The Bridgeport Telegram from Bridgeport, Connecticut on October 20, 1920 · Page 4
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The Bridgeport Telegram from Bridgeport, Connecticut · Page 4

Bridgeport, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 20, 1920
Page 4
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Gregory of Milford Recognizes badore Arrick as Robber. lo p i c a l t h Is (,'niy Mil* an staii'l I n t c r m U i o n . i l co-oporat.ioit Is tho n l y remedy f o r t h o c o n d i t i o n s pro- u l l l n i c in I'.lnrope t o d a y , according o I'Mwifvrt A. V'lHme. p r o m i n e n t loMlon m e r c l i t n t , and niombor oC ho .InLornttt.lonal Chambci 1 of Com- terce. who addressed t h e niombors r the C h a m b e r of C o m m e r c e and ( h e n o t a r y club u l t l i o Strat.ttisld b a l l r o o m jTstet'Uuy n o o n . Xo court or liMiitue w o u l d be cffcxitlvo w i t h out, the membership of tho United Stilton, he said, and be itrifod. 'that I h l s country t a k o Its share of the " I.A, T O U K A I . N I io --UK: .1 c a n i s t e r . Ts'ti red need "DANDERINE" Stops Hair Coming Out; Doubles Its Beauty. a. s t r a i n . 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Our blood Is f i l l e d with uric acid which tho k i d n e y s slrlvn to f i l t e r o u t , they weaken f r o m overwork, become Hliifririiih; the e l l m i n a t i v o tissues clou and t h e result. Is kidney t r o u b l e , b l n d d e r weakness a n d a general d o c l l n o i n h e a l t h . \Vlion ^'our kidneys I'ccl l i k e l u m p s oC load; y o u r back hurts or t h « urine is cloudy, f u l l of sediment, or you an? obliged t" seek relief t w o o r t h r e e t i m e s d u r i n g t h e night; ill yon surfer with sick headache or dlx/.;,', nervous .spollu, acid stomach, or you ha.vo rheumatism when tho w e a t h e r In bad, get from your pharmacist, a b o u t Tour ounces of Jad H u l l s ; take a tablespoonfnl in a srlass oC w a t e r before breakfast for n. lY.w days and your kidneys will then n e t One. This famous salts Is ma do f r o m the acid of grapes nnd l e m o n Juice, combined with llthla, and has been imod for (venerations to flush and s t i m u l a t e clogscd kidneys; to neutralize tho adds in t h e urine so it no longer Is a source ot irri- t a t i o n , t h u s ending bladder disorders. .lad .Salts is i n e x p e n s i v e : cannot i n j u r e , makes a. delightful effervescent. I H h l a - w a l o r 'bovera.g'e, and belongs in every homo, 'boimuso nobody r u n m a k e a mistake, .by bavlnf? a Kood 'kidney (lushing' any time.--· Advcrtl s** n lout. responsibility. " A c t u a l C o n d i t i o n s in Kuropo" wns the subject O L Mr. Klloue'H address and he told ot whin ho l e a r n e d during 1 nuinj r u o n t l i a spent on tho c o n t i n e n t . C J o n o c r n l n u Italy he louche:! upon the uprising of the workers. "Tho government of Italy rantji In the hands of the k i n g , his cabinet, oriel P a r l l w m e n t , Tin tact, Uowovcr, Iho -country lui.i passed through a social revolution, f o r t u n a t e l y almost bloodless, which has placed the destinies of t h e -state In tho hiuu'ts ot organized "idlcals. Thoro h n n boon a BuccBsaioti of strikes In Industrie!) and transportation. "Whtm I was In Italy in J u l y m a n y of the street railways were Hod up by ti general strike concerning which tho government, to uao Its own words, declared .Itself 'neutral,' making no attempt to h e l p the. owners resunio servlco. A f t e r 1 l e f t , Iho worket'K In most of tho larffe factories snly.od control of tho pla.nt*. Six h u n d r e d factories and h a l t a m i l l i