The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 9, 1896 · Page 3
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 3

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 9, 1896
Page 3
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THE DAILY This iv^te Is Historr -te 2. .^lanr;'--^* \ r j i~ .-«.. IroJ-i'^ 2 Ai-i 32 --- ~ ^i " ~ ' * r-\-^t rv -- \ ' t* ra 13 Noi ^ -T4 . -·. .'',-,1 A *££ iSU-ijJs F*:-. :. '* __- ItUr E-ir-.i^- aol !SV-Ci_ rv. --._ U-r ; * J%, * rat,-:.. Weaiar Jftwrecmw TUJ Jaute 10. 8 F- «-. D. C., June 9, U a. «. _^^_ _^ -- ,.· Condlllons COB^^s^T · i tlnoe unsettled and ^T · favorable for ihow : ~ V -- ers asd thunderstorms this af lernooa and tonight; Wednesday, partly cloudy ^.e«her; cooler tonight. W. L- MOOKK, Chief of the Weather Bureau. ADVS. TO-DAY. . --------- LockimUh, Ac ---------- ~». W. R- Dorsey. Ars. Display ................ Womai's College, $W a Month ......... -- ....... W. C. Benson. No. C57S Equity ...... H. D. Etchlson , Solr. Coal and Wood Dress Goods Freach Organdies ------Bargains ..................... Furniture ........................... Cc - Tfljfi WJBKK1A SEWS. THB WXKELY Nzws. which will be ready Thursday, will be a handsome twelve-page issue, replete with all the news and many Interesting special features. Having positively the largest bona fide circulation of any paper in Frederick city and county, as an advertising medl- - urn It Is unsurpassed and special attention Is called to the many advantages it offers In this way. Copy for new advertisements for THB WXSKLY NBWS will be received up to 5 p. m. Wednesday of this week; copy for ch nge of advertisements up to 12 m. that day. ^ THE MARYLAND SCHOOL. Annual Meettoc ot che VUitors-- Oloae of tne Term. The annual meeting of the Board of Visitors and Directors of the Maryland School for the Deaf and Dumb, was held at the school tills morning. A large attendance of directors waa present and they transacted usual routine business, after which the visitors dined with. Prof. C. W. Ely, and returned to Baltimore and elcewhere during the afternoon. The members of the Board present were: President Enoch Prett, Vice Presl- .dent Wm. R. Barry, Secretary H. Clay ""Italll, Messrs. John Black and Enoch G. Hlpeley, of Baltimore; W. T. P. Tnrpln, of Queen Anues county; Dr. J. T. Casten, Worcester county; F. Snowden Hill, Prince Georges county; Alonzo Barry, Washington; Dr. Fairfax Schley, Charles W. Ross, William G. Baker and George MarkelL The directors »ere in seeglon for abaut two hours, discussing matters of Importance to the institution. The most important feature of the meeting was the election of teachers and directors, all of toe old board and faculty being re-elected with two exceptions. Miss Funie I. Brock and Miss Katharine D. Partridge,- teachers of speech, sent In their resignations, which were accepted', and'Mlss Grace D. Ely, daughter of Prof. Ely, was appointed to fill one of the places made vacant The Board referred the other appointment to Prof. Ely and the executive committee, The annual report of Principal Chss. W. Sly was read before the Board and unanimously adopted. The report was a lengthy one and demonstrated the excellent condition of every department of the Institution. Tbe executive committee, consisting of Messrs. Dr. Fairfax Schley, Cbas W. Boss aad Wm. B. Barry, submitted a report, which was also adopted. la tbe report tbe committee referred with, sorrowful regret to tbe death in February last of the Hon. Henry Baker, a former zaalous and faithful member of tbe board. The death of Hon. John K. Long well, a member of the board from Carroll county, was also feelingly referred to. The name of Judge James McSherry was dropped from the executive committee and Mr. Wm. D. Baker substituted. The name of Spencer C. Jonas was added to the board of visitors and directors, At the conclusion of tbe meeting President Enoch Pratt enjoyed a good cigar while the