Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey on November 29, 1910 · Page 7
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Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey · Page 7

Trenton, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 29, 1910
Page 7
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'At 0 OF VELVET AND LACE N .KV FUSING TiMfiS, TUESDAY, NOViUTVTBWK 29, 1910. \lfo\R tfc- SAYS WOMEN WILL NOT EXCEL IliAIH; MHe. Marvingt Breaks All Rec! ,, ord But Doesn't Think Much '"j of the Sport j PARIS. X n v 29 --Tbat a v - n t i n r is not a spfrt in v j i i - h v. o n . : - \ \ - ' ; r v - r eXCrt iS t h £·.::!· I R ' - ' I I . " - . » - ' - I 1 V M l j ; Slarvinitt. -who S':r.r.-^ . 'V.-lr.K A r . - ; toinette rv".'-r!"."-'. · · --^- ;i": '"·- "·:*' "... .-Flying." sh' · ' · · -*r-.l. "r.~:Mr. s ' prompt dfriKi-ij;. « : · ) · !i no: ^n^-'jsi.-irter · of the weaker PCX p '*?··-= N--n»- vt .those who hiv«- N-.-M *.-Tiv» in .·?·!"!= Menu for Tomorrow Fried Hotnlny Baked Sausage* Baking Powder Bl Coffee . all the'r I'.vt? "*' - an- aen?pl;j!i? «;'-:;c . ItHe. ' Marvingt fv-r h. ·?··-' '" : 'v ' is an o\l"=r: in f.k,*iiirir, ^X'i'it: ---key nn-J h,.!l.-or.- . awimminp. ing Her flieht Femins offr- ·mains in the air ·without stop hi-fi- wore "woolfri H ^tr'-n-"^. ";i ,-K,:: -ni -.i~::*_ Cloti, a \VO.-ir-?i Jf-r*r-. a n i l a y::fpp- skln m-intlP -'.-uh ;·. i'.ir rip i-"V*ri!i*: the- entire l^ninh "f th' h.'i.i Fur ^gloves comp!-t«! h-r .-"sv.iin- Onc- :"=ated in. the r-ur^-ik%r.«. H-JD- 5=lin"(1 .into a s;ift .fur s--.:--k, th= inv.T'jim of Mock Bisque Soup Crisp Cracker* Saratoga Potatoes Rolls Soft Molasses (Cookies Cheese DINNER ! Mr". Mcat-Lioaf Boiled IVrtatoes : liuf.ored Carrots Prune-Pudding "AMETHYST CLUB TO MEET T-f- Amethyst Club of the T. W. C. A w i l l nvet Thursday evening, at 7;45 . '-.-!,!rJt .Th* c l u b paper, "ytie Ame: tr.yst." win be read, and there will also r- ·V"hp«'p" from the Baltimore oon- :\.nt!or. of the National W. C. T. U. J U D G E K I N N E Y IN TOWN. : Wi.iiam A. Kinney of Honolulu is \;*!T:r!g Mrs- Ans*-j Dally of Carterot A vr-r.u*'. Mr Kinney is a nephew of ..lii !i--- .'.*·"»' rfc»ity and a prominent 1 lawyer in Hr.nolulu. H* was Judge ad- vfw-aJe a: th« rime of the Insurrection ·h«'r". l l f was one of the ra«n who hft treaty at the t!m« of the ·xatt=-n "f the Hawaiian Islands to I"nlted States. THE TIMES DAILY PUZZLE PICTURE EVERY OTHER WOMAN WEAR^i_JTrROLESE. HAT Tne ffed of the fall season hn* bean the rakish little Alpine hat, which may be worn in any way one fancies--turned .up before or behind or at one side and tipped to right or left, as Is most becoming. These hats are made of velours. In black, dark green or navy blue, and are very soft and, pliable. They may be pulled down far over the face ana the brim Is rolle«back as suits the fancy of the wearer. Usually there is a pert trimming at one side, the fan bow of pleated silk and a Jaunty quill or two, pointing backward, being the favorite trimming armrigement. .",;-.. . . -. - · SLY JACK.' ./ - " . ' Jack.-Frost-.-comes with, fln^ers'light, _;' . - ' T o u c h e s ' u p your window. .-- . ·"· . "J'ist to Fhiw- in gleaming white ' · ' i - . - -'. . . ' , ' W h a t , an-artist Jtin'-do-i · - " - C-.-Fisid. Jack Frost ' . . ·" ' · ·-.---".·..-;· · .AXSyFEH. TO rESTERDAT-S FC7.7.r.TS. :?!'--.Upper J?it.corner -db.wn. irt »o.