The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on April 6, 1923 · Page 4
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 4

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Friday, April 6, 1923
Page 4
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THE DAILY CONSTITUTION, CHTT.UOOTHB. IMP FRIDAY, APHIL 6,1923.' ,THE CONSTITUTION CI.ARENCE E 'WATKINS, Editor and Manager IRVING W WATKINS, Advertis Ing Manager , CHARLES A. SPOONER, City Editor Bmtered at the port office at Chll- Ucothe, Mlisouri, a» second clau» mat- t*f. Thg Chllllcethe Canrtltutlon In- ·lodlng th« Mail and Star and. Chllll- COthe Democrat, Owned and pnb- lHhed by-- ftue CHTLLJOOTHE OONSTlTtTlOS PRINTING * PUBLISHING OO. XEBMS OF BTOBSCBIPnOM DAILY by carrier in the City of Chllllcothe, tier year ---- 1? 00 P»r week ---------- .11 PAH.Y by mall in UTiifiton Cotnty, per rear --- - --- - * 00 By man outside ot LJvlngiton Cornty. per year . ------ 4 5 0 ADVERTISING RATES Bemolntlon ol Rupect, per line Card of Thanks, 10 llnet and per line ___ «.___.»*_«»·· Special Notices, per line ---- Inttrtarnmentj, siren for pay, under ------------------ 1 I«Kal Advertising at Legal ratei -Administrator's Notice ______ M 00 Jlnal Settlement Notice ---- 4 00 Political Advertl»Inr, p e r line ___ 19 .01 .10 ,10 (0 A detailed sworn statement of the drcalation will be famished at any M"»e when requested by an advertiser United Frew AwoclarJon Gallatin, on the Alert. From Gallatm Democrat The finding Monday ol three tanks two filled with Presto Light gas and one with, oxgen equipment suitable for the use of safe crackers under a bridge about a mils out of GalUton has led to a recurrence of bank rob bery talk The tanks were found by Frank Henry who was driving a traction en gine to a sawmill south of town As he came to the bndge just south ol! the old Will Hamilton farm he got down to look the bridge over before crossing it and found the gas tanks "With them was a roll of roofing pa per and some light lumber which it is thought could be used to make a screen around the tanks while cracksmen might be at work No trace of who might have placed the tanks under the bridge has been found and neither Sheriff Gildow nor Prosecuting Attorney Dean Leo pard could give an details as no formal report had been made to them It looks ' ^aid Leopard as if there might be something to the idea that the stuff was to be used for safe cracking Of course we ha\e no clues but there have been some strangers hanging around town who have been watched a good deal lati_ ly The tanks were brought to the Scott and Curtis garage {EXPLAINING DANCE OF SIVA .eflendary Tale as to the Origin Famous East I n d i a n ReliQious Ceremony ol There are many legendary tales to jflccount for the origin of Siva s dance Jin brief the stones tell how Siva went Iforth to the forests of Taraka, where [were gathered great numbers of nn helleving sages that he desired to con fute When the god appeared before them they were angry and left off disputing among themselves turned all their fury against Siva and tried to destroy him with Incantations. 'From the fire o£ their sacrifices they (summoned a fierce tiger which msbed hipon him But the god with, a gentle usmAle, seized the beast and with the "mail of his little finger Saved It and ·wrapped its skin about his loins Thwarted in tijs the heretics produced a horrid serpent, but Siva laid hold of it and wreathed it about his meci. like a garland Then he began Good IVewfl The Journal-Post has all oE the latest news pictures and comics If your service Is good tell your neigh bors, II not phone 870 My slogan is Good Service and Courteous Treatment at all times Office opposite the postofflce Vern Hicks Agent STRAND UNQUESTIONABLY' SWEEPING " THE AND " JOHN BARRYMORE -rv-- At last the greatest role in all fie tion comes to the screen The greatest cast of players e\er assembled for one picture (to dance and the sages raging at the\r i (failures sent against him a malignant It is a picture to see and see again dw aif to destroy him but Siva Don t "VIiss It' (pressed the tip of his foot upon the monsters back so that it was broken --ADDED-and the dwarf writhed under the foot of the god And Siva danced on, while the sages ·were struck with awe and admiration land forgot their