The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 28, 1900 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 28, 1900
Page 4
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DEKOT Already on the War to ihe Kansas Gitj Coavestioa. tlTLZEX TO COS FES WITH BBTAS. Fred M i l i t a n t W i l l K«»rk Kaasas C.'y J-JSP* -^ -- 0.-o?'r~ "»an S-lzier. »hv :* brie* j/ooia-d for tie»«. ssc K . ' ^ a r i ".-.*.·: 4^1 ivr E 0 J i . i j L . -f NV* Yy come *hu !;*» vr^c- s. ( -4 B tvt is: j?u.«-r j«l- ica« irvrii- ed a It-Iegr- 1 ^ "OKI that 8--i.tltni.i3 taring he t-i'l '.el'. N-» V^rk far L.a- toltL .»: !!·*.:. A:. ,·*.··-- if'fKraci sj..- Messrs Cr-. L r duU M a r p h j ·»!" !*· sa the N«-br_.-.-.j lap'.ta! ia a f^w d.±^ Mr. uiz-r ti-rii-t lu U- 0:1 th.* iirtn-t,, ·wilh Mr. Brun, and it '-· s^iu'. tb-- letter fcSiitr»»r\l a il-- ·'··- 'o i-onfer u t t i i him. Further th^r. t!..? Mr B.-KV would \ouchjff uoiQmg President O'Counell. of :ht- S^ns of Libert;.. :!:» i/;^. · : u :.;.i:..*t;»u lU New York, is on his w.iy to Kansas *$$''-· ? ' .1 CONGRESSMAN Sl'l-ZER. City and will open headquarters for Sulzer this evening or tomorrow Krod Felgl. t'Htor of i!n Tammany Tinu-s. morrow. Ex-Governor William J. Stone, national eommittecman for Missouri and vice chairman of the national committee, is expected tomorrow night, as arc other members of the sub-commiue**. who will hold a meeting on Saturday. James Boy'p district !pad«r of Tammany, v.ili arrive Saturday w i t h about a dozen of his colleagues. They come to prepare the way for the Tauimanj delegation, which will reach Kans:is City Monday evening on two special trains. Sunday the state delegations will he- gin to arrive The Pennsylvania delegation, mai'.e up of 100 people, and the Montana do^atiin. lto.t!"d by \V. A Clark, is due Sunday morning, and the . ' GEORGE FRED WILLIAMS. Kansas delegation in the evening. On Monday the New England delegation. ·With George Fred Williams, of Massachusetts, their vice presidential candi- ·date, will reach the city, and on the *ame day the California and Missouri ·delegations wiH arrive. The greatest rusfl of delegations will be on Tuesday. Nearly all of the states not mentioned are booked to arrive that day. The city is beginning to take on a gala appearance in anticipation of an early arrival of delegates. Business houses are being decorated, arc and incandescent lights are "being strung in profusion on the down town streets, and a general clean up is in progress. A good sized contingent of eastern newspaper reporters have already arrived, but a general inflow of people is not expected until tomorrow. A convention innovation, the reading of the declaration of independence from the platform, will be introduced at the first session on July 4. and, ac- cOrding to th" present program, the music aad decorations of that day will be selected with a particular idea of commnemorating the national holiday. "The badges for the delegates have been received. They are an elaborate affair. There is an oxidized silver bat for the pio. below which hangs a siik flag about four inches long. To the flag is attached a medallion ot gold o: td sf-ver. Doa'l you know th«ce\\s about oil stov*-^ They have b«o perfected S- that they r.O'.v equal acy sto\rt made for cu- '. .1.^ efficiency, safety, beauty ar:d tuE'.er.i«ice. T!'