The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on July 8, 1980 · Page 7
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 7

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 8, 1980
Page 7
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Hutchinson- Walker Turner Insurance 1111 Washington 646-3317 Chillicothe MUtAHCI COMrANT of Norm AMincA 37 Biblical hero 20 betr- » son 38 New Englan 1 university 39 Suaiurr of ore 41 Fast aircraft (abbr) 42 Do 44 Supposing (2 wds ) 46 Moistest 49 Is inclined to 53 Son in law of Mohammed 54 Shower 56 Same (prefix) 57 Rational 58 Biblical brother 59 Swamp 60 Therefore 61 Thing owed 31 Transmitted 47 If not 33 Upright 35 Edgeb 40 Taking meal 43 Brusque 45 Threw parly for 46 Gamn Europe 50 Face part 51 Dingy 52 Soot 55 Recent (prefix 1 DOWN 1 Scotch cup 2 Charitable or FOR OUT OF THIS WORLD RESULTS Buy and sell thru Constitution- Tribune Want Ads' Parents of Problem Child: Take a Closer Look By Abfgail Van Buren t 1980 by Un versal Press Syndicate DEAR ABBY Eight years ago I wrote to you concerning a problem we were having with our son who was then m the third grade His teacher told us he was having difficulty keeping up with his class because he couldn't read (She even hinted that he might be "slightly retarded ") She said he was also a discipline problem and she couldn't re°om mend him for the fourth grade I wrote to you in desperation, and you suggested I write to the Association for Children with Learning Disabilities I did, and want you to know that this organization has helped us enormously Our "problem child" is now a high school senior who qualifies for college Abby, please acquaint others with this wonderful group Had it not been for you, vve never would have known about it GRATEFUL IN ELIZABETH, N J DEAR GRATEFUL. Thanks for this opportunity to advise other parents to take a closer look at their "clumsy" 3-year-old who can't sit still and seems hard to handle, or the slow learner who's a troublemaker and disrupts the class That child could be brighter than average but afflicted with a learning disability that is treatable if detected early. A letter requesting information can be sent to: The Association for Children and Adults with Learning Disabilities, 4156 Library Rd., Pittsburgh, Pa. 15234. It is not a high-pressure group and does not solicit public funds. It helps by sending educational material. It's non-profit, so when w r i t i n g , please enclose a long, stamped, self-addressed envelope. DEAR ARBY How do you know if you are really in love 9 ON CLOUD N I N E DEAR ON, If you have to ask -- you aren't. DEAR ABBY And (not his name) and I have been married for two years and we have a problem 1 am sure many other married couples have Every time my sister and her husband ask us to fjo out with them, I almobt have to get down on my hands and knees to get Andy to go Then he sits like a bump on a log all evening and never opens his mouth except to say 'Ix;t's go home " This has happened so many times, I'm surprised they still ask us to'go out with them I know Andy can be sociable if he wants to be, because he is with other couples I am not cra?y about all his relatives hut I try to he good company when I'm with them Andy knows how much this hurts me- Why does he act thl° way ind what (,in I rio about it' TICKED OI-T IN MEMPHIS DEAR TICKED: He acts that way because he doesn't enjoy the company of your sister and her husband, and it's his way of p u n i s h i n g you for insisting he go out with them. Mature adults realize that there are some social situations (and business, too) that are a drag, but for the sake of the spouse, one should try to enter into the spirit of it and try to be good company. Your husband figures if he makes you miserable enough, often enough, you'll go only where he wants to go. He's selfish and childish. Appeal to his sense of fair play, and tell him it's time he grew up. Do you hate to write letters because ou don't know what to say? Thank-you notes, sympathy letters, congratulations, how to decline and accept invitations and how to write an interesting letter are included in Abby's booklet, "How To Write Letters for AH Occasions." Send SI and a long, stamped (28 cents), self-addressed envelope to: Abby, Letter Booklet, 132 Lasky Drive, Beverly H i l l s , Calif. 90212. 1-6 Ctwghl 19*0 «·».