The Laurel Ledger from Laurel, Mississippi on March 4, 1905 · Page 3
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The Laurel Ledger from Laurel, Mississippi · Page 3

Laurel, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 4, 1905
Page 3
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^''imismm^iMm^B ililt" ooweBpondence solicited. b; ; i; Eliisville, Address us above.) -* ~.' MORE ABOUT fERTIUZER; .···:..'.v's.'/.r^AV."·-:-.C' % ' - "··-..' O' .. .'' Many volumes have been written upon ttie subject of fertilizers yet much is to be -'written and learned. .Getting on this subject is somewhat like the fellow's grace. ^ Being caUed'upon to say gface at }diniieif^and^pt being accustomed to ''the'; job, said he never could fiiidta stopping piaoe. i Jeff x Welbdrrii of Tiexas.a practical farmer 'a v few years ago, made the claim that any ,iu,an-: tity 1 of fertility could be brought up from the earth by proper til r lage. Mr. Welborn finally defied - the scier-ttsts of the world and founded a farm ; paper to teach his theory^ The old fellow has passed to his r^wardi but we see more truth thaii fiction in -his teachings. Half the battle in successful farming is the thorough preparation of the soil be"fore the seeds are planted. thVb. G.·'A. and is preparing for a large'cro'p-this year. Guess he has quite a lot of confidence in our, organization." If one man can run the price of cotton up to 18 cents it looks like the whole united . cotton section ought to be able to get 10 or 12 cents for their cotton., ' T h e r e is no sense in -the farm-: ers rushing their cotton on the market in three months. This is faster than the railroads can handle it and the middle-men find warehouse room. It is the big cotton growers' fault'that we have low prices for cotton.and it is to him we look for the needed reforms in systematic marketing and diversification. He is in the association to stay.. We little fellows can de- pe'nd upon him. It is our duty to lend pur aid and we must do it if we succeed. Light Rolls and crisp, brown Cakes; Doughnuts that melt in your mouth and leave a joyful taste and a yearning for more; Pies of tho best and purest fruits and meats between crusts that are an invitation to the eyes and a satisfaction to the" palate. Our Bread is light, wholesome and honest, is baked in clean pans, ana is kept fresh. LAUREL BAKERY 515 OAtt STREET I ' k ,r r "i. : . w :'· , CORN CULTURE. Good corn is made by "streaking off" and planting. We-have never done this, but may have it to do this spring; if we do we can tell more about' it than we know now. I will not do.this if I can get my corn planted by the iOth of April. I'd much rather have April corn with a well prepared seed bed than March corn "streaked off" and planted. It is all bosh about April corn being no good. There will not be a half week's difference in the time of maturity in corn "streaked off" and planted the 15th of March and a thoroughly prepared seed bed and planted the first of April; besides we run no risk m hitting a dry time to - plow out the-middles. FERTILIZER. To compound a fertilizer to meet the requirements of corn in the proportion to the amounts removed from the soil, we must use 900 pounds of seven per cent, cotton seed meal, 800 pounds si/teen per cent, acid phosphate . aiid 700 pounds kainit. Now as pur soil is found to contain enough potash to make fifty ·bushels of. .corn per acre, we may discard the kainit and save three or four dollars that is thrown away when we buy a · complete fertilizer. So the right proportion to mix a corn fertilizer .is 900 pounds, seven per cent. / cotton seed meal and 800 pounds sixteen £er cent, acid" phosphate. A fertilizer compounded as above will analyze about 6-3. A 7-2-2 . fer.tilizer contains nine pounds acjd phosphate too much, lacks 37 pounds .being enough nitro- geh and 40 pounds of potash. Soil in, my inimediate com|S munity inakes. good corn with :; . ^bttqn seed meal alone. This is .evidence that our piney woods ." soi) contains sufficient plant food other : than nitrogen .to; make a good corn'crop. : - " ;. COTTON NOTES. x -United we stand, divided we COTTON GROWER'S STATE CONVEN- 1 TION. The Cotton Grower's State Convention was a decided success in every particular. It was one of the most representative bodies ever gathered together in one place. The trend of thought showed that our people see eye to eye and are of one opinion; are only seeking justice, and are for a clean, non-partisan business proposition.' -^ - Mr. J. C.Clark, of Coahoma, was elected president, M. A. Fisher, of Port Gibson, secretary, M. A. Carmical,of Jackson, treasurer. Mr. Clark is a plain business farmer; Mr. Fisher is a newspaper man of some note,and the treasurer, Mr. Carmical, is under a §6,000 bond, which insures our safety. Thoroughbred Eggs for Sale. Barred Plymouth Rock, White Plymouth Rock, Buff Plymouth Rock, White and Brown Leghorn, Black Minorca, White Weyandotts. Eggs for sale at $1.50 per setting of 15. All who wish eggs send in orders now so they can be filled in turn. Money must accompany order. F. BRADSHAW, 3-4 4m Eliisville, Miss. Nothing so thoroughly removes disease germs from the system as PRICKLY ASH BITTERS. It gives life and action to the torpid liver, strengthens and assist the kidneys to properly cleanse ti;e blood gives tone to the stomach, purifies the bowels, and promotes good appetite, vigor and cheerfulness. Johnston Drug Co. Special Agt. A : The South is a .unit for ; better; prices for cotton. ,,··...·; .. . ;. If the present movement /fails ,' the farmer, can never be, depend-, ed upon any more. : '·'..'