The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on May 30, 1891 · Page 1
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · Page 1

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 30, 1891
Page 1
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ELEVENTH YEAR. WSMARCK. NORTH DAKOTA, S A T U R D A Y , 3£AY 30 tSJJJ. . CE^TS. B A5.K- V _ THE THK THE CAPITAL. rii-iriL CAPITAL ;ATiOVAL IVATIOXAL BANK BAJiK ·-- CssHer THK ·TSE CAPITAL CAPITA!, GAPITAIf. NATIONAIi" -NATION All SATIOXAJj HANK "BANK CAPITAIi-BLO K. BI85IAECK. inthorizod Capital Capital r $l,OQO,OOQ boashl and so'd on fOl thaprincipal ciUw Doas o{thBUalte d States., I~-- v .COBBESPONDENTSt - ~ Continental _Nat! B .Chicago. Chemical Jfot'l Baai, 4 , New York 1 Kiitfl German" Eani, Bt Pan! OEhSIOtf LAWS- ^_ A FEW COPIES ^OFTHE ~ POPDLAB EDITION^ OF THE ~ * SESSION. " The IJ^ia has gone to ^Melbourne, AOB- rralia. ' threaten to insurgentb ba'rd-yalparaisd. Major Frank Hamilton, UI S. A*, died at Fort Adains, K. L, Fndaj. . * -^Surgeon-General Hamilton has resigned to accept -a Chicago profeesor- shup.* -* -- » Treasnrer~Bardsley . t" Hhiladdphla _wili be committed to await:the session'of coujrt for triaL -s- ^_ i Ex-Congressnian Darwm S. Hall has been appointed commissioner' to negotiate with the Chippewa Indians in Minnesota. ~ . OFfZCTAL -- Andrew H. Burke.-Bisnmrck. .. . . . .- . .. rAUia.-Grsffon: , ; Secrpbiry.of State--Joira.; Flittie, s-iizntrck. Treasurer-- L. E Booker, ^fismirck.x' , Atjditci^Jolm P lirsr, Bismarck - * 1 ~ Attomey-Gezjersi-C^ A. M- Spencer. Bifi£J · THE SALARY QUESTION "ft bat Citizens Think of thel'oniicit's AcUou jii'Camus v Salaries. A. Set Savins: in the Cut of $75.83 .Per Month or $909.96 Per Year. Arsrument on Secretary SaUry Mandamus Proceedliifj Postponed Until June. Attorney -General--says-- Uliainnan Rucker wa " Elected. Superintendent of Public Instra tioo-Johnl The city council at its last meeting, by Insoisnce-A- L. Cares, resolutioHTSxed ttie salaries of the city Ofrden.-Bisiaarck.. Commissioner-: of Bismarck. - ' -- ' fOFef u j ^ K n _ Helgesen, Bismarcs- "Railroad Cotninis^ionerb--George official*--making a radical reduction .-all H. secretary, Bismarck. lt e.'s'Seiuitora-Hon:H.C Ljinan . Ci-ev. , ·Mtmhcrcf' onKre^sr- Hon. JL H OF J8°0 ALSO POPDL4K IMTION OK.lSGl- This action is deemed because of the- fact that the prospective I revenues of file city j:or the coming jear (Office of board at cap- ao not equal the prospective evpen^es. The Hansbroagfi, Hon-1 Bowing comiansous ^Mll^shov." the j monthly salaries. - Heretofore. co'iititut.on prewnta theniX^m reducing the, pay. ot the present: ofr.eia!?. CSpt-.ii UwitUwa-te: 1 think it would bf f ur-.'ir alight to ha\e fixed the -alsries oftbe:i(\ engineer asil.'n« of poiipe to the} cotud"ha\e realized tW perinonth. I .approver the other, deductions. 31. Eppinfrei:' Tho "city engineer and ctrief or : police.mRlrt; to- re'3lize:--SoO --.per. nioatb;-: The street commissioner-'" is miy needed a -short timu iu iall and spnog. The -clerk should not- -complain as he pets good pay for the amojnt ot vcork he hastolo. " - , _ I"artictilars of Cyras and --Berry's Dentil, The Centralia Kev.h gives the fall particulars of the death of Pat Bites and Benny Perry, lormerly- of -Bismarck. It says ia the afternoon about 2 .o'clock while grading Tower avenue the plow point struck_thsj\oodeu cap of the well. Ahttle searching repealed the trip aud 1C was riused. Benny