Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on May 30, 1928 · Page 2
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 2

Decatur, Illinois
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Wednesday, May 30, 1928
Page 2
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INDICT TWO FOR BANKER'S DEATH Gangsters Charged With Murder of E. St. Louis Cashier (Vy Lnitrtt frcas ' MADISON, May 30.--A two months long Investigation of the robbery and m u r d e r of Elmer G. BalUs, late cashier of the First National bank here, has resulted In the indictment of Carl Florlta, 24, Cuckoo gang associate, and William 11. Etzil, 21, both already in cub- tody. Indictm- nt of Florlta and Etzel ·was disclosed late Tuesday, when Gov. Len Small at Springfield issued requisition papers for the return ol Etzol from St. Louis, where he Is held to Madison county Jnil, whore Florlta is held. Before the governoi acted, the two Indictments returned Tuesday, wore suppress! d. Murder Brutal One The m u r d e r of Baltz was one of the most brutal In the history of South- cm Illinois bank lobberics. He was »hot down by f i v e bandits who held him up is he em-iged from the Madison postofflce with a package of bank cunrncy containing $23,500. Washington Faces Locust Invasion; Fly in Clouds i nn Oiifrd Preii 1 WASHINGTON, May 30--The nation's capital faced an invasion by 17 year locusts Wednesday. Great swarms of the locusts emerged Sunday from nearby Virginia soil and started a migration toward Washington. Resembling low-hanging clouds, the/ drove back pedestrians and horse men, and advanced along the Potomac. Tuesday night they were reported in the woods near Arlington national cemetery. American Dead in Foreign Soil Not Forgotten (Continued from Page 1.) day had charge of the French-American observance of Memorial Day. Heirick attended services in the American church of St. Joseph and Frank H. Smith, a guard who ac S^^a^y^lhc 0 c±c con- j TM »- ---- ^eTa^h^e A^om, authorises are expected American cemcteiy at Surennesz, in to honor the Illinois requisition for tnc SUBU1BS ' *""e i -uu American Et/el'i ictm'n. He was ai rested at St Louli Mny 16 nnd held on a tecn- nicnl cluugc p e n d i n g action of the LAY MATTOON CHURCH STONE Hundreds Attend Ceremonies By Masonic Grand Lodge MATTOON, May 30--Laying of the cornerstone -of the Fiist Christian church in 1600 Wabash avenue at 4 o'clock Tuesday afternoon under auspices of the Giand Lodge of Masons, was attended by a large group ot persons. Music was furnished by the Boy's band. Prayer, Rev. Harris G. Beck; invl- :ation to Grand Lodge of Masons, to lay the cornerstone, read by J. F. McMahan, pastor of the new church; response, G. Haven Stephens of Danville, deputy grand master; prayer, grand chaplain; vocal solo, Mrs. J. R. Hendren; laying of the cornerstone; vocal duet, Mrs. George Alfred and Mrs. W. C. Humes; consecration of the coinerstone, by offl- ceis of the Krand Lodge ot Masons proclamation by the grand marshall; vocal quartet, Plua. M. Myers, Gleathon Timmons, L. O. Timmons, and Walter Timmons; oration, Rev. W. H. Pinkerton, of the King's Highway Christian church, of St Louis; benediction by the Grand chaplain. ' soldier dead are burled. 1JKCOKATE GBAVES j m y hi iv [I'lorlta was an cited A p i l l 2(1 at Colllnsvllle He has a. of moic four yonri. than 93 artests in WITH THE SICK I). A M, S. HOSPITAL Volley Winters! 