The News from Frederick, Maryland on November 28, 1921 · Page 7
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 7

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, November 28, 1921
Page 7
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THE OAH.T CONVICTS BEAT, WARKN; FLEE Posses Searcb JUI Nigftt Per Four Fipns. ^ 'BKD1 fEllED OFflCEfl WITH PIPE * ^^»I*___: ' Jail Breakers Then, LoeWd, Tvwvrty. one Kled. Woodbury, N. J., Nov. 28.--Hurry J'' ger, garden of the Gloucester conn- i j jiilJ-nere, was at£ack.e^ aoij beaten c\er the head wljth^ an 1 ' Irop nlbe'ii tlie jail by one of four prisoners, Vli aocklng!^ him FIRE DESTROYS BARN ON B. F. ZIMMERMAN'S FARM Low Estimated to Be About W.OOO-- Quantity of Hav Burnt-Cause Unknown. VIre the burn on the farm of H. K. Zimmerman, n.(ir I ' l h a i m which fnrni IN t'imill«l by Miner Stli|! Suiurday nftenuMxi, *dt*Mio\ij]|; \ \ l t It between 40 u u d 50 Ions «f huv. tli t o t a l da maw hHiijf estimated to b about $.%IMK) The fire was discovered by a neigh IMH- about :i o'clock in the 'ufU'iiutoj afler the tlames had buist throngl the roof. Thf neighbors and member i-f Ihe Wtup family gathered hastil: ;1 formed u volunteer the depurf aect, \\liich fought the flames Jut was to an knc tmcon escaped "cious. Almot the entire town was callec out by the ringing; of tlie fire be.ll bj the warden's wife,"when she discover ed what had taken place,' Althougl evpry town was communicated w i f l fi-A nearly 100 men formed a posse, tlio jail-breakers are still at larjre. I-^ery road was quickly covered in .·ir.ronioblles, «nd It is believed that the men made their escape through ojien fields a.ncl woods. The police of Philadelphia, Gloucester and on the lookout for i 'her towns are the men. The men Vho escaped are: Harr.v Mart, 25, white, sentenced to state prison on Thursday. Carl Bond, 32, negro, also sentenced to state prison, .Howard T. Ayres, 34, white, of WestvHIe, awaiting trial on charge of robbery. ·Tohn Fossilo, 19, white, arrested on Thursday. None of the men wore hats whon they escaped and two had on'darkJ bhip sweaters. According to what Mager said after he had regained consciousness he went'Iitfo the Jair after the prisoners . had.*aten sapper to lock them up for the night. He passed In the outside floor and just as he opened the Inside door leading to the cells one of the prisoners stwick him over the head with the piece of pipe, knorklna him unconscious. ' After llager" fell to the floor, the rour prisoners rushed out nnd la order that the other twenty-one prisoners could not escape they-locked the 'topr behind them The trusties heard Mrger moaning and they got word to the war-den's wife, who sounded several fire aarms In rapid succession. TJie twenty-one .ottsoners w 'i, 0 a.- nrt get a chance to'esc-npe xvere each questioned, but thev all said that thev ffnew nothing about the contemplated attack upon ihe. warden. Sheriff Clark hs* ordered all ron- -ftbles and deputies to remain on duty all night-in the search for th* e5- caped prisoner's. portion of UK M was- thought the lire uould spread t' the straw i-U-k nearbj but tin- wind \n* bJ0\U)ig m the opposite d n w t i o n inl when flip strut tint* tiilhtpsml it Id? in the opposite dltectldii Tins [With the effort* of the bucket brigade' saved the buildings. Hole and prolwbjy oilun The bain had a capacity of 2 head of cattle and had cement llooix No rattle weie in the stable ait thv time of the lire. The CHUM; of the tire is. not FIRST GAME NAVALRAT10USUE NEARSA6REEMEKT Another Limitation Step Foreshadowed in Partey, MOKDAY, NOVEMBER 28.1M1 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^""' JAPAN'S EXPERTS LIMBING Brltish and American Naval Expert* Conclude Examination of Data, Is Report. o-\ 2S. -- WILh the qnes- annuiflteuis definitely biu'kground bj ibe ot land Into th ter 25 sold. But Local Basketeers Will Have Practice Bout Wednesday. Manager