-ij. " · . - , ' ' ptees Cake Jlichef BcBcious ^'lilL^IJTr4 Xfticfise Butter the cake richer ami yott thati tlie to at S':'^m "DISTRICT REPEATER TONIfiHT "The District School at Blaeberry Corners," a comedy in'three scenes.'was presented last night in the Fifth _ Presbyterian Church by the N. O. V, Bible Class, under the supervision of Frank C. Gilbert, -the musical director. The proceeds derived from the entertainment will go to the church, trusteea- The farce will be given again this evening at S o'clock. Twenty-six young men portrayed, the characters of tfie school, both male anfl female. The cast follows: .. ,- School commissioners--Uriah Perkins, chairman: R. M. Drake, Jacob BHlaker, Charles Whydollf, John Smith, Mrs. C.; Swan. · ' - ' · . ' · '. · Applicants--Miss Dashaway, A. Horst: ...UBS -Belinda .Sharp. .Fred 3elch; Miss Sally SSniple, Eerie MiHdaugh; Hezeklah Pendergrass, F; C: Gilbert. ; Scholars, -girls -- Matilda, Scholars, · g; Charles Voorhi Billings, ees; FaitSfut Snooks, Arthur I^ewis; Samantha Piper, -Kestbn Castor: Jerusha. Dickson, Fred Gelcbt; CJor- inda Gaper, Earle MIddaugte; -Ruth. Kitchen, Oscar Tanning; .Sarah Crowfoot, Francis Cubberly; Sally '· Brown, Frederick BetzIc;vMeMtable Jones, ·-\ SUPPER TONI1T ATiiRDCHiiGH The annual oyster supper of the Ladies' Aid Society of the. Third Presbyterian. Church will be served this evening. . There :wttl -be fancy articles, «»-ndy and domestits on sale. Mrs. H, H. Mayham is chairman, and will be assisted" oy the following ladles: Mrs. David. A. Sutphln as treasurer and Mrs. Frank -P. TLamphear as secretary. '} The supper tailes will be taken care of by the following ladies: Mrs. Edward Harris, Mrs.: Alfred EL" Titus. Mrsr* "William: .S.. Everingnam.. Mrs." Thorn* n:.-Wp6druff, Mrs. Robert Shaw, Mrs. Harry. S.. Jones, Mrs. FreiT Maple, Miss Elizabeth 'Belferjeau,. Mrs. Ed- ward-I'arsons, Mrs. John IBruere, Mrs. Ell wood 'Fine,- Mrs. Nathaniel Stratton, Mrs. Edward W. Dunham; Mrs. Horace BeUIe Crossfoot. -Frank Doable; Obadlah Buzzam, James Armstrong; Stepnen. Tacker, JareS Horst;. Jeremijth. Jehkens, "Wilson BIckey; Bobby O"Lee, ; Edward H, Kehr: Seimiel Snooks, F.- '··.. Mclntlre; Slin Dempsey, wilHain^, AJlfathe^.Jr;. "Visitors--Mrs. DIpley, Mr, Swan.; ;"-'- PARiY IN MORPHY'S .HALL. James TCJialen. and :;Tiin6tliy -3.~ S- ftp rgiyc a party in' MutpHy^s: Hall Taist eyp(hmg,Iii honor of .Miss Ellen Tudge^ ·ftie ;e.veniag r-wasi; jsperit in": playing "served. -Dancing-was en.-' hy-'-tlie'.-gUesfS;-':-"--^;-··'-.----"".. :",' ; ' "Those represent;", -were as~ Misses: .Ellen -"-. Judgej ; Mary Nora Mara,; Delia. /Mlllmprei ; Nora Feenev, Tifarv "Cotignllnv Rose. Gongh- lin,- Minnie, Fitzgerald,-"·= EUejt; Fitzgerald,-Catherine Nolan, Mary - and. JC^thryn Keeggg;; JEliizapetn KefwicKi etha., Mailer, '^Slinriie Congfclin, :aiid Tlpaothy J;, ~ Hogan, James " : John "Whaien, William Mooneyv" Be't«r Mooney, John" 'Kxan, James ,Ninlan.; James Bonnfeys Jetoi -Boiaiey,. Petes' -'Oaltoni- Jaines Flannaeaji, JoaepK Hanley, James Mcf3«yan, ; " soni- Johii K3Ine, LlfiBEY IS' INTRODUCED TODAY Mrs- William Llbbey of Princeton gives a reception today to introduce her daughter, Miss Libbey into society. The event will be followed by a dance of debutantes this evening, at Lodge. Greenhulme, Princeton. Among those who went from Trenton were: Mrs. F. C- Lewis. MrB. William L. Dayton. Mrs. W. a Stryker. Mrs. John A. Montgomery. Mrs. George B. Yard, Mrs. Lewis Perrine, Mrs. F. H. Clark, Mrs. Alex. F. Jamieson, Mrs. S. S. Webber, and others. Personal Mention Mrs. Oliver'M. Schafer who is chairman of the Woman's Auxiliary' of the New Jersey Children's Home Society, requests that all donations for the children's Christmas should be sent Just as soon as possible to Mrs. John Bruyere of 131= Perry Street, so that their presents and stockings may be attended to. Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Buckelton of England arrived Friday at the "Hotel Sterling, this"city, and remained until Sunday, renewing old friendships In this city. Mr- Btickelton' is well remembered here from the fact that he was for some years associated with the Stokes Rubber Companies of which W. J. B. Stokes Is the head. He now resides in Liverpool, England, and has a beautiful country place at Wlnder- j mere. Miss Lillian Cullltan of River Drive Avenue niece of -Pemocratlc Stats Committeeman, Charles H. Gallagher, has returned from a visit to Hartford, Conn. She- was one of a party attending the XaJe-HB.rv ard game at New Haven. Mrs. Charles Parsons of Morris Heights entertained at bridge Friday afternoon I n ' honor of Mrs. J. Duncan Dithrldge of New York. There were four tables. Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Dickinson of Edgewood Avenue and their two little daughters returned home yesterday from Atlantic City where they stayed for some weeks at the Seaside Hptel. Mr. Dickinson is fully restored to .health. · Mr. and Mrs. J. Duncan Dlthridge were guests over the Thanksgiving holidays, of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dith- at t their home in Morris Heights. . Fine, Mrs. Christopher Gartlidge", Mrs. Morris. "P. " Cogill, Mrs. John Chapman' and Mrs. Havilah Hunt. . , - TOtD HOW LADY K1NNAIRD JNSPIRbirWORK OF Y W . C. A. Ah Jnsti active, stereopticon lecture along Young Women's Christian As- tfofiKttoa lines was given last evening °by Mrs:.lVWiJHani .Burgess at" the local association..: A brief ·' outline, was given "of ., the- first organisation of association -work, fifty years agb. Many coun- trles were repreSentieff at the first con- ^JKinnaird,- mother of; tlie; present .Lora ,." land: -Wbinen!s i looked :Sjp -to ; Christi o£ Ehg- eyery Young - Association as. :the woman" to -ISrougKout the" : wi who§e-- : .SG.ul.:. ; wRS-:given: the^'-vlsidnVand purposedwhich .took":shape in the:deff- .nite. workyeidihg to - the'. establishment of "ail -association. : : ·-·-' r I Today: there are thirty-seven, countries supporting Young.-Women's Christian Associations.: The slides nsir Pierre Robert Ridgely .Mrs. Barker Gummere Hamtn of ·West State Street gave a luncheon today in honor of her aunt, Mrs. Thomas Bohn of Philadelphia. . Miss Elizabeth Scarborough, dangh- Iter. of Bishop Scarborough, of Greenwood Avenue, lias arrived home from Atlantic City restored to health. Douglass Jamieson of Xawrenceville has returned to his studies at L«high TJniverslty. . Tarde Breese of 'West Stite Street Is .confined to -his ; home with a disabled foot. ' , . Miss Mabel Deck of Fail-mount Avenue te -confined to her ^hoine with a se%'«re-attack of -Count pttp Saxony Von Weymen of Heldelbergi Xiermahy, was a -visttor in Trenton --yesterday.- . - ' Miss Mabel Moore of Phlladelphla.;.is visiting Miss rLeohore Thorn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Thorn of 733 West State Street. -J -. : ; . ' · . Miss Edith Spear of Kewark has, been visiting .-Miss 35thel Atkinson on Centre-..Street,-- .; -V'v.