Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine on January 4, 1854 · Page 4
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Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine · Page 4

Bangor, Maine
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 4, 1854
Page 4
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lu- 'S ' For BOSTON,---'ria Por»and, Jndrcscoggin and Kennebeo _,.t, .rnrr.?wj?--- · ' ° E ,t i i. v _z am * n ra O O CAIT K.* H . Leave Fra i It, A Kf D F O B D , kfort lor lio.lon. v a Port , TAGE NOTICE. Through to tlooaehead Lake same day. 'I HE Bangnr. Monsqn ·nil Moosehead I ake Htajle s jlangortvervr.,?*- llmitday dot/, at 6 o ctock *- r .:G A.V.. co.:JL:3X;. A L T E R E D . NEW EHGtANO TJJSS (MANUFACTORY. MMEB FREIJI Kit K FJSTLK, Winter Arrangement. coMMENciNa-ntc-^LER ,.,.« - E,S±^rttTL"vSS^lS::i r ^RAIi-VJ,will run in connection with Train. *""" f . Gmlford Abbott,a! · " for Portland ePery I ' H I J r l S n V Y - on the Brand frank Railway atfolhme- «"»enTille (foot of Ihc Lake i, at 4 o'eUek, and Portland for h t m kfort W» erville nl 4 4» and II 26 A M . a r r i - ltag land, every M O \ D A Y morning, at 6 o'clk A M , riving at ) early the same even ·yerv FRIDAY mtirninf, it p o'clock, uiitil V1 "e '" Pnnlind in sea-on io cennect with trami i ^ ,, ' j 1 fnnh»rnoll« ' for lloslon s i w i i . i r . m i |, eTes Or»en»llie Mmi Wrdmim and " " ' " . *V · 6 o'clock, A M FAKF--To Portland )J2 0* to linitnn 11,00 ·leal, extra. LOOJHS ( f AYLOIL, *g,,,t llangor Dec_6,1853 A«n.iiie-Le»»» Portland, a 7 16 Au a, 10 ( reight I'r^in each way daily Kendall', M Us--Penohscot and Kennebee ro««J--leavmr. W.terville on the arrival at each 'aVlT ',TM m Jf'*' 1 "" 11 Relnrntnif, Kendall . !l! '"' Wl "«"'. lll « and,.Pnrllanl..| 11 Ol A M , .ndlfor Wale rville only T.I 3 15 P M Frei-M train leaves Kendall', Mills lor W.t.rville at 345 Ratchst and Spiral Trusses, 533 (-pponte J j|h Waihtaglon Slrttt, 833. BOSTON, MASS. ' A I - Ihe various . pproved TRUSSES con tanlly on hand ILTLidies w^ittil u m n bv Mra Caroline O l*os er.ivbu, ha, liiJdJ,of,itj, ».,,,-,' experience in the HI Inissl r. le will keep a full supply of ready-madeTniises i Hulls, Chapiii s Spiral Cutters, ftitohX DR. Invigorating Cordial AYER'S PILLS, ^}^^^ukL A *.EWand smcularjy successful remedy for tha { ' GHed by I cure of all Bilious diseisos --Cestivencss, Bidt T)^ M/M-O^O T · L ' igestion, Jaundice, Dropsy, Rheumatism,'Fevers, f" " 4t/l He » IDVlg'Oratin 'Gout, Humors,Nervousness, ImtabtUty.Inflainma f pi* tut* /*« j- i ' t Discovered' tions, ^leadache, Pains in, the Breast, Side, Back * OT ^Ordial. 1 and Lilnbs. Female complaints, c.,e Indeed t Igh( . C3E-QY ·Tor the niplet CurA W COUfiHS, OLIM, HOARSglVESS, IB 01»CHITI8,WJOOPHVfi-C(MISlIJ CROUP, ASTHMA, AJ.D ", ' Through tickets are sold between all the Sla- ,,* tionson this Kond and the prineipa Sl.lUu on TllTOUffh the Eastern ind the lloston and Maine Rail Road " u fe". and Lowell PSUehgers by either train arrive in Lowell name day I I Thinugh tickets for llanenr. by ShiwV line of frciro kVnterville, are sold at Caslern depot in Portland, at $3 75 Passengers in 3oijon or I owell for U»n«or, will purchase tickets for Wa 'rville, and receive Irom Conductor on thu Road « ticket for ll.msor, on pat meal of «l,75' Slaarea eWrtr -- -- · "-'.