Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey on November 26, 1910 · Page 10
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Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey · Page 10

Trenton, New Jersey
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Saturday, November 26, 1910
Page 10
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£tttWS. TAKES 18,657 MEN TO POLICE They Guard an Area of 699.42 Square Miles Rated at $276,089,665 LOKDON. Nov. 25. -- Interesting statistics as well as striking facts are to be found In the latest reports of the London Commissioner of Police. The area covered by his fore* of 18,657 men is S99.42 square miles containing taxable property valued at $S76,0$9.66. The force Is divided as follows: 33 superintendents. 69S Inspectors. 2.4ST sergeants, and 15.570 constables, or patrolmen. In 1909 th-'re was dally an average of one-fourreenth.; of the force away from duty, fn accordance with the regulation granting one day's leave In a fortnight to earn man. About 60 ler cent- of the ' men on duty are enraged at night- from 10 p. m. to 6 j» m. The pav of the force was $i.- 999.215. The number of persons apprehended by the London police In 1909 was 112.642 Of these, 3.459 were convicted at sessions, S1.1Q8 were convicted by magistrates. 732 were acquitted (bills Ignored, etc.*. at- sessions, and 24.99! were discharged by magistrates. The number of criminal offenses, felonies. · burglaries, and house-breakings has decreased. Nineteen cases of murder ·u-ere reported. In eleven cases arrests were made, and in six the murderers committed suicide. Of the fourteen persons apprehended, seven were convicted and sentenced to death, four were found to be insane at the tlma of th« murder, and one on arraignment. One accused person -was discharged by a magistrate, and In the other case the bill was ignored by the grand jury. Identifications by the fineer -print system, says the commissioner, show a substiurtial increase, 9.960 being recorded. as against 9,440 in 1908. Of 'these, 6.3SS were f^r provincial police forces. The method continues to give unqualified satisfaction, not only in the United Kingdom, but also, It Is believed, in all other countries where Introduced. Amons: the statistics relating to street accidents. It, Is shown that 306 persons were killed and 15,574 Injured. Of the deaths. 255 were caused by accidents in which vehicles were concerned. and of those vehicles 163 were motor-driven; 115 of the deaths -were of persons under 15 years of age. The abserit-mindness of the public in the matter of lost property shows -ho slackening. There were found during the year 65,375 articles lost in public carriages, there being +.9SR more than In 1908. Of these, 28,06:2 were restored to owners, their value estimated at $140.735. Curing .1909 the following licenses - were issued for public vehicles: Hansom cabs ........... ....... 3.299 Four-wheeled cabs ---- ..... ......3,263 Motor cabs ...... . . . ... ...... ... 3,956 Motor-drawn omnibuses Motor omnibuses ---- ...,/..... 1,180 Horse-drawn trajncara i ......... '239 Mechanical tramcars ......... ; 3,198 Total ____ ..... .....:.........ii6,9p6 OBJECT TO .HIGHER PRICES. German Socialists Aroused on the Co»t of Living There. ; BERLIN. Nov. 25.-- When Reichstag .' reconvened this week, the Socialists announced two interpellations, one regarding recent speeches by the Eirc- peror and the o.ther inquiring Into the cause' 'of 'the high prices of meaT and what the Government proposed "to do to alleviate conditions. Both .-subjects are expected to lead to animated debates. . - . ·- .':·.,:,·.:.-.··:., ,;i._--.L»'':c:..v-'.~ Important matters of legislation that will-come up are the .so-called "qalh- quennate." fixing 'the :term of coin- ..·pulsqr'y. . military service :at sflv? r - arid a revision _of the penal .code. , SMALL BOY A HERO. - Stops Runaway 'and -9«ves LHil» ·':-··'-'-'.'·'. - . " ierV Life. ' . - - ' - ' - BEVKRLY. ?£i- .t., Nov. Craven is oiilr 11. years old, but; he '·' Is a liero. all right. The lad sells but - -ter .aijdeggs, -driving his father te^m -His 8-year-oM-' sister : :was. w l t ' '- in v'the: wagons the other day, and; .-Be was serving; a.customefcoil t h v ;: ihe horse' tooK" fright and - started. "- off; i: ; . ;T1ie -iittle ;gtrl ::screanierfanai.Eddie - : jtttriped. catclting^the.