. ; The man who has always made his meat and bread at home is not expected to out his acreage, i alreadylearned :to diver. If.Wejdp'-'not icnow what to think ; o f a man that will preach over- and who will not join · - · · · - · ' · ' · ' · ' · · ' · ' · ' ' · ' · · ' Drugstore H There are lots of drug istores. You may wonder whether it makes any difference .where you take y o u r prescriptions or rhere. you buy y o u r goods. [ O u r best promise is our drug store itself. , I 'Come in and investigate t from front door to back, :rom bottom to top. ,, Bring in' anyone else who is competentto judge and let them investigate methods, quality ofjdrup s, p r i c e s /and everything else,. If you do, you are bound to become' one of our customers; because you will find only the purest of drugs, and prices so low. that you will say it's a shame to take the goods. · · ; . , JoHniton Drug Store STANDARD GUANO CHEMICAL MFG. CO. Office 714 Union St.. New Orleans We have decided to carry a full line of Kansas City Meats. We are not the cheapest, but much the best. GROUND BONE FOR YOUNG CHICKENS 5c A POUND. | · ' ·,'.· ' '·'· CITY MARKET 0. H. F. M. DENHAM, Props. Cotton, Corn, Vegetables Fruit Trees SPECIAL FORMULAS Write for Agricultural Almanac Price List The MISSISSIPPI TELEPHONE CO. offers the best service obtainable. Long distance connections with the outside world. All large cities in the U.S. can now be called up and your friends and business associates spoken with. J. A. RICHEY, Manager. The best Board In Laurel! DINNER HOUR FROM 12 TO 2,15. We make a specialty of Kansas City Beef. Families or individuals are solicited as table boarders. The BecKer Hotel, F. S. BECKER. Proprietor. Specialty of Sunday Dinners. Box Ball at Y. M. C. A. Following are the scores made on the box ball contest at the Y. M. C. A. This ended the second series of games which was won by E. F. Bartlett and Kiah Tisdale with a score of 1949. Bartlett, E. F. and Tisdale, Kiah Hawkins. J. W. and Coats, Will Hall, J. M. and Pack, Buck Why that Cold I Perhaps .you are not aware that there is a remedy, guaranteed to cure or money refunded, that will cure you at once. Try Wallace's .1949 .1932 .1876 Singleton, C. T. and Love, S. B. OBSERVATIONS BY A. 0. C. .1816 and Laxative Cold , Tablets. It's guaranteed. WALLACE DRUG CO. 1,000 bushels sweet potatoes and plenty of home made syrup at Ross'. · · . ;· · '· _ For Rent ' / ' ' ' · ' ' "' ' ' ' - r Four rooms furnished or unfurnished. See Doll Andrews. ' ' ' INEWSPA'PER Bloating after eating, indigestion, flatulence or water brash, may be quickly corrected through the use of PRICKLY ASH BITTERS. it strengthens digestion, cleanses and regulates the bowles. Johnston Drug Co. Special Agt. Mardi Gras Visitors. On the night of Tuesday.March 7th, mardi gras day, train No. 8 will leave New Orleans at 10:45 p. m. instead of 5:30 p. m. t This is to accommodate persons coming to New Orleans to attend the carnival. B. C. Blackledge, a prominent farmer of the Mill Creek neighborhood, was a pleasant caller at this office Wednesday. j. D. McNeill, for several months holding down a chair in . the Rowell barber shop, has purchased a half interest in the shop formerly owned by Boyd Hill. Mr. McNeill will be pleased to have his old friends call on him at his new place of business. A shave'that is a shave at -Boyd McNeill's. N. Fine* manager of the firm of Fine Brothers, on Front street, left Thursday for Northern, and Eastern markets to lay in a supply of spring goods. He will be back about thelast of the month 'with a complete display of 'the latest goods for ladies and gents .this market affords. f There is one set of' criminals] still out of the penitentiary wh ought to be made to serve with nigger on each side of them ii cleaning out the horse lots of the| state farms. It is these cowardly, inquisitive whelps who openl other people's mail and pry intbl private affairs. It is a notorious! fact that many letters sent from! one place to another reach thel addressee with plentiful marks! showing that they have been! tampered with. The writer's at-l tention has been called to the] fact that many letters passing! through certain country post-1 offices not fifty miles from Laurel! have thus been tampered with,! and in some instances destroyed'. I Probably the guilty parties do| not know that they are commit-! ting a penitentiary offense when! they are tampering with other! people's mail. A few words to a] postoffice inspector or govern-l ment detective would likely put a! stop to this and put the offenderl where,he (or she) belongs--in a| Federal prison. . · · · : i If all the fools and rascals were! dead the population in this coun-;| try would not be near so many-to | the square mile. 'Particular attention is called ten the advertisement of Mr. Fd Bradshaw appearing in 'this is-,1 sue. Mr. Bradshaw has stocked'! a poultry farm with eight different kinds of thoroughbred chick-1 ens at an expense of near $1,0001 and is prepared to furnish thbseJ who wish them with eggs a'tjf minimum price. : '.V,"'·'·.-;''.· i ' I .Sour stomachY,fullness eating, flatulence are a by imperfect digestioni , ASH BrrrERS corrects.the disorder at once, drives out baclly digested j .odd ane tones the stomach, liver and bowels. Johnston Drug ."Co. Special Agt. · _.'--V;/'^: ' '· /, W,; E. iDrennan; a prominanv young farmer of Service, was '-· Laurel on business Tuesday. ·''· See BiflbopSWobal and . '. . s . ,, · I. » · ' " f , '.'· ,'1 '*".". ' . ' ^-V'.''.'.' SlEWS.PA.PE.Rr

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