-. ;--'. : -'~: . .- ." ' ^liss Dbrothy Qoodstefa of :Zi Water Street ijias Teturnedrfrom a few/rdays' -visit wiajLvMr. Jan'd jMrgv Lewis of: Pat" -" " ' ' ' ~ ' " " ' '''" Mr; ^d-'Mrs;- SiSckles of Philadej- phi^ :sp4nt v -Sunday:..ih '-this -city- with their daughter, Mrs. Hari-y ; Bernstein. .. , ICeegan, TJaniel Mara, -: : Tftomas - -· McSbvern; ^ Michael "Welch, John Mwraf Michael ;Flapliery J "" aid William iFlamre^ry. V.. MfiiVlFOfi . ; nunaBer. of Vfiietids - -werfe. recently; eiteTtafned- at a,:p»rty at^the borne ot " : ,323 /etiainbers. StreeV . last. Wehing were .of .much r -Interest. 'In spfte of thW r, tiie atteiiil»Tice-was Tgood. - MUSlC.ALiE ^^ AT CHURCH. : ;"·:" A\' rousical; program which" ;pleased a^'large audience- ofs njusli; lovers was giyeiir /by' :iinemb%rs ;. of ttie~_Harhilton Ayenue";iL JB. "Church ·':_· last -ieVenlng. The aftair-',was arranged for the benefit "of the fund- belng;.raised for;.' the erecf. tion :'of the. new:,tftmple. Those who participated /were ; MISs Jahft Burton, the cbufch 1 organist;- -William ^ " Mrs. N. "F. In.ionor ScCkx, 41 grtmes; music- and ."dancing; -eSabarate buffet Innch -was : .8i ved to :whlc the" oentxal .iUsu.c- -" oil . thisf table was ^-a. large rblrthday. cak.e. H- For X-mas Gifts Row* offers the finest display of silverware for Cbcfitsuut tffSag to be found in the State--net even the big New Torkand Phfladriphia. stores ciri excel it, and th^ prices--well, look M th««K"; - - - . " - ' - · _ . - . / " _ - . ' - - · - . - . . " - " " - . - . " · - " - · 8Hwr T«* Sets ..i.....,,............».«»-. fc .». f14 *nd opw»rd« SihwrCak* Bwkcts » ».;.,,........... f2 MM! upward* J*'"'.CtaidrtabTM .; .^..i «12 *hd wpwntrd* «JJid e»vw- N.pkin R«ig«. .-. $2 and upward* Vinvtag Mugs with C«mel H*ir Brush $3 «nd upwards There «^ scores" 6T others just .as" attractive, . WATCHES . .Beautiful ll-jewel movements in a twenty-year cold- tar only J13.W. Also Elgin and "Waltham watr.hes. ROWERS SOUTH BROAD STREET , r: aaagWer. :MIss who was MS years -oW on : SuiJday. Chrysanthemuni tfeoprattphs ' " liuiilnated - . . 'eJghteen , candle*. ' , Friends Were pre»ettt froni:MbrrlBville.' " w T=ig3Is5itoja. S e a Girt tm^ J 31 iais Lee recfel*ed ipai"y ' ENTERTAINS; .: :: : The FWnlgTitly- Card Club was en- ter*alied yesterday afternoon by^Mlsa Maty Oliphanti 160 West Stats Street. The Kuests -were Miss: Jtary Ge«, Misa Ellta Smith, -'snwt Emily Auteo, Miss ^ *Mtan-"Vir8rmla Brit- Towi«BeUd, · Miss ' . Stie vyilletts; ton, *f im -Mi Norfolk. TW)s» His* N««t*» Jones at Mwgaret BtouKhton, Miss MfldrcdT APRAT, wiw .Carolina . Stofce*, Miss »oimhy dark. "Th* club , ·wJH Bae«t Friday; December 9, at th« ho**» of M«««; Mar- guerlte in West Staite A WOMAN QTTI of jwolhen we .;their p»cWe. No nwy be ner . age, a »rti»un with «, nice head of -hair. h«ir that^ls sdft, glossy and- fluffy, always looks younger »«"»; she Is. Herpiclde Tn»*es the *»lr beautiful with. thRt shtfen and shiuiuier which is so atUvctive and always Indies teg w*lthyv TM»»UH»I growth. R keeps th« scolp A~« .fwm.daTM''Ujli. «»d. the from ftUilhg: out. . There- -s£re remeii«* eaid to be "just e* good," but Herpidde la the genuine grerra destroyer. One dollar size bottles sold under a guarantee by IcsJllng druggists -everywhere. Recommended and applications made by the best barbers and hair dressers. Send lOc. in postage'/for sample, and booklet to The HerpicJde Co., Dept. R-, Dettolt, Mich. Th» /M»l«r Drug