Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on May 30, 1928 · Page 10
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 10

Decatur, Illinois
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Wednesday, May 30, 1928
Page 10
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DECATUR HERALD WEDNESDAY EVENING, MAY 30, 1928. DECATUR HERALD Naming Hornsby Manager Solves "Mystery" Trade Ky NOKMAN C. JlllOWN CVntral I'ross Dliipntcli Ou or about tl'.s eighth tlr.y of March ot t h i n year Jat:k Slattcry. then r . t n r t i n R to cut his cyctceth .is a major league pilot us i.'o.ja of the .Braves, wus asked t h i s question: "What Aiiout t h e ranch discuKjed jio.'jlblllty of t h e i r being sonic f r l c lion anil test o(' power un the club BASEBALL Commodores Drop Final of Series to Peoria Monday, 13 to 2 BOXING Millikin Captures Seyenth in Row; Meet Wesleyan . Here Friday GOLF Tommy Loughran a 3 to 1 Favorite in Fight With Latzo Tonight BOWLING Commies Drop Final to Peoria; Trax Get 21 * * * * * * Under Way in Am erica's Auto Derby By BOB SINK The great Knutc Rockno once remarked that every play, properly executed, was a. touchdown play, and taking a leaf from the Notri Dame 'mentor's success, Manager as a rcr.uit of tho ' a c q u i s i t i o n o i | E r n l e Krueger quarterbacked . » t nr. »v* *« « 1*J * ,. O i _!.._. _1- Hornsby since you were made manager?" "The aiv'wer to I h n t is," replied Hl.'ittr-ry. "Vv'c'in roommate:;. Doc? tlir.t look rif t h o u g h we are, jealous of each o t h e r ? " Klatt"i-y thus i m p l i e d that there team, to a 13 to 2 triumph over tho Dccatur Commies Monday. For t h e first seven innings Krue- gcr called his touchdown play, and his Tractors responded by galloping around the bases from one to five times In each inning. They scored one each in the first and second, t w o each in the third and fourth, five In the f i f t h and one in tho sixth and seventh. Then with Chief Low- HELEN WILLS AND FRANK HUNTER LOSE IN FRENCH TOURNEf \v;". nothin;; but t h e most cordial i elation*; e x i s t i n g at. t h a t time, at ]r\.it between h i m s e l f nnd the much traded alar. So thr real u n d e r l y i n g reason; for tho m o v e - scarcely t h r r n m o n t h ? Ill r r - - w h e r e b y Mornsby succeeded K H l t c r y can now be listed with the ir.\l rea.ioin H i i r r o i i n c l l n g Ihe sudden · t r a d i n g or tho R n j a h by tho Giants.] Mid o t h e r ' .'Hidden and shocking move.", of t h a t n a t u r e . Of cour-e, It may be t h a t Slaltrry. I h i i u s f l f , m n d o thc f i r s t move. But i Paris, May 30.--Miss Helen Wills and t h a t seems Illogical. Here is a m a n ! Frank Hunter, United States, who had made a r e p u t a t i o n as t i j t - h e doubles chvmpionship in «-oach of college t r a m n . as a jvulg. of ball playcra t h r o u g h hl.n career a.- 1 , n big league scout, nnd as a developer of b a l l players In and out of lii'; college c a m p u s a c t i v i t i e s . It. }-, t.o be presumed t h a t S l a t t c r y : held some le*lre lo try his hand at l and ery and his valiant Decatur firefighters responding to a 4-11 alarm from the ball park, Gransbach rose to the occasion and blanked the Trax in the eighth and ninth. It was a gallant stand in the one yard lino and drew a cheer from tho thinning ranks of spectators. Chase Cantrcll In Fourth Joe Cantrcll, the ace of the Commodore h u r l i n g staff, was called upon by Manager Dessau to stop the Tractors in the final game of the (tty I'nitcd /Yr.'is ROLAND GARROS STADIUM, wrrio .so. t h ' ; lODt the French tennis t o u r n a m e n t Wednesday when Miss .Vlleen Bennett "and Henri Cochct defeated them 3-0, 6-3, 6-3. Miss Bennett and Cochct took the second set, tightened up their game and forced tho American pair to . a big l e a g u e ' c l u b and "had! lob. Cochet getting in deadly place' c o n f l d e n c e In hi:; ability to d o j m e n t s each time. Miss Bennett got her game under control and also began to slip in placements, although of her service (·!:·(: h': would not have accepted po.