* most economical stove yon can u^e and the tncst comfortable :s buiw«atbrr isth* Wickless Blue Flame Oil Stove It bums the same oil you use in yonr larn^, at » cost of one-half cent an hour for a burner. Makes no soot and no odor. Sold in all sizes. If your dealer does not have them, write to STANDARD OIL COMPANY. i 41! HAKYLAKD FOKKS1S. Or W. K. Clark ft-lld orinT*-»il K »Mons In ThU St»tr. At the fetlon of the American AMO c:al!on for the Advancement of Science in New York this week Dr. William B. Clark, head of the Maryland Geological Survey, presented u paper upon forestry investigation m Mainland. He (aid: "The iljtr^ land Geological Sarvty has inaugurated a comprehensive plau of forestry investigation, which in- clodea a detailed sarvey of the forestry areas of the State. The investigations are carried ou in co operation with the forestry division of the United States Department of Afrrionltnrft and of the United States Geological Sarvey. Ei pert dendrologists are detailed by those organizations for work in the State. "The results of the investigations are thus rendered available to both the national and State bureaus. "A forestry survey is legitimately I part of a State geological snrvoy. which j of necessity must devote its attention to many problems ontside the immediate province of geology. The State Geological Survey iu most of the "Commonwealths is at the same time u natural history and au economic survey. With this scope of work legitimately assumed, no subject is of greater importance than the forestry of the State. i "The character and distribution of j the forest growth of Maryland are largely determined by the geological conditions and the two investigations should proceed contemporaneously. The same maps will servo a? a base for both investigations, while in any report upon the physical features of the county or district the forestry, as well as the geology, requires the areol method of treatment. The Maryland Geological Sarvey has just completed the investigation of the forests of one of its most important districts, AHegany county, ia the Appalachian district of the State. This work has been carried on under direction of Mr. George B. Sndworth, the dendrologist of the Forestry Division, Department of Agriculture. "It is expected that during the oom- ing year three additional counties will be completed--Garrett, in the we«t, Cecil around the bead of Chesapeake bay and St. Mary's at the mouth of the Potomac river. The completion of theso investigations will give a good idea of the distribution o! timber lands ia Maryland. "At present little information is available with regard to the forests of Maryland, a condition that it not unlike that which exists in many other States. It is believed that a study of the forests oan- not fail to be of muoh practical benefit to the agricultural and commercial Interests in Maryland." Money in Krojc Farmlnjc. Of the forty species of frogs known in the world, America possesses a goodly variety, according to a recent government publication which does not acknowledge that Canada produces finer frogs than does oar own country, bat contends that in the marshes along the Potomac, the swamps of Louisiana and the marshes and swamps of Pennsylvania and New York are to be found B'uiiD ot the finest and largest frogs. It is the belief of those who have given the ruHtter consideration and study that frog farming is sere to become one of the most profitable i-f all oar small industries, and already quite a large number are engaged iu raising the "junipers'" for markes. Of tho forty known upecies, tho larg est is the gigantic "billower" found in the swauipa of Louisiana. This frog grows to four pounds weight, and is on« 1 of the choicest for table use. Next to ! the "bellower" cornea the Potomac aud New York frocs. both large and of superior flavor. It is, however, true thas there is scarcely a state in th» Union in whioh gtwd ttiblo fpign cannot IH found in abundance Arltitn«OJi Democrtttw for Bryan. Liule Ko.k. June -$.