Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine on March 22, 1890 · Page 3
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Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine · Page 3

Bangor, Maine
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 22, 1890
Page 3
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Trust Bill. osses the Peuston Appropriation Bill tne Bill for the Retirement ot Gen. In who ,-Tetoed. lint DetBocraOo party haa never favored peiuaod cept when it waa out nf power. Every wrong done to the Unite eoldtV BM S**P done by the DwmoeMtto natty t *MF* Tight doBebadheen dote by the Wpiblt S#aaf£ Mf.rcb 21. The bill to al trusts aod combinations tradf rtad product ion twos Mr. UpiDola suggested that the craUo Coogrees pundba arrear* HH and a pill Increasing the pension ol wMowe j ? J T ? t o . «"»oionib. Th» Mil Fmt- dent Cleveland vetoed »» , a taeoit to the veterans of tbe countrj\ In the OOMW of bis remarks, Mr. Splnete stated that tb* ffreat bulk of tbe l r alofi army we* Wide up from the Democratic legions ·tithe Mr. Kerr, ot Iowa, denied tbe iiWrOct- nttsotttt. dpIooJa'* (4»tejjeot a* to t** "~ ts In tbe Vo" sw York, --,,.. n*«MWC£atM a man wu dl- TO toed to tU state tor Ala own 00*00* be «Wr* aat gef married M*1* her*, bat be ooattnlo 4er«e? City and gat married. He eOoMeMd tha dtoorm all t|gh|_aud bit ·ild in ysara uo ho ww known a* but admitted that daring the In- period, hinsd pitted by UM n«i'«0lab, taB An [ndtonapollf daspaub »*y* It oomei fromrelfableautherty bete that tne In- dlanapollibalolab MM "seen told to New YorfcTtoMbw wleb Ul ha ilghti In the (or a consideration of 187,000 and aal* was tn*4e ID prevent en abeo- FEC-Q|it. I Pnisldeit Brasb aad ^Director Behmldt are etlll absent tram tha etey, and have i r, as to control ^SSKaAaSS^ »SSEfc^ ^^^^itwe^tr^^theoix,- M r. Allen, of MtsUsslppI, thought] It ,1 ISM of the Hill, {he aBaenamenca an- ame tbat the men who were epeonjal ng edbS'He'sis.ueas^n J"" "'S«ms}'JMi while the soldiers were In the Held w*w lrtt rf»s_eneBdmen«iitlMjflrst»»dsee- bearinjrp.rt of the burden of taxation. ingcDuaes- They theagat It U*e thai tbe wealth of the eoaatry aboold bear some at tha limnVji^ at r-imrlffB. T0* wbtokey iH^oday ntkiaod whtl» their wbereabonte'oao only w atmnlsed, tbe aaaalnfaimantrepoftltbat he bas reason to believe tlMir are tow Beit perfecting the, detatle of (tho tmaafer. the *r Ma- Mr K***4 Arearaa *W Titlon* ta ttewtn Meal Aiunuti By- an agnaoMnl Mtweeu tb*, various a* ot it fhe n hyibe Pariah «haHb ae«t ToMdar afmln^ I* me] VeUadtobaaiery ptaetnt anal and I* ·paetDtnf qaltenawher*. | Those who deiire teat* it (be Homnumd street ohnreh can obtain them at the masting of tbe [nrlsh uoomlne* at the church this afternoon at l HQo'olooK. Oriental Lodge, Ho TO, I O. O. F, will (Ire M. iwiaLb to the Odd Fellow* Ind lltelr families Mtbrirbal) aext Wedge*day evening. A splendid entertainment 1* bplag arranged forced · Very Mfoyabta efuilr Is anticipated. || | I Tha schooner George and Albert hai been sold fey the owners. T. G. SttefciMy) Esq., tbo C. U bternt Co, end other* to Xew\orkpeopl«, F. D. Smith it Co., o4 Kew York, niakleg tbe puroaue tor tbemt Tbe price paid wae 18,100. Th* Looter Novelty Company arrived tn the«Hy yeiterdaj fton WetervIHe end stopped at the Windsor. The band connected with the coup toy was U| hive giro a etreet parade tirn^ dl elded cot to appear on ateonnt of th^atotm. I I The*L. O. Bate Wood Working Company ot GbUford I* roeoMaf. It* ataoblnorfl The engine aad bollan am in plaee anil working totlefMtorlly. Tbe eteen piping Wo 4 the Hintntoo EMM. ,.--, to aom* troubla it tbo water worlwliee avenlcg to* tlsoMollgnuabovt tb* «tty ware vrry dim and the etroete ware In* auta of eenf4*fhMM about all eight The Ana llgUa of the *lt7 plant ·raapptaohttdwheinthtjdo blsj* forth at BV a 1 llltl* troable. I AK TJ·TomrmuTi c*M. Deputy Sbet- UTW. r.BJead, indOffleer refine ot tbe night noltoo foroa, weal to Boaoon 7**- teidayand ratntnod wh* Hr. Ttank Bob- em, who ha* reoantly heeooia Ineane. .nefweiotwlfehlas to tb* Inaane Bo*- pMslalAngn*u on ]*M evening 1 * trala Hi. Robtrt*. I* one ot th* prominent oM- ·sa* ot Hudson, and hb «*** |* a very aid o«*. Th* tfceth ot hi* wife had enoh an'eOHtanon bl* Bind that he haetma toddmly maane, and It w*e darned belt ilfet be