Perry, woi»inK-r Byrm Thetts, a little man or abo\| 4^ and. who has'beeu in -,'.Gentralia- for about: 'twojyeais; :'.unde"rtbok-,t6 descend the ladder ure the decth-of the v.ater at the bottom. beveral persons stood around while he went duwn. The well is about twelve feet square and about twelve feet: to the it. Beuuj stood, on the rounds and measured He turned around tcx.oifie up, stepped ' ' the \vater. A I '-SIR JOHN V DYINGk - Canada's. Prime Minister, Sir John ifcDonal'l. Hourly Expected' - - to Die. 100 HIGlf. This. 1* the Keport of Troy« f Jliu KlMr Valley. Air Important Witness Aarainst tie New Urleans Jury Bribers Fled to St. Lonls to Escape Testifying in the Bribery - 'Case.- 1 "to -, Get on the Jary and the Italians. ST. Louis, May 29,--Leonce Burthe, the principal and in fact the only witness thf. jnry hrihnra i yell from those on top, its it was seeq tliat, trials in New Qx- , , Benny was making -no effort to get out o £ j leans, was arrested in East St. Louis the water, uruugtit Patrick Bjrn^the con- j aig afternoon and is-now in jail in that tractur, to the si-eae. He rapidly \\eut to 1 , -r, _,, , .,,~, , ·, , ,, huitomand grasped the fioating body, but IS"!.- J3ottue,at'vnu be remembered,.left unable to bring it to the bucface. XjNew Orleans to avoid testifying in the J ,-peryear. ONLY To CTNTS ONLY 15 CEJtTS- ONLY To CENTS; "75 GENTS - ONLY 75 CENTS- ONtY-75 CENTS ONLX 75 CENTS j ONL"Y 75 CENTS ONLY 75 CENTS Callpn lonr nearest newspaper~oT eeiid .L f State Veterinarian--W C. Langdon, Fargo. _ C hnpprintpnripnf. of. Irrigation and Forestry--- ' 7, W. barref; Bismnrck. - j -^ * ' C*HbtxllIlIl QDK1DQ hOQSP __ The Judiciary . _ « r Street comnussujner ^-1 - - " DJSCBICT JUDGES. ~ - · -' FirstDif-tact--C F. Tcmplcton, Grand Forks ] ~ j Second District--D.-:E."-Mofgtuj.Ep^Us Bake, i - j Third Di-tricV-\V B Sic onnell. Fargo - J i ioarth plhtrict--\V~7b. Lander. 'Wah]peton . T~*,: Fif tii'-District^r 'b~dijr: ck:Ruse,"3 aa: fetowiC. -| Srrfh District--V7. H "Wincluster, tlsmarck. IT. s-'cincratTcmj3T Jon, H. G Caldn-ell I. A. Hon*Bomenr; E.S Allen, deputj NBiBTcarck. - ·"" i " U S Salary Filed b} CoonciL 60 75. 50 10 Ho arrived. here Wednes- J^'oiicenian aS- a member j day and registered, at the Mbser hotel, 1 """ 5^^5^f5???.!? f where ho was located -by DetecHva Burthe discovered he down and got tue two bod- ( its and yelled, lur help. He iield Uitrn J Ajchambault. j S20 8? SliS) i^Phe street commissiocet has been, getting 550 yln cash,, which is equivalent to 57^ in -warraqt^-- \~_ This cut «hous a net saving ot$7jS3 per month, or 89099(5 aj-ear. To determine i t! e sentiment of tbe-busiuess men on_this ·watched and gave the delec- slip. This mornine a cousin of . . . CT::'S.T)iRtrict" Attorney.--J; E.Selby. U. B, Marghfll--A. E- PJICC 'directions. QtiblON THE-TBIBUNE, ' _ Bismarck,??.!). LAWS! -· Chief Ja£t:c=-- day O £L Corliss Gnmdlorks AsEocinto Jabti es--Alfred "Wollm. iajgo r ^J. 5L Bartholomew, I lomivck. Clerk oSbnprempy urt--B. D Ho»kin?, Bis- morck ~ "- Heuortcr--E W tamp, Jamestown. 1890 1890 SFS8ION LAWS -S3E6S10N LAWS SESSION ; SESSION HAWS' : 50. 50 $3 00 -$3 CO rnU Bonnd. S3-X) .Fair-Bound, 83.00 · Full Bonnd. S5.00: Half-Binding. $2 - Half-Bmdmg, $2 50_ Debates of -, CONSTITDTIONaii .CONTENTION Two Dollam. authenticated ^folnnie of tha Ifl-sT3 for 1S0 ia the largest book of 8es=ion La-sr ever issned in the DaX kotcs, QQntammg nearlj 600 pages. The conatitatioh and: organicjict_ara" printocT in this volume. Send check or ; p"6stal-hote.