Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on May 30, 1928 · Page 4
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 4

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 30, 1928
Page 4
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DECATUR HERALD WEDNESDAY, MAY 30, 1923. DECATUR HERALD sir nmnmmmeymmn ess! 4MMNmMimiiiMmiuiimimimiiiiiniMimi)imiHiiuui^ The Borer of Holes All things in time lire tu use And thus for being; hnvo excuse --Old iVlothiM Ntvtuic Cubby looked «vt Longbill the Woodcock and the moic lie looked *t him, tho more he wondered If you plcnsc Longblll" snld he why are your eyes so neat tho top of your head'" . "Now, what a question " ctlcd Longblll ' Why do ou buppose they ·ro up there' ' i "t haven t the slightest Idea or I | ·wouldn t have asked i t t o i t e d Cub , by Bear a little bit peevishly ' ' W e l l t t p l l e d IjonRblll if you really want to know It Is so that I I may always be looking out foi dan-1 gei · | ' T h a t doesn t explain a t h i n g | protested Cubby Boat and took a | ·top or two neaiei Longblll at once moved an cquil distance away ' W e l l you see H i thU \, i sahl Tjongblll When T m bonus hole 1 . I want to be able to ice behind me ' And all around me If my cjos \ v c i e 'way down neat tho bcgl i m n g of riy bill tho way the eyet of sonic b h d a *re placed they wouldn t do me much good when I m boilng holes Try* llurd To Bo 1'ollto Kxcusc me Mr I.ougblll ' said C'ubby, tiylng to bo vciy \ e i y polite have you anything to do w i t h all these holes In the g i o u n d a i o u n d h e r e " ' Not n o w , ' lepllccl Longblll but I have had ""ion see t boied them myself Of couisc o u K n e w that ' Cubby shook his head N o ' said he [ dldn t know It T h a v e been w o n d r t l t i g and u o m l c t i n g and won d o r i n g w h o made these hole? and what for May T see \ o u boie one 9 C c i t a l n l v icplied Longblll I I I boic one just as soon as I can locate w o i m ' W h a t IIFII n w o i m KOI to do w i t h If ' demanded Cubbj ' K v c i y t h l n g ' l e p l l e r l LnnKbill ' W h a t do you t h i n k I boie these holei foi ' I 1'hat s w h a t T w a n t to Know »aid C'ubbv W h a t do j o u bore I them foi '' "Io f i l l my stomach of comse | l e p l i c d Longblll In a tone of dls gust Cubbj blinked Do o u mean to t e l l me ' said he o u eat the earth you take out of those holes' Such a look m X o n g b l l l gn\e T u b h\ Saj ' he d e m a n d e d do I look l i k e a d i i t eater No ' replied C ubbv v n n p i o m p t Iv but I don t j et u n d e i si md about those holes t onghlll co k f f l his heart to one »ide I Isten ITU! he ( uhhy cocked his head to one side *nd listened F don t heal am t h i n g ' he v e n t u i e d a f t f i a second or t w o ' Don t you heai that woim'" demanded Longbill Cubby looked puz/lcd He looked just as ho felt "No," said he, I don t hcai any woim ' ' Watch me' ' commanded Longblll Theieupon with that long bill of his he began to hoie a hole In the soft giound And he did It veiy quickly ___ _ "If j on please, I/ong Bill " wild lie, "Hh are jour eyes so near the top of j o u r he.ul"" indeed His bill went down until his -foiehead almost touched the giound Then he pulled It out and Cubby had ju^t timo to see tho tail of a woim disappeaung as Longblll swallowed and then opened and shut his bill as if with gieat satisfaction (Copyiight 1928 by T W Butgess) The tie\E storj "Ion 0 'bill bhons His Bill ' I ins IM \ i IMI s I im\ of i i th c l n t r nit. a f i ^ h of II M I N I I O N N ·) - 1 h scimcl i islnnt, l i ' i i sent l u o p o l i c t m t n cl u c t i n of ben . s t o l e in t!ie l o p e i i p u n i