The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on April 4, 1923 · Page 3
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 3

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 4, 1923
Page 3
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·-W-Tfrw^T-r--^-- IHZ DJUM CONSTITUTION, CHILLICOTH1, HO. WEDNESDAY,-APE 4,1923 ' STRAND THURSDAY FRIDAY Matinee Friday 2:30 JOHN BARRYMORE Gives the most thrilling performance of his brilliant car eer as the world-famous detective genius in "Sherlock Holmes" At last the world famous Sherlock Holmes comes to the screen m a brilliant breath taking drama of London s underworld It is unde niably the most powerful and sweeping dramatic picture of the year N The cast includes Roland \oung Percival Knight Hedda Hop. per, Carol Dempster, Reginald Denn Kobeit Sellable I.ouis Wolheim, Anders Ranflolf Von Seyffertitz William H Po«ell and others FILMED IN ENGLAND SWITZERLAND AMERICA A PICTURE YOU MUST NOT MISS! A D D E D A T T R A C T I O N S BUSTER PUT THE ROAR. IN IHB 1TJROBA BORE4LIS BUSTER KEATON --IN-- 'Tne Frozen North" YOTJLL GET HOT L YDGHDsG VT THE FKO7EV NORTH ' A D M I S S I O N -- -- -- -- -- - lOc and SOc ing the week at the J liome Lillie and Millie Hughes spent the week end with home folks Mr and Mrs Joe- Graves of "near Chuia rpent Sunday at the E O Long home Ode Robertson visited at the O« car Hughes home Sunday Mrs Sadie Dowell visited Monday morning with Mae Kirhy Stevens erai days this week with her brother j W D Ragan and wife bf near Chil licothe The bazaar given b the Jadies-oi the Presbjterian church last Satur day was well attended and was a sue in every way The ladies rea lized over $100 for their days work ·Ihesler Sm^th has purchased a LOCK SPRINGS Gardenraaking seenrs to be th,e order of the day in Lock Springs Mrs Louise Reynolds of the H gh land neighboihood spent Sunday here wit hher daughter Mrs F M Ach auer * Quite a number fiom Central chap ei country attended the bazaar here Saturday The ladies missionary society of the Presbyterian church met at the home of Mrs A G Mmnick on day afternoon Mrs Hester Mm nick led the meeting the topic Afn ca The hostess served damy refresh nients aftei the meeting Miss Helen Mathers came down from St Joseph and spent Easter with her siste* sistei Mrs H \V Bills Miss Blanche ~VIcCrar\ returned to rkT ille on "Monday aftei having spent the Easter vacation here "\\ith her mother Mrs Lulie McCrary and brother Neil Mrs Rusael "Wilson of Sampsel was Fort "Worth, Tex April 1st Dear Switzer, "Well Ed Today was Eastei Stai and I dolled tip in that plaid suit you sold me and took a dame for a walk, we only got a few "blocks and she said she was thir stv and I said I knew a place wheie slip could aret a drink of water and she ^iid her feet huit her and sbp would have to stor at a drno- ;toie it cost me 20 *f^ it looks like von cant ·start :no wherpg witli a aral +T»/VI- rToTit set hunqrv or fh-irstfv Al wrote me he stopt off in Chilly, said vourstoie windows looked like State St, well Ed vou would have to have a ^ood store to sell a man like I Bid Doe Simpson tell vou what Glen son said about mv =tnff when lie was in San Anotone Tour friend Jack Keefe Recruit White Sox Pitcher new Ford truck The merchants here ha\e made arrangements with him to deliver poultry and eggs to Chilli cothe and to bring out groceries He made hi first trip last Saturday Dorothy Newsome came down from MaryviUe and spent the Easter va cation with, her parents Mr and Mrs E H Greenwood DcMolay Meeting Our spring con\ ocation day e\ e mng April 4 at 7 Wednes 30 p Masonic T e mple Initiatoiy work in both degiees Eftng all petitions to this meeting All Masons invited 3 2 Cover T Bromi advisor Have you trie a a Constitution Want Ad? They 11 make you money Oi Ti nthlng daily HHrM OF 1HC