Impotent anger as Ithey watched his dance ot ecstasy And it is this same mystic dance that fthe god performs In Sacred Tillai the center of the universe Negative Voice for Chickens Aunt Jane who bad lived In Florida only a short time bad bought Mr Jones flock of hens after be bad decided to go North Much to her aston ishment whenever she called Chick chick cli el ' t h e v all ran from her as If In .great fear The superintendent of the Santa X.uua plantation \\ho hTppener} fo he ipassing one day ^vbile Aunt Jane was tiring To feed ber chickens stopped to explain their strange conduct \ou see ·"Aunt Jane he «aid our neigh bors round here just naturally lo^e chicken^ «o Mr Tones hiving lost some of his pn/e hens trained them all to run awiv when be called Chick cbick chick rushing toward them and -wa\lng bis arms \Vhen he wanted (them to come to him he would call "Go back go back go back' and Invite them with food They soon learned the call ' * The following morning when the su jterintendent was passing be house he could hear Aunt Jane calling Go ftnck go back go back ' iad saw her Surrounded by ber flock --loutb s Companion BUbTER KEATON THE FROZEN NORTH Cold facts' The Frozen North is a scorcher -- TOMOEKOW - 2 30 Dustin Farnum THE BUSTER poweiful Westein Melodrama -- ALSO -A Sunshine Comedy POOR FISH dejected looking World vr«r ·ran applied for taBslstance «t th« Pittsburgh chapter of the American Ued Cross not long ago, saying he wai ill What does the doctor say 13 th» matter?' he was asked, ' I dunno just what It i»,' replied tb» applicant, 'but he save It s 'formation at the dlagnoUs Proof The dear young thing whimpered"John, already you have begun t» alight me Are you sure you love me 7* Love you v exclaimed the flv« months groom 'Why "Delia, what more do yuh want? Dont I let you tell me what time I've got to com* home nights?' Oratorical Difficulty "In order to make a great speech you ve got to talk about the things nearest to the hearts of the people' "Yes,' .rejoined Senator Sorghum, 'but a man In mj pos'*ion can t limit bis speeches to baseball and the mo tion pictures --Washington Star. "t A "MUNCH ROM "Were sou ever patroness fct e ·ociety affair? No I m always one of the pa ALL WASTE GOLDEN MOMENTS Much Time That Might Be Profitably Employed Too Frequently Spent to Abaolute Disadvantage. Which do you consider the golden moments in your life? Some one has" said that the wasted moments are the golden ones and It would seem that theie is a great deal o£ truth in tht statement As a rule, you will find thai the pe son who claims that he or she hasnt the time to do worthy*hile things Is the very one w ho wastes many precious moments every day Reading Is something which a majority caet aside because thev- ha\ent time Yet these same persons can be found In the railway stations the department stores or In the theater lobbies walking back »nd forth like caged animals, or stamp Ing theft feet In arable-quick time waiting for a friend to arrive Ihey are not only casting time but they are wasting their energies, they are most likely piling wrinkles In their faces flnd are working themselves up Into such a condition that they will never be able to propeilj enjoy the entertainment to \\hlch they Intend going Instead of so much fussing and fuming It would be far more ad vantageoue to spend the time reading It Is possible to get the authors Is small editions lliese little boobs cas gbe slipped into the pocket of tht muff beioie one goes out and can bt biought to the lescue when It Is nee essuiy foi one to wait foi fi\e or ten minutes--Pittsbmgh Dispatch TIMJSljAl, PHOTODRAMA * ' THE VEILED WOIAN ' AT coMMtrvcnr FEATURE Tit for Tat I oney has made the ma"e go For ages past I 11 state But now the fillies grab the doutf And make it av Kte The Carry On Medium--\es Mi Henneck, yonr dear wife Is In heaven Henpeck--Are vou sure she Is in heaven? Medium---Yes, there Is no doubt about it Henpeck--"U ell--er--there Is going to be trouble there Choosing a Companion The A-iiedale--If jour master want ed a dog why dldn t he get a goot. one Instead of v.ou 7 Ihe LI1 Cur--WeU all his children are of high school age and he thought it would be nice to have something around which would respect and obey Mm Between Friends FIr£ Gill--I simply couldn t /ass by without giving that blind Beggar something It touched me 90 much when he said Please Iswp a poor blind man pretty laclvl" Second Girl--Did he really sav that? That shows how blind he must be I Community Night Tonight -- 7:45 p. m. g AUDITORIUM F^rst CTirstian Church. 