f S. Gregg, of Frederick's Jifn ly-orgaiiiwdi 'basketljall club, reports satisfactory progress ia the rnat- of selling season tickets. About tickets haie alieady been The goal was set for 30. This mark will undoubtedly be reached today. Tiie locals will appear in a practice =;etto against the Maryland State School for the Deaf quint Wednesday night on the deaf boys' floor. The lo- ·als will use Kreh and Hmehart at ne forward positions; Downes will jump center, while Derr and Quinn will play^he guard posts. Tlie clwb announted yesterday that ·a denl is pra^ticnlly closed which will bring 1 a star iaslveteer to the local outfit Un? :ivoii. Although negotiations, aie practically closed, the player's name was not disclosed. Announce- !m h'ti elup'fiieii'iS of i ho last \\wlc the eon- oii'limltiition of aimiimcnt^ en. . _·« t h u d week with another suide u,ud ugjeemer.t on naval limitations oivt-hadnwed. Tin? na\al ijue^llou, at least so i;ir · Us most Mtal element, the ".V."-3 ilio" of. fleet strength between (Jrcat F'i'liaiii, th^ I'irited Stales and Japan SLUB HOLQ3JUF PfiOMOTlOWS · ·*-·*··»·- Senate Fight on One M«Jor Block Entire Army u«t. m.itlc by ait A i n e i l c i i n n r i n v ill««i igiilnst a certain A i: K u i i l t In tlu ·. IK Mocking th«» pronintloii of 100! One otllcer. Major It (!. p,.,) { . Is accused of l m \ l n g ·slurred the unit. !s the obstacle to the promotion of 27 lieutenant colonels. 1i(» major*, 222 curtains 14.".3 flrst l l e u t t i i a i i l i " a n d 1(57 second lloutet'jinix Itefuvul of the seiiiUt' to contlrm bis nonilmftlnn to be a nontenant colonel has result- d In the present tunsle. \\hldt according to army senior!'y inles cannot be smoothed out until I'crk'tf oaso disposed of. Kansas and Mlspnuii nenutors led tho fight againsl, I'ed; The division 10 Is accused of slurring wa-s made up urgely of men Crojuu Some one bag waid that the reason why those who mind their own business succeed is because they have BO ittle competition. EXPRESS'TRAIN KILLS* FOUR H u n t i n g Over Mile Per Minute, Limited Hits Cloeed Auto. K l n i l n i . X. V \ . \ . L V -i l-Viltr per «on« wtuv l i i s t n i i i l \ K U I i H l n t Cuvtl- oKNliiK. « lumilel peur r.iriillitf, whei one »( the l.ncUiiwanini rotifl'* rrnck ( r u i n * H|nick M doNi'ii aut(iiiinli||) Tin iii! a r e - DoWIM l.owe, of n i r t N V V : Mr«s John liowiilng and her \\o l l l l l e KlrN, niriil !·_» tmtl :\ The iiiniiTiiir Hchediilc of tlip tn kii- w i i m m Llmlieil express from H i i i l i to "ornlng N 1£ m i n u t e * for Ibo L'l Hlt«». nnd the high.?-* spwsl U n t - !ilnel on t long d o w n jri-iulP ovir 4bf i t N Crosslin; [( \ X 1 K nmi bo four pei-xons inc( thplt* dentil. I d r h i n g a xinall oar of t h MH» In u downpour-of rain. Six Guilty In W. Va. Wine War I -wM.iirj:. \V. Va . \, u ««' J^| x en. elmrsred \ \ l f l i complicity, |n itbe HiiiM"-: m t h e ((jai milieu t\t ifo. ii\\lc, Mclm\e!i county, nioic Hum a ·nr nsci, r.-ure found g u i l t y by n jury ( i l n i i u n l court. Si-iitcuj;^ VUB' do- Deer Found Dud In Well r i m f w o r i l i . X. .', Xiw. U K - H u n t , lug lot i n h U t M ii«"Hi- Piifiulenn, i, p nf gliiiuers round the CHI rum/.if n budv (Ji't't- In MM nil) r i f t t e r n (j,n,i,i \\«rd«Mi Clinrlpi r Morton ,.,,1,1,1 f i n d lit' jnmxhol w o u n d s on I t * i,,.i|\ n Is jirolialil.. t h n t t l n » btn-k In ie,i|,lng a iMMlge Imd landed on Ihe boiiuN ··ou'Hng the w.-ll, which IIIK! g K e n w n y under If., weight The -leer | 1M ,| u tine lu'qd and antleis, nnd | H belie". ttl to In. the big buck t it w h i c h iiuiiiv OUiilcr« ha\ ( P shot, but which l lead a charnu'd life. Good N«wt For Jobht*. IN'trelt, Xov i!8-- In w i t h the rcwmluendntlon »f t l ' t e un- I'mployiuent conference, that e.intem- )lat*d bulldliiK provruiiH bi liniiich(d Uumodlatfly t» aid workers mit ,if i-m ployineut, tJio !enp m i ifotor .