-:t. P.y thc Liame token it isn't I'Rnaonabl'i to suppose that a man sll c dropped two of Slavery's type would toss up t h r i games. »4iOii!;e v o l u n t a r i l y a f t e r less t h a n ) Hunter made two or three bad series and earn the Commies an even break. Joe was touched for seven hits, the first three innings and two more, both triples, before an out was made in the fourth. Mana- ·or Dessau yanked Cantrcl) and sent 'Dutch" Gransbach to the mound, Mit to the naked eye there was little f any improvement. The Commies touched "Lefty'' Hlnkle for 10 hits, but he was never In danger after they had tied tha I score at 1-1 in the first inning. Manager Krueger led the Tractors' as sault on the Decatur pitchers with two triples, a single and a base on b«lls out of five trips to the plate w h i l e Bates had a single, two dou- bltu and a triple out o£ a similar number of chances. Three Hits For Goldman Jonah Goldman had three hits to lead the Commodore attack, while Urban Pickering had two hits and sacrifice out of four times at the plate. Bates' double to center, Brausen'a sacrifice and Duffy's single to right scored Peoria's first run In the first Loughran Favored 3-1 Over Latzo- · · · · · · · · · Pete Expects to Stage Big Upset By FRANK «BTTV United Promt Sports Editor NEW YORK, May 30--fn informed boxing circles, it in taken for granted that Tommy Loughran of Philadelphia will have no trouble in defending his light heavyweight title against Pete Lalzo of Scranton, the former welterweight champion at Ebbots Field tonight. This assumption of Longhran'? superiority is galling to i h n former breaker boy from the coal company, End Latzo will be In there winging away, trying In put over ih. ,, son's most Important flntlc upset Loujhran Too Fast Tommy ia too fast for Pete h ever, and it will be strange 'indw' If he docs not outpoint the r ,,' Icngcr with case. Loughran already has made rangcme.nt.1 to defend his title h *[; a dozen times thin Hummer "* .h out t a k i n g Into consideration th possibility of a defeat. The ';",· Vork Stale Athletic commi; Promoters Richard and ===-------------~r=-!«grec with Tommy's e s t i m a t e , lability and are helping the rh I t . . . . - View snapped just as the ears got under way in the annual Memorial day 500 mile auto race at Indianap- olis, Ind. The cars are seen follow-1 is on. Part of the huge crowd can be seen In the stands at the left while attendants in the pita arc a', the right. ing the pace-maker around the track before the flag signal that the race ,» t l u T C m o n t h s t r i a l . Ho knows as j errors, one an Important ·we'll an any other ba.ieball man t h a i ! j u d g m e n t . Toward the you can't t u r n a b a l l club upside- iown In t h a t t i m e . A n o t h e r odd p a r t of thc s h i f t I? be error of last his strokes improved, and despite their defeat the American pair during much of the match seemed to tlii labored swing of thc l e t t e r U-! Paying the more heady game. ·U'.'d by Judge Kmll Kurhs. Braves', p r e s i d e n t , In a n n o u n c i n g the chiingn ! It would appear t h a t tho judge t r i e d , U l i n m l l n a d i f f i c u l t s i t u a t i o n a n ; g r a c e f u l l y as possible. Had t h " j change been prompted by a v o l u n - ) tar.v move oil Jack Slatlery's p a r t i t h i n delk:ntc. touch wou'd not havo. Detroit iOOl 110 010--4 14 2 been neeessary. Cleveland .......021 000 000--3 6 0 W i t h o u t a d o u b t tho move w i l l whltehill Woodall. Cleveland, prove a p r o f i t a b l e n n e for t h e : M i l l e r and L. Sdwell. . Ur.ivs f r o m a f i n a n c i a l s t a n d p o i