The Bridgeport Telegram from Bridgeport, Connecticut on October 19, 1920 · Page 8
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The Bridgeport Telegram from Bridgeport, Connecticut · Page 8

Bridgeport, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 19, 1920
Page 8
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THE BRIDGEPORT TELEGRAM, Houses For Saie Houses For Sale THIS 5,ROOM COZY, SUNSHINE HOME $2,100 lins a distinctive Inilivifl- uullty, living room, tlln- Itilt room, two roomsi, k l l - chrn, lialh, »un porch anil clou. Four nloo clnscla. incl noo thn Como In mortol anil Icurn about tho oo-opomtlvo ylim. Open 1 ISO M A T N ST. SUNSHINE HOMES CO, P H O N E NO13L.E 1046 Sfcctn-Tt FOUK J''AMir,V--- IIAKRATi PRICE 110,000. CASH J2,r,00. STX FAMir.Y--ATLAX'I'tC MBNTS. KKXTS ?Hit. 00. AVIW ri'i. KIVM nooMy. HWNTS $100.00. ROOM FLATS, A b b IMPROVE- PoetlS-31 1001 lUtOAU ST. ALI. BARGAINS. PARK ST., 2 fiunlly house., 21 rooms, jnc^dern improvonwiutii, $U),600, ?:|,OIX) cash. BKARDSIjEY ST., 2 2 family houses, J2.000 down. 2 FAMILY housie on Connecticut Avo.. 11 rooms, t8,700. $8,200 down. See our Hat of bouwcfl. Slcphomi, llu Stratford Avo. liar. 1081). _ _ srootl7-3t ~A~RARW ori'ORTUXlTY-l" have for ·alo oevonil ono und two family houses on which 1 can accept a building lot as part payment. Tills is your opportunity. Oot busy. Cull In and talk ft over. A r t h u r Deimlson, 80 John bt. Bar. ."336. Sl'oVU7-7t AT WlUVKlMKRiC, "Slflfora, nllm room house, steam heat, KUS ami electric, In A-l condition. Finish natural wood including two fire places, cumcnt basement. At «. low fl«uru and eusy terms. Automobile; taken on part psy- mcnt. See John L,. Hole, Wulnut iJeach or i'hono 1672-13 Waterbury. l'ootl'l-14t " BARGAIN--For sale, five room cottage, lot 11)8x100, to do business dli-uel \Uih owner. Infiu'ro 3!) Daldwln St. i'oclll-7t jp'[,ORAL PAKK. Stratford, choloo now, well built, artistic, fully modernized single homos, in nice, neighborhood, low taxes. Holmes, First liiidije. ,ort Haul. HUB. liar. 527. ^^. V""ifmATIorU)-- iNeur CeiUor, now i'u room cottage with little, out floors, fireplace, anil trim. Uwuly foi lecupancy. Thomau Joyce, l«l) Itlake- nan 1'laee, Stratford ___ AlHSti? "CATiTa'o I"A VK "x i fis s uiOTfo N- -T fotnlly, all Improvements, i'rlce $10,000 s;i 500 ra-Oi reinilred. Casey, .HIS Ooun Nat. Hank 1!MK. _ ___ _Sl'oetl7 : 3 IH("a"l"Cl",A"S1 w'ell "b/llt 2 lauilly, A room lioiisu, btiill 3 ye:*«. N o r t h Mali section, tile batlm, eheatiuil t r i m maple floors, newly decorated through out Cun be converted I n t o 3 family I loslrcd. Call Bar. 41)12-2. ______ __ SVoctJ 7-3 "~MOV1NU~'U I'MjOKlDA. must aacrl Ilee. home, hot w a t e r heat, open fire " liARUALNii ir, cr.c, tv/o ami three family houses. Any location In city. IMIJ.V' terms. Filming, !.'!! Main Ht. · _____ I'octl8-7t "lTicAUl)SL.KY T'ARK-- Beautiful two f a m i l y , nil moderu improv«ments, 12 roomA. J'rlre JIJ.OOO. DliS'ON-- SI* room cottage, tmprove- meiits. l^ot 200-UI. 1'rlco J.1,400. JGOO d o w n . ul',S'ON~Slx room coltUKe, hot water heat, electric and ifaa, u-uvifte; all klndH of fruit. Lot JO.X312. I'flco VS.OOO. $2,000 n. T. J. T.OXO. 30T vvnrncr Bld«. roctl5-7_t ' jil.AT~lv~KoC'T.--Two H-fiuully houses, 14 rooms etioh. Strictly up-to-date, t ,111 bf Uoughi at a baruuin. ChrlstUtnsoii. UJ5 Main St. I-octll-7t liUACK ROC~K--On« family house, six roams.«yi improvernonts. Iteacly for occupaucV. ChrlsManson, 825 Main St. l'octll-7t BLACK ROCK.--TliroiT family brick house. Lot 150x100 ft All Improvements. Weiss, 8J Falrfiold Ave. Car. 1041. ToctU-7t COTTAUJi tnv^U'wo "family lioiui garage, largo lot. Owiior willing to sacrifice, for quick sale, WEST SIDK, near 1'arlc Avo., two family, 12 rooms, first clasa condition. ITIoo 18,600. OOVIDUNMBNT HOUSE on ClraH- mero Av«, Owner mu»l sell, llobblna, ii Palrilcld Avo. Bar, 2685. _ Sl'octl7-3t KAST ENL). two"~Tiuully I I rooms. Largo lot, ft,,800. J1.600 payment. IJar- CBSoy, 308 Conn. -N'lit. Sroctl7-St places. With liar. 7488. terms to suit. . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ToctlS-3 NlilW 0 7oom House, all modern 1m provementB. eusy terms, llonry Wobb - Bridgeport Avo., Devon. , Taont23-30 -.112 ^N(uT'Tl blND--Cottage. All Improve meiits, Half block, from Mnln Ht. liar K..I I u I :ur._ liliS^B . l'«cU8 : 3 ~\'ORiVlA"N ST. A b o v e N o r t h Ave. Nei 2 t i i n i l l v IIOIIMO, r, jooms euoh floor. HI lot Caih .f2,M)0. 