tfMuldba taken when f* would 1 IH BOARD OP 1LDIBMC*. T^io speetol eommlttee appotnted to ·«- errtaln what eabordlimle eUy offleers are aedeesary to be elected reported and an or. iff. passed to elect the asiial officers. Fa* OOtnmlttee an budatsa referred trom Ibe- l**t City Coooofl to the present reported and tbe neveral matter* submitted were referred to the proper eommltteea as TOO 125 tfia Committee on Salaries rpportrd tin tbe salaries of subordlnste oOlcem and IIH tollowlog I* a Hit ot (he same m adopted 07 the City Council: CH^ Clerk, Clerk of tinman Uoani't), Potkenjeo eaofa per day. Tftfl sale of seat* will open Monday morning. Stys the BuSakt Ifent of a lite date: Yefterdny'* aiattnee was * jam; many (·dies stood during U)« aet* aod when the rurtain ft llforachaoxeof aveaetbey loot their seat* upon toe floor a la ptente, aod there wasn't a frown to be seen upon any «f tnelr tmott. Hr. Enmet's voloe Is as pood as when he woo tbe hearts of every- t ody with "Tne Lntlabv" or "Schneider, How You 1 Va*? and bl* happy way of doing *nd saving everything aod Ibat faul- -"'-- sinl,~dl*playlDg those btauttfuj and caiobtDg with hoHforaapeedyaid eoiirjete, pteorery tKnMennfotttivateeondlUa*. ' i , I Aplaajaalevetrt oeotrrtd. at tha i*rt- CIW SoUettor, Oltef Engineer, Anlatant Engtneera esob, Driver ot herse bone, iocladlur servlcea aa steward, Drtrer of book and ladder, DrHer Meamera, [ Barbor Master, ' trrvant Officer, i Saeretary of Board ot Beajth, BaObptner member, (bit tbrralee t« It «NtWoe*l AriDyof tbe n«NC to B«M«e next A«. be ooefat* tor the rooa4 fntfaer debate by Metir*. O BoiAsean watte, · OkiS, t coTM-tttBB i»*e and OM br witb Ibe H«w Enjrlaad Thehodseat5took4reqBs«ntU8. Att f4tteen bfih andat Wift to reaob Boatoo} ea*y CMk* Ae laws a liuK lower. I FKAHCMCO, Mareb M. Teler, and Fijo aiaae sBjcgestums iu IB to Hr. yea's contention. Che __ m*trf upon to* dae coanecbon bnta tmsts aid aue;b datKH. ~ ·- said he waa willing to iln that nri cnrnh "itaBendBiff 6)0 a nbsoJntelT InefteiTsi n(B seir the avU. It locsl and yti ita BOtdd take eare ot the qi»e wonW interdict la- he betleied In hibor Bb4i reaewed he motiOB to reioa- *rii-ioieof}(»iCTday by wblafa tbe JK»HII bill wis rejected ^t bgaB»»Mneil totey the "iot«m on klihle. I ' \o xtioa na* taken. i io Jdiouta mer ull MooJjty test between Jack HoAiittSa nod Jlmny Cirrotl at the CaMnrnla AntetlOi Club- tbok place aMBtieanvaiaodUloatkwtoribe rate* 4 " tb* Kew EnjjlieJ eeea- I [to nuke a for oee aay Utoe dM^r are atflH. tt Ibe tatbabave arrived: »ad otore*f« oa tl^way. j The itrett ««di tte t«er.tag again onj geediune,fo«rot taeetaMttnc t^etrtpa oer the liae «co*rdlas io ifce aebeaaleJ Itta probable UtttUtoeen will not atalaj bk dMtarbed ifclt r«f* by f »ow eterW, at. uboagb aneh a tMtgll* noL-fM ol tbe^ae*- tfon, a witter tote* hte fra.d|h*r4 aajdtt tfabk to wakeoee toal ettoi yet, ' 1*M wruqnoxWs for oW EMUr Uoa- day hall, April 7,1 k HoioeJwfa ,Balt, uaderthea«aploee«t th» Hlberalui M» iaal BeeeeoleMe SootMj, bi*e betetoonv pteied, aoda veryp4e»»btkeWleM|Mired. Andrew** QretKetra will *t» a concert befoie tbo ball, and wlU'ifolrmHh asaate for the daocteg. TM ball will »4 the tvfeMy-thM given by the ebekty, f Tbe work of excevaria*; W Y.JIC. C. A. IO)COB Bnatoaewd »nd Ooart at^MU baa beea coaapkled by tbe ere* el M*. B. S. Face, aotfth* next work U be doawHtbe gracing wbteb win jMMiBMdee a*' eoen aa tbefroatloontof ihegroaad. AblcboM baa beea eaade ta Ibe baa*) hr U* Iwerh U^LoHnBoB.Baikell,oIthlB«Kr. Tbo ceMaaan; «t» performed to tbe yt«e*oee ofalasge a«Mmh*r of the frka*» of the Mdeaed bridegroom, wh» h*4 gathered (01 the ««e*alo«. At nut* «Ytoek the g«*U parloek of tboexoeltoM aad Bvperlotendent of Auas House, loelCoaiiulUeCtetcn, IntludlnK 1,SWO 400 400 100 000 640 150 400 100 4W SO 000 700 900 ^ i big dear end pulling on It eo taat the lighted end glowed Into a bill of ne sit every, p,nH, "Fritz" Emuset ast in bl» dresslrgiroooi taat night after the per- formaDce at the Aoadeoy ol Hatfc and talked win a ^ftvn reporter. "It bus bqen the greatest week I eyeir had in Butt.lo/' he s*id, -'and I previously had Ibe re/core of the banner bouse In tbfs city- Wetur*edaway3.000people. |Full nouses at every performance for a week *t tne Academy will bring tn shoot «8,300 and that \t ^bent what our receipt* hive bjefcn for I'M week. Ot