n t ______ mid n h o u l d b r i n g Ihe, t o w n a b e t t e r | National League MORNING GAMES American League R H E inning. The Commies evened it up on Patterson's single. Hlckey's in- f'cld out and Gill's blnglc to right, but that ended tholr scoring until the fifth, while the Trax kept right on going. Buster Woodworth singled after one was out In the second, and Hinkle walked. Woodworth took third on Bates' fly to Hicfcey and »corcd on Branson's single to left. Two j m o r e Peoria runs came across In the third on Brown's single, and Kruo- gcr's triple. It was a line drive to right which bounced past Hickey when he tried to make a shoestring catch. Cantrell struck out two of tho next three men, but Krueger scored from third on Thomas' fly to Hickey. club, provided l l o r m i b y h a s t h e m e n | R H E i n t o Ills 1 New/ York 200 115 000--9 11 in glove i Brooklyn 000001000--1 » Faulkcr, Hogan and O'Farrell. n b n u t h t m \vho \ v l l l f a l l m f i h i i d ' 1 n n d w o r k h a n d v/U'.i h i m . H In i l o r i w i y ' s g r n n t l o p p o r t u n - j Doak, McWeeney, Krharut and I t y t.n n i ' t l l o d o w n nnd begin what | Uargraves. (ni:;i)( to bo a great career as a j i i i a n n g f r , III.-; s t i o c e f i s f u l season w i t h t h e C a r d i n a l : ) I n d i c a t e d t h a t he lias t h o b r a i n s . St. Louis 022 J01 310--10 18 Pittsburgh 000 000 100-- 1 5 : Sherdol and Wilson. Miljus, Bartholomeaw, Tauscher Spender and Hemsley. When Hinkle and Bates tripled to start the. fourth, Cantrell gave way to Gransbach, who got the next thre men out in order. Bates came in on Duffy's fly to Patterson, Bat Around in Fifth The Tractors completely batted R H E i a r o u n d in the fifth, scoring five, runs on three singles, a double anil V. S. SOCCKIl T K A M I.OSKS A M S T E R D A M The U n i t e d Slate? noooer f o o t h u l l loam was routed in r, f i r s t r o u n d mutch i n t h e O l y m p i c t o u r n a m e n t hero Tuesday by the p o w e r f u l A r g e n t i n e toiun, 11 to 2 . , The A r g e n t i n e t e a m Is favored to Chicago 000000000- r i n I h o e h a m p l o n s h i p . Cincinnati iini upremes iff. fBEST /QUALITY N AME "SOL SMITH RUSSELL" %hen you want a clean, fine, fragrant cigar--always fresh because they're foil-wrapped. National League R It ...000 100 041--6 7 0 7 Klxey and Plcinich. Root, Cal-lson anil Gonzales. WATCHING THE STARS (fV C'nUcd Press.) Babe Ruth: First game--Walked three times and struck out once In four trips. Second game--Hit home runs two triples. The Commies scored their final run in the last half of thi? inning. Pickering and Linton singled in succession to open the Inn- Ing, but Gransbach struck out and Patterson forced Linton u*. second. Goldman's single scorea Pickering, but Hickey struck out to end tho inning. Krueger's single, KYehmcyer's infield out and Woodworth's single brought another run across in the sixth, while their final tally came in the seventh on Wojack's two base cr ror and Brausen's single. The Commies clung to a tie for sixth with Springfield, as the Solons No. 17 and 18 in four- trips, f??° ' ost m t h e l r S amo at ...... . . , [ d r i v i n g In two runs and scoring three T n R Commodores left for Quincy by ! while making an error. bus immediately after Monday's making Lou Qehrlg: in four trips. First game--Hitless Second game--Hit home runs No. 9 and 10 and made j a single and double in five times ; up, driving In four runs and scoring ' two. | Ty Cobb out of game because ol ! illness. ! Trls Speaker---Got two doubles and j a single in five times up, driving In one run and scoring two. I Paul Wancr got two singles and i a double in three times up, scored one run and made an error. I Rogers Hornsby made a home run, I double and single In four times up. ' d r i v i n g in three runs and scoring | three. Klkl