The Weekly Gazette from Colorado Springs, Colorado on May 7, 1881 · Page 6
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The Weekly Gazette from Colorado Springs, Colorado · Page 6

Colorado Springs, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 7, 1881
Page 6
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T7Z, SATJ/P.DAY, M CANTY'S REPRIEVE Fun Text of w. ordorB ana Case in -he We ^ave tne mam -"acts cancernmg ie e o Canty in tie GAZETTE cr ast Suncay. Jncer-Snen- Dana sore tie n e w s to Can-y wio iac sun* m us ce w:ien the in-orma?on was given urn Can y .ea^ec out o " nis ibun^ ana ex- oressec grea^oy a- Me news :na: ie nac seen grantee anotier cnance -'or jis _ i e . e seems to t u n e tiat tie ax nas not -t was a summer caisv, Wiuin t ne wist "u west; It 3 oomec uxn - ic ni. siefe, Inceec, it xoomec its Jest, -.owever, wnen tae storm came, Tne rower it cic r ecay, A For on it fe._ Ue cjti .:n£ ralm, 7arewe - to Dai^r Day. Way was tje mourn'u. tragecy ? 7ne answer we'.. cisc_ose, ?oor Daisy Dean cisportec, nim, A in iis summer c o'es. \ excursionists have come, oave seen envious, ,ow-.ying c.o'ids wou.c a. ow, anc have ceparec on :ne r ,'ourney wes-warc. Las: Monday, :ie cay cevo-ec :o vising Me Garaen of l^e Goes ana U.e ?ajs, provec mos. inc.en* -or us necx. -- .-^- . mt ' ^ ut nevertne-ess some o: Me more COI.E.T. A numser'of our ci-izens, among wnon in 7fj" C ^en-urec °"~ anc go: some Dear Sir; scenery wnica nas made receivec.s- Concenuu Athens -o-Jie O o orato Oo-leee Gracuatea its ?.m class Last au-umn -ne presicen: anc faculty o: Co.oraco Co^esje ce-ermmec to estaa- -isname-a-.urgica.cepair-men: -na: snou c 3e seconc ~o none in :ne wes: in Me way o- fact ries r or :ne s:ucy of assaying anc Me cnemis-ry o" me:a.s genera ,y. Tae irs: t ling -o 36 cone was to secure a com- pe-ent neac for sucn ce^artmen- anc a-"ter DKPAR72JG FROM DtTSASGO. Stockton and 3ia 3aciers Seek Few Fields. *** "" T i e S t o c K t o n , ^sknege, Garrett oarty, tneir aicers anc a set'ors, 3 or gooc. Tiey so.c a "ew cays since, ane cepartec -or ne?/ cs Tie mojve '"or tneir .eaving was yet seen sown w uc i sia, rnae tne nemp - , ,,,,,, T i e ^ a a e r s m t n e case ar- were Me Kon - Xatt 7rance anc ** cr ? °- " qt.Btvr-5 Vo ? ' Your -avor of - ,08, l881 ' u.- nvec last Suncay mornin at an lour Macomser, were wrnessesm MB case of k some ci-^cu.-y MB co..ege was fortunate _. in o 3-aining tne services o- Pro F. Wi. iam le resuj ne Co.oraco \ V I H i oreventec tieir G A Z E T T E ~ie )enver ewso-" Suneav gives t i e W11C 1 was tr 'ec. curing acts'ex- anatory o-Governor PiUm's action as o ows " ~ i e governor's action vestercay in -ranting a resoi e to Wi.aam tam ves " erca y TM s '-us report o . Canty, w 10 was sentencee _, _^ " e m, a t i e ^ .'aso county cistrict"court S ? rin 2 s Town company vs. fosepn Ree", on t i e 2 3 0 Asn. ast, to se nung on Me t i e n came u p anc occu ? ie( ^- ~ne rernaincer i jt.i o May next, was one entire.y in- ° : ' t i e c a y " was a V1 -i°rous.v cort^es-ec t uencec ay t i e circumstances suirouncmtr case on D 0 t l Slces - At 5 o'c.ocx: Me case t i e case, anc t i e now ecge t i a t as mat- W3S ° lven to tne - u r y. an c- at 5:^5 a ver- ter, at present stanc it wou c 3e ufer y irnpos s i: e - o r counse, "or t i e c e e n s e t o lave nac cecisi6n reviewec suireme court score t i e cate u ~ r e r.e m -or tie execution o' t e n c f " W n e N'r. o u 3 i c a t i o n i r . tie ~TM Co ' oraco Swings company vs. e?i -ee- -or -he a .egec i ega. sa e o- .icuor, u . enec as- wee/t in cictmenxs against tjem, anc a rec uis:tion o r t i e m , anc rataer taan :a . into deir or t lose o- t-ae .aw, they conc-ucec ' n °TM s " uL wei taat * Durango wou.c not --was .r.