The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on June 2, 1891 · Page 3
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · Page 3

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 2, 1891
Page 3
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B1SMABCK DAILY TRIBUNE: TUESDAY^JUISE 2 1891 59:2; JJirec. ~ E ·\v 8W ".Yeloc. 11 8 8 .Weather. Fool.^ Clondy. Cloady. , Gt.4t"?" 1 "* 1 ""* temper- ""roeaS temperature, 57,3. total jjreci- :boors,.-.0.00 .,, · Adaabc Mml. V Z Atlantic Hoagland has secured a contract to »-luniber to the Fort Yates azency to t o£ 58,000. He also has a con- Mandan amounting to S The Western house opened a new nd name resister j esterday, Pro- b. for aiid increasing every day. ocv^ of the men who came to fill strikers' places, went east Sunday night on I0 n ot the 6 o clock express. Just bow far the} rode before the firing operation took. Tallj one more attempt of the Fourth ·ward iiretmg to-send some of the property -in that locality smokeward. Whether the author of the recent fires he a he, a she or an it, tick to-it-ivenebS is one of jthe attri- -"Wm-.Qrner of Stee!e is in the-Jcapital, G.iL Gales of Chicago Is a Sheridan W. H. Clact of SL Paul was at the Slier danSundaj. ~ -- _ ijecretary.of State Flittie returned- to the capital bunday. _ _ _ v ' C.B. Little- j weat down to the Twin Cities Sunday night" J. \V» Kbnef and wife of Chicago are Xtiests of the Sheridan. ~ Postoffice Inspector C.L. Way land spjifit je. Sabbath in the city. Fred ; Carstens; and la; Denison._wer9 in Iromilenoiiea yesterday. . as=in=frota-- SteelE* CHESTNUT'.' 'DEPARTMENT. rx n-tporiibility for r- .tides appearing or .eenticicat» expreteVl in this coluran, nor for. the eSect thej-may .have npoa. tie resdei or" ccimaunity. JIan\el Graphic: bunday ^afternoon. £ strange sight was witnessed at the nev. artesian well. Hans forming on the derrick rope, wnen. it broke, letting bin. fall directly over the flow of water, and although Johnson weighs" ISO pounds, the water had sufficient force to .keep him ^-'suspended: lor several moments, and he Trent up, up, UD-ahdf ao wn, down, aawn JQ a way: it was strange to see. His trousers were torn completely off, and.he was bruised up :considerabjy. Mrs-tLP. Bpgrle and son left Sunday for a~visit:with friends mj)ninth. Commissioner Johnson was down..from his.Painted Woods farm yesterday. Prof. C. W. Kawlings of-jTailey City is in the cityy visiting his brother. Frank. ' -Editor Herbert of the n ewsy. Ozone cairie rjp fcom'bteele, to visit friena over bun day. J. B. Gavton, Peter Scheier and Dan. btewartof Gayton viere_ntthe Cutter jea- tt relay. A. Doubla Wedding. -Trnman iT'Wiildorf of Menoke,n was married to Miss Hannah Johnson ot this city Sunday night; at the same time and placeJEdvyard G. ismith^was joined .in holy "matrimony: to ^liss Lena Johnson, both of Bismarck. The ceremonies weFe performed, by Judce Chase at his residence. -The weddings were quitt and unexpected. freshmen tido the happy young couples. "3Ir. Waldorf as one oi the most prosperoub of Burleigh. county farmers and rankb first among the leading men of the Missouri jjlept-. He made settlement in early days, _ajid by_p_ersistent and honest jerfort has built a comfortable and" pltasand "home. His bnde, MibS Peterbon, needs, no introduction to Our citizens, as she has spent her life, or at least the latter years of it, In our midst, bhe is accomplished and highlj bates possessed Manager Sullivan informed the TEiBrjj,E that it was m error regarding theholding- -up iracas in Roman's store, Saturday, night hut, as the principal m the affair ac- krion ledged the deed to a reporter yester- dav, we still maintain that the first information was'correct; There, were no ^particularly interesting developments irrthe stake situation es-. terda} Both shovels were in operation,m- the afternoon, and part of" the Italians, to- t;tther with a few of the stnk£rb, were atr v,ork Ihere is yet a searcity'of men and operations are moving slowly." Attorney General Spencer, Judge Win-., cheater, Attornej Boucher, Attorney Stoy-' ^el^d^Trr^e Francis went_ to Williamsport btrhday, and opened court yesterday. Judge Francis will defend young Carmichael, who is charged with having murdered Bockhoube last fall. Mr.. bnencer T7.U rny;°i:i!,te thR.nasR. The plea will be respected by a large circle of friends. _ilr. ; selt-defense. Two of our citizens consumed considerS- ble oh be joyfnl,' Sunday night, and, while in feat condition, "undertook to argue i certain point in frant of the Western Union telegraph office The argument became warm--likewtbe the participants, un til one of the "esteemed" threw the other through a window. No other particular damage was.doQ.£..:_, . 411 alarm was-ttwned in about 12 o clock l_bun_dai_nj.gjit from tne Pourth ward,, -whe'f£ a \aw-nl bouse was going up in ffaine^ 1 he hre w as --6~Tdt~fnrn a hydrant that the cart--had to double, but the one streim soofi had e\ erythmg under control -Ot "course-no one knows-how the fire origi- -Bited, but i vacant house ne\er setb itself gom? _ ij Ajjnew, one-of the prosperous. nuar Mencken, wa in tire city He informs a TRIBTJM- com- mi «iouer he lias m crop over 100acreb oi w heat and ^5 acreb of oats, etc , and in hi-, mne vrars'Trt sidtnce in Burleigh coun ;£\j Jimt 1st has never had better indications for a good ^ itld llr. Agnew leels tint hib'chinceb of r prosperous year are Steen 1 regret as much as, any ppr- "H)B-tint tfle-flag-was-Tiotrclrswlajed -from Hie cipitol buddmu on Memorial Daj^ -· orm or Friday nj^tit brSke the ropa, apd .1 wa^ unabk toj.-eciire a man iflLTteOYS--i 1 one , baturd ij ^ot having been bnuth ib also an old time citizen, having conducted a successful business mlmr city Eor some time past. His bride, iliss Johnson, has beea a constant companion of iliss Peterson and enjoys a host of friends in the capital city, llie new adventures promise- to be all that one could w ish, their friends extend congratulations. ^:The Old Story. Trom a letter to the T RIBLXF from "Mr. C.E-bcnbner, a-foriner_resident of this connty, near Jlenoken, butrwho ib-now-try- ing his fortunes in Khofle J land, the- following excerpts are made: ^ "I am not in love with thi section of the country. The stones are ao thick there is no room for much elbe. 