Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine on January 4, 1854 · Page 2
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Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine · Page 2

Bangor, Maine
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 4, 1854
Page 2
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1 Kama*.** of the On Moncay evening a n flfce ta be aflecuonstely remembered bj you. /i^ie leaden to dettroir the la»r and to break the relation whioh we onoj sustained to each other, mMm i fore) . of lhe temperance icntiment in ^ra exist opon earth. WhOM tin the matter oae atey rxrjcmd the election of S«p- R B O P H N I T D . i. U. TstaeK woold jalbrih theetthwi«Bsanjor and vieinirf that Be haa re-ajniletj the Hair Dressbs BakuTM recentiyocegfledby A..K. r'.Trast.Ko.aS atefn atieel, --j* T _-_j_ wheieh»Twin]t«|HeperedicBraivehb^«stoaiarB. aline FURTHE6 ACCOUNTS OF DISASTERS ueualhou»^withtheoicee*ie*orMo«Uay evesjinp. BY THB LA IB,STORM. Jan.*,iasi. = , j BOSTON, January 3,1854. Union Block--More -« !*t. Uae Start, ia Unin. Utoek. 50 f I by 60, | In rent lor 3 or S year* The iblerior of ' above store is ibor.«rlittn,,,sbf 4 wiih Ibe heal make it one araont Ihe very teat end mo.t non- tores iivlkia city. Now ia the The Boston Journal. ^w5fi?: W V"'' « T H H M b . . ' creiUietcan School child, is under the pupiUge of the teacher, the temboV laat.- We are»not'disappointed in ttis. probably of Hockiand, as a trunk was picked , Thebi lumber of the Associ- badher.ia, or-should be, 1 to him in place at the It ;, ^ uite in character with that print. I We up in which was found letters directed to CepU rwme. SrAht character w(th that print. I we up have a right to complain of the editor of Ibe Saunden, Rocklend. _ kt .manhood, able to Demijcrat for tbe remark ihat oar editorial ar- A Bani.table report aays schooner Leo, Snow, Major of tie |eitJF, and others, met at the Ban- fcrm a more oorreQt and impartial verdict, U:le," to which it refers, Was the work of mere of Rockland, before reported ashore, baa been got 'House for the purpose o: receiving anc. ban you could be expected to form WT«" than one hand. It waa only the work of one boarded and no one found on board. 8»ppasea\ honoring the Delegates of the Alumni residen j?^^"*'-^^,.," u "*4«iaedunder'myin7 hind; and that the handjof the editor of the that all were lost. | 4 in Jostqn, who. were detained 'on the road by Jjniejon, and. making all neceasary allowance Whiij, arid that at one sitljng. and without con- th hUe'stonp from partieipating in the festivi- tor human frailties, can feel that I discharged §t ,Uation. Neither the doctrines or principles tiea of the Anniversary Celebration. , ' ! I any d.ty to you, my aim is accompliahed. For , I ^ c b|lt , uch ,, Ole whig putv in , biB ..^^^rferr^ ^^^^^^^ st -· - ·r*~~~-. of the Alumni rending in Boston, desirous of Von have now, iny young friends, outgra testifying their regard ir their fcrmer leaches', any, immediate care, : and have taken a position i eatar ,' 0 f,the Wildest pajcty learn not to mi: ha_ Durohased the thirteen elegant volttmesi no{»V T7 youraeh-es upon the busy stage of_hun«an ^ pDji , ion (,, tne ,)jaine Law in iboir poliliu. "·aba-jriaia uHsajsnias ···v .--· T---«· ··-" lie I OUtVOtl DAYC HOI OOtgTOWn HIJ .UleCOOn i r r*TM~' i , - . . , - - . ^ " i f l f t e r n O O i l upon the Uble before liirn,,'and deputctl one jof fcr you.-or my solicitude for your welfare;-- and their] candidates learn not to mil liquors at ? ·"*' »h-4r ntunber to attend the Levee and dh. the IVheiever jou jnay go, and in whatever bnaU their 'State Conventions in the way of treating etutomary honors. Thia gendeman wa» not T^*" TM k n ^ w * g ^. i , t ,," deserve and^meet . Del ! e « lltem · . 't'- '' abac to reach Bkngor in season tot the bare*, ^y^gg^ ^ n a w hen I shall hear that RT Nathaniel Blnkc, Esq.. the whig Senator but has aiqee atkivef, la len with, the "eyures ,0,, ^le ^ ^eneroui deeds, your patriot- ^J from Araortookt 'arrived in thia city on Accounts from Provincerawn atate that a Th(! mere^me Hcadlnc Rbosn «fc k.lbr»iri schooner 1 , name unknown, went to -pieces-- ha. been removed to Boom, in Bowrtan'sWaw Block. ' ireclon invit. tbuse who are mot aubacriben to lo Ihe Unnriln. VytlKBLWHICIlT,! VAfJlEL 4,|8St ' II "NOTICB. OKO. fc MM. J. S. EICKEK, , ABAD VHOMPSOS, B ' Wlll , Blnetan. r«« CiLlroRBiA.. .Sii ceats per eaff, BOSTON JOURNAL, em. , H ,^,,c, '1 dri»rig Company, for choice «f offieetf ind tbrwywt.8inc« Ir.niaetiOD orfcuaiiieu, wilt b« t.|d .t the .He. of dra.l.tku, «fibei jaaae Farrar in the new bailding COfer of 5*Jate yflftd their antici have antavilba.. Md"Kicha».e'«re'et.7iB Banj,or7 o« WEDMEd-l tbe TM fnfl^u'naS?TM^, reTdeJs^'Se!, OAY.tbe IBlli instant, at blf past two o'clock in J2 T * n * ln ' Intn * f*Taredttarminad to adhere to tha Sya 18 " 1 , ana altaoueblheezpenseiofprjblMbiiiis newn./ ' EKi'iv^T^rTM^*-^^ rtSf^y. ftmi IfetUj ttg ·££ZZZ12Z. ~^g^*^-*38!sg$3F£ lanofthe TM unl ' """ "·"~ *~ f. ' ._,,,,... killed thia morning while opening the gate lo njur.thePTcori.i«rofinetnie"Wahp.i.e", itiiik n, to ' ; We'arc ready to stand by the prraciplea of that » - «7 * I " - ..loffbi. **'**' articlelinder tbe *«« ^,ra«d raputa- ."pSn r*' tlVS TlfLTaf .W, ^ B-«? BreT-ian on the Boston ahd ^^1. X^KttiGpS aposioon leatwt O f,the Wildcat party learn nol to nan _ . , ,, '. A whom ibe RMHuiia Wabpelie nay t» obwMd.,*w..Kl«l« r ^ ongiiit jffn4 dtp ltd MM ra^kY« B 'a,lt Scurf utd On tutTM if, and ' "H ' - ~ , ~ ~ ' ' ' " "% ' ""·" w^lle no eipeurjiture of i ·"^lliW^s: ! Cloak Fabrics aad TlubetAM^^S^^^ I (faulionuieiHiblieaMisstbuyinganartielecaUed**!!!!