-..e conso.a-ion ~6 ~o cona:e -.neir .i arary :o Co.orao Co. ? ar T ^ a- Je rain waich cam-j- exce^. Ma- suej as may given -o - wucn was triec curing tne as* wee* in enec leir orcer was ? j enomena. for Co,- neecec -"or c.ass wonc sna_ je given -c Pueslo. Tnececision w a s i n -avoro'tne oraco ajnc " Jat n ^ -ling 'ue i: lac oc- Young Men's Cnris:ian Association. Co.oraco Ssnngs company. Tae Ciief- currec ' or tne as ~ 'wen'y-one vears. Tnev You wL. a..ow me in sena^f o: were not mcrec nous, on- -ney cou c no: Tustees, 'o express our grautude-or :ne view -he scenery nor cou.c - icy en'oy gi~. so generous anc so -ime v ~iere are exTanat mZe "** TM* ** *"" "" '?'* ver y " ew du W ca " es ' ant ^e jools maxe a " ' most innonanc accition -o our - ie oarty was ?re*-v genera..y c is:r o- in cesarmen-s u-ec as to a aces o- resic ence over Me Mem. New Zng am stages, tnose of con-!nious ?ro-essor Stnesy was emmen- y -ittec ·or -ne wor m lane. I-Zis attainments in me-a~urgica. anc genera, cnemistry are o' nign trcer, anc usasi.ry to impart m- struc ibn in tiese srancnes remarkas.e. surrender, It is 3e.ievec tney nave a so eft tne state, anc wi . never return uncer any circumstances, as a return wou c mean certain arrest. tne a send of, tne -israry grea -y neecec or anc Mas'er o" Arts -"rom tae University o- - ie City o-" New Yor , anc in _ n . no T . iR-78 a'-pr a f»r m « - » on t i e 1311 -Droximo, tne municipa e ec- Ib7», a er a term o tnree years, ic grao t ._ n ,,,, . , , ^ 1 " tion wi take -D.ace, whicn wi 3V tne ixee 3y MC sen- eict was returnee in -"avor o.' tne p^ainti". - oca - lties na «"ra y associatec uc ge Mi .er, counse, -"or tne ce ense, gave notice o a motion r or a new tria version o- tie vercrct rencerec." You wi.. 3e -o .earn -na-, wrj .arge c ona:ions-o our .israrv 3y friencs in Me ~TM\ ° nt ay evenin S * J e congenia. co- eas-, a^c ay :ne . ucicious expencature o' uatea wit a -.te cegree o" Mining Engineer from -ie Scaoo. o" Mines, Co umbia Co - .ege. He was liga y recommencec -or . le 3osi ion jy a number o" ie most exist, as t ,e town is now incorporate, anc on t i e tion wi From Wednesday's Daily. or a re- tenes came to 2 et ^r anc w n ec away tne some nuncree. co^ars " or boo^s ? rominent ecucators o- Me country. as 3est t ley cou c. Cerain v ley anc oy your :resenn cona-ion, -ne Co ege neecno: expec.-o inc a more e.e*an: or r c-ounse G a n a i , Canty's senior was exp a i n i n g to governor ^ ae 3 ac smitns lave DOO ec their issues _ orary now comprises some six -.nousanc lomeiie lote. Man Ie 3eebee Jouse jounc volumes anc severa. -.aousanc a n c t - i e y w i . oo t i n vain or a more com- pamju.e-.s, Tae erection o: pe-en: o -3 easing .anc acy 3 an Mrs, Pro-. S-nesy at once set asout tie wor « o- preoanng 'or *.ie opening o- us ceoart- men:. Tbe wno.e o- - le co xege oasement was se: aoar -"or tie purpose. Tie oro- was ocatec m tie ancues tiona-) y resu t m uie e.ection o- t i e ' aw anc order" tic et, anc t i e ester; isiment °" a stao e city government, w ^ c n wi 1 cea prompt y anc rigorous y w i t n a! transgressors o " tne .aw Yesterday a Race t i a t owing to Lie court stenograpier--wio a " C m t l e ruture on v