1'rlco fS.OOO, Tln-nej CI2 Stiite. __ Toi-tlll-7 Mlll'fll 1 7 AKK AV-b.XUK "HICUTlOl --Two fiurrily, Improvements, $7,,OC $f,uO payment. I m m e d i a t e possessloi Cawey, 1108 Conn. Xat. Hank Hldg. ~ri\"f';AS'A'N T i'~ST r ^3ev(?i~room cotti lOlectrlo Un-ht; till Improvements; $u Automobi!es BRIDGEPORT AUS0 WRKKIN6 CO J14'North Are. " Bar., B888-I Tm«yll-t» Automobiles lilSO "MAXWHLlj touring uai-i 1D20 j i t n e y bus. Must bo sold at once. M. LI. George, 66 Churchill a t , City. I'ucll2-7l 11120 t r u c k ; d l l l o n ; ^j-- -------- [Qrl ,, run 4,000 mlleM, vory reasonable; perfect eon- 37 W h l l l l e r _ Tod 11)-31 '""YlKltji"~lU)Til Coupe. Driven nhout 800 mllcfl. Host 51)271 Sell for 5700. Mm. Charles U. Root, Devon Oarage, Devon. roens-:u ""TinftTlffDSON (i-7i'l, suu-lcr and eJcc lights, 7 pass, cnr IH In the best of '(.million. Hell cheap for enah or terms Addrtiss fmSOl l h l s _ p i i p o r [''Ti. 1 .' 1 ; 1 ! WAVl'l'/D- "Ford "Toiirliig car, Apply £1 Wall St., eare poolroom, between 30 and I) p. m.. A«k for Rlchnrd .lolin- TUESDAY, OCTOBER 19, 1920. DIED 'Al"'i'O Toi'H tour rewvorod l^or VJ ithcr.H ronHnniiolc. Curtains. aunt vi«fH, t r l i n i n l n i f etc. Hlmpson, llar- inii A v n , near King Ht. 1'honu Hlrat ToctlB-HOt .. I'hono Har, 1020-14. Makes, rc- nlrs, toils, slipcovers, cuahloiui, nulla- or covers etc,. Toct2-3Qt lass editditkm. Two hundred a n i l llfly II. r,(H Hossuth St. Har. ^ f i l l l ^ CI~7uu"('isT(Jr7""T~-yl i?L7, good 'i.nd exlra tires and rims, In llrst condition, tools, etc. Heal baigaln. MM f(W(i3 t h i s paper. Tocl 10-11 , IT" on it "Yo IreT- t) mi r i HIT Borvieu Hoi nil makes of automobiles, Jay Jay ;onrlii(j Co.. 009 Fairucld Avo. I iiaaaonner, sport moclol, opei' borly r S. Jj. shpclc absorbors, wlro wheels, inw Wxldn buttery, onn spsiro wheel n u t «hoo. Thin Isi In exceptionally tine r u n n i n g ( o m l l t l o n . Must bo se«n to he npprocRitwl. Telephone Bnrnnin 278(i-U. 10 Tocttl)-7l li'OR A QUlTf! cash clearanco salo. Ford wlntor tops, all linprovumentK. Nun-nailnir (flnsa window*) lor Km, Ili-Biilar prluo f l t o . Tho Ilolcomb Co., 105 UoCfo S t , .Now Haven, Ct. FOR SAlil'!--CMieap, 11)18 Vim truck 2 ton. Call or phono Mllfortl 648-3. OU1 I'olnt Hoad, Mllford, Conn, Tocll8-3t T O U I t l N C I CAB. fioort eoncll tlon, oqulppml will Hoacli mnffnoto, $22. luul extras, call cvonltipa. \M iSberwooi Avo. i Toetlil-3 V'C,". RK.NT. .Suitable for 1.10 K n o t Washington Av«, T o u t i n - c t pnrpoMO. :MSI. a--- I'oriiibli) itntl pnriniinant, Kamge*, bulUllnBa for every purpose,, ty ocai company. ICoglo Coristruotlon Co . - Cheap. Imiulro 20 West Ave. OAKAGI1 for sale.^MiiHt IJD removed, roctlt)-3t TioAriSTMK; " In""" lino ·u'milng 'order, A. bargain. 411) Poplar l'octlti-3t ~] SHACK 111 private garage. Hunt, wati'i- arid light. $10.00 ei x month. hO Shi'nvood Ave. _PocU8-7l "iJAHAlluTo'rilnt. Bronx Ave. Phono la r 57l8-2.___ 1'outlS-lt '" ""toToiit." 281 ' Mountain JJocll8-tt Tipaoo" for small earn or motorcycles or storage of same. Also ' ' storage spaces. 81 "West Avo, ' l ' ; w , t l H _ 1 t .--In tlil.n c i t y , .vfoiuliiy, Oct. 18, 1 0 2 0 , Susan .1., widow of JOdwnrd. T. Clarke, aged 70 years, 3 rrjonthH, M diivs. # l''unrnil p i l v u i p f r o m I T o n r y Ti, H l H h o p ' B m u l l u i i r y c h a p e l , 2 7 1 Fair- Held iivonne, on Wi'dnosdny, n o t . 2 0 t h , at 3 o'clock p. in I n t e r m e n t a t I m l u ' v l e w cvme- lory. 1'UtTDA--In'thla c i l y , October 1(1, 11)21,, I C i i l h o r l i i n I ' n j d i i . F r l e n d H n r o Invited t o a t t e n d t h o f u n e r a l at her I n t o residence of nor mn, Stephen Pnjda, No. (19 l O l l z t i - loth street, on Tuesday m o r n i n g at 8 A. M. and f r o m Saint .John's Nop, n, C. c h u r c h at 9 A. M. , I n t e r m e n t lit HI. Michael'* cemetery. KOGIOHS,--In t h i s city, SniuUy, Oct. 17, 1920, JCarl, won of Mr. a n d YALE ROOTERS STUNNED; OVTLOOK REMAINS DARK Mrs. John W. itreet, aged J 9 days, I'Memls arc Invllod Rogers, years, 3 ·15-1 llroad months, 8 lo attend the. __ ______ __ UAUAGK for sale. Good for house, selling Miiplo_Ht .WANIM'ID to renl holme, . "20x20. cheap. 606 ToctU-7t , j\lyo wouiu ddress JC!)00 this paper. ToeU!)-lt Painting Decorating TTISNTION f iinil papurhanglng CL... -Ill.'iO-ii. Ono trial and 1'iHilrno.lcH given tlrst class painting ittll A, Jacobs, Jiur. bo convliioctl. _______ ANNO UN JI3M WN'r^Do your painting ana impariianglng now. I am auvo you money, A triul will convince you. Work guaranteed. Bar. 5U3G, 88 L'ark Terrace I'octli-SO'. NUKTH ll!Nl FAIN TIN U C'U. Fainting and paperhanglns work guaranteed. We carry full lino wall imiiors una paints, iti.'io Main St. Bar. f i l l II, PdeclC-tl FOR ONLY $370 CASH BAUANCm SMA'J, MONTHIiY PAT- M K N T H A N » ^OU CAN D1UVIO YOUR OWN N H \ V OVERbANU TOUH1.NG OAR OR ROADST13U. O V E R L A N D MCCRA.CKEN CO. 1JA11 7583 1593 FATEPI13LD AVE. VA1NTINU AND dnno. very i-eaeonable. Call Noble 13HO, .losemi I'rltula, 70 Thompson St. xjPoctlS-SOt "1'Al.Yi'i.NU outsldo and In. Flbor ollHlilns. All work gudi-anloed, Jos. lurr ft Co., 98 Butler Ave. Phone joblo 18-18. Toctl4-7t "rAl.vflMT and papoi'hanglng. Call, ar, U768-'l. Mr, Carmine Uetu/.zl, 01) vcs M l , JJrldseport, Conn, __ .ONli) "BXitSTUM" 887-1, n.'sf clasi pulntlng and paper haiiKiug. In»ld« a npeclalty. L. S. Wilcox .and Son, 4GOO Nortli Main. Teept23-30t O'OU SAIjI'i-- Kord condition, 1'rlco YJM touring car, Hue 232 Wells St, Toctl!)