1-142 Noith Cal- ster abbey, houn street It In good condition f o l l o w i n g a surgical operation. Alnruo Dhbiow, Wai rcnsburg, c o n t i n u e s unchanged Mr\ J K Sims 825 North Pine s h e e t shows no change She is u n d e r surgical e a i e Bomivcre Wallace of Assumption K turned home Wednesday. M y i l P.nli, 20 Central D n \ e \i do- Ul I mlrr! PKK I LONDON, May 30--America, Gicat Britain and Canada joined Wednesday in obseivlng America's Memorial Day. Graves of 1,000 Ameilcan war dead were decorated. American Consul-General Horace Washington, in the absence of Ambassador Houghton, attended a Me- moilal seivlce at St. Margaret's church, in the shadow of Wcstmin- DEDICATK MEMORIAL tOu Ulil'tf f ' i c i s ) ROMAGNE CEMETERY, Fiance May 30 --At the cemetery heie where 14,000 American heroes of the Woild war a i e buried. Mayor Harry A Mackey of Philadelphia said those who died wcie not to be pitied but rather to be envied because of "a condition service to humanity magnificently Mrs John ChilHtlans. Uibtinn, h| rendered." Improving with medical care, I The American mayoi was the prm- Miss U l l l n n Chantllci, 327 West cipal speaker Wednesday at the dedl- Ir.p; nicely Jeise t,. Bceiy of Germ ( J o i d o allows an I m p t o v c m e n t In htr Washington placed a wreath for the British unknown -warrior In the abbey. Prairie avenue Is steadily lallylng from nn operation. Miss Caryl Conely, Wnrrcnsburg, is doing well. Mi si. Kuwll K n i e i l c k . 1093 West I'.ldonulo street feels better. Mi'. Otto Fryman. 1S3Q East Leaf- lend avenue. Is doing nicely nft;i it surgical operation. N e l l i e Waul of Vcrnon is in tint condition, mimes report. Mr-i. Com Wyrlck of Shelbyvllle Is reported t e s t i n g well t.aura Vaughnn of Tuscola seems cation of the World war memorial j o f the state of Pennsylvania at Romagne cemetery. DECORATE GUAVES (Hi/ Inited Press ) PLYMOUTH, England, May 30.- Accompanicd by the mayor and other civil officials, officers of the U. S. Cruiser Detroit WednesViy decorated the graves in St. Andrew's chuich of William Allen, commanding the U. S. Argus, and Midshipman Richard Delphys, of the U. S S. Pelican, killed In action in August, 1813 in '. Ida Voorhlet. 310 N o i t h Pine bat t'c wl 'h a British fleet. sheet, has been doing exceptional ly well since she u n d e r w e n t a sin- giral operation David McClu-skej, Blue Mound, Is (teadlly l i n p i o v l n g l.iuiia Maddox. 5;!9 K;ist meet IK doing well u t t e r undei « s n i g i r a l opeifition Tuesday Harley Miles. Cisco, is f e e l i n g hettei lie is l e c o v e i l n g f i o m ai o p e i a t i o n A r t h u i McOlade. 935 North Low her s t i e e t Is t e s t t l n g comfortably. SHAFFER FUNERAL THURSDAY AFTERNOON n.-|. 213T North Mul MOWEAQUA, May SO -Funeral services for Mrs. Belle Shaffer, whose death followed a nervous breakdown she sustained when she had news of the failure of the First National bank here last week, will be hold Thursday afternoon at 1 o'clock. Butlal -will be in Bushnell. Mrs. Shaffer's savings were in the '." bank. She had supported herself by washing and housework. Mm. F t e i t h a Nelson South Jack- IJC||\lfi \ A / R O N R S I D E OF »nn N t i e e t , u n d e r w e n t a n operation U D I I M U W n U I M U d l U t UP Tuesday and IM doing well MIsH f.mlly Kex. 1168 KaH C'rianc! seems quite comfoitable SUBWAY COST $18.15 Byron Yetter, 2800 East Locust Mrs H It Schrcai of Waucns-| S t r c e t i , vas a r l 6 S ted Tuesday night lung. In b e t t e r i f o l U i l v l n g through the wrong side .r.irnei Host of Latham s u c c e ^ l o f the j RSpcr street subway. Yettei ·fully imdcnvenl an operation Wed | p i ciu i ecl guilty and was fined $1815 nesday m o r n i n g ^ j b y Justice Noble. ST. MARY'S HOSPITAL The condition of B t a n t W l r t M o n t l c c l l o continues unchanged Harold F.beile. 100! ICtist William · l i e e t . shows no change Lena Hawthorne, t)J9 South M a f f i l ·Heet IM l e s t l n g eaully Sam Bursteln 933 Kasl Eldouulo »tieet ha-) ie-entered the hospital for treatment and Is In .