The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on October 14, 1955 · Page 3
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 3

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 14, 1955
Page 3
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HM Drily Roister, HarrkbiMf, Illtaofe Friday. October 14, 1955 Pag* fteccoe 7/iree £AF Flyer* from Seo; No Mope for Seven Others LON'DONDKHKY. Ireland 'in - Kescuers plucked the bodies of three Royal Air Forte new men from the .storm t isscd \ t l a - i t i c to day after their bomber crashed during a seanh for a sinking trawler. The bod n \ wen* found floating in the sea by the C a n a d i a n frigate I'restomn and the l i n t *h I n n a t e WUard. two of the lour ships ca'l erl out to seait'i fiii tl,c cashed Neptune patrol bomber MAF o f l i t l a l s saul there .\as lit tie hope for the Neptune's other .seven crew member-, The Daily Kciuster 2P- a week Believe Brothers' Death from Food In TRAIK NOW Coal Heater FMWKNVK WARM M O K M N C Lowest Possible Prices K:is\ Credit No Carr inj; Charge C. F. GIDCUMB EAST SIDK NKW ORLEANS W--Two small brother*, who spent their childhood begging and scaveoKing for f(MMl in garbage cans, apparently died of eating contaminated food obtained in one of their alley for- a x s . authorities laid today The lxs, Laurence Bau^hman. 17. and hU brother. WiUmm J r . G died Thursday in Charity hospital They were found critically ill in a shabby one room apartment where they had lived m squalor with their five sisters and their parents The father, tall, thin William Hautjhman, a 29-ear old uoem plo.ved longshoreman from Bogalusa La said illness had kept him fiom work He and his wife Mere charged with criminal ne iili'L-l of their family and contnbu lint; to the delinquency of juve niles The parents could not produce bond arid were jailed on the chart! es '1 he father said from his cell at the New Orleans City Jail that he hopes to be able to find a new job when he is freed. The English first used cotton to make cnndlcwicks. CX7JMI Se« this grtat new Admiral. 30" FLIX-O-HIAT ELICTftK RAMOI witbGiacrtEcMMsjyOvtM MoaM MHIt Lets you dial exactly the right heat on all 4 Surface Units! C. F. Gidcumb EAST SIDE SQUARE i THE STOBY: A treasure erwbe. 'an tBtenuUsmftl man el atystery and a pretty girl already make tfcjbits ktfetvttlM to Bobert Deasw. i America* crlnUnoloKlst, who Is as- ·ociafd with Ike British detective 'Bertraod Lynch. The itr* detectives are to guard Ylggo Sand, the 'yacht owner. But sunteone has Just thrown a knife at Mr. Sand. * * * IV Belatedly. 1 leapt t» action After all I was the yacht dick I sped round the corner of the cabin housing The stern deck, not surprisingly, was empty Taking its rubber-tread steps three at a time, I leapt up the ladder like stairw ay 'to the upper boat deck Though, up there, there were many sha ,dows and places of concealment, I contrived to look in all of them No one there In another moment ' I had circled the promenade deck, too. and was back \.here I had started 1 wa* puffing, perhaps, just a little more than necessary | "1 found no trace of the assailant," 1 reported , What a silly way to talk "I shall, however, at once con suit with Mr Lynch." 1 declaimed i"l am confident we .shall la him by the heels " That sounded even 'worse' Sand stared at me and moved .in a ponderous nod "Mr. Deane, 1 uu will be good enough to ac- icompany me to m cabin''" Viggo Sand was shaking Mr Sand, 1 perceived, was good and scared The trouble was that m all m "ife 1 had k n o w n i" even known of, only one complete master of the difficult art of knife-throw ing That master was Bertram Lnch He bad learned it. he once told me, in Marseilles He was convinced that for his needs, it was the perfect weapon Like his peculiar trade, it was silent, secret And almost impossible to associate v ·»*· --· "*ie .so invincibly British as himself. surprise, Lily Wyndam was still on deck "A gallant pair, I must say'" "Who'' Me'" "You're not a pair, big as ou are. 1 mean you and Viggo Dart ing off like that leaving me alone with a murderer at large I think modern men are just dick'" "I'm terribly sorry 1 just didn't think--" "Never mind There's no one on this barge who knows me well enough to murder me Except Viggo And I had my eye on him 'Who do you think it was*" ! "1 don't know " | "What an amusing mind! Why aren't you looking for that knife- ,thro»er*" I "Because 1 haven't the dimmest 1 notion where to look " "An honest answer, Deane An honest answer Since jou're not pressed then. I'll tell