The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on December 26, 1902 · Page 5
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 5

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 26, 1902
Page 5
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FRIDAY EVENING, DECEMBER a6, Isaac M.CripetB« Hb» Mabel Cokmai. SIXTY GUESTS GATHERED. Other Wcddiacs That Marked Christmas Day. Howling wind*, arctic cold and frightful road« did not deter tlw asuemWIng of nlxty gue*t» HI 'he homv at Mr. and Mrs. Frank If. Cdlemin. two and « lialf mile* north of Hood), to wllneim the marriage ut thrlr (Uunhter. Muljel, to iSSuc^M. I'rlpe of ·!.((·. The wedding look place in « o'cloek ThuriKlay evening In the pur- lorn of tl"r simclou« (-"iintry home. Th" ceremony w«s perforiin,. · Hcv. T!"'"- Iwild of IX'catur, paxl'ti 'n cntirgc of the M 10 church near Itoody. W K i n i I N O I'AKTY. The bridesmaids were Miss Ida M. lxr- Ing uf lcc:iir and Mli- Clandln Illchert of (Julney. ivclnar I'. Coleman «f Chlen- KO and' »ed rinkrrton of t'erro (Vordo w-rc the KTiMimsmcn. Miss Mill). I Crlpe. Hlcter irf the lirlde. was UK- flower girl Th* brldtal party filtered Hi' imrlorM to the strains of MendfJ-Mrtni's "Wrddhitf March. 11 played by Mis* (iraee Hrown ol Ml. Vernon, and Mood I'eii. alh a floral arch a* the wedding cvn niotiy w.ix rend. The hrlde wore u »t"wo or he ivy. white doeskin nllk. cut f n train. hlKh tieck and long sleeves, trlmraod In .-iiipliquf and lieurls. She carried a n|ira IMHIHUCI of wlilln-anifllloiis The gi..oin »»rc bliiek A f l e r I'he ceremony the KU-«N sat down t. .1 dliuii r ill the iKiuiillfiil xorl ""l fiirmrra know how to si-rve A number of the Kii«.»t» who live «t a dlHtiinr* return) d home by train Thursday nigh:. \ parl^' of fourteen fr.'Tl ('elTo (Jordo I. K llooily at midnight on Ihc Chicago t r a i n , which 1 SIHH-I.I! arrangement with K| the corner of Monroe and Eldorado The ceremony *"" performed M * o'otock by »ev. C. A. Thorn, pastor of the I'nlfeiS Brethren chffoh. In '«» piMwnce of abtHM fifty of the near Mend* and r»l«Uv«« of the couple. The attendant* were Prank X Wood and Mils* Devti. Th« brkle wft.' gowned hi whHe French lawn and carried a large bunch of brtoV · roue*. Mix Deet*. the bridesmaid. waM gowned In pink dimity and carried a bunch of carnations. The house wan beautifully decorated with holly. mMletoe and other Oh rim ma* greens, and roses and carnations were used with pretty efficl. WHDDINO WPPEIR. Congr.itulutlons folowed the ceremony and then the dining room was thrown open and tlie company enjoyed an elaborate wedding supper. The tables were prettily arranged and tantefuUy decorated wtth curiutthins. The brtoV l« the daughter of Mr. and Mr« J. Kdward Fremont and In a popular young lady w*H known in the city. The groom Is the- only son of Mr*. Wydlck. He Is a wood worker by occupation. Both have a hoot of friends to wlnh them happiness. Mr. mid Mrs. lleckman will spend a few dnyn out of town, and utter Jan. 3) will be at home to friends In the Woman'fl cliiti building. Shepherd-- Hanaa James W. Shepherd und Miss Mullsa n. Hanna were married at » o'clock Wednesday evening at the home of William Creech. MM Wi st Oreen street. The ceremony was performed by Kev. J. Bernard In the presence of a large number of giK'Sts. The bride's home Is In Terre Haute, where she has many friends and acquaintances. She was beautifully n t - tlrcd In a rich white gown trimmed with luce. The groom's homV h also Terrc ll-ufVe, Ind. Mr. tthepherd Is well known III Ter- rc Hnule. being a carpenter and contractor. After tbe ceremony nnd congratulations