Decatur Daily Republican from Decatur, Illinois on January 20, 1882 · Page 1
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Decatur Daily Republican from Decatur, Illinois · Page 1

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, January 20, 1882
Page 1
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Wecaim VOL. x. DECATUR, ILLINOIS, FRIDAY, JANUARY 20, 1882. NO. 2:o 20 Per Gent 20 REDUCTION FOR CASH. OVERCOAT MEN'S OVERCOATS, BOYS' OVERCOAT CUTTING TiiB JACK A Quiet Little T-. ansaotion Between Two Gentlemen on the Cars in the West P!iUadi'iJ,ti I inn -Playm' poker is might; dang'rous business, boys,," said old Jerry Green- I ing the other night, as he came into the Wilhambon Hou%e bai room, at I Laclomaxpu '·Leiii me h\" started Jtny. "I gu«=s 'tweie nigh about 'leven jenrs 'go I were gom' out West with a partj o' citj folkt to hunt on the pnra'nie*. We was a ton'lm' m powerful iiiio style in one o' them palace k'-w- vhen w ;=' J f u ie;J nice lookin' f'-llei with i. diamond buzzum pin come, i til j the kuer He sot dow n nirrh me :m' laneby he got the owner oAhe keer-- which I remarked at the tune were a uipgei- to get u tn- KNIT JACKETS, WOOLEN SCARF3, CAPS and HEAVY GLOVES REDUCED 20 PER CT. FROM FORMER PRICE. We hav.- a well-assorted Stock, and must sell to make room for our Sj.riim Goods. Wo will give GEIHAT BARGAINS Until M-Tch 2d, when IE m TAKbb J'l.ACtf. J. R. RACE CO. III It IU «V-.'M !. f. yNE fill m, ML 1st 5-» Op,"- IN rw HI* L - k ' K t F A N D Fl k 1 . - I N K V ol, \ t ' l ' , »· '. W.' · r St, ii\j\v Prj.icott's Mi"-;k'Store.' 1 , O 1. o t.iock. : oxt u · o m r .'I H RAOCLlFFi b'JUTO, ,,,,, »??· -· ? S F f ^ - ' - l . , , , ,!«.,· " t -I, ,' ninv i f'«or C' V.'n.u T , Ml. ' I " UNDcRm* !"··'. MfiiSfk J'r i . · I t y · K t r " t' ' ' ' I n n ,, i ! i- nn f". 1 li' »" ' i , : i H l l t ' ' i -· n ' l i t 1 in in* in-* ' " ' ' ll , ,, u r n i.l i i! l« ' I UK I I I . R i « l ' ( h , , ,,,.,.» w , p l l ' i l I I I , - M i l l 11 '· -tm I' siS$? ;:^y.: :: :*;I, : :^ ;: .'''^ ' ** ' l l . L i T D K , I I.I , J l H I 1. ( , , · , . i t M l . v I In l iHeil Jiiur i i V · ! , r I il t II lcin(T-» i .1' i -' H i J ,., , ,,i i \ , 1 v e r y jre 11 hi i * n ' m t [ i in . . n u ii|i uiv ,iss u nco thai i 1. 1 .t i mi FULL CLOTH C .V-R''I' KF.TS OF SOLID W A l . r i For the IHK ii' i b n i R i i l l wh t Hi i r ·ItT, onl} »' «i " f.»' " ' ' """ ·ad to b : f u l l y ixnirtni-' ·' ' - t i - j ' v - Htfatvr Mi /« l I-H In Iff! «' I h - N i w '' '» 'i* l! '"' · · ' ' l i i c t T v n . In , J u n - », "M Fl M n V l l M i l A CO Hie flr-=t li · lo \ j l i r K l . ' n i v iiml l.ircr i i re ( I I I rue'·o much iron 1 tlml I r r "l" ·" ' " ·"' u u n n l ' '"'' l u l ! 5 i urcl ble for Lim. He got a plaj in' kterds all "lono by bisnelf. an" binebv 'notLur rice iou! in' f f l k r came 111. iin' them t u o fi'llu-, M 1 ' 1 - a plavin'- Artcr a vlnli- tho h\o city felleis that \seio a "uiu oiit \Vt"it viith me took a him' iitu tin 1 g.-uip. an' 'ioro v, c got t' Chi- ·ago in;, tv,o fclleis hp.dn't 'nough .poiiduliv uund 'tru to buy a square In nk ol hker. kt 'lono 'nongh to go jirtler nf^t ·Fm'lly one of my inoii--1 nlk-rs ·alls Vin my men. bpkate ttcj wab ; oin' -nc^t with mo. yo know--baicl to th' f oiler with th' di'mon' buz/urn iu, -Lit'-, change the gamo. I've ..