Decatur Daily Republican from Decatur, Illinois on January 21, 1882 · Page 3
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Decatur Daily Republican from Decatur, Illinois · Page 3

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 21, 1882
Page 3
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WE ARE MAKING To all who think of buying a Watch, EITHER SILVEE OR GOLD! WE HANDLE ONLY THE RELIABLE GOODS, AND THOSE WE CAN ENTIRELY WARRANT. We buy and sell by far the TERMS. P«r meek, payable to Carrier, IS Cts- One year, ta ad*mo», Six llontta, Thrtf Manila, 3.60 1.10 SATLTtttiY EVESING, JAN. 21, 1882.1 BOYS' Wagons, nil ni^e», nt E. 1). UAL, IIOLOMEW * Co.'s. HEAR J. \V. N.rholH to-night at the tabernacle. ANOTHEK "London fog" anJ a Mtle snow tliis morning. SOBE arms are numerous m Peeatur jiibl nov,. SECCBI: tiekfcts fur the dmum i day uiglit. WiiiASH engine So. 133 will soon be out of the nhopa and ieady for the roitd. EKIVKTS arc hema mude to »earoh for TSEBE was another large turnout of men, women and children "at the tabernacle, last evening, to participate in the Prof. Bichardson roller skate carnival-Them was music daring the evening by the Dccatur band. Each person who entered the tab. received a numbered ticket at the door, and all present had one chance in the large and beautiful oil painting in a gold frame, which wan given away by the Professor. The drawing took place at 930 o'clock. Duplicates of each number given out at the door were placed in n Derby hat, and it was decided that the 50th number taken out should win the prize. Gracie Blume was blindfolded, and she took 50 tickets from the hat, Frank Curtis receiving and counting each as the tickets wero handed to him by Gracie. The 50th number was ICO, and Miss Lizzie Wulser, the seamstress, who resides in the fourth ward, came forward with the lucky number and took the handsome prize, which is valued at 815. The interest in the drawing was general, nd all watched the proceedings closely. c.,a! tit Mt. l'ui.-».ki. 'Hi'' ffcver ib Go- phjsiuam' prescriptions tilled jirompth hy a reliable pharmacist at W. C. ArmstiuLg'tt oi-ug s,tore. KEV. CU'.TI.S POWELL, the Methodist circuit preacher, delivered the sermon at the union religious meeting at the First M. E. Church last evening in '"· P ree ' eiico of a large congregation. The spe- 1 cial meetings are growing in interest , T f K i, io luue "Patience" «. H I nightly and will be continued through ,1. peifornu.nce next Saturday aftei-! all of next week at Stapp s Chapel. noon. THE Jk-thudiBt L'uion religious services ^ _ = ___ _ held next week at Stapp's ('Lapel. omier8 o f the building mean bnsiness.Hiid of any one in this part of the Sttte and feel sure we can save any one money on this class of goods as well as on the OTHER WARES IN OUR LINE Every one should see our TRIPLE-PLATED three-dollar SILVER CASTERS- thev are worth FIVE. *· OTTO E. CUETIS CO., S.UADIN3 RELIABLE JEWELERS. n i l l l x Tin \boo1t, in the opera house on Saturday evening, Jan. :!-th, will commenco at Curtia Co.'s at ,-igiit o'clock Weilnesday morning, Jan. 5r,th, three days in advance of the entertainment. "\Vr. c a n y the largt^t stock of boots and shu,.mil'the city," say L. L. Terriss A C :. Conn U - j k a recess last evening, at 4 o'clock, to give the two juries that were out time to decide upon a verdict in the llnrd and Roucy cases. 1'iti; wool-lined slippers for old ladies at L. L. Ferris* ,V Co.'