the company was served an elegant lunch. The bridesmaids and were Miss Myrtle I'neeh and Krunk Urn ham. The couple will return tn Terrc llniilc In a few days, where they will go |o hMise Iti Shfttby. Shelby vllU-, III".. Di-c M-Marriage licenses have been granted as follows: John K. Padgett, Shelby 31 Mamie M. Gregg". Of^, I.i THE JOY OF Was Idea of Entertainment at First M. E. ATJHB OTHER CHURCHES. Santa Glaus Saw All Good Little Ones. the Hamuel Cuttell. YantlNvllle Oertrnde Johnson, Flndlay \V. II. Hrlneberry, Cowdrn . !vn K. llurrow, Cowden -- Ocorgc Cuttell. Yantlsvllle .. May Stevens. Flndlay the rai'lr I imiMiny was Mapped at t h u t Hiutlo.1 Th..s- present from Cerro G«r-!·"»»·« ''· Scott. North Dakota do were Mt. and Mrs. J. W. Mr-Farland B«rtha K. Jflhnwm. Flndlay and daughter. Orue*. Mr. nnd 'Mr*. Jamc* Orlpe. Mr ami MTU. John Crlpe. Mr. und Mrs. A r t h u r Crlno. Mr and Mrs. George Hn»k«. Bernard Culhurg. Ivan Peck and Howard Broke*. T11K COT PI. K. Mls» Colt-man was n Macon county teacher and Is engaged In teaching the Peck school north at Cerro Oordo. She Is a graduate of the Decftlur High school and of the »t.i» normal unlveislty at Normnl. The groom Is a prominent young farmer residing near Cisco. After the holidays Mm. Crl|io will n*ume her school duties ami complete- ihe winter t.Tin. a f i i r » ; l e h tli«- coiiplc wlH reside on the farm. BECKMAN-FttEUONT HvoMof Brld* 'harks K. Heckman and Miss Fannie It Fremont were married Thursday nlgtit at th«- residence of the bride's parents. TaylorvUI* Wedding. Taylorvllle, Ills., Dec. M.-Edward II. Beaton, deputy county treasurer, and Mlns Jean Minor, one of Tuylorvlllc's most beautiful and talented young ladles, surprised their friends by being quietly married Wednesday at the bride's home. The Joy of giving was the Idea sought to be brought out in the Christmas entertainment at the First Methodist church Thursday afternoon. The entertainment was planned by R. r. Augustine, the superintendent of the school, nnd he requested thut eacli^class bring certain articles to be distributed among the poor people. As it result several bushels of potatoes, a barrel and a half of flour, sacks n: 1 corn meal, packages of oats, chickens, ten, coffee, groceries, about HO in money and u lot of Jellies, Jams, etc., were reci (veil, besides considerable cloth- Ing. The goods will all be placed In the hands of the relief committee of the church nnd will be distributed during the winter win re most needed. IN COSTUME. Each class had H little exercise tn K through w i t h as It brought its offering forward. Hen Imhodcn's class, In the gurb of Quakers, came In, cnch carrying a package of Quaker oats, a total of t h i r - ty-nix pound imckages. MNs Hull's cln.x* represented Japanese girls and each carried M cup of tea. Olive Payne's class tang "Ilang i'|i Ihe llahy's Stockings." This i lass brought a supply of stockings, one c1a-« of boys brought n supply of meal and so on through all the cl.iMcs and soon the |il«ll"im was piled with a variety of goods. M T K I C A N I HOMO. During the n f t c r n . n i n Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Alexander g.ive a cornet and piano duet, Miss Grace Slarr gave a solo, Mrs. ^ I I I . C. Starr nml Mr-. Ernest Miller gave ^ [ a duet. Miss Grace Rnblnson gave u ri citation and there was a song .iml n citation of the golden t e x t by the primary department. At the clns.- u|' the i-ntertalnmi lit llcv. W, J. Duvldstm lilcsscd the goods and they were turned over In the relief com- mlili-c, or which Mr* T. It. Kwlng Is chairman. The i - i i l c i t u l n m e n t wa« a gernt success. Married at Mowaaqna. Moweiiquu. III*., Dec. »!.