-orporn. Ion announced work on its now otllce )uUdJng here would be H'-ouned January 1. Uetu-eon '.iXW HIK! aooo would be employed In coni|»li-!lng'i inlldinj, it MBS said. WWt vil. out the ticctHr irte tfi* fell, ond Vn(i forc^ to r«I«i her mll e. Her fate, iSiSJ^r. ««cuwd ni her «nu-re«Kor the beautiful foutli OHnyiimOv. ll«b« raluliied the uovy^r «J!f ratttoring the Ui«ni r Sf youtb^and h*'.uity to the nged and, according to Home account*, It Vh«r »iily after nliA bwniuu fhe wire 6f HCrcule* that nh» ga^e up her ofllfig, oj cupbearer. 8h« even succeeded In rt'conclllOf her m** r. 11. ^ ,, Ti.«. A. »» * . i, Juno, to IIvrculM, wht »«tf- nil hit life fcvltn tW bfltrtd M (he yupen of tho gods. Hercules \\ ns d»!rcd as n reword *of Say you saw it in The News. Is ixmceined, is approaching the point of tianfer buck to the "big five" comm i t t e e \ \ i t h the report of the n a \ a l ex- pf'i'Ls on the facts in\ohcd. Tlierp Is some expectation u plenary session of the conference itself will be called during the \\eek to reach fln,t decisions (a the uavnl limitation phm. \v iiemliiT Ui,e expei t« o£ tl»e three ma- jir iiii,\4l powevb will submit indir(d- tiiil i*i»orts }«; not known. There is nothing to indicate whether they are, a! to the facts and figures they at is BUYING UP^ERMAN.WINE Foreigners Said to Have Secured Almost Entir* 192t Output. ' Mayence, Germanv, Xov 28--Hu 'Irpds of foreigner*, chiefly Freno -"on. Belgians and Hollanders, taki nrlvantage of the present low value the German mark, have 'bought up a most the entire Herman "wine outnn of 1921. . The ruthless raid;s by foreign buyer TUiom no Fancy prvvs seem to !ete nr* a source of Imter lamentation o iw part of (To'-c-srif. consumer*?, W h .wcsee that but little cf the preciou liquor will be left f-r their own er . ment of the eitflaining of this star will in all probability "be made public th'is week. Tlie dirt) is still dickering with other men in» an eifort to bring least one of them here for play u inter. Progress in this matter satisfactory, it was announced. The club wifl appear m new uniforms The jerseys will be white. The stocking* will be white, while the trunks will be tan A captain will be -elected Wednesday night prior to the game with the deaf lads. Xae first game of the season will be have'BeW' stndying. Both Clio -Britlsli and American ex- were reported ns having conclud- tlieu- exujuuqjUioii of the maw of Ut4 irnohed in Secretary Hughes' ovil The Japanese naval group still (oiling, it was ^aid. §pokes- iiipn for any group did m')t go beyond that estimate of the situation A summary of "ust week's developments as to the naval proposals Indicates the following status : Blanche Ferlow learns the fine art of mattress buying American--officers hare seen no reason trr arguments advanced by Japan to warrant any change in die keystone of the Hughes' proposal,, the '*3-5-3" n.i\al strength ratio. British naval officials have accepted flt ratio, although It means ultimate equalization of the American and British fleets in power. Japanese officers have opposed the American ratio, immediate o* future, urging a 1O10-7 i dative statu« instead. American naval opinion strongly op OUSIN ELI has Just gone home after 'a most delightful visit," said Blanche Ferlow. "Thanks be to a (V- science Brand Mattress!" "Old Cousiiv Eli." she laughingly went and most the second time lie ha* visited us.' o*»""'*·*- "^* *.**v. KJ^tiouu t* ill JiK^ * e» tf ^*ir played on ttje Armory court Wednes- pos?s retentlon by Japan of the battle- day nigtit, Deibenfter 7. with Martins- ehip . Muts * J unless both other powers burg CoHegiaus. The West Virginian* I^M'larly and in due proportion en- liave strengthened majterially sincef 1 ' 11 "^ fhelr fleets to be retained during la«t Mason .having on their oluh tw,oj the 1( -.