- ^kUH Block is yet the beat and our prices the paper of Ibe preaem day. i * ,.__ called "Im- f\* The slid artic i naa been . W loweat. , to detsive the^bl c and J j.,,3 McOI.URE, LOTHROP A. CO. Maine fiaibroad un over and killed thi or retail, ifmy prices. ifcT.'LOVETT N. y^,roprietor. Dec 13. Ufa dtw I.DAIL-K JOCilNAL, Houae for Sale or Rent, i SirSSS^SfSJS^ .,,-,, t_ The somberly Tevemenf ib the donbU Oder daily paper in Boaton. It. in pnbtisned fTr p brick House on fSewbarr street ia offered ' IMornialg and £venillg 1U ». lor aale at a barrtin, or it will be lealed ardeitberedition Uaure tocoriain'tbTvEB, M1 , euud tenant Tbe boue is convenient anc, in HEWS received by tbe Mnu and TiliclAni lo tbe -V V I. S ·· ,, . . , . , . v suial ioSition amonir your felloW citizens, my da' ·aed hy the Aasoe.stes in Bostoif is alike hon- kre ,, IJ.^.^^* honest pride, in being .We ^ af t he Legialatu. arable to ***tii Teacher, tho'Asaociatiori and to jay you were once my pupils in the Bangor , . J~ ,. ,-. . i I ' · ' - *.--« · D _ « _ _ i _ i a , _ i . L _ " _ * _ " · iU'^J O '*** 1 a«' "He UMW*.* LHK r BOSTON JACKET SHIP SiTAP- FOHDSH1HK AMD 177 LIVES. The pack 51 ship Staffordshire, Capt. Richard aon, from Liverpool l)ee. 9th for Boston, struck the Blond Rack south of Seal Island, on Friday to be present at the organiut-: morning Dec. Soth, at ten o'clock, 'jj'he first ire. Ihcomtagtothiseitv. ·* second mate, and «venteen.e.m«r-»ch.d S£^M'£Zffil3S£L'' t . ie ^hird mxtt?, boatswain and fcllowing'tbie WM deafno^ to all Boiriidi; thfl *pfn« be- Cstme cnntntrierl, and mcurteil that XToan l#r.ff on ita good r.,, a ir. Jan 3, IS54 d9l , - «, t week he ei-i Cape Sable. The ^hird I ' " " perteaeed great difficulty, and was eight days "«·« others wer. picked up and landed at SZ'n.Vd anJ"«b"i.T.rteX,Tin!l it w« found Shelburn,-.S. The remainde, or.hout 177 S^S^^SS^S^KSXa. lltd'i, and for ttumaelvel; and the gifts they propose to be- Hi th School. And the consciousness that your .. '.,.- j^«K»ii«iK« BHM4 ehnnri* all Tirire bv, snatured judgment approves the humble ser- . , _ ste»wul«ubtlf»»e .rued above all price b, .^.^ ^ m y W ( , ind mj . p i el8ure to » ^, , 0 ad.. W^en near Patten ,,..,. ,,,,,,, Uureclpieat. i , i , lender yon In your youthful days, will lighten impracticable to travellwith horses but "Uncle 1 persons, including Captain Richsrdpon,, went tbreeweeki hclaboredio iidioreit tojlecling. but all in ^aeUxenltotr^uced..^..^^^.^.!^ ,,* .^.ger m._^^^4* K a ^ ,,,, ^ Mtller , ,,,, OBr g m ^ t ,... down »tth the wree, immedjai^.^ strik, SS^S^ntilSlJj^ -Of despstche. trom;the Boato. fner-tta. .^ «.th ren.*rf, 1 gor of .trjer ..mtlar future a^r- ^ t ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ing , Ar.^?^- ._. _,, ?1 . ?.'_ my,friends, to afaoea and came, len miles on them over the fThe Staffordshire was Vessel of 18DO tons burden belonging to Tram -- r r ^._ l ) i l _.. _, Igth or tbe Rjijne, autl yiMi may imafi ke a Afenl's juy. aid plWhU on. of nST MOST' WON" W I Ij D. E R ' S patent Salmajcer Safes: s My rriilll, tbre. yenn old, . . «/-k i ·iriMeirliMase whieJi ii 4-. ......AiAO...J.. . j . ; W. A D A MS A G O ' S ? i ^E A O- L E S A F E S . (filled with the E.tme matrrial as other Safeit ihi* market.) JOHN bUNKfcR. nntiifpnMktflM/^VttoJMiiiS^ ± :, · com lo m»ka ii em|J«i,ciiny and m every MDM of 4bo jly Ktucked with a terrible, i,.. I«w tfian oiz axHira pio«tia Ad it to rota hcliileanMia. Tl»e limta became m rigiitthat^ot a juini tould be bent; liie ard M micb ic will repon aadtrecunl tbe doinfa of aH pat and eecta. U will gir* tutt ind complete report^ of ' stale of the Markets, a fuB ·ndaccatate SbifafNiic Lwt- ups at the Stock Exchange; and Honey AroclM fibm ' · competent MHirce; full report* of ibe debate* ia Cnt- gnat); able reprtrte of all LecturM of interest; fall and eom- fristo accoania of Public Meetings, wiUi verbsitm rrpoftiof tliBI'-peecbaa.i. wfiei Uw-occasjon nquprea, u^ .tc. In- desad. the feader M'tftepAiLT JovB^aviromytairaraof find- iiiga record of evQf; thing of teuoral interest which traiM- pires either at home or abroac. By arranreoKDUmade to» ' S^pL7m.yb.;'.e«"o"."ro'urco.atir. (! roo»! ijlo. ^J.^EXTglEl V£ COREESPONKJ^CE, ~»i by . riunediately 45 We.t Market Square. iauS thewuih for an agreeablf naan K klr,fte».erfng then read the follo^g: ' MMirnnT n* ctanawaa then held,but tnopur[Mimb he ca e wati then s v . . brourllt befor! the Mrdica. Sotietv, biMothim; rould be new and Superior guKgrstoil wMeh had not alnrady heeirobne, aad tbe doc- accept my thanks for thia ktad and: valtiable, to .,,,,,: drifu an a , midst the storms. He had. vessel of 18»0 tens burden helongi^ to Train ".S w TM n fvo^r'^h^t"^^'i^^S aie, from the source it coma, invaluable token hal , iime of it ,,,, donb , IeM TCachrf Augnl1 . ft Co.'