*. end 1 'Know why PJ doesn't talk so good 7 it's 'cause he's too yittle " /PRIVATE /·/ /-7/ He's out to a deductible lunch 1 WALTER, CRONICITE'S I'VE GOT A TERRIBLE PREMONITION THAT WHEN WALTER WE ALL O ^re vou afraid to enter your a t t i c alone' Do you fear a World War II footlocker will jump out and get you'' Do you feel that you are being chased by a three wheeled roller skate 9 Does it take your breath auay to bump our head on a moth-eaten muffler Sell those attic treasures th r ough the Classifieds FOR TARTNESS Juice OF MY THAT WAS A SOUR. PlfA U£T Me. 60, OFFICER I WAS OUST 6OWIN6 IT FOP- Giant strawberries are strung together by the stems in Colombia, South America, and sold by the yard ASTRO-GRAPH Bernice Bede Osol Your ^Birthday July 9,1980 Something in which you have put quite a bit of faith, but have not been able to finalize, could come to fruition this coming year Don t toss in the towel if you suffer a few disappointments CANCER (June 21-July 22) Your desire to help persons you love today is a noble asset However, don t make those you aid feel obligated or indebted to you for your good deeds Romance, travel, luck resources, possible pitfalls and career for the coming months are all discussed in your Astro-Graph, which begins with your birthday Mail $1 for each to Astro-Graph, Box 489, Radio City Station, N Y 10019 Be sure to specify birth date LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) Your hopes and dreams today may waver between wishful thinking and negative extremism Neither is the right attitude, but a logical assessment is VIRGO (Aug. 23-S«pt. 22) You are far more capable today than you are likely to give yourself credit for instead of avoiding challenges, meet them head-on LIBRA (Sapl. 23-Oct. 23) You re apt to have a few problems today but who doesn't? Fortunately they are manageable if you act as you did in sue- cessful past experiences SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) Joint ventures with persons who were lucky for you previously are likely to be so again today Expe- nences with individuals who were unlucky will also be repeaters SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23-D«c 21) This is not a good day to request favors from one you know on a purely businesslike basis Pals will come through for you but other types of contacts may not CAPRICORN (D«c. 22-J«n 19) Goals may take a trifle longer to achieve today, but they are reachable Treat obstacles as stepping stones, not roadblocks AQUARIUS (Jan 20-F«b. 1») We all have faults but no one appreciates having them called to their attention in front of others Should you feel the need to criti cize one you love do so privately PISCES (F*b. 20-KUrch 20) Associates may not fully understand what you are trying to achieve today They could get in your way It s best to do what ' needs doing without assistance ARIES (March 21-ApcH 19) Be prepared and willing to adjust your thinking today if an associate s ideas are better than yours Results count far more than authorship TAURUS (April 20-May 10) Your material aspects look good today, but th.ngs won't be hand ed to you on a silver platter If you re primed to work hard for your rewards, they'll be there GEMINI (May 21-Jurw 20) In situations where you're called upon to lead or direct others today, be neither too harsh nor too lenient Find the proper middle ground (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN ) ONTONOF MARIJUANA?' I'M A V£ CON6NIAU 6UV \ in IF COULD TSJL Me TO GET "ID 4-S ELM ST 7-* L.OT IN THi5 C.L.A55. C O5D To L»5E LiKe THEY wEtf ouT OF 5TYi.E, guT NOlA* £ 1/ilOUl-DN'T TOuCH ONE WITH A TEN » F°oT POLE. II II UNLESS I MVSS MY GUESS, \ THAI WOIII 1 I '1 11 II ED, WE'LL FIND YOUR OUT I RIGHT DfolAMCE. t ROM nil LAbV TREASURE UNDER -X SPRINn ' A l ' '· ir ' MI '"" WHY THAT PILE OF ROCKS' /DIDN'T THEY DO A KL11! k .JOB OF BURYING I T 1 W/l IO KMUW il M i /;MI l J VV i II ( -M v n ./i i v ^ i * i i i T i j i r i i i wl y [Hi MI, l ill' i HI r i u AN i M.II 1 1 ' I [ l i l l l l )l I I I ! ( A N V J M / / 1 1 4 A HI II- t. Y // I noov HI A l ' j i i r i LET 5 GET V IF i CAN § P0WW TO S THE 30TTOM JTO DESISW YOUR NEW J LINE, J R 1 / LIME OF R«OUL McKEE WEW5WEAR -EXACTS / WHAT'S IW IT / FOF2 AAE? P ECE FORM OF CeR"A 7/^^0? T lONS. U (J %£ 7 t ( £*·$*, V / BOY IT · \

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