--Having completed Us labors, the Arkansas Demo- crantic state eon\ontion adjourned last evening. The delegation to the national convention was unanimously instructed to vote for W. J. Bryan for president Charles J. Parker, of Ouaclma county, withdrew his resolution Instructing for David B,_ Hill for vice president, it being claimed by many delegates that Hill is an advocate of the gold standard. Jeff Davis, nominee for Ko\ernor. Senators James K. Jones and James H. Berry and ex-Governor Jame^ P. Ciarl;.' were sleeted national delegates at Urge. Ankle Broken. Mr Robert E Shaft, of Jefferson, while driv-tig :i few days ago, had his ankle broken by his bnggy upsetting and throwing him out. As he started down a hill near Jefierson his horsij began to kick, one of th« hues broke and Mr. ShntT pallid tho horae into the fence, where the bapuy up3*. Yo' Bones teke? Rheumatic Elixir Positively Cures Rheumatism, i Liuibago and Gout. BAI/TIIIUKE. MD.. Jan. 1, 1900. VOHX ClIFMK'aL CO : M, {'nmlion LonvcM for fiomc. Washington. June 2S.--M. Cambon, tue French ambassador, called upon the president yesterday to pay his respects, extend his good wishes and bid Mr. McKinley adieu on the eve of his departure for France. The ambassador left at 4 o'clock in the afternoon for New York, whence, today, he sailed for France. II. Thiebaut, first secretary of the legation, will act as charge during the ambassador's absence. J-(Trlr.« AVIIIIngr to Fleht I l n h l l n . New York. June 28.--Jim Jeffries, the champion pugilist, states that h-2 will fight Gus Ruhlin on Aug. 25. provided his (Jeffries') arm. which has been in a plaster cast under treatment since May 27. is in condition at that time. In any event he will give Ruhlin the first chance. How to Cure a Sprain. Last Full I sprained mr left hip while hnnd- Hhe VHBO hcarj boxe« The doctor 1 jatleil on snid at first it was a sliebt otrain soil would SOOQ be well, but it grew wor*e and thp (Wtor then «nM 1 hit! rheumatism. H oniiuueil to erow wor«e »:i'I I eo'iM bardlr tet around t j work I went In .1 ilrue store and tat lmrei»t recoma ended me to try Chamber! in'i Pain Bs:ni. I trie 1 it and one half of a 50 cent bottle c-Ti»d me entirely I now recommend If to nil my friend^.-- K. A. Bahocfc. Erie. I'a. It 11 for yalc by Albert L Penrre. rni?!ri;t D«-*th Sentence For Criminal Atualt Baltimore, Jnne 28.--William Black, the negro recently convicted of criminal assault on J«ssie Bradford, a 15- year-old white girl, was yesterday sentenced to death upon a day to be fixed by tie governor. Black inaatTesteiJ no emotion. Tie crime was cosunltted oa Feb. 1. near Aberdeen. Mfi. A few days later a similar crime in the same aeisfcborhood led to the lynching of William Miller, also a. necro. WNd4 Not Suffer So 4«»fa tor Fifty Time* Iu Price. i awoke I*st night «itt severe pvins in my stosMch, 1 ney«r feJt«ob*dlT in all ny life. "S~her. [ cuae down to wore tois n.orcine i felt so weak I eonid hardly work. I went to Miller McCnrdT's drne «tor« and they rec-mtn^-ded Cbmaterl»In's Colic. Cholera »d Mr--bo** Bemcdr. It worked like »MTJC and oue«loa« fixed me all right. Iteer- tal'lr '- tie £nest :tl^g I er*r c«*d for stoaiAci trocble I sh*H not be wiUtoat it in ay borne I.*T a'ter. f.rl jiiojVl not c»re to erdnr»tb4s«fierice- · f last cieht *(ra«n for fifty rime- l»«r-»-e - fi H. 