-2t touring car $ T 8 T ~ J F l G motor; now tiro, Ifli.iio; windshield, $12.50 glass topu bodies, fenders. 2684 .North Ave. BiX.CKLJjH!,T two family Souse.. Strictly modern, good neighborhood. Price IfS.OOO. Leopold Weiss, 8J i%lr- lleld Ave. Bar. 1341. ^^___ Toctl4-7t KAST HN1--Six family house, 30 rooms; improvements. Rental 111)1! per month. Act Qidok. Chritulanaon, 1)26 Main St. rootM-7t KAl^rSlUfc--Thre» ramny liouae, 14 rooms, all Improvements, good locution Ciiriatlanson, U26 Main St. I'uctl4-7t i'OR SALE--Allractlvo 7 room I family houso with hard wood t i l m and double floors. Also 1 air uara}?,o on lirewstor straet a.bovo ilullurd plant. Call owner 6879-4 139 Black Ro( 1, Turnplkn. Toct 1H-7I KA1RKJ KL1., Oreenfleld 11111. O.i KooU road, near (rood nulifhboru. A nice llttlo f.irrn, all tillable ground. All kinds of fruit and berries. Kxtia good £ room bourn-, barn, ehlelo u house.. Will accept {600 payim nt 01 good automobile or city prupei ty I m - rnedlato possi-*jitou. Casoy, 308 Conn. Nat. Hank Ijliltt. SI'octl'l-31 ' FOljR 11OOM bungalow, electric HK'U Puinace heat, largo lot. Cash fOOU Kany ternrin. Owiiur, (Juilmrn, Ik-ni- lock St., off Scolleld Av«.' Sl'oct 17-31 FOR SAi.1'^--One-hall liouse, center City; *i-ll itupioviiiieiits. Sultablu for two families. (Jaruso und l i u l t trees. Bargain for cash. No aKenUs. Tol Bar. 2478-4 20 Woodmout A v t i . I ' o u t l 4 - / t ' iroR KA~L.J'--2 f a m i l y housu oi JJ rooma. Cun bo ibouKla f.ipaiulu or to Kethor. J r o(r f u i U i e r p.irtlculars lu (julro of M. J. Connors, 1(18 L a f a y e t t e Ht J T o c t l . , - i t 'KOll tJAI.K- A Hni.ill hinwii- and l.irfe lot; fruit t r o i H and urape \ l u c s mi lot. Will sell choup. Addie.M4 .No. r,i,lj.M t h i n j,.il,or _ ]'.cjtlS-3t " J'OJt KAI/K-- t.l.OHO or *!,.,i( d o w n , llalance e.isy terms; wlx l o o m house, barn, cblckcii coop. 2 1-2 acres. Onii- bitlf mllo to 1'itH l i n e ; 10 m i l ' s to Bi't; 'I 3-2 i u i l « t X o r v v n l U l''lne place !or p a r l y w i t h c m . M l l c l l c l l . ' l e i Hill. X o i _ w a l k . _ V n i i I ;,.||«.,lt " I'XIK HALJO I I ' l o o m holini', at M"l\ l l l o Av , j l r u o k l . i w n « J ' l l c u J l . i O O . Cash tl'.l'50. J l i ' i u h o ,!2 A l ' h l l ' c A v r . S r i i e l l V - S t I'UaT ~bAl/J* I J l l c K u \ v n l l l H K , n i n e rooms ami liivtli, fueliu; Vi'ashlii|;lit l u i k . AddieHii W if. Chamberlain, iu Oiovo bt., Walorbury, Conn .. Toetr,-22t " J ' O K SAlTlO--'I wo" f a m i l y housti on j^ii«t ,S1(1' ( . 'l'«-rmM i ' asoiuiblo l i K j u I r o 7H W i l l i a m HI. T 1 i; Cush $.IWO SIXTH ST.--Thirteen room, two fain 1U house WAR.RIOX ST--Twelve room, t w f a m i l y hnuso. J7,0(Xi. I I U C I C I N U I I A M AVE.--Twelve room two f a m i l y IIOIIHO; all Improvements, WATSON, 83 Full-Held vo. __ T'octlS-lt ~ uW.vToiTTiiovlntr out of town, Must acll tLt once, most complete and perfect lionics. N o r t h Alain St. Section. 12 looms, two f a m i l y house and 20 rooms four f a m i l y . A l l modein i m p r o v e m e n t s . l''oi- Information call liar. 882IJ, ~~Sl.X~U°dlJM TlTirsiO~vilir roomy "gaV- ni;e, hard wood floors, lire place and all i i u p r m c m c n l s . Uoi.d lot. Must be sold, o w n e r will take large j.eeond mortKUgo it t per cent, und place llrst mortgage C, per cent. Carrying chaises less t h a n .iveraiio r n n t . liurualif. Address I, I2_tlil»_papc'i'. _ _ _ Toell!!-7t M l".~\ lNciONT"sI';CTl(J.N7 "two family, i n car garago 110,500. \ V K H T I-INI), two family ?8,000, two f a m i l y $!),r.0(i, t u o f a m i l y $IO,3H1), two l i i m l l y $7,000, Chan, Wilson, 1115 Security Midi,-. Noble. 1720^ TouUD-Jt SIX~'ROOJ1~ co'ftago. All luiprove- monls. hartfo lot. llust bo sold. Owner leaving town. 076 King St., Stratford Poc.U(i-7t ,STRATl''URn--l''lvo room cottage; prlco fd.OOO. Seven room cottmye; hoi watur hi at, ijaniuo, eto. 1'rlco J7,f,00. Six loom cutuitfe. largo lot. prlco $4,000. t ' o n t r a l IWD slores and t e n e m e n t , large lot, price $7,8110. I i K i u h o 871) I'XUrlluld Ave 1'hpne Noble 2127. _ j ['oetl3-7t ^MlITi house7 "tlt'rlctly modnrn. Rents J100 per mouth, i'l leo reiiHonable. iji'opold Wclsy, 83 KurlloHl A v u . Bar. 11)41. __ToctM-7t \ J-jN U--2 ramlly house, 4 rooms bath each floor. Room for di Ivo. I'l loo Jl.GOO. Part cash. Address ,",11)07 t i l l s paiicr. _Toutl(i-Jt " WUST "13N13--'fiTrVif "larnlly" heiwiT, $'4,ooo; atao cot'-agt, $3,tOU; Stratileld, Lin heated lioiuio, Sir,oOO; East Side, 2-funilly IIOIIHO, J7.000; Stra'tford, new collage.), .ill prices. O it. Short, 312 ' u r i t y Hldg. Psept30-tt ROO.M I U J l ' S I O H l r i i niodeni Improvements. Double KimiKe, lot OOx 17.',, on 1'ojit Itoad and 0.11- lliu-. Op- poslti" HI.IIHOII'H Switch In l-'ah-llcld. .