.s. CAI.LI.H Schrocder's popular Bohemian cigars f«r Rood smoking. A corfi.i: of young bloods from some rural town or district wero slashing around ^ Tnsnew order to loafers at the Union j s uav ing the desired effect. Tlie drawn by two obedient horses, and the fellow-', who wore getting drunker and drunker aa they went from one saloon to auollw-i, scf-mcd to be having a high old time. At about 10 o'clock they drove out of the eitv. Destination unknown. On,i.i. ; , for DECATUB XUT COAL, sc. ecned, promptly filled by R. McClellnnd. Telephone at C'nlo RrfiH.' ding store. ianlS dtf (hi-, DM -ION, the yoiini mtm who was indie'-d for cm breaking, wan discharged 1'oui iiulher iiiipribimmeiit iu the county jail li-.»t (-veiling, a nolle having been eu- tucd m hi-- e:ih\ The evidence against him «HS deemed too n e a k t o g o to trial. N o w H the time to secure bargains at C. t;. l'i{Hcott'«, before he removes his stock ol instruments into his now quarlors. ('nun K WiHcoiisin butt.-r at YOIIIIK tin s.' janW-dtt THEitr aic- million* iu that little invention of H. H. Brown. It is manufactured at the American Vapor Stove Company's works on East "Main street. S\i)iLi: ROCK OUSTERS on the halt siioll--big old fat fellows, alive and nice-at Mu.i.ra'8 Lrxon Boon. ! 1H dl i TIIE funeral of the late Joseph Sujder took place at Sullivan this afternoon.-- C'ircuit Cleik JIcC'lellBii and Mr. W. T. Stamper were present. ANOTHER car of choice eastern apples received nt Young Bros.' to-day. j:m]3-dlf Ttir. officers of the Logan county fair I board have met. Arrangements will be perfected to make the 1«*2 fair something ' uf a n-ive'it). The vetenus of the 2d 111. i C.ivulry w i l l probubly hold a reunion 1 during the iirogivss ot HIP fail. ·THE UBESSK1V the nobbiebt ,uid i Litest shle hat, t be had only al I novldwtf. I'-- STINE'S. [·'. I). CALDWELI. has plenty of Lacka- wmina Hard Coal-Chestnut No. 4, and stove. Office with American Express Co. j Ordei* promptly tilled. dceSOdtf. | TUB case of the People against Mrs. ,,...-!?, indicted For violating the liquor law, will be called up for trial on Monday It will be the first case for the week. The ca«c against Frank set for trial on Wednesday next. - -··-- ; PERFECT F i r and satisfaction guaran- , . - , . | , e T»T .. 1. ..,-,,1J OQ ' tmlbvFleury, the French Gutter, corner We unloaded a big lot of Meicnanuise of OK \ Sliuara . i ric es kw,,r than the low ret. janllcUtwti THE supervisor, collector and assessor of each township, according to tho State law, constitute n board of health of their respective township.'. It is the duty of these officers to see that tho orders in relation to vaecinatiou are complied with. They hnn for the vac not afford to pay for it. GAMER'S Liver Pills me free from all crude and irritating maiter. Concentrated medicine only: very small; very easy to take; no prvu: no griping, no purging. tiy Huhhard * Swonringeu. nalc of ie-i.-rved scuts fur Emma ' will have the idlers bouuctd instanter if the "Bohemian Girl," at the they are caught in the waiting rooms in future. Those rooms are there for the ' opeckl accommodation ot the traveling public and not for hoodlums or local or tramping bums. TIIE funeral of the late Mrs. Amalia Ebe.rt will take place from the German Lutheran church on Sunday afternoon, Kev. Liindgraf officiating. The remains will leave the residence of her son, Henry Ehcrt, 3; £ miles southwest of the city, for the church at 11 a. m. All friends of the family are invited to attend. THE question was asked yesterday, "When was the Old Revere House destroyed by fire?" It caught fire from a defec- | tive flue in a room on the third floor on ; Friday morning, April 7, 1871. "Oh, My Arm!" ! The county physician, Dr. Weyl, visited the county jail this forenoon, and vaccinated each of the thirty-five inmates. A "Bad Man." Things were lively for a short time last evening in the Palace Hotel kitchen, all on account of the ire which filled the breast of the boss cook, Henry Garner, who had got on a glorious drunk before tea