. line of pscketstnps.J .J . , , . . , ,_...,. IJaiO^ A. TAYLOR i CO. ! . Ageats lor rVSa. Adams oz,pot PA*TCH -V LEWIS ^ Magnetic Telegraph, tbe Jonnall will at all timea be in possession of tot LATSIT N tws; a*d by the publication of a complete paper both ·a. *a.«. v" «* _j«a .ij.K7 i, ,; MORNING AND EVENING, W ILL f j i n i a b tbe A«», Vor* 2 nt*« ttf ,sib- tfj, proprhtTM ,, en^M » TM« by ·cribera for l»54 at a I ^0 - posta« free «^._ «-., j i^. Jan 3 t J| I ^0 - post»£e Jt _ 4' MARKETS. \ TOBK, Jan. i wen, after aiaw applicailoiis, retnnuaf an baiion wan appaient, and it rapidly recoveied wijl tbe exception of '·XKlBEpuios or THE KBMBBKS ^f your affection and' regard. i , . _, Maf ALtrktst o» THE aaNOoil The company then proceeded to the dining in iwason to »ke,part m the preliminary organ- . HJJW YUKK. MAKJilSTS. \ ,hi s ,,ai', wiitehdid IIM fcc,,:,«, p,rfcet f,,, n «ra'inonth. aCHOOL, BKSIDEST I* »MTos'. / , '^aiLwhere . slipper was beautifully spread md "tttion of the Senate t6-day, and for his perae- NEW YOHK, Jan. ^ Th. cnild « ao» l,eaiil,y and robaat a. tan to. *v.«h · . BOSTOH, Dee. 15/1853: » t O iice eng. fed upon. George C. Pickering veiaace as »ell as hia other excellent qualities, yioU unchanged-sales 6,000 bbls. common M toS Tfwhic,fSed^Tilie'r.'Trf^'ol'o't .fyS A. meeting! was ^hi. eve«in U heja 'b. Ihe,,,,,.;,!^ wit|l , he , each Mr ! Worcester, on and amongj them we may mention his portly , t ^ ig - ht State, 57,76 a J7.81; common togood'¥-»· ««««-*- I--i t-_j. .--.,,,..,,,,,, ne aeaervea to be Ohio J7.76 a 7,87; Southern steady, salesSOObbls. fVria, Mareli 1.1B1I 'A\HAHD LUSIP ois A floRsfiB ... Mr. H.G rarnsjl -1 hate used youi Arab an JJniment Cure Ci »w «··«·«··»· . ^ VjafT'lLl, famish either of the above Jo'urofls at VV 60 cents per aanaai, orbcth for 90 csjpts. i iais PATCH · · "··'·-· _ 25 ^^ _ hai become fully satisfied .wil ' i epaat the President of the table called alten- OKAI K--Wheat bcttti--sales 2000 bushels, Oene- |an3 No. 8 cornel Sroitn'i ttlbet. , scee?06--com 2 cents better, sales 11,000 bushels, vvithiraiintatioiiuisevenl caM,i,*ihe aMM yiuartaWeof Tl?MI1 * er . . - · · - he ';i epaat the President of the UBle calledatten- fls-The Portland State of Maine in an srti- Mixed 81 a 82 cte. old; white 76 a 78 ets. new; yel- ^ ___ m j,. Uoa loareaervedirtelleetualtreat. Addresses cle ;,,,, tne ^regress o the past year and the low77 a 78 tnsMeeof'lheAssocintiQn at bangor,^to belnres- were made by the Mayor, David Wnjcenter, projects of the ne«*, remarks th»t our State eru at ,the Festival on" the 29th inatant, and 0eorge Alden of Boaton, i. S. Saywarf'of the j, ,d« n cing in wealth, in business and com- ^^'^Solwto^pS^^m^ ^^.Josxph B^,,,,,, Jeff m .,,c. merci . Hmportanl!e . Our railway system wi,l plsMureand good feeling. The sesaon of the P. Koberujiof the Mercnr», Capt, Thomas J. txp and itself as the neces^ties of business shell yeiraeleoIedrorthiacelebralWnlwas unfortun- Stewirt, JVC. Flint,'li. W. Flagg, O. H. Star- reqn re . Our shipping interests are .all that ati for many engaged in active business, and , ^tt, A, H. Soberls, Wm. Lumbert, Doctor N. K he most ardent among us can desire, w ia would flnditvery difficult to leave at the ,, «. !,[_*. ' j , v ._ ir.i;TM,,. ,,,,,:,,.,,,. r · · atwKiinted lime · nevertheless^ it'.was hoped thM Hartow, snd othe,rs. attoua sentimenls Oar neit great improvement will be towards M^nany ai posaibly couldjktend. would So so. s*ereigi Jen at which the following are a por- manufactures. · Maine is better atttd for suc- Uemarka were matte 'by .aLcaars. Brown, kion: ' ' ei | n manufacturing industry than any other Hawkins, Hs.elton,F,o.t,j Warren, Davis, and i . TOASTS. poufcoof the centinent. Its climate is healthy. A ien. · . · ·, j _ · j ' ' By theij^aytr. Our School Teachtr, D*vid a Innipt." at appeared -ji tnWhonjea breast. . . marks and resolutions which were qnaniramwly .' likB t h j pri lc ip|eg he teacies, be as enduring -bausfible, and its means of communication by eiapnted, as ezpraaatre of t'ne sentimunta of all ,, the everlasting hills. . »ea with all parts of our own Slate «nd Uif -*' ' ' "- r "~ " ° ~' ' ° L ~ - " ' I""" 1 * 1 ' i' «.w "n n-Jjti. i '"y Jffl l' n , s - Sayward. · Bokjwr Boyi-May , ,, the wffrld unequalled. -The past members of the Danjor High Sehool, j hey neTer |'lorget the ciiy or the hours ol ,. .7 _"__._..'£!: L now re«lfnt in Boaton and vic(pity,-Jffing , hejr c hadnood. nur cease o promote theii "-^ A n ,, Lona i convention df thi aoldiers of stonz aentlmentaof atlachment towarta(th« |j Onor and welfare. Atvd may tbe city and " '. I T ihiladrf.,1 i» aTtandt of their earlier days, and the spot when ^^j. dev ones 45atKeA: about theW homts 'he ^ar of 1812, be helu at Jfniladelpuia ' so-many happy and useful hotors of their exist- neTet f org .. or cease! to feel an interest in the on the 9th of January. I nce.bit* en passed; *nd' ever entertaining ^ onor m a welfare if the Hangar Boys. · I of thejwarmwt regard and resptctffor . By C. T. Bioberts, Esq. The PraeM Occa- Tilr.ORHoo* FKH.--Mi. A.B. RozeU, a (arrner uaetood man, 1 their teacher of "Lang S»np," nim--A. gdden'link in llhe chain binding lo- -·-*!· --.. m .._ ..