·ot jebt J3.0IK) ca^h in m' grip-back that belongs to my ole man in Chi- r-argo. lot'b pla\ ouchre for a change' ·No\v. I'll toll'ye what I'll do,'said th' liuzzum-pinrnan: Til jest bet ye even ?!j,000 thet I kin take them eids an' cut tho jack o' hearts the \ e i \ iiist time ' 'Bj darn, I'll do it,' s-.v'mj man. 'AVdll,' soz 1,' 'I'll hold U' ,t,'ikc= ' 'All right,' boz tho bnz- ·om pin IIIMI Dunn' this little con\ i i jitum my man woo a bhnfflin' up tho l. cids Under uorvous like, so ho iu.1 'om down aii' tole n,o to Loop m' \ o on 'om while ho got his cash. Ii' ean.o back w i t h th' money an' handed it f mo Mr. Buzzmn pin ^ot out his cash, but with what he hod won flora HA man nn' what n.ono.\ he L°d ho were short jest r\;.ll," so/ I. -lathoi than see th s voio tun hvol. up I'll Ion' \ e th" h a n d l e d ' So 1 pulls out a nole stui. kin' I hod in, my giip-sack an' got out five twentj -dollar gold pieces ·Th;r.' to/ I. 'now got down t' biz.' · \ \ t _ l l . \Ir Bu7/um pin took the k t i d b in Iiib hau's, an', draw en a ! uwie kmte onton his hip pocket, he cut them koords right in two quick- ir'h hghtnm' 'Thar,' soz ho. -I cut th' "ok o' hoait - th' fnst time, mister, an' i n-ckon I'll lioezo onto that thaf a-l J i'rk hi r over, mister.' soz he l' Ur -Jii-t 'Lout that time I -oo th' pmt .r tU' b.'heii'i. an' I laffed till I piHtj u - t . 1 J ji4 got down onto !i i .11 laflid. a u ' ' t w e r e close t' M mints 'foie 1 got cooled clown gin 1 wi'ie ]ost leady t' pay the ii/rnui pin man th' SO,OUO. an' hi-. .e \\eiL a- biuilin' as a man'B is . hen ho lookb at his f lut babj, v hen ill f oncet m\ man si-/, 'Mr Ou-cen I is.fl.on jou'll pa\ that hull rite ....- t" me.' ·'Iho'giiemout WPS that I wore t cut th' jack th' ftM time,' pin. 'an' I dope it. - r I'll take tin du-i;;h. t « · ploa-- J ·ut it, didn't I'-' 'Wall, bo\s, of jou ·iiuld a seen that folloi's face drop \ un'd smih d d t,m"i The 1'u st thing dono weio t' ropch foi his bhootm' iron,' but mj man be/, 'Oh, don't do :hat.' an', kinder inisiu' tho hipboard tliON w u · pla 1 in' on. ho showed Mr Buivum pin (i '-ix shooter pint in" m th' diroctioi, o' his heart, an' 't wore full cocked, too. 'Wall, I'm done brown fci once," M 7 tho buzzum-pin ni.m ?n' C 07 he 'Who bo ye. nny- "· -Wi'll.' --ez m\ mail. 'I don't mind 'oligin' j o with IMJ cog'omen I'm Billy Biiil-all. o' New York, an' I'm th' "man that invented that little scheme o onttiu' th' lack ' "Mo an' thun t w o fellers had a oddd laff over the way wo flaxed him, an' since that I hamt plajcd koerds. Of cours.0 I don't s'pose any of you feller^ '11 cheat at keeids. an' I've no "jections to playin' \vith jou, though I did so Bill Carknff slippin' a nace down into his flap to lay for a fae«d full" _^._ 1__ Flocking to the Cities ! j large number of people the attractions of city life outweighs all country attractions. "it is well that this should be bo The country without villages and cities would be a very desirable one to emigrate from,, and the city without its rural surroundings would be indeed a very helpless,, as well as undesirable place of abode--in fact an impossibility. It is obviously in the economy ot nature, that these two conditions of society should exist The Cost of War. M. de Foville. a distinguished French economist, has ciphered up the bills which France has had to pay for the Franco-German war, and