sucn ^"ces wi.. nas o course to ciange a;out w i t i t n e t o u r t -- 3 e m g u n a D e to write out t ic evi c ence in t i e case at once, it wou c 3e im- -OSSID e -'or nm to ore-3are a 01. o'exceo- don-, (xenera Samue 51. -Jrawn enterec t i e room anc in course o" t i e conversation w n n e n s u e e corroDoratee Vr G a n a i s s t a t e m e n t , r e m a r i n g t l a t ne nae seen t i e c o u r t s t e n o g r a p i e r on /rieay at -air.n.ay w i o lar in ormee nini o" ^113 i n a s i ity to are^are ne m i n u t e s 0 - t i e case in time to oermit o a 31 o" excestion 3emg -i ee DC ore tig 13'! o" Vay. Jncer t icse rircumstances," hisexce - ency sue to TMie News representative, "I r t t it m c' i t y to ,'rant a resTite m oreer t i a t l e s i o u il not 3e eepnvee o t i e n g i t s w u c h are'^'iven to nm jy t i e constitution w uc i says t i a t any one wnose i e or 13 e r t y is j e o i a r e i / e e ^ y t i e a c t o n o a n m- enor c o u r t a n. l a v e t i e ngit to ciargec or wort as are agreec uoon by mem ser . , .n rs o- .ne Wings .o 3ui.c ing'n Me ear.y autumn wu. give :essor ' s P nva ' e _ _ _ _ consrersa-ion xvitn various us room -or ne proper arrangement of sou ^ eas ^ corner ' anc was ^ttet up witn Q u i t e a n u m i e r of ^ ft «*^ i*^«.a.« --.- "*O/rt /*1*11^1 "^ ffk o r % f f\r\e* rv\ n --"· A 'tiw^M^^^i^. ^- --. -- _ icre o ' was pary we jave learc. tiem. n anotier co.umn wi_l 3e ound - i e n e w s c i e c u e o r o r i c e s r e c e n v acop-- moca " ions urnisoec Mem a. Manrou. ec 3y -"lem. notning 3u- worcs o- oraise r or :ne accoro- oca-ions t We regret At a regu ar meeting of I-.oocs \o. I -as evening Mr J. W. Rossins was re- Uat Ue y r ° unc e ectec -oreman, v r a n Va»vin, Irst assistant seconc "oreman, v, o. :1 OUr 3004S. An immense amount of narc worK seen cone oy man r wiiJng nancs in sre- na ia O: Ue ie mermen. weaMer paring -ne 300,15 -or use; anc sucn c-erica. 3reventec our visitors 'rom racing a crive a3or as may 3e neecec wi.. ne employee Co oraco Springs, 3U-we are curing tne .orig vacation, so tna: 3oocs means o- amusing anc pampnie^ may 3e sui a3 y c.assiiec. A -u.. a 3ranan' ca-^-ogue wiu 3e tire- sarec, anc nere wu. 3e -srm^ec a ca a- "u .ness to meet -ne wan s of Me :u 3iic, Tne .inrary wi.. con- -inue o 3e open to our crizens -"ree o- a race on .erry s trac/c, c i ' y , yestercay a te^noon. _ . ^ oar S"X)rtins men :wo cruci3.e anc one mu-.e urnaces.ees,, were present anc t ie e v e n t ^ o ^ 3ench, sne.ving, « -act a. tne paraoier- gooc cea of mtertst " 3usmess. .n tne nortneast Sucer corner o- -ie sasemen*, · le stucents wor- -_-,, mec . -- U t I I l C S ! tie Memse.ves. Tne Rioce Is anc memsers o- Me ex- J att. secretary L . nsen, -reasurer, 7. cursion 3art y ^assec tie evening o'Mon- .ogue o L. ^ouse. S aneing commi -ee--M. Z, c a v -^ a v 2 "-. wi h Mr. ane. Mrs. Z. W. - r v m g , ciairman, "oe Te anc W. A. ( -' r ^ ene » ln tjeir new nouse at Mamtou. L)ie 30 c. T ic company is in a prosperous coneition ane reaey at ai "imes -o co its cuty. ing room was ocatec, ane tnis, otner, was ittec ssaver wou c were-3 acec tie crusners, our cruci- 3 e, -wo mu~ e -"urnaces anc one arge ~'ur- nace -or -. ic assay of m« a.s rec uiring a -iign anc -aro ongec iea-, a num. net o-' cests simuar to Mose in use in Opening tne Denver 7nlon Depot. '- le Denver Re^ub ican las t i e "o .ow- \ns concerning t i e opening o: tie new nion eesot at Jenver "Alu 15 o'c.ocx Suncay a'ternoon