OATOERHIP t.LIIi.M CIttCUI.VlIO» EiC llKD B\ TLIiL AC! OF CIT\ OF A t T b U b L _4-101- c Chilllcotlie Constitution Pub - and Pr nL ngr Co pi bliil ed except Sunday at Chilluothe MISSOUH for Api 1 vistmg relatives here Saturday and : attended the bazaar Miss Edna Offield who teaches near Gallatm spent Easter here Mrs O L Everhart and little son of Denver Colo arrived last Friday for an extended visit with her pai ents B B Broohshier and wife and other relatn es Mr and Mrs J K Eads "were Chilhcothe Msitors last Saturday Mrs J H Brav and mother Mrs Missouri Befoit, County of 1923 State of Luvmgston ss OWL CHEEK Planting potatoes is the order of the day in these parts Mr and Mrs Hoiacp Linville -MS ited -with Mr and Airs Alpha Hilt Sundav Mi«s Ila Stith spent Saturday night ·with Ruth Robertson Meeting -svas -well attended at Zionj Saturday night Sunday and Sunday night i Mis Jack Cooper (spent Friday i with Mrs Jim Cooper j Ralph Robertson made his usual trip to Chillicothe Sunday | A large crowd attended the sur pnse party given at the Lige Long home Friday night in honor of their son Johnnie it being his 12th birth day Thobe present were Ralph and : Huth Robertson Fay Austin Pansy I Harry and Ed Frith Edna Young Jewell L e eper Merrill Boyle Fay Coberly Robbie and Rosie Boone Bill and Tom Wigfield J e rrv Chum blj Rob "Moore Leo Thompson Ila Lois and Ople Stith Lulu and Irene Hilt Chester and Edward Caddell Lawrence and Charley Lo'p.g Bill Adams jHan ey Barnaul! Ernest Oral and Harold Akers Mark Eckert A J Moore and Mr and Mrs Jim mie Stith 4,t at late hour refresh ments T^eie served All reported a good time Miss Nelle McColloin spent the "tveelc end in Jamesport with her par ents Mr and Mrs Arthur \oung were visiting with friends in Chula Sun dtj Miss May Reeter is assisting Mrs Albert Baker with her work Mr and Mrs "Walter Schwab spent ne a. notary publ c in ai a foi aforsald personally ap peart. 1 O Li Watkins who having been duly sworn according to I w deposes met sajs tl u he Is the .Editor of \\ e Chil llcotl c C o i a t t U L o n Pub and Ftp Co ai d tl at the following is to the best of his ] nowledge and belief a t^rue *tate ment of the owneifahip manage lent, (and if a dally papci the circulation) etc of the aforesaid pub ication foi tl e date hi o\vn m tl e above caption lequir ed b-v tt e act of August 21 Ul cmbo 1 led in section 413 Postal Liws and lies iiKUDis ynnted on tin. re eie of tl ib form to w t Tl at the nameb and icldiesses oL tl e pubilsl er editor managing editor and business rn.uiagt.r3 aie Publlsl ei T le Chilljcothe Constitution Publls! Nan Litton Usited several days last tor ^ E^aS ms C1 Cni?hcothe° Mo week with J E Tye and family in Tamesport George Gann and family of Samp sel spent the da Sunday with rela ti es here Miss Esther Wade and Helen Mm nick spent Easter with Mr and "Mrs R B Wade m Kansas City Mrs Shn eiey of Breckenridge was the guest of her daughter Mis Thes ler Smith a few davs last week Mrs Ed Rauleigh of Sampsel spent Saturday night with her sister Mis O N Minnick and attended the azaai M ana Mrs Owen Eads and little Managing Editor C B WatI ins Business Manacrei C C \\ itk ns Chll licothe Mo and I W Watkms Chil licothe Mo 2 That the o-wneis ai c (Give na nes and iddresbcs o r n d i v i d u i l o vners or If a corporation give its name a i d thu naincb and idctiob-st-s of stockholders owning- 01 holding 1 ror cent or more of the total amount of stock) M P Catkins Chillicothe Mo C E Wat kins ChilhcotBe Mo I W Catkins Chilhcothe Mo j J I I at tl e kn m bon 11 ol Itis mort feaaeeb and otlier sei,mH.j noi 1 rs owl i ing or holding 1 per cent or rioro oC i Loiil a^nioi nt of bo da mortgages or oth.Pi securities a e (1C tl eie are none so U itc) C D W ttkh s Ol lal o m. C tj Olcla. Emma J 1 ife Chlllicotho Mo 4 That thi, two