i i K n b i i i f , l i r H u t v i l u n tl i u u i M , c l t h c u c i e mi ble t o d i s c u M i a n v s i f e i m o t u t i u d i i s be l o u d t h o b i o k i n i l itc K l u ' i f w i n d o w I p n n f l l l t l e i i t n c s t l ^ L i o n IK \\L\C th \ d i s c » \ c u 7 i n i n e potin 1 L U I I [ U p p h i K a b j n t 01 t h e p t L w n i r n t d o IIIK its I pst It M l 1 ( 4 \\ n t o tlic n \ c r t l u e o lilocUs u\\ ny Who Ami? \ TOUT) 06WALD A ME BUT MY coN^ciENce AIN'T BOTHER its' ME 'CAO^E HE AIN'T FOUND \T GOT / _p t ' -VEP- What position do I liold 3 / am often confused uith nn 4tnn- i i n n bearing the same name What is Ins jro/cssion 5 " CS1CRDA\ S A N S W E R S Bremen; tarns-Atlanta from Cer itiantt to Grcenclu I\land Duke SALLY'S SALLIES ANV OF · j You ME. A LITTLE Model huibamfc are no! always «orlun« \rttw* * models. I Forlorn Figures IJj Cin'FOBD McBKlDB MUH AND JEFF I I'LL Be* GLAb TO GET v t GOIN6 BAck TO 'FROG HOLLO VA) TO MOTHCR1 Who's Looney Now? Bv BUD FISHER BUT IT'S SVJCH A LITTLC J^LL / M A secTieM THAT: You Kiu.THe TlMCf AUTOIW THe |/ABousHet ttte k BAt RoftDS / SINCfrVOU V^ IWCLt-, i'LL, SAV "T MUST CAtt IT A ROAV. IT 7 -sSSJ hf' Bringing Up Father \VA»TER WHEW ^oo TIME AM 1NCLINA.TIOM COME HEHE AMIMOTE- YOU MU^iT HAVE-STUDIED 1KI M'Manus YOU'VE COT TMREE Ml^TAKE.'b HERE WMTER-^TOU OVE.RCHAJRQED ME IM THETOTAU- EXACTUY REALCY I S l R - I M I ·YOU ADDED WRONG SY QOUL.'Y- "YOU MADE FOUR MISTAKE'S - ..^^ THREEIM I ^OOR FAVOR- b Inl I t-»»lvr* S«rvct Ini \.C*r«*r Bnum nfhu ruervrd YOL) OOM'T MEAN IT- - -- · » · » · "~»^wr\ ' WHERE? Gas Buggies The Idealist By FRANK BECK MW STOCK CIKTIFICATM'J ALTHOUGH YEARS OP TEAMV/ORK IN TRIMMING SAPS HAD TAUGHT COLDGRIP TO BE PREPARED FOR THE UNEXPECTED, FOR ONCE HE WAS CAUGHT OFF HIS GUARD BY ALEC'S CONFESSION 5-30 J WHAT! oo you MEAN TO SAY YOL/RE 6OING TO DROP THIS NEW DEAL ..THE FAKE AUTO BRAKES, JUST TO GIVE THAT DIZZY BLOND, _S VIOLA , THE IMPRESSION 1 ' YOU'RE AS WHITE , AS A LILY !! ^ YOU CANT GRASP IT, COtDGRW, BECAUSE THESE ARE THE HIGHER EMOTIONS, NOT THOSE OF A MISER. WHEN YOU RE IN L O V E , THE NOBLER IMPULSES .. THE LOFTIER ID6ALS...TME MORE EXALTED PURPOSES STIMULATE SUPREME SACRIFICES-. HAVE ·*OU BUSTED M3UR MAINSPRING^ OR HAS A SCREW COME LOOSE ,, CAN TWE5E HANC.S. TARNISHED WITH TAINTED MONEY.... TAKE THAT LITTLE GIRL'S HEART A OF PUREST SOLD" ^ NO ! A THOUSAND TIMES. I'M THROUGH AS A X PHONEY PROMOTER .TEMPORARILY AT LEAST, UNTIL 1VE WON .VIOLA'S HAND. |V TOOTS AND GASPER Dangerous Sign* By Jimmy Murphy BUTTERCUP! I MISS THE LITTLE MVST-ERV BOY AS MUCH AS VOL) DO, Birr HES ALL SET' HE s THE- vSosi Aslo HEIR or BRUCE ^RAypo^ THS OKL^HOMA MlLLiOMA\RE r .' MAV6E ITS FOR THE 6ESTTHW HIS FATHER FOUMD HIM BECAUSE UMCLE EMERETT IMTEMDED TO ADOPT H\M, AND MOW YOUKE SHU.THE SOLE HEIR TO UNCLES MILLIONS'/ f AH NEARLY DROPPED DEAD VJHEN VO' UNCLE EVERETT" OPENED HlS PURSE AMD ACTUALLY , , . . . . . ... 6AV6 ME A FIFTY-DOLLAR 1 CARRIED ·TIP' IS I " ' ' "~ ' ^^ 1^ OR IS I AMYTWM6 HIS POCKET eur / C^SPEP,! DOMT MAKE AMY ^ / OKTES FORTDMl6HTM'VE6-OT \\ K THEATR-E TICKETS ^OR TO/sil6HT [ FOR, YOU AMD TbOTS AO^D N\Y5EL!