coarse we bare Had laiger fioases. bat the theatres in those uiOep pn larger. If this bout e had been os largjajre Would hav£ had just as *^ou like jto*r new play of comae?" i "For a plqy (hit bas a pathetic torn to It there ts more fun hi It than any other puiy in extstenae." . ^ rn topoton, wffll be tn A old toe* away » stke 11 ih» weddtog eako at a l*t*rh*«r to Hi* rtealog. Tb* beat «f wliAeator ih* protperlty and; happfe*** Sevaralnea*titalgitt*w»Mal*»|»«oea»rd to «hecr HMM oa iho way. . , i A J««n» OOnaasow. j A aeett eerfor- abfe aeeeeibled at B*»*hbe for 1lH Beanl, «o*sl»atafc*l»e*«,p«4*y, aw 3 K.OOOOBthafight,iaaainKthti total Ml wnfatt wmtld tab iato 'tue hands of tte m idnn ^*d Lbenuii;OB ibe L i t H« thoncoi tbe aa^iril- uvuld pot be Bnhjectti| as Ji thrtuttnf tbeeonminleB. Hi AJJi-oo root ibe xround th»t I all ·tutuHabariMisxieprvKiKally omude itikranAiiHl »dt|ieidenEftf St. It Ins df QUIT 01 (oiticrcfat to put en Ehe statute iHli Brb rrjtfcmno K woatd probiim for the lii crikudnt jmtfldtncnt both oral (lie bill nt Dblketa I 4fiet* i jtart e'verutiw ses^on t w at jdinuri d till Eo-morntw.' bas been tbe favor te amooa; tbe betttna; am.. Oarntraaeeon;* net« MaitlB Umrfhf and Florrt* Barnelt} MoAvJtfie'a seconds were BHIy afaddia and Jaefe Deaapsey. Hiram Cook wa« ref- erTM. Vally . . Carroll brought tbe Bret Uooi to t,jt ntotfa mad, aad got tie tint Kooik down in the twelftt nrnod. McAollff* wttWtr etotfj at aboatibe foKy-thirdfrouod. [ , Mr VvlifFe wad the fis*« la the 1 forry- whose aneet for but tbe *aMtct wUI be ,, nex-e»*eUeccf the«eai ·twee.. ' i , The bTrw \ erk aad BottonJlh**' p****n» geroooHuUtM rtpMaeau US Fall Sl**r Dae,U**okgt*L i oe. tb*Norwkb Hoe and *n*M*w Turk, riew Have* ondBart- ftahwaWI be Mated that «x«*ptiag day day trahn front the lfca«ftt*ot ret rate* waaoo. aeooanuor the 9*naoetk4t law probihifcitg redooBl 'aft* ojt all »*»- d*y treldS WtbatlStaaa, TbeprevuUontor emetiMng tb* privilege *f retera paaaage toSefMaeher SOIwll, be apanctaeed br dMNuaod*|wbo«o«*e *Bo*MoVter It will enebi* mfm, after tb* eonvenUon, to vlett tbe IBMBUIB* aod *iehtri reeortt, or nfead e ojoota with Hriatlvee aad Irienda. It 1* MM! that aoaW 1COM peraooa lavalled theamlvet ol a eimiter ortvtfege « Mil. waaaoe. At that place all tbe r*Mro*d» tlty ot «*«b bavledeff to other pftert. Col. Victor Brett haa etdered eoaieBew S**OD* Eegt- ineotoaxllhe ooaipaatM wll reotve tbe 'altentioa of IJemt. rraak A. BeblWea, Co. , Dtibr LigM Intiatry, O. tlaaiay. Mr. Bateholder vJea« ol *«r toufllireit aad *MOH«lal h«*lo« aktn aw t BM*kb*r«r ttw City Ooaacll, and' tbehrMe to a lady tovM and respeoted by an who know her. Ta* largo a«ebW«* ih*f Woelred teMlted Wore Mroagly than wo-* «o«ld a* to Ib* htgbetieeai la wb cb tot% bride aad ·rWexiWu are betd by ihelr, l*rge otwl* W friend* ,**d to- faslatauee*. After MtreahaioM* were aetvodthe«*a*D*»vretired' _, telteitrbothe py (jlalai el WIMBBI i · » ~TM---- t^ Cfaapel -- Hannon mt 240 f-m., byG.V- I*ofce of Ibe seminary; Swiday eehooj at the ekne of tU* eerviee; l Cknnb, Ber. Oelrfcriaieaintttt i. H.; Holv I J.Qrever, Jor eaamk, to^aanweoanistttoe. Tbe ananeat «· wMobj the c^m to haced eecaned Bear the «D«JvBldaia." Petition at T. P. Batephrty aad aHurn tor atreat Ugh* « Bowdaai street, Rfnfnl to be CtoaaaUeeo* Street lights. JPUWonof BHM; parttee for a bydnM e* tau«e *tre*tj rderie4 to Water Board. ·f B- E. aataoia aa Saat. Honae, by tha Oiaiimia of ~ Bbip at ». T. P. S.C.3atC; Aweteone^aH. ·rrthu; at 3, ·tecO« at 7. V WU U advertised there barlo* which «fl tempting, to isy Out trttt Reliable flrnu ad- wrtlseinTire Wmo J E. Cnapraan * Sou nuke ia announcement tall moraine of * great closing out aale which ebonld be read. They sjry they are to tell the goods regardless at ton and this seems to bo * good opportunity for Intending nor- chasers. ·Times A. JEtobinann herald* tbe coming of spring aWtpe revival o( II 'e and acttv- li} They! win start out tie season with the determination I to make It * banner year Jo their business. They Intend to beat them ID prices and quality of goods. s Headquarters tor boy's and children's clothing. also tbe latest style In soft and stlffhats. I Homestead, at the One Price Shoe and Hat Store, announces spring styles In both softandst fthatsJ He advertises a complete line «T boy's) and children's haWand caps In spring