The Chronicle-Telegram from Elyria, Ohio on August 25, 1903 · Page 1
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The Chronicle-Telegram from Elyria, Ohio · Page 1

Elyria, Ohio
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 25, 1903
Page 1
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i??~^^'f-'' '^ -???'+' r-- ;; QUOTA- TIONi OH FAOB BIOMT Vol. 3. No. 44. ELYBIA, OHIO, TUBS] PREPARATIONS FOR SLOYDWORK AT THE WEST AVENUE SCHOOL ??? WHAT WILL BE TAUGHT IN THIS DEPARTMENT. ??? THE PUPILS The school board have had preparations under progress several weeks for a commodious workshop for the sloyd department of the .pub^ lie schools. This will come in the nature of an agreeable surprise to the majority of the public. The room set apart for this work shop is in the basement oft he "West avenue building and is 30. x 36 feet ??? in dimensions. __ In this shop are 20 benches, each ""supplied with vises riped sawing, squaring, beveling mitering, surfacing, edge planing, tenanting, mortising and dove tailing. The first thing they wil make will be a bench hook on which they may chisel and saw without marring their benches. Then they will be expected to make pen racks, flour blocks, floor labels, string winders, picture frames of various sorts, all varieties of boxes, coat hangers^ tool racks and various other articles, ornamen- PASSES AWAY MISS .NELLIE JOHNSON, DAUGHTER OP MR. AND . MRS. E. G. JOHNSON, DIES TODAY AT NOON. and tool racks. Besides these Ital and useful. benches are cup-boards in which to Among the things that will be lay unfinished work. This work i taught the pupils will be the art shop will be for the nse of the A, B ] which is of prime importance to and C Grammar grades. There will j every god workman, to have his be eleven classes each, each of which tools ayways in place and acount- will recite one hour and a half each week. The pnpils wil be supplied with smoothing and block planes, chisels, gauges, marking gauge, saws, miter box. bits and braces, screw , driver, marking awl, mallet and hammer, dividing rule and the always indispensible sloyd knife*. The pupils, will be taught to distinguish the kinds of wood, ami the proper kinds of wood for different sorts of work, how to work wood in reference to the grain, cross sawing. ed for. Each pupil is provided with a broom and his "shop" must be kept clean. The floor about their bench must be swept after each recitation. The pupils of these grades are to be congratulated oh this excellent oportunity to train he hand and eye. The work of. preparing his shop has been skillfully ;;dohe by C. M. Will- ???/?????? ' '???-'''"'"???-.i^.- '*'??? ???'."" -???' iains,'-'\vHp1:;jpfFl'''have charge of the department'. _-' ???': OHIO DISTRICT ENCE. CONFER- 8PECIA1 TO XBZ EXXKIACHKOKICLE. Oberlin, Ohio, Atrgnst 24. The Ohio district of the Lexrng- ton conference of the M. E. church, colored, closed its sessions at this ;p1ace :Suriday evening "by an adjdress by Dr. Fergerson. Rev. Fergerson v. was a former" presiding Welder of this district. ;The tion'ference has been in session five days in he second M. T??. church. About: ???twentjr ministers H. \V. ShnmohsV????? E. having charge of all sessions. ??? All sesions have been well attended, especially Sunday. Rev. Jones of Troy, O. was the speaker Sunday morning. Rev. H. W. Tate of Cincinnati and Rev. J. W. White of Bel-: laire spoke Sunday afternoon. Among others who had :part in 'the conference addresses were Rev. DV E. Skelton, of Cincinnati, Rev. F. D. Breckenridge of Lorain. The next meeting wil be held at Cadiz. TOM HAS APPARENT LEAD??? SPLIT IN HIS RANKS DUE TO HIS ENDORSEMENT FOR SENATOR. OF CLARK ASSOCIATION. Columbus, August 25. ??? Johnson stil has an apparent lead in guberna- tional fight, though there is Miss Nellie Johnson, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Johnson, passed from life to the heavenly shore, today at about i o'clock p. m. She had been ill for about a year continuously, losing from day to day in a heroic struggle with *the Great Reaper. During all this time she had all those kindnesses, encouragements and attentions which a loving father and mother could provide. - She was about 22 years of age and the youngr e*t??? child of a family of eight child ren, all of whom survive her except Phoebe, who died about three years ago of the same dread disease. Miss Nellie was well known and dearly loved by a large circle of sympathetic young friends, all of whom mourn her early death. The characteristics of her short life were such that she was a true and loyal friend, carrying a ray of sunshine wherever she went. Her parent? and family have the sincere sympathy of the entire community .