o n workers became i'n- volvod. This movement spread raplfl'.y, and the government ag'aln dclwired itself 'neutral.' On Septism- bnr, however, the prime minister called a conference of masters and men In tho steel industry and pro- nented n. formula for reconciling their' difCerences, Tho masters «ald they could not voluntarily . accept this f o r m u l a but would submit thereto u n d e r protest. Tho prime minuter then assumed f u l l respon Ibllity and forthwith Issued a do- creu providing 1 for the .appointment of a committee to prepare a bill. "The army is so sympathetic with \vorkers that no reliance can _ placed upon it for tho prevention of disorders arising from labor disturbances. The present situation Is therefore dominated by tho. orsan- ized workers, and tho government if U wlshoa to survive, cnn do little more than follow where the radicals aro leading'. The danger of this [situation Is apparent, Other nations c a n n o t tako the risk of- extending credit to the Industries of a country whose economic conditions ire unstable, and yet without such out- sldo assistance t h e r e must be ti growing stagnation of industry. "Conditions can Improve only if there is work for the people. In order to provide work, Italy's greatest, present need is coal. The price of cpnl at Genoa, when I was there, ranged f r o m 900 to 1..000 lire w ton ( a b o u t ?40 at current rates of ex- c h a n g e ) , and o n l y limited quantities were available eve.n «it. that prohibitive fljflire. The f u e l .shortage Is so ucuta that: we got no hot watpi' in tho hotels for bathing 1 and in »omo cities w a t e r works are closed down tho greater part of tho 3«iy to save fuel in tho pumping stations. In Trieste, for example., city wator wan available only from 1 to 8 ». m., and a family's e n t i r e dully supply must be so-cured during tliose two hours. " W i t h o u t co-operation In which the United States must Join, she cannot In t h e present, world short- as'o ol! -coal, got fuel enough to euro for most pressing wants--she cannot work. And if the mnases haTo no food nor work, the government must bo helplosN. Tho world owes it to Italy nnd to Itself to render this n-SBlBtance. "Vienna, the sent of I h o present Socialistic government, is of course the seat of the Socialist party. It depends for 1U support 'on tho rest ot the country, tho agricultural prod u c t i o n of which, however, In i ' qualo. H would seem thnt the r u r a l population cares little for the suffering of the city population, a n d yet the s u f f e r i n g in Vienna, is beyond belief. "The result of this c o n d i t i o n Is clearly apparent in Vienna. Tho food, fuel, and raw material needed to keep tho city alive and producing iiro wanting. Coal, that master of economic destiny, Is almost 'wholly lacking. The present dally ration for ouch family In only two and a f i f t h pounds. This Is i n a d e q u a t e oven Oct. I t ) . \ V l l h Hie r o u n d u p of a (fans: of alleged thts'ves, placed under arrest hy the Now Haven riollce y e u t e r d a y who i; Is believed are responsible for n n u m b e r of bronlis and h o l d u p s In Haven a n d s u r r o u n d i n g towns, the locnl police h o u o to clear up thn ease of N a t h a n T. Uregoi-y who was relieved of a roll of b l l l K sncl t.herlts a m o u n t i n g to $ J 9 » at the mirale. of n, r e v o l v e r as he w n n about to close up his place of bn«l-. Saturday evening, October 9. 