suq sunnier wear. Consult bis announcement. Meyer M. Levyj proprietor ot the Banj;or Clothing Store, has bad a heavy trade In I ha boys' trade the past few dayg,wbj(b I shows that his tflurts to please are not In vain. He will sell yon s child's en it for $1. His new styles of pints are la and he bivIttB u taopeciioB. ' H- H. FWrtonW guMrsI ugeut ef the OBMKotfcart Mataal Ufo Insurance Cbm- paar.gtvesa practical Ulmbatum at the w-r*lags of the a/stein of Hfe uanttiee of *a company ha mpreseuta. It tbeaM be read by an a* it shows dearly what aHBydonotiniderstaBd. fort A JUcn, . praters, nuke an aa~ Doaaceawa* fo OWMIS ot °*»»i*inn this morning. Tbny a fterttae printing at the lowest price*. C. A. ATertli ACcTwDl edt tb« heat aid Itonrnaumtnwfee atooly 35 cents m pond, uBaogur poly. j Oili**!) haubok Afresh shad, nbnon tnwVniciwrei, EDlnteb, teltaee, nOtahea, ·ML. as NewbalRt nuiket. F.H.Doicamt ^ school «f plrjste«l ' tnitang adrertfcdi Jfe pairs ot *ent weights for «5.00ttJ»et defraed, pot la ptetatoB and ntadyjforSixe. , . .. . -. .. ... . leaieot «««**« «HE»nfce4a Wotlafetcj-, wberelijlprttt. msJB***.! Taockl »e»»of re-en. pamaf» w*r*xMad«l ttoder ·Ii iftei tbr reeding of ibe ·Mrniirjr dii. iioosf. wew nto ^HnprUtmD bill f if Unjd,oi^»dwiu, asKiLeta favor id'snHTptit-KiB I in tnat woold fllve nntrf iriti .nmer j( yearaof axe,wbo And TALrdtr~ bind «as houoiably ifc- -- J ~wt* ffnsmn tor life. : ItnTtb u Hupport ot ne He' ltd Ibe cost of die i«ter- i bonds to ^w end of. tbe last roar nwattos' bnprfeo«TMe«c. It* fte*noont of stated at «24.000. in peiBlonB to O» M7.MG- The total A- serrice peiaion law WCDH , W4iJMO,0(». The special [en- «ie\Benae, should Lie Lbill become i TM,totthene\t fiscal year would opt ticetd 341,000,000. TM Evenjif the pension cxnense should radi ibe hijth water mirk of £150,000,000 i;esr and continue; leven years, attbe end rtlit time tke pensions would have cost ·*ftU,(IOO}i"=! than the interest upon the til-delis noultl have cost (ben. Tbe cap- «a[ las beta pud m tmt and tbo men "tosttoavery was the'only guarantee aputl ever h id or t,oult have for tbe pay- »jwu ti it, imncjpal sue Interest had not r«n pud jt a |[. National honor and M'KKJIL gratttttde reqcired the eofo'x:e L «»« of tte service law. Mr Clements, of Georgia, Inquired »fcsiber to S»,SOO,000 carried bv the bill~ 1 UK be sufficlene fot Uie next fiscal Mr Jlorron replied it would be suffi- iratto pay all pensions under tbe preiint '·»- II Uogies8i passed further laws, Kfeasmg the number or rate of pensions, tntre would be 4 deficjer cy. 'Jtbe present lommiBiration bndI criticised the last Ad- TM B !. l L', t " ul J or(JoIn S what It is now [flo- ' in na«Bt ICvjoeted. , "Marth 21. In thaHoVajI Corntnons this e¥eniQK Mr. LnbtMobere moved the abolition df hereditary T*pre- seutadves in Parliament. I AttJir a brief debate the (notion wat re- Iected'201 to 139. I A riusj KI«I- 3EELIK, Msrcb 21. OoeKen^ariM -WJ« kilted In the not at Koepenik todty. Many were Injured with stones and halve!. Foi 7 arrests have been made. . . . . " . I ! TMIto*4^*U?,d«pO*lt*d.bto retara ikkeL wW«t w*» utaoed In a ·«*- bered c avetope ap5e wUoB beibsd written tbedefCtoetlcaof tbe Uolet^Wd hit naaee. A card heart i g tbe a«m* MnDberjaa the eaivelwpe **d ·*· It* b*ett a reedpt for (he ticket wa»haoie* htm, lad the /bvtAope conUlLlog tbe ticket vat filed] away to * «·!*. Wofotheexcanloatat got ready 1* gOiboeaa b« called at be ageacy, preeenW edht*Fe«*pt In tbe peioasaee of the agent, wrote apon t M faoe ot |Le oard hb de*tln» attou aid taoae. If tb«y agreed witb the witting *a t* ·atetop* on th* fit* the tfeket wa* raa»*d wtu Ib* exceoeton of une dealtad «ta»9* 44 it. \ \ A persona, visit to the fgetcfc wa* raqoJii a to^btaln tb s extensions, and by thfe, aa:eguBrds empkoyHl theiaxtenslon privilege* w*w tept-on\ot ^ieband* of **iealiciAfa.