^ctloui con- d i t i o n He Is u n d c t t i e c a t c of a ·peclal muse. Churlei Patteraon of S u l l U n n entered for ."'iirgical treatment. M i k e Opoolka, i;!,"'t ICast O i c h a i d ·treet li now nble (o be up. M i s David Beggs. ICwlng avenue. ! BIRTHS o f ) Bom- To Mr. and Mrs Fred Jen- cany, 103rt East Giles street, a daughter. May 30, in St. Mary's hospital. The baby has been named Helen Louiie. Mis. Jendrny tefoie her manlage was Miss Freda Sa- logga. BKTUKN WITH MAX S h e i l f f ' s deputies returned at I , ' m i d n i g h t Tuesday from Muncie, ''I Ind., bunging Clyde Watkins, colored, to answer a charge of nonsupport entered by Watkin's wife. Watkins waived etxraditlon, and COMMENCEMENT IN NEOGA FRIDAY 31 Will Be Graduates From Township High School This Year NEOGA, May 29--Commencement excicises for N. T. H. S. will be held n the High school gymnasium Friday evening, June 1 with the following program: March, "Marcho Pontificiale--Vivian Swengel, invocation, Rev. R. R. Finlayson; chorus (a) Bells, of Hawaii; (b) Night- High school chorus; address--W. 13 J Giatz; quartet, "Good Night Be- ovetl" Mrs Paul Brewer, Mrs Floyd Curl; R. R. Loveall; C. E. wcngel; Mrs. George P. Dougherty, accompanist. Pies'entation of diplomas--Charles Allen; benediction--Rev ft. C. Cald- orwood. Members of this year's class are Maijorle Alexandei; Flank Fromme; Mary Biglei; Glavis Hull, Chester Baker; Dwight Hauls; George Brown; Helen Kepp; Naomi Burry: Edna Kimery. John Carruthers; Philomena Moran, Violet Cochran, Wikla Patterson, Earle Curry, Bernice Patterson, Katherine Fearday; George Reid; Edna Cuiiy; Mary Lois Quiett; Lcora Flanks; Emily Saigent; Vivian Seidler, Lucile Soliday; William Steger, Veta Tolch; Bernice Wilson, Nellie Wilson; Doro- Nichols, Cariol Coen, Robert Wollery. NEOGA, May 29--Class day exercises were observed in the N T. H S. Monday moining with the following piogram: Song, class histoiy, Mary Bigler; double quartet, "I Would That My Love," Lucile Soliday, violet Cochran, Gladys Burgess, Maxine Duddlesto, Grace McGinnis, Kathciine Fearday, Bernice Wilson and Gertrude Carruthers; class ;poem, Edna Kimery solo, Mrs. Paul Brewer; presentation of memorial, Vivian Seidlei; award of Cup for Inter-class Tournament, Neoga Loyalty, school. ROOF FIRE OCCURS IN DELANO RESIDENCE ·perns to have tnkcn n t t i i n for the t i f m e l y serious. Willie W e n t h f i t o u l . will have a hearing after information is filed against him in county couit. 9RO North Clinton street It iloing well nftei a gical operation Tuesday and her con- mirglonl op-ration Tuesday. clition Is entirely satisfactory. Kicd Klpp, OG5 South Webster Mrs Martha Hazelrlgg, 1228 North (ttroct In I m p r o v i n g with medical'Church street Is feeling better. cnrp . Pet" Sfkos, 341 East Prairie aven- Mri Gcoi'gc Slue-key, 1170 North Collegf it reel shows Improvement. ue, remains about the same. Mrs. Fmnk Slonaker, 1264 Noitli Mrs. William Wombixehcr. 6!6 East Wan en street Is doing well. Wood street u n d e t w e n t a major sur- 1 Mrs. Lcona Johnson, rout 8, Wil- r j s o n park, Is in serious condition ! w l t h an attack of pneumonia. William Smith of Lovlngton, work- nnue»Tin»TiniJ, man who waa in J ured last weel - LUIlO Ml AI IUN whl1 " Corking on route 121, Is vest. ilng well and is rapidly lecovering. ---- PIIDCC uUKdt DELAND, May 30--The fire department was called to the William Pel kins estate In the northwest pait of town, occupied by Scott Frazier, Saturday evening to put out a fire caused by a defective flue The lire which was burning beneath the roof had eaten its way through the weather boarding at the