paragraphs next OAK GROVE All early sown oats had to be sowed over Elmer-Mendenhall went to Tren ton Sundav to attend the funeral of his aunt Al Gray has built himself a new house on the Grav farm near the Jimtown bridge Dr and Mrs W 4 Swope of Wheel ing visited at the L E Head home Easter Mr and Mrs John Casey received a telegram Saturday announcing the arrival of a new granddaughter at the home of ther son Raymond Ok lahoma Citv Okla Mr and Mrs Carl O Malley foim er residents of Oak Grove announce the arival of a baby boy at their home m Mexco Mo Ed Slatterj went down to Malta Bend Saturda and visited o\er Eas ter with friends Flave McVey has a new Ford coupe Mr and Mrs James Summerville of Sturges were guests of Mr and Mrs Will Price Sunday Scott "Walker of Chilhcothe spent the ^eek end with his grand parents Mr and Mis August Konow Mrs 4gnes Hall and children of Leopohs Mr and Mrs Gale Carter and Walter Baker spent last Sunday ·\\ith Mr and Mrs J E McVey Mi and Mrs Will Martin and Mr and Mis John Slattery and children witnessed a commun ty play south east of Meadville Wednesday night Pleasant Grove gave their usual good program Easter Sunday The Junior girls of the Baptist church deserved a better crowd than the one that gieettd them at Butler school house Friday night Everybody fell m lo\ e with Bill Mi and Mrs Glean Hosman spent Thursday evening with Mr and Mrs Harry McVey ^ Mi and Mis Georgp Grace of Chilhcothe came out Saturday and visited ovei Sunday with their son "\\ill and family Mr "and Mrs John Slattery had as their guests Sunday Mr and Mrs D 0 Smith and family Mr and Mrs PI C Fairchild Mr and Mrs Theo dote Israel of Chilhcothe Mr and Mrs J F Israel and on Max of the Libeit neighborhood Miss May me Smith of Kansas City and Mr and Mrs John Israel Miss Thc-lma McV e is ill of flu iiid threatened pneumonia John Slattpry and Fla^e McVey dro\ e do^ n to Moberlj Tuesday ^here they witnessed a road dem onsti J.tion Country Club Mtfnbers Jfotke A very important meeting of all Country Club jnemfcers, those who have signed up also those who have not meeting at Chamber of Com m e rce Friday evening 7 30 p m Election of officers and appointing committees Now don't fail f Albert Tracy Secy Treas Card of ^Thanks We desir eto thank our beloved neighbors and friends for their kind ness and sjmpatln and lor the beau tiful floral offering during the death and sickness of my dear husband Mrs Ellis Patrick and children STRAND TONIGHT 7 SO O OO "CONFIDENCE' You 11 laugh and you'll thrill with mm as a hvcwire salesman who landed a fortune and a girl against excit mg competition ADDED Fox Xcwfl -- Mutt Sett lOc and 25c Including Tai THURSDAY and FBDJAT JOHN BARRYMORE --In-- ' SHERLOCK HOLMES" "Lovely Things At Little Prices' The founders of this business aie people experienced in dealing -with fashionable things for fashionable people and recognize the fact that PRICE is a factor They have abiding faith in the ability of the women of Chillieothe fax appie- ciate their offerings--and to bring this store the volume of businebS which a lone makes-- "Lowly Tilings at Loie- ly Prices"--possible , abox e giving t i e iiainea of the owners any contain not onlj tl c litt of and Sunday with Mr and Mrs Will hoi lers and security 1 o Corbm near Avalon ,,' stockholders and jjecur ty holders If tock tl cv appear upon the books of ti ,onpinv but sNo ii cases TV her tl e fa Loclili older St,ci ritv lioldei. appe tr 5 * pan the bookb of t i c company j.b 11 In fo The Warner Nursery Phone I Sunday-with Mr and Mrs Albert Ni 748 W Call lor description of hardy flowering bulbs Sell that Coat, Suit Wrap Stove Furniture--anything Consetitntion Want Ads pay big dividends Try it barrger Rev Alsbgny and wife spent Sun daj at the Peter Schwab home Bliss Edne Long is visiting Mrs John Loney oi Chilhcothe for a few cTays Mr and Mrs Guy Carter ar e spend Those from a distance that attend ed the zazaar Saturday were Mr and Mrs Maurice Minnick and Mrs Horn or Kirtley oE near Mooresville Mr and Mrs Dock Boucher of Sampsel Mr and Mrs A D La^\ rence o £ Jamesport Mrs Stucker and daugh ter Mrs Earnest Hise of Brecken iidge Mr and Mrs M M Ghck Miss Lucile Glick Mr and Mrs Cline 1JV13U11 t o^u^ l u^.w... , c .