Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey on November 29, 1910 · Page 9
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Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey · Page 9

Trenton, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 29, 1910
Page 9
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12 TUESDAY, M'KENNY OFF TO IIVELY CONVENTION i Building Trades Council Must Reach Some Settlement in Metal Lath Dispute Luke Jit-Kenny of this city ha« (Jfnie to St. Louis, wftert !w will attend the Sefrlon of the NaiinaaJ Ridding Trade* Council as the r^-proser.mtlve of tie · International leathers' t'r.lcn This convention will probably be one of tbe most important in the history of that body anrt it is generally believed that on its acnon -will either r**snlt the etrength^.xttiij!: rf tii united twviies or the pfHituap of the organization to suc.h an extent that )t will be ysBTS be/or"- t'le r-uiiding trades can recover from the sfnbark. The trouble Is the result of a' decision rendered at th* Tampa convention relative, to the jurisdiction over the placing of metal lath, which decision has be-"n appealed several time* a*n3 as often referred ba^tk. with the that the question Js no nearer Gladness comes with a better understanding of the transient nature of the -many physical ills ·which T»ni«h before .proper efforts--gentle efforts-pleasant efforts--rightly directed and assisted by the pleasant In-ratlve remedy Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna, Its 1eaeficial effects are due to the fact that it Is the one remedy which promotes Internal cleanliness without debilitating the organs on which it acts. To get .its beneficial effects al- i.Veays:buy the genuine manufactured ?W-theCalifornia Fig Sv,up Co. ·: ; USE POSLAM FIRST For Any Skin Disorder-- Mari. e !ous Results Are Q u i c k l y Seers. Posia:n appeire-i to ~ M . ~ ' - ' j - r ^ - ' 5**^- Jrn*. Prov;.lfnce. R I.. ; -. N .-·- :·"·-«-'.. "Bvt." he \mtor.. "I ;hou«:h: -vj-·· ;-«"f there must be ?nieCil"c K' A -^ * ^ - ' i : " l l r ! would not be that p-:.-» _ ' t . - r !T* ' ·AM-" 'narvet-vj* I htui a .' --.-i.^* .1. · twtly. in two w^f-ii^i I u .u~ ^ rv-w rid.:.. not a blemish or a pini^i* " " ' · K -"''· Poslam Is now u - ·w-.-.".. .-·-·' ' ·' « · *k!n 3i*or-ierfi, her.:..s- · ~ !.. *:.v h - a - s out the eUun:f :·..».:·-· ' - r · · ····"··.; ''-' itching at nn^e. h«»: : t ·; '" - ··" "- , r s st.onn^ the k;: t- 1 " '···--:* ·'"' i " -'· : ·"' poslam nr*=t n r~' ; ' ' - ·· ' i-:\".''-.".4 !.-. depen-iabl" f ·· :-· -. · "" "' i-vz-.-!::i. acne. t*tt«r. *»:i v ,-:r : -. l - n - - - :_!=· And all other t--r:r.^ : ' -i 1 i. a^ w - " . for clearing th.' *k.v - f :·: ·. ·? f'.-" '.-;-·*. pu"h as pimp.*-.?. r i ' ^ ^ , r--J rtns,-s. !n- flamed skin. · -'.·-, I ' · : · * : .f *··-' :n :wo sizes 'trlai. 50 .-ens .mrs. K I dy all drnsEtfts. r a n - - - i l a i i v : -p M ''.-r I ' r i i s ("*o. Fnr fr* 1 * ?iarrji:« - A r t i , - lo T f . K r r * r - Kencr -JLAbora:--r-- s. TM \v,-«: Twor.:y-!1f:S StKit. New T'-r'K I^T" solution today than it xv*u» 'A-itJi t h e , advent of this stylo if Uuhinp j The frietlun iw-twes-n th-- lathers and the medal w-orkers Is .e^neraj thrvmeh- I out tbe country and in th- .nfrthern j section of New J^-rs^'V 1? r^-juv-ine; ;tn acute stape, wuh the result that an Internal Hcrht of vast proportions is now on irv pnme s*ctt"ris- of 'he country suid is only thinly veiled In other sections. GET $3,125,480,01 WASHINGTON, Nov. 29.--The n»t income, of the 2K2.490 corporations of the United States which are subject to tax under the corporation tax law was $3.325.480.000 for the year which ended on June 30. According to the returns made t'o the Internal Revenue Bureau, the capital stock of the corporations was J52.