--. «· - - ^ Br " cipul W r U N E S U A Y and FRI Ply «i H A Y , at 6 o'clock A M ·HtJ ininnmnl article 1 , JOHN G H A K R L N , M I) . Jblnh jii lot bel eve tmilled Io Ihe (,,1,2 confidence, as tru|h ' ·rtt't nothing but llie tritlh " jvythmg hitherto known of any medicine *,«_,, haie been effected beyond belief, were they not substantiated by persons ot such exalted pbhition and character as to forbid the suspicion of untruth Among the eminent gentlemen to whom we .re allowed to refer for these hi iibiniV THIS remedy has won lor xscll si«m notoriety from ita cures'$f every Variety of pulroonarvj 'dis ·e««e, tkt u n entire!) o ineeessar) toirecount tbt ·evidences ol its virtues in ant community where H has been employed I ' A » it bus Ion- been In eon slant u* throughout tint section, we need iol do- more than assure thfe p -rple its q u a l i f y i ' Io the tesMI ev«t (f been, and lint ih L ar|icle., i BoldnIJ,t E or|l v (i IV FmerJji, fl F.bfr ? ent Cuild*. Hallow, is r, ~ - ^* ' - - id cl,aracl« b v , dulity ,, ,,, , |«[frcilv ,,,,,, ' mi n jclune called mat I afibncy , f m m t r and i«rt,.« »/»,,»,, ,, /( . To me or dtticient in vital he n ll;a ,re f f Cu j,, P«r . I. Ald«n, 1 bit'fl, lirotrn , Perki W and ky all other" druir-' At 7 12 ' 4 · THE M E D I C A L OF T^IR K E ^ E D V . o f K o . b u r v bas discovered \V h . h " e '"" 1VA in btaeuul our commoii pasture wee.U L rtm ^ , ? edy thai Aires F V K R Y H I N D CiK |*U1'R from *'^',f^ led a large ruioice 61 , - --^ , of different brands which Ike trade »r at retail, at prices that c.nnol fail to suit, IMORATI All FULLEh' the wont Scrofula dawn to a common I'nn , l e -tie has ned it in oyer eleven hundred c.iet and nerer failed except IB/ two cases, f bnlh hinder humor ; He has now in hiB rfossessioo oscf tio fcundred eenlfic.teB of it, vjne), .11 w i l h m t w e n i t i fniles of Boston I I 'I wo kettles are*»r(anted la ^!«re . nnrsm ( sore moLlb " T One tf three bottles wjljl'cura Jhe worst kl.d of we offer pimpleB in the face i I I ' I'wo.or three bottles will clear the i stem o' biles' Pwai bottles are w»rra'o;ted to ottre t.a worsl . ,, , -. o n k e r In Ihe month and slomach ' ~ f d Snoces can Ve always found h«re--also I hree to five Dottles art warranted Io cnru Ihe Je "'*' "" J P r "er«a(n Jars, pul up hi iTewii .1 worst eaie of erysipelas * w f l s on hand ffMJ^ Idr sale by i One te two bottles are warranted to cure til ha deciO | J B p SAHGEKT mors in the eyes , I'^o bottles are warrant d la cure runtime; ol the ears and blotches amtmj tlie h iir Four te BIX bottles are warranted to cure corrupt and runn ng ulcers One bottle will cure scaly eruptions of t|re «kin Two01 three bottles warranted to care the worst ca«e of ringworm ' Two or three bottles arc warranted to care the moat desperate eases of I heuroatlsm i Three or four bottles are'warranted to c»A the salt rheum. J ~ Fire tc eight bottles will cure Ike very worst f "* case of s/ rofula r . A benefit is always experienced from the Srsl bottle, atd a perfect enre IB warranted when the above eunntuv Is taken \ T»othin| lodktso improbable to those who h,ive in vlln InedWI