other visitors and directors went from one department of the school to the other, and with much interest noted tbe progress and advancement made by the efficient teachers. Captain H. Clay Ham actively participated In the meeting, at the conclusion of which he discussed various subjects with bis friends. The pupils of tbe school will leave for their homes on Friday. The annual reunion of the old pupils will be held here on the 17th, 18th aad 19th instants. Orphans'* Cowrt. The wQl of Jjefin Rice, deceased, was Sled for proba'-e. The sate of real estate of Thos. Molesworth, deceased, was ratified by tbe court Letters testamentary were granted to Jno. H. and Jacob R. Hnsbaum on tbe estate of Samuel Nusoaum of L, deceased. Orvey Oscar Moser, of Jackson district, and Clariada May Beaks, of Washton county. Amos A- Ramsburg sad Hannah May SIgler, both of near Middletoirn, tils county. Killed a Copper. Mr. George Abrecht, the bntcker, killed a copper snake on West Patrick street Sb* otter day, which meamed about two feet in length. Tbe reptile crawled from a yard sad wss making Its w»y to a place of safety when dispatched. WHEELING WHIMS. THE OK BICYCLING AMONG OF KKEOEKJCK. So Looftf m. Mere Fad. Bat · HEAVY EAIH. Weinosn Storm Qa*oe at L*sc to (he BeUef otCiof*. Frederic* was visited by the heavies? raia of the suiaaser yesterday afternoon, accoou ailed by vivid l!jctn!s$ and two or three *«*!« 7? hud ifcmder. Per Bitnau* the rata frU U icrrtata Say you saw it la Tbe News KxercUe. Diriag the past four saoatc* the b!cy- cle eim h*a sprevi 1C Frecertct Use a Weetrts prMrle fire, aa-J from lie r* « Ihii i: has lakes ho:c apoo. people in general there lj ao te^lrj, ao» !»r ii will go or when the epidemic will lote iu hold Sf ery ereelng wki Ut* weather U f»f arable ctowde of yooog lilies *cd gtnUe ttea go oci for s sice- The Tariea* roads about the ci'.y cficr Ep for cycling ad in a mott manner the sport U taken iiraciite of ty old had young. The number of wheelmen U rapidly increasing, and ii It sfe to predict that the olcycie has cot only ccme 10 '.ay, but is g lining faror with those who formerly looked upon the machice as a Jungerou* iastrumect of pleasure. * · * The gas bouse road is probably the besi adapted and most frequented route about the cliy. The pike fruai Frederic* 10 the Mcnocacy is smooth and firm, and for s distance of three miles the road cc aid hardly be made more InYtiing to wheelmen. Within the past few weeks many converts of the wheel hare been '-taehi the principle of riding on that road and after a few lessons are able to mount and speed away like veteran?. It has been noticed that more experienced wheelmen often daih past at a rapid rale a party of cyclers who are out tor the first or second time. Snch practice 1s a dangerous aid unprofitable amusement, and at a most unexpected lime may reinlt in a E erlous accident. It Is a wise and judicious plan to sccord beginners the full right of way, or as much as can safety be allowed them. A biccle is hard to manage until the principle of balancing la thoroughly understood, and even then the rider should take no risks whatever. %· There are many graceful young Udy cyclers in Frederick who hive aualned the art in a most admirable manner. They look well on their machines and have on more than one occasion ridden miles at a time. A few, however, have fallen Into the dangerous habit of speeding along without holding to lite hanuie barb -- a praeuco prohibited by law in Washington. It Is not a difficult matter by any means to ride with one hand or the other off the bar, but It is a useless and unnecessary habh which Is liable to terminate la accidents. A wheel can be thrown from Its course by a small object or a slight Incline la the road and in euber case cyclists are liable to be landed head first nnless they are pre pared for such emergencies. There are some young men who may also get wholesome logic out of the above