you why 1 lingered here to chat with ou " "Yes?" "To tell you that Vijjuo is an un mitigated liar About Braun " "Fire when you're ready " i » · » Lily Wndam peered carefully into the surrounding gloom With accustomed ees one could sec · u t e c'.'arly It was an enchant ing night. "We were about h a l f w a y over." said Lily "As Vijjjjo said m hjs own of honesty, it w a s rath er storm The Vittona was jump ing about like one of those absurd Mexican beans I suppose it was very late at m«ht Three-ish An way. I was sound asleep " , "How pretty you must look " "Down. Rover," said Lily mat- ter-of-factly "I heard someone 'running Someone who stumbled with a loud bang against my door The first thing I did, naturallj. was to reach out to turn on the light by my bed It didn't go on Nothing hapoened So 1 \- r-nt to , the door and opened it just the least bit and peeked out That big, mean-looking (Jerman--Heitzig, I think his name is--who is the night watchman or something, was rattling Braun's doorknob Me had a flashlight The next ininuti-, . iiigo appca.-td He had a flashlight too He \vas wearing, one 1 ' ' -.,-riiv br'r- i.,,* ,,·» c" hr-1 t red pajamas He looked like a fire t uc.i'll bi.tuu -ii.s Lao* 1 : 0 1 this side of the ship, is just beond my step-mother's, and mine is next ; to hcr'i Number D, in fact--" i ' mank you " "A detective should know these ithings I was saying, Braun man aged to get his door open from in - do and came wobbling out into the corridor. You gather there \\erc no lights ttiere e.ther' Ap parently the mam switch had fail cd " "Or someone had pulled it " » * * "You will soon. Robert, be at the top of jour profession Stop interrupting About the time Vig 20 showed up Braun came out He was deadly \\hite The watch man had to reach out and hold him All this time, ou under stand, I was pecking w i t h natural girlish cunos;t through the crack in mv clooi." "Yes 9 " 1 urged "In a minute the bundled Braun back into his cabin and then the watchman went and got Reg Dib ble Dibble, as you may or may not know, is ever at Vigi?o's ri^h't hand Rc at iea«t v-ed some glimmering of sense and went and f«tchi-d the Innocuous Nor\\f«ian , Dr Lund, Viggo's Roal Physi Clan Dr Lund's cab:n is just be between yours and mine "There was some very hushed and whispery coming and t»omg ufri!e I suppose. Braun got him self swabbed off and tied up " (To Be Continued) Bam Wedding Marches in Chicago Churches I CHICAGO w -- Samuel Cardinal Strltch ha» banned the Wagner and Mendelssohn wedding marches i and "U PrpmiM Me" from mar I riafe ceremonies ia Chicago Cath olic- churches. | The cardinal, in a mandatory order issued Thursday, also ex | eluded "I Lov« You Truly," "Because." and the two most pop' I versions of "Ave Maria" by Schu bert and Bach-Gounod. The baa ts effective Nov. 27 and i.s based on the recommendation of ·«·»»*, *ff* r£ with an Automatic Electric Dryer Drying clothes is · ple«sant task, not a drudg* job you dr««d every week, with your own tim* and work saving Automatic Electric Dryer. Clothts dry quickly, fluffy, fresh-smelling with electee's "Built-in Sunshin*." Just s«t th« did! -- th« Dryer do«s the rest. Damp dry for ironing or completely dry, ready to put away. And with «ll th«s* advantages, you'll find it costs to very little to dry clottws th« mod«m way. Coo/, Labor, Rail Groups Oppose Plan to Import Gas WASHINGTON HP -- The coal i n d u s t i x , railroads «uid labor «r ups united toclav m opposing proposals to import Canadian natural gas i n t o the northern mid westein states and to export "V nit i n a n ,ias to eastern Canada The Tennpssre Cas Transmission C'o and a n e w l y formed af- i i ' u t e . Midwestern Gas 'I iansmi..-.- ··ion ( o , h a \ c lilcd applications before the Federal Power Com mission to import gas from Can pda f i r distribution in Minnesota, Wisconsin, M i c h i g a n and North Dakota Tho\ a'so ha- o applied for per- tTission to \iin!t A m e r i c a n {'as at N i a g a r a F a l l s , N Y . to develop markets in eastern Canada until a proposed all Canada pipeline Irom A l b c i t a to Toronto is built The nppu-iint; qroups will tcstil at h t a n n s h t ' o r r file KI'C WASH CLOTHES BY SETTING A DIAL You srt the d'a' ind your Automatic Electric W«th«r d««i Hi* rc^t ~-- wjihmij, nrum^ damp drying, cleaning itiatf, shutting itttK of No rrof clothrt wringing, plunging your handt in scaldiof wafer Wan nj is done quickly. af*ly, and at low cost. FOR EASY. FAST IRONING Don't put up with "bact-brvatin?" drudg* ironing. Lat a* Automatic Elactric Iranar wort for y*« wnita you sit down and quid* tha clothas to ironing parfaction. SimpU. aaty oo*ra- tion. and tha cott n so vary Kttta par job. SEE THEM NOW AT YOUR FAVORITE ELECTRIC APPLIANCE STOKE "YOU ARE THERE"--CIS tobvMon--wrtrms rmtory'. graat e»*n».