^horse's; bridle- jttst as lit began to run. /.The lad: ivjisydra.jf* ; ge3 some distance tlow_n~ the street^ but - pluckily sftiek ,t« the'.: bf-idie,' i-tHl^fi-.c stopped; five beast; and saved- Ms" sister ' ifrmn: prob;aWe injur or T defttfi',V : ::*.Se .then went on -TyJth." hts:buslije»B.:;. ;~:~ Off VVOBM^ So t'H* Gx»i Ones "Dbiibfe -in "Price in Nov.. . .- ; Jrrti Wed ; -at- price Kere. wh en . ft isfitn^sd "; that r ari-.alderina.n.: : hiuJ flney fhr°e yle;aler."s- : .:*6O : each - i eif-- jrejllnir ~-*B caved nuts. The men. hav0uftUl /next .wWlt; to collect .frota.Jthe wholesaJe ! ; wfio : brcriight: the ; "niits ; into; the city, --"- Meantime all dealers Went oVer/thel? - ' ^ fjtrU .of %!«*- . lifted;* ;thi :from=5,tp- 1« cents/ JC. bag, Jer of theV Pure: Food Bureau? of t h De. ; partment at. Agricalturer said ;to .court that :tb«^nereased-prlc» waa-jtistlf}«, sirfce: m S-cntJbags: of nad . worthless. : ' " MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATJOT* 1* ' · · - - TS«r Presb'yterlaii Minister!*! Association o'clock. ^In-xSh* -- tecioT* ; ~iMiuf 6*. tS« . Mlntoh" wfll to« the. .will give an -account off atoms ; 61 fitt ."trav«3s the past summer in Europe, possibly - g! vlngr empbiislS'- to ;irhat h« few at Oheraifluer s «i. but Utt inh»u#nt dy ,*KiilttOp«fOC ltt» It b tht tkii r-^e =*% known i«4 s of to M^r to vl» Hfj dro^of Scott's Emulsion ' AJX TRACES BROTHER DR. FREtMANTLE HAS READ BIBLE ! BLAMES REVOLT BY MOVING PICTURE "0 TIMES IN ORIGINAL LANGUAGE;fl N «» SHARKS" Interesting Story is Told of L o n g , Y - M - C - A - S P«« kw Bls H » d Re ' Chase for Missing Man BROOKLYN. N'ov 2» --Through the purcult of a moving picture film t h a t led him tbi-oush thr-« .stat»s In t-iis country and nnaJly landed him In B u d - apest. Hunscary, ftudo'.oti J. Mull*?r. .Brooklyn man. has found his b r o t h e r . ·whom he has not s^e-n or h*ar,j ! : rrm before in t w e n t v ye-ars. M u U e r returned f r n m K u r o p e «MI *h* N o r t h ler- man Lloyd Ljner K r o n p r i n z WSlhelm and tpld an i n t e r e s t i n g s t o r y of the stranse tvay !n w h i c h his enperlea.''* worked o u t . , , One nistht last sprlni; M u l l e r . who Is j on" of Trenton s best-Known an interpreter, went w i t h his w i f e to i p an . r mPn and literary critics, who · a moving Di.rture theatre In F o u r t e e n t h *· \ ' ^ ., . ., markable Experiences, Including Expedition For Relief of General Gordon in Egypt---He HM Ite dined 8i| Church Calls and Is Too Busy Just Now to Write Books. The following story Is the rwrult of an in ton-lew with Dr Freemantls by Street, Manhattan. In one of th« pictures shown h* 1 saw a man who bor* a startling resemblance to his misslnjf brother. After «ft* show- M-aJler aske.-l th« maoa.s-er of the theatre n permit him to see the film again. The request ·was refused, but Muller -was told th* same Dicture woul'i. be shown the next . _ . . . . wishes his name withheld in this connection: Dr. William A. freemantle. who is speaking each week In this city to about 1.000 persona, has made a deep Impression rn . eJl who have heard j nieht In a t h » a t r » In East Houston hj ~ Hf) i^turos Thursday nights i fol?o«l n J-".Xs P "ut r fo U n nnt * h ^irtax2 ««l' Sunday afternoons at the T. M. had-been made and the film had'beei C- A. and ea^h Sunday addresses a sent Jo Y o n k e r s "(different Sunday School, all under the From Yonkers Muller followed the elusive picture to Philadelphia, to Baltimore -and back a«atn to Brooklyn. where at last h« was permitted to ex- amlne the nlm. H» his brother Instantly, and was to!«J that the picture had be«-n taken rturlnj? an aero meet In Budapest. Mujler took the first boat for Fraiv* and Journeyed from th«r» to Budapest. In that city he learned his brother Is the head of one of the European moving- picture concerns with headquarters' In Vienna. So Muller turned on his trail attain and started northwest t' auspices and direction of the Asso- on» could be freer from platform ciation. sensationalism than Dr. Freemantle, yet no T. M. C. A- speaker has ever oxc«?lled him in holding an audience spell-hound. In appearance, speech and- manner he posseses little or nothing of the characteristics of the generally accepted type of the clergyman. However, the ftrst sentences of his discourses never fall to convince and There t e the Brooklyn brother, the head of a big ftrm and ap parently cor/tented and prosperous. "But I left my address and took his whetv 1 came back." said MuHer yesterday, "for I don't want to have to ended one that he is a man of command- man fo.und h i » j l n g thouarht. In voice and effective jeoetft any such film led me." wild chase as that CAMBRIDGE OYSTERMEN BUSY. Shortage of Long Island Stock Throws Business to Maryland. CAMBRIDGE. MD.. Nov. 26.