-_»_-*. -^ J^ ,, irooaa kind and gentle admr-- ! """" T --'·"··' · ' ' · - - ·· -J "---l earnest and faithful teachings, of trutlv and words of wiadom nare go^e ou» B r ( mlh them from their early home, feel rwculiar ' plcaanre in uniting with their brothers n the ,,.,,_,,,,,,, A «TM admonitions,V whpse g y t her the tears of Ue Alumni and their be, ITni( ; n ._a An.m ( ing!, whose «»ample ^^ Teacher. May each Mew Year add jfet "^ iadom hare g*neW .J olher ,,, ie . ' i . perjjipceastothe of KqshYille Tennessee, communicates to the Daily crican Borne of the results of his e*- grcat utility of the celebrated Orc- goniPea. bush from Gvo ~o six : as^rTn«'of UnilVer,rf'"^ **? "A^^r^l" "' "7 "^^ ""^ TM l Wgh'with'flvS or six large branches near ihe ^0^ rd^flllmetno^firLoittfth.llbeAs-; inarihood the filgh flop» snd promise.of T o«lh. £*,£,,- with thetaajn stalk, putoiitttelrHeh: acriate U'iot Bjuigor. their sentiments.-- · ( B r Ocorjge A. Alden, T/u Banyor Biyh es ndlir the L,- I · ' t ,; I J SintoJ Alumni--May "Ltwl and Friendship" a bnach as That althoughi circumstances may ere'r exist among ir---·-·~~ --fc.~~» ,i...JP. car net admit of our personal attendance rt the tn»y be found. Troth Atmivpraary of_thii A. A. B. H. 8-,'yet ! j)y J. C. Flint Our Teacher-- May: the grouBd a Uttle, all these branches, with the bramjhes irelyjin^t rest in and wirm af- blessings Vhic d, until two stalks would make round »s a tobacco hodgshcad, or e cotton than anything much larger, and the branches not'so horizontal. After leaving [the Vuich his precepts and example have theyijput out at eicry joint, bear from four to ten iferred upen the homes of hia pupils be n»ul- Pp4»;pabunch,tnth about fifteen peaa inapod,so ' ' unto hW own household fouf-fold. thejiare Uu« B with peas pretty much from top to «r» feel tha moat lirelyjinii n fectkm for. our former home, our early «Sicxa- a)ea , and our much lored teacher : That we t as extend from 1 afar, a warm hand add the ^ ntimentsof true hearta, lo esrt,, amd ·ererv i^r^^n^ T^ testimniar to our former ind' MC of the Association and rtnew ;he u»«none» , teacher prov ^ that tney ,] w . y8 dc things ap stlie stalkd and ikvcs make, peraap^thcto est nd The corner of the , OrchartL^lta fruit asalinkin of auy-hing I know o · o ' by-gone days. -, I , ! '"Brown," snd that ibougb they have fnul and haytoitheWld--stoc prefer it to any other--and .,. Aaj/Md. That m the naao. of Dmd \Vorees- : S J,» amoAg thera , theye ,. ve -' I1(t gr0 w n '- 00 ld yielding a greater abundance than any other. ' tar, w« recognize that of one who has become ] to their old friei " -- -·"-·-·- ii»«"iTM» tnmta^r ... v...,., __j r--i endeared to us by many reminisecnctp of the j ^ L J j ' l^'rKrfe^plsr^der h^a^ .at ^iv.-i »««. . n H mn-. r*oj,nl»^ im-irnufrl 3y N, S. Harlow. The pU tour Apple Tree m my nh ck from oncacre.of lami, th»n I canfrora fire laon we, icet more ana moan ift^pij^ iiu »v»9Tu ] t ^- Jvtr ^ jn . ^f f j,^ nTM*j»rti_rtji fmit n n n l i n k i n atimv-hmtz I know of. It will grow on land so poor' "^ " ' *»e; andtol- · t.rtsin'our owil aWd our anccesaors' bcUalf we I " jJ.-^'xipmniuL ~Onr Manor--Mar he be re- rnore stalk but not so many peas- in" tMa 1 respect, it s-e'a life wrapped Jn thkquiec grandeur of a ifif,.^ M oftcnaahe w»hi« and as much longer ** Btejotton. . Aaahjmprorer ofthesoil,! consid- g»d mari'a worka--worlai, w%h, ipinging : M t he cirjzejm wish to elect him. ' er it lar supenor td cloter, or anything known in up with our youth, has po wn with ,us in our by ~W. IX Lewis. Our Boston »«jmJ«T-May Tenhessee, and when fed off on the ground, and then "f , ,--·--7 f memories, beneath the reunion of their by-go*e days ptOTe aa listing plowc*in. Now taking it altogether, I consider it n a i r a i l t O K a l h t r a n d totheii memorv as thetpaasage from Bortola. one of ttegreate»t acquisitions to tie farmers of the ;~** gS^uljea^and ^^.^.J^^^,--. f^f^K^£*e^J see and s orrotindnig States. Afr n Bozellhad part of hia crop ready for mark- --'*. " J -- * i_- »_-i · cJi.Zt i j iww corntfr of tne , i/rcrtorn-r-»ns iruic as a UUK in fa any -OUIK A avmjw «u. At wiugrow on land so with the »enae of--htt a-bil-ty^ fjlhfulneas and | thfl chain tfiat. binds nis tfl the past, has now be- that it would produce Uttle or nothing else: an! V tegrity: rhat^n Ixis quirt, undfppi^6ticn« ef- :co ^ vc ^ 8ffcct to ^ crab e poor la».J is better for it, andW prc i.rtft in aur own aWd our «cce«8or8' beUilf we | ', n t i lrtmm( . f^ r tt^ IIM ^_Tjt av h^ »» «. nor* stalk but net ao many peas: in this' rcsn* - . . i J E j i » ---a v- By T. him t h e assurance o f our^unalt4*ed tllBjdahip B J 0 ^_ D i Bt ant i n -63Jvvr daw a . , and esteem, and unite ni our beet wubes for may thW reach us 1 at our noit ainivcntoy in .he of ~- ts» health, happiness and pn^perUy. hoping same time minus the days. , , tort wy many long ye«ra of *J»f^nBM may fey Mr. Worcester. Our W^^yJWi«.w-.--ki !J . y elsor to VcucliWed W him. and ibat lh i t ath'-vay of grateful hearts cheered by hia bounty, mil- long bu decUrin^'dayg msy be isaQOoik.ed^ythc blesaliif memory. rands of an sflecjioDate tPgir^01, l?sfc than By Mayor Rckeri IrAaC of hU elder sons. et oh Ibe 2d inst He would raise aboot fortv bush-- »«.