south end of the house. A portion of the weather boarding was torn off up near the roof, and by the aid and quick action of neighbors and townspeople, the fire which otherwise might have proved disastrous, was soon put out, with small damage to the residence J. N. Rodman has retuiued to his homt heie from Stillwell, I n d , neat v h p i c he had been overseeing farming interests the last two weeks. Mi. and Mrs. Fred Cooper are the paients of twin daugiiters, born in the family home heie, May 18. The giilc who weighed nine pounls each, have been named Thelma Jean and Vtlma June. Word leceived heie by relatives regarding the condition of Mrs Cli.ra Fox, who has been critically 1.1 of pneumonia in her home in Battle Creek, Mich , is that she is not improving satisfactory and her condition remains seriously Mrs. L H. Kobinson went to Battle Creek about a week ago upon leceiving the news of her daughter's Illness William Woolndge and family who have been living on the C. L. Galloway fai m, north of town have moved to Clinton. Mrs John Murphy, 345 West Waggoner stieet, shows a change for the better Her condition has been Eeri- ous. A Battle Creek physician says, "Constipation is responsible for more misery than any other cause." But Immediate, relief has bom __,,. found. A tablet called Kexall Order-1 Robcrt Golcmbeck, 1219 East Or lloa has been dlscov c ^u. ^injisj^xaD.«i j cnarc [ s ^ roe t W h 0 was critically in- fhVlSzv T-y r cvacuatlng k bowel ca'l- -l ured lftst week has 'allied and p"l the colon. The water loosens the'shows every indication of making rti'v food w«»t« nml causcs a gentle,^ rapid recovery, nurses said Wed- thorough, natural movement without nesday. forming a habit or over Increasing j MIS. Roy Green, 1312 East Oliv- tho dose. stieet seems bcttei Stop *"' f ''';'J, K oVdVr!'. Bt «lr?" ! Mlss R °sc Baling of Lake City is Next dnv bright. Get 2t for 25c to- f b l c to bo l 'P '" a ^heel chair She d»v Rt the nearest Kc.siul i.uug '"» s b( 'en under treatment for a bad- Store. ' l v " fractured leg. Greenwood Fair With flowers, a New Spirit (Continued from Page 1) them. On some of the lots are growing bushes in full flower. The Idea of a hardy perennial on a lot seems excellent until one investigates carefully. Peony shrubs kill the grass beneath them For that reason the association does not encourage them. The planting of rose rushes and trees is foi bidden, the only exception being the little ornamental evergreens. The G. A. R. lot on its beautiful little hill top was gay Wednesday with flags and flowers. Sometimes this spot has seemed neglected, but it's future preservation is assured. All the maikers are to be carefully replaced so that they will line in military precision. All the ground id to be icsodded and a fund established that will insure its continued beauty. Other associations are making similar provision for the future, * * * Last year something was said about the Richard Oglesby lot, where the first wife of the honored governor and the two children lie buried. The broken curbing has been removed and the lot re-graded and sodded. In this renovated lot Robert Oglesby son of the governor, was laid to rest within the year after an adventurous life. Perpetual caie had not been fee- cured, though directois arc hoping that this may come. * * * Greenwood enshiincs the past and the past too seldom had a regard for the beauty of simplicity. The Henry Prattler lot with its iron fence ! n which a grape vine twines recalls the tastes of 50 years ago. Nothing has been changed. Not far away is the tall shaft marking the grave of J. T B. Stapp, a great name in its day, for Mr. Stapp was the donor of Stapp's chapel, the forerunner of Grace