- in their bereavement. INQUEST INTO OAK POINT DISASTER FINISHED AND VERDICT WILL PROBABLY BE MADE tit A PEW DAYS. Conflicting evidence has been met with in the Oak Point disaster inquest One witness, Charles Bebout, claims that he saw the motorman reading a paper just before the accident, bu* this story is discredited; by all the other witnesses, who state that Mason did all he could to ??jtpp the car. The verdict will probably be given out in a few days. jHlfBYUAT NARROW ESCAPE OF BRIGHTON LADY AT WELLINGTON FAIR ??? OTHER ITEMS FROM BRIGHTON. AGAIN SUCCESS- AMERICA'S GUP DEFENDER WINS THE SECOND TEST FROM LIPTON'S SHAMROCK FOR ENGINEERS AND MEN. FIRE- Martin Linger, $29, butcher, Avon. Louisa Schuller, 28, Sheffield. '???'". : ' o v^i '???' '' ' ???'??? . ;'.'''-- ious 'split in his own ranks mQtning and the endorsemir John TT. Clark ^^S^Oa' ator. Zimrnermari followers declare that their candidate -still has enough votes to win in he state democratic convention tomorrow. ???????????? o ?????? HONESTY IN HORSE RACING. TO- SCENIC PRODUCTION OF QUINCY ADAMS SAWYER." .The scenic equipment of "Quihcy Adams Sawyer" which will be seen here Nov. 20, ,1003, at the Opera House is very elaborate and buih especially for the production. The managers of the play were determined that 'nothing mar the genuineness of the country atmosphere and' no expense has been .spared in the stage -settings. Many "have asked. "Why is 'Quincy Adams Sawyer' called the best New England play ever written ?" The answer has invariably been, "Because it's different any other play of its class." from "But why is*, lit different?" . "Oh, everything is so natural, the people are so just like the people you always see in the country, the scenery is just as real as ??? anything," is the reply. The husking-bee scene alone would win fame for the play. The real, red ears, the real kisses, the real supper and the natural and humorous incidents attending the features have pleased immense audiences all over the country. There is1 genuine . comedy all through the play, and a few touches of pathos strike as true and convincing. The story is a simple nad a sweet one apealing to the heart. There is nothing in it approaching a villain or an adventuress for it is not a melodrama, it is only a wholesome, clearly cut picture of New England"" life, and as ., such it finds favor everywhere, in town or city. The play leaves a good taste in the mouth7' and that is, after all, what the people want. New stock Ladies, Misses and Children's jackets, now on sale. Cloak department, second floor. The Biggs Jk Everard Co. A false halo halo encircles the ?i??7 ''"""_ . - '. " -~ head of the turf plunger. Like a peacock's .tail, it dazzles the eye to ihe unprepossessing feet. The plunger's fame is as useless as a tout's; his notoriety affects the sport disagreeably. His business is of 'dollars; if a sew-horse could win he would feel the -same pride he might over the victory of a Domino, or a Hanover, or an Ormond. , ??? Curiously enough, while it is generally supposed that money is made on the turf by chicanery, the more straightforward the plunger is, the longer he lasts. In America, we have one rather fine specimen of this genius. In reality I fancy there are few more honorable . men even in other bus- messes; and it really looks as though he would quit the game well ahead. This is the savage grace of his exceptional position ??? "he has lent caste to his ungracious role. If we were to publish a book tomorrow on his experience, I fancy the "key-note of his advice to others, would be, "Be honest."??? From "Little Tales of the Turf," by W. A. Fraser, in the -September Metropolitan Magazine. ??????????????? a ??????????????? New Belts and Jewelry. The Biggs Everard Co. To meet the needs of a large and increasing number of men in the community, a f course in steam Engineering will' be given as one of the regular courses of the Mechanical Institute of the - Yotrrig Men's Christian Association this fall. A course of twenty-four lessons has been mapped out, to be taught by Mr. D. L. iFagnan, a practical engineer of large experience; Mr. Fag- nan is president of the National As-. socratron of, ???Noi ' Brighton, August 24. ??? Belle Rob- shaw of this place had a narow escape while witnessing the ball game at the Wellington fair last Thursday. A bat slipped from a player's iand, striking her on the forehead and felling her to the ground. The )lbw just missed a vital spot and she: was soon revived. . ; J. N. Jordan's team ran away Thursday with a hay rack going thrpugh several gates, passing be- tw'efen trees that a man wouldn't think of driving