Cuyler out of lineup. ; Harry Heilmann idle. ! ouBsoF F'UNERAL" IN FARMER CITY CLINTON, May 30--Funeral sorv- j ices for Mrs. Henrietta Dubson, 41, | w i f e of Frank Dubson of Farmer j a f t e r an Illness of five days, were i conducted Sunday afternoon in Farmer City by Rev. F. P. Smith, pastor of the Christian church. Burial was in Maple Grove cemetery. Mrs. Dubson was born In Nancy, Ky., and besides her husband she leaves three children: Reuben, Bessio and Floyd. game, where they are scheduled for a Memorial day double header. PKOrtTA Batos, cf , 5 Drau.ioti, r,b i r D u f t j - , If 5 r, Brou-ii. rf ; l K r c l u n p y r r , ss r 1 Thomas. Ib 4 l AVowtworf li, 2b , , S 2 I l l n k l p , p 4 1 Totnls 43 1 r FiEC'ATUR A B T ratt'TBon. f t f, rfoMmali. BS 5 H i c k e y , If ', G i l l . It 3 llnolcs. Ib 3 Wojur-lt, :b 4 Tlckorinir, ."b S l.lnton. c 4 Can'.roll, p l Grmislmnh, p ^ Tcatir, x l Totals P. It TO 4 4 2 1 ) 3 2 0 1 2 5 5 i i n 3 3 T.OUGHUAN-WAIKER MATCH CHICAGO---Possibility of a matc.i between Mickey W*lker, world's middleweight champion and Tommy I Loughran was seen here Wednesday. | w i t h thc announcement that Promoter Jim Mullen was In conference with Jack Kcarns, Walker's manager. Walker meets Ace Hudkins, t h e "Nebraska Wildcat" herc- J u n e 21. and the proposed Loughran-Walker bout would take place before the close of thc outdoor season. 30 3 II) 27 ]S 2 -v_^_uiiu(Mi for Gi-an.slmch In Dth. Si'on 1 by I n n i n g s : ' IVoria 112 2;.! 100--13 .,.,'''"'" ,'" ISO iVita^jiatsa; j] Thomas. I n r f n l,a.ip liltp--Krunj^oi 1 , ": H l n k l f ' M a i n s . 1'Hiffy. stolpn bance--Duffy, Sn- r i r i r c s - - F l a t » - i , Brau.oon, D u f f y , f l i o m n s Mrlioi-lnK. l.t'ft on tiasr."--Prnria 9 ' I r a t i i r . 10. l i l t s -- O f f C n n l r e l l 9 In T In rdngn ( n o i i i . out In f o u r t h ) ) . Stnirl; on -- - R y C a n t r n l l , ]. C l r a n K b a f h , 1, Hlnlclo 4 nasp on liallu--orr C a n t r c l l . 2: H l n k l c ' · I^osliiR pltrhor--C'antroll. Pnsspil hulls K r u o f r n r . Umpires--ynycl«r an'i Ward 1 line--! :1.". I. T. S. Downs Iviueliers In Industrial Tilt, 4-3 I. T. S. won over Muellers 4 to 3 in an Industrial league game Tuesday at Torrence park. Three double plays were turned in during'the contest, two by the I. T. S.', and one by Muellers. Hill's fielding and hitting featured. Score: I. T. 103 000--4 Muellers 200 010--3 Sponsler and Wathlns; Smith and Murray. VICTORIAN FAVORED NE WYORK.-H. p. Whitney's Victorian, winner of the Prcakncss, is a top-heavy favorite to win the WAGNER CIGAR CO., Dist. reorla, y. i FLAN JUNE FROLIC i Plans for a June frolic in MuellerjX'j | clubhouse, at 7:30 o'clock Wednes- I day evening. June 6, were started by I members of the Bill-Ding club In their meeting Tuesday evening. This will be a "date night" affair and be tween 30 nd 35 couples are expected. There will be surprise program. j Willie Ritola, of Finland, looks like a sure shot to win thc Olympic steeplechase. He took thc event four I years ago at Paris, $80,000 Belmont stakes June 9 as a of Harry F. and Mrs. John . D. Hertz's Reigh Count to enter the event. Nassak came out o fthe Preakness stakes In poor shape and Trainer Sam Hlldreth deems It inadvisable to enter hi min the Belmont. Mrs. Hertz has previously announced her intention of keeping Rcigh Count off the track for six weeks, although the derby winner probably will be brought East for the fall races. KNOXTRACKMEN HOLD 5 STATE MEETRECORDS \li\! Uniicil I'ra.i.) SPRINGFIELD, May 30.