--SO far as the'TJemand for the shucked stock is concerned, this has been one of the best seasons that the oyster packers of Cambridge have known In years. On acconnt of the failure of the Long Island Sound oyster supply, the trade from that section has shifted down to the Chesapeake Bav" and Cambridge, Crlsfield and Norfolk are receiving more orders -than can be handled. Last Saturday six solid cars of "ex- enunciation he reminds one of Henry 1 Miller. Ihe actor; or perhaps it is best to say that in beautiful vocal expression 'Mr. Miller is Tike Dr. Free- majitJe. At any rate, it'Is positively refreshing to hear Dr. Freemajitle'B use of ' the English, tonsrf*- His pro r nunclation and emphasis of words seem to make ablaze Scriptural sentences which, to the average person, have long been black with, ashes. Of course, behind it all is the notable in- tell^ct of the speaker, and one who has heard htm In all of his last,year's and this year's lectures says: "He humanizes sticks, stone ami steel and makes poetry out of th« multiplication table." - PasslnR throBjrh Brijrntdn -Colleg* and Oxford University, in his early days Dr. Freeman tie wag attached to the Church of .England missions, and one summer he came here on a visit- That was twenty years ago. Then ha tra selects" were shipped from Cam- w as asked to take charge for a few bridg*. Crisfleld !s giving Cambridge «·«·** ·* - h."^f,,i of r,«TMo^= - wh« a lively tussle for the reputation of being the ifcgest oyster centre in the country, but so far her claim is secure. RICH HEIR WEDS POOR GIRL. DR. WM. A. FREEMANTLE. Socialist-Congressman Gives His Views About the Mexican Outbreaks ST. LOt "IS. MO Nov 3f, "J Pior- pon T Morgan ami r.t,v-r M : ' v " y c ^ a r k s nf WaJl Str»»i Hr- rni""..-'i-1- ?-r i n » i s t a t e of affairs i n M « x t . ...' « m l V'.r · t o r H. Bprg^r. So. « ;1 |;.-t · ·m±r. .-r-nnn- ' e't-ct from Wiisf-tnyn T '···- " ^.ut-n^** has cause'! T'T* T " n ' - » » d St-nt--* ·'..-v...-.!. mt-nt to supper' f ) i n r . r . r , ; . · · · , a i :!s opponents, ei t h e i r n w n .-..rr...* ip."i b" enricrwl -'There can be «f'tnfiT r ^ a - i ' . t r ^ r i i * Piaz, d i c t a t o r of M--\i'"i. - · ' ; · : - : · u p«- siiion as v i r t u a l m»r:j-.i -. --.\ ·,:.-.··tit- ,i clop* 1 un'lerstandint u ' : i ,i r i t - T ( - o n ! Morpfln H nd f » i M ^ r r pliiiri. r a t * of » h « United States, who ha \ f ^^'T J ^ T ? i n : Mexico and wrrv^e y. : v r-tr!. - i'---.-si'!^nt r*!»Z h3S - f l t r t n e f - d j r i .- . - v ^ : i \ . " add*1 Brrger. "and In « ! · · · - - plund"- he has shared "Nut only ?.'·«·; of W a i ! Street and l,o*ver liroan-.* i \ -n Ve\v York but also d^nnon H ' " I Kn«li.=h capitalists would l i k e ro sif.. .-.'mimoris - o n t i n u e as they ar- ;imi*r IMar.. Kp- peoially- the government o; t h e I'r.jred States hap always p t r n n £ - 'i^ned tn* 1 hand of Diaz in every jt'.Bsib:i. way "I'nder the pretext of upholrftng aside he 'said, in a voice vfhratinE neutality laws our government had p»- · with joy, "and sometime «-Uer 5k ?tr: I ran | turned political exiles to M-xi"o talk to you" for a week ftraieht I j other country--not even Turkey would like to tell you a little about! would do so. Ths jails of th» smith- Oils great letter of Paul to the R«- | w»st»rn states holds prls"n«»n tinder mana." · trumped up charges nf i h e Mexican Th« Interviewer did not ask him government for the purpose of extra- for his creed, but he was Impressprt ' dltlnu them to Mexli when Tr. Freemantle said: "T am a ' prace t" clvllliatlon. It IB a dig- firm believer In the possjbility of usjng everything for religious InstrurtkJnT Some day In our schools, geography "And the government of the T'nttnd States is making Itself a V a t r h pole' ; of a Uatin dictator and de fut-m will be taught to teach the brother- ; perator simply because a f«w of our : hood nf man; historj- to teach the j American money sharks pmflt th«rebv. Providence of God, and- mathematics i "There have been several n r ' e m p t s to teach the absolute rnoraJ accuracy 1 made in Mexico to break the voke of ,_ w hich moral accuracy In the relic- ; Dfaz. There have