- At Baltimore-- Ch.ic.iKu, 17:Bnlti- more, 4. At lirooklyu-- Brooklyn. 6; Cleveland. 0. AtBoston-- Clncinnati.6; Boston.l. Eastern L»-»cne. ci.rrns. vr. u r.r. ri.irns. \r. Prvvidrncc 24 12 .«? Riiffnlo ... 17 Bochustvr.. 2i! 14 .CAI Wilkesb're. 14 25 JHf Syrncuw .- 22 IS .5S5 Scranton ... 13 24 -3S1 Toronto . 22 19 ..\T7 Sprimrfl'hL 11 24 .314 s vrrRDAY's EASTEISX' LEAGUE GAMES. At Providence-- Buffalo. 13: Providence. 12. At riprinstield -- Toronto, 9; Sprins;- i- T».r. 10 .51f Atlaottc rt.rns. w. i_ p.p. Patvr-t.n. . 2y Ii .ia Wilniui:l'n 2:: i ..Ml Hnrtfirl . 2:1 22 MI ri.uns. w. i_ p.r. Xowurk ±1 22 .Ml Metpip'ton 2i 22 .4^ XowHnVn 13 31 .:v; SATURDAY'S ATLANTIC LF.AGCR OAMK?'. At Hartford-- Xew Haven. 9: Hartford. 6. At Pator-.on-- Newark, T; At Wilmington -- Wilmington, 16; iletro- politan. 7. Ci.nns. v. i. i- r. CLpns. w. i» p.r. Athli'tio. 2c S .77S. Hazleton . 14 19 .424 Lancaster. 'JS S .77S Ea.-toa. ... 33 23 J»il Carlxmdalo 21 14 .(STt) Pottsnllo.. 11 25 M !jlinm..k!n- iT U .472 York ..... S 24 .2St SATURDAY'S PEN'.VSYLVAXIA LEAGUE GAMES AtEaston-- Athletics. 7: Eastoc. 6. At Shamokin-- U-vncaster, 13: Shamokiu. 1"At Harleton -- Hazleton-Pottsville game postponed; rn'n. S-aturU.iy's Coltocc Oa.iuc». AtXew York-- Yale. S: Prince-ton. 4. At Cambridge-- Harvard. 1»: Contcll. S. Kochr»t«-r Drfe-Ht* Cincinnati. At R.ioho^teryestonlay (14 innings) -- Rochester. 3; Cinemnati. ~ Bt»«balll*t Chnr^rd with Alxlnctlrm. ROCHESTEK, N. Y.. -Tune 15---Thr-nuis O'Brien, left Holder on the Toronto K»e- lill rlub. vr,i« hnoiffht to this rity Saturday by Potocttve K.-»T»nacu from Now York. O'Brien i? ch.irgwlivithahdrjcrinc a pirl under 1^ ypars of JVCP narmxl Non» O'Neil. Th* pirl lives in T'lronto. 1m: nn away { JhK i i:y. It i «ml shi- lt-f« here with O'Bnon wh^n th» Tor\nto clnb went to Torxmtrt. As th« thno th« girl di.-jppcarotl tho Ivx-he^wr rlnh was piny- ing at Toronto. Thonias O'Brien don:-;: ail in'.witxjjo of th- irir\. »Tii th^ nnth^r- it:o« Thinfc t he jmrry tv.intwJ may Iv " Jsck" O' Brion. wf the K. cho#;er club. Hom« s«ta. Mr. J. J. Morr»y, who far tTcae time p*»t hu been Bop«r!Ai«edait of tie EMJers D'.Tlrioa of ta« !**«r-$ute Tel« phoce Coap*ar, ta KTtlmlfigloa, N. C., fe« itt'gaeA W» ootitlon la tht Sooth ad tetvaed to Piedcrk.*. Ute tzttada we g;d tluH h« kit rc'.ftfoed to fcl* a»- tlre .m^. Tutt's Pills Cure All Liver Ills. Tried Friends Bt?si.'s K!Uhav( proven alJessir.'^tuti.c i;iv;i!M. Are tm:y t:*.e i'ick n: ::'-; frier.-J A Known Fact Forbiliousheal:irnt-,ii\ stH-i-sir. sour stomach, malari.i ri.r.sti..i- t··»·» and all k i i n S f - d *'·;-· i-:» ^. U -"-S Liver PILLS AN ABSOLUTE CURL A PLEASING ARRAY froa which la cluote jour camtaer h»t- "Lot thioe cje in-thy iivtft." Tou e*a*i miM il vbes TOU Brteet iui from an suonoeat 1-keour*. Toaeaa »ae u« bt*aua» ot oar »!.-»* BkU (root the ouuuda, bai roa mu»: come in If you would ratllxa M wbtt prtee* I tber are belac told. If TOO baroa'c roc thu I tumw h»t jrel. bKter do it at one*. Prtoal are j ·waj below wn»t iber Wore thw Uae !*« your. Thwc goods can be seemed at «EO. A. GILJBEBT'8, Hot. 18 * 18 Korth Market 3u. Fred«rlck.«d. Bargains This Week TO TBLH OF fUSlTllE B TO THM OF CilTT. 