time. He took a notion to demolish the supper that had boon prepared, and did so with ueatnesss and despatch. Tho second cook objscted, and then the racket commenced by Garner heaving the cleaver at tho party who had remonstrated with him. After frightening everybody within sight, the "bad man" armed himself with a murderous looking carving- knife, iuid declared that he would like to meet the policeman who would attempt to arrest him. He left the hot«l and subsequently Mr. N. Lnux swore out a city warrant for the arrest of Garner on a charge of creating a disturbance and assault. Marshal Hewes and Officers Flynn and Robinson captured the "bad mau" as he was going through n gate on Webster street, and he was hustled off to the city calaboose. He will hnve a henrinfr this afternoon. * HUBD AND BONftY. The Jury In Back Oaae Fan to Agree-Both Discharged To-day. The case of the People vs. Uel E. Kurd, tried on a charge of perjury in making an alleged false affidavit to procure a marriage license from the Macon county clerk to marry Miss Lucy Porter, of Clinton, was given to the jury at about 9 o'clock on Friday morning. The jury consumed the entire day and all of last night in an attempt to agree upon a verdict, and failing to do so, Judge Smith discharged them this forenoon nt 9:30 o'clock. The bail of Kurd was reduced from $1,000 to $600, and Kurd will probably furnish security for his appearance for another trial (if the prosecution is renewed) at the May term of court. The jury in this case was out 24 hours. When the first vote was taken the jury stood 7 for acquittal and 5 for conviction. When the last vote was taken the jury stood ~ for acquittal aud 7 for conviction. The jury in the case of the .Pxeple TU. Owen Roiiey, tried on a charge of robbing a sou of William Brewer of S3.0S, also failed to agree, the jury standing from first to last 11 for conviction aud 1 for acquittal. Judge Smith also discharged this jury, there being no hope of th» jurors agreeing upon a verdict. Owen was returned to the county jail, and will be hauled over the legal coals again on the same charge at the nest term of court. After discharging the juries, court adjourned until 1 p. m. Monday, Jan. -id, when the whisky case against Mrs. Davis ill be called up for trial. THE DECATUR BOARD. DKCATCH, ILL., Jan. 21', 18-. The Board of Health met at thfiCity Clerk's office, there bcinff present Mayor Waggoner, Aid. Harwood, Bit. A. Jl. Small. OIM Chcno- wcth aud Clirk. Tho followinjr resolutions were ottered and adopted: Resolved, That this board heartily endorse the efforts of the Board of Education In carrying out tho order of the State Board of Health regarding the vaccination of our school children.! Tieiolivd, That wo recommend and rcqucKt tho city council to build a pest house of two rooms'and a kitchen, and that the house no built as soon as posnible. On motion the Board adjourned. G, P. HARDY. Clerk. WALL- The first v«y«ived by PATTERNS for 1882 just Another Bal Masque. The sale of tickets for the Hnrmoiiia Club's grand masquerade ball, which is to be given in Guard's Armory next Tuesday evening, assures the attendance of a large number of persons. The preparations for this party hare been in progress for two weeks, and that it will be a big success socially and financially there is not the least doubt The best of music has been engaged for the evening. Get your tickets, arrange our eoBtmne, and be on hand early Tuesday night. The grand march will be called at 9 p. m. PERSONAL MENTION. COFFIN OLINCHBEa A Simple Invention Manufactured by Gehrmann, Brown Co. The writer called at tlie establishment of the American Stove Company, on East Main street, the other evening, and found . business booming. The members of this company arc Theo. A. Gehrmaun, H. II. Brown, Edward Jameson, Charles H. ! Brown and Josvph Shafer, and their improved vapor stoves are finding their j way into many households where thpy are prime favorites. COFF1H CLINCHERS. ! The firm has but recently commenced . tlie manufacture of Mr. H. H. Brown'i 1 simple invention -wrought iron "coffin clichers," that arc used by makers 1 of coffins instead of uuils and screw-", an Las b*n the oustjm in pa^t yearn. These t.