b«*n uprlKiTies, but . loua world la righteousness Every j Diaz has been holding up the dnnger of ; relationship .of Hfe is an echo nf the j American Invasion to the Mexican j Ideal. asblp relationship in the heavenly I people in order to put down the revo- places. . In other words, natural laws lutlon. are echoes of the spiritual realities " To many this man who has .read the entire Bible through nearly 100 times In the original toneues is particularly attractive. In his Thursday night classes, where with all his profound lear-nlns:, his expositions charm "H« tells them that In cacn the; Mexicans do not submit to rule, t h e ; Americans will nome. In and Me.Tjco will i h» annexed to America. Moreover the '· Mexicans are told that the press of the ' rnlted States are continually Insulting i them and that the averag* American i General Eckert's Son Leads Former Hotel Maid to Altar. NEW TORK. Kov. 25.--Miss Minnie Bagon, who 'formerly, was hotel maid at *2ft 4. month, was married here this week, to Thomas-T. Eckert, Jr., heir to the J3.OOQ.000 estate of the le.te-Cfeneral Thomas Eckert. long president of the "Western Union Tel-graph Company, at the Catholic Chun;ii of Our Lady of liafdes. Mr. Eckert is 5S years "Id and MB bride is 46. He said that he was not goto? on any emended honeymoon, as he had to stay ra New Tork to defend a contest of his father's will brought by his brother " ._ Janiss.. -pckftrf allenas -Jhat^.hls hrother used undue Influence upon their father-. Mrs. Eckert.' the- bride of today, ·was at one tfrne a, hoaaekeepar In the 1 household of General Eckert. : DOG HUNTS UP HIS bOCTOR. Promptly Takes-Broken I «a :to Man Who Set it One* Before. . · TOPEKAi K-ASfi Nov. 25.^Tobe,-l«. a ·plendia bull terrier owned by .Hal Hotcfiklss. Some time agro In^carwlesa- ly" allgbtihir frofe k -motorcar one of; Tob«'« front lefts was broken, and .he wattiken/to Dr.'Otto Klene. whsre the lnjiir«4 rnenlber was'set and hela tiisht by -Jt plas'ter .cast;. -'· - _ : - ' · _ " ,- .-.. - yesterday Tobe bi-qk«, his legr again. Th» : .HbtehklFs'home : f»---fully a mile, from .the JKIene reside.nce, but: Tobe dta "not--wait to he personally conducted to tbs doctor's. On three l««s he beat tt -»crB»8 town to Dr. Klene'a, · where, oh * tfie front porch, he sat and-· .cried- ilteoiisly. until tha doctor . lieard. him;. Once niore the .ieK-was -mended, but .Toha Ie""ienled -the -:fco_m"p«ntonship' of "dthier ; .'4«*grs;.tor.a; while.. ·'.;·:: ; . his present Charge, he occupies the chair of Apologetics and Exegf?sja In Temple University, and U flean"^ojr its Teacher- Training Department. When not teaching or preaching or lecturing in all the cities in and around Philadelphia: he writes six columns of editorials for each . week's Issue of the Episcopal Recorder, of which he Is edltor-tnTchief . and business manager. His chief recratlon is a half-day's -walk in the country. Such, a trafdp Is mere play for him. .It may be his love of the open, if otherwise. It can not be accounted for at this writing; may have come from Bis .life of » trooper,, for In 188fi he went to the irellef of General : Gotxjon la E^ pt A» cbAplain of "3' and "D" of the Fif- .M6r - Than :.Fi;fJty : of. th«"; Bruin Tribe on :North BtiOOMSBTJRS. ? PA.. ; Nov. 2 S.i ' . sl»iirlrteri of beaTM ' on Xorth ; Mount»ltr contlriues. ajnd-lt -is said that fiftyTflve b.eaars -hive been; ilWed _6n ;tfiat raiiise this season, but -the .-bears: "are appar- ehtly- *». plentiful' *s eyefc A larjre black" bear was killed near Noraroonti and Jf com- Ked. Rock" coin»S: the:- report ' 'SB exceptionally large.'=;0ne -was d- bS-Bphriam Hoberta.H : ; - - ;^ .-: party ;of . Kuntera from.-Hed' Rock. " - . . drove-four lar«;e"beaxs . Red- RocSr ' to a jjolnt near JBlJc Grove, only, to'lose r : '-'"·'·--'--- - , : ; - : - - . : · - * - · - - - .- '--- -·-- : i COURT: TIME," Hands Oirt 69 Years In Sentences to ^ J f O r ^ v u * ; ; NoV; it-All with-lie' a: week, aenteisees" -'totaling tS- years ^otS given, four desperadoes found guilty Jn -e..