pars graph. * « » There was a time when the bicycle business in this city was fairly profitable, but that Ume has passed and is almost forgotten. Two years ago there were four or five agents selling bicycles In Frederick, today ;here are something lite sixteen. Wheels are sold In connection with almost every bus! ntgB, and when once an agent gets wind of. prospective purchasers he won't do a thing but chase them day and night until a wheel of some description is sold. In the rush for bnsinesi agents bavo cut the regular price until their profits are almost nothing. One of -them made a sale the other day that realized him a profit of f 1 26 Standard wheels are Invariably told for a certain price, but there seem be machines on the market now that can be purchased for what- eyer a buyer cares to give. » * * The ordinance requiring wheelmen to equip their machines with bells and lamps has been strictly observed by Frederick cyclers. There are some who do not favor the new regulation, but taking it all In all the law is a good one and will be the means of leasenlnj accidents which are very liable to occur at night. For the accommodation of wheelmen the bicycle department of Tsz News has just received a large order of lamps and bells which will be sold st a reryiow figure. Sundries of every de scription are also kept on hand, and can be obtained by calling at the office. ··· Wheelmen IB Frederick are often annoyed by small boys who run slong side of and some times go so far as to strike at machines. The practice is the outcome or mischief on the part of youngsters who are not aware of the danger and trouble they ate making. Some weeks ago a cycler from a distance fell from Us wheel and was considerably hurt from jait such s cause. Parents should not permit their children to inter fere with cyclers, as it Is a practice that can cause mutual trouble and Inconvenience. *." Fifty dollar bicycles have had their turn this season and a great many have been sold. Manufacturers have found that a first class machine can be put on the market for that price, and they artrne that it suits people better to lay out fif tj dollars than twice that amount. One of the mott complete and best msde fifty dollar bicycles on the market is the "Ideal," a wheel that has nearly every advantage that is pat on the one hundred dollar .machines. It is a model of simplicity and durability, and is guaranteed at liberally as any high priced wheel on the market. It has always been the object of THX News to afford the people of Frederick the best that can be had, and in accordance with that rule the agency for tbe handsome "Ideal" has been secured and the advantage of pur chasing foi t low price RB elegnt bicycle is offered to the public. The wheel is decidedly one of the easiest running on the market and being made In a strong and substantial manner H deserves to be recogniied among tbe leaders. Hew "Ideals" for ladies aad gentlemen can now be seen at this office. Any one contemplating the puichase of a wheel should by all means call at Txx News office. * · * A number of young ladles and gentlemen wfll leave Frederick this afternoon om a bicycle run to "Indian Springs," tbe beautiful country home of CoL and Mrs. D. C. Wlaebrener. Tbe occasion is looked forward to with much pleasure by the Invited guests. The new track In tbe rear of the Frederics: bicycle club bouse ASS been completed. The dab Is in a flourishing con- dittoa and bse member* who are very ·needy riders. The only true blood purifier prominently In tke public eys today is Hood's Sarsaparflla. Therefore get Hood's and only Hood's. i and at times u came \~ lease backet br s s'.rorjg; bretce which prevailed daring the norm. T« rala came from two clcsds--one from the £caibwe*i aeti lite oiber trjot the Xonhwes^ which me: *l»»t directly over the cl;y. In sibon x!me Norib Uarket street resembled a river, the water being from s:x ircse* to two fe«t deep, and rosttug along a: rapid rate tu- ward Carrol! Cretk. Before me riin swp- ptd f i'Unx a Urge ponton of uie psw- meals In some stc:toa*cf tbe city were Inundated, carrying sway gsriuge boxes and other objects teat were nai removed beiore the wkter came «,--. 