the devastations of the Commune. The total amounts to §2,900,000,000, which ib pretty heavy for a war of such bhort duration. Among the items given, twenty-seven in number, aie 81,000,000,000 for the ( in- deiuurh paid to Germany; §125,- 000,000 for cost of borrowing money; S300.OdO.000 capitalization of the lo'-t roitnue of the ended provinces, tc. llie net cost of revictnaling i'iins was 815,000,000, to rebuild the structures burned by the Corn- niurc cost §10,000,000; to bury the deud boldierb, $450,000: the Commune- btole 82,000,000 m money, be- bide ?3.:iUO,000 which they ''drew 1 ' from the bank, and the trials and transportation of the captured insurgents cost 32,400,000; the re-establishment of roads required $18,000,000, and it cost .$375,000 to restore the regif-ters of births and marriages wantonh destroyed by the Com- S ELLING Goods at Cost, Below Cost, and Regardless of Cost, seems to be the order of the day at this season of the I year with a great many competitors of B. STINE, THE "BOSS" CLOTHIER. If you ask them "Why s much liberality ?" they will answer, "To make room for our New Spring Stock!" and if you take a glance at their assortment you will not only find an old stock wortu 50 cents on the dollar, but plenty of room to pltcs an entire; new stock. To offset all these silly advertisements, the, meaning of which is generally understood by | the public, "CHEAP CHARLEY'S" OCEKER. Reward! r ,, ,, . , -i.,,. ,., ,. .. i i fi»ti-r Km r ironi, Is ths General Acknowledgment That the (M liini-' « l -, \ \ M 1 \l ' l l u M 11 I which we hnve K I K K A I . E . l our ( (itmteri*. IS WELL. S f Y L I S H . AND DURABLY MADE, i i. 1HR BBfECH AND MUZZU-lOtDING SHOT-GUNS I t n K i n J i a f r« n'lJ stronpi-i Ji rv mcnts-- rnHti\ ot t h ( m l n i i n - « 1 « » h t ' r P h o v i l "ill aban- limcil IIIIM- bi-in xinm 1 irn.r gucn, showiw l h t - n n i i r k a t i l i | « w i r o f Warn, r i-ale Klil- n y nn.1 I H i - l u r i . In al! dlsca'o of The kl mi-is I icr or untmrv nrgiitis U n i n om w l m r'dii« tb.« I'll* nin ph\«i Hi "iiib (', r i - mi-inl«ir tho trrHit il'inircr "f M i Br*r SSS? A. 0-. BREWER'S Fu nlihi-s Breud. Cakes, Buns. Bolli. a," 1 !" 0 : In tbl3 mie. Houses onlj the oost l ol.tHlunb c. He bakes p»rt rye bread. BOUGHT FOR CASH,'.iiu,. No. 25 North Main St AT WHOLESALE PRICES \[ i f s Warrant ETerytMiiu as ReBrmnteil 1 The Genuine Boston Brown Bread 1 --,m! tke VIENNA R01L8, CAM. AND K X A V I V K OBR S'HTK A N H , . PKICES wl-.lih no oi'ier ImSer in town can furnish. . i , 1K e^ lor »crtilmK-, festliaUand parties abpe- KORSMEYER 0'MEILL,!»ffin.^,Wir.»SSS PraJrle 8t .2 loor» fa*t Pott Offlof tendency of population to towns and cities has boon msdo the subject ot much stnd\ ai.d comment of late jeais. It 'has been often deprecated as inimical to the general ·welfare of KOCH h Tho hie of the flgrieulturi-t. h»ider. fnut-growei and g.itdeuei is to be commended because ot us independence, its healthfulneBs and its almost invariable remunorativcness Very few farmers over "fail in business." while in mercantile pursuits ninety live out of every hundred fail "Despite these startling fignies there ib a tendency that | \orgos upon a mania, to seek busi- I ness and social life in cities and vil | lages. I Theie aro mam legitimate and natural reasons for thib. Xot all Good Advico to Grocers If