\iUlf3iin f,."»(jl2 this p:iper. Toetl6-7'. In ROCMI "IIOIISK, Vciitfalfy located, ' ( i i i i e i , r e s i d e n t i a l s i c t l o n . I'lirtleularH, iidtlredH yo022 this paper. Sl'oetl7-3t TOKJ tolilTncI late model, Like new. Cheap for cash. Ki3 Hickory St Take I lea rwley__Pa r It _ ca r. l! 6^31 Toil " SAl7li--Nalio'nal highway 0. Seven passenger, rm, - A - l condition. Apply 471 llceclnvood Ave. Phono Bar. I S O I . i'uotl8-7t T'UU SALK -- i''lnt i-lui'ine 111 llrst olasH r u n n i n g order. 1'Blco *8BO, Apply llpt. Milo Reyulr, 003 I'ombi-ouo Kt. * ^.. SALIO, - splendid condition, has four new tires. Self starter, electrlo llfiht system. A Koocl Imru-uln. Address P. O. Drawer, 1040 City. , I'octl2-7t ~l?!5TuJ C U U I ' I ' l , In good c o n d i t i o n , Im.H domoiintable rims, new extra t u b and tire. Call evenings, 715 Westflckl ,Ave. ~KuTi"sVClJJ'V-- 3 1-2 toil truck, rack bodv In llrsl tclass condition, Cheap fin (Hiick sale. 1469 Stratford Ave !)_ to 11! a. m._ I'. 0 '' "PbllO" 11)20 COUI'1'1, b e a u t i f u l car, perfect condition. Phono Bar. 7081. 1 _Toctl8-3t "lltJ uSy7i~toifrTnB7 mbtlol 87, good ·ondlllon. Must sell or trade for smaller ear, bargain. Call (1:80-8 p. m. 811 IInnover_St. Toc-ll8-2( LA'1'13 1D1C ford touring, special palm Job and o i i u l p m e n t , all extras. In gooi all around condition. Oandorf, 1017 'iil 1 ' 1 Ht " S ' 7 -" VI 'J1 I M^ Toot 18-8' ftlAX\SM'n^, t o u i l n w , Jill!) model i t a r t u r a n d elec. lights. Ilan had ver. l i t t l e mlleaire and In the best of shapi Just l i k e H U M . Must, lie sold and wll he terms Address G5802 this pnpei Tpnt 11)_-2 ~MAX'wioLi ToTfRlNU--3 new tires new Wlllard battery and nowly p.ilnl ed, must sell this week 22 Ilarve. St near Arms,, a f t e r (i p I To ."ii;,Y-,:. J ' . i c t 1 H - 7 1 i--Ts\o~ f . i i i a l y hou.Me, l i n - Jfdjli'l. S m a l l a t n o u n t l'o l l t ) - 3 t * O l l WAI lumi. 128 l i e w i y Si FOR SALE A pretty n l m OAlilTAND CAR ·iivsenrer; In A-l U i i H l n e House, Ncwflald Ave. ____ -:i AH year" top, "fiv condition. No. 8 f u n e r a l f r o m Messiah Baptist church Arch street on Wednesday, Oct, 20 at 2:30 p, m. I n t e r m e n t at 1'urk cemetery. SMTm~-in t h i n c i t y , Sunday, October 17lh, 1020, Thomas Osbornti ·Smith. l''i lends are I n v i l o d to a t t e n d t h e f u n e r a l at his I n t o residence Nu. 70 K i n g street on Wednesday a f t e r n o o n , October 2 0 t h , ' a t 2 o'clock, und f r o m Saint George's c h u r c h , Clinton und VU'Cehwood avenues, 'n! 2:30, l l u r i a l i n I j i k i - v l e w cemetery. THOMAH.--IM t h l H city Oct. l i . 1920, Frank Harvey Thomas of !OG Cm-roll iiviinuc, iiRcd 7(! years. Friends (ire invited to attend the funoral from the mortuary chapel of AuRiint 0. Baker, 1888 Stnulord (iventio on Wednesday a f t e r n o o n at a: 30 p. in. i n t e r m e n t in f a m i l y plot In Riverside cempt_ery,_ITuntli)Kton, £°J?.IL-- C A R D OF" THAN'KS Wo, the undersigned wish to extend our sincere t h a n k s and appreciation to our many friends and neighbors who manifested so much sympathy In t h e death of cur beloved husband nnd father and to the many friends who sent Moral tokens In his memory. Especially do wo wish to ( h u n k Rev. Ilolden for his prayers, also Hev. llabershan and all who helped to lessen Ihe burden of sorrow In our «ad boreuvemont. .MRS. M A R Y FRIOKMAN "" CARD'OF Mr. nml Mrs. T l u g h Daley and family wish I d llinnk t h e i r relatives nnd friends, especially Crasho A t h l e t i c Club for their expression of sympathy, tho b e a u t i f u l floral tokens nnd the kindness Hown at tho loss of their beloved non, Leslie. , IN IYIEMORIAM. Of John J!. Mc.N'amnra, who died nt Fort Hlocum, N. Y., Oct. 1 9 t h , 1918, Second Anniversary Mass, Tuesday, Oct. Iflth., at St. AiiKiifitlno's church at 8 IB a. m Friends Invited, _ _ ^ NKW T F A V K N T , Oct. IS.--The fecl- IngB of Valo'H fool b a l l followers today arc a k i n to those of the f e l l n w - tdwnsmen of I h e Oreat Casey n f t e r t h a t I l l u s l r l c i u B man of d i a m o n d f i c - tion Had struck o u t . There IH nothing but Klnom here--tind gobs of II, t o o . Tho Hoston d e f e a l , the I n j i i r l c n lo Captain Culbihiin and Mai A l d r l c h , and, most of all, (ho Inch of know- ledgo of the f u n d a m e n t a l s of football exhibited by Tad Jones' eleven, hnve p l u n g e d I he. Y u l e to tho depths of dark despair. By nil the signs. Jones will take his men back to Mie t t i c k l l n K d u m m y tomorrow, lit t h u latest, Sloppy t n e k l Ing was t h e outstanding fault In Yale's play against the s t u r d y nnd well-coached HoHton