--With the ninth annual Little 19 conference track and field meet written in the history of the Association, some interesting facts arc revealed from the records held by athletes, past and present, of the conference. Five new conference records were established at the meet this year which was held at Monmouth last weekend. Schraub of Knox, negotiated the 440 yard dash in 50.5 seconds for a new time. Ward, a teammate of Schraub, sliimmod over the barriers in the 120 high hurdles in 15.5 seconds for the new mark. Goode of McKendree hurled the javelin 197 feet 8 inches to break his own rec- cord of 192 feet 7 inches for a new distance in the event. Mclntosh ofj Monmouth sailed over the cross bar in the r u n n i n g high j u m p at 6 feet 2 inches for a new height and Chore of Illinois college leaped 23 feet 51 inches for a new conference record in the r u n n i n g broad jump. Knox Holds 5 Records Knox athletes have the distinction of holding the greater number of records in the track and field meet. Old Slwash claims five records, Monmouth holds three, Illinois college two with Bradley, McKendree and State Normal one each. Lombard, which is no longer a member of the Little Nineteen, holds one record and it Is the oldest on the board. Swanson, probably the Olive's greatest athlete, stepped the century in 9.8 seconds In 1922. This record was equalled this year. Records of the track, and field events of the Little 19 follow: 110-yard dash, 9.8, Swanson, Lombard, 1922. 220-yard dash, 21.5, Scnn, Knox, 1925. 440-yard dash, 50.5, Schraub, Knox, 1928. 880-yard run, 1.57.8, Rhind, Knox, 1922. Mile run, 4.25.3, Roberts, Knox, 1926. * Two mile run, 9.56.4, Thompson, Monmouth, 1923. 120-yard high hurdles, 15.5, Ward, Knox, 1928. 220-yard low Standings ..17 I I .MS Anifrlcnn Team- T. II. , nioom'n Team-- W. L. Tvt. N. T :;:: r .si;-, I'hlla. 22 M ,ii,',2 Clovc'd , . .2:1 17 ."iTn Aittionnl Team-- W. 1,. TVt. f"!lncinna!.l L'N 17 .fi:!2 Chicago , . 2 ( i 17 .liOJ X. r 22 I S ..-,9,-, American Team-- W, I... Pel. M l l w a u ' f l .3H 18 . G U I Ht. Paul ..2ii is .r,9i I n d l a n a p , 2 1 I X .571 ·} liree-1 Lfniruc JJanv . . l)ertiftlr Q u l n c y .11 IS .10 1.1 . K: 17 lit 17 . S 2! . I S ' P t t l n ' l l . . . 1 7 Boston ... . 1:; I ' l l l l a 7 .Av.siiclHlion M l n n f i ' l : t ..2:t YESTERDAY'S RESULTS TIIKEIC K V K I.KAGl'K reiii-}n. l.'l; l)cr.ititr. ". fpr\nnr\Kli\, J; (Julni-y, n. Blooming-Ion, II; l;;vftnK\-i]|p, P. U u n v l l l u at Toi-rt; I l n u f r . (l':,-un). hurdles, 24.9, Mc- Celght, State Normal, 1925. Running broad jump, 23 feet, 51 inches, Chere, 111., Coll, 1928. Running high jump, 6 feet, 2 inches, Mclntosh, Monmouth, 1928. Pole Vault, 12 feet 83 inches, McBride, 111. College, 1925. Discuss, 134 feet, 7 inches. Fiedler, Bradley, 1926. Javelin, 197 feet 8 inches, Goode, McKendree, 1928. One mile relay, 3.26.2, Knox, 1926. (Senn, Higgins, Tarpy and Schraub.) N A T I O N A L M t A U C K C i n c i n n a t i , 0; CHIi-nKn, 4. Boston, 1); P h i l a d e l p h i a , ::. St. I.nuls. 7; P l l l s l j u r g l i . 1. New York, J 2 ; Boston, 5. A M K R I C A N New Y o r k , 3-12; M'ashinfe'lon, C-o. PhUiulelphlii. 1; Bosloiu ". rhloago al St. Louln. ( R u i n ) . Ih-trolt at Clevolalid. ( f i a l n ) . A M K H K J A N ASSOCIATION ColXitnbua. 10; LoulsvlIIo. 2. Ml]wauki?o, 7; KmiH!\B C i t y , 4. Tuicdo, S; I n d i a n a p o l i s , 1". Mll:neapoJ)H, 1; St. Paul, S. TODAY'S GAMES T H K K K EVK T.KAIifi: (All Double nenili-rsj Pooria at S p r i n p f f c l d . ltcatur at Quinvy. B l o o m i n g l o n nt Evnn.svlll*. Danville at Terro J l a i H c , JONES BLANKS REDS,4TOO; - LUQVE INJURED inyU-intcd rrTM,.) \eslcrdays hero: 1'crcy Lee Jones Chicago Cubs' southpaw, who hc!d the Cincinnati Reds to four hits, the Cubs winning 4 to 0. Adolfo L u q u i , .. , , ... « i 11. . . who pitched the first three mnmgs for the Reds without allowing a run, had to retire because of an In- jurcd shoulder . The Reds defca. cut their lead over thc Cubs to onci rhe' ?S T CW York Yankees increased ' their lead ovc? the Athletk to Decatur Tilt At Taylorville Is Pos tponedl ton senators sank deeper I n t o thc American league cellar as a rcsuH of thc world champions' double d3 feat of the Senators, 3 to 2, 12 to 3. - , ····-^ *-»; i:narnnkj- to straighten out hi.i numerous '" gagements. '' Lolzo has progressed thus f 3 r bui h chas been unimpressive. He i. r.