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The evening was msrked by the presence cf the whole family, excepting Mr. J. K. By era and family. A. mrng t boss present were the following: Mrs. Peter Bolltnger, Rev. Charles Relncwald and wife, ilr. John Bjllmger and wife, Mr. William Bolllnger and family, Mr. Samuel Fel'.z and wife, Misses Daisy and Lulu Feltz, Emma Moaer, Lydla Koon?, Bertie Bollloger, 'At. Wm. Fnss and wife, Mr. John Moser and wife, Mr. G. M. Pattersnn and wife, Mr. A. M. Patterson and wife, Mr. Albert Smith and wife, Mcssra. Marsh ill Feltz, Harry Stout, Theodore Bollloger, Harry Bol- Hnger, Washington Herring, Charles Sterner, Howard Hollenberry. An Exhibition Ban. Care for Headache. Ag a remedy for all forms of Headache Electric Bitters haa proved to be the very best. It effects a permanent c ire and the most dreaded habitual sick headache) yield to its influence. We urge all who are afflicted t? procure a bottle, and give this remedy *· fair trial, in cases of habitual constipation Bleo- tric Bitters cures by giving the needed tone to the bowels and few cuei long resist the use of this medicina. Try It once. Fifty cants *nd $1.00 at A. L. Pearre'a Drug Store. All Recommend it. Ask your physician, your druggist and your friend* about Saitoh's Care for Consumption. They will reaommend It- For sale by Albert L. Fearre. Btchlson Building. A Natural Beaatifler. Karl's Ciover Boot Te» purifte* tbe blood and gives a clear and beautiful cooiDleiloa. t"or salo by Albert L. Pearre, Btohlsoa Building. A Pact Worth Knowing. Consumption. L«9nppo, Pneumonia, and all fhroat and Lang diseases are cured by Shlloh'g Durt. For sale by AJbert I- Pearre. BtohUon Building. RlO JAVF.ii:o. -T-.jne 3 -- Indjc.'iii.-vrii nr*'' show i u ;;;o grow t a o i ino im-narc.'s «t parry r\vv^?jy H -. O:Torj^i CVi-^' do A*sis Kiinicnd.x Vi«c.T5do do O«rv-}*rcto. Tho former rn ; .Tii-;:or of the cnipire. wh^ i* ;ho seal of l!i' !u- '.J.-V! jrcin-ircri'.ca' ; »n. It i? the h"jv "f ·*-« r;; mroh -··? -hn: The da'jshror of T-^n\ }V.;- 31. Ki'-'^' roua;- ess l)'En. xvili aoead :he t?ir":ie ,T Km- prt-v. i-^iivi i It :- r-; -n«\i »n pood authority ihit tho ir.«»nr.r"h ! oa! -virty. l-f^re atu.-ni;i;.ri- r a -;r.ko ;:: ti.n .l.moinv. aim- first ti Mvuro oixo u f th-- -;,-IT-S of the toleration in wh-.^h :»o«»!^:-h heaiicjii.'irtcrs. The Independent Hose Company's reel team, who carried wy the honors at Cumberland on Thursday last, will give j an exhibition of hose raceln? Wednesday j evening at 7 o'clocx, on North Market street, between Fifth and Sixth streets. The team will ran In their rucclng salts ' and everybody I« cordially Invited. There will be two jadees and three time keepers, who will be selected from the Junior and United Fire Companles. My little rmy, when two years of age, was taken very ill with Woody lira. I was advised to use Chamberl.iin's Colic, Cholera nml rHnrrhoea Bemedy, and luckily procnr- cd part of a bottle. I carefully rcaid the directions and ea^e it accordingly. He was very low, but slowly and surely he began to improve, gradually recovered, nnd is now as stont and strong as ever. I feel sere it saved his life. I never can praise the Kemedy half its worth, I am sorry every one in ihe world does not know how good it i-s ns 1 5o.