-- Otto C. Ludwig and MUis Anna Ftekcr. prominent In Herman society, were mnrrlrd last night. JKepairtoirror Thrift The residence part of the county jail Is undergoing a renovation. Most all the room« will b repapered, Bloodless Slaughte Sale... ON ALL SURPLUS % )· ·i .'2 , HOLIDAY GOODS.... -such a* FINK NBCKWKAIt, FANCY SUSPENDERS. MUFFI.BRR OI.OVF3S. HWBATRR8, SHIIIT8, IIOSIBRY. etc. Price* that will suit your strained pocke-tbookH. Remarkable reduction on all MEN'S SUITS, OVKBCOAT8, I'ANTS. HATS, CAPS, nnd everything In raen'n wear. Suit, from ».m»iip Overcoat, from ».7i up Pants from '·* "I' MaU from »* up Cap. from -c up Fine H Plu*h Cop, now only 75o To 'buy now mean, money In your pocket. Price and cost no object wtth u. now. Cut this out and bring It with you. Jfinafted Story of 1 he Three WlM Meiiot th« Ka.t. The entertainment held by the Sunday school chlldr- n of Grace Mfthodlst church t'hrlslmiis nlitM was OIK- of t h e mom clalMir,i!- affair* of ihe kind ever held In the church. The IWhle »t..ry of the three wise men discovering tin- b i r t h of Christ w«s emict- cd Tlie -church wns crowded lo t h e doors by tho chlMien and grown people who had come to see the fxetclsew. S. "I. Adkins, D. K. Stuuffer and Sim McCain- were tho three wise men and F. II. Hush way was King Herod. All w-'re attired In costume. The wise men came and visited K i n g Herod and saw a l£ star n t the back part of the church. Th" Mar was lighted by un electric 'light In- tridc and It was 'gradually moved along a wire to the fiont part of the church, while ihe wine men followed. Ai the altar the child Christ In the manger represented, and Ml»s l.tu-y SlkklHg played the purl of the Blessed Virgin. M!B» Bdna Stuart sung the song. "The Star of Bethlelu-m." At the close of the exercises the church, which had 1 previously been dark, suddenly bciiimv brilliant wlih llght. In t'he center of the plutroi;m was a dtvoratlon tf greens to represent tile mungcr and 1 there were four Christmas trees, all lighted with electricity. O. W. Htirgis. the superintendent of the Sunday school, presided and invited the children and ofhers ·present t«v receive candy and orang'H. During the evening there wen 1 a cornet »olo by 1. W. Alexander and a vocal »olo liy -M'!»n Wlnnl- 1 DavlitHon. The church orchestra gave u number of selection*. EnirlUta Lutheran. The day was well Improved and heartily enjoyed at the First English Lutheran church. Divine services were held In Ihe morning, the pastor preaching on ·The Shepherds," whom hi- pointed out s teaching us many good lessons even, t this late day. The- Sunday school held Us 'hllstma xerclscs at half past 4 o'clock. 'Hie ·hurdi was beautifully decorated, the feature being the Christmas tree mndsome In Its upiifurniice and filled with trimmings and candles which were it Up during the HI rvlec. The program was mainly musical. Solos were rendered y Bertha Troutmun, Hannah Naso and Illme .ielterllnd. Tho Joint choir of the hurch and school assisted In the sing- ng. There were a numbir ot Individual ind class recitations. The superintendent, Dr. N. D. Myeri, conducted the exercises and the pastor addressed the school and audience on the ·Restoring of Peace In the Life of Our Mtt\." After the benediction the gifts of the school were distributed to the hlldren. A. a. Webber was the chairman of the program committee nnd M. I.. The New Store- YOUNG'S 117 NORTH WAZBR Open Bveategt. BANK EVERYTHING HEW. Deck of the committee. purchasing and decoration Oatnborlanrt There were two presentations at the TBi: DJ^CATVB ···^^^^^^^·····^(^^^^"^^··(^·^·^^ ^^^^^^^ !