1'te raia was the heaviest that bs» bteu wHce*4ta in Frederic* (or a year, and i: extended fur some distance from the cfy. Daring tbe storm two horses aUtclud to a covered delivery wsgon belonging to CoL U. U. Winebrcnncr took fright aod t arieU to run off oa West Psirlck streeL At a point near the bridge, the team was Drought in collision with a smaller wagon, tbe latter occupied by two men from the West on their way to an Eastern seaside resort. One of the strangers was thrown from tbe wagon and painfully cut about the face. The tmali wagon was considerably picked up in leveral pieces, loaded In the delivery wagon and hauled to s shop for repairs. One or two showers of lets consequence came up during the evening, but the rainfall was slight. Shortly before 11 o'clock a dangerous-looking black cloud developed In the north *est and ca-ne over aia mpld rate. Bef jre reaching the city It began to spread and its only effect was a brisk wind which lasted for a few minutes. The rain in the upper section made the Monocicy muddy, which put a temporary slop to fishing. THE WOMAN'S COLLEGE. Third Anniversary Celebration or Tfoe Letblan Society. The first of a eerles of commencement week exercises was held at the Woman's College last evening In the presence of a very large audience. The occasion was the third anniversary of the Lesoian Literary Society, and it proved ID be a de llghtfnl entertainment. The large hall was crowded with patrons and friends of the college, who evinced much Interest in the rendition of each number of the well selected program. A number cf young ladies acted a) ushers, and they were kept busy for some Ume seating the audience, many of whom came In after the exercises began. The stage was attractively decorated with fragrant fbwers and stately palms, arranged In a manner very pleasing to tbe eye. The exercises weie commenced with a piano duet, ·'Cavsllerla Rnsticanl," by the Misses Richardson, followed by the salutatory oration by Miss Sophie G. Keer. The following programme was ran dered: Salutatory Oration, Mlsa Keer; pisno solo, Tranmerel and Romanze, Schumann, Miss Alice Shrlner; recitation, The Death-Bridge of Tay, Carlton, Mlai Scbelbler; vccal solo, As the Dawn, Cantor, Miss KllpfeJ; recitation, Search- Ing for the Slain, Miss Myers; chorus, Faust Waltz, Gonnod, Glee Club; essay, A Cultured Womanhood, Miss Cort; vocal solo, Let Me Love Thee, Ar dltl, Miss Helen Stauffei; piano solo, Perpetnnm mobile, Op. 24, von Weber, Miss Gaismac; recitation, A Sisterly Scheme, Banner, Miss Kate Rnch; pisno quartette, Swedish Wedding March, Si derman, Misses Smiley, Cllpplnger, Long and Sniveiy. The annual exhibit of art will be held this afternoon and evening from 3 until 10 o'clock. Tomorrow morning at 10.80 o'clock class day exerches will be held. The same evening, st 8 p. m., a concert will be given by the music department. Commencement exercises will be held on Thursday morning st 1030 o'clock. HOTXl. The feature of todsy, the display of art work, shows the work done dnr ing the year, which has" excelled that of former years in almost every branch and a fine display may be expected. Extensive preparations have been made to decorate and adorn rooms and balls and to convert all into s bower of loveliness. At the Class Day exercises tomorrow morning Mlu Emma Newman delivers the salutatory and Miss Emily Maulsby the charge to undergraduates, and both participate in the music. To Bridge tbe Seneca. Messrs. Talbot Bonnet, of Plttsbnrg, Pa, have contracted with the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company to build an iron bridge at Little Seneca, one half mile east of Boyd'i, on the Metropolitan Branch