'Ihere are stone in the road, stones everywhere I have beeff'worjiing'over a month and have _m less than four acres. The soili 1 ; justabout the r.nlor of thdt on the band barb m the Missoun, but not so rich. It cosLs S40 per ton for fertilizers to gel any cron and it takes alon to the acre. I would notiiive rnj farm-in Dakota for this whole state, for agriculture Everything is nairow guage. It ib colder here, I think, than it is in.Dakota. We are having frost almost every~mght. Tell people in. North Bakotr to just stay where they are'and th^y wilL be_all right. North Dakota ib-gtiQd^nough for me.' ~ _ --^ ;Milltary.C6iirt. A-general court martial will meet atr Fort Yatess Wednesday, for the trial of such persons asjmay be brought before it. The following officers will comprise tlTe court: Litnt Col -"Wm F. Drum, Twelfth infantrj,president, CauC Harrv Ij Has- kelC"Twelfth infantrj, Capt. A-lonzo B. T.M-'AdamsiTargp, 5"." Elltrndale;-Com- mercial: 1 ha\e just returned from Bi^- roark..-: The vwlp section of country, on" the~ line of the Northern -:Pacifie= railroad had- the most glonous-ram last week that nas Tisited that section during the «Dncjrm craf^'yeari.- Consgqenfij the Tarmera are feeling jubilant and happj. I w o u l a like to send you'a'saniple ot-cqrn'I brought from Bismarck grown and ripened in Bur- leigh.countj-. /One par,trv- raised 1,500 bushels last year. Farmer^ are-vvaking up to thafacttbat corn, cattle; horces"3nd sheep are going to pay b"ette.r than wheat on the Missouri slope, and 1 credict taat in five \ears Burleigh county will be one of the most prosDerou^ in North DaKota. There is no. record-in .history-~from the time when "Abranir: v.-as .very rich in battle, in silver and in goUP and nerded fus flocks'ou the hills of Palestine--to the pre-ent that prosperitv and wealth has not blessed the labors of those who have foHowed the raising of-Irve-stocKr---The--Dakotas are-to-be no exception; but from"the Missouri slope and the Turtle; mountains to T-anfcton we are to see the must prosperous region in the northwest. Dickinson PreSb: The Jeff Barberj3iui'_h_ of sheep--1400--sheared an average~of a little over six pound to the head The clip was Consigned, to BTT. Thompson Cp', commiSMon-'merchants.'Tind the returns show a netpricea f twenty cents par pound The net profat to the Gusto bheep Iniest- ment companion their first band sheared this spason, bought List Becember for 5515950, i-"Si0.14, or Ib and 28 per cent on the investment. A very conservative estimate of their prone on the season's lambs gives the company -40 per eent on the investment. , __ Nothipg contributes more toward~a tound digestion than the use of the genuine Angostura Bitters of Dr.'J- G. J3. biegert = The k reviewers throughout the hpsn verj hlisj the past^_fevy weeks m examinn 6f the new edition of; Qie" -·bcienceof Life" The criticisms are all one sided, that is to say, they are all in high praise of this justy celebrated medical work. The book |is jadvertised in ;this paper. ^ *_- -- M. EPBINGER old reliable clothiei^ is -now at Jiome (BARNES -AND Co/s OLD -STAND) ' 'and Jias a stock ot ~~ - Groods That ii'ill -paralyze, competitors: ONE CENT A WORD COLUMN* JL : PIGS-- For tale;' apply tJ John Nicb- ob\ -First street.. ladj t-chool tt?acaer, to begin ttachuu, at once. Apply to b. A. Hawks, ·V.