-itouing.s .ire placed on the inside of a cutuu at the joints and the coffin is made water tight. One cud of the crooked clincher is driven into the wood and the drilled end which is about a half in-h wide it, -el fastened by iuo.Ui!S ot i! small sei ew. Orders for these fastenings are coming by every mail from Cuiliu 'imuufactuivrs in all parts of thu coiuii p.. One order the writer Haw callad for I ' V H M e l i u c h c M «ut by a Cincinnati firm, and a letter from another firm asking what they «oiiM cost b\ the tun--JOO,- 000. Th present niachmerj used in forming tlu j r'uiH'he.''s me taxed to thai', ntmott eai'.."in. They turn out from 10,000 to-U.ii" 1 1 f,i~tnii)gs daily, but tho company will !c compelled to put inrnoru uiaehinen it the\ ! · · ; to suppl) the da- maud. The tinn i-, wr'i ^ii^i'lw-il with t b e famous American A . I | " I Sto\TM and will be prepared to wipplj t i n - ''i'dn v\itli summer stoves nejit season. Linseed Oil \Vor'.,« The Tiunscrwtot this morning state* that there is nolinseod oil woikrf within 150 miles of this city. Our esteemed con- ' temporary in mistaken. Bloomington rejoices in the possession of one of the largest manufactories of that character in the state.--Pforia JoiirnnL i And so doet, Pocatnr, and don't you let it slip your memory--Decatur has had a linseed oil mill, which is now owned by Mr. B. 7i. Taylor, for over ten years, and it is flourishing "like a green bay tree." Splendid Success. Our Bargain Sale in a splendid success. During the past three days our store has been thronged with customers, all delighted with our new goods nud low prices. There are still between 75 and 100 pieces of those English Cashmeres with all-wool fillings nt S'j'e, and thousands of yards of other desirable goods selling at less than cost of production. Call and see them at the I'ori'i.iu NEW YORK STORE. d.Vw SWEEPING -OF- DRY GOODS From VOW UI1IL F LINN SCRUGGS, COURT HOUSE BLOCK CORNER. December 81, 1881. Young Dick Oglesby's '"1'roubadours" appeared at Atlanta, Logan county, the other night before a delighted audience. Freely B. Caldwell, of the 'Frisco Line' has been "doing" the South in the interest of his company. We are under obligations to him for a late copy of the Now Orleans Times-Democrat, received by mail last evening. The cards are out for the marriage of Miss Arminda Turner, daughter of the late Walter Turner, and Mr. Horace Pritchett, son of J. W. Pritchett, which will take place in the Christian chnrch at Niantic, on Thursday evening, January 26, at C o'clock. Dr. William Dillon, of Payaon, Ill.,who has not been iu Decatur for 14 years, paid us a pleasant call this forenoon, and renewed his subscription to tho weekly RK- He will remain in the city for Query? What has become of the Wubauh "caller"--also hia dog nnd lamp, and is it true ,, VBLK . AI , i that he hai gone into the employ or the j soyeMl da; . S| and ^ be the gue8to f Ur. Midland? £j ar i p. Christie and family. The doctor is in good health and looks SB young as ever. Jainea Roberts, son of Mrs. Dr. Roberts, and formerly a member of the REPCRLI- r * N earlier corps, lias succeeded T\illS. assistant National health is Disturbing the Dead. In compliance with the order of the grand jury, the body of William Shea, who died at Elkhart, near Lincoln, about a year ago rather suddenly, WH-- exhumed on Wednesday of thi-- ' ' ' .