there is any business that le- quires scrupulous cleanness it should be that of the retail grocer. Ho handles our sugar, he dishes out our butter, he weighs our meat, he fingers our bread, he touches our food at o\ pry turn He needs clean hands aud'clean veselb. Put up those duty bcaleb; it makes one sick to boo butter put into such a dingy tin pan. Cleanse your sugar scoop; scrape off that moat block, wipo out that cheese safe. Got broom and dusting brush; learn their use and keep them busy Look at those fly specks! See where the molasses has trickled down and candied into a solid cuke, scour it up. See where the flour has spilled and drifted into heaps around } our barrels; bweep it away. Pick out those rotten vegetables that taint the air with their poisonous stench. Fling away those sickly, .tough, shriveled beets. Out with those eggs that are slightly indisposed. Get hot soapsuds and wah down \our counters Hunt tho rat-holes and plug them up or nail tin strips over them Rake, down the cobwebs that dangle in the corners Poh=h up your tin and brass -vessels. Wash jour bho\\ win dows daih. Dust those \onorable canned goods that adorn yoiirshohou Remo\e tho fly paper overhead Get paint for your shehes and whitewash your walls. Keep clean, for soap is cheap, watel is plenty, brooms aro haud). and dnt don't pa\ John Wesley nays, "Cleanliness is n"d to Godliness " Amon 1 --E.I Queer ConundinniR Oni^ dtu toiiu ! ' tulkn.g about that witt) olu i u n ( . Dfaii Swift, when one of tho company took advantage of the opening and g;r\e this.jVi' lit mot of his- -'Why." asked the Dean "is it right, by the li'j talwnti*, to pick an aitist's pocket J" It \\a given up. of course, and the nntwer ^as, "IJecaiise ho hp^ pictures." A bilonce fell about the table round until, one tn one, we faa'.s it. Then one thoughtful wan ob- sened "It impos bible to give the answer, because the Dean had contrived to reserve the nnswer for himself. I could not, for instance, say it was right for me to pick nn artist's pocket because h» ha-, picked yours." Heie is anotbei conundrum founded upon a pirn which only the propounder can '·ohf An old man and a young uirm were standing b\ a meadow. "Why." asked tho young man, ' r this clover older than you!"' "It is not. icphed tho other. ''It is. though." leturned the young man, "because it is pasturage." Thereupon an abstracted looking pt-ison, 'ftho had not followed the line of remark, and had not understood the illustration, startled ub with this irrelevant inquiry: "Why cannot a pantornimist tickle nine Esquimaux ? Give it up f V hy. its because he can gesticulate.'' B. STIN THE "BOSS" CLOTHIEE, i will not only duplicate any article bought at all I places where they claim to sell at and below cost, but instead of shopworn goods, will furnish you NEW, STYLISH, WELL-MADE CLOTHING At LOWER RATES than any of those who claim to sell at cost. Our stock is continually being replenished with everything desirable and fashionable! in our line. Come and see us. STUNTS, THE "Boss" CLOTHIER. FALL "'" r n l !iwm» our awortmwit of KtVIRCOATS ULSTMs Af*0 ULSTERETTES, IS GRAND AND ELEGAPT. r n i - w i t l « f l r d that wr wue to thotn fn m 10 to TUP' r i - n tin- dollar, and incudes i i U e t h e m the bijt imalitj for the Ic -· m"-".! \inonK tin- L U I d l AWsOHTMENTul HATS, CAPS, GENT'S FURNISHING GOODS, V«^ i! '·elected Stock of OHELAJP ^ arrt Wei! '·elected Stock of tfAUFMANN * BACHRACH Munu HOturork of MEN'S AND BOYS' .Inn KotraUi r- |Eut S£S EISH^l'F i. KRC t i - r r - C h l o i j f . IHIi»l» D*. l -ilintf March 2.18*1--J4wlT JOHN C. DUPEE Patent Solicitor and Mechanical Draughtsman. Oftc« with H W Hill ft Co . i orner cf Went Main and L'burah irmt' Dwotiir, ilUnolo. r. ·. Hos W «Hri"f argi' e - P»T w t f i . and the larfre trade which ttile mriumptlun nccissnry was won D tnc sat^a Ltum which tils uread and cnles have a l w a « g H o n . He has la his employ a practical baker of lon» experience. locfcxumo PALACE HOTEL, IT. LAUX, Propnetor, Sn-iuth Main St, i orner of Wood, Decatur, 111 *°i)l utr ja Livery stable in connection with bouse 'OarrlagWftirnlsnwJ at »11 hours MK. riirujsoji SKAXT WHAT HE SAID. Tho lollouinfr tribute to u well known aud meritorious preparation will be read with pleuauie bj ull wlm me sufTerlug from pul- u i o n a i N compluluu themiOlMt, n hove I h t r b ) L , r ' l f tliat m y b u , t i n jenrs of wo uus tnkcn kick w i t h tjutiold fmr, followed liv iciiRiBt,on ol the lungs. Dr. Djer, nn iinment phyBiclim of this place, stated ttmt he Ihniiglit the lio\ ftctbld ri-n doun with oriUK CONSUMPTION. A Mr. 1'ntteraun told nit llml COE'b I UUOH B A L S \ M was curing Mm! fir discs, and ndiiscd me to pur- dus. It VMion I cmrini it homo, mv w i l e [m,Kin .1 »t nn . liu 1 knew Unit Mr. Patterson M l . V V I JUSl' N HAT Hh SAID, und 1 d ( t e r - | 'nun d to lr it '1 v.i. b n i t l i B i-ff' ( t i i n l l v Litreil . !nn Botluunow i n ' i s (is toiiKh nni'lioililn fle I an J toil). L i M A N H O K M A N . HuultDKtou, Conn., AUJI 29, 1HW1. 3 NEW HAVEN. Conn , Nov in, IP79. M^ children were ull 8erlouel troubled » I l l i WhooulngCoup Wctrauleil t h i m with rc-f- ulurlj preBiribedmedlcmeiswUb Homeopathic -picitiec, elc . w i t h but little or no rellel until we Kave them Cot's Couyh Balsam, whii'h im- mtdlatelj aesWed nature to restore them 10 ' nil health. I truly tidleie it the belt mi alum In the world lor U hooping Cough. . .1 II POST, Ae't Charter Oak Life Itn to. Far inle bj Irwln A Priest. t nr srHFKBk.B FOB at MIES { Gullfon), Conn , May 16, 1818 I I'or thirty-flTe yearn I bave been the rlulm of that terrlbic disease, dyspepsia; ha\eeon- fuiliert eminent physicians, and tried almost 01 ory remedy My fnmlly physician finally i !d me 1 eoi-ld not be cured. TUB FIRST l ( f r h O F llL'^ D Y H P E P B I A I'UKB helped pic, iind tn-diu. I consider myself cured, and am ni.ds to alln m thiit It is the in ml valuable m i t l i u n e ( M - r picca before the public. ·, G . H KICHAUUSON. Paducah, Ky , May 10,1WJ7. D u i i i K n confinement otelfc\en month? in Ulibj Prison. I wab attacked w i t h I)jnpepfil» in its worPt form For t a o y e f l r c I h n v o h u i - f e m l w i l h i l I t r i e d doctin* a irrriit nunv t i m e " without relief I h i i s p n n i f l Inenmonu lelnlitated 119 to be uniltile to walk one square A l t e r ttik'nir two liotM " of COE'H D\ SPKPSIA CLl'F: 1 i i t c i 1 cvr} Hung cm ho table, felt no {Hitrc«p.iltor«iinl a i d have nn excellent ap- n p t l i e T T. GILL1I.AM), B Late Lieut. U S. A. lietrott, lune "i, 1W 1 would like to m'd one more testimonial to your !i«t. 1 hint been a victim of djspepsla for the pftft yccrs: ha\a trleit a (Treat many medicines, and find relief onlv In 11)1. " DYfePEPSIACCHE. Foranlenylnvln i I'nenl. NOW QET EEAL BARGAINS. - THE; -''Haines" Freeman Bros., SHOES! UPRIGHT Piano- Forte M THE WORM! And hfli r f c p ' ^ p ' nion fndor-i :· Mits fn)m 1 I «(;riinp Arilsi" it*- b i' it Ml! UTite tin unWi« toi^Ui"'! en.