tie "irst engine anc -neoarty cons.stec o" Mr S-eDnen L cnarge, uncer :ne same waici govern l ^ scnoo. of mines o" Co. Acams, o- ^awtuc tet; Mr Zc munc Car*, ne de ivery of 300*3 «o s-ucen s SCa " es ' anvi · ru D Der "" or ^ a ^V a S ' V ~ T mes Y Davis ' Davis * W e ^ope m Ue autumn -o arran- -«- °° a Dms ' etc " 7 lese wen Mr'anc Mrs W 7 , J Davis « ^ avisvi -«= t ie ceuvery anc re urn o- 300^ at' A r anc Mrs Wm S onnson. Provieenr* ^^,,»-._. . arrange -or some .onnson, ^rovicence, convemen point cown town, whicn wi_.~, *e 'gent supervision o to tre SLureme court -'or a revtewa o or 'ler s e n t e n c e . ' J ie i f u i\ it u jon A n c i t ie governor's o r c e r i=suec 3 as To ows Si AH oi COLORADO, C o u n t ) o Araoaioe, ss. ' ' · i n n leinp c u y sworn, ce-DOses i n t s a v ^ t lat ie ii one o t i e counse. or i n e ( e e n u i n t in t i e case of , t i e p e o a e nis t r a i n DU ec into Denver's magmlcen new 'nion eeoot. Tiougi t i e -act nac not aeen a n n o u n c e e 3er"orenane, a argecrowe o DCOO e, estimitee at severa nuncrec, i s s e m a e c to witness t i e arnva . Tne lonor was accorcec to engine ' I-airaiay," No. i , W . --a^erty, engineer, ane T. . e e , t i r e m a n . .-.arnebt Wi.uer, an a tie Co ao.e ane exjenencec coneuctor, lac anc Miss .-le.en A Ziowarc, West Jricge- water, Mass. ^ Mr anc Mrs Greene soti came*-rom Xnoce Is.ana, ie irom .'rom Gen ra _ a s caugiter o." 3 I- Greene, esc , most succeshfu. manu acturers o Mr anc Mrs Greene lave ate y movec into t i e i r aeauti u. nome, opsosite Jeesee nouse. aowever, 3e no .onger neec-"u. wnenever anc "° exoense was sparec to mace tie we nave bet-er -"aci.ities for ous.ic trans- oor a ion. L wu. ne - le cons-ant aim o . anc sne :ne autaori les :o maxe tae Co..ege inrarv S ~° TC r °° m WaS 5t ea U? Mos Greene is. Me a pu 3uc .1 srary so -"ar as posso e. ' ° : " he Juncrecs °' aric es n 1?dee 3y » i e Very respect u .y, P. TLNNEY. igamst U i iaHi (. i n l y , meictee. tnee ane i o n \ i L t e c c m u r , er Tiat saie Canty l i e - lonor to ma/ce connection witn tie tie ourney v is s e n t e n c e c at - 'aso cotnty, D y t i e ^ o u t ^ 'ar% t r a c tiree lours in o tie otner o jraxcman ae ^ne congregation o f tne Cnns.ianc.iurb,? -ectures nave purcnasec-ne^.c Me nocis: cnurcn 1e practica. assaying of tie ores o" a.. Yestereay morning at 7 o'c oc. ne soe- on -"erano s:ree- anc wi . no.c services ~ie ^nncisa. meta.s, "mc.ucmg cja tram or tne Grinc Canon aosearec :3ere Jerea:'er, Me Iilev. Davic Xussanc Antimony, 3ismutn, oraco Springs station. Tne ex- actln g as pastor, were OR 3oarc anc reacy or Tne en y accitions to tne - le worses were State, ownee jy Mr. G. S. o tnis city, anc Aca 7au , a trotter from W.cnta, xansas S u c e r at great cost w,u a'l state is a oacer anc a gooe one. ane Aea - - -i f y to rec uire. ?a u ls a trotter of ^ en[ soeec ie race was three oest in -ive, -or a purse o $200, ana some money ciangec lanes on mc.eenta. wafers. Tie start "or t i e first icat was a gooe ore ane t i e contest was snarp and close umoia co. ege. Sueer Stale got o^'we anc ne c us ae' ou.verizmg ores, vantage to t i e ene. T , m e 2 j i . - ie secone ieat w a s not as c osei\ coa _. . , -.estecastiehrst. Sue er Sta^e ^secured -roessorStneiy, Ue eic at fir s t anc \ci ^au. 3roe ^c y , s o 3 a e \ , ineeec, tiat a iope o ier w i n n i n g tie leat was oassec oe ore t i e na " m i e lae oeenreacbec. Sucer Stator tie s-orage :o , k t ie neat ea£1 y _ Tin , e 2 ^^ " nere was a ?ooc eea o-'interest in t i e Mird -eat anc t i e Dac-cers o" Aea . J au seemee to ioie or oetter uc tnis » icj w e r e CisapDomtec, nowe\er, or Suctcer Stile cane in a gooe winner Time 2 5_ As three s"fait,it Teats nae oeen caoturea jy t i e pac^r tie race was given -o urn were ^urciasec 3y anc a., arrangemen-s mace uncer tne m- ceoartmelit com 3 etc m every particular. 