of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. fha exact amount of the contract Is not known, but it is thought the bridge will cost over $100,000. sstbe masonry alone wfll cost about 155,000. Work on the new bridge wfll be commenced st an early date by Italian workmen brought there by tbe contractors and men hired around there. The present bridge is a wooden trestle 500 feet Ion; and 106 feet high. Eugene McAtee, as lowest bidder, secured the contract from the county commissioners fcr building a wagon oridge over Little Seneca on tbe road leading from Boyds to Germsntown. Mr. Me- Alec's bid was $474. Bockvllle Oennu. A local census has been taken In Rock- vllle, Montgomery county. The total population is 1,261, divided as follows-. Wnites--Males, 444; females, 456; total whites, 900. Colored-Males, 150; females, ill; total colored, 881. The number of beads of families owning residences is 117, and tbe number of beads of families renting bouses is 117-an equal division of bouse owners and tenant*. A borse attached to a vehicle and driven by a man from tbe county became unmanageable near tbe Square comer yesterday afternoon and reared up on its bind lets. Tbe te"« of William H. Ramsbnrg narrowly escaped being demolished by the frightened anl- maL Xae Modern Beaaty Thrives on good food and sunshine, with plenty of exercise In the open air. Her form plow* with health and Ler fsce blooms with Its beamy. If her system needs tbe cleiutas; action of a laxative remedy, she uses tbe gentle sad pleasant Syrup of Figs. Made by tns California Fig Syrap Company. BISHOP FAR1T. HIS AXMTAL, VISITATION IO AA.L. SUNTV P4KISU. 4 flat* OoBtfrftted and «a E ff Delivered by (bt« Bishop. High: B*T Wei. !««. btotcp of tfe* ProiMikBt EpUccpU dtoowe of Mary- Ivcd, made hu actual !!uiUsu AU S*ifll»' Caorcfc 1»: cvenistf, sad cyn- nrmtd a clws o? sereettta p«wn», There was a iirgv coBgrea'.l'.,a pietent. The rite of tip'.Lwa wa* a*!oi't:!t'eixd upon oce yottlh, by !tr rei-t -r. rfev ls- b ·«« Icg'.e. The b'siop mule t brie? address lo ibe cta»«, »nl wardi delivered an excellent sermon from tbe tex; "Ah the diy IdU." "There sre v » r k u fMtnt of Uileueu," taid the speaker, "act! tn tome ca*e* it li ri:o** ble Bui you are all here 'or wo:k; ou are a PAT: of God'j armr, sod a« »ucJ He bids yoa go work In HU vlneyan!; work (or Him 10 help build up lib ciute aud tend the Uoipel In'.o al! lands. Ob! torn and women whose lire* art) half gooc, and !f you are put lalriy-tive your lire* are half gone; Ob! youth and maidenhood. whose llree hare just begoa, why eland ye idle? Go work In the Master 1 * vineyard, and KO work uow. (or the night ccme;h, la which so mm cia work." Al the cloas of lie sermon the bUhop uld: "My dear people, (or twelve PftSSA. KA1LSOAD 8QLD. Toe Frederick Division of toe Pennsylvania Railroad WM toM at the Uoort Hoese door b«r« today et 1 p. 19., by Atciioceer Oaj. B. Font, cudtr n»ort- gage. There was only one bidder, J. C. Bloats, of Lb* Penciylvaola R*Uro*J Company. Pni:*ie:phii. !'«., jj JOHN HHKDBIOKBON. T -BJt MODJtL. | ably be eitendec oy laem t? ivc, 1). C. Tae «*!· » M k si e . I party of fcur P. R. R. oficlsls. t J ! LOO£L MENTION lafurtn my friend* [ tbe psbllc £enera!Ir thit 1 am recelvtc^ cnlcrs !sr iaikeL £ Trsi.. Ah since ihe day when 1 was called to thla diocese. YOG. have seemed neater and nearer to me every day, and 1 thank yon (or your ready sympathy. Since the division of my province to form the dio cese of Washington, tboni one third of the people are not mine, but I still (eel near to all of yoa. There are twenty thou sand communicant* In my province, and I not only need their sympathy but their help, and trust they may give willingly of their means to help the dioceslan work." The Bishop is a forcible speaker and his practical Gospel sermons, (all of admonition, cannot (ail to make their in- tlaence felt. He is an earnest, steady worker. Daring the yetr closed