-.; Address Judicial--Snlfa. _ .._,,_ -W H. Winchester. Court Stenographer--11. 31. 'lu'tle. k" iftlscellauerras. 7~pCELia -INSTITUTIONS, Capitol. - ,, - - -Bismarck TJ-niver^ity . - Graiki Forks Insane s«jlnm -- , Jamestown Penitentiary- " li smnrck A pricultural C-oilpfje -^ iargo School of mines, (attached to mmereitj) _ . . . , . Grand F'orks Normal school ~ , Valley Cu l)eaf and dumb asylum litvils-Lake Reform uchoul (located) .. . Mandan SormaLsrhool (locate^). . _ -Slaj-v^le ·Institdte"forfeeBIo "minded fin .coiinprMon with 'Soldr'rs':home {(located)"- ^ filind-afajlnm (lcc.iited^ industrial school Ooca ea- bchool o£f orestry OocRj^d Sci^ntiii school (located^ DMTED ^ K S-^t^pal v Kegibter. ifGceiTor. , question, the TBIBU'SE has-made a-few in- j quine^s, and withrfew t^ceptions, it" finds ' the action of the council endorsed. There i is, however, a question in the minds of ! s=ome as-to the tquity of the adjustment It 1 mti t be understood that^the salaries fixed 1 are not on i cash baia Warrants are worth about 75 cents on the dollar. 'Nug r the emplo-veot t e citj -svill receive in cash only 75 per cent of Jtha amount fixed. } It jS d o u b t f u l - if a proper ' j can bo secured for ..custodian j engine hou-.e--a maruwho _ j in hi- whole time--for §87 50 a month. It i is also.doubttul if. suitable person for j : watchman cau^be secured for S38 50 watt-r tor -a frfw seconds and:]L was beui down into the wattr ho went albo The W orov,d. became terrib.j excited aud con i J, , , - - -,-, ·, ,. t , ~, r , , · siaerable time «as loit befoie the bodies j th ? fugitive called^tjhojroser for his "were recovered, loul ai^was the cause. J valise^and the cousin was shaaoireoLto After three oodies had been carried to East Sk.-^TjouiSr-Tyher the axresfr--WHH" tbe emptj storo the cro^d insisted that made while Burthaond his cousin stood v»as all, bncthe SewK min found,djiotb^r^ori a street corner talkin^. When tafeeh in the fur corner ot the well -fhi^ lastto to tha. station tiia following telegram, B e n n v i s a s i n c l o m a n - t "Xell my son to leave the state ol Mis- Benny is a single man - _ t Patnck Bjrus_ i the contractor v ho is f sonn immediately and grading Tower avenue. His bnue attempt., state. Advan n e him "$30 and draw on at rescuing one o£ his woikmen resulted in me for same-. (Sfpned) Loms, Butthe;" his own death BUBTHE'S BTATS.MEM-.- . ) " When seen By a ^reporter Bnrthe-at ^ At the adjourned ineutinirof the jiiem first refused to talfc^bnt a f ew ^aaaT hereof the World's Fair" commis loners at questions opened his mouthu He said; G r ' lnl1 Forks some time-a^o-- Commissioner j "\Vhen the Henue=3y_mnrder case .jr R anjffered a lesplution callfng uoon tue called I was drawn on the panel. Before I was examined and rejected, P. Armanf approached me and said that I would get Sl,000 if I got on the jury and found Tram l h « x, X. D^ ifty 29.-- Tne reported increse in" tho -wheat acr««^« ot North Dakot* is -in eeyeral countie* in thiapart of the ~Etate largely overestimated. Effort* to a»aertain tho aciecg« in Weljf ; Po«t«r scd Eddy counties have resulted ia " considerable di»ap pointed!