\','.v of foot and arm, ,. P | 0 ,]" diri ,' slugger and f a i r l y good fighter vh'r is far from spectacular to watV It is d i f f i c u l t to sec how ho ^ hope to catch the elusive, li-htninV Drcatur High's baseball athletes! 1 ' 1 " L TM5hTMn '' had two scheduled games called o f f , . Me *t« '-omskl, Slatlcry 'Tuesday a f t f r n o o n . Rain forced ' . 1 ' u S«zy nan a contract callinj '.,-, I t h e m to postpone their engagement thc .-.?, h , 3 ° lpi ,?, n , !° mcct '-' Lorn,,: j a t Taylorvlll-, while their final con- at ^»"ets f l e M , J u n e 13. Ri c ! (ar ,! f-orcnce tilt of tho season with Cham-! l!as b ; on S'ven pcrmi.^ion by thr Ipalgn Saturday was cancelled. ;commission to match Loughran an: ! The- games with Ta.ylorvill will be J l m r n 7 ^lattery of Uuffmlo .it Van Splayed in the form of a d o u b l e h'!ad-; 1co Stadium, J u n o il. TJicro i:; no jer, however, the two teams clashing ;|o . vo osl - between Kugazy antl R,vt.. at Taylorville Saturday. S a t u r d a y ' a r d ' b u t obviously ono or the oth»- iwas tho original date for the Cham: n i u s t give way. Tommy ir, v.-iliir.j, ipaign game but Coach Lcs Moyer' 1 - 0 f i sht on an averag" of once - t jphoned the D. H. S. officials Tucs- ! '"rtnight, but nol o f f n c r againf. i d a y and announced that he wanted ;Opponcni.s of tho caliber o[ Lom:'r.i Ho cancel the game since he was de-a r ; t i .Slatlcry. sirous of closing thc C h a m p a i g n , 's .'M I-'a\orile schedule Tuesday. No other reasons Thr imprr.rrion exist? th?.t Sla:. were given, and thr- local a u t h o r i t i e s ' t c r y i.i lilccly lo prov lh« most dan- had no other alternative but to con-;gerou.i of Loughran's pro-spccthe sent. iopponents. Tommy }\s", pretty v.-cii As a result of thr; Champaign con- jsolved thc allack of Leo I.omski. K: test being crossed from Ihe schedule, : h a s t a k e n t h p hardest wallops of tho the Calbert n i n e is now finished with labcrdccn assassin on th" chin, and its Big Twelve schedule. Thc neds: 1 " as com" bnck to v.-hiji Leo by ?.n boast six victories against om- defeat. Appreciable margin. Lomrki rriou;.! i The championship Is also Dicatur'si be softer for the titloholdcr nest NATIONAL l-EAGCK (All Double Rcadrrn) St. T.ouls at P I l t f i b u r E h . f i n c l n n a t l nt i.'lik-nRo. Boston al. Philailolplilii. New York nt Xlrooklyn. distance hitting--two home runs by R u t h , two by Clchrig, one by Combs -won the second game. Giants Beat Robing Joe Hauser's home run with T mate on basr-. helped the Athletics beat thc Boston Red Sox, 4 to 3. Jess Petty, who shut out tho Giants last week, was driven out of the box by the McGrawmen who won a 12 to 5 victory over t h e ; Brooklyn Robins. Flint Rhcm allowed the Pirates i only seven scattered mils, the St.! Louis Cardinals winning, 7 to 1. With George Sisler at first base, the Boston Braves jarred the Phil- j lies for a 9 to 3 win. Hornsby got j three hits, accounting for six runs. I No other games were played. unless Peoria Manual wins several j t l i n e Manual has also lost J i m m y S l a l t r r y jrrve Loiighrsn i '. that to Champaign, .great f i g h t in Marlicon fqmr? jThe Manualitics, however, have not [ G a r d e n last winter, matching uV played the same number of games j "Campion's speed afoot and hoidinj ,as Decatur, which would giv t h e ; hi? own in the mal'er of boxing ilitle to Ihe Reds on a percentage j p k i l l . A return match should bo i basis. j v . c l l worth watching. i Wednesday the D. H. S. trac-k team The c h a m p i o n , m e a n w h i l e , is a 3 to jjuorneya to Quincy w h e r e it v.-'ll|l f.