kickers. Time and again tho Boston backs wero able tn make substantial gains after tho 1511 defenders h u d hit them, only to slide off Ignominlously. Though tho 'vnrsit-y'H game against Boston was highly unsatisfactory, flushes of great football a b i l i t y wero In evidence, here and there. In 1h first and final periods the F,lls pulled themselves together foi- inspiring marches d o w n tho field for touchdowns that were well earned. Thesr: Htrctches of sustained ntlack showed the Ells in their proper role, and f u r nisli (he o n l y consolation thai t b Boston disaster holds for the I Hue After It's nil said nnd done, In cause of the Boston defeat was raf? god phiy, Frank Kelly, both of whosi fumbles resulted in. disaster, was mi the only offender by any means, and, f u r t h e r , Kelly p a r t l y redeemed himself in t h e eyes of the Y a l e rooters by playing brilliantly 'on tho offensive. W i t h tlxo scores that reunited from Kelly's fumbles eliminated, Ynlo earned two t o u c h d o w n s against one for Cnvanaugh's team. In a measure tho game, was a r e p e t i l i o n of the, Princeton nnd Harvard gameu a year ago last fall, in both of which Y n l e demonstrated a superior attack only to lose out when tho breaks went against her. FOUR HOTLY CONTESTED RACES FEATURE CIRCUIT CARD AT ATLANTA TRACK Boarding A ;hlld jure. In good Address l'; \VOMAN will board a p.-lval« home. Mother's lifiSOl this paper. Toell!-lt A'l'TRAC't 1 !VIO roonii M'lth board. Can lao aeeommodate n lew table guests, excellent homo cooking; 1)81 Fall-Hold Ave. 1'hone Har, 762JI. PooU4-7t ""HUARD and room lor geiitlomaii. lomu eomforta. 80 Loe Ave, West OmL I'oel I a -7t ""ROOM AND BOA'RD to somi nice loM'lsh geiitlemcn, private fa.inlly, -11,") IjOgan St., cor. Stratford Ave., near n i l Kast Knd factorial. Tout ID-11 In memorlam of John C. Miller who died one year nijo today, Oct. 19, 1919. . Often times otir thoughts do wander, To the grave not far"nway where we luld our darling loved one. One year ago today, Our hearts are viulnly calling Through the shadows dark nnd gray, To our fallin- who has left UH To our dear one gone away. Ho Is gone but not forgotten T i l s memory shall never fade Ills loving heart shall always linger. Around the grave he IH laid, Sadly missed by his w i f e and children, MRS. .1OIIN C. MIJjfJOK AND FAMILY. REALTY RECORDS Wari-nnty Dc6l.s. Kdward C. Hpargo ami William Winter to .lames Florlto, realty, Madl.Ton und Harlem avcnuoH. Gvorero W. Smith to N a t h a n K n g c l m n n and Frank .Tncoby, really, Broad and State streets. Bridgeport Land and Title company to Sadie J. Robinson, 50 feet, Greenwood street. Orace .1. Neal to Hose Minottl, -10 feet, Maplcwood, avenue. John C. Yanalk to Toussnlent Tetrcautl, two lots, A t h l e t i c p.i .1 terrace. .Tulla O'Nell to Ailolph Shermnn. 1 3 1 2 1 2 3 2 3 4 4 4 2:04 1-1; licns purse 3 2 2 3 ATLANTA, del. I S . -- T h e o p e n i n g .tidiiy of the- U n a ] week of Grand 'Irciilt racing u n d e r idea] weather conditions and w i t h the ti nek In f a i r l y good c o n d i t i o n brought out 'our hotly contested o,venU, throe 'mclng and on" trotliMtf. J o h n Jlenry, ibuy gelding and a ·onwlslcnt w i n n e r ( h i s season, (he lirnperty of T l i n m n n W. M u r p h y , Inok the 2:0li pace w i n n i n g t h e llrst i n d third's, his bi-sl lime, being 2 : 0 2 1-1. The 2 . 1 2 pnco \vent lo C a p t a i n Mack, n brown h'lrnc, in I heatii wlillo the Ihli-'l pacing event, for ( l i e 2:20 class v im won by Xcllle S., it buy mare owned by C. C,. K i i K l l n h »)f Home, Mi., and pllotud by (Jcorgci Htllei;. It took four houtii to d«'-ii1« the race. In the trolling event of the. day upen to thr' 2:0!) elasn. 15. Colorado, bay horse o w n e d by the Cox atdbln and driven by Ciix, won by taking t h first and t h i r d heat. Suiomarien t.m diiN-., piu-liiK, 3 heufci, IMIPI.C 92,50(1. J o h n Henry, I). (!,, by W l n k o p o n h n r r y (Cox) I.'al M n h i m , H. G., by I'rliT-c Argot J l u l (Chlld») J o h n H. Hrarlcn, h. h., iby J o h n It. Gentry (Thiimus) Esther U, b. h., bv Ilaron Ward K i n g ( M u r p h y ) Times--2.02 1-2; 2:02 1-4. 2:12 I'luNH. iinclntt 3 $1,000. Captain Mack, br. h., by the Bondsman ( C l l n e ) ICohomo George, ch, g., toy Hadgewood Boy, ( M n r t i n ) Cherry Willis, br, m., by Peter The Great, (Stokes) J. H, W,, h, K., by Woodland Boy (W. U Adams) 4 4 4 Times--2:05 1 - 4 ; 2 : 0 5 1 - 1 ·-oi claws .trotting, Ilirro heats, purse $1,000. K. Colorado, bh. by Colorado B. ( C o x ) minion, 'bh, by Bln«- ,-irn, (McKellar) Black Diamond, blk. b., by Zolook (ISrwin) Oscar Watts, bg. by G o n o r a 1 Watts ( H y d e ) Dorothy Dny, ch. g., 'by Peter Tho Groat ( H a l l ) Time--2:10 1-4; 2:20 class, pacing tlin'c Iw"^ l»rne 1 1 "Breaks" Count oo Grid, Pomona Coach Say8 (XAREMO.VT, Calif., Oct, Kootball--M she l» played where, tho w«st beglne--U Ju«t enthuslnstlcally pursued as b»*«., n e u r the enMern Keaboaro. , .