Co.. - fdriheriy cjiolrniaster " ; of-" the ; - State" Street /M."'E, ; Ch'ai-pn; " -Miss Bailan Murphy,, thfe assistant church organist; and Ro S Ki», ' quart et^ consisting of Mrs. iiyi "Mi?s Ingrani and : :Mr. Oatcalt gav^i -yip-. : ' " ' " " - - " Bliss Ellta. The 'concert given:- last -evefilngjat Ass6;latlOTJltall: for the Benefit of^ the Won««n r S::E*cBange " was a , .pleasing efltertainment. -" .. ' - ; . i -: ; -/ : ' Th: Misses : R«ab:I. : iXacksoii, vjblin arid' JbAhjo ;soldlst^-ajid : Helen Beatrice Reedr;barirfst, ;; proved .real ^artlstt ; and i'inucli applanne. '-·-'_ Dr. .William Gwinnalt rendered several tenor solos, all-of: -which delighted those present Miss Edytii -Harcourt Mor»ut^ was also-most pleasingjln character pieces." which were mirth-provoking, pathetic and interesting. - -.' '' ;'.v--.;..-. _-.;.-. : DAi«fcE IFO^ MISS OUIPHANT. Alford- '.Smifli and Siniai" issued Invi- for a dance to be T given at the Club- andleorlum . : Friday , .December. . --1 The dance will honor iBss Elteabe«i . V.-^ttllphant, who rnftfceo her-bow-to:-society at:a tea to be glvea by her mother, Mrs. Harry D. OUphinifc Th-nrsday -Bfternoon^^ A number of lnvlt»«*Tof» to the dance have' been issued to "ontof -town guests and Princeton students. CON1TAS CLUB GIVES DANCE. nr»ny yonhg people enjoyed the dance gKcn by the Conltas.Glub In Bllsard's Hall. ;lfart evening- ' Th« committee in charge consisted of "Willis Bediis. Daniel Lutz," dharles Hunt. George McCoy and Warren AJsrlnson, ' - ··:·". CONdERT AT HIGH SCHOOL, The students uid - faculty of the High School, with many guests," , enjoyed the concert given yesterday by G. A- Barlow's Sons- Company. The new Vlctrola. was the instrument used. - " " SOCK SOCIAL TONIGHT. An entertainment to which ^thc price of admission will be twice as many pennies as the size of the sock worn by each one admitted wJU be conducted In Trinity M. E. Church" this evening b y th* women's For»gjn · - Mr. and - Jpto; Cranston," Jr., cf . - - , . , BT Wilkinson : Place, are rejblciilg .over the-arrtyal of S.-baby ;-:boy;. : ;. : v Ahithttr -I.. : -Meyer/ »: stndeht at Twf ayette College, has -returned, to;-" his studies, after spending a vacatlo? With Meyer, of "the "', mother; teoliard .-Apai-iiiients; Mr."and Mrs: Philip T.azarus of lli South Broad:'Street ihave been called ; t» :Tork"pn accourit'of -tbe'.death of Mr.'Laaarus! Judea's hills were enveloped in night; The shepherds took, ken of the stars in their flight; Nature was vibrant, from centre to pole, And the watchers took thought of the mood of the soul. The chill of the night spake the J ov °1 the day, As man's sin, of God's love, that takes it away; The earth was beneath, the skies Hfted high, The shepherds-- but " mortal -- linked both with a sigb. Jehovah was hidden, far of the stars: Man limited, bound by insuperable bars; Beneath and around were the footsteps of God; Voice there was aone; only prints where He trod. There were musings oft of the home of the dead. There were sorrow's fears -which gave the soul dread; There were longings of heart to know of the blest. . Of the city of God. where the dweller hath rest. Man journeyeth on, yet eddyllke goes: Wave fret teth. bank; 'tis the sweep of life's woes; Th; surgn and the swirl, the tossing and foam Are but proof of his journey, of nearing his home. Cometh there night, and the heavens flash fire. Come speeding the-olouds: and tempests' wild choir; O'erhead is