3 e w e e n - i e wo rooms a3ove cescri3ec me-a. urgica. ciemist. Tne term openee on tne -irst day o- Decemser, anc tne cours*. o- instruction me ucec tn-wee y c s t r i c t l o u r t of ot ne o u r t i ucicia cis- t r i L ' o n A u n 2 , i b M . t o DC n u n g o n tie i m r t e e r i of ,\ n i S o i Tiat afiant IS . s e n i o r c o u r s e in t e mnage-nent o~" t ic e n r s t t r a l n o v e r ' ^ new roae ane a ong- ( ' e f e n b e o sue c o u n t y ane as suci u a o n slc -e t le new eeaot on time. W. . Wiit- ney, t i e c i v i engineer m e large o ne ne w o r o' conv tcatee traces, too^: -3051 ion -ne new ceoot at Mamteu is acvance company noticec ny us were Mr G '-" ^ * TM ^"^ " " t ° SSl3 e a n c w ien - ' "' "^ e.e wi.. be one of tie nancsomes: anc Car3on (coa Dem 2 C o s a t . ,, anc. » , t i t , e assistance Bucxman ane motner anc tne reoresen a- C i a r e s .rway. concuctec tl ve -or t i e G A / E ^ T c . ' aior o mn r e s t s t i e exc usive t h ^ M l of e x c e p t i o n s , p r o r i i i m g t i e suaer" i c i ea-. ane s e r v i n g out o tie writ o error to saie l a u s e f n t tae stenograDTic reporter xvi not ic a s e to prepare ane x t n ' e on' il-, report o saie tria , unii. a ter t n c t ay t i x e c or e x e c u t i o n , ana t i a t w i t i out saie r e jort a M a n t is u n a j e to orcoare us in c excestions anc geta suoerceeeas -- i w n t u t error--a lant asxs or a r e - pneve u n t i sue i time as ne can procure superceceas -rom Me - ie ram nu ec out arompt y ane a genera, socia. time i ensuee. Tne com ortas e I^oron ciairs concucec to conversation, anc tne corcia mos: ornamen-a. ce^o-s m tie state. LETTER LIST. Go e, List o etters retnaj unc aimec t n e oo t i e manner o Mr. I-'. C. Xims, Genera ^as- 10!t ° 3ce at Co oraeo S^rin^s, 3 Paso coun- go c, si ver, ,eac arc tnat .ort.nn a " C , P '° t C C '^ *"*'** over ^nger Agent o" tie Denver anc 3io ty ' Co orato - 'r tne wee, ene,ng May tnat oor.ion o. t i e roae. o - w n i c n ne nas Grance Sai.way, 3y us c ever - lSSl " U S t r ' a t i c ^ . f ^ ^ -, 3 ^ . . . . r ·'* *^_*.v. ^jr .113 i--ever j-eae, Nicte!, J* atmum, Si ver, Tin, /me, Go e, Si ver ane v Leae _3u aon. In aceition instruction was given in ne eo-'tpe 3ov\pit)e ane the assaying o- copier tne«-ewiti. Tne 3estmetnoes 6r assaviny t i e ores o Pite a PeaK Meteorological 3eoora - or tae monti of Aon Mean oarometer, 29 g_2 incies. ---ighest 3irometer, 30 1^5 incnes on Wi **r^if i i 5. k r owest oirometer 29.552 incies, on \pn cause to ..eoroud. At tne east enc 3eauli u. companion. M or t i e tract \\\ iam ,,. Tay.or, suserin- teneent o accec 3a cwm, " W «»,,,,»,,, OKU ,, ec ,«rrar;; t " s r°;'r rcc rr; Mre -1-««"^. ?-».*-«« f c y u en, Wm Morrison, .£c.wm range o Darometer, o 591 incnes ig lest temperature 38° on Aoni 2ot-. -owest temperature--30° on Apri b t i V o n t i v range ot -temperature."/.! 0 Jeaaove. named m e t a s were given win Greatest eai y i a n y e o f temperature -"5 " ' on Aon i a , a engineer's seat, anc .. cue' c e r , too tne nreman's Saerman us - " , " "^ S ° m °" Jer "ucnooc's Forman.Frec 3ousti an O'Connor. Timot.y -. anerman, nis nends among .ne par y, anc-Mr. MIC- ?.