^V Ifarvard's small marum over (he Oregon eleven last d i d n ' t show the game, as eastern crneks to b« «0 whelmlngly superior to the Pa coast brand. j ' , ' ' The records made by both fool- , ball and track athletes of th« Indicate* llvii .America'* nthfi strcnglh Is phirtlng "We»twar«, Western-brel men arc iturdy · possess n a t u r a l grit and spstd. u n t i l rccnnt years they haven't thfl lop-notch coach**.( Nixon's Theory. At Pomona College. Cl«r»mb«^ _, 1 2 1 2 1 2 3 D : ; 4 3 4 G 4 li 2 : 1 1 y 1,004), «ldiHl moiuiy MOO, meals 40c. Meals by the week SI a day. ·,. 1206 State St. L°£tlW_t WANTIOI)--Nlcu home for girl of S. Statn partlcuhus, Address C.iUSO tills _ VVAN'tM'jlJ--Two men or two /ilris to room and board. 272 Boach St. l'ocH8-:it Instruction INSTRUCTION on Ti'iior IJanJo, tho latest und most Interesting orchestra instrument. 't'ho Mandolin, Uanjo- Mimdolln, Mando-Cello and Oultar aloo taught by Hartford's most, experienced teacher now located In llrldgeport. Host. of coaching for Mandolin Clubs and clauses \V. ,1. Crosley, 73 AVcstlleld Ave. Phono Bar. 6841. ' Toctl3-:u GEORGE E. DILLON, Funeral Undertaker and Embalmer. Stratford, Conn. Tnttlc Tel. St. 82-2 ____ RAG TIME A MUSIC TAUGHT A N Y O N E IN 25 LESSONS Private lessons. Circular mailed W J N N SCHOOL OF MUSIC 133 Fulrfield Ave. Over Orient*. Noble 342 Toctl-30t Motorcycles FOR SALE I n d i a n molorcycle ?75 Jones Ave. Good condition. WALKER AND BANKS Funeral Directors Office nnd Chapel mmci/n AVE. tlepbone Barnum 1DO, J. P. W A L K E R , I. T. BANKS. 81 COTTAQE ST. 129 Elmwood Placo si4 Tt MONUMENTS Of (iranltn and -Marble always In Btonk at Reasonable Trices. The Hughes Chapman Co. Office and Salesrooms B R I D G E P O R T 100 Stratford Ave. C O N N . room hrnisn. s l l i i ! i t « d at 700 l.iuurcl Ave An cxt i-ijtloniil t i n e bomo ^ i l l i all model n l i i i p r o v e i n e n l H . The location Is p u i f u i t ami pilee veiy low. I n i j u l r e }A J'rank, 17 Ann H I , I J hon Bar. 7201-2 or liar. 71DO. ^_ J'ocll8-lt ^"OSfT(AUC OR 1UBNT--i'rooni 1078 Falrlleld Avo. Inquire do Milne ·tre*t oi W 'Jold St. 'Ui'l or · 861. _ H E R E ' h T x N O P f ^ J H T U N l T Y to buy d l i e c L fi(Wil O A l i e i , I! f i n d 7 room lioiim-M bland new. Ready for tit cup.incy. Jill con vnlenoe*. I'ixcnll'Mil nfiff)ilKrlHt)il l j ilc,-s viry re,.*ioii!t.lilt, Srniill i a s ) i p a y m e n t Kor p.'u 11 i i b i i s plionn A. H. Relon, B»r. 118 or onll .(77 Colorado AVI.-. l ' o u l ' 0 - S O t Houses to Rent " A T T R A C ' l l V W l v V furnished 7 roomft. on t i o l l c y Cxc'.ptic mil o p p o r l u r i l t y , Ri-iil moderal*., al^o iimall upartment. 1'hone -Mllford «H8. Chiillaway. _ "" I'fi'iillT " ROOM i i i i f i i r n l s h n d ""houso, $2', per m o u t h . l''iank M. Wallace, it) 10. llroadway, M y r t l e licach. l'octlB-31 MO VI'IN KOOW l u u i h i l i e c l IIOIIMO lo l e n i , J20 per month. Frank M. Wai lane, 1!) K. Jlroudway; M y r t l e liiiiic.h. I'.iel 10-31 'Id ItHNT- H a l f d o u b l i i IIDUSII of 11 1'ioiiiH. Itcasomililc n nt lo desirable n . t i l v . I'lione J'..irniim 2o;i|. Tocll!»-,lt I'O III,.VI'- I'.lKllI loom liouse, 102 Collagn at. J i i i i i l s h e d and heated. Cull arid' I) 31V p. 111 l l i - i c i c m - ' ' H i,-i|iilrcil. I'octl8-:it I'O RI-;.\T-~ liuurilBh-y " I'arli, f l i s t i Int'M lo\\er f l a t of 0 rooms, all i l n - Itim'nmf-nl.'!, 7 / I t l c l i a i i l s i n i St. I n q u i r e M J. l i o w . - l i , 'i5 RU h.nelson M. 'f-O l l f l . N ' r M l i K l e h n l l M e , ( l u l l ! l i i o m s f i n d b a t h , all modi-i n I m p r m ' c m c n l H . A p p l y 31BII North M a i n HI. Hur 3().iD. r o e t l 8 - 7 t TO RK.NT--One f a m i l y holme, J l i o o k la^ii si'Ctlou, gaii.|.'ii, lilgh grade, li. II I'-cinl. 415 K l i a t f u i d Aye. J)ir. 404(1. ' 4 ftoowT'furnlsliVd hoiinii, J]2. I.ol 40xS5. 1'Yunk M. Wallacfl, 19 11. Uroluhvay, Myrtle HeiLch. Pocll6-at Poetl3-7 TTiOO T RUCK--Speed wagon, iTkirnew eord tires, one spare. Bargain, Kxcel- »!»!· Oaraije, Arctic and William St. _ I'octI2-7 "uT;i r UlJUC one-tone truck; goud con d l l i o u . iiargaln to quick buyer. C,ai HK'. "'t 1 Sherwood Ave. l'octl8-7 " SCHrrP"PS~rtoOTJI roadster In A 'ondltlon for sale. Will exchange I'o l-'ui-d coupe, Dr. Roseiikriins, Stral lord Centre, I'hono .Stratford 400 Tocl 11-7 ~SCKII'PS-HOOTU Sedan, 11)17. REO, 3 pauscinger, $500. 11UDHON Cabriolet, f l , 4 0 0 CHANDL10R touring, 11)18. F K A N K L I X r o a d s t e r ,K touring, 5 pass,, 1911), HARRY S. JONES 6B6 Falrfleld Ave, Tel. N4fw T o e l l 8 - 7 t il)lS"~i'AniLrjA(T roailHli'r, (special ) l')20 open cm. 11)18 Mariiioii c h u m m y romdsler 11)20 sedan. 1920 S l a m l n r i l Wight sedan. 