} f, ae it u? Itsarned there i» fronr 30 to pO per cent, Iee« acreftge this year- than in pre- Tiousitatirtiaj. Irr this county tiiere^ a small increR«eowin£ to the commia- eioners furnishing 1 seed to "many who would otherwise ha^e " been unzdjle to procure it. Tlie acreage throughout the etste will not show the incrwae claimed for itif late rtporte are any in. dication, and, beeidee, mnch of it i» late jsovred and liablo to be canght by the- usual hot wmdgof June and July. There has been no rain for ten 3aye, although tha weather 13 cool and satisfactory. ,, V Xmportenf J *", May 29,--^A measure of .ths importance of the BehnDjr Sea bill is rarely read the firet time m~tho hou^o of commons without the ministers affording the honso fuller particulars than they vouchsafed to~,day regarding- its pro- _ visions. The members listeneI_witjh__- ^ strained attention to Smith, exp^ctingto ^ learn the terms of tho agreement with tho Washington government, and great was their disappointment when he stopped short, after uttering- a formal re- - quesT/or permiaSTG^fo brin^ in a bill, to .enable, the qneen, by order in corincil' to attorney general for an ooinionTegardins the election otJIr. H P Hacker as-ctmir- manT" Yesterday iJr fapencer decided that . -^,-. ..^ .. u --» * i ^ t the ame was illegal and void. Jin holds t,m?y he that the citj cin get along with- | that t h e jjational commissioners, Messrs. - -* f _ - *- ' · j LLitiL' nit- jjtiLiuutii. v;'JiiiUiio3i".»iit;iij ALL c DO i a. out a policeman,, which would be prefera- Sv an and Kucker, and the ladv manager'., hie to employ ing an incompetent person. The TiiiBiji,E is satisfied that the council means to do no injustice in thTs matter-. It is coufrouted^with "the ratbet coupler em. the Italians not guilty." I told him. I ________ ^ could do nothing of the km'd. After the Mrs/ Mc-Connell and Mrs McLiughlm to- j trial I told Parkinson and. afterwards getner \, ith their alternitp-,, are not ehgi [ consmonicated to him thfact that Bd- D!P ta active memb«islup onjEhe slate i g ar White, deputy ahenfT, Md threat- dViory , , board, but auc ma purely adViory capa- j d t fan lf j t t g d agains ^ his - - - - - that ·" Ijisbon pense and ifc has v-ery- wisely concluded that the simplest solution--iu fac r , the only Pembina conntj ^ft ut iou -is to cut d6wu the expense. The -pointed by Go\ Barkt. KUendnle N."W partof a tat a Wahpeton R , c m n r , Bismarck r ** T?^^V= ) Grand Forks Devils -Fargo; Minot. LaJce I 1.1 Btokfb lieceiver. John Eprci\-al,- Kecuivcrj: Waldo JM PotTer, Rrgistcr. N- Davis, UeceivSr; following will show the Sentiment of the citizens on the subject: - JohnYegen: ram indifferent rezapdmg this matter. I bclie\_e the council wil' their dutj as oest possible. - I T F Snrveyor-General-- r, A Uesi te^ Williams, T3i=niHrck e n s m e . e r e ^n.ersplace T h e situation I d o not w a n t men to wnrk for loo small was quiet until thetirnval of the-Italians wages,.but ve cannot afford to be too JID wherLthestnkers became a little anxious "scabs.' po- ·THE .TBIBUNE, ^HS -THIBUNE-- .EVERY REAL:-EBTATE.DEALEB ·EVEKT STOCKilAN ·SHOULD REA D CAREFTILI.T- THE "~A"DVEBT1SEME.NT3 -IN- TRIBUNE THE TRISDSE IT-IS" fHE BEST DAILY J IS THE COUNTRY,"" its B ONE OF THE VFRY \.BEST-ADTERTISING -uir TO THOSE WHO -USKITS COLU.XN'3 - JTJMCIOUSLY. -THE.BATES ABE SEASON-ABLE. THE RFSULl'S ALWAYS SATISFACTORY. · REAL ESTATE . THE TRIHUKE Coanty. Sheriff--Fiank Donnelly: TTessnrer--Jolm P. Dann. KeRistor of Dpedo--\V. A Falconer. -v lAyic3itor^-\. li.^very. T)istnct vttorney--P H Keg ster 1 is=e i 5sors--K. 11 Ballatti, Wm I' Breen,cKob- ert Webber Jndfre of Probate--E. C Phasp t-npenntenclc^t of Schools--W. r Perkins. Coroner--P.