==== ---- ' Charles Record represented Untie Mun. Robert Doake representetf John CHlna- man and George Flint wa» th» colored train portw. Miss Lura File was Ann*: Chloe and 1 Forrest File w»» Santa. Clau». There were about fifty In ihe entertainment and It wa. a gwat success. The. committee In charge of the affair wa. composed of Miss Kitty Taylor. Miss- Ida Clark and Mr*. J. C Fislier. After tho entertainment the children were given a treat. Weriey Uhapel. The Christmas exercises at Wesley chapel were held Thursday afternoon by the children of the Sunday school. An enjoyable entertainment was given, after wlch'M. O. Wilson, superintendent of th« Sunday school, Introduced Santa Claud In the person of Parke Pone and each of the children was given a treat. The program was as follows: , i Song-Joy to the World--By school. Scripture reading. Duet--Mrs. Roy Wiser and Miss Edith Parmentcr. Recitation-Catherine Peck. Recitation--Leta RCVCB, Solo-Cora Cormlck. Exercise--What the Children Do. Recitation-Clyde Morgan, Recltatlon-Deloras Forbes. Exercise--What Shall We Give to Jesus?--Infant class. Song--Infant class. Recitation--Myrtle Davis. Recitation-George Whltsett. Violin Solo-Mr. Brubcck. Recitation--Martha Graham. Exercise--The Star--By the school Recitation--Kate Snydcr. Recitation-Bert Whltsett. Duot-Lelah und Ralph Morgan. Recitation-Alpha Davis. Recitation--Clarence Houston. Bxeri-lBf-Thi' Chimes. Kecllatlon-Marle J.mes Itccltutlnn-Hulph Jones. Duet--Mabel Gtiddls. Anthem-By the choir. First Prwibyterlan. Thu officers ol' I I I . - Firs i Presbyterian Sunday school, like ihose "f some of the other Imrches, decided to aJlow the children the Joys of g i v i n g nilhi-r than .receiving. and 1 Ibis Idea wan carried oul In the exercises at the church at 4 o'clock yeslcnhiy afternoon. Each child In t1w Sunday school bmiitrlit some ankle to he given lo the poor, and ns a result a great iiuaiitlty of vewlnhlen. flour, f r u i t , groceries and other staple articles was received and w i l l be distributed among tile deserving poor Many of thc lltlle folks brought t,,.,·- to he given to poor children and each made his own Ohrlsi- ma» happier by contributing In the hnp- plnesft of others. Tlie exercises opened with slnglnp; the doxology. Th.s was fulluwwl by a prayer by Dr. Penhallegon ami ihr 'hrlBtmHS hymn. "Joy to the World." The primary department gave recitations from the scripture and William Trover gave phonograph si lections. Superintendent A If. Mill, made a oliort address on t h e Joy of giving, and there w.ts a song by the prlmao classes. A beautifully l l l u m l n a t i d rhr'rilmaH tree was one, of Ihe features. College Street Chapel. At the College street chapel last night ihe fnlln«lng Christma« program was r'-nderMl, followed 1 by .1 treat for the little folks: Song. No. 133, Ihe school. Scripture nading-R. H. I.y-lle. I'riiver-Dr Peniiallegon. Song--Choir. Wel'-'ime-Riymoml Wright. Ki-citiillon--Miss Search's class. ' SO.IB Miss Wright's, Miss Search's and Mrs. Guard's classes. HeeUallon--On-n Darling. Hung--Primary clans. liecllatlon--Five l i t t l e ones. Song-Mr. Dyer's clues. Hecliatlon--Lewis Qulmby. Duct--Miss Gordon and I/est( i- Collier. Recitation--Om Todd. · Hi citation--Eunice Turley. Song-Three l i t t l e ones. Kccil itlnii--Vi'i-im Doiiglusn. Soln and Cliorus--·l'rlmiir class HecltalIon--Helen F h ' l i o r k . filing--Cliolr t K**i P«irk Cliapol. The East Park Sunday school. W. R. 