=-! .,,., . . ! ke above By Mayor Kckering. OitrCirsf^A good scholar- nuwt »r 60 cen She has learned in what her true strength lietb-- " RtulatA, That a Gommivtee rf' Ihree be ap- .her public schools , - intedtQ nrocure somcstiitabls teillmomal to By A Volunteer. Tlu Ladia uto gractdour prffieatisd to Mr. Wotcater on the- :vening/ f e ai or SI ner " *"· ·flf the approaching celtbra) ion. | ' Mottva, .That the Secuetary be tliracted to ttabraut to the A. A. B. H. S. at BtAgor M copy of tbe proceedings of this meeting and a duplicate copy to be delivered lo Mr. Worces- " t sr oo theeTenin- of th" AnniveramiT. By A Volunteer. ey showed us conclusively that not intimidate them, or the chill ligtt of their smiles., -- ------ XXXHId CONGRESS * · (From the Free Maaon'ti blonility Magazine, DoMon.) A Solace for Dark, Hours. ('VHITTEN IM DAHXL HOUIIS.) , / BT DaVTto BA»RK.[ _ , ' A puring rill--so smalt and w*|ak-- Once oeaily died i pon its \r ay, t While runninf nHjndIh«Maia.wvk, Upon a tmiBfiwr'.. lay. bit mon ·cto^d liur i o'er tbat rill, And MOD cuna down an autumn rain,' 1 ' " When *piitk |r cUrr-d by vale aad bill. ' Rertored to ttrenjth again. ) . I i 80 pilgn m. tbo«gfr j'pur iky nhoald lotvar. Tfaou^ikrorrow'tj ajtorm ehould cmne at length, ¥et3«Kl mayclotlMitluiflionb with p iw*r. I . To giVe your aptn^girenglh. - ' It ii not bert tbat all rhould live " ' 'Mid yeieeful galea--'neilh rninny ·!"«, j For cloud and teinpopt often give · ' Rich blessing^ in ^iaguine. · i Tbe rK-mnnxn'flhark, n/hone bellied nil Tbe norm luu dwuclied and wind has filled, ltje«h iu deatinwt port miglu (ail If atonn and win) were atitled. Aad thoiouV barkaJaMy quickerfind, ! Tnouth long of angry warea the upon, ! Though daalted aniad by ·term and wind, A unal, peacentl pon. ; j ^ The amMilderin; cjita, tint underneath Borne eumbroufl p le hare catinly lain. K iglit Bra tbe world if f»nnwJ by bnatn' Of pantng burricaneL And brother, now ptrhapa tlwu -hurt, Deep buried 'nealn piebenn, name, A fire, walch, touclted by Borrow'*, blast, . Hay kindle into fhme. flTie niKi- Jial creeps o'er wmrjor** Made, When veace can ideep witboul alarum laveen r mQre when shout 1* made, " To wms !'toe fue ! toy anna 1 ." * And thus-a roadinw- for strife. For »rion in thia world of fltht. / Haybotlimcte^ the .ipiriL^ life, ' . And lUsBp its we* .one bright. . : ". IKow oft be fearfut.eottflictawrvee To w^aalten woe ind strengthen weal, Py hard iingupth« aoftAned ifervea, A» MDatliinan hii^etu neel. fear no iheiuin of wvahh/aiMl bfitb,. 9ecur4y resting In hia seat, Bin mnrar him. whn, duhed to eanb, lafrUingtobialMC Prom Bt-aigbtened bow tbe arrowed ..pear [ By warrior*.* arm h never » The dai gev which yoa h*TB to fear 1 Comn when thai bow ia tienL ErcUr.Mc. OcL IB5X ^ " * - ^ -~r f "The Glery ofMan and the Graceful Or- ,nament,lLr Woman.' it there ibon gtor«Hi or more beautiful than P I O N E E R L I N E ? t^,TMK r«bTbar«?ri«r.T,m«l».S I / " OF MOfvTHl-lf PACKETS i f ' y«atVwhenl Jpplierlyniir-.initijfent, one but- It 1 f\ TJ ' A TT C rn 1 A T T A «ntiVMycufeTt . I can Moiqjiend it a. the A U - K J\. 'LT D 1 A A Jj 1 Ljfl rut I evei UHWL , Oflr CUAWL. r r\ai * i ·« tar n ^ -m.T ir !l' I Office116 Wall-st, New YofljL I Th«/ fir nearly a tie of which best Liniment Peuria,jFeb90,I64D\ .uqOK OUT fOtR CO . The public are. caatieaedvagainst auothar counterfeit, which hap lately made It* appearance, oatl-d W. B. Farrell's Arabian Liniment, ihe raoet a*n S rr»U8 of all tbe counterfeits, bec*ufie Ilia Having tile n*dneo| Parrell.maoy will buy it ir good faith withoufih*! knowledge that a counterfeit exists, and tley will pei A|w Dn(y discover their e/ror when tlw «puroua miitunOas wrought iu evil effects. j . - ,- \ The genui ie article K munifkctum oalVby H. G. Farrell, sole inventor and proprietor, and, (vhotAale druggist, No. 17 Main Street, Peor a, Illinois, W whom s all applications for Agencies must be addressed.; Re bireN'ou ret it wiUitlwktlsrsH.G.beEJreParirllVtbuB-- II. 0. FAR- JErery Mail aad RipreM f wbieh leave* Uw city during tb« day, thus ftiraishiof tbe MvVsi not uofrtqiieiitly /rom 12 to 24 noun in xdnnce ot lijo-e p«pen which prim only .wt* tlton dail*. TJwJona. R^iapriiAKionotMof HOE'S CELEBRA1*ED FOU« CYLINDER PAST B BESSES, capable of priminr TEN THOUSAND AN HOUR} ..ulpre aie thus enabled. lo Kaatu/*r mew* Mxttt tiW JaUul ««)Mr]tt. and sTiJI supply tbe demand, however large. A» some evidence of tbe success which baa ittended the publication of the JocmnAt, the proprietors would state tliattiLi circulation ia now more than TEN TIMES AS LARGE at? ID 1843--and more than SIX TIMES AS LARGE as in 1848--periods of ten and five yean--and that its) present rate of increase is larger than at any time d urine the laftt five yearn. Its presentcirculatkm is LAE- GKR BY THOUSANDS THAN ANY SUBSCRIPTION oTWO CENT PAPER PUBLISHED IN BOSTON OR.NEW ENGLAND! - '- JO-Eilher edition will be roa led or sent by express it ibe rates mentioned above for any length of time tbe nib- r ·crer may Wish. It is delivered by faithful camera in .41 parts of Bonton and adjoining ciiwe. both Mommc and Gveoing, and is tor sale -- " · ' · · · - lei, making (be fifteenth ol the above line Mr MBLBOURN, POST PHfLIP. The prieea of passage are ae lollowi-- ,,"' In Saloon, - - - - · ) 99at 'J ' In FincCabn, - - i - - J » 2 -Y ID Second .Cabin, - - · - , - 8*^ Every thing is provided Cor the .Husebger* *r- cej.i Wine* and Liqnon, Towels and ^oap The Rl^L',IHi fi « S na« re ,, n il» W rapper,, all lhe» [ *"* h °' *."