Methodist chuich. The place is a ruin. The tornado which swept through the cemetery a yeai ago took off the top of the monument, and the smaller stones in tangled grass show the marks of time and neglect. Nobody caies. At the junction of two cemetery streets a tall monument of ted gian- ite marks the lot of William Lintner, one of Dccatur's early industrialists, the founder of the fuiniture factoiy in fact Weeds have claimed it, ami it is as bare of flowers as the sad little potter's field wheic paupers were once buried * · · Fianklin Piiest was once the mayor of the city, and the ownei of the first street can line No one does revei cnce to his last testing place -"Change and decay in all aiound," and under the massive stone where John W. Butman, foimoi manager of the gas company, lies buried, the grass grows tall These and othei lots whose oug- inal owners have long since gone and whose heirs, if living, have not th" money, the pride or interest, to keep up appearances, give Greenwood us reputation as a neglected ccmcteiy, a reputation from which directors and other friends are trying to rescue It And J5100 would have kept these lots trim and atti active through the years. DEATH CLAIMS WINDSOR MAN Funeral Services for W. H. Frizzell Held Sunday WINDSOR, May 29--William H Frizzell, aged 63 years, died in his home in Windsoi Friday, May 25, after a long illness of tuberculosis and stomach trouble. He leaves his wife, who before her marriage to him in 1885 was Miss Gabriella Gordon and two sisters, Mrs, Nettie Carbeiry of Los Angeles, Cal, and Mrs Sclina Spurlin of Windsor. Funeral services were held in the family home in Windsor Sunday with Rev. L. Z. Smith of the Christian church in charge. Singing was by ai quartet consisting of T. C. Wallace, George E. Dunscomb, C. O. Solana and J. A. Alexander. Burial was in Richland cemetery under auspices of Fidelity lodge I. O. O. F. of which Mr. Frizzell has been a member for many years. Among those from out of town who were here to attend the funeral were Mr. and Mrs. Louis Frizzell and wife of Decatur, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Thomas of Decatur, Mr. and Mrs. Lytton Garvin and son of Mattoon, Fred Leffler of Arcola, Mr. and Mis. J. T. Zimmer of Shelbyvllle. 60 TO'GRADUlTE IN SHELBYVILLE 16 Will Receive Awards for Honor Work at Commencement FORMER LOUISVILLE RESIDENT IS DEAD LOUISVILLE, May 29 --Mrs W. E. Burgett died suddenly of chiomc heait tiouble in hej home in Onarga, Monday. The body, accompanied by relatives and friends, was bi ought to the home of a foimci friend, Mrs. Louella Goodenough, here, Thursday, and was then taken to the Methodist church, where the burial was conducted by her former pastor, Rev. C. H. Spragg, now of Farma. A male quartet sang, and Mrs Ruby Tanner-Campbell of Flora, a close friend of the Burgett family, sang Bearers were also old friends of this family. They were A. N. Tolliver, Fred McCollum, Peail Speaks, Rufus Beard, James Cogswell and Vein Dillman. Burial was at Orchard Hill cemetery near the side of her mother, Mrs. Bradley. Mis. Burgett leaves in her immediate family her husband and one daughter, Mrs Dixie Stockton, and a granddaughter, Geraldine Stockton and her son in law, Gasper Stockton of Tamaroa, III. Miss Dixie Bradley, who has made her home with the Buigefts at Onai- ga, and a sister of the deceased, was present at the funeial. Others attending were Mr. and Mrs. John W. Thomason and neighbors of the family, of Onarga, Mr and Mis Bert Goodenough of Gieen- castle, Ind , ^^d Rev, and Mrs. C. H. Spragg of Farina. NEW YORK RESIDENTS VISITING IN TUSCOLA TUSCOLA, May 29.