-".ut tu Chicago f o r a cdieiu! m I' H believed that Shea was K U C I I poihon by his widow, who uow irsides in Kaiisab, and as the uir in that section has been full of rumors of foul play silica tlie old farmer died, the grand jury of the couuty has dended tu sift the matter to the bottom. ! THE CHURCHES TO-MORROW. FIRST M. B. OBl'RUH. Preaching morning and evening, »t th« usual honrs, by the pastor. CHRISTIAN CHCBCH. Eld«r Bates, of Moroa, will preach at this church to-morrow^ both morning and evening, at the usual hours. A cordisl invitation is extended to all. rnESBTTrMAN rnt-Rcn. Preaching at this church morning «nd evening at the usmd hour§, 10:30 a. m. and 7 p. m., by the pawtor, Rev. W. H, Prestley. V. B. CHCKOH. Class meeting, 9.-30 a.m.; preaching 10:30 ii. m.jSunday 8chool,2 p. m.;preach- iug, 7 p. m. H. W. Tmiiblood, pastor. STAPP'S CH \PEL. Prtaching by the pastor at the- usual honrs at Stapp'a Chiipel to-morrow. Sunday School at 2 p. m. OTVEBSALIST CHUBCH. Rev. S. S. Hebbord will occupy the pulpit to-morrow evening. The subject of his discourse will be "The Door of he Shadows of Death." Wen ver--Croft. ALL Stevenson as messenger and book keeper at the Decatur Bank. Mr. Stevenson, whose still poor, will probably goto Hew Mexico in a short time. James bus entered upon his dutiei. The Oerro Gordo Cases. Tho Monticello Bulletin of this \veek. speaking of the contagious outbreak at Oerro Gordo, says there have so far been twelve cases of small-pox and varioloid, none serious, however, one reported Wednesday morning about three miles in the country. The case is Prof. Morrison Allsbury. D. G. Duell was sent to tlie family of Sum Smith by consent. A pest house was arranged a mile west of the past week. Not much profit, but we gave our patrons lots o! good bargains, which they appreciate--had rather do that than sit round and growl and grrtmble about the the weather and the mud. THIS WEEK you ean buy good Prints, and all you want, at 3c, 4c and 5c, and the best Standard Calico made, in new and choice styles, at 6%. Only think of it--16 yds. for $1. And now don't forget that every article in our store, up one side and down the other and through the middle, will be sold at a GOOD, HONEST REDUCTION from regular prices--say from 10 to 33 1-3 PER CENT. DISCOUNT. And, furthermore, on TUESDAY MORNING, We will inaugurate the cheapest sale of Hamburg Embroideries on record; new importations--goods not out of Custom House 20 days--bought at a fearful discount, and will be sold at half regular prices until closed out. It will pay to wade through the mud, or pay Railroad fare, to attend our sales this week. Remember, No. 10 MERCHANT ST. S. G. HATCH BRO. Jan. Tuesday Night's Play. "Only a Farmer's Daughter," which is to be presented for tlie first time in this city on Tuesday owning, Jan. 21th, is a very interesting society play, with a rather novel construction. A rising young author, who has married a country girl, ia being plotted against bj a false friend ^ and a dashing adventuress, who piny upon | town. Bob Cox and Frank Jones are his ambition to alienate him from his I now a t this hospital. A child each in the family. Just ns the. schemers think their t wo families, Smith and Long, are quite success certain, the husband hiis n dream, | ojck. Every precaution is being taken to which carries on the story to its legiti- I prevent its spraading. Three new cases mate end--the loss of wife, child, and roa- i o f vnrioloid reported Monday morning, son. tho murder of the adventuress, a · Frank Jones was sent out to the hospital violent death and a pauper's ffrnve. The j on Sun-lay with varioloid--very light. Jones drove the teom out while the boys IS dream opens the husband's ejes lo his danger and restores him to the affections power to appropriate m,,nev ' of his wife. But the action never Hags, ·inati.01 of the poor who ,,,,,'- j and the piny holds and retains pleased attention to tho close, and is well worthy a generous hearing. Popular prices--35. 