-B-Wehr). ~ Surveyor-- Ihotnp-s Herron. ~ Clerk o. the.toart--Llar^nce Pnffp (-bounty Commissioners--W:-v5. Moorhonse.Gnst TohnFO i, W li (^ih^lL Jostice--J L, Fort, F. B. Little,-I W, Tiler, ,-A. D. Cordner. - _ rt _ City of Bismarck", -^^v^ ^TayorJT-^ym.'A. Bontley. _ Trees arer-"l:x3.' Brunt man. ( Jexk--frd. Barrett. _ s-- -Attorne/--N.-F- Eonchpr Jnstict-E. (J. Chsfe. ~" . Chief of Police--M L. M-rsh _bt cot( ommifsioner--I red dobrt= -Aldprmen--F rbf ward. Jo Dittnch, M T Plnttery i-econd wird-^iob- Hirse^, V S. -De- Oraff _Third_warrt--H W_Grjvmbs \ Hpfl, Tourth v, rd--T W~Gnffih, Arnf^iroDTtTon. eral. r J. TT. Marsh-ill: I think the. chief "of liceshouldjjet a larger compensation, is an ible mau and has-to put in his lime. -» ^g Loui Hanitcn: 1 do xiot think the amount sufficient forthe chief of police or cit custodian The balance of the ala- ries iirejsnfficient. ' E. b. Chase: The chief of police and citv custodian ought to receive more wages /' _ L B. Baker: The action of reducing e^ pensf-.s is very." commendable.'·'."·,·-.'There"is" : a- eertain amount of iixed ^\pense5 tb.ittuusf be piid, but! am in favor of running the city-as economically as is practicable. O R. Barnes- I Approve the action -of the council. Onr expenses must couform with our income. ' Attornej Nevvton- T think it a wise move. 1 ~ ' =- - F. V. Barnes. The city should be run on as small an expense a-, is practicable. If the v\orK can bexlone for that amount ol .rneney, I approve of^hejiction. It is not ru^ht a-, they ilauaijer Sulli- inanagetupnt of the exhibit j he seemed to realize that he fc solely in the, hVu TmmDer ip- | too much, and inHhe vary next breath he ~ \ B-irkt. Tnis well ntcCT'l said that he left New Orleans at hid own sitate a ntv, election or preideut to per- free will and accord. "If J testify feet the organization of the hoard I againsUheee two men it will bo be"anse II am compelled to as they hav§ families -- ,Ti.eSigjkp. [and I don't want to send them to the Thirty five Italians irnved from Dulnth penitentiary/ There waano reason^for / ~ ;iand bt. Pitil last night to take the bndgo my leaving New Orleans except to save those two men from penal servitude." It is not known whether or cot he will go back without requisition papers. The onl char/jes_on which he can be taken back are contempt of court occompound- ing a felo~ny. -- THE CHAEGE3 OF ; BKIKKiii. NEW OKI/BANS, May 29.--Distncb Attorney Losenberg-tc-day issued a nolle prosse qui^ in the cases of JBernand Glaudi, Charles Granger, JEmile fBny- netto, Thomas McCr^fital and D. C. O'Malley. They were the parties who had been Indicted by f ho grand jury for bribery and corruption of jurors in the Hennessy case Tho indictments were regarded^ as not sufSeiently specihc. The district attorney then filed an information against each of tlin above and talked freely of the -,, fhi y termed the dagos _ van sa i, the Italmus_iire,_aLl Enj^h and old~fnre employes ot the ·Jhe leaders-of the striker^ were, non'communicative'-sind didn't seem to care to discu~y-the -situation. The steam "shovel athunnyside was at work yeiter- nay aiid two-tram-, were In opLrntfon dumpnig thfjdirt at Apple cr"t,ek where rep urs are being made.- It i thougfit tne strike is ended as the Itaitans and, returning; ^tfliters will be ample to fill all vaean- .cies. - - _ " Exercises; To-Day. The following 13 the program that.will, be observed to-da · J t"A. R Po t w i l l visit the ?