-8cHuylkill-COTrt«t -' William -Xer-: .oli"*' **s given if feersiff Judge TBru""" -fae^tiwrlng' fas'. fAs SdsaesslOT burglar** tools, ^larceny, "JumimiSirpntr» :tr»Jk to ' e»e«pe from »n officer and other charges. KerchUB ' - wai«- sentenced = by- tB«^ to- -18 rears ; on= - - e'haj.'ij. - SevftrAl : - day« ; ««» Itms- rDavIs leiL Shadier, mere ^oaffis, : got T v TesjpectfTely. for" hlffiwAy : " ' '-'" With ReoWe^ly Running n M«n » PotUvni*. V! t ,- «t : Ha»leton. the ep«rs.tor, w»« s l««u "lil before Jds«ce ; of ^f »l«oei h»vta« Hef, . . With h»vta« ui. him down recklesaly In Ms »Xitoinobn» while the m^tKracite m«g- nit* · r Jrl.lng the -Mjhlne through ' « » » d »«.y» he sustained per- «» the rv^aR of th» acci- " to e his tAMDft UM1DC DOWN. Too N«ar *«HH, But Manafit to Pt^ap* Unhurt ; _,_ .liA., Wov. JS. Wills _^«^. tnaTfrom a 600-foot flight. Aviator: . ^' DT IfeCurayr dipped too near th*' earth, o-aa of the win* shield* striking; tha around wben trotac *t a. high rate ot n«ed a-n^ tttmlnjr th« ma«l»ln» ; o-«r. Tk« crowds rnshen to tne end of tnt flvlov bat found McCurajr walktns- about ·ttlHalt and uninjured. The aeroplane t «ariia41y^daroared. althoujth ft fell, »WJtft««n feet \ Ol«7» FROM LINCOLN SCHOOL. est effort to maki* the least learned of his audjton* see clearly, all that he thinks. Taking a standing position .and seldom moving an Inch, with the weeks of a handful of persons who minimum "' gesticulation and . with- worshiped without a church at {out notes, he almost fascinates with Frankford. · "He consented and he haa " ' " . . . . . . . .... been with that, congregation ever since, and the worshiper* now own a building valued at oVer $40,000 ahd they call H St. Luke's Church. " He has had calls galore to' "big" churches, but he' refuses them consistently. Just - being a plain pastor of the ordinary big: church would hardly keep him busy. In addition- to with the music of his voice, the slm- looks down- upon them. Thus the plicity of his language and his earn-) La-tin racial pride is appealed to and the revolution falls. "The election of 'November 8 made It clear that the American people are not In favor of such-a-policy. . 1Swy. iave not only rebuked Taft. but aJso Roose- j veil. teenth. iKlng*a a well-known ' . , crack regiment Tfieh, a'na this brings back his story, to the -beginning. Dr.- Freetnantle studies tits Bible for recreation;. Seldom ^a ;-Bfeek passes bnt he reads Romans through In the original.. Once in . his Thursday rflgtot talks his -face lighted .up radiantly In making a. reference to Romans, an4 CHIEF COP QUITS DISGUSTED. "Despicable Business* Says -Ptio*nfx- : ·". v!i|»:Man 'About H la Forot. ;·--·".' v P»OENV i iVT^ -:-. ; PA., . ;fov. 2B.~ Voicing his 41sgHBt;;:wltir his dwtleii^ as t'tHe local police ..- fercei; Burgess W. - O'Neal, ^ at -: pollc^: JnyesfiV gatlon before- the po.Hcre: «pmnijtte!s 7 of. Town;; Council declared, he would' ho lpnger:act as chief of police, and summed It all up as "desft|iabie 'business." -. The . TOlls committee Jnaet to. hear tneinberii of the out notes, ne ainaost rasctnates witn '""·· , ,^f , the. richness of his rhetoric and brltll- "They ha.v* rebuked the bTg busl- ancy of his ideas. It .all seems so easy i "*»' of WalVStreet and the imperialist. . for him that more than one of -his au- ' charges against ·pqllce iforce. Policemen /yTIIHam Mor-- rts [and William JEeliy. Burjfessf O'Neal prief ei Ted charges against She "men .for disoleaieSice,-Jn_.*elng of£::tfielr- beats. THe': accused: policemen adm1tted--=tfie -·: of .the charges, .- but ^offered no explanation-: The cdiijTiIttee decided to ' WBlrJI thoToagfe {mrific*- tiom of the blood ; Jnat a* lony «· th« Wood f «. *J o« li a rgcd with f tiiuettt- «, the p-lnf«l dl*- pajna Bli MI itHm «re Amply «- o£ tie the ciivolatJoM, and bet. po»«;iy bytheappu- catioM' of Haim««»«, iot clorh*,etc. Bvltke p^,^Mwl»o trifles .rith this A***£erou» di: ^tr by de on Io-«1 fa 11'_ cmt alone, i* to p*jr f or the !«*··*« witfc cous**nt imfferiMf !«**«· wii _ S. S. 3. i-iuta Rhe«maH»^i im the only »mj it 1» pofgJMe tovcoic tie rffi'yi^ It got* du n « Into the blood, : «ad re- rao» J the nric acid fxoA the ciit.u1a- tioti, *r that te ati «va, bone«, juina- «lea «nd jofaite ait lubricated «nd fed, .if" Bonri»k- ooutinoally Ir- «nd Jn- withtl,« mrstie WBett S.S.8. . Oft tlneolh School, for he benefit of ' «in!«ar Receiving: Hum*, nudud- «4: ()· bushel of white potatoes, one It H i «f tweet potmtoea, 2% ponndi of pint of beans, two pounds of c*ns of tomatoe*. one can of fuOr Ja,r» of fruit,.