50 iiud 75 cents. _ New Carpets I New Carpets! Linn Scruggs, have just received a large lot--the first of their spring pur- I chase--rf Brussels and ingrain carpeting, in entirely ncir ami elegant designs, to which they invite special attention. ja21 li!is-- GOODS, Ciilicnf^, Jfusliua, Tick- ings, Jcjns «'to.. '"*'·· in pxcollent variety, splendid values, and at im-ompnralily low prices. See nnd price. [%]··!. C«E.\r STOKE. I CHEAP CHAJU.EY manufactures fine , 1 clothing expressly for retail trade, there- ! by saving the jobtwr's profit for his CUB- j tomers. I CALL at Bachman's, south sid» aity i park, for the best and cheapest furniture , iu the city--a bargain in »vary article. j Aug. 15-dtt WE still show n haudsmne line of Cloaks and Dolmans, black and light colors, ladies," misses,' nnd children's. AYeof- fer them at artnal ««f. CHEAP STORE. Big IS. 18--dJtwlw THERE is a general complaint among druggists that they cannot get enough of "Dr. Sykes' Sure Cure for Catarrh" to supply the demand. If thus disappointed write direct to th« Doctor, 169 Madison street, Chicago. V. H. Paxke's Feed Store. He keeps baled hay, ear corn, oata, ground corn, ground oats, mill feed, etc.; has o large supply, the best quality, and delivers promptly. Prices as low as the business can be done for. Adjoining the tabemwle. Hay for Sale. I have for sale in my barn in Decatur, a lot of good timothy hay, which will be sold at SIC per ton. Apply to DAVTD GABVEB, No. 20 East Prairie St. Jan. 21--d2w* Dolmans. A few elegant Black and French Diagonal Dolmans, elegantly trimmed, former prices S20 to 830, will be sold during the next five days at S15 UVS20, and a few $15 and 316 Dolmans will be sold at 810. Balance of Shawls, Light Colored Cloaks and Blankets at less than cost Those who desire good goods cheap should not fail to see them. Respectfully PoprLAB New YORK STORE. MEN'S HOSIERY AM) UNDERWEAR, In splendid variety. CHEAP STOKE. 17-dfcwlw Big 18. STRICT ATTSKTIOS, politeness always shown to patrons, no misrepresentations permitted at Cheap Charley's, the manufacturer of clothing erclnsively for retaD trade. jan!2dwtf walked ahead. HB sent word back to town that 'lie didn't understand why the corpea should drive the hearse while the mourners walk ahead." A child iu Oak- lev is said to be down with the disease. Notice. Uuriug the balance of January and until the close of our great stock taking sale, we will continue to sell our celebrated SI Black Dress Silk at 84c, and that unequalled 81.50 pilk at 81.25, and unparal- elled bargains in Towels, Table Linens and HouBefurninhing Goods, to which we ask yonr attention. EespectfuUf, PoputAB NEW YORK STOISE. HAEVET W. DOWJONO has purchase! a half interest in Frank Bemley'B baiber shop and bath rooms at No. 6 Water street. Bemley Downing is the style o the new firm. 20d3t SMABT Weed and Belladonna combinec with the otiier ingredients used in th best porons plasters make Carter's S. W. t B. Backache Plasters the beat in the market Price 25 cents. Bold by Hubbird k Hweariagm. 18 We Give Away 12 yards of 7,^ cent (actual value) calico, to every purchaser of Five Dollars' worth. Bemember, our goods are all marked in plain selling figures, and DO advantage is taken on acwrant of the above proposition. 