-JJ. \\TANTE D -Duunt,-nxm, TT~Hoase, Janei 1S91. et_ V\ estem O NE HUNDRED DOLT.AES A 51O\TH-- Ladips or cyntlemen. Do yon want at? Address -oath a ttiimp. E, M FicfcettTlSl North . Wichita; -Kansas. V\7 ANTED--Any one having thp Daily Tmu- *' TOE.of Janpary T, Ifc91will confer a favor by sending to TfiiBtiyE ofiice. S CHOOI. district clerk's records-- Send joor order toi fie BiemnrckTBiuu^Efor the books to comply^viUi: the :Jast. . school tjchool treasury, records on_hand," . clerks' OHier ~ ;law. BISMAKCJ3US1MSS CARDS 'Attorneys- at ATTOBNEiS AKD CoiJSSKLIXJIiS AT LiW. TTnion-Block. "VT-'S ill · AuoahEY AT LAW ---«··*· Koom" N T:AUKEKCE CASSELMAN. JLj - .: ATTOKEI JIT AND N OT'AST PUBIJO . Cerit'al Block; Main'St^, Bismarck.- ^---'--_ Mnalc. P AEMEB'8 CITY BAND AND OKCHESTRA. BlHUAECS, "it.ptf ~ ~^ Doubles xn brass and Btrxaj5.-Mo.sic famished fur r aU--bccasiions. Pdces reasonable. Address H. H. Ealmer,rBismarck;N'i' D. Physicians. |B. KATEUJPEBKINB, Ghap'in, medical department^ Gapt A. lllis, Eighth cavalry, Capt John Guest, Eighth ca\a!ry; Second Ljieutenant Ed ward C Brookb, Eighth cavalry, Second Lieutenant Wm A;l' ? dlips, Twenty second infa'ntry, members, First Jjieut John H Wills,'Iwclrth anf^antry, judge advo- - - - - ^ the polt, ii-dbence^he national emblem \va n o t \ i ible from the lull fc3ltt«la,;v~_It ^i-i notuij negltit.but simplj the force or circum tances ^ · 'Mr l».e bteen, who for.the p a t ^ ear has occupu d the position of supenntendent,of the c-'Ditol building, has resigntti and re -turned to his home in Grand Forks last evening While here-iie has made many w^rui friends by his courteous" and Dnji- t e^s^lke wiy of -conducting bis duties, and the be t w i h£s ot all go w i t h , him Grand -tono will^nce more have here celeDrated Penman in her midst, as iir. btten iV ac- d to be- the best ,(iuiH .driver" " ^I\huni : ,Leader Mi-s,/Anrn, Reif tr ,vlio e parents were arnonT2;-£he ie t settlers of "McLean .county, tarae,. from Eismarclr yesterday to spend a. tkij-, vasiting amoiic her ohl Iriends in ection before her deoarture for New where her parents now reside take in thp. m e n t at ^ashburn tp-daj. Miss Keifinider^ L to hLr other .iccomDlishrnents the arc or type -etting, in which profession she i ^iia. tf be quite^an expert Capf un Sam MamTer of the Batchefor " u g h t o n e o f thpBLvrlj imported bridge noorer in the act of appropriating to his own u-e without proper authontj a stove "'"s? to the Benton Transportation and swore out a warrant for his Polueman Mar h went down and f^.? rT , tne Slender, who Was" taken be- He acknowledged the .was sentenced to"'a fine and SH. He .ffidn'tr have . . . . - '-and ; consequently wa^ m the county bastile. -/ " ; " ; .; ; , : Jhe Assessment of Stoclc. . ._ - : --:: I see by your paper; ,- _ ' u the sh eep men of : the'state,are ^goins; w make a kick" on the'jasse^smeiit.of' S3 ^a. ead. I think they are right,"but the'cattle · : - ! n l orsinter ' ests -0f. tne state should also: "e rooked after. - I f - w e ever expect to make - ;^ ncc essful stock country : of-this-; state,' j!Me should be a different scale of ass'es's- from - ^0^' stock. farmers t o - handle - es and sleep/than they do ln a fe w years we would have a proa Perous country. I think that 03 § 10 to S15 llead " is » K°°i ^s- Pric f ' an d-on.caftle 58 to'$12-is a fair are wnrfv, assess .ment."