«rott, Ancersott Kamue, Cias 3 susreme court \\' ^' - SCat ' man mate many rienca ay nis A-nant states Ma- tie app.SnTs mace ' *' '^ ^ ^ '** '^ C ^ easan: in gooc aitn bu3scnoer anc sworn t itrtieti o- Aon , 1881 .OSFPH M. JAXTER, o.ary _ J u3.ic. Tie text o t i e governor's o r c e r i s a s o .ow-, startec tie tram, Mr. Snerman rang ne T. G A N A H L ^ e anc 3 ew l - le wnist e u n t i tiecis:ant 3e-'ore me tie mountains re-ecnoec .ne souncs. "Tie connection w i t i tne new roac was not mace wiMoutmuci .asor. On S» ur- Ieac, Cnas 3 ones, \V " , W Y anc cu.uva ecaccress. Mr. Nims, witn tne energy wnicn is one ^acxfnne, Anna " Yu.en, Wm Kainue, Cias Snope, A D Sweeney, T Uncerwooc, W _~ great care, "or instance eigit scnemes were given o r . e a - , e i g n or s;o.c ane si. ver, anc so on ic metnoc eeoencin^ en-ire y uoon tne ciaracter o: ic ore. range o r temperature, c on ,, A n n ( Tota rain a ot meltee snow, ^ 6_ incaes Deoti o ' u n m e t e e snow .ving on lie tne nna examination eacn stucent grounc at enc o - m o n t i , 16"^ inches. was rec uirec fo assay ei g it ooweerec ing wine. Nortnwest/ S T \ i h of- COLORADO, ' C^o\ F K M O R ' ^ Opt ICE, Denver Apri. 30 ' W t i L R r \ s , On t i e 2^e eay o-" Ao i A ) i S S i . W i iam '..Canty was, sy'tie C "' y v " tema V morning, witn a .arge "orce j u e g m e n t o tne cistrict cour: o~ Z .^aso ° m e n 3 egan tearing up :le Tacxs. Tie c o u n t y , Co orato, convicted o: le crime imoortan: connec'ions a 3 o n e n c s o " - i e "neaTt"e^nTaro-Ma y0 , ^ZTM TM ^ M *TM ~ ma - °^ WHEREAS, Tie a^cavi 0 - T. Ganai ? Y ^"'^ g ^ S °' mea unceasi °^ counse. or saic Canty, aas oeen oresentec ' a TM" g 1 '^ fam ves'erday. to me. sjgwmg tnat it is imposs 3 e or tne "^ Je Sou.a _ J ari jam came in over -he stenografSe'r o* saic cour o wnte ou tae same roao, anc un oacec a- · ie new ce- testimony in saic cause, so Ma a M ._ o po. Suncay nig i . I-Ierea'ter o: its c laracteristics, -urmsnec -ne en ire party WIM osservation cars on ne trip -nrougn tne Grana Canon. A-er massing " a ~ e cay Mr. Tay.or,-necme-" en ..neercausec "^^ ^ main ca ^ on of-oe Arkansas ---·- rrsr= .-:r.TJ-- s -^s- ^^ -- senger 3us,ne SS at t i e o de"t anc" ^^ was ln ^-« over Me scene. eepot, anc _ t ls true ae cay w a c ouCy ^ _ aa _ wag ^e.,.-M^3 Xoore TMTM **' ~" -ntaim.g severa meta,, M^mTJTe^atyT^wmi'Sc^ect.on We^n, Miss Z. I OREIGN. Mami -on Xytunce, R G PACKAGES. 6b mi es at 2 30 a m , A-3ri. i^tn, wine i t \ V . "* mcr granceur . n encs o. -ne o f ue canon was no; ummec ay a sing e b , __ j e *· et'er omce. j oomer, Mrs A ? "acxson, Mrs Mary Patton, ~ 3 To oatain any o' taese etters tne must csu. -or "aavertisec etters" and give tie (30, cays ney WLL se sent to tae ceac ' witnm two cays, anc uncergo a ngie examination touci ng tnetneoryane practice of tne mam 3u ation o."-ie severa meta.s ^ o °-. °£^ cias. None. namec. T ic ^rst term encec en ie firs- " N ° e ° ^Non"^ c n w i i c i r a m 01 snow inran: 3ut Me examma-ion was no- con- N ^ o r c ea^cays on w u c i no ram or snow c.ucec un-i yestercay wien tne fo. owing s:ucen s were graduatec : :-ENRY W. LAMB J"AMES A _^. S HALLECK --RANK ROI5Y, , 7 w iich ram or snow c.ouc. exceptions can 3e ^re-aarec, anc tae case susmittec to tne supreme court '"or review a., excep:tne ansas Paciic, Co.oraco Cen, ra. anc Denver ?aci ic wi.. use J-. Tnese wi , for a wee* or more, use tne o.c ce- pot. A temporary "3 av'orm nas been 3ui.: :o connec: Me o.c anc -he new de- - ne exc-amations o- cejgi u , tne assevera.ions :na: ^»is one granc sign: was wor.n ne entire cos: o- -ne excursujn were many anc -'recuent. Tne excursion- A is-s gaMerec many jpecimens o" granhe ci-y. -.rains rJCjC anc mar^ec upcn taem -je ca~e anc occasion in incej3 e e.