=.' \ \ V^E LV. DIME FIRST AT THE HOTEL / DE LUXE, AND WE LUTA.KE IM A | NI6HT CLUB AFTER.THE SHOW/y -- ^--^- ^"^ WHEN A \UOMAN3 IN LOVE SHE DOESN'T CARE HO"*/ YOU MAKE MONEY AND HEM IS BURNMG TO THE ROLLINS TOO.' HOW ABOUT HIM' LOVE.. BAH! SHE DOESN'T LOVE YOU. MAYBE WE 0 BETTER HWE UNCLES HE«0 EVAMIMEO, HE SPENDS MONEY' I TH\MK HES VJORRJED SO HUGH ABOUT LOSiMir H\S MYSTERY BOY THAT Major Line Blocks in Con LOREE IS Kew Vork Tim article common* blllty of rntor!t mission making growing practise owning largf blo railroad compar Reading railroad per cent of th~ Central of »Nw time Baltimore , York Cential r have for years ni ing Btock in Rca mor than 51 p*r In like manner road company sit- In Northfolk ing more than 4 total In this survp blllty that L F 1 ciates may get a ef Wabash ard L to Pennslvanla reason that Ixr«» acquired that =f wh'ch came to t sale of D H through the rail' ther whpn the Pennsylvania r ^ i j was a cash trar' technically i n v o l t * ion railroad corrp In any event a] tcrested in railro*- iinon the possibih to Pennsylvania rt tral to explain nr Valley stock m t warning to all of they ton w i l l be r v.hy such mvesun without first ha i by the federal bo' CLRTIS HEADS E P Curtis of ( *as elected granH Order of Railroad 37th grand sessior ' Mile Fla Curtis w treasurer of the c ceeds L R Sheppa Rapids who did r election The elec rlamation P N t Rapids was n a m c j dent and J E Rr» iecretary ana trea= OLD TIME] James Vlood foi engineer in Wabash Chicago and Decatv. Decatur fo' a short flng Waba-'h semci long with Rock I«Ia was promoted to be engines but aid rof e^ an assigned nr tho Rock loland he passenger run out , signing that positi tales force of Texac field of endea\ or ngncd to railroad" ti\e power departm that he likes the i than anything hp e expressed a iM«h t union of Wabash i plained that his tra it difficult for him ·ffairi except w h e n him to the place at S'Matfer Pop Bnng on the Ducks By C.M. PAYNE High Lights o* History The Story of Our War With Spain. Schley Seek* (Continued) \ MV UNCLE )hTNoWS -Al3ouT -A IM'PO-SSI.TSLE- $-3o- ; Glfnn Rudd locc north of Decatur I Ing the sight in an i than si\ -necks ag countrj- practitioner trom his eje a bit *hich had lodged th on the road Wher Particle had been etory goes the pr «olution of carbolic Jured eje and since it has been almost Vision By V 21, 1898, COMMODORE SCHLEY WAS BLOCKADING THE CUBAN PORT OF CIENFUECOS WHEN HE RECEIVED ORDERS FROM SAMPSON TO SAIL AT ONCE FOR SANTIAGO SCHLEY WAS so SURE CERVERA WAS BEFORE HIM THAT HE DIS- J fiarrnll RECARDED TH E O«OER. AND REMAINED LIKE A Wl UailQII WATCHFUL BULLDOG OFF CIENFUEGOa -"^"- -- \ SSvJ«i GOT IN TOUCH ON SHORE. AND LEARNED FROM THEM THAT THt SPANISH SQUADRON WAS NOT IN THE HARBOR. HE HEADED FOR SANTIAGO WITH ALL SPEED. ARRIVING OFF THAT PORT ON THE 26TH. HlHE ROCKY HILLS AT THE ENTRANCE SCKt.ENID THE INNER BAY AND SCHLEY. SEEING NO SIGNS OF THE HOSTILE FLEET. DECIDED THAT CERVERA »«nr!i 0 iL ' N TM E HARBOR - HE ^COUNTERED «nn? WEATHER - WHICH SET "« SHIPS BOBBING ABOUT AND PREVENTED THEM COALING FROM THE COLLIER THAT ACCOMPANIED THE SQUADRON. S Bureau of St Completed m Chicag «pot on a site dona » the federal go\en e bureau's master · capacity of 150 OOC Jelicately adjusted JViation of one-tent The report on the in »w»ter track scale "·tementthatitgh, wen needed a pla. «st cars of ^a^ous J*nics The test c «« the accuracj o "iMter scales Recer 01 Pennsylvania rai * ef e tested bv the «nd now win go OM f^ennsyivania no.thw 8 the i arious trad cooEroc Railroads sen ing ,7* country are prep , ^» the fact that Pr those Black Hills ol *« summer for hi« ""'llngton within a f «TM an advertising c er of a 200 mil lon with the It offers into s t»te game lodge £** » visitor is one ( visited by the me IN NEED OF COAL, SCHLTf FOR KEY WEST, BUT HE HAD NOT COh HE WAS MET BV A DISPATCH BOAT WTH FOR HIM TO BLOCKADE SANTIAGO. SCHLET PROMPTLY TURNED BACK, AND CERVEM- CHANCE OF ESCAPE WAS LOST. SPAPLRl TAKE 0\E BUSINE . *·*! ['roads mtereste .. ovcr America a Possibility * » con »'deration oads vu " bl 6 ^ press compa The P' an ls ! wttled so that c can be made

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