in May, he confirmed 1206 persons, administering that rite 101 times He preached 104 times, made 84 addrrssses, administered comcannlon 45 times, held two ortiinattons, consecrated one church and c (Related at two marriages and one burial. Bishop Paret visited AiUmttown, orontt and New il»r»ci oa SaUu Mt. Airy and Poplar Springs yesterday, and All Saints' lait night. Today he is at Walkersville and Catoctin Furnace. TRIAL OF DB. WM. E. PERRY. The Arirnment* Conolnded and tbe CMC Given to tbe Jury, The trial of Dr. Wm. E. Perry,charged with assault on Mies Rose J. Johnson, which has been in progress in the Circuit Court at Charlestown, Yv". Va., since last Tuesday, was concluded yesterday and the case wai given to the jury at 6 o'clock last evening. A rececg of court was then taken till 7 o'clock. Up to S SO last night the jury had not agreed on a verdict, and Judge Faulkner adjourned court until this momlng. Last Saturday was occupied in taking expert testimony for the defense and rebuttal testimony for the State. The taking of evidence was closed Saturday and Monday morning the argument: began with the opening of the case for the State by Mr. Wm. R. Alexander, who spoke far two hoars. The cage it a) opened for the defense by Mr. James M. Mason, Jr., who spoke an honr. He was followed by Cap:. George Baylor in a speech of one hour. Court then took the noon recess and re convened at 2 o'clock. Judge Daniel B. Lucas in a masterly argument covering two hour* closed the case for the defense. He was followed by Prosecuting Attorney F. Brown, who' In an able speech, which lasted two hours, closed tbe CMC for the State.' During the entire day tbe courthouse was crowded to its utmost capacity with eager listeners to hear the arguments In the celebrated case, which has attracted attention all over Jefferson county and adjoining counties of the State. THK BUSINESS MM, Committee of Oo-operMlon on tbe State Gamp Appointed. At a meeting of the executive committee of the Business Men's Association, the following gentlemen were appointed · committee (upon request of the encampment committee) to co-operate with the latter committee In regard to making the coming State encampment a grand and successful affair: Hon. A. R. Yeakle Messrs. A. C. McCardell, Geo. 8. Bodock, F. B. Sappiagton, L. A. Rice, G. B. Zimmerman, Joseph D. Baker, Col. D. C. Wlnebrener, J. H. Gambrill, J. B. Walker, J. U. Marktll, Thomas EL Haller, Charles Werthelmer and C. N. Hahn. The two committees in the future will work together and formulate all plans. Tney will urge the Governor of Maryland to invite Governor Hastings, of Pennsylvania, and his stiff to be present at the State encashment, in which event a big reception wlU be tendered them. While snch an event would prove of rut benefit to Frederick, bringing thousands of visitor* here, it would likewise cost a great deal, and to cover the legitimate expenses TH» H«ws would suggest to the committee that they open t subscription list at Tax Nstrs office where the farmer* can call and leave a contribution at any time. The farmers should by all means be called apon to subscribe to tbe encampment fond. They will be largely benefited by the camp, which will consume their batter, eggs and provender and pay them gocd price* for all of it. Their traits and vegetable* win alto be in demand by the soldier boys, and they ought to be willing to give something, even If no ffioretfean fifty cent*, to tbe toad that wfll be needed in defraying tbe expenses of getting the encampment here. "Electric BUT" Arrested. Hsfl A. Cnrtis, alias -Electric Bin," was arrested at vVestminiter Isst night and committed to jail by Justice J. HoS- mn Fuss for a further beating this afUr- noon, on a charge of selling electric belts under false pretenses. A large crowd gathered around and bought freely of the belts. Another Homer Oaacbt. Mr J. W. Downey, of New Market, Frederick county, Md., has :aught a bom