« k · f t ' « ^ t . 1 . i * i.urtbaoJnjr. *bieli Tktj will Mil ftl M tow 1 [ i n . s u k - K T um I - u l ! n r y w h e i w Oct 11,1881-- Ji«r3mo« F. D. CALDWELL SELLS Best Gra'i'.s of HARD COAL THAT HACKING COCGH oau be qiiieklj cuicd by Shilnh'fj Cure. W« it. Sold by Hourr Smith. I Tlittu ii ytt-^i t prurU Pl' i 'on i j ^ men are adapted to farming and kindred vocation?, ilen \sho have a natural genius for mechanism will succeed better as artisans than as agriculturist;. Men with the aptitude for merchandising will hardly be content with the culture of the soil. And so with all callings and professions: men should follow the line of business for which they are naturally qualified. Social, educational, religious and esthetic reasons also obtain. The advantages of tho city in all these requisitions are apparent and not to be denied. It is true that in their enjoyment wo lose many advantages that" pertain to rnral life, bnt with WILL 10U SUFFER with Dyspepsi nnd Liver Complaint? Shiloh's Vitalize IB guaranteed to cure you. Sold by Henry Smith. SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, made miserable by that terrible cough. Shiloh'a Cure 13 the remedy for yon. Sold by Henry Smith. ' _^_ CATAEEH CUBED, health and sweet breath secured bv Shiloh's Catanh Ecm- edy. Price 30 cents. Nasal injector free. So'ld by Hairy Smith. For Lum« Back. Side ui Chest us* Shiloh's Porous Plaster. Pnca 25 caste Sold by Henry Smith. SHILOH'S COUGH aad Consumption Curoii sold by ns on a guarantee. It cures consumption. Sold by Hoary Smith. SHELOH'S VITALIZED it what jou need for constipation, LOBS of Appetite, Dizziness and all symptoms of Dyspepsia. Price 10 and 75 cents p»r bttl« Sold by Henry Smith.^^ ___ CEOUP, WHOOPING COUGH immediately relieved by Shiloh's Cure. Sold by Hanry Smith. __ [Dec. 2-- dirwly LOOK OCT for the Grand Special Excursion to Sew Orleans on the Illinois Central Bailroad Thursday, Feb. 9th, r.t the low rate of 820 for ta« round trip, good tor tkirtr davs. jan!4dl-wtd Closing Out Sale at Einstein's Emporium of Fashion i The ladies of the city and county will | be pleased to learn that Mrs. Einstein has j decided to close out her full stock of | fashionable millinery goods imd notions at greatly reduced prices for cash, to make room for new purchases which will soon arrive. Now is the time to get desirable goods at actual eost. The entire stock mint be closed out within 15 days, and those who come first will get the pick of the fine display. Everything has been marked down to bottom figures. Hats trimmed at the lowest living terms. It you want real bargains in the nulliner lias make no delay, but call at nnce at MBS. ErssTKEi's, No 28 East Main street Dec. 26-d.Snrtf Scientific Advancement Scientific advancement, it has been re- j marked, has been slower and less noticeable in the care of the sick and the treatment of disease than in any other department of human knowledge. The life or death of a patient IB too frequently a mere matter of accident or chance. Some great j discoveries, however, have been made