~- -- n-F ·p-r.m-rlt-nT, A-T-r i n fl TVTrc T?nv ATn I a n y interest d i r e c t Or In l i r O L t 111 til6 Of Hamilton "Mr and Mrs Koy JMa ^fa b tock bon Is or oth r secur ties son of Blanche Smith of Chillicothe iMiss Florence Walker of Sampsel visited with J N Huffman and fam ily from Friday until Sunday Mr and Mrs Tom Minnick went to Breckcnudge Sunday and spent a verj pleasant da Tilth J M Mo" en and \\ife any otlier fiduciary lUation the of the person or co poiation ·\\hon such Uustee Is act ng- is f, T, en also that the said two parag-iapi s con lain btaicmenli, embracing- ffiantb lull kno-i\ledfe«, and bcliei is to the c t c t i n s anci.s u-nd coind tio is under ^vhicn. stoj=M oklcis a i l secu \t\ holders -\ } 0 do not appear i pon tl e bool s of tl t- compan a=; trustees 1 old stock and ec uilticb i a cap city other thai I at i E a bona flde owner and tl s affiant his no reason to beJle\e tl 1 1 anv o i l e r association or corporation Mrs Frank Hichardson visited sev tl an as so stated bj him 5 That the average i urn jer oC copies of each issue of tli s puhlicat on soil or distributed throng! the im 13 or otl em ise to paid subscribers lui I igr the s t rnontl s proceeding the date shown abo\e is -- ------ - 2113 ) ( Signed ) C B Watkms ·* I S\iorn and subscribe 1 Te£ore m this · 31st day of March 1923 1 CKarles A Spooner Ot\ comm =s on expires T me 0 1023) Tailoring and dressmaking plain and fancy Phone 815 Over Wenzel B m23 tf "V\ c have a Dodge Commercial Truck also a Dodge roadster for sale 4 2 Skinner Bros If I Q U are interested in beautify mg you" city go to thf Deestrickt Skule The proceeds are to be used to stucco the little church around the corner It is worth the price of admission to the Deestrickt Skule SOc to hear Wuhemenfa Jennings Bryan (Mrs W H Ellett recite--Well never mind what You 11 recognize it. Sell that Coat Suit Wrap stov e Furniture--anything Constitution Want ads wfll ao ic PHONE 576 FOR A\tfNI GS PHOVE 576 FOB PAUIJS PHONE 376 FOB WAGON OOV. ERS I have the authorized agency in, Chillicothe for Baker-Lock wood Tent and Awnfng- Com pany of Kansas City, Missouri a-2d can furnish you, with the highest grade of merchandise made by this company Give me a chance ED.COON 505 WASHINGTON ST PHONE AO 576 April Showers Bring May Flowers And make that old suit go to seed You can. soak one of our Clotlici aft Suits in a buck et of water and it mil press back mto perfect shape We Gwaantee Tliem COMPANY Service Satisfaction -~% STBTSOW HATS 8TBTSOJS SHOES Ton know the old adage-- "Notlving Succeeds I/ike Success " It's true too If vou want people to Klieve that you're capable, dependable, careful, discrnmnatang--you Ve got to wear that kind of clothes "We sell them, m all the newest styles, colors and fabrics THE HART, 3CHAFFFEE MARX CLOTHES SIPPLEClllISHOECO. BANKRUPT SALE RENSCH-REYNOLDS CLO. CO. We Want to Apologize to our many customers that we failed to wait on. We have plenty of help now. / / Don't wait--get yours while getting is good. CLEAN, HIGH CLASS MERCHANDISE AT LESS THAN MAUFACTUR- ERS COST Grips, Belts, Colters, Shirts, Caps, Hats, Bathing Suits Just think of tf-All wool Suits $19.75 $7.50 Hats $3.75 / 50c ON THE DOLLAR--THINK OF IT! J Manufacturers are all advancing Cotton and Woolen G*ds. X TELL YOUR FRIENDS HELP YOUR NEIGHBORS SNAPS LIKE THIS SELDOM OFFERED/"

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