----'Anjerican-:'liorseS beVnr P ^ TM°, r , e '- and S2Q - to 530 would not hable; S t i e e ^ t from 1 to ·$£ t - b -? }an ,- ef l ua l - 1 1 ^ 6 c sa.tisfactory- that if 'such, a- scale of . is adopted, there" would -. be a - encouragement throughout' trie q - H .,5 a n d l emore stock. Every county aaiiferent scale of prices for rantje and ^ -stock. ·! belreve.everv stock raispr is belreve.every stock raiser is . that question, and I would be to nave opinions from oth»r stock . .-··'.· ·:--'"" Jonx We'll wjite it down till evervbodj sees Till everybody is sick of seeingjt, £3 Till every body" kno,v\b it without seeing -^Ehal; DrrSage s Catarst Bemed5-ciifi the worst of chroma-catarrh ir?"-t!u head, catarrhal headiche, diid "cold m fke nead ' In perrecToa'tthT'Us feaker-j the Worlds Dibpcnsni^ Medinal association of Buffalo, N^ Y., o£terb_to · pa\ SjOO to any one suffering icom chromic caurrh in the head whom they cannot/cure. .ow if tn'e conditions wer* rev er^ed--if they A*.ked jou ta paj 8500 for a po iH\e cure jon might hesitate TIere are reputable men, with years of honoraole dtal ing: : t!iousands:ordollars and a great name Jjick of them andtnej sa--' \Ve can cure AOQ because" we ve cured tliousinds--o-f others like you--if we can't we w i l l nay yooiaDO^or the k n o w h d p e that there's omf whom we catf t cure.'' * ·= T-liey believe m thenibelves Tsn t worth a trial. Isn c any toal pjcfcrible to catarrh ? Important Trade Karjie. Decision. Thayer "of the United State: cuit court at St Louib, has recently handed opinion and. gfanted;a perpetual injunction against the defendant in the case "of the Host-etter. company'against the Bruggeman IteVaert DismllinR companj, alias "Gold bpri^feDibtillinR companj," prohibiting the afiycrtiplng,maiiufaoturinc or selling of any article of .stomach bitters either in"bulk, by the~gallon or otherwise/ or in any"way-onaking · use of "Hostetter' except in connection witb.the sale of the-genuine .bitters;, which are always sold in bottles securely sealed, and also_pxohibitliig the "sale of.any:bitters in- bulk, though the name "nostetter 5 be-not used, lut the suggestion made to {he purchaser." that he can,"pnt. them in the empty Hostetterrbottles and purchasers' ~ would notdiscove'r the "difference. ; His -decision _sapjfor!s the..IIO3tetter- ; company in tbeex- 'tensive use of the name "Hostetu:r'' in connection "with either the ^manufacture or' sale of stomach bittefs m ; any manner or term whatsoever,-and firmly 3taDlishes.its ownership in the same as a "TradeName." mentrnrrrnng-team ^at the office of the city editor of the TumiiM-this (Tue=da3 ) evening at 9 o'clock All trustee are expected to be present, as matters of importance will come up for di po al B order of the president FRED HJ^DFKSIIOTT, tiecretary. Ofiice at resilience, ayennes B and C. Ssventh street, between OF County Treasurer's Sale Delinquent Taxes. for The Bismarck: TunnjMj has organTzed a 4 Chestnut ' department and the first item to appear i in regard to the Jamestown four legged chicken, that i^ now de\eloping into a gallinaceous celebntv, lllustr?t-- ing nature'^ grand plin of variation of tne species snd advertising the fertiht} and progress of the rnetiopolii of the Jim. River \allej. -- Jamestown Alert "Woe! ."Woe! "Unutterable Woe. i *-Why endure It dailj, nrghtly, we had nigh siid, honrly They do who »re tortured by.,,chrcmic.