^ Thim There ware abc iberai pensions and was mt - 11D KM vote against the pending bill. II* only ob)ectlon was tnat it appropriated ^aooey than the Administration knew u oe oeeessary to ^ay the pensions nbit r\r l .JJf ^inuni ft Indtant, charRod th« Ke- pibln.i]i part w]Ul ^Jinjj ^i^ M ltM V ffli^s io the ountry in th* matter of ihir'li r. Iletnocrjits are determined T'TM^-'puMuMns should carry out their "'·*·" --0 tbc wldiers aid tbe r, March 21. j Berliner NaOhrk 1- ten says the Emperor declines tOMOeit tbe resignations ofthe* Prussian HtOiBM* and the rumors of » rerlelon ol WO amb»* sadarsbip appotntiAents are premature. VIENNA, MarcbQl. T^eontwaMOttlm in official circlet; ticre concerning the cOsnges which have tiften place in Borl n d« not ooioclde with t IB actual nellng , In the highest c[aart!era, Frutce Blsnatrbk/ was a long proved any of Austria. Of Gen. VonCsprlvl notntng iskumn. TM high praises of his merits sounded ay 11* German pries sre Insincere and nnraltab *. The Emperor Is regarded as tile reu mp- oessor to tbe Chancellorship. B«,lt 1* «*- serted, has the temperament wbkul eatUM an apprehension o* surprising and danger^ oos resolntlons. i otoika emilojedm th taaocyj and M well waa ihe work »yst^«d that t paiatn- Mrwti oalr detain* I in tbebfflee IOOM BnDUntu. ana It k MidnifMinplalntl were nadtlv refptos Mtb* mkfngcof the eft nay. AtlmllBT tyatena Mil PCOM- bly be idopttd ta Bt itoo, and It will nn- donbtedly prora M pnpi|Ur u Kwai ot it a dozen DNLV o f Z WIBE MOKE. £111 RACE IB) LAW Dr. Hlobolllbtgtni: thtluc week ofh e itayln tbla elfo wjthlltMraat^DB; praoltue, jl r ,. fiui l ' i n ifi or New Jersey, £oggeft«3 »i tti, WU3 tbe tirst time the Democrats years. ' Mlchl ean. mqnrred 3 ' whlle ln «ooiol °USP, had passed n service pension J/lJ^jam replred tnat tl»r bad not SS f y , "* " ot £01*"*°? «· sale tor votes "'to 'Us* pretences. T I L (fTM^ Sp'oots o( New yW said tneDem- "·"H rtid uot HHjeod [the SspnWJtans "V" 1 llle[ "'elvefl as the 'special ; of wwrixtaa. fine Democratic LONDON, March 21. TtM Maroul* )f Salisbury moved tn tbe Hooaa of" Lpro* to-day that the report.of tbe Psrnell Oom- mltssloo be approved. The nMtlon WM - ' J without d vision. THE WEA.TtlEH. WAR DBTABXHEMT, ] \ 5ictauL Of FlCBB, / i. Match 21, For the next twenty-four noon In Maine; Kew HamDShlre and TauaonW Fair; westerly winds; slighlly gnoWT. CaaUonary«fgna1sdlnlaredir«ni Boiton section to Enstport, which telntd la tha wme l _ , phyttelu Uuitbuemr . , h*» been of ten asked 11 coi li tliat Jr, tlceandanew mtobtre.' vaaaver at- Itaa by anv Baogor. It tine why it *b(g prao- .... _ neeauaehe began wKh ulelmlng to do only what me wu oaitbledt doloft and doing what ne promlaed Io hh) olrMdan* and advertl**- ment* In «T*r]t.lDUanea. IMe maybe termed boneit UfuMMnbUloik on UM doctor 1 * part, *dnpanfe|yle tbo prleoltlve rook in an* anoceBjIni bnalnees. I Dr. Nmbollt mafeee aspselaltyol eillobroato ease*andble noeuijd\lhltl)D«bubeen demonatrewd btra. pfofv* lew eaei of many yaar*' MndinV aioseoMUered in- onrlbi* have been ou *ad tbrMgh iba doo. tor's «[*, atlantloo and skUljf\Dr. Iflob- «ll* 1* kotonlya ipaeklietMir* general praptltionerol Jonep»oto»(' " -~-^S ray In tba jproteielGO, It . nowtbatitbidootopwrt agilk vtill oltyln the* MM IntureL N«« week dey, llerob Ac, will be iba tatt of ht* tor the present at the Bailor House, LS K a^d Co. P, lonlj O«rd"J ot Dertr. on Monday. Mareb SUt, ^MJVaspeMleM keep tbo eooipaalea la geoderderaad, r*tM tbe etendkrd.Xi ! I AGnenvilleeotrespoodeitwrltett Tbe ·now b qellA deep arxand Meeeebed Lake, bnttegetoc TM*.' , Tb* aMa tare! «*e*)K otstot Ihe wood* every d»v^{ All letea* will be out by the 10th. It bas u*jU the, best etatoa tor jean. . B«Mlof«t J* Iqaltd ll««tvle flMeavUle ·»w.- r ^M«! M. L SherhAae, of Dover, ta vUttug ier, too. RraeM W^ latheeajipley «f fjvL JJOB«» la Baagor, tbl* week. , : ' ' · *n« leetyre opoa '-Pinoul B*ata(i*eo- *e* Of BaWMOa aaclLoagt* low," ijy MM Jail* Ward Howe, next Mtadey tVenlag iotbe Central dabararee, WH1 axraUteet draw a large aadtaate, A* Mt*. O*w* hi well knows Io this «ayae»otoK teibne. tlvoaod enteHalotog «»e*i«T.' Her *· fect^too, honewbiebcaM'Mtall to«Mr ««. TttoezpectedtobeWe Jt the | beet lectures la Ibe^evne. The^Bouou OJ^MI CMktqM OMapetty which appeared in (hit city · f h *fl* Uo3 * ·go, at the, Opera House, tad which, wet atOld Town Thursday nlghtlundet tbe management ot Hr. F. A, Owen, weof through tbo city yosterdaj in u* wiy to iGetdlner, i where a pertormtnee wat to have bean xl?