--Mrs. Lina S- llintan. Graham?ville, Marion Co- Florida. Forsale bv A. L. Pcarre, Frederick: \V. R. Rndr, Mt. Airy. Kmrr* Clorer Boot Tea If a sore care for Hesdtcbe and nervous dtt- e«se8. Nothing rellsTB* »o quickly, for me by Albert L. Fearre, Btouteca Building. B«HeflD Six Hoon. nx Kidney «33 B'.a-Hcr dlgewai" re- Uertx! in rti hours by the "Ktw SMZAT Sacra A vzBiCAs Kiorrr CCB«-" Hi's new remedy I Isairreat cnrprHe on kcocmnt of its ezoeedicf promptness in rellevlax pain In the bladder. kMoeyi.back modr-rerr p«Tt of tbanriaary p«*«ge« ia male or femaie. It relieve* retention of wmter mnd t»ln fn owHlos 1 U »!no«t ImmedHtely. If you want qaict r^Hst aad coreUriaftyonrremedr. *I* rr J. A. WO- iamaoo. dmgg^i Frederick, ltd. Preet Free: Free! Write 3. C. Wells ft Co_ ^e Roy. Jf . T.. for impiet oa "Foar nabossJ Foe*" aod sitMp'.e otteir celebrated Ktrl't Clever Soot Ife*. For »»!e by Albert L. fe»rr~. StoJi!»in Baild- No Prohibition Holt in rrnntylrjinia. L \\CASTK-:. I'.T . .Ii:nc I.i -- Chairman Pfttwn. ot tho l*rohiri:tion committee. says thoA" will v n- l»lr HI P"nnrlv.inia. He says reports from tho tate show loyalty to the iviriy. aid the discontented ones arc lav-Yvininz rvooncilod every day and *me of thorn enthusiast!' 1 for tho single isuo, eipecinlly as the state platr form Is broad. It Sara* litre* Krorj Omy. Thousands of OSMI o* Oorunmptlon Attaos. Ooaftn. Co.da sad Ooan am cared ererydmyliyjJtaOoh's Core. Per wte by Al ber; L. PeaciB. ESCMKOT Tbe III* of Women. tin of women. Karri Ctorer Soot Tea tt * { pl*a»nt oar* for OonrtlpatiOD. For mle by Albert L Pearre. Ktchlson CM»rrb Otred. ] Health «od nreet 1re»k aeonred, by Shfloh^i I CAUrrhBemedy. Pnoe 60 oent*. Naaal in- i J?«nrfree. fat M.B by Albert U Peorre, E ~is$s£\ why:? one attractive anrf -x?.- othcr Tiot? It i=nt entirely a qtt-ii.r. of ?.ge or fei.tw7i.-s or intellect. Th: most admirable arid a t t r a c t i v e tiling abont an attractive wossan is her ·wo- manliness. EvcTy- body a d m i r e s a - w o m a n l y woman. Everybody doesn't jealiie jest what it is that makes her womanly. She must have health, of course, because without it she would lose the brightness of her eyes, the fn'.lncss of her cheeks and her -vivacity. Ecallh brings all these thise^ bet health TTJCIUTS more than most -pcr.r-V thint ofc Real health crast mean thst_.i woman is really a woaan. That she 5s etrxrag and perfect in a sexual way, as -well ·3 in every other. That she is capable of perforraing perfectly the dories of maternity. T;?oa her stresgrtiia this way depends to a larxe erteot her general health, her/ food looks ar.d her attractiveness. Sorae TFomen arc bom stroTi^rcT tban otlxcis- So=:; are bora -aitli what is called "cos- «titzt:o=33 -wea^cfs." It is easier forsorae wo=en to retain health aad strength than Jt i for o^«_;=. Sosie scc^i si'c to io szy- thjnj ticy like. Trhcnever they like, without seriois rc?u.«. Still, titte is ao reason why wonien siould not enjoy perfect tealth. Those who do cot, seed only take the proper precautions and the proper remedy to beco--E piTfcctly well aad strong. Dr. PicTce's Favorite Prescription will_cnre may derangement of the distisctly feminine ot^a.