'Aii«oa. Uverr- «»n. Barret »u,«a, .V^b'oartoa Co.. Pa. Th rraedTSs for -n!e by Albert 1* :hose who drink waukef for pleasure, Hart · WW ker »dds ze?t to existence. To tW«e wV -"Hnt whisky for health 1 * sake. Hwr*r Whi-ker nukw life wartU fc.4 u) C. N. M»i*r. Fredtrlek. Xd. COUNTY COKKESPOJTOENCE. ROCKY RIDGE. --Mr. Dix Barrict spent Sunday evening at Motters. --Miss Bessie Ogle visited Frederick city lut week. --Council meeting was held at Mr. J. B. Ogle's on Saturday evening. --Mrs- Qeo. Fox's little son is on the sick list, --Mrs. Wm. Speak is visiting her mother, Mrs. Baker, of Wxd9boro. --Mr. J. B. Ogle has completed enlarging his bouse and store room, and is now repainting and papering it. --The farmers are very busy harvesting. --Rev. G. W. Enders pi cached a v-ery interesting sermon Sunday morning. Relief Iu Six Bonn. IMstresMne Kidney and Bladder Disease r« Ueved in *U hours by "New Great South America!. Kidney Cure.' It Is a zreat surprise o-i account of lt« excee»Unc promptness In reiievinsr P»ln In bUdder. kidney* and buck, in male or female. Relieves retenilon of wafer almost tmtuedKteiy. If yon want oulck relief .irrt cure -hi- i 1 -the remedy. Sold by S.Sohlev *,- Bro.. nniziri't^. Frwlorlrk. Md UBKBTYTOWX. --Miss Ethel Unkefer. of Ladiesbnrg, and Miss Amy Sappington, :of Johnsville, ipent part of last week with the Misses Albangh, of near town. . --Miss Lila Simpwnn, of Urban*. «pent Monday with Miss C. Eleanor Davis, in this place. j --Mr. Willwm Phillips, who has been ' attending school at Pennington. K. J., is now »t big home in this plaoe. --Miss Daisy Monsieur, of Union Bridge, spent part of lart week with her parents Mr.aad Mrs. W. O Monsieur. _ of this place. , --M?« M. "Virginia Hetcalf ?pe^t last" Wednesday with rela tires in Mt. Airy. --Mrs. William Beall, of Frederick, is spending some time with relatives in this place. --Miss M. Grace Monshanr and Mr.' W. C. Cromwell, of Pearl, spent Sunday evening with Mr*. Robert Hamilton, of McKaig. --Miss Bertha Dofler, of Frederick,' sprat Sand *y with Mr. »nd Mrs. Taylor · Siretdner.of this pUcc. i A C»rd ot Tbanka. ' i wish to «aT ih»t I feel under lasting' obli srat'.osa for-s-bat Chamberlain's iConeh Remedy his done for oir f»m fly. We have used- It !n «o m27 cases of coneh*. Isss troubles and whooping couch. »n3 it has always eiven »he most perfect ?atisfactlon, we feel greatly ] indebted to the m mufaota res of this remedy ; and wish them to please accent our hearty thanks. -- Re«peetfolly s Mrs. 8 Doty. JDes ' Mclnec, Iowa. For sale by Albert L. rearre. Discouraged Men, who have suffered the tortures of dvspcpsia. will find encouragement in the following letter. It points the way to certain help and almost certain cure. In ninety -eight cases out of every one hundred 'in which Dr. Pierce's"T5olden Medical Discovery is used the result is a perfect anflk s permanent cure. "Golden Medical Discovery" cures diseases of the organs of digestion and n u t r i t i o n , strengthens the stomach, purifies the blood, ana nourishes the nerves. It has cured in hundreds of cases after all other medicines have utterly failed to give relief. There is no alcohol contained in "Golden Medical Discovery," and it is entirely free f rota opium, cocaine, and si other T^rcotrcs. 1 h.\ve bo^n n "-ufffrer from Rheii. matbm for the putt 1(5 years: at times bavebpon uiicble So r-.iie my arm. ant! ^ i-evcr knew wli it n siooil ri^ht't sle»p was u n t i l the ;n~t vr»"-h. when I wi" cured by vo ir Kll v r 1 am '.n ujy (K-th uxJ I feu! ler:er tocay than I hi"~e fur 10* You t'sti tlif^ *e-**imonfai any wstr ynn wi^h ·« 1 ipneitl to all wh^nre suffering f r ··« Rhtu nari^m to Kite your Elivira fij.1 r h e i a m e H " 1 «li.l anl be cured. 1 live at :EHS Kre moafSVe.. iin'1 am ' ome to anyone to spe^kof the too. yo-ir Kii^'rhi" ione me Your« tr ly. John W Whalen. State of JlarylauU City of BaUimora »·.: Sub'erihrd and sworn to before me thi- 8h d*y of January. 