between, and finally catnfc to a stop with no damage done extept a slight scratch on one horse. C; _S. Jones' team also ran away Saturday doing, considerable dam- agejtq the harness. Brighton's Grange and Brighton T. M. took first and second ??: respectfully at the Wellington ast week for the best combined fit .of farm products. Erwell received word Sat',of; tl|c death of. his sister, at ???himself and wife at- RECEIVED THE CONTRACT. John Kaiser Bro. received the I contract to build the South Lorain Hungarian Reformed Church, corner of Thirteenth avenue and Vine street. They have also received the contracts .for two houses in Elyria, that of A.. H. Staudderd and Sixth street and Carl H. Smith on Seventh street. Ki DIVORCE WANTED BY MYRTLE FORD FROM ANDREW FORD. BT ScmimkifcIUji FUM AMOCIATIOX. Highlands ??? On corected time, Reliance wiKs the race by one minute and thirty seconds, unofficial. Time The BT Scvjvrs-MclUn PXBSS Highland^??? Reliance wins. as taken from here 2:15:15. Shamrock crosed the line at 2:20:10, ???o- WEATHER fi eECBEEBBEEEIEBEHnEEHBHBHBBB BT SCRiFps-McRAK Puss ASSOCIATION. Washington^ August 25.-r^Ohio: Fair in southern, local thunderstorms in northern portion 'tonight; cooler. Wednesday fairV cooler in southern portion. :'"'/?'. ??3 Myrtle Ford has filed her petition for divorce from Andrew Ford to whom she was married ae Batavja, N. Y., in 893. She 'alleges that the* defendant has wholly disregarded his marital duties, having failed to provide for her for some time. For this reason she prays the court to grant her divorce and restore her Tomorow, Wednesday?- from 3 to maiden name. j 10 o'clock a4- the Methodist parson- ????????? i ?????? ?? ????????? ?????? i age, 306 East avenue, by the ladies MARRIAGE LICENSES. , of the church. Music wil be diV pensed from the porch by the male otrgh will cover ihe constrtict'ion, and care of boilers, fuel and evaporation, chimneys, mechanical stokers, etc. The study of the stationary engine will cover every .important detail, while pumps and condensers will be carefully considered. One or two lessons will be devoted to refrigeration and electricity. The class will meet one evening each week. The terms of admission will be very reasonable. An outline of the course will be sent to any one upon request, also prospectus of courses n mathmetics, commercial bookkeeping, factory acounting, practical mechanics, electricity and chemistry. Any one in- tereAed osl invited to send their name and adddress to O. C. Colton, Gen. Secy. Y. M. C. A., South Lorain Station. f unerali was held from the Congregational church at this place, Saturday afternoon. Rev. Moore officiating; Her father and brother have the sympathy of the entire community. J. E. Yocum and wife of Massillon recently spent a few days with friends here. -There will be a box social for the benefit of the M. E. church at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Burge Friday night, August 28th. CARD OF THANKS. Examine our New Fall Line of Dress Goods and Silks. Everard Co. ??????????????? o ????????? The Biggs Wltcr* H* Drew the !.!???*. The following notice was posted on the bulletin board of a famous London dub: '"Will the nobleman who- purloined Captain - ??? 's umbrella kindly deliver it to the hall porter?" A well-known peer, taking umbrage at this slight en his order, acosted Captain ??? ??? and demanded an ???explanation. "Well, you see," was the reply, -the rules state that this la a club for noblemen and gentlemen. I am certain no gentleman took my umbrella; hence there was no other conclusion to come to." ??? Philadelphia Inquirer. Seton Bros, put on carriage tires. Examine the ne\v assortment for baby's wardrobe. The Biggs Everard Co. Great, sale $r.oo and $1.25 Fine Petticoats, Saturday, August Sale begins at 8 o'clock, each The Biggs Everard Co. 22. 79C. See our little Jewel piano. It u a peach and the price is $150.00, Cash or easy payments. 9033 R. M. Summers Son. The FMblva Spread*. 'Oh, doctor!" moaned the Buffering young woman, "1 have such an excruciating pain in my side." "Urn??? ye*. What seems to be the nature of the pain?" asked the physician. "Does it cover the side, or is it con- ???nedto one spot?" ???It seems to be scattered all over," explained the patient; "Just as if it were a hundred little spots at once." "Ah!" maaed the physician. "Tala Tlie Elyria Fire department wishes to express its thanks to the board of public service for funds with which to pay transportation charges to the recent convention, to Councilman Lerscl) for money received for uniform fund, and to Mayor Folger for several boxes of fine cigars. John Haffner, Chief. LENTZ BEING PUSHED BY HIS FRIENDS AGAINST CLARK FOR SENATOR. BT ScMpps-McRtB Pnss ASSOCIATION. Columbus, O. Aaugust 25. Friends of John J. Lentz have taken advantage of the opposition to John H. Clark for senator and have started a boom for his endorsement for senator by tomorrow's state conception. TRANSFERS, twp. Ema Raoeri to Emily Tilden, part lot 241, Lorain. $i. John Northam to Emily Tilden, part lot 241, Lorain. $r. Sheffield Land company to Andro Kronez, part lot 97, Sheffield Sheffield twp. $250. Joseph Hamtn and Lillie Hamm to Joseph Haury, part lot 91, Grafton twp. $170. Amelia Faragher to Theron, M. Faragher, part lot 59. Sheffield twp. ?i. ' Mary A, Gillette to Frank A.