1'sadore Arrick, of 'Vork street, New Haven, one of the five arrested, was IdentlflMl today by Mr. Grog- us one of the men who held '.I'o whom Tully Mnrslinll A. .slai!'e ory -him up. Arrick is bilng held u n d e r bonds of $.1,000 and will probably t u r n e d over to t h e Miil'ord po- llco for his c o n n e c t i o n with the local Job. Tho olher t o u r R'ivins the mimes of George Walsh, iH5 C r o w n s t r e e t , . Louis Arfiusky, . 41 W h i t e street, Woses ICravl'tsliy. Rose street, a n d Alex Swldler, 67 York .«tri»et, arc also under heavy bonds for appearance In tho City court Thursday morning. Arj'ick accompanied by another man, who Is thought to be Kravil- 1 sky, entered Gregory's grocery store of it Cherry street, about 1.0:80 o'clock on the nlgVif of pcto'/er I), and with handkerchiefs used as masks, and drawn revolvers rifled tho cnsh rnn'lstcr. They overlooked a dlanvoinl ''Ing valued at ? S O O and a roll of $ 2 0 0 on .the person of Mr, Gregory, As they backed out or the front door',, the handkerchief dropped from the face of one man who has been identified as Arrick. Mrs. M u i w l i n i l i.'i k n o w n in Hie ivnd Hi:rc'«i ivni-ld an Mn.i'.lun Kuli'Taj, fiihe h:uM n p p e n r e d on the stage, b i l l n e v e r in tin: movies, Sh^ ban w r l t t a n stuKO. p)ayn mrul ·'.« now n p i ' o m l n e n l s c e n a r i o a n d c o n t l n u i l y w r i t e r , Q, How old Is Wesley Hurry'.' A, VV'.nley Jfi 13, bin hair Is i''i,l i i u d his freeli.loa are run I. .MR h n H b l u e eyes and weighs 8t pounils. He lives n t h o m e in ,'allfornla with Iris mother. ). 'Wliiit motion picture nclruss wli now ilcvol,cs of ln l r (Inw to writing HtTiinrlrtH ln».« l»il SOO of |t'hoto|la,ys pnwliK'oil? ·A. ·(;!« no . tJui'.'-rillpr, Q. In wlml. plclnre. (Ilil Dl' 1 '' |{:lflholine.'b iniiku Ills wrci'ii lol)ut'.' A. TUirtlM'lincSN s i a r t e r ] I l l s screen cli.i't'Oi' In "'War E'Hdcs," u. l l e r b e r l l l r e n o t i ' p i ' t t d u i ' - . t i o n . l i e a " h l n N ' f ' d hl.i llrst ipopularlly as'«uerlle Clii.rk's leading man In " H a h ' s ·Burslar." ."Unto's ]lary" «.nd "The Scv«n Swans." l-Ufl Ki-oatcst HUC- o*-s» baa been in I). \V. f.!rl(llth'K pictures. He him d a r k hivlr anil brown eyes, weighs I SI'S, Jind is live feel am-cn imrhes in hnlg.lit. I''" '« no longer «lnsln, hm-lns 1 recently m a r r i e d m n r y l i n y . H o w ' an' visions or Kliost.H m a d e l:o appo;i.r wlv.h sncl'i va.vruo or misly o u t l i n e s in n, uecne'.' ' The answer to tlvls q u e s t i o n will appear t o m o r r o w in this d e p a r t m e n t . Electric Light Rates Increased Morn t h a n 90 per !onl:. o!. I hu a l c o h o l a.nd nlcoholic 'drinks tnatle in the Vhlllppiiitti are tlcriveil f r o m ])alin tvcn juleea, United illuminating Company Annonncei Raise of Half Cent Kilo Watt Hour. An increase in rates, to go i u l o el'- i feet Doaemhoi' 1, was a n n o u n c e d yes ten-day by the United Hhiiulnatlng company by advertisement and con- slclorablfl gonfuston arose f r o m t h e r e a d i n g of the afl. wlilch utated t h a i he now r n t o wqultl be "eig'lit a n d (.''a per K, W. honi- n u b - 1«ct to the servicR cimrga of $12 pnr annum per meter Installed." Ma.ny were of the opinion t h a t the JJ.2 service oharfre would be added to t h e regular rale. General M'jitm'er (,'liavlen A. Paul ntated thnt the service chai'iro of J1.2 Is n o t h i n g new and t h n t the o n l y difference between the present r a l e and the new rate will be, an increase of u hulf :i ocnt on eneh K. W. hour. He Rnld that there will he. jiio m o l e r ' STRAND 0ONTINUOUS 1i15 TO 10:30 "~ TODAY MAY ALLISON In Her I,«test, SIIWOHH "THE CHEATER" TYRONE POWERS in "THE GREAT SHADOW" BLAMES MINERS' STRIKE FOR SHORTAGE OF COAL Can open a Charge Account here. NO CASH NEEDED. Every new style. Just say "Charge It!" Pay weekly. High values, low prices, little payments. ESTERETTES .