--:s^ It - r.b-:o!:tely cett3t». There ·re wn:e who have neglected themselves fo 1r.7 that a coTT-plete cure is next to im- po^i-ible, bnt evtn these win find comfort aad improved health in the tis« of the " Favorite Prescription." It has cored hundreds of-women who have received no reijef whatever from years of treatment with good physicians. It is absolutely unique ift the m«tn-y of medicine. Such a retoedy caa be discovered only once. There is nothing la the world '.:xe it. cor has there «ver been. Hundreds of tiinsrs that every woman ought to know, are contained in Dr. Pierce's iled- Ical Adviser, which will be sent absolutely frte on receipt of 21 one-cent stamps to cover cost of mailing only. World's Di»- pcawry Medical Associatioa, Buffalo, K. 7. ^ . ·»»·.·.!;·«·· RUSSET TIES in all the HEW SHADES and COLORS. M EFECTS IN CHILDREN'S GOODS. Bright, Cheerful and Up To Date effects in this line. IT IS VERY PROVOKING TOT a ladv to hive her dre:{ dyed and find ti( iKirt shrauktii several inches ind trrtsted a,, }ac of shape. We now have Uie ONLY PROCESS IN AMERICA to preveit this In raade-np f resses. "Wlien dyed by U5 "he skirt is not shrunt and retain Its shape like new. By our method of Doing Up Lace Curtains tber Xeeu cloao loa?er, haag better, do n(^ get torn io flolshtoir. as tbey frequently do h otcer methods, have A Be autiful Finish nnch superior to any other, and prices much lower. FOOTER'S m WORKS, CtrjCBSSLAND. HD. Get a price list from L B. ADAMS, 74 W. Church St. A HORRIBLE LIFE CAUSED BY CATARRH. Few. if any, hnman beings ev«r suffered as d i d Kicbard SewoU, 1«2 W. Lombard St, Baltimore, with Head, Eves. Ears. T h r o a t , Chest and Stomach- He, like you. thought Catarrh incurable. Today he sjivs "I am well and have haa - . return for over one year." UFED OXLT JR. GEO. W. FISHER'S CATASRH CURE. PRICE 50 CENTS. BY ALL DRU6GISTS. Have You Seen the new Poszrccx PUTP Bolt It Is grren free with each box of Powder. Ask for It. SEASONABLE GOODS. REFRIGERATORS, GASOLINE STOVES, OIL STOVES, GARDEN HOSE, BICYCLES, WATER COOLERS.. SPRINKLING CANS, ICE CREAM FREEZERS, WASHING KEITLES,*C.,*e. In fact a finer line thingin season than can be found anywhere in the State at prices which have been marked way down. Call and be convinced. Very Respectfully, UWILSOffM, EXCELSIOR STOVE HOUSE, FREDERICK, MD- Rex Rheumatism Cure! WliLCUEK Every Form oi Rheumatism and Purify Ihe Blood. For Kale in Frederick by STETSBB BKO, Druggist*, 1O2 North Market Street. RA.PIDS bes5 made goods on earth, and the prices lower than stuff it takes so "ranch talk" to sell and then yon are not happy. See Oar Floors, See Oar Stock, Learn GOT "Prices We buy tha goods by the Oar Load. No other furniture house does, no otbsr house can show a, bill of lading for a car lot. We are on the ground floor for paces. Our opportunities and connections enable us to sell High Grade Furniture at Low Grade Prices. Our furniture receipts each season are greater because our sales are daily increasing. H. B. ETCHISON, Th.e Furnisher of Homes. UNDERTAKING A SPECIALTY. Telephone Ho. 122. NM. i 0 and 1 2 South Market St., Frederick, Md.

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