- of the" ceniLtenes in make a bpecial provsion to prohibit the cafcching-efrgealsia the- Bob/ring sea-by her majesty's subjeots during fhe period named in. the order. Questions pnfc to the jministers in the lobby- choired nothing barring the statement that they are awaiting final responses from "Washington, Smith has-only vouchsafed the assurance that the arrangement allready secured harmonizes the action of the BritisTo- government with- that of the American gov ernment. The other Tmn- jsteral members exprenssd-theniselyer as certain that the measure will meet with no adverse cnhcikma either in the honse or in the country and that it will lead to a permanent settlement of tho dispute.^ Though tha period of prohibition is understood to be one j-ear, _ the elastic-nature of an order in council will empower t^e government to.makefurther extension. Ssmany members were'dis- cnssing the situation in tho lobbies and in tho smoking room the honso could not proceed with business, and it · was counted out early in the evening. Although Locd Salislnirj J:o!d the-huuse of Lords to night that tha'Trench gov- ernnnnfc would accept tho saapenLon of the New PonndIand_bQl, uneasiness prevails in the foreign -office regarding 31. Riboi's exact view of the practical abandonment of the measure which Tvord Salisbury is pledged to pass. The min- isterialists do not consider the Sew Foundland difficulty by any means settled though-they admit that tho dispute between the home government and the colonj is for/a tuns eased. Lord Salisbury spoke with hesitancy of the situation. He declared that the liouse of commons was now pledged to support any futnro legislation necessary to carry jout tho treaty-pbligahons, bat h~added- That as to the immediate result of the proceeding of the hon^o of commons he must sppak with reserve,~"as her did not know- _bow the French - government might new it.- The Par- "nellites hear - that their chief -will wed.Mrs. O'Shen before the registrar about the middla of Jane^ It is not true that her daughters will remain with her Captain O'Shea-controls the family. the '- the forenoon and dtcorate the «ra\ es ofall-j namec i par fci^s. Granger is-charged with post rsrioiilorpd~EpjTaborfcrs living wages the old so!diersr-\The their room Main streeralTd" up^Fourta street to The city hall VY here they IM!! be ]omi.d by the fire department'"ana'proceed to" the M'etluA' disti- "church. - The -school Vchildreu- will ""urarch from the school hoiue to tbechurch. -will ijuaet. at i havmg^offered 3100 to Alphonao Laber- m and inarch dov\n ] resil. JoEn Cooney and Thomas P. - Gbffstal aro charged withjmving offered 'and "promised to Frank Gormelay-to pay and provide for all expenses of "ills fim- that he might- ily during all the time serve as juror in the A Costly Drop-Curtain. The curtain of the new English Opera honso as it hauc*s looks like a magnificent pair of goldejL_gat£s. It measures thurtj three feet lllgb, and is fortj eight f(.et | .would-frSre to .see i he'offices'.consolidated- wide _^A special rooni had to b" hired for- One-man can do the work -of: three as it is £nd"lKTmade in -The base of the curtain now. 'is gold colored silk, on ivhich has been j Frank Frisby4,.-l r da.not like to have'the worked an applique of a darker tone of the j officers' salines cnt do^vn, but ve can do same color The applique is outlined by a nothing else We mu-.t on ider what we fine cord of silk, d fringe with tassels ( take in, A hen Tve are piung out. : decorates the Toot, of the."curtain." ."