-.voritc to get past Pete Latzo to- compete in the annual Quincy relays. ; n i ^ ) . t . A M E R I C A N . (All Double HciKlcrM C h i u a g o at St. Louia. D n l r o i t nt C l e v e l a n d . Philaclclpllla al Boston. Washington at NIMV York. ± CLINTON MAN PLEADS NOT GUILTY TUESDAY; TRIAL TO BE JUNE 18 CLINTON, May 30--Clell May, of Clinton, indicted by the May grand jury on a charge of burglarizing the Henneberry Oil station at Wapella recently, was arraigned before Judge D. H. Wamsley in circuit court here Tuesday morning. May pleaded not guilty and his case was set for trial! June 18. I Mrs. Orville White was awarded a decree of divorce from her husband by the court here yesterday on the grounds of cruelty. She was also allowed to resume her maiden name, Irma Goodwin. Court was adjourned Tuesday noon until Wednesday, June 6. HONOR 10 REMAINING CIVIL WAR VETERANS MONTICELLO, May 30 -- There: are only a few of the old soldiers left who fought in the Civil war, hence special honor is to be paid on Memorial day to those who are yet among us. There are only 10 enrolled in the G. A. R. Post of Montlcello. They are: William Duvall, J. H. Weddle, H. P. Lewis, E.! V. Bartley, Hiram Riesccker, Henry j Van Bicklc, W. R. Yazlc, Peter Han- elino, W. O. Hemphill, B. F. Craig. During the past year two members of the local post died, Oliver Montgomery and J. J. Gamble. a fine Ciqar Millikin Captures Seventh In Row; Meet Wesleyan Nine Here Friday first seven innings, Lincoln's score coming off Andrews in LINCOLN, May 30-- Coach Lee Johnson's unbeaten Millikin baseball nine won its seventh straight victory of thc season by trimming Lincoln 13 to 1 here Monday. Thc Blue sluggers hopped on Lee for eight hits and ten runs thc first two innings, and scored three more off McCauley, who relieved him, in the fourth. Hankins, Millikin hurlcr, set the Rallsplltters down with two hits the only the ninth. Millikin has two more games jefore completing its conference chart. Wesleyan will play at Mllli- dn on Friday, while they will close the season at St. Viator Saturday. Kesh, first man to face Lee, was ·safe on an error. He took third on ihlzevskl's single and scored on Ingles' double. Chizcvski and Ingles aoth scored on' Gidcomb's triple. Barnes followed with a single to score Gidcomb. Barnes scored when iaines singled, and the Lincoln fielders elected to make a try for Gaines at second. The Blue scored five more runs to rout Lee in the second. Ingles' triple with thc bases full brought the first three runs across. Ingles' hit struck a telephone wire in tho outfield to keep it from going for a homer. Gidcomb went out, and Renshaw tapped a roller at second, Ingles scoring on the second baseman's error. Barnes forced Renshaw. Gaines was safe balk added the final three runs in the fourth. Lincoln scored its only run on Mangle's hit and successive errors by Ingles and Kirke. . M I L M K I N nosh, i f fhlzovslcl, If. Klrlte. I f I n g l o y , rt, II) Gklc.unl), fin r, » s Koimliaiv. u .·! 1 0 13arneR. 2b r ;', S Oiitnns. ;5b -1 0 1 Amlmws, I b , p . . . . 1 0 0 HanUins. p, :)lt j J 2 Habukost, rC 0 (| o on Byerly's error, third. Barnes. Hankins Barnes single taking scored Barnes triple with Gidcomb and P. K TO A 0 0 1 . I (I [I TAXLORVILLE MAN'S j CAR STOLEN IN CITY Decatur police have been requested to search for a Chevrolet sedan owned by Lon E. Martin, publisher of the Taylorville Courier, which was stolen Tuesday evening in Taylorville. Thc car disappeared about 10 o'clock Tuesday evening. It bears license numbcr 1-048-351 and is green in color. GETS SIXTY DAYS CLINTON, May 30-- Carl Jacobson who was taken into custody by Leslie Orr and Dewitt, county officials Monday night on a charge of driving while intoxicated, He was arraigned b«fore Judge W. F. Gray in county court Tuesday morning. He pleaded guilty and was fined $150 and sentenced to serve 60 days on thc state form near Vandalia. Totals . .42 13 14 27 3 Byorly, 21) . . MoUauley, II), Prince, rf, 3b Hnerr, It Iti'ltner, S3 . . Korpan, Mall, 3b Gotf, c . . .! l.oc. p, rf Mangle, x Totals . , . . x--Batted fur K e l i n c i - in ,1! 