11120 S t a n d a r d lOlgbl l.iiirlng. H U D Marnion I m o u s l n c 1.117 IhulHon c a h i l u l e l . 11121) Ktmcx. sedan 11)15 K i - n i i l i l l a l o i t r h i K . U r l v e n l i t t l e . H u l i s t u n l l a l i'rleo Iteduc- II.,11 PA.WLF.TT K W I L S O N , I N C , [.III K A I I I K U O I . M A V K N L ' i O T i l . l i u r 1067. Open Hvi'iiliigii. Tuell I - H "11)18 DOUUK COUl'10," f i v e ' w i r e .vlim-IH, tori! I | M - H I e x c e l l e n t mechjinluiil c o n d i t i o n , Jlai'b'aln, no di:alur«. Call .Mr rainier, Noble 111)1. Sl'oel 17-31 ~;i-l TON Klcw.irt t i t i c k , very ulmaii, M u n i sell at oncii. ' Wilson, fill:) Newlli-kl __ __ KOR SALI'V-J'UU iTIrfey Davidson and side car, A-l c o n d l l l o n , J.IOO C'all at H22 Strut font Ave,, Stratford, Conn T o c t l l M t and sidecar. 1'nrty leavlnif cHy. MUM I Kdl at once Call 2118 W i l l o w HI, C i t y __.__ _______ Toi.1 I l l - i t niTiti""luJTORCY()T,K and nlOe'car In Rood condition, $100. Call J108 Ogden St. cxteuslon, City. Sl'oc'.n-3t Real Estate A Hft'5 C A M l ' A l d N ! A method" tluYi l u i t w u H w . To sell your property, list with Parry mid b e i u f l t by Ms latost Mhml of sellliiK ic'iilty. 1,08 Hi-i'iirlty lilc Har I U . 'I'outl7-3t l l l i M K S K K K I O R S Send ~foi V l r K l l l l f l in I-liit. Dept 70, lOmporla, Va. 'J'octlD-IOt Ave., C i t y , " Si'ocLlV-n TTlirrsoN "with SedTi'n top, I! 10 model, prlcn $li nr A p p l y .|6li l - ' i i l r v l c w 11)20 ""STUnEf-iAKKR--Hpoclnl «lx. Hun less than 1(1,001) miles Call between « .Jiid 8 p. in. Har. :18. i).|8 Howard Avo. _ _Tootl6-7t ~faT7j"()AKi;A~N"f/"hedmi" Tl)"l3 International t r u c k , li)2l) H u d s o n Spoedster, I H 1 7 Hudson »r ilsl.-r, 11)11 Konl, '' ' All p i l v a t e l v ownod. ,\o dealers. Phono H t r n i . 471 or Ofil. I'oetl8-8t In the best of c o n d i t i o n , starter anr e l o e t i l c I l K h t H , 2 extra tlre« and rlrriM lleeu used by owner. Bold on necoun of m o v i n g in/ay. Will coll vcrv cheap Address firiHIH Ihls paper. UveStock 'Oll HAlj"l'3 -- l i e f f l H l e r e d Dnroc .lersi'V led BOW. Iiuiiilre nlifhls, Snturdii\ iftarnoon or .Sunday, Herbert ,1. I.ewK loneyspot Road, H t r n t f o r d , _ Toctlll-fil "I'^OnT" MAlJK--Wliitii Tlliocfo Island tullels, h a t c h e d lu M a r c h . Phone I'alrllold 168. Sl'ooUV-3t "T'ld's for Hale, Hiiven hLrKO and eight m a l l ones. Har. 1011), _ Toetl8-(! T'UJfci \vanTed, any sl/e, n t i m U e i , or dnd. Address Gti(i!!l tlila papiir. PocttC-.'it Stores "FRTTlT^ C A N O Y , Cmiir, C o n f e c t i o n e r y mil leu Cri'iun I ' a r l o i . Hc-st loeallon In lin, c i t y near t h e a t r e Musi sell at mcc 1217 S l a t e SI. Toi-l 111-71. " 1''O lT")"t ION T-'-'S I "t^ii con tain I ng f i r s t ·lass VuleanliiliiK o i i l f l l ; also auto gas i i n u p nnd oil t a n k flood locution, rent reasonable. Address 55(101 this pa,,,.. _ _ TneUU-71 WoTtl'! J''(jl~ llhi.N'l'-" Sn~itiililu lor any k i n d of business, t l i m d Inmlncss loeilllly. 1122 \Varreil W. Tocll'.l-'l: Patents ""(I. 11. iTRAlJliOCK I'lili'iil formerly iiHiinber e x a m i n i n g a l l o r n e y , corrHl 11. Hours H to (I. In- Hur. 6110.1 H e c m l l y HI'oci 17-71 . I ' a t c n t Office. cluillnij Satuidny*, HldK "T'AfKN'l'H-- 1'afeiilu seuiii-ud i i r o m p t l j and examlnatlonii iiind.i In I ho IJ a P a t e n t Office bj I ' l i t c n t A t l o i n e y Clirls- t l a n M .Newmiin, Off leu 10^ Hecurlty HI,,,,. HI'oiitn-SIM STATI'l Ol'' (JON.Vl'X'TrcllT, District of Hrldgeporl, HS. Probate Court, October 18, 11)20, KSTATIO OF W i l l i a m J. Doolcy et-als of llrlilgeporl, In Maid District, minors. The g u a r d i a n h a v i n g ' m a d e application for an oijdi'i- aulhori/.lni: hint lo sell cert a i n riMl esl.ile licloiitsiiig lo said estate, per said iipplluikllun on file d u l y ap- ijears ORI)KH.lon,' Tlvil the said nppllcadon he hoard anil d e t e r m i n e d »( tho t'robale Oflle.ii In Bridgeport, on i h e 21st day of OctQ-r, 11)20, at 10 o'clock In the forenoon, und this Court direct!) said ( l u a r d l n i i to give n o t i c e to all persons I n l e r e s l e d In said u s l u i e lo appeaV, If t h e y nee CJIIHO, nml be h e a i d thereon, by piibllahlng I h l s order once In a newspaper h j i v l n g a circulation In sa.ld d l s l r l c f , on or Ijcfoie the f l u b day of Octoher A. D , 1'I20, mid r e t u r n mnko lo t h e Court of n o t i c e glve'n. A t t e s t , _ 1 ' A I I I , h. M i l / f v l O R .Illilge rfr'ATl-roK CONXIOCTIC'lII':', liWrlcr of I'^ilt-lleld, ss I'rohate Court, October Kith, 11)20. K s l i i t e of M a n s I'. Sell up 1,-ile of t h e town of l'"alrlleld In mild D i s t r i c t , deceased. The Court of P i o l m l e for the District of F u l l - f l u i d , h a t h l i m i t e d and allowed n i x m o n t h s from Ihe r l a t c heieof for the Creditors of said Mstiile lo e x h i b i t ( h e i r c l a i m s fnr sett l e n i e n t . Those who ne|.',l(.cl to present ( h e i r .'iceollnUi, properly a|lested, w i t h i n suld ( l i n e , will bo (lebarrefl n i-iH-o\'ery. All pot-son.s In- deltli'd lo mild J'lslale are io(|UCH(el to make I n i m e r l l a t e p n y m e n t t o C A K I j I 1 S H i l l U ' l 1 , A d l i l l n l s t r a l o r . A X . N I I O I'. J U O H K , A d i n l n l H t r i i t r l x STAT'l'i OK ('6.NX"|i;r"l'fcl!T, District of . P a l i - H e l d , ss. I'nib.Uii Court, October 1 1 , 1'I20. K s U i t e of M n r l l i ! 