19'»O U-JiLTEtC K. SMtTH. Justice of the fence, 1 N Pnc.t St. 23 Srd 5O Ce'nts YOHN CHEMICAL CO, BALTIMORE. None genuine without the signature. oooooooooooooooooooooooaoi EACH ONE SEPARATE. If each lamp of coal wa? separate, with lees to walkon.und arms to wash and brash Itself would i* ju«f a little cleaner, and could eet into your oellur just a little easier than I' d'X« nt pr«"e-«t. Mind though, only jnrt a little. We ibinK «-e h*v« the cleanest and best c ·»! -erer mined. "We think we deliver i: no promptly B ud carefully as it can be done. We *ho Irt be elart to have your opinion. nn«l we'll trrtit you fairly. J. B1SEP. THE KEELEY CURE! Twenty ytax* of Phenomenal ineem in CUM of Drink Md Dnia Addictions. Ataiaisttred at THE KECLCY INSTITUTE, 211 N. Capitol St.. WHhlnrton. D. C. ·Ih*r* b no othar aathorixed K«*Itr tnrtt- «· ia tht Dhrtrtet ot Olm»oU or to HUT- CMICMCSTER-V C^IU.l EHNYROYAL PILLS ^^·N. Ort^lJiU **4 Oftlx em«d»*. T^fNSArE. A»rn:ki»ie. La4tvs »»» Or*asa \tULff. A:-*'"*!*"^- l*Me*,***oTMa* fcr CHK'HnESTER-S KXGUSH i,la - evo otfaer. 'GoWen Sedi- oil Dwxrrery' ba performed a w o n d e r f u l cure." writes Mr M. H. HOOK, of Charleston. Fnnklin Co. Ark- 'I had the wont case of dyspepsia, the doctor* ·ar. that they erer ««w. AKer trying «ertn doctor* and errrytiiar I could hear of. with no teaefit I tried Dr. Pierce-* Golden Medical Dtocorrry, aad BOW I am cured." Chronic dyspeptics may consult Dr. Pierce by letter free. Correspondence private. Address Dr. Pierce, Butta!o,N.Y. Free. Dr. Pi«rce's Medical Adviser is sent fre« on receipt of stamps to pay coet of aiaSing only. Send 21 one-cent stamps for paper-coTered book, or « stamps for cloth bound volume. Address « above. 8*7 yoa »v it ia Tn« Nnri, OUR STAR NUMBER J. L. KERVAND, EI6UVEX, LITWfiUrDEt a«i PUTE PKIITEI, 1O12 PENNSYLVANIA AVE.. WASK'.KGTCri. 0. C. LETTER, NOTE A3TD BILL HEADS. CHECKS. DRAFTS, ETC. CERTIFICATES OF STOCK. flSdly 1 1 H n m: i n : i 11 i i 1 1 ; i i i i 1 1 1 ; i i;:-;-: :·; i ; 1 1 1 n 1111 la ;/·/:(!£ of esetutsct aal Vig value thi* je-Mou « a Mao's Saoe which we aell at 93.OO. You can ie« it's made on » comfortable lag: and that it hs !*'. no style ia the plin. We are sore you will the shoe u well as the price GEORGE A. GILBERT, 18 K. Msrk.tSt. {"To flunk of Furniture is to Think of Gaily," i ] I Parlor Tables. T A Parivr Table OL very dainty aud pretty desigB hi 4 Mi--:-£r:\j:y with top 24x24,alsoiovrer J 1 she!f, neat'y finished. A graceful '. sell-made, well-finished Table at $3,50, X-* oiin:r iiuiise here carries such, a ;; complete line ot" Parlor and Library !; Tables as Carty's Furniture Store. Nos 42, 44 and 46 E. Patrick St., Fred'k, Md. :: ·i i *-H-i ·4-i- H I : i i n i H CLOTHIERS. TAILORS. Uncle Sam knows a good thing when be sees it. There is always a BEST way of doing things. The American people are never satisfied unless they have the "VERY BEST." The beat dinner in this town today will be cooked on a gas range. STOVES AT COST. No cnarge lor setting np. The net rate for fuel and illaimnftt-in^ GJ*. when both are ased. will be $1.25 per thous ·nd. ^ j| CLGTriiNG AT iO PER CENT. OFF. 0 Semi-Annual Sale of Clothing beginning June 1 1st, at 1O Per Cent, off for Cash. · Our stock is full of the best made goods in the market. : * Try one of our suits and be convinced we are leaders in our line. Specials for Saturday and Monday. I A fall line of $3.00 and $3.50 Trousers at $2.50. $10.00 I Flannels at $7.50, only a few sizes left. i B. H. BLACXSTON SON. 36 North Market Street; I Y. M. B. O. D. ··»····«·········« ***** ISABELLA GAS WORKS PATRICK STREET. 