log pteenn. The leg band !s marked "F, 16.760." for coal or wood left with me or at the crhce of Chiton Jc Rhode*. No. 133 Norih Market »irc«t, will hive prompt and care- fa! attention. kUrkeii 4. Trail are handling the tw»i grade* of hard H id soft coal. W. F.CailuML Wanted-- Everj Han. Woman and Child tb Frederick to MW the JUplty of Art Work al the Woman's College, between 3 and 10 P m. today. Finer ihan ever. All are welcome. No admission charged. Why are you idle when yen can get $40 a month. Call and see (or yourself. N. C. BKSSO.S. £7 West Second street. Why suil:r from headache caussd by eye (train waen you can b« uu eaalty relieved bj having properly adjjsled glaise*? He charge for examination. Call oa Isldor Saki, al B. Rosenour A; bons. North Market street Here Wt Arc Twentieth Century Lamps only 10.000 Mile Cyclometer, only ODcenif; regular $1 30 lantern, only 75 cent a; Bicycle bcl.s from 15 cents up. Special sale this week. Smith's Temple of Fancy. Those who cannot und glasses to salt their sight can be fitted by special ground leases to salt their case, by calling on Istdor Saka, at B. Rosenonr Sons, North Market Street. For all the new taffeta rlbfaoas call at Mrs. Norrie'. _ "M«Je«tlc." Haye you seen the Majestic Bicycle for 1896? High grade, up o date in all parts. Allen U. Quynn . Co. For the latest shades of silk for waists, go to Mrs. Norrit' new store, 108 North Market street. Clean Up. The Excelsior Steam Carpet Cleaning Company will take up your carpets, clesn them, store and Insure, aud relay them. Telephone orders to Nor. 75--94 or 11. Interstate Telephone. The latest shapes In hats and bonnait at prices that will surprise yon at Mrs. Norrls*. ^ ---Ladle*, if you wish your combings msde into wigs, bratde, curls, bangs, etc., go to Mrs. Norrls', North Market street, who manufactures them at the shortest notice, and guarantees all work done by her. Greatly Reduced Kates to Denver. Col., via Pennsylvania Railroad. On account of the National Council, Junior Order United American Mechanics, «t Denver, CoL, the Peon»yhaal« Rallioad Company will sail on Jane 11 and 13 special excursion tickets to Denver, Col., and return at rac* of $54JMf from New York, $52 25 from Philadelphia, $50 75 from Baltimore and Washington, $50 20 from Harrlsburg, and proportionate ra'eB from other points. Two dollars additional is to be paid at Denver at time of validation of return portion of ticket. For full details apply to ticket agents. BEST A KEPLER. THisfjuiAxinnTaMttss! Wl MIGHT WRIT* A VICKY PB1TTT BTOBT ABOUT OtTB TBIKCH OKGANDII8. AEXI8TIC SrPBQT8, HARMONIOUS COLOB- INGS. KICH. COOL AND ALL THAT. BUT *IABI MATTBBOF FACT MBBCHAAT8 AMD CHOOSE KATH- BB TO TELL A SIMPLE STOUT OF PBICB THAT WILL PLVA9B TOD BBTT1 AHD8AT1 TOO MOSIT. Of BTTLB8 THAT YOU WILL NOT FIND SL8BWHXBB. WHIM YOU TBY TO MATCH OUB PBICKB AMD QUALITIB8 YOU WILL APPKI- CIATB OUB 8TOBY. B3T St XVEPLER'S, 61 MOBTB MABKBT ST. HELP WANTED. W ANTED.--AN BXPIRONCKD h,. 'Wtewpmantodofwmal konsework ta ^ Ur f t ^"i^S oAwtft *- *«lw«noe required. Apply 7» B. 2nd 8t Jone»dlw* W ANTED.-MKAT ACHVB BOY « Mrs. Norrls'Mfl'toery store. JeSdlw W ANTED AT ONCK.-ACTIVB acents for each County. Bxchulve control and ooriik. Will clear 12to36hun- dt»d doUan a raw. EDclowt stamp for roll pamenlan or95c. for»l. sMpie. Biff Bap- IdVMli»iml Water Co., Bi( Kap, Mle*. ^ W ANTED.--ACTIVE, RELIABLE »ento tnvel aod solicit oitUra for fruit and ocmenta! nurserr stock. Penument emplorment and food par. lurereooe notdr- ed. AddreM Uie K. 0. C2M3 Co, Souti f»ua Square. PntUdwph!