- 871,626.752 and their bonded and other Indebtedness was $31,333.952.S9fi. Thus the average net income on these peouritfes, including all the watered stock, was 3%i per cent. FIFTEEN PROFESS CONVERSION. The two weeks' evangelistic services in Broad Street M. E. Church closed Sunday night with the result that there were fifteen added to membership. Of this number .there were three by certificate and twelve by conversion. The services were well attended each night. . 1 NOVEMBER 29,1910. WANTS $U60, SPENT ON RIVER _ WASHINGTON. Nov. 29.--Estimates j for river and harbor improvements for thf? fiscal year to end July 1. 1912. as submitted. In the annual report of General R. w. Bixby, Chief of Eni gmeers. V. S. A., made public today, aggregate JS2.227.361. For work on ! the Delaware River, between Philadel- I j phla and Trent'Mi. $160X100 is the es-! jtimated amount, while the estimate b e - j low Philadelphia is $1.200.000. j The estimates, the report states, are j made particularly low. as it is ex- j pected that Tn the future this work will be provided f"r by a fixed annual appropriation. Only ill projects are selected by General Bixby as wor- j I thy of an appniriarion next year. Of! i the total esU-iiiatr made, it is proposed! to spend ten p£r cent, on the restora- I tion and maintenance of completed' ,vt .s in 136 localities. The bulk if the remaining money s to be largely for work on the Ohio. Mississippi. Detroit. Hudson, Delaware I ind Columbia Rivers and to eleven of i the most important harbors. i Sale of *75 Suit* at-$25.00. BOY FOILS HIGHWAYMAN While walking up Market Street. near Union. Saturday night, about 7.30 l wltla ?300 given to him by ·William L. WaMron. the grocer, of South Warren and Fall Streets, to deposit In the Mercer Trust Company "hank. 14-year-old Joe Kennedy, of 309 Union Street, was stopped by «. highwayman, who attempted to rob.him. The man stepped from behind a tre* and grasped young Kennedy. The boy managed to wriggle from his embrace sufficiently to scream for help. The highwayman, although pursued by probably thirty men and boys through Decatur Street, managed to get away -by darting Into an alley. LIGHT OLD CITY HALL CLOCK To the satisfaction of thousands of Trentonians, the clorls on the old City Hall, was relighted last oiprht and will continue to be. according to LissrsTs, the new owners of the building. For several nights the clock had been dark. "t-£- ~ BLEEPS' IN ALLEY, IS ROBBED. William Hagerman of Ijawrenceville reported at the Central Police Station that wMle lying asleep in Rhodes Alley Saturdavglght he was relieved of a watch-Snoring., The watch was taken 'Trom his-x*est pocket and the ring was removed 'from his finger. He discovered their absence upon awakening. r The Last Wednesday for Doable Gold Stamps Before Christmas Wjrtcn Our Ads for the New DOUBLE GOT.TJ STAMP PT.AV. «» The store that saves you Money on the best of ova. /thing. Better take fall advantage, of this last "Double Gold Stamp aV'^it means saving six cents on the dollar--«ui Cpristmas is cornJcgi A Gold ,bfokful buys SS.Off wortlf .of holiday gifts at the Christinas. «tore^-KaufiTian's. nan \ tf/fv6if *t*Js KTd Body Dot!*; Tnany-wkh. oetlu- lold.'bead and lim*w; T^c. to fSOO. DolU; Jointed Bisque dolls, with exaict -copies sf the la- ti«e caa "be · rcuulshed ; «o look gooS a« n«w. as the ciprawlon te not tojured . in. ;tJi» » r. to Dolte of all sizes, kinds and colors. N«ver was such a crowd gathered in Trenton before. A-nd most of them jooiiieyed here from fr-svrj Bnropc just forTM the purpose of nmWng "ATnerican girls happy Chnsrtmas morn. , Doft expressions were never- sweeter, they never before quite so closely resembled real bovs and^girls, never T^as there a gieater variety, and because the quantity is so great, and imported direct from the famous "European maiers, valu«s were never before quite so JnV The Bisque Dolls are the best in the world-- theJamonsEiestner "Crown' and Handwerct Dolls. Beautiful expressions, pearly teeth, deeping eyes, extra fine hair; some with real eyelashes and «yr»- IM.OWS. Prices, 50 c. to $T.OO. Our $1.00 Dolls are the talk of the You'd expect to pj $1.25 -or $1-60 for may ot them * «nd «o« a variety' _ -5 23-inoh Bisque Dolls -wlti olo««ing «j\j; _ ^ue «Kli real DJ 4 lasfcesl " "" - - - · 22-Inch Kid Bodj DoH«, ^2(Minch ICW Btfdy'lloll* with "real hate ~ K-incn .KM Body Colls. Joiatcd-at.Wps ind *iv«s^- JP»! and eyelashes. }8-fech Doife: with cellutold-lieada »Jia-?»