-The silk : -. : Dan JEisenberg:' -:I look at t!:is is aboftt J.3 ird wide, and between 500 jnd 1 do my private buMUPss. If I cannol 600 yards of it, and more th in thirty gross -afiia a thing, I do not bu U The citv of cord.-i.^ve-feoen used m the curUun i should cut txpt use-, to make account hi The silk vai made in L^ona aud the l ance - - » cord and fringe in London. The lining is ' E - L VVhitford: It i a matter of nece^i-. of yelloi-s itcen, p-nd the sub.Unce of the jTJ'to lUPet i^p.i-si ciirtainis obtained by lasers of ^-adding ! .?«* nh H-FP Ir-t5 certeetly prorer We Tho valance u alsoapphqieworkm bnght- l!a ^ en f thi - money to s D pnd._ reds, blue^ cllovs anj. browns The Lj- I H P HORUL I am in fav^r^f fairness, ceum curtain, wich ism u 1 " of pi ash, was i 1 . 1 ; no-3"^ to cut en f iSTJCl's = i l a r \ . present 1 to Mr Henry Irving by the ' wi^oat^.redactronot all. B-^rdttt-Coutta. It co t 1,000 ._, j Henneesy case AlexFromme- I think thesalanes were J *" "Ji^Vn^frS'oiere \ ^^^^^EnnleBagnetto is charged with having | too smallin the fir t place. I am in favor £f smVfne K ^l^i o r -ud sections bv \ offered S10 ° to DavidBonhage and Berof doubling them-. _i ^TM Q S childr-n Jodce W II Francis I nan(1 G^udi with offenng_5500 to Heiirj j Charle* Xapitz Our citv custodian vulLdeliver an oration 111 are invited to i B. Atwood. O'Malley is charged with , 5houi(iget more, but can_ we^ afford it? I atttnd * *· - (.having feloniously coun=«lleJ and procured said ftlony. The district a f torney - ' Postponed Yesterdiv wa the retarn dav on The o_r- der to sLow uau^c, is^uLd" by Judge Winchester or the application of .Secretary Edsre r lrv ol the_ railroid eoninus--ioner--, made upon Auditor JL5rav to g i v e his reasons for.- not-^uduing .and biil for services asked the case loted to bo 3mmot i late lv al- I r i f 4 ' i , ,_ , Neb., Sheedy murder -- Th jury irf e brought in a .verdict shortly beforo 4 o'clock this evening, finding the defendants, SIcFarland and Mary iiheed» nofc gnilt. Both prisoners -nere immedia_tely discharged. KEOKOK, la., May 29.-- The lawjerp concluded the trial of ilrs. -Josephine Manon, the murderer of her husband by poison, thia afternoon. At 8 this eve- mug the jurj reported a verdict, finding- Sirs'. Marion "not guilty." ^·^ t r i e s , \va-5 a r - - As tli C:iimda'« I'rl me Jli Ulster UjrinR. OTT VWA, Out , Mav 29.-- The following is~the bulletin js ued by ,~Dr. Powell: a l l y i n g Mr. j 9 40 p. m -- Sir John MacDonsId has r fj i e ra!e O f | suiiered a rolapse. He is quite con- .guineas.--London .Tit-Bits-" 1 "K II T t n n c v - T b f city clerk and tre-is- f 'uret- should be handled bv on^ raari nnd-in : [_conn(CLiou vvitjh o"ier imsi'« ·--,, tlun ve could lo a.\vjay : wiLli : OiEfce rer.t. :I r^provt!.' reduction. - ~^-P C Remmnfonr TI.p city clerk wl treasurer should be handler! by^a bank and , Oiarnonds froltptlie Sky. Carbons La"c now been jieltled bj aerolites or iu teenies u thrt-edifTLrent stages of dcvt-loTneiit tjncrista!li7cil graphite ' saVt exps n'-e. I n e \ "-oiild dol. tiie ssork i has lo'-g been knovs n -is one of the conatiTxJ gr" tlb . {or tufc handling of Hie mone.. j uents of meteoric irons ind other stones \_Gcorci. Gu--sner' We have no income,' aud musfrgoveru oorexnenscSnccordincly i L-w.iiuld lilcs' : "to;sce the.icity officials get.big silant it we could afford it but txpenses ' "pliintiff, 3Ir Edg- i swotis, brifc his condition IB mosc critical. ta 1 ) tnt in Gr°nd ] AWAITING.THE ESD. "uuTil the latter part^o^JinlC OiTAW-^Ont, May 29.