and certain remedies are known and used with almost infallible curative results. Such a remedy is TABASDSE where a deranged hver is involved, or where disease of the Bowels, Kidneys or Spleen prevail Dr. A. i. Stoner, Agent * ORGAN Stands at the HEAD of, ALL REED ORGAN for Its Superior Quality of TONB, POWEK, aniJ DCKABILITV. It la the only Organ made with tho DOUBLE and DIVIDED HAKMO.MC ATTACHMfcNT. fall and einmlne ay Initrumcntt before placing your orders On r.ntiro Stock from this dat« until j th« first of April. j as- Orders iert at the office with the Amoncau Expreat Company, three doors west ot Postofflor-, wul reoeir* prompt attention. N'm.f), 1881-dtf i . ·^··IM^MTI rt' In tho V. hole Hirtory of Medicine No preparation lias ever performed ttxb rjnr\(!!ou« cure*, or raaiulalned «· -nule a reputation, as AVBR'H CuMWV PECTOI-.I!., Ls recognized H tfce woild s ri'tivilj fur all dise«»M of t*e thro.t .mrt lung-. Us King-continue* neri" of wonderful cures in all climate* his made It universally know* i- a safe and reliable agent to employ. Against ordinary colds, which are the forerunners of more serious dlsorderi. ,t arts speedily and surely, always r^ lie\ inj suffi nag, and often taring lift. 'i he protection It affords, by its timely use iu tliroat aud chert U*onier», - i makes It an imaluabte remedy to w I l i p t always on hand In every Bora*N pi rson can afford to be without K, and thoe wlio have once n»ed it never · From their knowledge Of ra romnosition and operation, physlcUnB u--e the CHERRY PECTORAL exten»lT«lf in their practice, and clergymen neon- mend it H h al»olutely certain » it» hoaimj effects, and will alw«f« cure vrliere cures are possible. For calc by all druggist*. L - --...fl- - : · : . Ill k i '"""'^''" B ' : '*TS*Si fa'"3s UNDERTAKER! Qfficc-Noriuwesl Corner Old Spare, P. Ptrl Is lully prcpan d Ki ftltenil In I n l«-r ( k n i B i l n a l l Itsbranthti'. and i* w f l l «i i» I '·' ..liball kind"of O O F FUSTS AND BURIAL CASKETS, .rom the i (M costly to theciKMpf i t , unil hln r rlces are moderate, and all work !ui«iHtui- factorlly. Frubnlniing and Prc«(rrine C'orpsps « Specialty. Inspect ble g.ndi and pfc-a lurfun pur chaslDfrelsewhi-r ' - B l w a r s o f t b s ·«! quality. majlSwly 53 OPERA BLOCK. NOT 28.1881-dAwJmo .- A. MTEK. HO SE AND SI'JN SL liTcHOLAS HOTEL, I P A i N T E R S ! TEB best advice to Catarrh snffsrerg-- j write Dr. C. R Sykes, 169 Madison street, j Chicago, for f«fl i»f«imation of s Sxire ·nre-Fre* CEAS. LAXJX, Proprietor, south side ol the Old Square, Decatur. Illinois. Jan. 1. ISSO-dfcw per oay at home. Sample* - worth -5 tree. Address STI!» rtlanl. Malr.p DecoraiE. ^1214. · . E l K I N N E Y HAS FOR SALE: No !*J-Four valuable Bu§lne§« Lot*,n««tto the Christian cburch. So 1-Three L t». each 20 feet, nuit ea««( the C B. churcn. Xo fl-38 feet, close to Hill t Co.'l faotorr. \. IM--House ai.d Lot, oentrmllr loca««, ifiaoo. M ,, N'o m-Sii Acres, near coil mine ana iMt- road shoM,*1300 S-), 59-Hou»e of fire rooma-new-lja). No H7-House of six rooms--M feet Lot--(aw. fin 144--Five rractii of good Kanau KM Mr sale or ncbange. Pec. l«-dtf 1 S H op-nn. bl · u n o r ' b ' ol State j-id Wiuiam -tnf" Oct ' f rk CT LAnofarand mo«t complete stock of · · i-1 D tbc t.ty, and uff«rcd lor §ale i ' ' prteri kt CHS*P CK*I

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