«"d«. 18-inch r t «ssed, Jointed "Bisque Dolla to about W styles. We've a new .assortment ^ of the best Dollar Umbrellas in the Gity ThfiJ- have eiira . RCKMI qiisJtty tape cdgp gloria * ' oo»«M.ij steel rod and strong paragon frame, "and a very tg vajiely of n^w s- -handles-, including plain and fancy mission effects, bone -· and natural ·wood handles, silver trimmed, engraved -or plain. Sizes for both men. and women. An eka fine valua at our special price of $1.00. AlWLmeivNapkms at$2.59adoz. HE'S GROWN SOME The :extra; .fine.rSS.OO , Every thread "warranted pure -llnea; ftflhbteached; the -large :j2Z-lnoh; size; tnanr/beautlful : iiew/patterns. Yottr choice, a .$2.59 SENATORSTM AFTER GOOD BERTH He Wbul.d Be Secretary of State or Replace Banking Commissioner Lewis Although he has been quoted as. say- Ing that he Is not a candidate for the office of State Comptroller which will be disposed of by the Democratic majority is joint legislative session the latter part of. February,' General William C. Heppenheimer's name Is being, urged for the place by Robert Da.via, the Hudson County, leader. Mr.- Davis "says that Inasmuch as'General Heppen- helmer served as ' State Comptroller several years ago he -is eminently qualified for the duties and his selection would be received with favor by ·the.Hudson Cbunty Democracy. Mr. D.avis .is of .the opinion that Hudson County is attb entitledi : to the job of Secretary of State when: Colonel Dickinson's terra e^gjlres a year and a i.half hencel It IB states iere that f Senator Gejrge S. Silzer of Middlesex^ entertains aii; Idea of trying to capture the placet of Secretary ^f State :for'him- self, rdr if he fails in this to"' : liy'" to land .the" Banking, and- Insurance Comml«- slohershlp, now occupied Tby-Vivian M. Lewie, wHoBe term :of office will «ac- plrei at "about the time Mri Sllzer's term as -Senator .will; end. DR. FREEMANTLE MADE ADDRESS Dr. "Wjnfam : .A^ JVeismantle, who is de- liverih'g a serles-of lectures iii Association Hall to Trentonians; Sunday afternuotr aadrelsea-the-ptrpils of (State' Street M. E_ Sunday School. He was introduced: to the scholars ,-iy th^Rev.Dr; -Isaac. It "Wooi pastor of the church. A A A jfc A UNION LABOR NEWS That Christmas Picture framing order should be placed now Jn. onlet to give tra opportunity to .give^unhurried, patestaking" Attention to every detail and have ^Sie ftanie /ready:fn .time 1 for CfirfaLuafe Our variety «f new mouM.- t» -wide and choice» our « framing artists are ex- oar prlces.L:are; moderate, . ;we .guarantee satisfaction with *very order. But NOW i« the time to place that Chrhtmat o,dar. For die *ife or housekeeping friend the BisseP Carpet Sweeper is an ideal Holiday Gift Our stock embraces the sty1w, flniahes : ax eizets,'.' aw!, of course, yon won't find Jo r «i "B4ssel" prlceo than A f«*"BttseM" fteiartngi," »wWch do tor -;* ctdV^t i-TM^.-p«r what Hs»ll-l)ea.ii^,j Jo for a Mt.jdp·- du«tproof axle tubes.- which : pi event thread* winding 1 ~about tee axl^ rod?; antj-rave!er, which prevents dut or thread getting Into the hole* at ends of,the brush; furniture protector and an latest sweeper impmve- tnent*. They ^outwear 40 brooma A CbijstmaB gift that te [ong te»Ung and thougtrtfuJ. Ideal Christmas gift* at W are warm-hearted little friends that al»a y s make vet /sensible Holiday Gifts OIL HEAliERS Wbilley. Garrett Schenk and William Smith. William Strauss of Brooklyn has been elected seventh vice president of the Clgarmakers' International TTnlon. The conductors and motormen oh the Riverside Traction Company have arranged and put into effect the nine- hour working schedule, thus doing away ·with the objectionable s*lug runs. The Brewing Engineers have