\ml Firm I'lllliiK Ovorooattt As Low as $30.00 Fine Suits $27.50 to $65 Boys' O'Coats $8.50 up spinn You must say ''Bayer' Unless you see the name "Bayer" on package or on tablets, you are not getting genuine Aspirin prescribed by physicians for 21 years. Insist upon an unbroken package of genuine '' Bayer Tablets of Aspirin'' containing proper directions and dose proved safe by millions. H»»dT tin boxes of 12 tubleU coal but n fnvr cents--l*rg«r p*ck»g»i. . t b i r l n U t h e Ir^e. marl of H»r»r M«aut«i,tur« of M«no»c««lo»ci4««l«r »f B*Uc7llo»o!l The strike of the a i i U i r a o l t f i coal minors Is to blame for tho s h o H u i f C i of coal In this city,, anoordinc to Hurry E. Hustecl, secretary of tli! CH.y :ic:« n n d Coal Co., wlio Is ot the opinion that conl w i l l n u t KG n.buv J t l n. ton. 'Mr. Husl«cl «a,ia t.Tuit a f L o r flllln^ a iflw orflerti which ho hus at tho present tim« coal will be sold 'Jy the company In ton Idt.i only and said tliat boforn tho .company -would l!'o I n t o the opdn marknt and buy nt the hlffh prices prcvulllns tlioro It will quit selling coal. At 'the present t i m ^ coal is .iclllns; for .tli.Stt at t h e . O l t j - Ice nrid Coal Co. A n t h r a c i t e instill coming Into Ihn city in small quantities only and tho prospects o£ frcttlnsf an adequate s "l'- ply tor the winter aro not I). A. K, IIUMMAGK SAJVK. Mm. f'aUiprino M^vwln Morris. cnairnian oC the committed lu charire of the rummjise sale/ that Is to be held midtfr the auspleen «'f Freplove Baldwin Stow h a i t « r , D. A.. R. at tho Memorial chapter hoiiHt' on .Thursday, Oct. 28, a f t e r n o o n nnd ovftnlnff wiahes to a n n o u n c e thnt If portions ilesirintT to mako. c.ontri- bntloiiR or ilonnllona will n o t i f y her, nil articles will 1)0 called for. Thn l)rooe».!tla of the sale w i l l lin urxid for tho Berry School S c h o l a r s h i p for the mountain whiter. T O D A Y Mat. and PARK MR.MRS.COBURN Jn ii N e w C'nnieil.v Sin/coss "French Leave" Mill:, I'rlucs--Host, HcnlH if 1.00 rmoKS--."ic to $2,1)1) · / EVERY SAT. NIGHT Abe Rosenberg's J A Z Z BAND WITH THK AGAWAM DANCE CLUB Stratford Aro., Nour 10, Main THIS SAT. rlsro Oontest GUARANTEE No one O1I1* Ml ( l l l I'll wlH'I'C ;;^V lui'; n-cr niatcliiMl IH-N ll (CI'IIIS. If i · lliy iKittrr i-lsr- iM'litx .von r pnr- Itt. join 1107 M . A l i STRI'-,I';'I' Break a Cold In Few Hours First dose of "Papc's Cold Compound" relieves all stuffiness and distress--No quinine! Costs little! Don't, stay etuffed-iip! Q u i t Mowing nnd snuffling:! A Mono of "Pape's (,'oli:l CoiupouniJ" tnl(in every two h u u i ' M until three doson are taken l i t t u u l l y breaks u\ a cold and cnda all ,«rlppo nilNcry. Tlio llrst clone OP^IIH ologg'od-up noittrlltt nnd til* alv paasuses of yinr . h t n c l ; stops cuwe running;; relieves heaclncli!, 'flullncaa. feveriahneas snisezins, soreness, 8tiffne«s, "Tape's Cold Compound" Js th quiokest, surest relict' k n o w n nna .'·osts only a few i;«nta at drug storos .it. acts without assistance., Tastti nice. Contains, no quinine, Insls on -rape's!--Advertisement. E L I T E Chan. St, Tel. N. 962-4. Tliui;s Toulli'lH Kflward Ti-oh'n«ka luia lo'von ai: n p p f i a l to tho Superior fionr.t . f r o m the asscBsment of benefits nnd dam nffcs made on his property on Or kind street by tlif. IJoiirtl o f . A s s M ' aors on Auifust. 