\enr holiday in building. There ex-college stars. is anticipated . A hard-fought game INCREASE Gain of Over $6,000,000 in Trust Cos. For Maryland. ere indications that some members of the American delegation which'- will decide the Ameiican attitude see strength in the arguments of Japan that the Mutsu might Lave been In eluded as a completed ship in the | retained fleets. There was nothing to indicate a compromise wds being con- in the American group on "fliu.ite have been r-i^p-s n, prerpajt Hermans fwu.j rt« rfvcd o* th : = jc.-ir'i n .Jl5 %! £K jf» lurcht! ;p PJ.-cc-s. AS a"last_c^ort to Jns.of ihelKJl crop Attamnt Demonstration, Aflain.1 Frtnch Embassy in Rome. "'·us against the French emiio««j- ,, attempted as a n aftermath of /he «- e ^f l ranwd hv P«b»cat'on "of * · ilrVljn J* loll U I^Dflf I *}lf^Q ftHnrrinfr ·! i**ll ^.JlV3 3| | It^^n** t l i p ««i- of harsh 'words by Premier Bri- ·iiid. of France, agaiast Senator Schan ^·r during a meeting of thte commit fee on anumrat at the t£«shingto United States," for 1921, just pub- li*;heJ by the United States Mortgage and Trust Company of Xew York. Maryland's Trust Companies had, at the cloe of business. Jttne 30. 1921 assets aggregating $174.904.387, as compared with $16£038,ai3. last year. In commenting on Trust Company conditions during the Tast year. John -, the Mutsu controversy has been withheld. It has been indicated Great Britain was not desirous of undertaking any further naval construction at this time, which seems to forecast agreement with the Ame, '-on view that the Mntsn should not be retained. Japanese officials have presented ^i.i»: ..^~,**..9 -*,«4.*i*^ m*r j/usi ^v«ir, joiiuI -- " ^-"*^«t*io luiw i/iT^?trurea Platteii. president of the United I extenslve table s of tonnage to support ~ \r^^,,.^ .._., ,,,.,,._. ^ their claim that they are entitled to retain the Mutsu without any similar retention by the other powers. So far | as the Mutsu is concerned, the Japanese have contended that she was a completed ship on November 11 · The American and British expert Uews on fiaif »i JH-M" V oii-Pd'"i,-7ii.,''i lu , J " ls ^JfP 011 " bave n °t been revealed. returns M ?!] ,' eB 5n ' the iaa Viajon gfaij*** ^ P ' ^^ the ' three TM"W^ofTre^eadou^rS' 1 -!^^^ 11 be " Bl 5 lr «PorT,to thte arm^ »n of pffees a «r v^iu^-artrnae.! »l^^^S^^^eSK lik ^ Ttln( tion of bank loatis. r-nm ·in-! rnp:d falling off of ·'X-iitwitn.^ tlie^e adverse "_n«lit!ons. tl:e resources of the Trust States. Mortg.ige and T^ Company, stronger e\;dcnce of (he stabl!- . of Trust Companies has been forthtomiiig during their eutite hi;,Ury than was demonstrated daring the je-ar in couucctiiiu \\ltli theit ending 5s are found to be in accferd ,to the general accuracj' of the origin-! 1 1 American figures the Japans nn\r.l| submit differing concln- Tbr poHce each time Ier«ed the demonstrators. Biere were farther anti-French demonstrations Satordav night m Greece and Naples. The Fascbirtl Issued a manifesto urging all citizens to leiMt the glorious Italian army, which saved France, and xroa the world war" Bank Cashjer Arreatwl. Indianapolis. Xov. 28.--Henry ^.^ PTirocfc, cRsbJer of tbe Beedb" Grove (Indiana) State Bank, was arrested. T r'"«,° r * hor1n;ro * anKnn:ing }. $7000. i ''Tf-i ·rta« Ti)-iJ(» on nn nflii5fiv'j H · ny J^Tfml.Th 'Jrnr. pr*»«n?»«TH «f 'he bank S^'IOIITV'-)I*« nrr»*:t follmv rd rbe *-ln«ing of ihx- i, an ); f , n ,,, f . Of C*hart*« tv Cimn c'-it*. i, .»,i -·4 . l « 4 1 J JI^» ,-). v' · ? 1,1 '".-"o-i «.,· i »3,.j,.,..·«. · '" ] t-; v Trut Companv 'ears. 05 Ronnot*. «f S} a io Run ~ a panv of Harr'sJ.urr W h« ? o hear n-nr Pump '*!. n inbnhilfd ?JK- , only "The next war will V» ihr w^r t in ·ill history." d«»eJan-d tie pea"eTMad vorate "Even at thaf repjiel Jha nnniUons maaofacturer. "n will i« than so war at all."