decided to continue in the ranks of the International Brewery Workers, by defeating a proposition to affiliate with the Steam · Engineers' International. MPSCBHISOR GRIPPE VANISH the Most Severe Cold and . Grippe .misery relieved in Just a Few Hours; Tou can surely end ,,.,_ break up ; the most severe; cold either, in head; .chest, bacfc sjomach or limbs, by taklpg a dose bt Pafte's .Cold- Compound ewpiy. .two", hours, until three consecutive doses are taken. It promptly relieves the most miserable neuralgia paJns, headaches, dullness, 'head and hose stuffed-op, fever-- ishneSi sneezing, sore throat, mucous catarrpal discharges, running of " the hose, soreness, stiffness and rheumatic twinges. Take -this harmless Compound' as directed, without Interference : ^Itl your usual duties and with the knowl-r edge that .there Is no other/medicine, made anywliere" else .in the world, which win curs" your cold or end Grippe misery as promptly and without any other assistance or bad after effects ~as~ a 25. eent package: of FapeM Cold. Compound,; which any-, druggist in the wofld can aripply. , Pape's.jCpia -Compound is "the result of /three years' research at; a cost of more v fhan. ftfty thousand dollars, ; and contains no quinine, which we have cpncauslyely demonstrated "Is -:nbt ef- iective-iii 'the' treatuient 6f" ; ic61dB or grippe: With the recent organiKttlon of he textile -workers, the leather work- jrs and bartenders of ^Bristol, unlon- affau-s in that section- are taking on an .improved aspect to local labor men. For a Tiumber of years the crafts 1nthat : dty-have ;ha3eno .organization, and with Ihe advent of these three bodies it is the purpose of the trades uniom^sts of that city to oi^anlze a Central t«bot Cnlon and thus start work of .organization In the other · crafts, whicfc many men who , hold cards are to be' found, and who will render aid in their particular TJranchear * The Shakespeare Jiever performed a 'greater set vice for mankind than that of telling posterity "All's wdl that ends well." test of all things it in ifie ending* following officers have been evr the Union JbafteJ Trades As-" miJiiLiunv which-'held"tiieir annual ses- ion in st Louisr president, J, B. Len-t_)f nothmc isthis more true than non, Bloomlngton, 111.; Urst^lce-presi-l ; t ° dent, John P. ToHTn, Boston; second * if jg JtrUC OF CO31 vice president. Owen, ilfller, St. lxuis;l ^ . third vice-president, x w. Havs, i»-i The common, everyday kind ori dianapolis; fourth-vice president, Jacob! . ' Fisher, Indiariapelis? fifth vice ;presi-} ^Oal that W« all bum m'Our dent, T- A. Mckert, .Chicago; secre- JTis jjesf Cough Syrup is Sasily Made at Jiome Cost* Little and Acts Quickly. Money Refunded If It Fail*. This rt»clie makes a pint of cough ayrup anl slaves you about J3 e.s compared ·with ordinary cough remedies. It stops obBl!- uate cough*--even whooping cough--In a h'jrry, and is, splendid for sore lungs, agthma. hoarseness and other throat trouble?. Mix o-o* pint of grao"lnt«d sugar with 'i pint of warm water, and stir for J minutes. Put 2H ounces of Pinex (fifty cents* worth) In a pint bottle and add the Sugar Syrup. Take a teaepoonrul every one, two or three hours. Tastes good. Th,s takes right bold of a cough and gives almost Instant relief. It stimulates the appetite and is ellghtly laxative--both excellent features. Pir,«c. as perhaps you know, is the most valuable concentrated compound of Nor- wav wnlte pine extract, rich In gulalcol and thrt other natural healing pine elements. No other preparation will do th» work of Pinex in this recipe, alOwugh straJne-? honey can he used instead of the sugar syrup, if desired. Thousands of housewives In the United States and Canada now use this Plnex and Sufjar Syrup recipe. The plan has often been Imitated, but the old successful formula has nev*r been equalled. Its low co£t and quick results have made It immensely popular. A guarantee of absolute eailsfo.ctti" _or, money promptly refunded, goes with this recipe. Your