the wond^rlul'mfedicines »[ .the Jay as that a eotamoh wlced growinJ on thel rlaj- lurcj, anc alnnj eld stone walls^.honld cure everi goon of New York C,tj~ BOOT A A HTM, PraehcaJ Clemist of the Port of Boston, and Geologistfor the btate of %s · powe Uook s k|ep,,,,hePenob 6 eo,E,el..n t ,, ilecember of running the I rains will be nws, till further police la given eav* l(angor; . At 84 a clock A M * P S " K H A K I t l s , Agent. PAINTS OILS VARMl"SH An.ericaa and Foreign Ofice \\ft- have lor sale all .f Ihe oApiiferinn»r 111. » T dav, and will Bell them at less than piopri tors' prices Just received 30 !ro A} erV ·I.erry Pectoral, Johrson'a Anodine liiniment, Town^end's Sjrsapirjtll, llurnitlt'a Cod Liver Oil and WilbortCod l.iver Oil and Lime dIO 1NGKAH IM «i \t\i\l\ "««·'*· TLO UJf.-OOOO i I U I H I |Whlteand|YeJowc6RM-ju :eicedaiul Torn.!/lowlby I """·TM J u decIC GKO W I , A I I 1 No 4 I)road i t Bronzed Fire Sets! J UST RECEIVED snme Keantitul Pattern! WOOD, IHSH01» Of CO., No « 1,2 and 3 Uroad Strn t d3l wl i AGJrWTCY FOR BUSINESS WITH l.S. PATENT OFFICE, No. 22 Siate Sueet, . . Boston. Cheese, j ^riO "^ESJIr-e CHltESE, fo, ,.| * " '"yfow^V GRO W I.ADI) No 4 Rroad street A FRESH STOCK--op-- bnmor in Ihe system, yei n is low a nxed fact TOU have a humor tt has to Man 'I here are bo if. ior ands) bums nor Ha'B abniit it. suilin e some ea «', but net yours I pe^dlej ever a Ihousanl bot- jle. of it 11 the vicinity of l.ostoi, 1 know, Ihe ef I OP l " -- tard. rsale low by XifcO W LAIMI, No 4 llronl'str D3UGS MEDICINES, ^Tniir.: Chemical, Paints, Oils, Dye Stuffs, wf" S I" 1 "'" 1 " 1 "' Window fildss, and Paper -,,.,,,,---_- I" ^ V I - M · "K 1 *! line stihacriber (late A » e n t ( I Ihe U « .ateMOIHc.lliindtr.Be Act of 1857) delerm Jned Io present iduniajes in a p p l t m g lor pattnls J -i|.enor to those oderid inveiito.H by others hat w h e r e b y on a n p l i c a t i n u s ,, re ed bv him I |||K| V 111)1 . fhi"."",' " l ' hai "'""·'-""' ' '" "" E r l h « tilure to obta n ;ii hitn i v i t h i n i*pecifi Pecioral and Alls are made to the whole body Of 1 ractihoncrs Ml thcljmted §tatc r '" ' ' rractitioners « the Lmted States and BntenliicT- n«v"V. r roo,,',;nTn rt ^'nVZ i^'""','^ "! ' f «« lean Prov.ntcs' If ho^cW there should be any " '"""i,,, ,,l, ev ,^' 7,ml *f £,^ A ' one who hi tot rceche*. them, they ivill be llle ^lnerOetdul istheonlr reliabletin 1TM ^^""" promptlj fonvardedby mail to h,»address rtrn'r o t ^ ^ D , au ' e " ri ' wta " on »"««"' nf oil *u_ ij-i * ·* _ j ., . _ . _ ^ j U i f l u ^ i r N R R V nriv. nr^c- nv-.i. » j -- j --.«.. t, w ...a address Of all the Patent Medicines that are offered, how DI^E \SES I gave it ti children a yeir old, to old pcop e ol «xty l h a i e t e e n pooV mnj wortriy lookmi J b i l d r e t , »bme nesh waa^Snlt and flabbj restore* 4o a peKeet state of health by^ one bottle * F t '^ a TM h ° "TM "" b l l t cl to » »l* bead»che, Tie bottle will always c,ure it It give i «real re- I ef in c*ts rrb and dizziness Sport e W|K hav« tak «o it have been cosine I, Dears and lave been ·Kjul.ted by it Uhere t h e bodj, ssonnd-ij wer^s. Family Flour. ffi»2£ 20( nov%5 I , No*BrbBdstreel when that feeling ,, gone lod will eelonr-e a n e w person I heard «om- of the raosl utfravY. jB»nt encommnds or it that ev*r mm listeni *Rl)iVAY W A I t l . H ill, Mwrence mass - General Agents for New Kn-land a n d e x c l u . u c _ ocfi /gents lor N.w Hampshire, to whom all ordeis should be addressed _ C \y AT IVE'L, Poitlanl ( A g e n t for F Teas^--Teas. PACKAGES Prime TEAS, for s.le very lew by 6EO W LADI), r Ho 4 Itroad stree 1 Nu*s, Nutp. LNU ·*, Fiibens, Pecans Castaoas Shelled Almonds, H«d Almonds. c ' ' G F^SARGfriNr. corner Smith'; Block en Butter? 1 * r E W + ' I R K I \ S m e e Orange County B, l f» .ter.jusl r*ceived by --ALSO-- Irnsses.Snpporiers and Shoulder (traces of the rTln 111 *. P"" 6 !"' '" ""-nil of which will be mid at very low prices by i. GbU W K l U h R S U N , Mit ' 2 No t SmitVs Ulock ?aper Hangings. cations, 4.ssi 8 arrenls ao.l ull ,, crxar] pip-.r'anil d n w n g , for procuring nJtlints in this and I irei^n c.untr[ie,prep«r"d, and advice rendered on Ic^l and KCienlific milters rcspi ctin« invintioiis. aliil infrmjemenls ol nateills | _..,, ^. ,,, Inveniors can hot orllv here obtain tbtir specifir Hre»«t eation, U the »ost readable lern,., but eaj, ava.l C A N A N D D F O Iheinselres v rihee.:i,er« e nceof20,,arspraclice' , fo I 1^ I C l M i ane.l l n ! ,ivelibrarvol lejaNnd m e c h a n i c a l work. v, '' ' ' This v il.iahle Mcaicme is d-nlj (brtcting ol the nost astom-h'ng anil o d rful c m t t h a t h ive ev ? r brio tnotvn A l » h i h a i t used M for Asthma ( .in^liK Minim" ·if Itlood \yhu iping ( imnh ^-o,ip ' or [ f i v e s t rftiauiiiptii, i, Chronic Pleurisy, IJoj^s ness, Pain and bore- ness -Af the inent Physwi-mi have declared the slme thing" of my Pills, and even more confidently, land arc [willing to certify tint their anticipSiors were more nnf "' .""^realized bv their eflects upon tnal "" " operato by their powerful influence on the ittMtfnndiiu. il LOSS OF M E -IORV, ·ion g i d l i n e x r isli of l,ln,,d w Itie I . nl ~ ..^^. i J U l l J i l U J l S . and correct accounts u f ,,,.,,, K , M ^,, ,,, , hl , and A S r^^aJd±nl^'r' ',' ^^?'TM-^^^TM^ ?^^s£'fr?£?TM.iss, Mpi^TM;±» U a,::n,zi£,V't::::: will be solu very low bt Gt-b \V oct12 f. s lilock .crsonal ronbje in nbtamii H Iheir patents Lo.pie, of claims el anj patent furnished Ii, n m i l tine out, dollar Assignment, recnrdid at \\ a,h in ««"" K. U. K I I ) Y . Punts and OHs! aOOl G ,^ p ur.* 0 'ry": "l»i iroe I occ ' ) I P.teh TH08 A^FAYLO^ , Gers Shawls. LRAD ' lOJlbls Sjpcnor J i P A N n'i " D ' '"i" 1 V A R N I S H 10 kog^Pans and F,merald f5Hbfcr«S iced Oil. :nd ground White . ed the OffiVe ol fr,Ti ner 01 Pa «]ls K II fc,q nf lloMun sine., al lie 1'atei.t Ufliee a, -solicitor of I'atenis TnerE were few , f a n j per^on^ a c t m in thai capacilv who had -o much bUMniss before the l-JentOffiie, and dhire were none win con , dueled H w n h nWe skill, lidelitj and suceos, I !lr(»art illr I drlv as one of tlie be«t inforn A T T E S T A Ihsease whiqh is at nnpl'y S W L L r I A (, KHOUptNDS lo j |rematnrc a r a ^ e j Is Cured by I-1 The r x j w c t o r a n l inumediatLly sllpi r Ksl-g Cniiitf. _,.d f ,, n , M bdnes tl. I t fl^^alion an. l-ee(, r,-mo vet Ihe (ifficult ifa ..tfrealh i b p r d « c i n » a free jhil E \ S T ' G X P E T T O R A T I O N , So that