-,TftaumatiaraP : iTha\ remedy, :bo- tamc, pure, sale and fSroinpt is at hand. Were -theevldence In behaltoffHostetter's Stbmacli Bitters- colla.ted,:it,wbulcl-be-foundi-to'teem vnth well authenticated proofs that theTocdi 3 - clno is both a preventive and 2. remedj in thisjnalady of varying agonfes and ever present danger To forestall its chrome sla^eis the dictate.of prudence. ..Renounce darigerons. medication.-'.- Far. more,-effective, more- certain, more 'permanent in the beneflcenfc.cpn- Eeruence is the use of tTitHBittcrr Frpen-J, ence Indorses,, the recbnimpndatioh o f - p h y - ' 1 sicians sanction Ita:-usei^-.BeRin-U!arly T -Jiso with persistence, and :expect:relief.; Hostef- tert Stotnabh"Bitters relieves constipation, biHonsnesa kidnej ailirienta, dyspepsia and. malarial trouble. falATE Ol NORTH DlKOTA, ) County o^arjolgli.* J E . 8 By.-mtne of the anthdnty vested in me as treas- nrer'of the coucty..o£;Bnrleigh, : state of/.'-Nortfi Dakota I have on.this' -2G h:daj-.of. fiWy, IfSl, seized, distramnd and Jevn-d npon and tiken into jny possession all the cprtnin personal pro-, psrty belongin^to~T.OP?ManhartIor theiinrpose of collecting the perbonal property taxpB asFeb- BedTxjIiimm the scare IS^ISST, 188S, 1SS9 and 1S90, to-wit_Jlamber-wagon,l single baggy, 1 set of bob sleiRhc^l IfphtJ sleigh, 1 bet of light bob bleijjhs, unfinished. I lot wagon material. 1 CinTf"stone, 3 bnc^j-pois, 1 oil cpn, 1 doable barrel shot gnn 1 single barrel--Prnn x 1 rnowing -mecHtfie, 1 set single harhes?. 1 lo^ .double "Harness^S barn shoj^is, 1 ieatinB Etove and ono cooking Btove Jill ofwhi-h I-shaTl fcellat pnb- llc auction to the hiphost bidder on Inne Bth 1S91,- at the_Ktore of Ed.'-Wnod iir the - vlllsee of , ilenokeu! in this county of JJarleinh, .:JS(.. .lX, ( 2 6*c-Iock in th"o afternoon of tliatdny-.or "enough rof the BaidTwr^onal property to pny the tazes dup, amennting to eiglirj-eight dollar^ ARE HOLT, .Dealers in -Hardware E^RMJVLACHINERY Plumbing and repairing -prom-pily offended to. BEAH \ \ -^Hard-ware, Piufnbing and Steam Fitting' Goods, Lawn ^ * ?~~~ " . Sprinklers., Garden Ho_se^ fee Cream F-r-eezers ~~ and Seed Corn. ~ - " _ ^?~SIain^8treet, between Seoond'and Third streets." HERE JO" STAY, AND DON'T YOU FORGET IT! JOS. TJIETRIOT! -Erejshlaod_.SaJi_Mgats and (7rooenes T No Better Place Can be Pound. The Old Stand--Main Street '"WESTERN. HOUSE. IS THE;BES-T-5i:5(i HOUSE lN:THE:CETr. J CENTBAL EOOM1 1 GOSV£NJENX 77) iL^ethLr with ' OPPOSITE SHEBIO AN BOUSE, MAIN: STKEETl - N. B.-- Special rates by the week. - ~E 8 BEABDSLEX, Propns.terv PURE WiNES AND LIQUORS . .Treasnrer of Enrlegh.county, N .By E. TrBBns,"Iepiitj'^ "__ \ A. M.-MfCHELSON, Marmf actnrer-of "Fine! - G i a f s Cure of Tj-pTioid-ITever, . _ Charle Hartford of :New Castle, JS'ew testifies that he was cured of typhoid fever by Brandreth'b FilU IlLid his letter: "About T. year igo I was attacked w ith trv phoid f t \ er. "fj-plij^ cian feated me for some-days, and.'. Iwas' so : . weak;-.I thought' I must die Although at times delirious and- suffering-intense ; the heddaiid bacx, and parched up with f e v t r , ense enough to remenibe^ iny-j box of Bmndretir^ Pill-,. J minagtd to L get'thern'and swallowed six, and then took a bow-fbf hot tea.