druggist has Plnex or wfll get It for you. If not, send to The Plnex Co., Ft, Wayne, Ind. tary-treasurer,- Washington. Thomas '. C. ; -P. . : -Tracy, rn the t : te aH ftvttr Plin. J»p«"5\jdv n*-**4 turn-. meA and jewel studded; two-quart and The "MHUr," the "QuMiV and the "P*. Jetton" OH Heater*. Price*. f?4« to tS.60. fires for heating and cook- this city, a, delegate to tlie - "American Federation .of Labor In St. liouis from the National Brotherhood of Operative-.PotterB. was "_ oh "th«. Industrial Educaaonal Committee, and FreMderit-.3^?3;"-;tuffy of the same organization was placed : on: the- Grievance Committee. Job Jones, of I^cal No. 124, B, I. t., has been elected "a-delegate ta_the Central Labor Union- . " " · _ · - ' ^That the Ix»s Angeles Times was destroyed by an" explosion "f gas rather j than by d iiamite is now generally believed, and this beHefls partially isua- talned by the'. withdrawaJ of a large portion of the enonnoua amounts which were ottered as rewards,' ; lmmdlately following the calamity. .---· - At the TCdnventJon of. · the American Federation of Labor in St -9UUIs last .week an exhaustive reporfon tfte affair was produced and evidence showing that windows in . adjoining buildings were not cracked, that the force of the explosion was upward and "not downward, as a man-in the cellar escaped uninjured, coupled with the knowledge' that gas was known to be escaping in large quantities, all tended to confirm the verdict of the catastrophe Selng the refeult of an accident. Because the ash-heap Js the ending of every ton of coal. "/#?s '·well, that etids wel?' " Than "Silver Ash" coal no other coal so aptly: gives point to. the;lmism Because.'^Silver Ash" coal's end " ; is '-^ - ' . ' " ' - ' . . . ". "- .- ' : - · . : - ; ; the'smaflest. ash-heap of any: of th«Sfnany-kinds- ot sold in"Trenton. just'phohe 70 All of at off. Good 1 4 urs at I ,ow 1 *rices For Xinas Buying There's no donbt about rearliness in bur for store and BO question about the superiority of the value* we offer. - If we had not contracted for these luis as far back at last May, our prices -wonld of nesceisity be considerably more. But by our timely purchase yon oari get here, choice selections of good furs at prices as -low as you will pay iii miiT^y gtoras for inferior goods. \ ' - ' . ; _ - . . - ' ; ' . ' Mere: prices count for little, except you make careful opm- ,f hich we invite. Sable Tox HTv'.s, $6.00 to $20.00, Sable fox Shawli Scarfa, $7.90. *l^lc Jo* Miuis, $10.00, $il.8tr to $204)0 Black Fa* Scarft^ $H.95 f flS.80 to $8750 Black Wolf Mnffi, $15.00 «"«! $18.75. Black Wolf Scarfs, $15.00, $ie.5 and $«?.50. Sable VACCOOD; M»»»8, $10.00 and -$15.90. Sable- Raccoon Scarfs, $10.00 and $15.00 Black Raccoon Muffs, $11.96, $13,60 aad $11.00. Black Baccoon Set"**, $10.00 to $15.00. Ausl*«H«n Opos*if». Shawl OoOars, large size, $25 »*! $27 50 AnulrAllan Oppossum Muffs, large sue, $25.00 aad $27,50. Blade Wolf Muffs, $15-00. Black Wolf Scarfs, $15.00. Black Wolf AnwaT Sats, $16.50 Young WomenV Fur Sets Natural *ox Sets, $15.00. TOH«]C Wolf Sets, $2500 Natural Wolf Sett, $20.00: Black Jox SeU, $26m . Children's Furs . of every, variety in sets or single mnffis and neckpiece*. 109413 Oouth ctd J" eel »e : -Tr^·oton Co, ,j St. GenU«m«n-- 1_ enclose my check for f 26.00. _ . dollar easier Oaai by The coal is entirely I- bought- be-flw\j A-O I luow of n» f6vt_ ;-"V t ·, t Dear? Mr Beiniettr liy-coal wa», dellverad thto .. .. . about '.pot ling con! In the cellKr. aft*. -mrtji ··.jying th«- t/ 7 - Goal looks a little lar^ir than v«ual *»«· !»i«t/tt, -"* IM * b"urjjed;weHjr-h«Vliig ibo fault -'In ^ ^ " ' " " " .. - . . The abfre 'fac words . . - . . - . imile fettciW ore tew of tihe Deceived. {NEWSPAPER Arrangements are being made · for . the third annual bait of the Coach I Drivers' Local, which will be held Wed- I nesday evening, - December 14. The in charc« consists of Cart B«U Phon« ( _,

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