a Ci^re w V oo » Iffettsd ' It IS tlal than thi Being s.ugar wrapped thcv are pleasant to take and being purely i egetablc, no harm can arise from their use in any quantity BoxTM n " lmte toectlon3 . scc the wrappe^ on the Prepared by JAME» C AYHK, Practical and An. tuyhmlfhemisf, Loircll, Miss \ - FOR Dr. | Popiroy'js Ophthalmic Ointment IR EYOE SALVE, 'weowCrn ·*. f SAROHitjIT. · A LAKtiE «pppl now iii store 'and for.ife by decs I N G R A I I A M 4 FDU f t t " - e ii'_f_, ' TMainMreet ..V^ A iT' '', blll8 . 8 »««' Potato^ '.'auin'ceaTr 0 * err e»,^c,jbrale by G I S A R U L N r I""- JJ " "'" "'I* No. i« »cg, raris and hmerald ORbfcIVS ? rejart n i r I (lav as one of tlie be«t informed and -i M fVrl' e a c k »"« Oirome Ureeiis French anu ""?'·. "' I J t i n l »"licJlor, in llie U n i l i d bmlc» Ctrolmi V e l o w , Chrome Blue Ko,e. P i n k \c - ·""*·"* '" hesitation in sisSnrms n.venlors l h a t l i g r f h e r w i l h a complete a.i,ortmenl of Artist's I" 1 "* ca "'T t « m R«y « P^TM more competent and Oc lojs andIllrnshes tor s.le at Ihe lowest mark '''^'""""y aiufruore c jpable of ptimn;. t h e i r ap et price, by ~U , ' pliealwra in a l,,rm to ,ernr, f,,, Ihem an rarK and ·ctli ""f 0 W ^* I . KRSO: '. ^""""lec^n-iderjtmnatlhe Pat.btnirice 0 corner Smith's Ulock No 4 Ku.nli'a Block, irwc AND Proof Paints, rHINe^fy^L^tni. their ""'" *' : Vf^^:,^±^'r;e'r,h No 3 White, f moil R · ·« | b No 3 Wh.te 'f w oil, 7 " '· E r White of Zinc, 6 cent * per Ib. 1 T bl ,)|JNU B U H K L , " Lale pmimssioner .,/" t'alfttts ... ,, _ * P^THlV ( l j . t r . C I - , 'H H. pour. F*^i, Uoslnn, Mj,. -. ... T . , , i- 4 ^ i i i r a t i i l l , * s »' --Vour facilities U r the pi busine,* connected wnh tli " lose of any other agent* .'ro-,eculion of nrJ iflice. are eqtwil to am FPTF re^ncctiullv a a H O M A - S F W I U N K , .*. . ,, Lommisswner of Patents j Bbstou. SeptI, 18^3 3tawd4 weow ly ere am,cti n of the ejis.and wll ° suflfri f «*TM~TM!£^ 1 !S^ttSi '' E f sors OP P AI.E r 01 iP LE x,o K . Cnx*en aassTrar* ^§'^SiSM'^S~^MSK3SI AT WHOLESAI^I. ^^"^^^ sEy ;' w " k --.*=.««'*·.· _"j.j M ISG U WED T10LEN FACTORY. Shoes, j E1 ? ?, ""V C «lf and BOOT8- »race. Greenwoc d's Pets, A I V )HR tC D |'l;t-C I-IUIM8 UF CHILUHtjIun, »"i.... il" C i* ' ^j*"""· «^«l(er'. Leclnfe; bv?.r°*. ll 'V 8lB " l " lp »«°"- v »»f of the Heart, aW^t""^·''.'·. M-'«'»« llrol. Dew l)?ops "*'- W-iBABfLEYl-TjIi'T- No 1 Harlow 8 treat , -deeS No g We.t Market Squar, « ««s«nptionl t« Har K»'ek«rb,ek«r ArtkuK HA H J*j3^' ?* lloll «l Kniekerbeeher woS?, ,,.^£;. U tf "'· fe^r'' B."k..nrJ rlla.k W«tmL^^;i.^"V»' 11t afe K")»b»ntb .nil .......^".te^^'^rnopnl.. «.,, ^ orthern Polrk. »U«T Kkr^iTrTT"TM "* a - voa - / st '« *iso,i " ~ -" -Ifcern Cl«r PORK J Gelm*Yoht. , rJ/ r "' h ""'^ " '·*··· dec2 - ^^^·SaSHrSiaS^^ "Chri^ as anc flew Year! A " " D " «'··»'·· /*. Sprnin. Itnii.e, emedy ior RMfcfmatism, »·"»"·· coatings il the in'testin'.l car'.l7re"eul'a"t'' ld Bores, SwoUe't, Joints %? "·« »ecret,oo and cur»ig the patient a, mor« :"1-. ?"' C - R « 1 «. W ^^?!. h "°l re l ca !f ««t.fyln..d«,'and llo* The Cordial u t*l re in pull I otllts · 1'rxr,-- $3 00 ptr ioa/ir /orl2Oo. co«a!rala£ r S5.OO. sir

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