*. MULUNLX 9t KBMP. We received this a. m_, a pretty assortment of tbe very latest things In Ladies Bows aad Tecks suitable for Shirt Waist*. AJso another lot of Ledies Belts In White, Black, Patent Leather, , c. We are now showing the best values In Xens and Bojs Cher- lot Negligee shirts to be found in the city, from 25 to 50 cents. See them. READ THIS. A big cut In the price of Soap. Brown's best cold cream and glycerine Soao, at 5c.a cake, former price lOcts, M ULLLNIX KBM P. JCJiK WEATHER WBABrOBMBJt. THE 8AKZ OF COXFOBT UKTKIi r IU THAT TliAT^KEXT (. TU NUTUIKG-THAT bOMETHINU N-J LliLl THKEAU U.LU.D CUOL TEUPKJUtD BALilUiQUAN UKAW- BBS-IL'LL AM) CXM1'LETE LINE Of tlZBJ IK 8HIHT8 ANU DKAW- BB4. A F I N E UHILL UHAWBK AL8O THAT EOMEl-BBFEbTD THB WOVBS OOOD». MADBAB AND PBBCALB 8B1BTB AND WHITE 8HIB1S IN HBLIABLB MaKBi!. JOHN H. ENDRICK8ON. 265. WILL BCT A GOOD FISH NET CNDBHBH1HT HEBE. F. V. STADB. flIN K \«jxttA. «UoT GO. 4 CAMS BB8T TOMATOES. 26C. 6 » GOODCOBN. U6C. 3 ~ EABLYJCNB PBiB, asa a M PINBAPPLB8, 35C. 2 " DBSBBTFBACHBS. UOC. F. V* STAUB. NOBTB MABKBT BTBBBT. TBLBPHONB CONNECTIONS. POLL i BROTHERS. W AND 101 NOBTB MABKBT ST. TBAW IttAW ALMOST BTBBT DAY WB ABB BBCBITING NEW PATTKBH8 IN STRAW MATTTN68. IT WILL BB WOBTB TOUB TIMB TO LOOK AT OUB MATTINGS BEFOBB BUYING. MJTMNG8TO SUIT BTBBYBODY JBOM THB CHBAP18T TO THB TBBYIIHE3T. BODOOK A NEDH3 H KAK DUES* 8VLLISG. Ca4« priewl loti. crt'» 03*oZ ti -r. Itury rejr««eot wwu ulel: from ra opr-.9« BUUBMB. Wv.e Bade oa tfeeot Btler tM scjit. cwct (l.uu a jftKl. w-i. b* cio It jvu w*ol tt ur«*« du:*l l«t tL'j CP- portUBH j »Ji Of. BODOCK * KBID10. A. T. BIOS A SONS. ITABLOBHED 180ft A. T. HICK SOME FUNERAL DIRECTORS. TILBPHOtilTO. JAMES £. WALKER A 00 CO WK PUT ON OCU COUNTER THIS MORNING A RiKOAIN IN A LOT OFLAD1EVMD8UN UKBKBWBAB. BOMB FEW P1BCBS SLIGHTLY SOILED B7 BEING SHOWN IS THB WINDOW. WK ABB GOING TO OF- rSB THBM AT A QBBAT 8ACBI- S 1CB AND THB BARLT CD3TOUBB GITS THE CHOICE. ANOTHER BAKQAIN IN A LOT OF BBMNANTS OF WOOL DKE33 GOODS. MOST OP THBM WILL HAK.B BK.IBT i-ATiktUMo. 60 AT A TBBT LOW PBICB JAB. E. \VALKER CO. HAVB TOO TB1BD THB..8BLTTT CLOTH. S I ILK8. ILK». A 8PBC1AL LJNB OF WASH BILES AT3SC. PUT ABB. ACTUAL VALUE SSC. AHANDBOJKB LIHK OT BLACK FIGUBBD 8ILK3 FOB WAISTS OB BB18BB8 AT 7SC. .PBB TABS. WHBK TOD VISIT OTJB BBTAB- LIBHMIKT. ABE TO SBE THB8B GBM8. D OLL RAILINGS. T° DAY AND MONDAY. WB WAHT BTBBT LADT IS TOWK TO CALL FOB A SAMPLE OF OOB BONELB8S BOILED BAM. IBIS IB SOMETHING NEW ABOUND BEBB AN i) WB WANT YOU TO 8BBIT.TABTB ITAHDXBLLU8 WBAT TOTJ THIKK 07 IT. NOTHING NICBB FOB LUHCBX8 THAN A IBW SL1CBB Of A DELICIOUS rLATOBBD. NICELY BOILED BAM. WB WILL NOT ASK YOU TO BUT, BUT COMB IN AND TBTIT. THB BAILING QBOCBBT OO^ CENTRAL HARDWARE CO. PAINTS; PAINTS! WA6ON AND IMPL1MBNT PAINTS, CABS1A6X PAINTS, SOCo2HOIa COLOBa. HOCSB PAINTS. BKAMBL PAUrrS. BAKIXS X5AMBL, (for Bteyde use), TOPDBBWnfG. XJOOE Oar TOS THE .Bis RED SAW. ·TRESPASS HOTIOI AT THX N1WS OrnCZr ^ ^ T\O YOUKNOKV That I am selling DE8IUABLB BDILDINQ LOTS in Nonb-Wwt Addition to Frederick, it.firom (1.00 TO S4.00 A JTBONT FOOT, according to location. THB3E ABB HABGAINb, sod now it the Umo to bur wUle thej aitt b»- iag sold at mob luw price* slid naty ler0.1. jrorparUottian and location, QBO. fl. l .ZIMMEBMAN, DOLtL'S. D iOLL'8 HOTBL CAJB. Bavins nttol up in the rear of my "Care 1 ' a 8UMMBB GABDBN, I will open the same oa; THUB8DAT EVBN1NG MIZT, JDNK 4TH. Music will be faratthta on tais^oc canon and a pleasant evening .·_: li promised alL C. D. DOLL J. F. BZSENflAUER. JUST RZCWVXD A full line ef KABYUi'B CHOICE OBACKEB3 AMD FAMCr CAKBS. New Tomatoes, Peas, Gabbaf*» A* par*- ·us, Mttuo*, ao., Ju4t rrcclveO, B4HANA8, OBAK6BS aod LEMONi A full line of Llquon, Import** sal DoawtUc. Atto ALL GBADBJ OF BEBB, We receive daily Milk and Cream. - F. JBIBXNHAUBR, AGSNT. A. B.jHABGBTT. rUBKHAsfo WILDCHBBBT PHOSPHATE. A DELIGHTFUL SCMMBB DBINli IT BITS THB SPOT WHBN YOCUU THIB3TT. PftXPAJtBD IK OKI MIirrjTB B7 THB QCAJtTOBGALLOH. CMAIiBOXTLSSlOC. A* B.r HBBOCKl THBBOCEjf Ute ceaebnte* BartboiowyJinwiaf Ox O C K ! " O C K B O C K : Also tie MAXZXJT BBBJt aad tbetr otsw bradns at an IeMUs« piaoss au4 ST thrir sew JOB* A. 0. LIFTS, Mt.WsstF.tMssrtMs.lw* ft,. . mtMH^lUt

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