5 Engagement Evtraoi dinarj' MARGUERITE SXOW SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY AJTD SATURDAY 10 Ibs sugar 90c -with each order of ?1 00 worth of groceries Also -2 large pkgs Kellog s corn flakes 2Sc 3 small pkgs, pan cake flour 25c 21 bars Snift s Quick N T aptha soal ?l! Roman Gold Gage Plums 30c Delmonte No 2 1 2 can peaches 30c C E BRADFORD GROCERY ___ PHONE 93 5 2 --In-- Mimic of the Hornet Mimicry among Insects accoidlng Ijb Sle scientific meaning of the term con ttlsts in. the external resemblance of a poorly piotected species to a we 1 protected species v. hereby the weukei is enabled to share In the immunity from attack enjov ed by the stronj,ei A remaikuble example oi mimicry is furnished by a moth sesia apifoimls, called In England the poplar clear- vv Ing vi hlch so closely resemoles a hornet that only an entomologist can readlij distinguish them apart aiie hoinet hns the laij,er I ead Bhd 'cnovv tlie hoinet by sight but the mot luis no sting and vv ould foini .m ap peti/lng morsel but for its v\a nlng tiud deceptive Hveiv which enables t to flj before the sharp eves of the hunteis of the nlr Marguerite Snow and Lloyd Ingraham are starred in The Veiled Woman an unusual pholodrama that will be the feature attraction for, the community picture program at the First Christian Church auditor mm tonight at 7 45 It is a splendid pictunzation of Myrtle Reed s fam ous story A Spinner in the Sun The Veiled Woman is a picture that will create sobs and smiles In one moment it will make people sad and In another it will make thon glad they are living It is bright and cheerful as the iilt of a robins spring song as tragic as any drama ever penned The big climax of the picture is one that is unique m the annals of motion picture production Don t miss this gripping photodrama of mystery and romance The extra attraction will be a mile a minute Bray Comedy Cartoon featuring the well known cartoon character Colonel Heeza Liar There will be feood music during the pictures Commun ity prices of 5c and lOc will prevail Come early if you expect to get a seat DUCKS 11 GEESE 11 TURKEYS 17 TURKEYS OLD TIMS -,14,. ( fcv NO NO 1 BtJTTEBPAT Z BUTTEHFAT 40 List your Livestock for shipment with the Chillicothe Live Stock Shippers Association. Phone 960 Always on the lob _E A. PHOSSEB, Manager MARKET Poultry Feed We are unloading a car of 'Full O Pep' and Schumacher feed today This is the third car this season Our customers are getting excellent results Call 750 H W Druen. 6 3t Sell that Coat, Bolt, Wrap. Furniture--anything Constitution Want ads will do It. New Coin for Poland Small metal coins in denominations ranging from 20 m a r l s to 100 mnlLs are now being piep ued for general circulation bv the Polish mluistij of finance During the pa'-t few veais no metal money has ciiculated in Poland The use of paper tLonej becom ing increaslnglv inconvenient effort to remedj the situation has been under taken The new coins vv ill be read} by the spring of next year Test for Love Letters. "Before mailing "vour love letters put them through one test What Is that? 1 Try to Imagine how they would sound to you If they were being read nit loud by a lawyer for the plaintiff j. The Auto Equipment Co Chilli cothe has Springs Springs Axles and Springs and hundreds of other things Sales room 2 3 block east of Postoffice Phone 196 A Colonial Bargain Preserved Pennv--Aren t vou pay ing the savages too much for that land? Goodman Fish--Per laps but then they aie to pnv me the equivalent an nuallv for the privilege of hunting on the lenrl Worth the Lost Ball The Club Boie--Say when you sliced a drive Into the rough back there jour ball struck me on the jaw and knocked me out speechless for half an hour Hazard--1\ ell vv ell, It wasn t such a bad shot after all Flat Dwellen "You know that uunlly on the next floor I said we didn t want to know? 1 Ye*,, they ha\e been veiy aloof ' So they have the stuck up things Fm beginning to think they do»t want to know us 6 tf N M Britton Kansas Citv April 6 --Hogs 6 000 Maiket 5c lower Bulk of sales $8 10 to ?8 20 heavy $S to $8 20 butcher $S 10 to $8 25 light $S 05 to $8 25 Pigs $" 2a to $7 75 Caitle loOO market strong Prime fed steers $9 60 to $10 beef steers \1 50 to ?9 60 western steers S7 35 to $ 9 5 0 southern steers $5 75 to ?8 65 cows $2 75 to 57 75 heifers $5 25 to ?9 25 stackers and feed ers $5 50 to $8 50 bulls $2 la to ?9 50 calves ?5 50 to $9 50 Sheep 2 0 0 0 market strong Lambs $1350 to ?14 50 yearling $11 50 to $13 wethers ?S 50 to S10 ewes $7 25 to $9 stoclters and feed ers 51? 