The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on March 22, 1899 · Page 2
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · Page 2

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 22, 1899
Page 2
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: Uw out °* "* numerous bttts before that body for this purpose. The law passed i* said to be the rinl- pte*t one before the whole texiiOature -pwMin* that delegate* to eonven- ttan» be eteeted by hallo* instead of the old way of voting T iva voce. We tor* not seen the law, bat understand Oat ia the only provfcton. Boiled dowa doe that te all therv i* of a primary election lav anyway--that the voters of the prerimt may have an op, portnnitr to select the delegates to the | conventions and prevent the snap cau- -uaes sometimes Indulged in. Thfe jg not the Grand Forts Herald and Kareo Argus bfll. bnt w« fafl to see why it 1" not an Improvement over them aH-- in its simplicity. Oreson d«-uj«usrnued her wonderful superiority and sfaworthiaew. After a voyage of 1S.OW miles, without stopping for any purpose except to OaUj OBf.?faT ".;. carrier, per month.. THE LOUISIANA PURCHASE. Arrangement* are being: made in several western cities to celebratf the Louisiana purchase, the jkurrhase made by President Jefferson in 1803. .Vs i known that purchase was stren- . - mmsly opposed, and it would be Inter' I " - f «"-- »t-~*rw v.»y^}n U£ 1U her bunkers with coal Admiral Dewy .5e "ays: "She is to St condition for any - duty." There is no battleship or vruiser or man-of-war of any kind in any fleet with a record equal to that rf Oregon. During the last year she warty 40.W mites and played the biggest part In the biggest naval battle of modern times, without lying np a single day or receiving a dollar's SHERMAN NOT DEAD. ox WAR. B^ttw to Mai,* 22.-S«noel , of the American Fed»r»tioa th« Fanner Secretary of State Not Dead Bat Reported Improving at Santiago. Washington, Maix-h 22.--The report of the death of Secretary Sherman is an error, and advices received by the ·state department are to the effect that Sherman is improving. to U» auspices of tite Q«od *^*ty- *. Ooaper, the position of ··If it was right tor the founders of tt"SOT«rnmeflt to fight for fm gov- «wnent. n U IK* today right *««** it. We HM ever made worth of repairs, escept to Uav, her esting to design, in one's imagination. the result that-would have followed the failure of the purchase, The xTMpans ror immigration in North Louisiana purchase would have sepsr- Rakota are bright-and the number ateit Texas from the original states of Immigrants promises to exceed tha 'aad Derhnifci 4»*iwelUw1 j*W Twwafhzitrp «f !»«*» «-^UL _.!.,-«_ bottom scraped. Prospects for Immigration in North tog part ia a plan to divide np China, beewtte rt wfll help oar trade. w ""* » a menace trouble Be. . H peace cannot te8ecaredin«By««her way, the labor will 8 » a- to rtnke down their fellow men: will refuse to ££. r; when aailars will navigate ships of war, and ships wi" exce aad perhaps cancelled «8 poskibHiry of last yea? which was large of that states interesting fight for amalgamation ^^ with tteoHw republic. By example and political contagion. the .Louisiana, .purchase wonM bate become, in an prohabflity. a weBtem repnblic, breaking away from Kapo- The , leon in the hour of his dissolndon. Thfe newer. we«ern republic eould raHroads have assisted and will assist ta the work by the granting of tew rates for bomeseekers and prospective settlers. The roramiSBiouer of agriculture, under the law passed at the last session of the legislature to encourage the work of immigration, ««» --- -~TW .»TMra«. t^nunrc 1,-wuu, pot forth prittted matter, aad macs, not have hiea* sognasa or as mighty]and otherwise call to the