o'ercast; the sea and the earth- Struggle in storm, as life seeking birth. ____ · The soul seeketh mooring; its anchor would cast. In lee where this hope would hold it full fast: 'Tivould compass the land, take note of its King; If He be Its Lord, its cro\\'n to him bring. The sheep lay as beams cast by moon through the cloud; Nature was reverent, she spake not aloud; The shepherds were musing of the beyond of this life, Where its. warfare shall end. and be freed from its strife. They thought of the kingdom, eternal. ab*ve, Who^e ruter is righteous, whose purpose is love: They sighed as they reasoned of man's low estate; And struggle o'er problems of sin a nd Its fate. The soul would seek God and sue for its need: Confess its foul thought, uncover 5t s deed: "R'ou4d fail to the Throne where m e fc v doth reign, " And trust to th e . Lord to wash-out lts stain. When man seeketh God. behold He' Is near: To cleanse from his spot, to rescue from fear: The deeper the sigh, and the higher the Plea. So deep in His mercy, so high, shaligrace be. The ear caught the' tremulous, marvelous sound Which came from above; the soul did abound With answer- responsive, as the heart when its eye Beholdeth its love, still loving- draw nigh. The angel of God came upon them and said: I bring you glad tidings, be not ye afraid: The glory of God shone ro'und and they saw The mercy of ZUn as it 'flashed o'er the' law. . ~"=- . j » ' The soul that prepareth Jehovah a throne . . He will accept arid count it his own; - The Highest will grace It, and even there be, . To give of His glory, even, man unto tnee. Heaven's messenger spake,: The word te for all; - ' The love of pur God reacheth; as far as the fall: ·Great Jov take ye wings and say to the world; Tne banner of loye is forever unfurled. The heaven land earth, both man and his God Shall, have but one heart, as Messiah's shall throb; God is incarnate; thou sbaJt see and adore; The star depths be barriers to faith, nevermore. Christ Is enshrined in Abraham's flesh": Heaven but yeairieth its love to refresh r Man is Its^JIkeness, he the kingdom shall be: The.Father above; the King's presence "in thee.. Godrhas drawn .nigh; the dirkhess, the sky. . No longer .conceal Jehovah "Most High; . - . For He hath 'commanded, and' Chr'st hath now come, And the bondage of death is forever undone. -, Sing; the angels Tiigh g^ory ifof God's -priceless gift; Loud songs of glad praise to heaven -they lift, · ,- · .God's peace to all people, a Christmas toJeartht - * · - . . The-wbrld is;recoyerea; by -the. Messiah's birth. · , I^et, us haste to ; the true of dear. Bethlehem, :And .bow to the Christ, revealed unto them. . ; _ . . "To see in the manger the measureof grace* The price that . is/ paid'' for --"thef sin of the-race: . . .Thus; Jude^'.s shepherds be.. nien of: our kin,- . . ; . . . .. . · Jtejoicing \vith .them over the ransonv. of sin; - :- ..tet us fall at:thf~Jeet of the: pord-^of all-might. : . i"-'. ;. And serve; unfij^failh shall .be compassed by .sight. - odd, indeed. Is this high-walst- ed picture gown, which illustrates the craze for novelty exhibited by the Parisian dressmaker. The overdress is of silk with a velvet applique design woven into it. The underdress is of 'sheer silk-lace. The high- empire girdle is gold. MRSJFMDYTO G1VETEA FRIDAY A tea, will be given Friday afternoon, ~ from 4 to 6 o'clock, by Mrs. iFrarik Ken- netly ,-of Gouverneur and Berkeley Avenues. The guests