50 to 514 25 Kansas City 4pnl 6 --Wheat re ceipts 110 cars market unchanged No 2 hard 51 20 No 3 hard n 16 to ?1 17 No 2 red ?! 25 to $1 29 \ T o 3 reel $1 21 to 51 27 Corn market higher Iso 2 mixed "7 No 3 mixed 7o 3 4 No 2 white 77 1 2 \TO 2 yellow 78 1 2 EOENDEKSCXV SOS PRODUCT CO PHONE M HENS 17 LEGHORN HENS 14 BROILERS 40 LEGHORN SPRINGS 35 COX 07 GEESE r 11 EGGS 20 DUCKS 11 TURKEYS 17 TURKEYS OLD TIMS 14 NO 1 BUTTERFAT 43 Members of the Automobile Club j NO 2 BUTTERFAT 40 of Missouri Don t forget the emerg ency road service when in trouble Call Tel No 12 For information call 290 Chalmers 1920 Touring $700, Buick 1918 Touring $425 Overland 90 four passenger 1918 522G Chevroiett 490 Touring, $160 f!4 tf Carpenter Hill Fnrniined by W "W SMITH A SON, Halt Block XMt of Federal Building HENS 17 LEGHORN HENS 14 BROILERS 40 LEGHORN SPRINGS 35 EGGS 20 Shievesport, La Apr Friend Switzer Well* Ed, here I am m La "When Joe Pierson eyes tie score of todays game -witch we played rs Giants, he wont be nuts over them Mc- G-raw guvs no more, they only got 7 hits off this baby, hows that for a le emit pitcher Scha^k ast me today where I git my new stiaw hat and white flanel pants, says he wants a stripe pi and says Ed would have them if theys anv such like them, sav Ed I wisht youd send me 4 pr of cool sox size 12 this rany weathei is"mean on my dogs Give my regards to my admirers and tell them to take caie of thern- selfs and not drink no wooden alcohol No More now Jack Keefe Attention Farmers Don't forget to call "at our office and get our price on cyclone, tornado and 'windstorm insurance D We have something new n to offer jou at a very II small cost II ~ Cbjllicotlie Improvements ·We have just installed the latest blocking machine Does nice on both felt and Panamas like new Reasonable hat Makes them prices Paris Cleaners . Dyers Phone 59 a5-12t · * * * * * * * X O AS*s££** + + + + + + * + * * * * * * * * FOR S^LE -Gas ranse -- bal)T riage, kitchen ISIS-W cabinet Phone 5 6t* D "The Veiled Woman' From M"i RTLB REED S fam ous Story A Spinner in the Snn A Gripping Story of Mysterj And Romance A PHOTOPLAY THAT S 'DIFFERENT SOli T MISS IT ADDED ATTRACTIONS HBBZ1 MAB, COMEDY ^ CARTOON 4 record Breaking Laugh Spec- n lal T*o Advance in Prices For This Great Trogram ADimSSIOIl OSFMT 5c lOc --Auspices-- C S Used Cars Who wants some late model Fords from $85 up' A new Ford Coupe a Chandler Sa a Hudson Six a Bmct Four a Nash Sedan and several others worth the money Skinner Bros Farm Club members we can earn a patronage dividend lor you at all markets Shipping rates 6c per hundred including sinking fund W A Austin Phone 134I I 2 al m NOTICE Notice is herehy given that the as sessment books o£ real and personal property in the City ol Chillicothe Missouri for the year 1922 Save been compiled and will be returned to the City Council by the assessor on the third Monday in April All persons feeling ttemselves aggrieved by the assessments ol their property are hereby requested to make or file their objections in the office ot the City Clerk on or before said date or ap pear before the City Council at said time and the same will be heard Mollie E Marr .assessor a5d6t Try a Constitution Want Ad Fire Sale We will sell at greatly reduced prices our stock of Electrical supplies, consisting of -- -±- TOASTERS, TABLE STOVES, IRONS, HEATERS, HEATING PADS, RADIO ^ SUPPLIES AND MANY OTHER ARTICLES These articles have been put in first class condition ' SALE WILL BEGIN AT 1 P. M. £r' Saturday Come and savQ many dollars on electrical goods and appliances. ] ^ ·**"· r -t*sfe*a · t '"S.ji^n ~r T~-~ C1LICOM ELECTRIC CO. NORTH LOCUST ST. -M i \ ^ liWSi''\P SPAFLKI

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