18 CHEAP STOBB. Do HOT buy before yon see the stock and prices of Fleury, thi French Cutter, corner of Old Squar* Yon will save money. janlldwtt DBT Stovs Wood, at McClelland's coal vard. Send orders from dole Bros, drag store. S«pWttf DECATUB'S LAEGEST Tuesday afternoon, Jan. 10th, at two )'clock, tit the residence of Mrs. Ellen jetoirore, was witnessed, by the friends and relatives of the bride and groom, the marriage of Mr. J. M. Weaver, of Fort icott, Kansas, to Miss Laura J. Croft, laughter of Mrs. Latoirere. Promptly at .he hour named, Mrs. Samuel Croft struck :he first notes of Mendelssohn's wedding march, and soon the bride and groom, preceded by Miss Clara Letoirere nnd \Ir. J. F. Holland, entered the parlor nnd ·ook the position assigned them, when Rev. W. A. McCurrell, iu well chosen words, reminded them of the new_ life they were about to enter, and aftor affirmative answers to the proper questions, he asked if they had any token by which they desired to seal thr-ir compact. The groom handed him c (,'old ring, and ho spoke of its puritv, and it's having no end, hoping theii' livc^ might be like it, and then pronounced the words that made them one. The newly wedded couple left on the 5:30 p. m. train for Fort Scott, Kansas, wh«re they will make their future home. The groom has mam friends in IJeciitni who will rund tlie above with interest. Ladles. We titter some real baiKainsin Hosiery, Collars, Ties and Corsets, and special inducements in good Kid Gloves. A few odd lines to i* closed out at mere nominal prices; they mufet go before stock taking. Respectfully POPULAR NEW YOKE STORE, ESTABLISHMENT. Corner of OLD SQUARE, under the Management if F 1 THE FrtEMCH CUTTER. jhn [ II Ike Tcunfen! of all Hie lotbinjf 8t»re* in Lim-.l an'] 1'iiifi! »l Iti kl4 . ·** 111 order to make room for oui Spring Stock. FORTY DAYS, our stock of ·ff»t. for th« »«t buns put up to order at astonishing low prices at Floury, the French Cuttei, corner of Old Square. Perfect fit guaranteed to everybody. janlldwtf Mitts and Gloves, Crochet and machine knit goods, plain and fancy, for ladies, missTM and children. Very handsome goods. 18 17--dwlw CHEAP STORE. »uoh l.wflguroi »ioa«not be found .njwh-r» ,!··. A. tta. »»· .f fictuml ·ipretflr fur HI, ·«·*· ·« «·· We Will Save You from 20 to 30 per Celt. ON SUITS MABMED. In this city, at the New Domini? Hotel, on Friday evening, Jan. 20, 188Z, by the B«v. W. H. Preotley, Mr. SAMI-KL K. Hiooiss and MiBB GERTRUDE A. OILMAN, of Lawrence, Kan'as. MA.HKET3 BY TELSKJUAPH. is ftf J/cff/iurtei' r.tmmtut«n /looms, at 1 j. in. TWay. Cractr,o. January 21. Wheat- $1.33't January-; $1.31 'i February; - Miirch; 11.34 April. Corn __ January; 60'. Fnbniary; *Hi March; 66). May; «6)» June. Oats-- *21i January: 42^ February; JSUMay. Pork-- *17.«fl January; S17.K Feb; »17.90 March. JaEBary; $ll.Iu February; JU.38K March. CTTIOS STOCK YARDS. Hog»-B«Uinated receipt*. 18,000; Market opened steady at Frlday't prices. Receipt*. Shipment*. GarLott. Wheat ........ 24,706 20,7B «0 Corn ....... 187.630 · 116.686 Ml Oats. . . 122.281 104,855 1*T Bye.... . 3.S26 3,173 3 N'EW YORK, January 21. Corn-- »;» Cash ; 73''i Maj-. TOLBDO, January 31. Corn-ar-i Jan : B4 Feb. All Our Goods ar« Mnrkprl in Pl«ii Fignr*«. Great Reduction in our Merchant Tailoring Department, wbich it under the jx»r«onal snrv«illanoe of Flwirf. th« Frtnels OltUr. Our Gents' Furnishing Goods Departmtat Ii itoekert with tbe IX-tt f .la»w» ft tr»d«4 Our Department of Hats and Cap§ O.»pri»«« th» Bttplt* u wtJl ae U» XrtbT Style.. «K rw.mmendt ItMlf « *· *M nt T»««r. The Trunk and Valise Department IB (XINBTAXTI.! KBFT COStPLBTE. tr R»memb«r thai w» eodaver » to* wortby th« n»m« giwem U ut AS LEADER OF POPULAR PRICES. FLEURY, THE FRENCH CUTTER, Corner of Old Square. »«arnr. HI.. Jan. 11. l«5»flr«rtt

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