."·«· «»«'"» 80 to 100 ^y.-are couliterlVitx. · ';, v 8oMby IiXGHAHAM k Fri*LEBA »l!/le«Ie aHdV- lail. Bangor 1 . Al*. hy j|. P. Kiusell^ Uldtcwn. Frenclt It Hamilton, DcMer, lien. Part Jier'^ EJluiVortli. P. O. Plalierty, Huiltun, Andjliy regulartj jmt-orizwl agen throaglKHit t ie United Suites. ' ' ftJ-Prire SS a id 50 c»i Us, .inil $1 pat Vffl*- id join ing CIIMM. both Morning and I ,,r-t r (i.t "" *s»sjaiin B , «...-. osa.0 at the Penoitcal Depots, and in Commander, to sail OD U t J - E B H U A - in of lie I.«ge to«^ and citie* on tbe linw of the Rail- RV, punctually, will be tbe -dea «·- K«ds throughout New England. Fifteen cntie feet ot Ln^acc, or not, exee'edtng £50lftain weight, is allowed to eaca »dn)t ; No berth will be coDsiderr.d ai sccored till atleMtbae Xhird the Riponnt of pascage bu been paid ai a de* pft^it. An experienced sorgenn aeccmpaniekefceh re«Kl,ancJ every attendance: reqnieite lor the com- let in the Umteii Stul tiblislwd. Aditnu-' 11. it. t**mtt ate«, J II. II, every UtwN vil'aEe ind liam '" rl I aaS « 1 «:«- r s provtded free ol charge. , i liich iM*i...^rt airo-idV .**u A first class veiiel will socceed ibe AiLBERT imh onju.^already^ t - R A N K K « N i nd 8ai| Qn Jg| ^ Mar( . h .f, - -- CAMEROX. TO ADVERTISERS. Advertianments are ineerud at fair prices. In clear type, t sjet up in a uniform style, and arranged under appropriate Ifeadtf, m u 10 attract tb« attention ia tbe readiest man- . re'r. Tbe great valne of tbe JOBM^IL M an advertisini ( nedium may be mfemd horn the ftet that ALL ADVE1- TISEMENT8 o»Mr « t*tk WOHNI.NG a*d EVENING f*re***,t**utm*yEXTR\CH.\BiGB'. thus securing; to advertisers tbe benefit of TWO papers, ai OK* price, and tbe . Largest CircnlatJon of any rabscrip^Ion paper jn Ne» England. Adrertise- ments in the Weekly,-fecroi-Weekly. or CaJiforaia Jcwr- r al, will be sutr ( ert lo an adtlitioBal charfe tor each paper: THE: SEMI-WEEKLY JOURNAL [B patflnhed TOESD'AT and IPaibAY moniinga, at Four Dol- lara ai year in advance. U contains all tbe reading and bu- vinOaW matter of tbe Daily +t three days, and is i " br toUntry circulation. · New VurkMaa 3, 1851 5m ; D*. In thin city, Dec. 31 ,hy Rer. 9. A WLIliam 11. Ilolbrook irf JUisa Julia F^Al In tbu citv, Jan 1. b/l^eo. W. Sno^, Eiq., Mr Simucl FoWlea and Miss Abb pCiawell.lK i of Bangor. Vyetherbee, !Ur. ^Atluiu,a" of Ban WEEKLY JOURNAX s msde up expressly tor country circulation, and contains A vast amount of miscellaneous and news matter; report! , , , t of Lecture*, meetings, hx,. It ispublished even THCH- R any h i n d oP^arment for U-e gentleiueB. ,OAT morning, at TV* DoHarua year in advance, hand- mid a nice assortment for th* boy V Wear-- wmely printed on good paper, will, fair type. As --·-- X - i : I A PAJJIL,^ yiTixrapA PPD Woolens, Woolens, OIEDi In Ihis c ia AverilL all at /tarzain*. ^ jant ; MeCLURi^.^.OTHROP CO. New Year Gifts--I i;OOL V A K I K I Y o f C b n i c e I'^ok - . ,**» -- ·" - » i;O(JL V A K I K I Y of Choice 1'^oks a1 wJadj :ny^Jan3,PMenck A, ^ ofrfc-siah acd I^-d- /\ (or , he R0od pa(rona of . he East Sidfe'l^k- e , apm -4 yn y% . ^ ' ^(ore. Atuntig them are 1» to foqad^\he Iftoic ol lir Annual, A^tictlnn'r i b f B e a n t y , A^iranth it hae enjoyed an snviable reputaikm during a long serin of years. Its circulation tbrougbout New Englaad is very large and is constantly increasing.' CALIFORNIA BaTncor W H I O t CO0H'*5R Mari ie . our al , ._ nj thei.. ... _ . . . Miaron, May Flower. Pudo'r Annual, liifl. A n t u m n Hmir*. Gei '" Flora I Gem. Magnolia, A New Orleans-- Adv Sstii, t]ip» Casickf Norrto, for Ha vre; O»ti*rvild, Jarvis, I ir Liverpool. i Jaeknoov.ile-- Ar Mill, ncli* N H«ir , Pi ndlrton, Balli; II D Uriuillr, Banktt, New York. NEW YEAJB! , eiiipaOen Derr , Seavy," New- Nicllnln, Bri till R. · oeea Tayloi French, Havana. : Larrabee, 6il||W. Boaton. irig Baron. davThatine, Atwod, New Orlsiina--Ar port, EngjJdtin Bui Mubile-- Hjraad, Cld 23d, barfc WUIi Ch.rle-'UM,--Ar ' Xew Yoifc. j . i . j Wilmtirguin. NC--Cl J 26(h. brif f Isti n, UitcIwII,Cai dento. , - ' r j r ,, 1 New Voit-- ArSBttJucli LC GenUarsiull, Colconk^arde,.! _ Boston--*rf 1st, biig Trieste, (of ^ea^iwrt) .. Havana via -lolnies H.«lt, aaii Bondi»y,JVIe, where put in for a ;h aihor,"wnh loss of »!·*( fct C|d 31nl, octis Geneva, Nifelio..!'Carder as; Cliarlul c E Buck, Coorabe, 'Mobile. Tl ' ' '· r New OiltLns--ArQM bark Mai in*. OMB, Cardiff, 33. CldaO(b.fcti B Hiirf, Mtlotyre, Balimfcrc, Aldv, bark R G WDodie, fur Philaila||)hia. ". f ; Mobile-- ridv SSM. ta gjhlercy ,S Cobsiiui, for Providence. . I i ,,. Jt . Pensarqla|-Ar belwewi 15u a SS*, Kh iHontezuBia, Conncf, Buckrjport. \\ ' !, \ WiltningtM.NCr-- Ai-27ilirif; Ptes Z Taylof; Board- nsn^Bojtotu Inpoi(,,s,rn * " ' G. F . S A R G E N T \ I ' U L D i n r i t r a^tentinn tc hia utnck o r Fvrfu- 1 T mcry, and Fancy Cologne Stands, ttMli va rious ar icVs, rich, useful, and. fceau 1 ifu|l, at j no. : amithVHIock jaiS : [i made op prior u the sailing of each mail steamer, ei- pecially lor Citclttio* t» C*tfi/orK»«, and is a welcome visitor to thousands who have left their homes in searcli of fortune in tb* Goldeit State. It » seni by mail, or laid at tbe puhlrcatibo office, affix ceuis a copy. , V 5^-AH orders fir either ot the abo*e pafere should be \Accunipau led by the cash, and addressed to tbe publish*!