attention^of ^the_«pnbUe^f^ r .anditw a8 a *£***«* many advantage* of the «ate of .North Dakota a* a state to which the poor man may settle and . precious destiny which prevented any 6nea division. B« the western re- would have been the greater nation of tfie two republics. It would bare had a coast line on the gulf 'of Mexico and on the Pacific. For. the Louisiana purchase, together with the Conquered Jiesicaa territory,; woiud have been able to^have supplied the ·srorid with:its wbeat, 'with te cotton. prosper. ft fe hoped that Secretary Sherman inspect Webb Bros.' tnillin ' · The.old Shotwtfl shortage at - settled by the aar way for t^ their hrethern. wherever . There is * treaty being tonntdtrtwiby ^s» union worferT^ Britain and America, which wai neceawy without the in, There has , o worked tEat ^f aeclwed for tranqnffltj- aha r -£-Edwards, pastor of the Kay- isb Baptist church at MinenvQle, Pa^ rheumatism, was Tie «·- · condition, the gnddea rumors which o spring forth on such occasions, - pabUe man today who has seen experience ia the affairs- of the Sherman aas, and it the feope* that, relieved from pressure xf official duties, he maj to witness the growth _ fer which He has don much. another, state in which cabinet officers and its If?* 'f 8 *** 1 * Sas. adjourned wfthow r ^«^°n of a senator. Attl th^ senate wfll soon body, and diminished. ^ators wfli be aided. ~ w weekly^run of live Jocal news aNy condneted editorially «or Smith understands w should be and fife «» be congratalated upon ' ' : i" 1 ^* . * w a as Smith In -with its gold, wittt its sflrer. ".wttb its rice! with its meat of its table, Gbi- ·eago with its great territory .for lire ·stocfe cut off liy a national line have remained a: village, . .,, country were... . it would be the richest ***"" nation on earth; ; StflL forming as«ii does the major portion of tbe States, it has never had.a president, bat very fejr- cabipet-officers and its fiprtioa of nalional appropriations- w meager indeed compared with that accorded the states lying east of" tbe Sissfesippi. 6ni the great west realizes that political preferment naturally flourishes most in the older ana most populous section of the country and its ambition and constant aim and un- flagjting desire is towards its own commercial bettermentPolitical control wfll come afterward, With the waters of the Pacific and the Atlantic meeting in the Xicaragua canal with new possessions in the far eaat temporary or otherwise, to be "~T. the west: has a new" commer- I indnstrtol opportunity; . _.. it mnw grasp, and grasp quickly and Intelligently. To the minds of most I members of t»» K«~» ^~ ~ "^ men the opportmrity can be realized SeS,^^^?^ Wbp V °*** ** ·ssr t-«»-«»--' - ii;=?^»ss^ Hawaii and the Philippine islands and the Nicaragua canal -were not thought of when, nine years ago a .^saftr^rrissEitrRra lisl,ed. This great congress, embody.' --'- - - fbm *"· ins a great fommerdal idea, was formetf to protect existing industries of the west. Destiny has moulded event* until the congress bas become no longer a protector of industries, bm a dweloper of them. The trans-Mis- sissippi Connuen-ial Congress holds its next session at Wichita. Kansas. May 3!st. Jtmo i^t. 20, and 3rd, There the western states, through their-representatives, will meet and pledge their word anew to western union and strength, ·la minting the golden harvest wnicfr tbe opportunity of new commercial j J5*M« wfll yield. j Editor Smith of the Oakes'BepoMi «m says of the Little primary election MB passed at tho last Reasion of tbe legislature: The state legislature passed a prtm- Goods Arriving Suits SEMUNG HOOVER Jfc te abartoteJiy useless to erpect · ^S^^S^***-*^TM of to ""*, 'V *ne .msease ts In , and nencB can not be cut Sine times out of: fen knife onlyhastens death. JBlyhope, MM-K ---y^ T of FnnkeV receive,!. Try taem. choc- , Name .