of honor will tje Mrs. S-. HarboHirt Moore of Philadelphia and Miss Nevta-fronr Pasadenav Cal. Mrs. Frederick C. Lewis. Mrs. Jonathan H. Blackwelli Sirs. Jumps Breese and Mrs. Victor Strobel of Philadelphia will pour- to receiving, Mrs. Kennedy will be assisted by Mrs. Paul L, Cort. Mrs. "WHliam G. White, Mrs. Elzey Aitkins, Mrs. Henrv C. BlackweM. Miss Clara Blackwell "Miss EHse Breese. Miss May" O. Breese, Miss Lucy Cook, Miss Mariorie Slade,. Miss Emma Linbum Miss Margaret Aitkins. Miss . Mary Webster and Miss. M*ry La Tourette 'of Oak -Lane. NOIVHT4ATIN6 COMMITTEE MEETS, 'The ·Nominating Committee ot the New Jersey Society of ; the. Colonial Dames of iAinerica: met. today at .the Olfi BarracKst 'Mrs. Thomas J; Craven ofT "Cravenhnrsti'- Salem, . Cine - chair-i presiding. .- . , , .- - ··'.' , 'kings: and .Lord.' of. -ail times . Heayea shaU'rtng highest,-. . its ,sw.:eetesi:pf chimes; · -;Jcn.a::the- kiiigs:/df All' ages .shallvb-ow; tov HIr- rod .-_.-.- " . ^Because love .Ov-ercanie . _ . . anil won th^m tcr (Sod." · Daniel H:-'Sctantoa:/aiid: -famjly of Edgewgbd Avenue; have ietu%eU-nome after visittng at Madison;, Conn. / 7"...'.." ..'.' V ..:^%''"". unique ; ; f'entertaWment "wilt"· Vi* given ; i by. th e~ Youiig. : Ladi*s . Byrelgii Stlssidnary Society -ot .the State-.Street M.E. Church this eyeni%g:.''··'-- . "-."-:-:" ': The pr6 B ram conBlati of -plantation songs:?wlt]hf-.the singers, iir plantation .attire. :a .sketch- entitled, "" " iuhaticsV' "and : -a hiirlewn .... pay-as-yaa^enter ^cars.' There; will, also" oe music;:by f the*_ Thomas 1 Trio, airtl during Intermission home-made -caiiidy will "be soldr : ---'-' '·-- : -^J .-·:=. . --·" '"· URGED GOOD CARE OF CHILDREN A gooil-slzecl audifrtce assembled to hear the lecture oil "The Physical Side «f_ th« Adolescent Child,"^ gfvejr'br Dr.' -Bnrdiek T o f : Hie University^ of Pennsylvania, yesterday afternoon (n the BB«h j School Andltorlum. ^ Tflree boys bet* eeiil the. aisres of thirteen: and 8f teen'.- were ! Tisea.- to demonstwite the lesson. Great stress 'was brought to bear by the- fessor in the necessity:of care " - - - - - - "i»^ , Tn,_ ', The ; _last; few days every year: sees- a -wild- frenzied wirnten: of ; frantiiSaUy Jast-JJdnute Every ; year ChystWas Day ,,,--- --^-r- dreos -of-'Wpnienrprostrat'ed -in^body °" disappointed^ In miridr' Yet not ."one pi these deliberately Intends so,wnfortu- ; nate a finish. .If thieir aiwbluteli-knew on ;tbe :flrst:.of- Tfecea»l*er^\thai .siicb wonld: be the Jfutcoriife of their Chrisfe mas/preparations; thes would ;be -hSrrf- TAYLOR -TO ADDRESS .W.C.-T. U. .3iippincptt"'VV'.- C. T: TJ.- will : cbniSact a meeting at the .norne" of Mrs ; ~Q~ H. Kunl,. 165 JGirafd, Avenue, this'eveningi Join Taylor will .speak. . . . ' M A R R I E D BV 'SQUIRE Jlocco Fagaiio d'f- 1S6" Jefferson Street atJ8 Tliss Lucy.: Riccio'.df 46 Bond Street ." were marriea Saturday .afternoori' by -J.iis- -.- ttce; of .ttie Peaee. Abf-ara . .D'Ai Xaar. Lepnaraii Rlccip aitc['..JaTces Morris ^witnessed the -cererootiy.-- .-'.--. ~ . ''r · - : . V i A f V*n of '» dri»nt*l '-:Cream or Magicat B«»utffl«r^. i It has come them. .has nt' defftilte line .sure to come to -In : ;her preparations- L -3Cbw and -then a..woman" ' " - there to Tito toeans Another trip ithere,. a over- the.same 'ground ".agSln.'v.C--_- . mas;time ; and'Snefgyare: :tot»-precfons4 "fpr'.--.fhw.-; : viH-'"-"-- ^'^~ .-.