- twenty-eight " cleansed and pdf Jfied the blood, the p"*na *nd ·'·lies cttse, all inflam *tion distpptiiri, sti are made pliant, and " is pouiaaehtly coi/Vvled. IRook .om. Rheu»i«tisin and «ay m:*lcf frtctoaJl who t.ite. 00,. dlenc* has often wondered why one of Infelllgence ceuld not do the same. . ' Speaking on something - like this point. Dr. Treemantle Thursday night of last -week said: "Any one can, if they only wfll," and then showed how he "Twilled" to lyiow the book .of O61oa- stang. "T«u see tonight in my hand." he said, "this " rat.h'er raeged scrap TyooR. It Is not very pretty, but 1 would not taJc« tB.OOO for ft. O'n the top of each paee is posted a verse from Colossis-nsi and ever\ f verse, of the book is BO posted. Just beneath each verej* Is the Greek text .collated from IB different, versions. Then come some grammatical notes. Then (with a deprecating s m i l e ' a s If to apologlE« for his - boldness) my own ·particular translation, with exegetical notes.TM · "Hav«; you ever written any book. Doctor?"-he was asked last week. "No, 1 have irot-had time." Sa!d r a person ffho ha« heard Dr. Freemaintle and most .of the great rhinlsters .-of the last quaster:_century; "Sorae day a book on rellgton; will be :publlshea-w-hich the -worklriginan will read at his ' bench after hla.noori lunch, and the "college JprotEssor will read "to his classes, aha' It will be read world-wide, too, and of It will b« Dr, Free- mautl«." · . - · · - . - . - - " PRISONERS DUQ FOR LIBERTY j«ir Deifvery of Detperate Men j- ;·- by Aged 3herifP» "rVevoiyer, . Bi-KOtrDSBCHq. . ,PA:, NOT-," :25;-v Timely .discovery- of the attempted ;es- ,.cape,- by tttDnellng, of Clarence Hanra^ han : and; ierdy Ruhlsh ' Jrotw t h"e Mon- the same time. they should do and the - ,ron. County; Jajl, In .the bud a , . . well ^lald -plan on the part of ·"·the. prls .-priers.""".-- -.".-.: ' -·. ."'' "-'" ; .· -.- ·, ·.--'''·:·:' ' ;Hanrahan,'and". Ruhtsh," wht. are : sald tn?e members of ths Hpbok«n gans. of car. tfileves. that hkve caused th« Taflroad; company o rtiuch:' trouble and: ;loss, -had tunneled unJer the entire length ol the cell towtod the.ouler-wall of- : the prison. Sheriff . :st6'fB'eti 7ff years -old; made the discovery 'soiti covered the prisoners ::wlth hi*, revolver until help ' " «» i i HN PA88ENQEM8 SCARE. Victims Qsv« Doctors Vl«- ''-·;-''- -_;;... -f lona " of .in.- iE^Wenilo^r^^ \; -': Bpu-rQtr, ;: Nov, 2B.ii-A shrploaa of plnipJed passeng-ers reached Bostohipn /the. Italian ifeer "· liazlo, f rota Genoa and -Naples.-; -Er;Oayi the. port doctor, being:- on the lookout .for cholera/ or.- dered thfr ship to remain In \quaran:-. .dofltora 4Kfc the .tempera^ uliie; of/ aotne. Of :-: the ; passengers ajid the. liner waa not permitted ,to dock tlll'a; . . . - . · Tifis 1 »hlp*» doctor; however^ explained " tbat .the -shjlpjhiad". been atlacfced;by-st m^ i lad ' of l Bjorurter mosquttoes; ; .tha.t bwsie4-"at ~tl»; paasens^rs, .-:' 4«Swhg thmi -_wlth' steel-Mke lunces ; wWcti: left k^Sit welti., .ftnd ;. this c» used « t uptions . whioSh- baffled, the doctors/ who admitted ; too; had bssn" "sftin*.";' " "" HERE W A N EVEJLE38 EDEN. V-.I of : Charli Xen Fatnlnlne Influanot BOfi,T1*CrTON. ». Without , r . . w OT; Ch*rl*«tcn, «. little hamlet n*a.r Bur-. HnrtOB. awoke the other morning to flaa itself ,aa Bveless Eden. There are.^twelv* f»mlll«s-ln the »«ttlsment, but »"«onBT them ,thJs week there Is not * stocle wo*n"ii. " Orsdlnavrtly ten *f the "households ar» mtder oachelor munairenient. and only --t~6 of Ch«,rl*»ton'g homes are blessed with the cftre of feminine lutirds. 'This week the .women ar« away ftom both the latter, visiting In distant states an*- the town Is considering tn» possible adrantare of formrBsT itself into one big at** cltib for the common ln- - - · " ' · ' BECEIPT8 B1QQER, Octobtr Make* New High Marie, With Tobacco-Leading. , -^: .- WABHlNOTOU, T, C., Nov.. 2S.--Th« government's receipts from Internal revenue touched another high mark tn Oc^ tooer and showed Increase* from all sources out two-^pla.ylnif cards and oleo- m(trd*Jlue- R*c*)ptJu firnm the n«w tobacco tax were more · than $1,000 000 ftOtAae than In September, and the taxes 90 feiiuented liquors Increased 1600. November promises to make a gsxxl ehawln/r alao. The month so far Is more than tl.OXMW) ahead of the same month '--* ~-- and the present fiscal year to last year, and t: Is nJ.000,000 ahead of the last one. least that even Taft might do is tor makn-lt clear to the world that under.; no circumstances will the United States toierteralln tbe_ domestic affairs nf Mexico, In favor of Blair and J. Pi»r- pont. Morgan." STICKS TO POTS AND PANS. Fortune of $25,000 Cannot Wean Cook From Them. CtlJ''i J ON HKIGHTS, iPA. T Nw. 2S. --Mrs. Kate Starr, a. cook, who has re- celyea hews from relatives in Pottst own that she na« fallen. he(r to J25.000, will not alter bar mode of life, but will remain among her beloved pots and pans. Mrs. Start'* first 'husband, Frank j Linsslrum, left feer the" small fortune. She said thpt; JBh« an3 Llngstrtm were i married, .la Pojttstawn.. forfy-tw years ago, w.hen 'shis ;wiu!i siiteen. years old. About . lifter the death, of strum she iinaiTteji -Charles Starr- In Pottsto.wii. Ser'Becond husband, died 'several, year* lago^ " Mrs. "Sytrr,.;ta.y» «h» prefera to eon- iinue' work «·-...