1 atii. Scorn by Innings-M H I l k l n Cid 30(1 0 0 0 -- t o Lincoln QUO »00 001.-- 1 summaries--Two base h i m : TiiBloa. Three base h i t s : Inch's, Oldconih. Barnes 2, Double plays: Mall to Kcrpim to Prhli-e. Hits: off H a n k l n s , two in seven I n n l n g a , off. Leo S in 2 Innings. S t r u c k out: by Hiinklns. C; by A n d r e w s 2; by McCauley 6. Hasses on balls: off H f t n k i n s 1, off. A n - tirnws S: I.eo 2: Mc:CauU-y 1. Renbhaw on base, and McC%uley'sj "' GET IfOtTB BICYCLE BEADY FOB SPUING fcSE. We Make Sol« Keys--Sharpen Ijlwn Mmven--Kellre Baby CarrluRCn. Bicycle Tires, $1.50 Up W. B. SHYER 749 E. Mttin SI. Phune Main 391; hail I I n . lirtikn--If eltled--,ih\- Welded ( f u l l y wi'ldril. you spoild ;i ELECTRIC WELDING SHOP WELD IT AND SAVE IT. "We Can Fix It- Come S Seel/s R E A R - 2 2 5 - S o M A I N S T PHONE MAW /S67 H. PENDR1CH, Inc., EstaMhW , l-vansvillt. Indiana THE HOUSE OF CRANE Indianapolis, Indiana FAST-- SAFE-- CLEAN Door-to-Door Delivery CALL Illinois Traction System FOB PARTICULARS AKD RATES MAIN 1438 WATER WOOD r 'T5. Trader Hoi the end of talking it ov reda Lowis a hanneaburg. rulty In brin; tnry conclusi tho point whe Little Peru, the white gd rican temple, the »ea coast ua his comme CH/ Wanderers "Excuse me, waiting for yoi book of yours William Mcri-i Anchor."; Just this and you'll t proper e n d i n g BuBsey always my own ideas, iy I took the boi dgraph w h i l e if In a ferment of met a kindred si "For in th» n had grown, hac but for lack cf ; that high note lieve a piece of I it had lain mor must g'rt that nr be drudgery and I felt oner rr.' gret, grown fam months, that a recognition of i should have b"! only at the er.rt means of keep: flame still aiig: pour out its lori in an indigestibli the romantic under one of our "Amongst tl ".Vow, Ma'am. said just what I George Eussey u matter of pure zi hold of the High or you'd never ha gin a bock. But out too early and narrative, you'r- turc. Keep it su'm and keep your illi That's what h" feller knows what 'Tls like listening One o' the best e was George. "A marriage on sea-birds. !'%··· si far as I rerrK-mbri romantic. I t h i n i on shore at Mai memory docs tal P go. But 'twill be they were tied in called, by the shi less liable to be h "A sacred calli: He takes life a h wedding or f u r , these profession: stare through ci coffin and not : 'cm. There's nothi a good sea capt; have to keep pace cf wind. "A marriago am A fresh wind an though not rough mewing all aroun truth plus a bit c Ination. Aye: "A Guinea "Peru's ship wa load of fruit to Jo den. No interest keep It for truth Queen was classe year. But Captain Muni river when "I shall have to five them the loaj Hot be able to bu; We'd no opportun on shore, under tl Til Buy Thee a G My voice is a Ma'am, but I used ltds when I was Guinea-gold ring." t means. A winnii ·ay lad dream of Music of t " 'Twas a happy *rlng his guitar.": ·ides the natural rivers. The harp ci »1I the savage ha inner man. Aye! the world that c? *ny man that's go w. throb and it's ·Be air. A man's charn- His muscles lie stii "e looks beyond h child of nature. Mi played to sle lose river banks O Those Sweet · ·«. Sl t That was one c Jhe sea. They me *retty fancy it wa: "The beautiful ta *erosa the water. **· wind, on the °«owe. Yes, ma'an 'Rivers! Tls riv« J* the hunter as v\ «* the savage wh *ocks and shadows J*ljr safe frontier, "·· sea. A dry fi «em en . y ° U ' Ve g0t Wanderers . 'Put a ban on Horn!" All the cr; :"* Belgian border "·Phant was relig MEWSPAPERI

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