'unk. superintendent, gave a most de- Ightful entertainment last night, an folIAS: Hong--"Joy to the World"--School. Invocation--Rev. J. J. Roach. Recltatldn -- "Freddie's Letter" -- Ethel ,'arter. Recitation--"Old Santa Cluus"--Pearl Itiuers. Vocal Bolo-'The Qlft"--Mlsn Daisy Vllkins. Ri-cllatlon--"The Ohrlstmas"--William Stivers. Christmas Song-Flvo girls-Elizabeth Ilmla, Gladys Watts, Kthol Cartur, Pearl Bauers and Edna*Barnett. Recitation--"Poor Teddy and Rich Pom"--Iss Jessie Hadsoll.. iRcctttttlon-"The Brownies' Chrlstmns" Mrs. Jennie Shay. FLORAL DRILL. , This wan followed by n beautiful flornt Irlll participated In by flftecn glris !n otnump. Each member carried a Hural wreath and the mtivemonta and the march were well executed. This feature if the program showed great care and ef- ort on the part of Misses Hattle Bott and Martha Kreslne, who had drilled the [iris and who also constituted .the pro[ram committee. The program was followed by the treat to the member, of the school, each mem- er being given a well filled sack of :andy and oranges. The hou.e -was crowded and standing room wa. at a premium. The name, of the .girl, in the noral drill were Edna Barnett. May^Labourty, Etta Wallett, Irene Blckei. Elthel Bownan, Ella FOIey, Ruth Gray, Delia Jmlth, Irene. Romlck, Nsssle Poley. May Rambo, Ethel Carter, Pearl Bauers, 3ladys Watts and Elizabeth Hinds. mm Prospect for the Walker Jury. flight- RECEIVER FOR TELEPHONE Win Be Asked of Judge Cocbran, ' All winter In tnt Jury room seems to be what Rome of the Jurors In the Hlglit versus VV'uJker ease expect. When the case was given to the Jury Friday morn- Ing one of the Jurors looked at the pile of books which hud been turned over for examination und then asked onu of the court officials If he knew whore the Jury was to board for tin- rest of the winter. There WUH no end of evidence and In* ntructlon«. If the jurymen go Into details und discuss the entire case they have ft long tusk before them. The suit wns one on u note and many accounts arc Involved. The jury wax given a long list of special questions to answer. Court WUH convened at 8 a. m. and the jury Instructed and then u rect'Bs wan taken. If nothing Ix heard from the jury by !» o'clock tonight Judge rochrmi will make iirr.nigcmcntN for it to return 'a H-aled verdict If u decision Is reached wlillo the Judge Is away. The judge will g to Clinton tonight and will hold court there Saturday to hear millions for new trials, lie may be buck liere Monday but there will not be much t-iiHlncss until the first of the year. HKCKIVI-IK KOK TEI.KPIIONK. A receiver I'ott the M o n l l i l e County Telephone company Is In lie uHked for. The llalillltles of th tmpiiny It Is xald lire about $3,IHKI and It is estimated Iliul tin 1 Hale of .ill the properly will be re- HUtrcd to lli|ulduti» the Indebtedness. It was staled t h a t the ease would In brmiKht before Judge Cochran ."it Sul livan Friday b u t ' t h e Judge was in Ucca* (,,r h'rldiiy and suld t h a t an yet he bad not received the petition. A receiver cannot lie unpointed when niiirl Is not In session and the only w.iy Iliat a receiver rail now lie secured Is to make application through the Maenn county circuit court D. BARRACKMAN Made an Assault on an dianapolis Man. In- ·latnttn.