^Burrell, part 'division 6, block 52, Elyria. $1800. Orville Root, trustee, to G. W. Nicholson, lot 210 in Brass company's adition to Lorain. $300. quartette ; and the Philharmonic br- chestra. Ice cream, a country slice of ; cake,, coffee and candy can be had. A god social time is All invited. ^??????V:-,CJ?VK3 :Y:'f-*j$?? HURT WHILE REPAIRING A DEFECTIVE TROLLEY POLE About 9 o'clock M on day ;. evening v the "fill in" car on the Wellington run of the C. S. W. was delayed iy a defective trolley pole. Ed. Gibbons, the conductor,, then mounted to the top of the car o repair the defective part. While ^.fixing i ?? some way or other his person came, in contact with the trolley wire,' giving him a tremendous shock, knocking him from tHe top of the car ,t?? the ground. He was severely, '; cut about the face and bruised by the fall. He Edward G. Minz and Minnie C. i was attended by a Wellington dpc- Minz to Robert E. McMaster, part ( tor and later removed to the Elyria lot 134. Seeley's addrxion to North Amherst ami part lot 137 in same addition. $400. PROBATE COURT. The will of Christine Whitney, late of Pittsfield, has been filed for probate. H. W. Ingersol has been appointed administrator of the estate of the late Polly Nichols. The will of Wm. Gibbons, late, of Pittefield. has been probated. The will of Sarah Anne Walker, late of Lorain, has been "filed lor probate. corroborate* my theory-of the In0oenc?? of current fashion* upon the human syi- tem. You hare what we would colloquially term a drop-Much la the side."??? Jadge. Saltpeter from tke Air. Prof. Muthmann, of the Polytechnic tcademy at Munich, has demonstrated that saltpeter can be1 produced from the ate by the aU of electricity at less than a quarter of it* present cost. Referring to the fact Jl??t nitric acid Raymond Wilder of Beaumont, Tex., arrived in Elyria Mondaynight to spend a few days with his mother, Mrs. L. E. Wilder, of 1117 Middle avenue. ???????????? o ???????????? KMW HIM. "Hare yon got The .Whittling Coon'?" asked the lady, entering the music store. "No, he works la that restaurant next door," said the clerk, looking up from his book for a moment ??? Yonkerif Statesman.. Tramp??? Lady, I'm perlshiac fer a irinfc. Woman-^-There's the pump. "I said a drink, lady??? not a bath."??? ludft. New line jewelry ??? belt pins, waist sets ??? special values in pearl waist sets. 25, 39 5Oc. sett. The Biggs Everard Co. hospital. Gibbons is only ,i6yearspf age, but is one of the best of tfie C. S. W. conductors. His home is in Ridg- ville. SUNDAY CLOSING TION. VIOLA- SPECIAL TO Tarn ELTXIACHMMIICLB. ??? Lorain, August 24. ??? Stanislaw Selwa.and Joe Dobos the police say, were running their saloons Snnr day and were arrested as a consequence. Dobos plead guilty to the charge and was fined $25 and costs. Selwa said he was not guilty and his trial was set for August 27 at 9 o'clock. HORSE FOR SALE. ! At Mendelson's sale stables on ^ , ,- ., j Furnace St.* Elyria, Ohio. One car One gross fine stock collars, spec-j]oad of Montana , ho ial loc each, 3 for 25c. They will not stay at the price. Everard Co. The Biggs Seton Bros, put on carriage tires -Z ????????? o New fall dress goods,/ Agawam Melton suitings fifty inches wide. Agawam Vicugra cloths 50 inches wide. The Biggs Everard Co. New fall shirt waists and dress skirts, excellent showing. The Biggs Everard Co. ???????????? o ??? i Special sale Ladies' Silk Coats, good size, and most of them harness broke. Terms: cash or time. Sale 27th, 28th and 2oth of August. 42-45 Andrew Levin. New mercerized Ottoman waist- ings, soc. yard. The Biggs Everard Co. Go to Bums' Book Store for school books and supplies at Ohio contract prices. 4348 o . ???. Keep in mind 'Satartfay'* Extra Special Sale,A??f ., ??a Sale btfm* at 8 o'clock. 10 dostt* ladies' fia* 75c. muslin fowm, choice, jpc Tkt . -:^ *;| ;1 .. ??v '??" this week. The Biggs ft Everard Biggs ft EverardCo. image serial: 8199503 image serial: 8199503

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