1C. Froliankn. ,'irt- m i f n t h a t hn wow allowed dani'iijen f $147 by the but cln-lius tlml. .R has been damagi'd to I he oxlcnt w t $ 2 , 8 0 0 , He askd t h a t I h n layout oC Orlinul «lr«Et be declared lllosai. lull and void. or cooltliif,' and ia of course uaelcss for heatlns 1 , As a rcatilt, d n r the cold w e a t h e r funiilles tire pellBd to Ih'e In o n l y o n o r o o m , They k?iep warm mostly by t l i e h i a t of on« a n o t h e r ' s bodl«s. I While 1 was In ClcriTMiny W a l t e r Hatheuau, one of the llsni»st men In G e r m a n y , aald to me, 'It Is clear to ma 'thnt France doe.s not k n o w w h a t sho wants f r o m G u r m a n y , Unless some. internatlontvl a f f r o o m e n t in roncliod whoroby 'Franre «nns«ntH to the fixing of mi I d o m n i t y wlilch Germany can pay, there. Is no hope for Germany. And w h e n the day nomns T deeldo t h e r e Is no h o p e In Gorman y for mu or my son, l.hat day I w i l l become n. Bolshevist, ami all my efforts and n i l my l i r u l n a w i l l K'o to m a k i n g a SUCBBSH of Hol- Bhevlgm.' "I. r n n d e q u i t e a alud'y or i n d u s trial and labor c n n c l l l l o u s in (Ji:)'- mon.v, Jn Bavaria. I f o u n d coal was sc.nrce for both domestic and f o n - tory nss. We sot no m i l k becansn a cattle pest hud k i l l e d most, of I h o cattle l o f t after those owed to T |T rance and Belgium i m r l b^on d e - H\'ore3, nnd very l l t l l o snsai'. Tho factorial) were w o r k l r i R o n l y n n r t time. Th« Q e r r i m n ivnvimimenl: dries not permit the diocluu'R-e of em- ployes w i t h o u t its consent, and *.", instead "f cutting 1 clown their forces t h e y , reduce tho h o u r s of work. Tn spite, of this, however, theiv are. t o day in G e r m a n y about 2,500,001) neople out of work, accord Ins 1 ^) Ur. Sudekiim, former Prussian m i n i s t e r o£ finance. " . 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L I B E R T Y 121)2 STATK KTRK_ET MAT. 2 : I S " ~'."lp!VE 7tOO Ki»KCIAl," A'l-fSACiiON Edythc Sterling THE GIRL WHO DARED In 6 ncti. j EXTRA--1Ct.h CHAPTER OF ELMO THE FEARLESS Iv Steinert Series FIVE CONCERTS --at-Poll's Theatre Sunday Afternoon at 3:15 Popular Concerts BY Opera Stars AND Famous Musicians HIGH SCHOOL FIHST COXCI':itT Thurs. Eve. Oct. 21 ALICE D'HERMANOY Pi'lnin, nomui. Soprano. lloynl OjiPi'ii, London; Opci'fc t'uniiiliu.', P u r l s , E V A · L I M I N A N A .M'K'ciitim: P l i i n l H l , JEAN NESTORESCO N o l e d l l o i i m a n l i n i V i r t u o s o Ullior I'onciTls, N»v. IN, iliui. 'JO, I'VI). 10, Mar. Doc. 17. Tickets SOc, $1, ft 1.50, ON SAI'.K AT C. A. $2 A I/SO I ' l l i l c Ml M. \\. (·'OX I M A N O ( O. M:in!iKi''iiirnl of I'llOl'OIJTAN Mt'SIC'AI; ltl.:UIC.\r, Inc. liii \Vi-Hlo.v Mllli-r, rrrslilcut MOO Di'iiiuln'ny, Now York HIPPODROME TODAY ANITA STEWART In ii, Itonuinci- of tin; Sfintli "In Old Kentucky" NOV. 7TH New,York Philharmonic Orchestra Josef Siransky, Director DEC. 26TH MARY GARDEN NOV. 28TH Mime. Louise Homer and Daughter In a Joint Concert JAN. 24TH Anna Case, Soprano Jacques Thibaud, Violinist FEBRUARY 20TH GABRIELLA BESANZONI, Contralto AM) Ts REINHOLO WARLICH, Baritone Special Course Prices $6.50--$7.50--$8.50 Tickets Now On Sale at 915 MAIN ST., BRIDGEPORT WEST END -- SI'I MARY PICKFORD st. and Clinton Avc.l Ti-l. Bar. 7773 t| -- TONIGHT! vi'iit of tho Screen World CJHI Wi'l'strr's Ct'li'linKcil SKir.v aiKl 1'luy LONG LEGS," 7 Acts l ' K ' , . u r o I I I t l ' i ' K i i ' J r o Scrooii ('aroor. .\lvuinc in I'rlfOK: Ailulls. '2ii:; ChlUhi'ii, l i e MOORK In ·Till', liltKAT ACCIDENT" "THE T O M O I t l t O W I S T U A C Y ' . S N i l V I ' ; I . , SILENT BARRIER" GRAND PRIZE MASQUERADE $25 Cash and Other Beautiful Prizes AT BROOKLAWN Friday Evening, Oct. 22, N O V E L T Y SI* J A Z Z B A N D OdMACK *! H M t K V , J«Tti, iNEWSPAPERl iNEWSPAPERl

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