-..My.'doctor hdd. 'beo.n_ afraid to give me A purc;p 1 w is so w t ik, but Brandretli's Pills made :me. stronger- acted ! freely, iny- head : ~'~?[ept and dealer in srookinR'articles'. · pabite BISMARCK, Maiu strei;t,.op-. cleared, t°vpr abated, and 1^ slept lor .bourse I continued taking three-;-or:"four- pills" every ni^ht.for a week and, entirely recovered, although my doctor Jiad given me up Undoubtedly Brandreth's Pills r saved my life. - ~ Dr. Messenger Mon.seyv\vho was physician to Chelsea college, and a. noted wit In London societyjn the last. century, was a struggling .country doctor until .Lord Godolphin, son of Qneen-Anne's.treasurer, was seized with illness near the place where he lived.. Alcmsey "was-called in, and his noble patient was so charmed with: his conversation that he took him to London. · " .To"the yonnj;, -way3"n.ndjneiins are of the nature .of :tne. spontaneonslv : generated. They coine of; themselves 1 when-vranted, the demand creating the supply"; and there ·was" never, a crux-in"rralitics or morals ·which could.notbemado,'-as- straight as a die if only these ·.young reformers-might ·nut their band to the work. ; ^ : -."- "Highest of all "in Leavisning Power.--U.. S:'"'oS^f'R? l port, 'Aug. 17,; 1889;" ABSOLUTELY PURE 800 Tons of Ice. .We;arenow ready to deliver.and make" .Contracts Jar the Season, _^--ior familj u^e at ^1 -1 50 and ^2 ~ per month. U ill not issui ice ticketsfor -weigh.. Will fill , chests : and keep.them^full with the be,st of "ice. Coal and Wood Co'y GIK-(OI,DTOJI. , BRANDY (CALIFORNIA). ^ (COGNAC) xo.z: ^Q^I (OI D JOI t (MUXPHTSh (5t.AP.TL.VXD) XO. 3 : Fjimss OrJc- P 0 JIoic\_Ordcror Clitck, oriUIl ttjid C c]i.^Trtii,ii.!,«o Jialf cn^'.'S Qt Jiolf pricfi'ofivhole. purity of cvery^joclcage shipped jry-n.i. W i e s a e Alien t JOHX WHITE'S ^ LIVERY -.STABLE. Street, Con Malloy'a old Stand." Partitnlsr attention paid to transients.' Besf? accommodations in tha city..- Centrally located. Terms reasonable. - - - - - . . P B^POSAIiS-POB WAGON TBANPPOBTA- TION.-OiHcfcof Chief Quartermaster,". Department of Dakola, St. Paul, 51inn;, ilay-23, 1S9L-SEATJED PhOpOSAlS, for wagon .trans-, .portalipn reqnirpd in this department daring the fee.1 year 'ending Jon B 30,1S*J2, vrjll be : received at this office, until 12 o'clock m., onTnesAr.the 15th day of Jnne,' 15^)1, and opened immediately afterwards in the presence - o f . bidders. -Blank forms.of propossl^, and lall mstractions. to bidders,-will be farnished cm application to this office.-JOHN V. FUBEtfQnartermnster.U.3.A.,' Chief-Qoartermaster, . ' : : ". ; ; -, - Groceries and Pixyvisions - - - CITY BAKERY ... Street, PAUL, FREP . JBrojrn * Hl« latestBook, trith pre-Eruptions, ou the Cause -and taflV Cnre of Sper- matorrliayi, (emission . IjJUty. Impotencyi Sterility, etc-wbrticr 1 cfc, Emi*. Tfron A T T E * BIOHH etc . I'.O-.Boi 3io, J H ld PLare. ·Is directed to the v Jscoasji 1 ! the direct-routeto and from Slllxvankeo, (Chicago and all pointseast and south Iwbthroaph fa°t irams with Pullman Drawicfr Boom Slfiapera and the Central's famous Dining Cats attached each way daUi^bf^twern Minneapolis and" bt. Pnnl and MilwStTkee and Chicago For tickets. Bleeping car reservations, tinza tables and other information . apply to aajr ticket a«ent In thn United States or Canada, or at : city offices, corner Washington and Nicolott a-rennes, Jlinneapolia, and 1G2 KaRt,Third street, Ht. Paot, or to F. H. ·i.NSON. Gen.Northwestern Pass. Agt;, ilinneapolis Dsalersin Watches. Clqcks.