--- .^^_.. t,,. **j UBBUU ^aine .on «evenr piece. Capita Book Store, THEY SELL BOTH AT SA3IE KABES. ^-S^ 8 ^ western railways ·enipe It Before * Jiew while ae C«- » · Philadelphia and New Tork Short Lines- good at same fares as ·S»® SB » 1 ' £,* ?W sit »»hes in a wooden^ F^ E. BYRNE, ' Agent for Home York : · · ...Bismarck Bank. °' nlL UIMW J B I i E tM . ° , » -:·«-- ten tlsys at Wasnington : i tickets to Philadelphia an«f write *«^*r *^«nnifiia no fiotash, o^» mineral. ·; T ^ Canora- wfll be mailed free _ . through fellow servants. It. is just as well to remember that tbe.more of AguiaaidoV^enerab . to be losing fits head. Aguinaldo appears afeo ___ -,~-^-- f ~" "* *-" c *i«,'wu snoi and there wffl be no^prosecution. cured! 8hitah*,» PAKKEKSBURO. W. Vs., March a" -Tery important negotiations have just been closed whereby the Henry Oil tom- wny, the fearless Oil compasar and the IcDosaM Oil company become one corporation, which will be one of the largest otf «aeerns independent of the Standard Oil company. The soldier boy* wbohad taken Hood's 5J?*f**IfU SarBapariBaaresaidto have stood *fc. f tt jfBirtla^.^. e^^ons! 8 muck better, than^^thdr strength and ecduf aoce. Tke Xoantala M*n. _Cnete John Smith, Uncle Dfck Wootan, IS ? i ^Carsott and tnany another played theii S · ' - · Irns as they staked their doBars, and it ·* -- -----"- not to flSchVhentfS ,,--sttbem. The chief char- «»«,« »v » -·* tra PP CT "·« tbe iron aarve Uwt never tailed, the pretence ot mind that never deserted him. Sa2» as Sewas he was always equal to himself and «Si W "^ to momel » t « of imminent «. I_lr"~ .ZsZLSZl^Zi? "wa'ainaaon in gg rtmae ttifficultieB, which seemed indeed £ to sharpen his faculties to the utmost. 'IS Absolntwly indifferent to paralyzing so-' *·" P^w'W-be doubled tbe Jndtan sagacity and'craft with infinitely greateTdadi anddarta* Hewas vnFSSSg. TM * ^ VlSlt *° the ^^ ^d «««» made tbe occasion for an unusually large number of lynching^ street assassinations and other matters In the nature of convivial crfebratioa 3ud La Moore lias been~pnt asWe'teia- poraray as a target for tbe forum, and Jodge Amidon is for the present at end of the Fargo Forum's · case .rapid are gun. ST^TE TT ^ Dr ? oj; « -Wfe-i March VsV-^Jndge S. [ PeTMev«M^e"of ^he Aaeri^ chMcterf appear that President \r. * J^JTM"^'" who ""g 11 ^ frTM t«e so- *£» ^Ww conrtituted ttemselvai into *- u-n rremaent MC- pretne court several months ago on i ?J2Sr^ * state sttrveyroB and were the Account of ill health, is seriously ia He 4 i^SSfS*? 080 * *^ocaipireof the west. " -- ·--·'-- *- - - - - " ' T TM r TM« t '"thwn had goneiomeao . Second and Broadway. : JOHN HAASSEN,; SNridan Howe Bartir S« «rt Bit* Rwss, ~ DOLAN, . iH-sf^^S^fe^gSf*^ -- -- -- ^.i^HBHH Woman's. _ Crowning Virtue. B«LIOS, Ho., 5 t^^i told IT. , new high school buflding. Tbe Dertls Lake Frw Press SORES ON LNSS ^!"^J^ E^IateBc^ we SHppen AH ti» Tiaw. . Mediciot* no Hrip. · iatnea S«XjriE LETTtE. KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS. \AJfClEKT OttDKR USITKD VTOBKMSK ···First National Bank . · «e«,ew. OH 0. *rt»o ywri, M bad tb« I iud to wtfl be · ,Ki * no oa aotttaf i»«nrd to help me iT .nf er I ta - ta - nmw . _ «»«OBt stolen btojr«te at Su FVanctacoT *iiins virtue of American women, ft ts tbt tndt is-sass £, ^£W**3 K» - J£»S- ^^ *«*" traiMd in tht core of wonnnfy wolcness«s and irrepi- I»ri««s. Th«f« should b*no betitt- tion. Defaytd treibaenf iyw t chronic coodMon. Ibe ioagtr J»stp688il the harder *o^cwi /f. .P«t'.2.U, ·toy of ttw SUBSCRIBE FOR THE SAFES. Q EO. C.QARROW, .etc. lEWSPAPERI lEWSPAPERl

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