35 upSdti Tlie Buffalo's Liquor Department NECESSITY. Mammoth, ' " o l o s s a l . Uutre. Im- roen'ie All these wools f e properly leseriitt i v e of the Buffalo'? stock of Whiskies. Kvery family needs :»re liquors There ar« times when ou can't eet alone -without It. Jnst as Important to aare cood imre Ixjnws as your family doctor; that is when jou have a brand I yon can depend upon. Read the many d i f f e r e n t brands-* hare in s'o~k: Carvel, Wbeatland, Old M M., Overholt. Pea?»ck. Paul Jones My Old Reserve Rye 1S79. OM ilelvale 1890. SherKood 1892. Old Klne 1S9O and 1893.^11- ·on. Maryland Kye. tJibson. G. O. Tay or. 1. W Harper. Tourist. Dumbarton. Altamont. Alieiton. Jas. E. Pepper. G^en River Soar Mash. 1 ou cilt al;o find an immense stock of Wines. Ptn«. Brandies, Ales. J'ortcr. Liquors. Cordials »nd Portion and Domes'ic Cieais. Interstate Telei-hone 2S7. Wholesale a-d Retnil Department fT'..lnms. Cr»b». Turtles, CrabMeaf. Ac.- THR BUFFALO. CHAS. X. HADEK. Proprietor. A GLOWING FIRE. The grate furnished with our Coal gives you the grandest fire yon ever sat before'. Warms every corner of the room, and burns with the most beautiful glow. Just the fuel for a quick fire on a late winte7- · r ehiliy spring day- WM. s. r TIER co. FISHING TACKLE. R«T. Robert L. Patterson says: "In _ ei-rinc my cnqnailfied «ndonement of 4 the X-Ray Headache Tablets. I feel t thea. Ther cwnioi be scrpassed as a · remedy for headaches." SoM by whole- o sale and retail druggists. JESSE W A R D E N , \0« n. Charlw lit. Yon can't catch fish with poor tackle as well as yoa can with the beet. Old Izaak Walton was wise when he recommended yon to buy of only such dealers a* TI« He fen?'"' his tcsin^sa. Of cczrsa his advice has helped as. It can help you. We are dealers in Fishing Tackle of all kinds. We can tell yon what to get, or if yoa know, we can show it to yoa. CENTRAL HARDWARE CO. f JAS. E. WALKER CO. j Look at the Display of "American Lady Corsets" in our window. Th«n come inside and let us convince you 5 they are the best that can be bought for the price-- if 'i $1.00. I JAS. E.WALKER CO, THE CHARACTER of a SUIT of CLOTHES is the greatest portion of its value. It is this quality of character which has helped to make our clothes famous,! besides the fact that they contain every essential quality of the rnade-to-order sort at about one-half the price. Apply the! test of your personal investigation today. LOWENSTEIN WERTHEIMER, OOOOO Head-to-Foot Outfitters. XX?OXXXX?OX?OOOOOOyiyKXX)OQXXXX!)OOOOOOO OOOOOOO(X»OOOOOOXXXXXXXXXX33OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOl VACATION FOOTWEAR. The footwear for vacation mnst be of the kind to insure comfort and to add to, rather than detract from, the pleasure of an outing. The makers of Shoes realizing the needs have met the requirements. They make shoes , that delight the eye *nd comfort the foot. -The woman who takes her ! outing on a bicycle, or at the seashore, or on the golf links, who goes to !, * the mountains or takes a sea voyage; howoTer her vacation is spent there ( j are special Queen Qoality Shoes to suit her particular purposes. "We X ~ ·want the ladies, young and old, stout or slender, to look at this beautiful practical, np-to date line of footwear. It is a treat. B. ROSENOURSONS. ya t. 01 a ooooooooooooooooocooooooooooooooooooooceoooooooooooo 5«)(!X5^^ JUST RECEIVED! A CARLOAD OF DR, ANNA 6!ERIN6 Registered PysleUn. Twenty five years" experience. Specialist to Diseases of Women only. Private Sanitarium ot biffh retrate. Absolute privacy afforded. Female Regulative Plils S2 per b»T. Advice by mall. 1883 E. ULTIHIE ST., ULTIMRE, IB «arv agotabls cozcpoand for ?ea«le Com plaints, tt. Wlve« without childrdu can coo ivlt me. RAPIDS CELEBRATED Refrigerators and ice Chests. Call and Examine These Goods Before Purchasing Elsewhere. W. H. B, ETCHISON, i i SiNiittr. 10 a* 12 S, iirkit St., Frtf'k, M. Telephone 122. «4) y i

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