-Solid Gold Jewelry, Silverware, fine' Spectacles and. . Eyeglasses./ ; .-- ... - . _ · · " - . . _- Bepalrin? of all kinds done in firstelse " ) sfc reasonable prices. 7 ORDEHS -FBO5UTHE COUNTSY PROJIPTL ;"' .-."- - AITENDEl) TO.'-' - . ' . _ ' ' - v .The larpeqt assort-. "menfinUbTeTcity. .All Vthe latest patterns in gilt, embossed. . and " i_ r jplain papers. ~~~ i or. samplee. orders promptly ; . Tj attended fo.-. . AVEBB BEOS.,;, Bismarck, :North Dakota.' . Sen_d !Mail PIF1 TO : WHOM IT .MAY CONCERN: 'Pursuant to. the provisions of Section 10, : Chap-" tcr 122, of ihe Session Ijaws of JSSO, the . coininis- eioners of railroads of tieetate of North Dakota ^vrill makolheir^annoaL visit to tho' Etations on lie line- of tHo Northern^ Pacific railroad and Jjranches as follows, to-wit: _ Davenport and JLeonard. in the connt of One, Bheloon, Lasbor^ond Marshall, in th cpnnty of IJansorj; Onke^in tha -coanty ot DicVey; Vaiky Junction, IjaMoure, Edgely, Grand Sup"" - ids, IJickeFand Aflrian, in . the coanty of La- ,- MOOJ-P. and Montpelic'r r in tha connty of Stnt»- '"- man, da-tha 3d day of June. - - . - - - . . - . - - - Jledora, in thp connty of Billing,- Bel£eld : and - DickinFon, in the county of Stark, on. the 4th . flavor. June. . _ · . · -' - " - - ..-. Gladstone, TaylorandBicIiRrdton in tEs connty , . o f Stark: Hebron, Glen TJfenr*tm9, New 5:a- .lemacd llandan in tiocoonty of "Morton and" : Bismarck in the- coaray.of.Barleu5h on tho Sth,. · ,d«yofjnne. . . , - , ' " ; _ . . -. llesoken and SterlinR in the connty of Burleigh;- - ·' Steele, DawBOa,.Tppfri and Crystal Springs : in.the connty of Kidder: Medina, Windsor. Kldridge, JameetoTFrn and Pingree In trio coanty of Statsmin, Melville and Carrington i n . t h o " - connty of Footer; Sykeston in. the -county- of .-"· - Wells oa the 6th day of Jnne.' . - , : -'·"- - -·' - NBTT P.ockford in tho connty -of .Eddy; Oberon, Spiritwood in the "connty of Statsman; Eckel. .son andDszeyiu the county of Barnes; : ana- Goop*r?town in the connty of Grigg* on Uie 7th -dvof Jnne." . . -".--· · . · - ' - ' ' ; - · -- : Sanborn, Vdlley City and Orisku, in the coonty .of Barnee; Tower City, BnfIalo.Whe«tl»nd, Ga*-" eclton, - Mapleton and Fargo, in :the cooctr of Cans, and urand'' forks, in the . connty_ of ,, v.Gr»ni Forks, on the Sth 5 day of Jnne. ".;·. ' --'-. -Meckinock^Gilbyand JoSnstot, In the coosty of · ' ^ Grand Forks; Forest Biver and Grafton, . ' · connty of Walsh,and prsj-ton nod Pembins, ,in thb-connty of JPembinm, .on. tha 9th.d»yor' · : Jane. · . ' " · - · " - · " " Slilnor; In the connty of S»rn«it 1 »nd Wrudmere. Mooretonji'arminittou nod Wahpetou, in, th« · " - eonnty of-Blchlnd, on »h«» 10th cUrof Iose l . . . , Chainndn Board of Railroad Commiwioaen. ' :M. JT, llDOKiLjrr, . , .. , · -" . . - . Secretury. - ~' . ··'·- " .'. INEWSPA'PERf lEWSFAPESl

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