«.- domestic "servant,- iiever having kiibwrt what It was to be 4dte- ' ."· ·;' ::..". , ·''' ' . ' · - " T ' . " ' . . KILLED my BACKING FREIGHT. PhtladWpFila ; Mlnufaoturer'a ; Wife - : " : M:iat» SKooking Death. . RIDGb WOOD,""ST.-..*.-,- Nov/ 2S.--Mrs. A.:. J- Cameron, "wlf 9 of a.,mlH!ohiare 5ralI inattiufactulrer pf RhHi and alBCf'i.liavlruji offices in; f Estehattge. BullSlttKr ?f«w Tprk, was fcilied; by ;ati"iBiie"freight train, Tfe.' " ' a private un!-: v portected i3wlfc.lj tb'aj'lumBpr yard, anil -there' w4s no -Crakeman to warn " '~ " ' " ' Mrs.' G»mero|i, .-^6; lU-es in Maple Avenm, h\a3 : -beoi(SBhopplTi^." and was ibn : tier" wAy botn*i at the :tlme-Af the accldehfj Deaffl was;'alrrKist instan- taneoujfc "."She was about Sj»"jr«ar.a'-tll. . and leav^ ne ;«oit. Gorpner Pell caused the ;.-«u»Sj of ;FA«1EWELL BY ;PHONO5 R APH. : Dying ""atrnr So Dictates Last Message " CHICAGO, %ov/ : 25.-- -After dictating Into .a iifttbnogTAph a - last message ~ . his. children, ;JohnVTCyTl,-~a s-ulptdr., 71 years 013,' aied; '.',- Seeingr . : rtt.;the end was nearr an'd.feirlng that hp.woiiJd-nflt be a,!e -if ie« atid . speak to" Bis -"-ftve VKyrl a*k«J that .the: phono* 4 "' -"- ' . .. . . · This: .was "done_ -antf tn« tut n«r spoke In the-lan«niajce of the home" land. Bohemia," hfs; parting words. : .tellfng--bl,i chlldrBn tjiat'-afier : i" lon'trVIIf*, h* was =rea4y T :4S---4'*.'-'He: bid: th-m-aH .farewell arid ;wIfbJJ».5«t5c hours- Was (feafl. . ;: ".-·; fctheSr^ Losing all the "efforts b*inR made -bjf advocates of'tresh.atr and «r?-aaid»mlllc treatments, the notnbsr vt n»w ^oases har -not been npliceaMy decreasea. Write to : us and ask to »w r«r-aed to Clergymen, Priests, m«n and wpm«n *ho took EekmWJ's AJteratl** -and aT«--tnday well wid strony «nthoat a trace rtf tuher- 'ctrtosis-- Brbnotlnced - *o -hy ;. physicians, Some of tnfetn V took A3t*fativ*' K : years ago when doctors said to«-y would not live 16 wwkt : -.'·-.- . anytnttf : 'he fairer- » yourself B whotlove yon - - ·anythmg to restot*. you To health ?· It you are skeptical-- tnveFt .cine, our advertised .Write , o u a v e r s e . i . . those who have sent in .afflffavlts iu»a testimonials i*ning how EckmAn's Altar" " . - Olrard Xve.. Philsdetphla,- Pa. In tt* . winter of I90SJ . had an attacfc ot-Qrtpp*, -followed by Pneumonia and later *y Conpamption. 1 1 eadtty worse. - In thi wihtw o f j grew steadtty w 19M T'fiad coufhv - fhv n3«fit.SWfats. " nf i "raised- quantities of nwfur lo«fdh5 stutt, ·and later 1 h«* many n»mirrhait'?; at one time,, three in three'Bjeressive flays. Milk and -efiTK bec*n* no 'llstast^fut l could ke*p nothing down. :TJirw physicians treated m« J/wa,a the moantnlns, but HJ not go. Eckman's Alterative wa» r^c?ort!m*n'd*d by « friend. After takmj: s«naH quantity t had rtw flrat quiet night's *j»*p- for weeks. My Imprtve(n«nt WM marked from the first. r pralrt«-d jrtrcnirfn and waiitht and appetite. I nev« had anofher-hcmorrhaRe anf my cough gradiwlly lessened untlV en- tfrfely zonn- 1 am perfectly well. Everything I »ay here can be" verified, by my family and friend*;" (Signed Affidavit) Annfe Floyd l»ughr»n. Eckraan'* Alterative cu«s Bronchitis, Astl»m» ^-Hay Fever, Throat and Lung Affection*. For «ale by Miller Drug Co. and* other leading druggists. Ask for booklet ol eared case* and write to Eckman Laboratory. Philadelphia, Pa., for additional ·vldenc*. All Charge Purchases Made Balance of November Will be Charged on December Bill Do Your Christmas ping Early. Ektter Assortments, Choicer Styles, Better Attention We care not where you go, we care not How you h u n t , you cannotduplicateour marvelous values in Women's Ready=to=Wear Garments \Yf h.'ivo n r c p i i i M t i o n t u]i!i«'lfi. \Yomfn nf thisr-ity ronpidor Ehrlich's the anvil money-saving headquarters t i - n-ady-in-wcar a p p a r f l - a n d w^'re goinR to in;ii!H;np. t h a t c x ^ l i c n t and w-l!