--Mrs John L Vance of New York, aruved Tuesday to visit with her mother and sistei, Mrs. E. Y. McCarty and Miss Frances McCarty, and brothers Will and John McCarty Mrs. Vance and Miss Frances McCarty will go to Chicago June 14 and will attend the commencement festivities at Northwestern of which school both are graduates They will attend the wedding of Miss Irene Bollman, a foimer Tuscola resident in Chicago June 16 at which Miss Frances will be maid of honor Shampoo Yourself With Cuticura Soap Anoint the scalp, especially spots of dandruff and itching if any, with Cuticura Ointment. inen shampoo with a suds of Cuticura Soap" and warm water. Rinse thoroughly. A healthy scalp usually means good hair. . Cuticur« Sh.-nn. Stick 2Sc. SHELBYVILLE, May 30 --Supt. of Schools R. C. Smith announced the personnel of the '28 giaduating class of the Shelbyvllle High school Monday. Of the 60 members composing the class, 16 are honor students, and will receive plm at the graduating exercises on Thursday evening as well as sheepskins. The class' Geoige Aichele, Doloris Baptist, Vivian Baptist, Rella Barbee, Standish Barnes, Ruth Beem, Frances Bodell Paul Brant, Elizabeth Chapman, Eliza Cooper, Geneva Cordray, Kenneth Coiley, Ruth Cot- ley, Cecil Crum, Opal Culberson, Arnold Downs, Billie Dale, Leonard Douthit, Dorothy Epperson, Connne Figging, Harry Flennci, Grace FUIT, Floyd Gams, Zelma Getz, Mamie Hill, Homei Hilliard. Caiolyn Hopkins, Pearl Jackson, Dexter Kensil, Gcnevieve Klausei, Claude Krajefska, Evelyn Lantz, King Lantz, Sadie Leiby, Gladys Love, Stephen, Lumpp, Hazel Mahon, Roy Mai tin, Marcus Mercer, Bertha Mochel, John Mont- gomeiy Irene Oarc, Theo. O'Brien, Faye Olmstead, Wanda Ferryman, Zola Pikesh, Robeit Rmgle, Gladys Banner, Evelyn Schafer, Mary Ellen Shoaff, Cleta H Smith, Lucile Smith, Viiginia Spracklm, Agnes Tice, Leverett Ticc, Clark Turney, Eunice Tuschhoff, Betty Walkei, Helen Dove, Earl Quigley. BILEK~FUNERAL IN ALMA SUNDAY ALMA, May 29 -- Funeral services for Mrs. S. Bilek, 83 years old wete conducted by Rev. W. E. Wiight at Gieenudge church Sunday afternoon. Burial was in Green- ndge cemetery. Mrs. Bilek leaves two sons and two daughters, James and Joseph Bilek and Miss Maty and Miss Emma Bilek, all of Alma. Melting Snow on Mountain Crests Result in Floods tiitt i J nii.'i rtn'H i DENVER, Col., May 30--Summer-like heat radiating from a blazing sun is melting snow in the mountains so rapidly that streams and rivers throughout Colorado already at flood stage, are rising swiftly. Workmeh tolled w i t h sand bags and shovels in an c f f o i t to confine a reservoir to its banks and to keep streams from flooding the countryside at Salida, Ccl The banks of the Little n v r r neat there were strengthened while searchois attempted to recover the bodies of two unidenti fled laboters drowned Tuesday. Border Troubles in Balkans Rouse Fears of Outbreak (Continued from Page I.) her ulster, Mrs. Wlldle Donaldson and their nephew, Dwlght Jonen, formerly of Charlestpn, were Bcriouely injured In an auto collision. Mr. Jones, 28 years of age, was Icuocked unconscious and la believed to have been fatally Injured, and his nant, Mis. Donaldson, although Improving, was «eriou«ly in.iurcd. Thirteen stitches were taken to close a wound In her head. The accident, Mrs. Gingrey learned In the message, occurred at n street Intersection when an auto ran from a Hide street and struck the Jones car broadside. The Jone.s machine was overturned three times by the impact. Mrs. Donaldson and Mrs. Gingrcy are daughters of Fountain Jones, well known former employe of the Clover Leaf shops. Dwight Jones, grandson of Mi. Jones, who w a -m- ployed in the shopa here, left a short time ago for Hammond. IOLA COUPLE WED AT SAILOR SPRINGS TOLA, May 20 -Frank Moan h. purchased the store building ownVi by James Fender and In preS to move the poatoffice fixture. | nt ""f The Domestic Science club » n meet June 5th with Mr, w H Wlseheart, with MTM. A E ' vl Mr«. Qlcn Oullett of Littl* Hock A r k , passed the week with Mr , , Mrs. L. C. Gullet. ' aml Born--To Mr. and Mrs r « Cantrcll, May 24, twin hoys weighed 6 and 61 pounds ami been named Charlfi Dee and as Lee. Mr.,, cantrell was Lottie Freeman before her ' M, 3 . T B. Morgan and t r dren, of Robinson, passed a. p a -t of last week with Mrs R 0 , e An ' en from this group that is kindling I he anti-Italian spirit throughout th( \ugo-Slav nation. Demonstrations Continue One police manifesto warned ( h e populace against demonstration." and threatened to employ fuearms if necessary to prevent f u r t h e r disorders. Despite these warnings th" demonstrations continued t h i o u g h out Tuesday. Well-informed poisons h e i e belif · the cabinet's position has been sha ken by the demonstiations and that the cabinet will resign "Shortly. Cabinet May Quit The recent and sudden i c t u i n of the king to the capita], aftei a visit in southern Yugo Slavia, increased the belief the cabinet would resign The Yugo-Slav press Wednesday, however, printed reports that anli- Yugo-Slav demonstration? had been carried out in Trieste, Ban. and Fiume where it was leported Yugoslav flags had been burned The press reported that Tncst'- demonstratore demanded immediat' war while the reports said thp Flume demonstiators attempted to cross a bridge on the frontier and battle with the Yugo-Slavs The} were restrained by police. F Let Somebody Else Do Some of the Talking T N ONE way if s hard for us to talk about *- Delco-Light. We're apt to get enthusiastic and serve a lot of sound facts that seem too good to be true. So when we feel ourselves slipping, we simply turn the microphone over to one of our good friends and let him do the talking. For instance: ~« ACCIDENT VICTIMS Former Charleston Residents Xow , Living in Indiana Painfully i Hurt ! CHARLESTON, May 2 9 -- M i s 1 lyde Gingrey has received woi d ' from Hammond, Ind..that on Sundavi Fred I/. TiUlicli, D c a t u r R. "In. 7, J 'A milp nnrl Forftithe, H U J H : M i v · ·?.? i n M-ii'll, J 1 I T 1 p'.i'li.i'M n. TH] o l i g h t [' n- l n \ c UHf- 1 it r o m f n u o i r ly at H. \ri\ ]IA ',?' for i,p«"R 3TH!'*l! I f f c B t h a n th'- rot- f o r ( l t 11^"' ST.'"' T h l M I j t T,l$ht furl)l5he» llghm for Jii )i«un. K^' iff. lj..,iih 3 ard, an'J alfo operal/'s art ruu'jmati" ^ % a f r t^»i*rn \.t~ · learu-r, washing m p f h l n r . toaEU'i. ami f U r t r J c i r o n In 1920 an o v o r n ^ a t ' c l Jurnru* 1 yft firr. to rn l.oi.^ 1m -ncdiaUly cDnn*(tr»l th Rprd* n hop, t o our n u t o uau-r ,«yatpm and p1a*d W A U - on 111* f i r e for »\t-- hourf and in t h i s U.R-V confined UK f i r e 10 -hf Ija ( r \\ p cinnoT praun 1 ' It o-J^lKlit too hishl -- it hBi pt h * sreau-st « i n \ " n | r n f « ·· yiti\i k n o w n , b"i'lr^ h., uftw.rt m o m y In mam ·· a ' Txtrp an!** TO p j ' m,- it., in 19CO f^H^f-^l t h o u s a n d s o bppn jjOKMlil* hail T l i f f A u t o m a t i c M atei Si u tt n h of i n i f T a i r i v o ifn*. o , n \ \ h K h \ \ l t h o u t B' 1- o-LigY i ari'l truly \oi,r« Fred L. If you enjoyed this program, tune in on at any time for further particular*. GILL DAVIS 154 Merchant St., Decatur, III. Jtat p*me or Jftf mt * art tnl m bring Oe/nr Light to your home for a night ttrmonrtmtum ' DELCO-LIGHT WATER ELECTRIC _ _ _ PLANTS "^ PRODUCTS OF GENERAL MOTORS Mk and Guaranteed by DeJco-Ught Company, Dayton,Ohio. PICNIC DINNER IN JENNINGS PARK, NEOGA NEOGA, May 29--A picnic dinner was given at Jennings park Sunday