^ :^:,;.; ':j J~; : A11 "tliis' careful planning;"-in'ay; seeni} Tiseless to thetiWoman who _lias.-never' dohe/lt;" jBiit slieiWill find th%t, it; pays^' .QhrlstmauV ---times" / are.-"' -riot : .- L -.ordlnary" tiniest -; Afi ; sorts - of jnisnaps 3ccur. ThTnss= happen; whteh/wqiJld -make Ut- Mfe'difference ; ;at -orther ;i 'sea,sonsf-fbut: which:/:aTe! mcinehtdusL no.wl; ; When- these:happettv i and tuej^ are'SiJre'to, "fe* m -wJUMnit.;-.well-defined 'plans ? her $ead. She begins to fear she I ·G««rKwd'« Ci»«·'» 1 - j. ^ _ _: _ . .-.-. ., - . . «M« itoi ri,^.. " -TM^MdA . , . - T - . - ' - . _ . . and sleeping for' thi growing child. The , professoi* also- spoke*t- allowing,' boys and jfirts to enter factories and · business where the work- Is Jaberlbus. '. Clieck Ihose Gray Hairs ^s 1 hey Appear No* do not wut ontfl yoor h«ir itfoll of them. HAY'S HAIR HKALTH will rr« them to tt'tlr nl u .«l oolot in ao tiM. Uted r*f*Urir, k-«»i UM hair «oft r ri «al «atj«ly bit tt( BNOTADYB. Send a^ far Sr-»- " j-be CM* «f tb« F«t «wt ' .»m,Bto tlons do' not flt the -average *oinan and sh«-had Better hot trust ito^ehance. If shewairis thing3-,to go well with her she. rouet take-.thought" for th where she; Is. iShe doesn't lose her poise. She may have to barry : a little more'than she-intended,\buit. her .maps arid charts are there ; to tell her eiaiitly what Jo doc The Important matter of .thinking does not have to be done now Christmas with' all Its complexities and nunifica- i tion* should be planned, as" carefully as a genera,rpl«B«i-hts campaign. Time 1 should be taken when one wilt not be; interrupted to go leisurely over .the! whole -situation. Kot only should -the ) -^nd .U Is the thought .back of; the Christmas celebration that counts.:: tSe thought that goes Into the gifts.' " " here the value of planning tells. be carefully -thought out; even, the j matter of drtso. .If soxjlal affairs a*e: on the. carpet, shoald be - considered.; Every phase of the matter should bet taken up separately and thought out In i dettllf 'Every point should,,be mentally run dowu to Its finish. . It is wen to jot down on paper the campaign mapped oiru One can seej more clearly and much farther when; thing* -are down In black and white, j She'can plan more systematically, she} can dovetail work together better. It liTuseless to burden the memory when j a suap of poper'and a pencil can re-| llex r e It. And with the best memory In j the world in-the h u i / y and confusion j of the hundred and on% things to be-| done for Christmas little thing* are sure forgotten. -One will cotaa tome fr3ft» ·h.'^pping- L to Mj«cov«r _hi {{ Atli WHi^ MALTED Milk ThtFtitf-rirfc* ft. J n ACM KT k on your ridcboard «t \t^-*, Don't travel iribWt E A i *;* -iv tV K» - ' *vt%» . -;.: ; .I*ax3ps too: much. ash",. It's ·-. costlnjr .you misrft tfian It ."-'-- ought. \ - - "«'·--.- ,- Much asli means lb~crrft ·-.-.?*··;jBerrtte. and "a higher p.fee -·'- . than, $6.5* a ton. . . - - ' \. handle a coal that never- clinkered .and .. burns :«p ' r yhbre- completely 7 than moat --·'-:"-. coals, .leaving the smallirin ' . " , - - ; . quantity of .waste behind it. - · - . . D«Jivered clean, -without · '· . dirt or slate, at the cost rf -inferior coals. - * -' rf WB«f -^ 1120-113*^E. State St. Ph-nii S3t C. W. Updike. Pietident. r Robt W. Kennedy, Scc'y and T«««. Fruh Jir^y WbttRt, in tbt : ri_^ii, 4eft ^ Fr«ih Jirtty KiVi.driml 6ttt lEWSFAPESr WSFAPEEl

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