* B laejtnlghl. From Gardiner tbe company will go to FortUnd, *nd then mabe a lour ot tbe New .QggiaW Btawe. JILc. IMM Albro, wbo h*e logged at Crauboiry LakM for nearly fortjr winters In saeoeiiioo, esy» tbe pnieent wtnter n ohe flrit time tbat ptoln rel hare been caught In those taltee, NI acljr four hnn- c rei),wMpti «enged nunMally ]arKe,were recently naugbt tUore by a p»dy. Sport i men aa; that wbepever tbetcfish appear IMF wo the harbinger ot death to nearly allolbere which Inhabit okrwnteraJ Bvra the thorny perch !l doameo. when cangbt head toremoef. ,| I Mr. 8. W. ffslrfield, of tbleuity, died yeetertJay morning at thelnmtmHoenlCal at Angusta, aged (ortr-*M«A Wart He wai taken there in January. lM». Falr- fleld hud been olerit n eeve *al diflet*nt he- telain the State, laaludloc tiM venobiont Bxebange and Bait|torBx3ban«i, Intb* dtty, Cony BOOM and Bute! Korth, Au- gnet, Thorndlh*, Booklaoc,aad hot*]! at ,Btr Harbor. Be wMWel known by tbe Irtceltw; pobllo nod hie death will be mourned by bl* many frjtc ]s. ^n»*BBnu MmMvf 4»m«. J^ yv Vft^ IVtV Wfmr seatorlshlptlMli|n«waai)»red. Jo*t**w owunat veeeal pteoerty oaa ewgrato- lau UKejtdvM. Tfa| extta demaad tar ve*Ml* In the ke .raw* and the IM OHeVDBT ^ nf ^ mf ^ r ^ r ^. .Cona«P»en orfc. Panto and Ward of ,-nwe nffOtfUt cn*e**ltbi* ea Us and Ordiiaaees lor thla Uairi for tbe eajalag year. j Commute all otter mtteta ac*ed oa by Board of Alderi wbtre, Tbtre It alao aa WMMMI deaued for Halae aDlpyard*. [ Oaeot the drat ve*. e*4i tobe«ierteredtotb**oboon«rMlttB gats ,wM«h to now on )*r way to the Pea»b»oot river teMfceaoargoot toe lav oaedtoMty t* Haw Bedford. The freight ralito«a,wU*htoa*lMprontahle. Saaao pec pw ibtok that (hero wnr bet bceboagb v*e*ol* (hie MBMMT t» carry all tbe k* whnb t A been h*r*e*ted,bat ve*Ml owner* sod other* bett atn^alated with the ba»lo«eahav«BO4oattbM'lt the freight r*t**are blch,*r ihejr ·adevhtedty w»l be, ptentyotveaastaoaaibo f*»od terlbe Me transportaHM. Th* Mg voeael* aod ibeagUt all ot A* fe*pat *p cab eatBy be dti^oeed-ot, pr»vtd«d she «*adWoa are faverabW ttptomhiMtobeavcry pn»tt eM» allHrottod year, a* the Io* *ettLtt8 «t*it«t|tn4te*Mat nttny dlflerew. Uods, ana In Ible Wty will be reiponslble for prcepaiW throughout tbo State. Tile tbt CtaM» ttepartinAr, of tbe tVationl*nal Btttnfl, iccBidtna; the CO JeoHe-i of nertjnge Judettednea atx- tto lea thraajcbonx the State far the n*W per ana wttljaiaiimBta hit work fur Pa- n^iaeetCaBaty aaxt week to thSJetty at Ow oMceaf ifaBBBjrJBIersf Deed*/Jeha T. Bowler. Dr. John T. Caahlag, of Toraer, wha te capmateBdeat of tbe wokblblne.lsnow tagmged labls to- ben Ji Avbwrn, wMeb city ta tax hnid ^faMenotttewoik la thJ Sbrta. Tbe weak haa beeBeardoIry- ayMeamtflaed sad the aet*B* ban been uraaged fp w«a tbftfetlBewSnbeleat Inaayaf thede- jiarlajicats Tho wetk of tbe siaatraetora toeoae*in««offleea of tbo Eegte- t4ls*fJloitgageeaaOT«rlh« JJtue. aaa i. i,^e», \ Hr* BapOJ.£CWreh^Rer. T. E. B«s- ·eld,v pastbn. SSMMB at 1O30; Bible If Tonaa; Etoonla^a MCM;i ^1 ^are wdooav. i Brewer Mthedist BjeawopBl ohnioh,* Ber.S. B. Anetwr, paatarl 1OM, so- tnouby AelV«to-;IUaO, SaadaySchool; O^PJI., "V. I^dSk C.[^L Beehlng) 1 p. x^ ·raise and j|r»ytr aimlD.,. All are wel- ocoatir Hte palplt church UMttotijow 9abjeetof Mnaaat: "It dtaUi _-" · ~ b Kike reaalt of Ada**** tin «r a baatlceat appelatnlmt of eodf f ; ' | C--)rregmuoTMl I Society r .OeMge Cpaswdl Ckca- aey, »«)«*ri--SerrWe at lUtt; Sunday School at $ Toaeeriaw Rev. Grudall Reywilcs, ft Boston, wOl preach. All- auda weleiuai. Ibnuanad etreetOeagrtgaliaaal oreh, Heary L G iBn paalor--TOJ*, Wenhtp, and preael l»tff pastor; ill.4jj Suu- aay Sefao*] CaLyoumg peopled T.3B, eioil i j ghike. ConDal extended tqalM niuatU TXamm. i iM»«iJfaoes« WH^md osrtar.j ' The ladies wording baad. held their an- ' ofabte BadieatrrtAnnieat at the reddews of Netoot Viefcery, Wednesday eveniag, Maittllj, a TheaUtckof grndatonnerly owned by C. J. CoMaad MaBBKed by Mrs. B. Hoxln nn be«B%iu-di«ed by Hr. Waller fftanr. ^bogtvnhiseottretune to the hastnes*. i and basery materially addefl to the stock 1 by the pnrdaae of Baea of eoods not fonaeriy earried m the store. The aprtog term of the Maine Oatul Institote opeaisl Monday wttkm nnasnal- ly lain atteadaaee. Mt.V.C.CoaB6riBiww maktog «*ve B)*arai«neBta upon deteae ' . . i MKFna*TIWiettsl»B mdvedwHh bis fMBBy to MuBMfisMtte, and Mr.Sntodory bw moved Us ftmny into (be rent Bate vacant by Mr. Tlbbett*. Friday, IbnA ». Cbarles Kvons, £dr dmnkcnnero. thirty days in the 3B» Bouse of Correction. Charles BermarttjRrewer, and J*fcn ttst- dry, Prince Kdwaid letand, same cffeme, a3 and costs each. Ad*«itOaflKttni lAuith, eorBerof Oea- tre and n hjbralaail ab«eta,EUer J. F. aHpatin^TiM. anaday Sebeol at ISM. Fteacbtoean ISO*, sf, «*b,«et. 