*, S L E E P E R R O G E R S , JOl ·ade- r«d. NAL BDUJJINQ, Street, Bostoat, Mass. D. O. S T O N E Drugs and Medicines! I I J R C H A o K D apressfy for Ibe Winter trad r . . a IV}y wiuter tnck of Drugs is i ow reaeirei., ,, - . r ,, ,, ,, ! ! ' - ^ - nnt . , · and 1 hare an dentation inlsayinv tliat in qjkaalitT asisH*-*----^ ;^^,e.sri^^ B .fe£ TM* r *,.*^-*..»~ - inpher, I'hlMci'uts »»'t wn'tld *olicj.t.lhfcir yrjcra. ^IW aol lail t» call when ya» wish ftn uurphve in tbta Eioe. '.·?K. S A R U K N T . Dmijist, janS No. 8 Ornf r Smith's Hock Quftstions anc Answer?. · IK/ H K R K can I parchase the test Canfl \ T /XinVnt Oi( aad lluming FMd t Answer--*at MAIN'S. ; , W her. ean 1 buy Ihe belt NeaU Foot, Keeli Tied Wbate. 9ea Ricphatt, sad Sperm the bbl. at fair piieea t Answer--al M A N N ' S . " BOTed his stof k of C L O C K S , W A T C H E S , JEWELRY, WASHINGTON, Dec. 29. SENATE. to see a ri^li,. Luxuriant head of hair on eitbtr man or wo. jTM To Ihe A£ IV STORE in the mraerol Ibe aaod . _ some block lately erected oar tbe Whera can countrr phyaicians tend their oiidert ·-___,,_ rt f 1?--ko»i«^^ GIVOA! an4 ITttn N.»*ork-Ar2»tl,|»iiMarce]l".,Boil)«,St John, and cily phj-sic an. IBrir pie;cri,.tic.n.. lad he Corner Ol CXCnangC OlfCei 8J1O »%.en- Rlver.Fla. ! i ore «· c etllnr |ra«d medieinek. and al the lowrsi dllgkeait BrldSe. I rate.1 Anawer-~st MANN'S. , ,. ..^F"?°\; . , 10th. bria-^W J Parka. Treats : Wk*r» i«» | bny the Bast Kemeilies M ! Sall Where we offer a cooj varietv of attca Jtonds H ' r nla, the Itjh, the Pilea. lhe ^rarel. are «»all f kept to ibe line, aad «lso RtPArR \jarver.iTicaeia, new uneanib!, · - -- · - -- · - - 81 Tnolnu, Dec 9,ilrifai l^iu«iotS9, Barrianan, fm Aral Eic Janeno Nor IOth, lrif;*W J Parka, Treat;. : Where can I hoy ibe Bt»t Kenr'lie's f«f Sail hence SINo.9tli^,torkNa«re^P«ad]»w,N York; Rb. nn ,8cr,,f 0 la, t h e i r ' "" JohnCarieriM^t.h.Ne.rom.n^ . . . . ,be t.irer Complaint, Fool Stpmath, I ,,-.:.. . ieCoujrh, Cats n n*ta,pr :8lh, for , lmTriuUtEd..u 17th, vetite. acute ·iid'et. route almoners of tba tribute cf generout While making the journey or life may A they never be daunted by atorina, J - * J J man.' Anit.When those rlcb trenaea on woman befin to ^l ae °L,,J^*WndTe t ^^ln' l vKka^»g»a", XC. In du- Kr. Petit offered a resolution of inauirT as to deciy bf otoaaae, how Imponaiil tbat. wa have aoma pfe- IreTM, ar 17U; Feooksoal Eui«ry, it St fratz, ai 18lh; B 1--«i_TM_-* .!--·_··-!_= i _ l . . TM . * ----Y» f.r eur«! There eat a thonaaDd diflarenl prepara- H Haakina, na G.udaUwpe, ft ll«U , fo» Turka Island., T, or causing a n««rfrowlh wben the head baa be- atlca, Buckavlila. 8C. | · ^ " At Tiini«ad t Dec 17th bnf lUimarara .Henthaw,une. At fjaraba, 17(h all, berk 1 W fnfe «mlth, EOT New " i, (ind not reported aid! opjlo Ufa,) bri| Anna A atstrrb. Hack and Side,,Tooth Aeb*p, c ' MAMN'S. - «a^ petition from the * "J"? Anitericari Peace Society in favor of settling in- «omebald; by| all of little or nouas, and very alton Injur- ipeded ifnjitional questions by arbitration. Adj. Inf the dueaaed rom norelhan dolnf Ihem cood. But Dancing Schc o, P. PHI1J1HOOK would annniJDce ba«?s»nfj«Reti roomstv«r V.Dton* e be wiUeommence a coarce of t« tliit he Adloamed to n«« December 19,'it 74 ol ·heclosk. '· GILBERT A'TWOOD, HOSES T. DAVIS, Sec'y. Chairman. '" g *-- ^a mfmber of the High School : w,rites and is pianntrtlo produce a pnd (towtn of Hair o. Wale be* aad Ctocfcs in ta* be*t manner, and warranted to g.Te good t««tial.aetiw. ttXPI*««* ?allajid prore tb« abore aaaertiooi. , ' D. C. STONE. Bangor. Mee. SI.1S61 . 6ar ' ICTNew Year's Presents! B OOKS'ia the various depa^rtsaeats of Art, jLiteralnre and Science. loan moauea. inr 14**--lasea unai VJ iifpr ion. u »; ,· « u .·»·, . « « i . m . vicui - . Ai M.taoia., awi ult. Imi Geo S»irh. Gilker, Charts- same evenia|. Terms liberal. C Brother! of the Alumni--I am beset to give to » friend in the former city, under date of the heada that have become bald. WeAave o« ease to Bos- tonjunar. L Private lesaoaigiven--also instraetioa in ' the sentiment fo your uweting thia evening--I TJllnst., aa'follows, in relation to the alleged ton of an elderly sadv who hasuae/!t and Vhola wrtlrai ,,*! caii'sdas.awi alt, brii Tangier, JBriffln, N York.. ..joij. and pXeasairtlV remarked tbat I here mi^bt be seen. occasianally a fen Tonng- Mn in tbe Tillage of Boston nho »re xon't to aojehange tbe friendly glance ajud gi ^anH, who cherish the mtiaaff of tht High School. They hatt bee* -nvittd to -be Lereu of their AtaocisJUe, and mi retting , . a evening -- I 7 Ji inst., aa'follows, in relation to the alleged ton of an elderly lady Vho lias iiea/lt and Viola I aUarapt to assinate Louis Napoleon · toeeitiry to uwumhWlba above. And 10 induce you eKn OBly Oner the following: I aUarapt to assinate Louis Napoleon · toeeitiry to uwumhWlba above. And 10 induce ptopia. ' ***-** V ««· fr* * "e .;rf.poleon TM wounded .lightly lart week B ,ry mo»G«««,, Aa^ .rr.r.'