*; That Marlon Barrackman Bad B«en insulted close of the ChristmuH entertainment at the Cumberland Prcrbyterlan church last nlg'ht. The flr*t was when Rev. J. W. McDonald, pastor of the church, present ed James M. Cowan with) a handsome gold fountain pen on behalf of the Decatur Cadets. Mr. Cowan ha» been drilling the 'boys and they took way of show. Ing their appreciation. After this pleasant duty wtts over 'Rev. Mr. McDonaltf was about to retire, when Dr. A. R. Taylor, president of the Jame* Mllllkln unlventty, stepped forward on behalf of the congregation of and the church presented Mr. McDonald wtth a fine We utoter overcoat. He wag *o taken by .urprlse that he could IhBrtBy nnd word! In whie* to raprew tito apprecia tlon of the rift. FROM ALL NATIONS. There wo. a large attendance, at the entertainment. It wan called a "Banta The Gerttan M. E. children at the German Metho dun church had a big ' Christmas tree Christmas night. The children sung songi and then followed a distribution of pres ents and candy., Many, of the grown peo pic of the church were present. Veteran'* Badce At the meeting of Coeur de Leon DemaB Uarrackman. once a Dec.ituv resident, was one of the principals In a sensational scene at ludlanapjlls the Ilrst .if the week. He assaulted u man named Uriulen, .who, he clulme.l bad Insulted hlh daughter, and cue of tli; events during the encounter was the breaking of a valuable plate glass window. The daugliter was lit the Fllbeck Terrc Haute, fir"it week with her father, and while there he was wutclie.l ly a detective employed her husband, She secured a divorce Her and was noon engaged to marry Indianapolis man named Rogers, of tailoring llrm of Brudeii, Rogers * o. IJraden claimed the .inly InsuU of- rctl the woman was n polite request ot to cull so frequently at the store In hlch he was Interested. Her frequent Islts. he explained, was causing talk, ^withstanding the fuel she was culling poll the man she Intended to marry. DliMAS WAS l-'INKD. story «f subsequent developments ollowmg the usuuult Is told by the In- lanapolls News us follows: Deinas Barrnckman, the father of Man Uurruckman. who assaulted David Braden with a hatchet and hammer Bruden. Rogers Co.' h tailor store, the English hotel building, Monday venlng, wan allowed to go in the police oirt today on the payment of lines ug- regating M5. Braden was discharged. The evidence was heard Wednesday nd the cases ngulnst Bnrrackman and trailcn were taken under advisement by Utorncy J A. Collons. judge pro tern. Mlorney Collins at first assessed a fine f $ar, and costs In the. assault and bal- ,-ry case ngnlnst Bnrraokman. and $HM nd costs In the CUSP of malicious trcs- ass. Barrackman having broken 11 Plate ·lass window with Ills hammer. Calllns ben said .ho would remit the lino In Ih* respns., case on condition that Barrui-k- man pay the costs, amounting t.i »IO. Friend*'of Barrarkmnn snld they con- Idered the low line In the nature of n. Christmas present, as It was expect-d hat the grand jury would consider the * V DIBMISSED SERIOUS CHARGE. One of the charges against Barrackman before the trial was assault .with ntent to kill. The police court Judge has no jurisdiction in this charge other han to discharge or bind the defendant over to the grand jury. Inquiry showed that the "Intent to kill" charg.! had been changed to plain assault and battery. , "Intent" charge having been dig. missed by the. prosecutor. Ira Holmes the prosecutor, said he dismissed the 'Intent" charge after talking the matter over with Collins. When disposing of the case Collins said Braden adopted the wrong method In trying to keep Miss Barrackman out ,,, the .fore. He said the matter .hould have been settled between Braden and Hubert Roger., a partner .In the buslnes. whom Mi.s Barrackman colled »o ire- nuently to see. Collln. said the girl had 2 right in th, store for the reason that ·her father wag then having some clothes lodge No. 17, K. of P., la.t night M. Hell bran wa. presented jwltn a gold veteran' Badge; this came from the other member of the lodge. He Is the.only man In De catur