'The u^anoW'I Player meetleg at 7f. M. nllini ni'»ii the OscOb. dob, ^tdea is to occm 10011,19 «TOqAij[cn«drl- efaHe hrtEresx UDOBR oinaieal people In tbls city, u UK affair n expected to be m very eMjojpble 'one. Tke 7f. | BOMB NoTEt. lor Aroottook h eommand targe re 1* a good demand and th*. good oolt* In Fros- anjl Tlololtj. Akoog them John F. nae racantly bona:ht a two-year-old by £*do, dun by son ot Dirbco,wh1oh to Jan. 1,1880, are to be abstracted noon tuH. beaded "pkreoib Census ot tbe UritedSlate»"(abawilbBnbheaddlTistonB "* *° coont J'' . c. E. Mason. Flayer ; half hour prayer , meet- lOi Sunday School at 13; c.F.m-fltIn K ate; evening service at . subject, .(teofl forns." A. welcome to rBBeswtniNt midared m wWnmcBtto uJednbandMr. AndrawB, Aedtreetor. goVtteooeni Jay'sattrae- tSouB OiweYiBS been eDgsp^l some fine Boston taJeot, which is esiected to please the large audtanbes which are, confidently anticipated will, be present. As already announced, Mr. J. C. Bartlett, tbe popular Boston tenor, will sing tbe solo [tarts the * Crusaders'" and many people are, pe« ting a rich (rest In hearing hhn. hot a twe-yaax.old *»lll(Mi, toroit Kins;, by Gr»y Dan, Jr., whtoh makal a flr»t- ibWlnR. i Wm. Eeafan of Hh i nd amooiit and remarks. the name ol the mortgagor and to be written into the I blaak, eeeret characters are to be usedtoin- llrnton street,! (Uethodlst F- C. jBogera, pastor. tbe pastor at Botta toqnlry counties tbe uam , 9 l t t e u 8 n d t h e S l l P 9 . r e t J » b e m » a e School at 14, Christian pdeavor meeting Abso utely 1 Pur** rarlee- « j *. k . . . . nnuj. Frank GodWbM two crooibdnc tbe 'Umerloan ·Id tbe on the stump the trie dit , Hew ICO Bar. 5S.IO M »J« U SSJ* 41 i. Wind. w te did lot .Jeral soMhrs. :imi»..I wt " lld . l ' e ' nbel " ;tlelliB own. He ^^noneorthemeql whom " - -- - - * Woatd nto-Kemp'a Bkleam for Ibe Throat and Lnnw. It le qarlig more OBMI of CoughitOddi, Attbm*,3roMhltii,OiDnp andaH Throttand Jing Trouble*, tUin anyoth*rn*llonMi The proprjetor DM eutborlMd any drngg ic to give yon a Sample Bottle free to tjmvfnce TOO ot tbo r ·- '-i this great retnad*, Ixirge Bottlra I). 9TT ublS Tbe Department of State hu received word from CoDfuleMml Pratt li| Fuata that a et ot well bovlni; nuehlutt trota New York htrf srrlf td In BntbJre, jpferabt, i etaarce of an American »Dglneer. TMi lt bai bean lent out ' y which Mr. 7 thi* clto repreienta. Kr. hit trip to. Pants, *eon right ol ilan Empire fun tbe %b begin at onus tbt aleuletbeownMoitkoblaoketallloo Df, Knox Hired by J.J. Allen, time, )M14, he $y Ollbtcth Knox, lima, 9.M1-1, and lea, dam, Molly Stark*, 4th heat; Sba bai a private 1,10 [for a, belt mlla---Hr. iroibaeMhlsatanto^ln Foioroltlbe (lne*t cofleotlon ot harm aver gatbeMd tn now«iv*nln all. bvraral o^theae an ralOdllgh lor (the apead attained, and Otheri ara rapWly developtnit prooiltlDg gait*,' Beddet thlt enan «t blsoke h* baa tbe Otoal men, width he ihowt almoat dally. The way, th* get* over th* groemd oauaat *trangere;tn stow. ,, _ iheactof Concressof March 1, 1SP9, eonunindlnjc the collection o( stalls* t l e i i f the recorded Indebtedness of pri- TlW uorponttons and Indltldaals, it hse been ascertahied from the record that the norteage described on tbe otter side of Hi* Slip ha c been made add IB aneaDoeled ot record.' Toa ore earnestly requested to woitt replies after tbe question* printed be ow and. to matt ibis slip In tbe Inclosed en f ope, which requires no postage. The Inloimatlou will be kept secret as the taw dlreccs. , I Very respeettnlly, ' " RnmcRT V- . POItTKB, ^anerintendentof Oebant. If at this mortgage foil y paid Jandaryl, Iwgaa, darbj, the exolailn .le loathe i Per- Tork will irteilM ot thai .'B sro« or THE sTon*. «IOB alna to A Sew York deapstch says the debeca In tbe Fi*ek rase opened yesterday. For tbe first time huj renhxi ot tb* CM* waa j. In the abape Ot *· If ST*f, gradually rettore* eolor; gent (onte dressing. S*,, (PJ 00, Du_ glitt, tl.OO nice prepaid br Bxprees tor it.OO.OfE S We)l*,Jire«jrCliy WdsBOnc. ·OH* It wear* them away- 1 CwMfliey be In- · ~ duced to try tha eaoeeetfal «aJa)rna called ' ~ " ' onapoU* ot Kentucky, e*p m (uvor ol a liberal 1 opposed aukuw tbe Peneton Baleal ··ebb engineer irhn 'Bexontpahlcd tb* mochjaary, Mr. Jsmea Treat, tb* atookton **kabn ttabennan, I*bnoted**itaJevlogthat *»l- moo will pot h n aartjrPPe*raD0i tab (print 11 otbe/ migratory llth have been caught wry *rly. Mr, Treit think* that if the wetlfa «j*w ready BO* utokon could beoaughi BtdMd, be betlevo* that the n*hr*msln In Penobuot Hay all wtater. lie says toe larger portion of tbe body «t flsh Itaveln ta* fell, bat many otthm rail main all utrvaafa winter. Salmon bav* been caught, In y«*rt past, all Umwgh tha wletor manih*. Tt» law doai not altow tbeflthemwoJtotaBe ulmou until Apr! let, WSMO M. Treat Win b* nany twr ha* o***. A Bauwr TB*M. A writ**: Wakaaa Bahoaok, «f Bowtaad, whoa) haalhta; *a**t wood** Ih* partahlt nriUeaTownablp H*. », Kaog* ·,«·»· palfefhtra*! owned by LeonaM ·"--'' BAMOOX IBOABD OCTKaOE. «b*KHtJncTt(t*nUTla OMr Kal), | A tpeolal matting ot tbo Baogor Board ot 'Jraie wa* held yottardaj atwrnoon at three o-'oloek In tha Oottinon Oraaen room, City E»Jl|to principally not upon boelrjeuln-reUlionto Che banquet whhsh «n bobeldnaxliTaMdey avSenlnj) at tbe Bangor Hona*. Thar* wot agooc attend- tna*nd mueb Interut WM naattatt In (hepeettng. Freeldent Hanry Lord, pr«- l5ht flrtt bnilne«* of the meeting wae the appointment of a committee of tbN*, ooniistlu Hi B- Thatcher, John L. Crosby aad Thomsee White, to consider th* mailer of revbilng the txnutltoaoo. A oommluoe ooaalstloa; of W. P, Qabbard, J. 0. Clark aad J. f. derrhy, was appointed to M* what arraogeaunta eonM be mad* tor proofing room tor th* boaM. Ths followldf new member* were ahMtetl,! Mayor E. H. BI*lt*.Oeu. H. L, WntfheDt Herr; J. tibiaman, Vnofe OIK ·a*. Boars MoLeagWto. O. W, B. B*r- nws,O*Wf*sB. JtaiMe*. . W. Oalo, B. u «-.-- mX«r «rat« t v- r t ^ not fu)ly paM, how much w,ss dne upon the pilnelpfll Jauoary 1, 190^ Ww title moitcsge made to eecore part ot purchase money! to make int|rove- mtntt, or for what otber purposed or, It m»df to renew a previous mortgage, what wts -he debt original^ created for *] Cfite replies to these queeUona ate to be ke ^ secret, and the abstractor* are sworn before three i'Hojk. Solo singing by one of me Apjl q Quartette. All men cordtal,' UrlnvHed tpapend an hour at the roouv Servteo eto^st promptly. / I Columbia jStreet Baptist eharcjK' the 'JTteeHou^eJ" B*v. George B. Ilsley, pas- tor--10.3fl i.^Ji., uauel servlceeuSermon by pastor,tb«iBt,"WIio is on tbe^ord'sSlde;'* Bible Btudy Mi classes, Inutfnationt] S. S. Iiesson Ilt45i, Christian Workers' meeting in small vMtly at 6,30; gjTipel praise meet- Ing, «oa'd acted by /pastor 1 , at 7.30. Friends MX. *CrangerVwe nude welcome. Seats free. ' .._ .__ --,,, Mil cwuiot be sold In cwnpttltloawith tfeft mnlutndA of Jinrt£SW Short --'fhtalmaor vtiorhihatB powders I Sotftatwt r. ROTA^ BAETKa FOWDE COW 10$ ' dw ~ TM» it al IHHMfcatf TB CAUTION fheae slips and answers are seat In daily to tha Department at Washington, and the CO 1 le 'Una; and deductions are made there. , AMCWBlaKNTa. L £hb T^uVtlers gave a eredltabln variety performance *t tbaOpent Botue last night mf ttiere was a good ebad annJeooe present- The company contain* seme very gnpdi talent, wbteh Is advantageously used daring tbe programme, and the greater pet* of tbe performance proved interesting ant «nterulnlu* The one aot oomedy OUT OWL 9ol)tm ettd ocner J Mr. B. 5*. Comers, of Fortland, is in tbe city. j ; [ Mr. S. Hi FoweU, ot Ofono, was 14 tbe city jeBterflii^, Mr. J. H* Qulmnysf Belfast, was in the city yestet* ay. s " Itr. WaUef D. Shaw, of IQognian, was bi the dty yuterday. Mr. WIllaaiBohsoD of Plttsneld, was in the city ^elterday. Mr. Geprke S. Silsby returned yesterday from a tripfto Boston. Mr. C. W Coffin left yesterday for Boston on a business trip. Mr. C. t* Patbaway, ol Pasadttmkeag, was In tbe city yesterday. Mr-Jamie- MoOlnty, of * tbe Unitarian obolr, Is BUendlng the operas In Boston Mr. E. ft. Oreeley ol Ellsworth, » In Ibe city oojbuslnes*, at the Banjror Hoose. W. U S3 SHOE OCNTLC LAS NTLCMCM. «3 ff_SHOtak*^.- JKessEsaLJsnZrJs^ aCOBCBwI ·adeoogi nd UMiT*ltaf«aeaiinb,li**b«e«* tripia da mas wtaoh wen WOl glvn. Hr ~ ·wit · tkk«t**»th* hah- It wa* v*t*d that y*f«o«lh«|Nhl*ta*t«a» feedctlaa*. weed thateealad a»a» etrda aod «a»«aat fee*. Thiry'aalJad tt M*«M*l*lB»J«t MEWS P4 PER Rfi CHI

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