-EVERY SUNDAY CENTRAL ILLINOIS PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY Freed Couple Reports Food Shortages in China KOBK J a p a n IP 1 --An A m e r i c a n businessman and his w i f e a i n \ e d in J a p a n today from semi deton t, m m ( ommun.-t i hina and re ported "serious" food short,i« s m Shanghai Tho coup'e w e r e Howard I. i Cap p \ ) Uicks H-, and his w i f e L.vdia. Gl Thev were the latrst Anien cans to be freed from 1'ed Ch na under a r r p a t i lation plan nt'gotiat ed it ( i e n c v a They arrived in this southern Japanese port d:rcctl from Shan ghai aboard the Dutch ship, Straat Bah Ricks, a native of Boscobel, Wis . haa lived in I hina for 40 years where he operated the General Mo- trs and fro-.I agencies and headed Bils Motor.s in Shanghai Mrs Ricks w a s horn in Shanghai of British parents They were fie i:th and 16lh Americans to leave Red China un der the Geneva agreements Forty- one Americans in China were nam ed by the State Department but Red China recently has hinted there were 66 there, apparently including 16 turncoat soldiers from the Korean war T1c Ricks were met by their son. John, a Tokyo businessman whom they had not seen since 1947. the archdioceian commission of ·acred music. The commission based its report on whether the selections h»d "the essential quality of all sacred j music--namely sanctity," the car- ,duial said I The Wagner and Mendelssohn wedilmg marches, ti udilionally pLed w h t n the bride enters the church and when the married (ouple leaves, were written for the opt ras · Lohengrin ' and tne *uilc "M id s u m m e r Nights On am," t!,f c iinmission noted Since the were composed ex- pit v i s ( ,: tv i J n - j t n , tht «,m- riis«.|n'i s.iuJ, the\ ' thercloK ob- v iousl\ !j(k tne l i r ^ t ie'|uisite uf -ui r i' !·· 'c .in l i t v ' J ' t ' i i i !-, Mi ' \ v j s iii'ed out Dento To Attend Dinner CHICAGO W -- If Adlai E. Stevenson deckles to announce he to a G. Aftw WM n* WUIfttatt "Then we'll aak him." Atvty said. candidate for President at i "H*'» rappaMd to bt." WM tat Chicago Democratic meeting Nov. «sw*r. 19. he will have to do it in front of most of the other possible Democratic nominees. Democratic National Comimtte- mun Jacob M. Arvey announced Thursday that Gov Averell Harriman of New York and Sen. Kites because it cume from an opera. ·1 l»u You Truly" on grounds t h a t it is "profane." and "Be" because it is "spectacu- A mobile testing train electrically controlled, the only on* ta the world, is employed on British Railways to measure the exact r*. I lationnhip between fuel consump- ' tion and power and speed of locomotives. I The ukelate became popular in 'Hawaii about 1877. Most Modem Truck Features of Alt! Chevrolet Task-Force Trucks New concealed Safety Step! New High-Level ventilation! ^ew panoramic windshield! You get the most modern features in today's most modern trucks! Anything less is an old-fashioned truck! They're loaded with far-ahead features that mean big-dollar savings on your job! Most modern power-V8 or 6! Modern, money-saving V8's with the shortest stroke of any leading truck V8! V8 is standard in the new L.C.F. models, an extra-cost option in all others except Forward Control New Chevrolet trucks offer the industry's most advanced sixes, too. And all engines have a modern 12-\ olt electrical system for quicker starting and smoother going. Mn^t modern styling! New Chevrolet trucks are the only Work- Styled trucks, with a fresh, functional appearance that's tailored to the job. Two distinctly different styling treatments are offered-one for light- and medium-duty models, another for heavy-duty. Come on in and see how far ahead you'll be with a new Chevrolet truck I Year after Year America's Best Selling Truck PHONES 68 -- 69 SALINE MOTOR COMPANY HARRISBURG, ILLINOIS Waxh white nylons because th#y tend to "steal" rjre from coforM artkles. SPECIAL FOR SATURDAY ONLY... LAY-AWAY One Group of Dacron Gabardine Topcoats at a New Low Price . . . Greys.. Tc'iis. . . Mixtures Regulars. . . Sho»ij. . . Longs (A Small Deposit wii! Hold Any Coat) Be Here Early For L^st Se'! CLOTHING HOUSE North Side Square Eagle Stamps, Naturally! Saturday Special! (icnuine Fur Felt MEN'S HATS All Fur Felts, (·ra* and Browns 5

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