who has such u badge, Ihcugh, -per hap*, there are others who have be'.'n I the order long enough to entitle them t claim one. One must be a member tiwen ty-five yean before he I. eligible wear *ueh a,Badge. . Mr, Hellbrun has been master of dl. Clau." convention and dWegote* from'nance for tbl. lodge for the last fifteen different nation* were represented. * year*. made by the tailor. S COLLINS' REASONS. Collins told a reporter that he mined the fine in the mallclou. trespa. case because of the damage suit Which Bmden had- filed against Barrackman He said he did "·* know whether Bar rackman had made the loss good owner, of t n e bul'dlng 1 . Friends of Braden are Indignant tha iBarrackman .hould escape with sue light fines. Braden'n reputation Is go* «-'i they say, and much of the punishmen 'en'fall. on him. notwithstanding that he I wa. discharged In. police court." CLOTHING -I 1 ORBIO s LITTLE MEN Need Cause You No Worry. IME to us, and let us show you how happy you can make "him" and at what little colt. High Art in Winter Overcoats. WARMTH AND COMFORT are not tho only cwentlal* a man want, in a Winter Overcoat. Style and durability are -nowaday* scarcely IPSB imperative. Our art overcoats, made by .killed hands, embody tho best of cloth, trimming, and lining.. A Man's Overcoat, 45 Inches long, of good A · */k A Man's Overcoat, blue or black. 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ATTACKED BY ROBBER8. Todd seemed to have a very bad opinion of Decatur and thought It was a very rough place. He «a!d he had been mak ing on effort to hire u horse- and buggy to go home and that *ome stranger he met volunteered to drive him out for a small consideration. The two went around to several of the livery stables but were unable to secure a horse and buggy and Todd said that when .they were on dark street the stranger attacked him and began pounding him In the face. Todd hud a «10 bill and he thought the stranger wanted to rob him. so he made a rush and got to th« restaurant before being further pounded. AFRAID TO bB ALONE. It wa. suggested that he had better re port his case to the police. Todd did no rare about making any stir, he .aid, but he clij- and he w:mted to go there for .In- night, lie mild he was afraid to walk that fur alone because he thought be man who had attacked him would-be aylng for him and h« offered to psy. ; «b- ·rnlly u n y one who would walk with him. The man wa» perfectly sober, but-he was green and unacquainted with ctyy ways «nd was badly scared. A man who happened to be going to his home In the it part of the city allowed Todd to walk with him. Ana Thought Mall Sack Would Make One The two young men arrested In Decatur ·or stealing u mail poueh at Clmt»n are in custody of the United atate. marshal at Springfield. They aoflBlted that they took the pouch, but i* Bprlngneld they said they took It to u.e a. a pillow whll* sleeping In a bo* ear. The two you"* men are foreigner, and probably dM noj know that they were .tealln* anything ol much value. MAN GOT OF HIS fiBAft Beta* b»ol«« Alter at tte J«U i August Mollne a bricklayer from Ualesburg. to at the county lad ann«. M« was .ick at a boarding hou*ef oa North .treet and at time. w*i mind »nvl on one occarion he Mt tfc* house and wandered around th* Mreet*. The people at the boarding HOUM w«i» unable to car* for .th* man and lie w«* taken to the Jail annwt tor cat* m«f ing. The local bricklayer* h*r* tte Matter In hand and will do something'for IM man or try to get him to *om* of HU l*the bad friend* living In the east part of iitlve..

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