-ers. No. o- air cas on T £ '6 \ T o. o" "air eays on w u c n no ram or scow . fe ' 7- ^ ^o.o c.oucy cays on wnicn ram or snow HENRY M'AL'LISTER, R. v e ' y. o. c.oucy cays on w uc i no ram or snow From Thursday's Daily. commanaery nas aeen -"ormec in .nis i. -ne tiorouginess o- the instruction g'ven curing - ie pas. nve mon" is \varran:s Tota No. o- cay s on wnicn rain tne cone usion na: tne gent eman namec ,,' e · ^ . ota or snow wi.. se axe :o mas-er any o." tne ores tna: - u u l :NO °' :aeymay mee: witn in . 3e Roc. Moun- Datero^au'rwas. None tains. cays on w.uca no ram or A-"er spencing a Ce.igj-fu. aour in Me Vista nex " week canon, curing wnicn pno-ograpnic views -ne or Aopenines, . onor to tne c ay .ixec f or ~ne execution o- saic Canty Now, tiere-ore, in orcer Mat .ne saic Wi iam H Canty mav lave Meosoortu- n i t y o' aavm? -ne re^u an y o" Me -jro ceecmgs wnicn resu.tec m - n e wnvinon ^' s ' anc - W1 - ^e usec- O :rans-er passes menoers of :ne par:y said coulc no 3e ane sentence, icviewec 3y tne Jig lest u- S ers » 3a SS a ^e anc express mafer." ' *°' 3t cicia t n s u n a o" tne state, I, Zreceric/t ~*~~ W. Pit tin, governor o-' Co oraco, co Personal. here 3y grant unto saic Wi .iam I-L Canty a reprieve o- nis saic sen ence "or- le s sace o- nve wees, anc I co nere3y orcer anc cirect tnat tne uegmen: anc sen-ence of saic cistrict court o- Z Paso county, 3e executec 3y tne sneriff o" saic county on -'ricav, ic seventeentn cay o-" "une, A. ~ 1881, at t i e o ace anc lour cesign'a ec in t a e sentence o;"t,ie cistrict court, un ess ?° ' lc ' an n San ,'uan, is in :ne city. it sna., 3e otaerwise Cesignatec yy -ne supreme cour . Signec FRKDERICK W. PITKIN, Governor, uc ^ e -"-c- Dates o na os None. _n aechjon :o tne s'ucents a3ove nam- -^ateso" uuar na^os. None. ec Mere were severa. w no were una3.e o ~ at _ e . s .°' frost A:5ri - I 3 tia . 1 ^1 -' 1 , I 5 t i anc - ae s-ree: commissioner was engaged - .. ao.c court in Ion Moncay. ne :erm, navmg Summit o seen 3y urgen: 3usmess to .eave co.^ge. Mr. George .". Wan ess . ' ' ·»·· · passec successfu .y tnrougi tne wno e i. _.- ecua.eciQMeo.c wor.c, er.ner among . f o m p et8 ' lst o ' Ce in^uen: -ax payers course, excep ing :ne go.c, silver anc eac A * . . ** is "\oninsip i^fA-^n«,**..« \» j *v-** 3U. ion assay, aoc wou.a nave gracua ec re-.urnec w 3eing TM*TM rec - V' ie coun:y -reasurer. to Canon Ci-y wnere a .unci, copious anc As soon ^ com 3 - e *c Me prooer.y on wnic.i witn .ngn nonors nac ae not 3ee.n com- Tae ev. Mr. Rene, of BoiLcer, arrivec °" S ooc -k«a-r.v, was served. Tne par:y " a ^ es are ^-^« en 'wi.l ae acveni sec'or ^e..eG to go-o -ie mountains cisemaar^ec from .ae osserWdon cars a: Sa " e Canon Ci y wi j many expressions o-" TJ -o Leacvi .e yes- in .own ves-ercay. Mr. 3 7. Crowe., wen ercay on imporan: susiness. Cap-am Xen-, a prominen. repu'a ican ae :nants o Mr. Nuns a "ortnigit ago -o at-enc to lism.ning in.eres*5 nere. Mr. O. _ . .vennecy a::er means run r T - raLroac o-Ticia.s -rom Me *" · ' Amu TM*3 i; - cr ^egjimng nis :nem eas: wjo nave aeen