--Amor oua W«*kly. TT.irr.. i,»,:z. AP( , ) f ,,, «K^ r 111 .. then b ^ xme °»e ta"k of the nig five" committee to seek an agrec- a report to Ji« mm;» ^« FEET'WET time ^ ^Partea politely but after the second night. Fred reSrned from the station with a significant look on his face: 'Cousin Eli made just one remark- 4 « · m ^ »ust watch their digestaW and *tt«r*Mfr' my, Fred/ I exclaimea, 'the dinner was fine'-then J rushed uitttairg to "He showed me a Conscience Brand Mattress. He took a bit of filler out of the luced end 'See how clean this fa! It is abso- f lutely new and sanitary. N^w crush it ta your hand. There, watch it spring backl Now pull the fibers apart. They are strong . A mattress with Conscience B^and, sanitary Jng.fibne ffller wiU last years and ranain com- lortable and buoyant. - ' " 'The manufacturer is just as particular about making these mattresses as you are in cooking a good cake for your guests. Conscience Brand Mattresses arejnadeJn a^great- fresh-air dayKght factory in Baltimore. ^Through huge windows, sunshine streams in on floors that are as clean as a new pi'n. Only the best, new, clean materials are used. * -We 1 when J fett that' mattress, I didn't blame olo? Cousin Eli one bit. The mattress, wtoch w.e had bought just three years before , was now lifeless and hard. The softness and comfort was completely gone. Even the tick- ,.ving was split. I pulled-out a handful of filler. « was packed together Jike a ropy mat. fn three years-in a guest room-mind you! Worse still, the filler was, such dirty stuff. ·What I supposed was a clean, new sanitary mattress was filled with old tuisterilized ma- tenaL \ "Then Fred broke! M--'pne of your ba*. gains, Blanche!' ~~ '"NowFred/IbegaiL 'The next day I went strwght fo D«f jfesf furniture dealer. 1 want/I said, u ainattres3 that is clean inside; one that will-be-absolutely comfortable;(one that 10 yeart from- .now will be a bed, not a board/ , ^~ ·"Here is . plied. 1 can makfe proportionately more by ' « * qheaP " Mlttr ^ but w not honestly say it would last or ghje you J^ffta of a Conscience 3^^. What is inside a Conscience Brand Mattress J* worth paying for/'* One-third of life is spent in bed. You. seldom realize until old age how much of your vigor depends on a supremely comfortable mght Even in youth, mayH you have been wondering why you are not brisk and omfident like other people. Have you ever thought it might be Jhe fault pf your mat-' itress 7 For the reasonable price of a Conscience Brand Mattress you can be sure of comfortable, invigorating sleep on a sanitary, lorig- ·wearing mattress. It makes no difference whether you choose cotton-felt, kapoc gr hair ffller, by insisting on the Conscience Brand you are certain to get a mattress 'honestly made* healthful, buoyant and enduring. ·* * f t r Ask your dealer to show yon a Conscience Brand mattress ;(together with a Conscience Brand bo* spring). For a cotton-felt mat- tresd we suggest the PARIS shown below; t- for the 2.390 companies reporting. a decrease for the vear of nly « * ' "t that a sul«t3ntJai increase i* in all branches of Cdnoiarv bn«- e«. is csiremcly gratJfyins:. and af rd.« further and convincing proof Jhe «vo?nitjon !,y both corpora, ,ioa«= and hidirMtaK of ,i, e vahM , O f 600-EOJJfilO_B£AR4(ILLEO by GW«te. fa Hunter* in tycoming County, Pa, m'sport, Pa. Xov. 2S.-- A Wa-Jt welcliijijr 6C«0 iv.nnd^. trhich n- -s ain rhi5 week «n the Lyrominc !.*- '·r rownj finft. i hehr«1 jo rf»| 1 a ·I m C O N S C I E N C E Mattresses . Pillows B R A N r Bo* Springs £r*TM~* Alt. \.arlr ACRO MATTRRiS ) r.,- IT, ^r* 3n Th ^ part;r w%1¥ OrvJUe Iflckok and RlcJuurd HaJdcajaa, is the mark of a mattress honestly boiitisideaadouL Ajpd you will find i oae suited to your 9 pane. Ask four ·1 dealer to abow you. »L |j th « variety best fit- 'c-i jj ted to your needs. LMURO MATTRESS A dr I« r loo* fcbr.- tst MIT, luo- tier. toot uapmtl tLree BOX SPRINGS TV !«* 72 Fdl tratr *o*nlni»lKn for die I N T E R N A T I O N A L ti B A L T I M O R E BEDDING COMPANY R I C H M O N D H at: xn w) «B t I t Ar t 1 1EWSP4PERS nFWSPAPFRI

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