--anifd opinion. We a t t r i h n t p the enormous iiK'ivaxe in our busings T^ t h a i sinyh- i t n d un;u-sailan!p t'a^t that we RP!! the same |nalitios for less nionny or better qn;iliti^ for tho IK-II'S vou run no risk. HPH- tlic styles arc safe and llv same money.. At Ehr- uiakins; is safa--and the pri»-«!s?- -ask your neighbor! quoting foitneraud prices is all that is nff-essary -- you know styles and qualities aw RIGHT. Dresses: 1=4 Off Embracing every dx.ess from -?*J.".iw-) up. . Velvet, Messaline, Crepe Meteor, Taflfeta Silk, Serges, Broadcloth*, etc. $25.00 $30.00 $18.75 $22.50 $35.00 §40.00 $26.25 $30,00 Suits: 1=4 Off ; From $30.00 up. Take your ehoiee any suit "from $30.00 up at a reduction of one- fourth. Broadcloths, Worsteds, French Serges, Velveteens, J Stoiiu Serges Fancies $30,00 $22.50 $29,62 j.-_ X=Mas Handkerchiefs in Big Assortifter^t ~ L ' - '.. : - - . . . . ' - - ~ ' -'· - . - ' *~ - , *~* · _ - . - ' - - ' . " M ANY .beautifill' haiidl^erfliiefs from the mast inexpeBsive to the filmiest, id "tiest arid excliisive, one of a ^kind, packed gingjfy, m twos, threes j or hali ensi in Xraas hox^s. \ - : . pure linen, the n"«w Xlptae or Sunspun,, initials or ftoral -effects, BO deslsrns_ to select frorn, :. '..;i...'.;.,.. : . ---'..-·-'----- 25°- each. . .three -'·'-- Pare ]ln« in. a box "each one: ' ' : .bb?£-. s Emerald Baivn Initial iefs, six In a hnx. special . ; . . . , . . _'.. 98c. box. -M . "Women's handkerchffX rtarle of-_... pure Irish linen. ..harid-ernbroio 1 --.. *'reti In each conist*, regular-prtoe, 2Sc. each: special. 2 for-=35c. :\" : ; .: : "VVoraeri's. vh^^kerchisfp^ piire value for $f.5ff ;llneii'orr= lawn. Initial or plain; ipe- ". ;.. . ;· .: : _- :'...-.- clal f..'.."..;"»-,V.",;v.",..i. -5c. each, "v: and bags, with long silk- cord Men'a card cAsesv, in .seal fiatn«T, ; -insId'S'-"p»r»iv- regitlnr price ' : ?1.50 " " -...,...,...i..-98c. · Children's ' aniall leather -5t*th_ strap, handle, in all. colors;..: ...--.».'.........., T 50c. eaph. : ' ·'*.-' "-- '."Pbr."': ^Sj .small, me- ; -; - ;-.T T NTJSUAI. 'vaiura fa- Otwts for Satdr- VX; day, ^-Coats: triat [yoii'Il ·; SKK at a. glance' ape^wortli-mnclinihre.tha Basked. V ; 1 X" V V;V;.;.- \. ·'/.-. ,'·· "L,";v-'" i: .'--i" / "·. ''-V-..V "-$27;SO C6A1S1; yfQKTti TQ $37^50. 7 ^ I V =4f stiSsfpmest frill j'englh . hrdaddlotTi coats,' ; full" Skmnef *atin lin^H"; la?gi» "sdiiwl col-. '' lars :qf fin est ; . velvet er-' $25.00 OOATSf WOETH TO Made of iiriport^S brnaidelotSs. 52 inches jong^ Skimner "satin lined ;;semi^tfeii, coat roUars. .Also high grade impiortftd pl/eii'l- ,Jb»ck; fsbrros "fen sniaft styles.;- .Slack Jjtod ·colors.-"...-.:"..'.--" .: .:."·": v - - . '-·'·,.---.'."'.""-'·-/'"' ·''::.; $19,76 GOATS: WOETii TO W.50. { , : 0ncb a choice' collection of c'oatsymt/ will not find artywhere .in the city-r-fiue broadcloth coats^ ; Skinner satin lined ·-thioiighph't. . Polo eoats .and fancy mii;- tnri»!t . ': .-"-. . ' ' ."- \ ."- :"."""·"-' - . . " : . - ' " . " . . ' $15.00 COATS i WOR'Wi TO ; $20.0Qlv -" Plaid hark Coats with ^jawl collars, mqffs and pockets; fine kersey and Jroait- clothi 'va^ja.^ mimhftr --of stunning ^models. AH colors; -." . $10 and $12.50 Coats rttTnequalled anywhere. * I ^ OO many styles to attempt to df- %·*· scribe them. Kerseys, plaid backs, mixtures, broadcloths, in aU the tfewest models and colors. · ' · ; J monal8»l.HI£.SiAtESt Men'« ptirs linen full «lie, h/and^etntirdtdered hem. stx to a box ten's puFe-Irsli liTien tinted bordnr, ' initials: --apecfai, heinst itched size; apefelal. .2 for i.«ather hand bsjts.-:"gria. JOO valuca for -.. vtvv - - i,;.. 3HaTi(i, hi^a in seal ir ; walrus iVKoia. ;stH-et;or Kunv.metal : OipnhtlngB, fltteil witfi pjarse jnlrror, rAngitte in. -price $2.50 Vp to 7»«..ny« *«( \:~ f*\ V*t nJlfif*!- -vv ILI1- - 1 '/I I ft sjitn *-·.»* ui i»itri». a-- ».«X-* '* . i^dJi^". -- *n -^ ·-«·* ·- ·---,·----"-" - -: - · . ; . . - - - - . , · - " -r · ----- - =-- snd"'tsssei : lined with "siJTC irrriall .' ; made : -for bills or coins, also with, ;or gun-Tnetai frames.', maide ' - - - - ' r - . .--- :m«nihranauin book,: .rangJh^-...-in· price from - S0c. : up to $2.^0 'i "· Hand bags in-sfeal nr. walro»j ather, .lined with leather or sffltw small 'inside sparse; special, $1.88.

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