--Sir John iLic- ilr Bra\ i acting tiDon the art leu ot the ! Don.ud snhered a stroke ol paralysis. aro^^ner-rKhoclanr.the^r^o | H e is concc-ou^b at unable to sp%or| i co.i'r iry j move. H s condition bjfscreateJ a sen-j j cphon in politic"! 1 circl c s As. soon as it j bt.c?me SiJr^Tn fte honse nopnrfied. In i raoviD£jadJ3urnmcnt fair Hector Ijinge- j vine -aid he-he d jutt, received the news ^ e that tho first jnmister had a reHp = - and rould not h?st much longer, fred Lian«j, -under tho of the l) jird is eatitl d t h i t .nuum, r v h le tha: oftc. si hoid: view. _ . Halh : in Min ST. P^TJI^ -Ma.^29 --Good rains fell ajl over this state to-day and in some points in the Dakotas Much good to crops will surely result. -Friday. St. Louis,6, Washington L. :LouiavilIe"9, : Athletics 0. Cincinnati o, Boston 20 Columbus 11, Baltimore. 4. ASSOCIATION. Kansas City 5, Deliver 1. Omdha : 7«-'Ljincoln 18. - 2, St. Pml 4. .Digestion and Saves Troubli at. tLifc ni in," ^iid a Eowprv v-^lcr to one customer, as pointed to inotli«r "lie haoorJtr,d three .boiled eggs: '-Watch-'-hosv--he r cats them." Tne person rufcrrt d to dropped his egg? Chic.ifjo -.'.-'arket. -- that fall frpru the sky. Graphite crystals have recently heen found in. a m^t,eor that fell in vn-s'ern AustrWia, inrl i scientist :i ortcd on «ome d imond cot-pus vvere found in the Siberian aero- lite Xhat fell in 1S8G:--St. Louis Republic. Shsrpscn-- What makai your noae »o P61«u--It glows'wlfti prtd« bec*n« li IMTVT pokes iUelf Into other people's boei a cup,.nui-shciji them up with his-spoon, seasoned, tbtra hlx:rallv with salf, repp er Feconded the Hon. Wil circuta- mot'on. Tho ancia! condition. Ea'urencc Ca.sseimr,p.: . I ani not a ht taxpi\(i, and the t a x p a j o r "houlo! iv v de and de^ured them with every appe-iranca of rehsh. The singnKt part of the performance was-that he at4 them sh''d alt "Tv\o otber cu-itomers come be^re foi breaklast a'ud supptr," -s-iid the waiter, ·'who'cat their «K#S that .way. , They order .country, he said; w6uld_-be. shocked to le.irn the e-d newn He^a'-r the Iropcf- -WSSAT Ko". 2. Open- H ph- ^sibihty of nroceeding with pubLe Tse?'*' ^Necirlv all the ministers ^re now atEarnscliif..awaiting.the end. clile A s a c i t i z n I appro%e the action of j three eg^s at, eveTy meal; so', you' «ee,"eAch tht council j - - - - . Isaac Hooper:,.I"".TTn""fiot believe / the j couTicil can reduce t h e ..^al.irips of t h e . pre:e"nt . . . c r y . . "rtllci^i. ; It is In their power to restnlat,: the'aalari'ts . of Uie inconiinic officers, but I- believe the 1 man eats the shells of half a doien eggs *d»y. It's a queer custom, isn't it? I hart Mked them why they do it, and if th«y are not »(rafd the bhelin 'mil hurt them, but they all soif it aid* digestion Mid sar»« GOT, Denies. ^9.-^-In »n 'inte Pa.", view'to-night Go v.-.Paitison denies in a nibat emphatic .way .that City Treasurer Brirdsley e\er received interest for atate funda deposited in^ Cheetnut Street T H- tional b»tk duriug the time th«gor«rtior w«8 preadeut of the bank.. ' . . . ' - - - , ^1-' ; Jane. Jn'y i.s l ^ 3 icr 102 Closing. oil* -Market. , Ml? -, | 1 M $ , Sop'-, r ,c zcrthtrn. May, il.TJl on track, f » i m \ , on truck; \o I -Onlntk Hark** ' TalT. 11.10; J««. "fljrthrm,'$1.05t; No. 2 hod. IIIM4; Ho. 1 lEWSFAPESr iNEWSPA'PERf

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