spending some -ime C ° Ur$e W3S e - ec " ea secre *** °~' Ue s " ate seiD.cing tnCo-orac^oave reurnec nome via tne sena ' e - 3U: ^ assec " iro «S'a ^e .ead, go.c Grance anc San .a Ze Pile's Pea , Co.o., Aon., jo. .". T O'KEEFFF, Ser Sig Cors, ". S. A. C. o ^ ONlC ii c ^ anc si ver assays. Mr. Autnor L. Ke c^e oa » _ in Persona.. IS 11 ;. W. Co ,ius.. arrivec nere Mr. anc Mrs. Barnes anc Mrs. Kaywarc °* '** excursion -jain of 'as: wee=c. T lave re'urnec rom a win:er so'ourn in re ?resen avive o: tae GAZETTE Xew Mexico. ing namec gen .enen : I-Ienry C. Wforer, f * ·«· f'cig.i': -jacac manager Cnicago anc Nort i- acvance wes:ern ac-cson, '-neHon. Oto Years is n ne ci y. Mr. Geo Summers, o r Leacvi.'e, was in Mr. Harvey Young, me aris*. con-em- no worc - 0: comp^un: c uring own yes-ercav p.a es a visi: to souMern New Mex co ' Tne .-.on .-. R Wo colt was oie O ' M C where ne wi..s3e^.c some :ime in -aain visitors a- Mamtou yestercay. Mr..-.. L. Zecwisca, of fle Denver Mr. I-I. W. Rannenber^' o- Xew York "^ SnC °" " Je 8?ecla * « 5or:s l Reauaucan, was in :own yes ercay. wao has recen-.y arrived in Co.oraco "^ """^ V ^ Nims « " Mr. O. .-.. Xoaacxer, ecror o-' -he Swings, has accede a posnon in Me ""*""· ° U "' 'enver . n 3une. was m -own yesterc ay. aucH ng ceoarmen: o' Je D. ^ G ty Davic Day, edr.or o" tne So.ic Mmoon, Vr r r" " amm «« f -s . . " - . * ' --r. C. C. -.ammonc, of jCerber Creex, was in MC ci # yes:ercay. Mr. I-Iammonc, came up for Me purpose o wife anc : spisnc. pecii , Cnica^o; R. L. genera. eas:ern agen: of -^e Xew Xew Yor/c; Ar nur \, genera. en^re ceasmg wor $ucceecec in very near y massing .nrougj. ne wno.e course 3efore :^e enc o." -ne :erm, success Ma: nas a.iencec -ae oooera-ions Tae great remecy iV Jyspepsia. 3x.«us Jis eases anc ?anctional Derangements attencan: upon Debuty. In ' -21^. ottles,75eeBts. Six aott es,$^. Acer ecitecPjysiaiana anc C-ergymen supplied with not exceecing six bott-esatone-huf Ue retail price money to accompany oreer Sold by Druggists anc 3y D B DEWEY Co 46 Dey St , New Yoii f e , thr f debility, and restonng healthy functions " W EB3TEH e 3os;on; Z. C "awey genera esrant anc man V anc corcia. worcs of com- agen- Ca-iforala. fas-' freigv New Yor - °" i " S meia - ur ^ icai department curing tne ' ta - ss."**" tr--?-** 1 -* .-*·«*·««. ,--?££.cZ- u R . a e ^ a r . o JeJsnver^io Grance mercia. Sxpress. Cjicago. "-U. ^^" raont ^- \ \ D wav : anc WL. visi: C.ear -ne , b.oomec ou: on Mam 'ou anc Co oraco Spnn^s vestercay. Mr. ."ohn Arxiins, o- Me Denver News. ar.c. ^rv. Antins, spen: buncay in yjf. George A, Cro-"u :, au:aor of ' Cro\ pany ?isa Commissioner S5is y recency wro'e /^' S Gfl D Sar-i GuiCe 0: Co - ora c-o, mace\ Den ver .as* ;o^eeci.oro; 3*ores: anc S^eam in r«V ,,! . a c? ' ea f, a . Q;: ca " ' asc canon to- erence o oyauamj a .jooc man as straer- . p f" lsa moce - : " or a -- a»»ncen- o: -je s a:e hatchery. 1'le la:-. , Xmc ' I: ! S e egan ' y aftd ' co?ious.y j_- :er su smi.-ec -^e i raatier lo ". Anmin, Tr ' " USra ec§ 1S lanisom V , prhuec anc fur- Suncay SCHQO. -.he secretary o- -^ American 7isJi Breec- DIS1CS :ae mos ' va - uaa -« in'orma-jon in sioo/c aancs **rs^ as«nrla^nn «^^ ..-- L- "-3e mos: convenien: form. 35 cents. A p easan^ eaeap, anc va.uao.e remecy .or fretfa, anc pony cai nremen a :our- on wbica occasion preser.*Con. ?or Sprains, Wouncs, 1 any pain apoa if an or Zienfiv, $$$*'«.\^ JLM^'-J^l-h

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