.Ta ~ i at Fontainbleau. I do not know whether you reasonable «,» to gunum a rood head of u.u- «, any '(Ac » 'H »e« an account of it in our-papers, aa it has one who will n it uiomi |bly, m Diree montba rima, or Mow, come o», come all, it T1 " No nel|ht to be had. T H B P G E T 3 ns' daaa at 7 of all agea and elimf t, ' ' ' \ H H U A 1, 8 , JliTEMILE BOOKS, «Ue nt if , qe Bv QeoJ H. Starrett. ITte Atiami ' Sdmot-rtaidaa in to iam a f ' c foaton-- The n:itbeen published here. He was Bred at three TM cbane «» tba arrkle. .. that iogather they all felt tbat same- eVasrn. aee the "Ot »lsb a "Happy New ,Y« ^ la-re a.good tjme genttallv * easantl T i|ndth«mi a - ,°M and young served to^ awaken Reported Eecave of Hmith O'Brien. for ·Jm and the high ajtrn-e«at.on in which they TMV* ·eld .hia paat service* * shea* and the hopes s her entertained for hU long continued health, lappihasa and uaefnlneaa. · i ! . ' He thrapreaented'to bios thirteen volutriee of """i t~ie»pecche«, though unwnditd, were of « riigh iit'«iligence'h»s been'received here by the order, and iiiatly elicitajd nuoh arnlausi! The Affic i- o( - tne """P" 1 «f Smith O'Brien from i.-j-l^j^.^: i.« ;!_._'. ,. Van Pieman's Land. _. :, NsVrOBT, Dec. 30, 1853. the brig K. B. Clark of Lubec, from East- mrt. fnr'K ~ bv TM k "'* isn well known in Naw Yoa«. Dee. J, IffiO. Mr. Hurt--Vev 8!'-I luve been taM tar tbe paat «ve - - - - · · - - - - (.^jfj wn ndlum and . . , . ^aair on m, bead, oad ...J every lbio« blUd, untjl I was liuluud lo use vonr LirKeatorer. 1 eomaaeaeed ssjaj HaboaHalz weeks a(n, and waereni; head] was then bald hia aiw eovered with a vlgorooa frowlh oCatw hair; and fbsrs w no doabl it will pradace bair on anj bald head. YOBTM troV, C. PABAND, Carr*B W ILL! leare Cor BaataaG i i Walerville, on : THURSDAY efeaiaar. a T o'clock. Hodgman Co-fc Express W ILL leare for Portland and Uoaioa. 'ITiurt- dau cTenintv at 6 o'clock, ria Waterville.i ^n4 j J U H M MA NM.N^. Conductor. Room open from 10 A M lo 12 M--fromi! til) 5 B I I B L E S , T E S T A M E N T S , P M, and from 7 lo 10 in Ibe cveaia«. ,r ; . » n d Commentaries, in Yariooi rtylti, and of Jan? tf i ^ ^ ^ difft;retit lixe*. front tbe ouoiatnre rohiaBe to ifca n « ' · · V H p---- q Br .j 0 n( | a|, e f,||ii| fn, House Fanubbing -- laltlii a/ith a rarietr of Miacellcuieotu Booka, I N all variet as and qnalilie,, lo|r genera house , U sailable as gifts for.New Year'a Day. for nk) lornisbmjt, for salo at , I by, " . E. F. UI/atEl*, ( «!eeS9 aear tfcs Host OaleeJ ",·" A (aed Book ia Ihe best ef Mewls, tbe same , d.c31 itlcCLURE, LOTHROP Winter Drew Goods, DllJCti as Wool Plaid., Oe(.Jiaa, Thibets Para- 9- snatl^a, *te-, naahing tfaa^e« aaaurtneat in his aiarliel.all at barffaiat. i , jaa4 MeCI.UKt;, LOTrlROPol CO. | Bangor Gas Ligh'. G). ; A U1VIUKNI) n( ail per cent aa Ike capital stock of tbe Haninr Gas Liflil Co. baa beea declared, payable al. the Hank of Ihe Stale i f Maine on the tealh day of January oext. ' W. B. DENNETT,Treas. Baacor, Dec 30, 18W. iV , . *" near Fort Adama. FT' T | i, Dec. SO. The meeting of National Demoerala opposed BAM L B. PEBKIN8, S Apnt for Banpi. , dedl tf Brig Globe of Bangor, Jordan, from ! Curacoa for .Boston, put in tonSt; Thorpas No- « 27th in dntrevtf, she had lost heii aaila *rr rieh bosflta elegantly bound 411 Turkish j and Sprung aleak. Th» mat* aad two, sastmen, Fedwal orHters IrUfcTstaTe or^oca'l eieotiona aaticttta tad highly gilt, wWeb Wbaen pent to had died on tbe passage «U|h tha yellow fever.- "·Jijj**"'. IJT 1 ^!!!!?--? i ! t *^"i °* tjr TM i at She was repairing and woqM be ready 'to sail G.n^^TS'S.T^r'.r''* The Beit Music; Boolf in be World ! AKIlJa, K» I Kenduakeaj Bridie, Hole ! , Th* New Oannina, Sacra. laVbin'a Superior Eztraeta, j Phy«loian'« _ , ,,,._ D IAllt and Book of ear.fes«e.i. for 1864-s new work ol tntl nliUtv Alao, the PhF- aiciaa'a Packet Compaainn, Faojllv Diary, and a treat vari. ' 1 -- ·ale by r i..s i M 4 Kendiiakeai Bridie, Sole tawdtwSnT AlH),the (iennine Marina Co/orMc.iaetreeeived at 1NORAHAM n. F U L U K K - 8 . IiadyB Book For January, received by . 1». BUGBKE. Putnam"tar _H_^_" OR sale by O. BUbOBE. Extra Cotton Flainnels, O PENED tbjs moraiaai. at No. 1 Main street-10 PS St Lawrence Celtoa FlaaaeU. » pa. HamHtra j. do ib 10 pa. BedTonl klekd do do tocetber with rariosu rtvUa blek'd aad anblea'd all at low prices. H. M. KENT. ' ·at his na. aaetitaM af his ^soai.y, · MaVWM Of m. Mr. i«rT . · I- ' ., 3OT Vow* an tiV«*»ta,d ttt U» safety oal'.i. rb,.'Bp|t.s« wmaajpamttat of the' Mnr York ^^ - , . ' .TM| - ' " Ut1«kafU Iff a^Iin CVMajajsJs) m f.aj.a,aa. mnfJV samaBBBsaa t* t^npr^^gp.******. ; . . . . . . T ' ' :· J i East fllde Booktrtore. rl ' r w 000 "?*«· «f Canwn»eai!r r.ll . valna. Teachers hy ma iaf n*y *Ms. or ar stam|4, will tavislnsj. 4e44. .LETto 11 "" QPOD tUTIKO penacuy cons ·M ib« tain of the £H,ln ai rUTNAM lor Jeaeunr. ISM, for aak - f c y I deeM , WM. BAKTLETIVJr Boaton Almanac for 1854, Putnam tor January / . R. 8I1ITH. Whale OJ Boaton Almanac for 1854 l*£\ UBU) rtaperiar WaaUOil, for sale very iSrU .eVbv OKt) W. LADk), OW papert for sale.

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