at noon in honor of Mr and Mrs. A Hackman and family who will leave about June 1 for Champaign, where they will make their home for the present. Nearest Black Hills ·/South Dakota Beautiful winding mountain. trails, down thru deep colorful canyons, then up thru fragrant murmuring pines -- clear crisp western air -- crystal !ake«, sparkling brooks -- the most ideal vacation iand in America -- an endless variety of things to do and see. Chicago . North Western offers a choice of various interesting routes to thu enchanting country. You may go one way and return another. LOW SUMMER FARES Let ui thow you how Inexpcntive · vicitlon to the BUck Hilli cin be. TTntt/w Muttnatd "Va" m/orrruinon. Adifotu T. B. Mnln Diriiioo Pw'r A NORTHWESTERN RAILWAY Genuine Glen Esk Suits are Plainly Labeled for Your Protection Smart If you find satisfaction in knowing the suit you wear is styled like the newest models made by metropolitan tailors . . . . Glen E s k i s f o r you. Fabrics in the finest of modern weaves . . . hand tailored throughout by men \vhai take pride in their craft. Time saving clothing service. Men ar'e no longer confronted with making a decision between qualities each time they select a suit. Those who want the best simply say, "I want to see the Glen Esk patterns." Glen Esk Suits DECATUR'S GREATEST CLOTHING STORE y man w M'// erettva/// wear NoE for Members That the · no liquor inti investigation o cause it had r ficient evidem conditions w« Wednesday of Rev. Fred VV supposedly gup with s. long IIP who took liquid room, presented dcncc, these ofl two hourV tp«'ir. there was no'h base an i n d i r t n bootleggers why tion. The Methods and protected hi jrgal precaution indictment for p portation a-i to ?nd testimony u?c. the offi'" mon tapirs.' or" It wa.1 too vaeijf cution of I'gai ' The f o u r pn' T'.rv Mr Jnfr.o!' jury cnambPi r«- «gcnt, and d i d r he wa- purcha. n Since th" M"t" and th* 1 " no indictment*- ; poctible mfeiT.' opinion Eithr~ grand jury wa." the charzr-=. "Xo Kea! Dr. G A. P-.p Westminster Pr nnd foi cman o r t of the j u i y ' c art.c no e\idcnc" on -.^ to base a rr.rr, knows that ' i q j c But common kr,o^ stitute l"gal proof dence on winch i convict. A ton of t at wholesale cor.' ·n 01 th an ounce dence. "Too many per selves behind If, legal anonymity i out and braiely f know. "As for the ]un men of the c jury of 23 men z be avowed wets : to block a 5ing!j it only requites tr diet. "Tcstimonj 1 ' Naturally the passed largely w i t fotgery, laiccny i It did, however of liquor testimor fairly.' 1 That the grant: charges that booi mg protection fro- was learned Wedi this connection it lice Chief Ed Wi Smith and State I-'".Ans were calle The jury ho-vc ing in the chaiges foi cman. Couldn't Id State's Attoincy plamcd the jur's same manner, couldn't Indict wit] denee,' he said. ' 1 *i!l make his pure their source, we' case." Rev. Mr. Ingvol fused to make ai cept for saying, ' would do, and me had threatcne.d to broadside ' unless fan-". Return 33 Tru Two Not True Reporting late T the Macon county turned 33 true bi Indictments was 01 The grand jury Dills against Mun cused of grand -ar John Laska, hcl charge. Indictments rctu /those of Andrew J lary and larceny a oowsk'i for assaul Kill. Four bills wi Harry R 0 i y a n j j robbery, and four returned against E ula Hamilton an grand larceny and lection with a scr ·tore robberies. Indicted i Oscar Sharlock Pftit larceny and Ellison was indict jnent, Dewcy Gadb TMr burglary and 1 flfopkms was mdi 1th a gun. James L. Jolly Shoes Sell for$ Stylish shoes do not linger long in J nw ones arc const Br Ehts Shoe Dep JEWS PA PER I NFWSFAPF.R!

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