1 J e n n i n g s lain of (he ( o w n of P i i l r l l e l i l In s.lkl D i s t r i c t , ilcci-iiseil The ( ' ( m i l of i v o l m t e lor t h n District ^f li'alrfli'ld, i i n l l i l l m l l e d and allowed six m o n t h s from dm d a l e hereof for die C l H l l l u M of mild Kstale lo e x l l l l l l l I h e l r cliilms for s e i i l e i i i e i u Tbosc who IICK- leet lo pre'ient I heir i t i v u i i n l s , propi'i-ly i i d e s l e i l , w l l h l l l H.llil I line, w i l l he dc- l.iirreil a i r c n v i - r y All persons I n d e b t e d t" mid K s l i i t e are iei|iiesled to mitliii I m n i i ' d l i i t e p i i v i u c i i i l o ADA K .HO.X.Nl.NdS. A l l m l l l l H t l f l t r l x . one-elBhth intercut In realty, fiO f e j , A t l a n t i c street. Kmma H. O'llourlto, trustee, to Orestes HCBIUJ, 40 leot, Hawley (ivc- J o h n C. and Amelia Kohler ID Samuel Uroufflilon, 60 feel, Qnerlda avenue. Maria MeroakH to Andrea M u - santc, two pieces of realty , North Main street and Heechmont aventio. Quit Clillni Dwl». Kdward C. SparKO and William Wlntor to John .T. McFurland and John IS, Jtollon, 00 feet, B r o n x avenue. A r t h u r J. Mooro to l j elor and Christiana Cvllt, 20 feet, Colorado iivenuu, LoiilKfl L. Sailer to Charles G,, John G. and M a t h l a n Schwarz, realty, Iliver u n d Herbert streett, David B. Dootlu- and atephen N. Boothe to W. O. Hun-, trustee, reatly, K n l l o n street and Washington n v r n u c . , Mildred Jl. C'lirlls.s to Kmnia L. Hiilkli-y, -10 feet, Lnnox avenue, Ada Doro to AnclrcaH C. ]3lllinK!i, 30 Cool, Jane street. Uiiffnelo Carillo lo Mnrl.t M o r - cnldl, 41 I'eel. N o r t h M n l n fltrcot, Jami's H, O'lloiirke to Knmia R. O ' R o u r k c , t r u s t e e , -40 feet, Uiiwley liven lie. Hose B, W a n n e r to W i l l i a m Brclt, 50 feel, C'oltairi' street, Eva L. B.irnes to J o h n 10. A d a m s , 36 f o o l , Irunl.slnn nvc'iiue. P r o v i d e n t D e v e l o p m e n t corporation to F r a n k S. Cohen, realty, Capitol and Illllrtlde nveniii'H. D a v i d H. Boothe, a d m i n i s t r a t o r , t o James D u f f y , realty, R a i l r o a d ;i\piuie and Warren street. M a r y l l t u l n i k lo Tcollla D u d n i k , 76 fi'ot, l.aurol court. A l b e r t I'. Budnik to Tcolllil B\id- nlk, r e a l l v , Laurel court. Moitfrnito DiviN. N a t h a n KiiRelman a n d Kranlc Jacnfiy to Cieorifc W. S m i t h , r e a l t y , State and Drond slrrds, $ 1 ( 1 0 , 0 0 0 . Jo'hn J . M c K n r l a n d , . l r , a n d J o h n K. I l n l l e n to N ( i r l l ) K n d H u n k and Trust c o m p a n y , 50 l e d , B r o n x a v e n u e , J'l.lHMI. Caroline Snabo a n d M a r y Nniry I n Isldor a n i l Ch.irlo.s B l r n b a i i m , 40 feet, H o w a r d a v e n u e , $1,2,10, Roue,' M l n n l l l lo Clrace J. Ncdl, 40 fee,!, Jl.iplewnod avenue, $ G , 1 0 0 . Ai«dn;a .Mnn.nHe to Maria Mer- caldl, r e a l t y , B o n c h m o n t nveniui a n d M a i n s'trcx'1, $ri,. r iOO. Oresles · R e « ( i H l e i K m m . x R . O ' R u u r k e , t r u s t e e , 4(1. f e e t , l l n w l e y n v e t i u i ' , $2,1100 J.iim-s Duffy to D a v i d B, Boutin* nml S t e p h e n X. B n u t h e , r e a l t v , Nellie S., 13. M., (Stiles) 2 lixpcnsc, bg., by Frisco C. (Gallagher) Clayvlllc Hal, ». «·· by 'Hallelujah H a I (Armstrong) ,«lnr Waller, I). g., by Direct Star (Tolley) Lalicllo, Patch, l)lk. m., by Dun Patch (Branch) 1 a 2 2 1 3 \ 1 3 American M u n nl«o s i n n e d . Time 2 : 1 0 1 - 2 . FROM BETHEL TO DANBURY ]AN*nunV. Oct. is.-- Ptroot rall- ww s.'rvlce between t h l f city n n a liolhel was «imrond«d today and the t r n f l l c belwcen those points i» being handled ihv Jltnoyu and the steam ralnH. Thus far 111 tie. inconvenience " W|U Cal., football Is humming under t direction of Conch Hugcne V. Nl^ft Nixon's theory !» that mo»t Wl gamca are won on the break*. teiilrm are evenly matched th« _. Is not won usually by poundlrtt' line and r u n n i n g tho ends, but,! taking advantage of the brekki «r', some well-planned strategy. ,-"'' ' " Another pet theory of the C»IH-; fornla coach 1* that the f»me W . played for thoi.benefit of the involved and ho take* car* of physical welfare accordingly. Ho has two star* that itan on his »quad thin fall. They^ Captain Covlngton, All-State qlMUr- lerbnck, and Dell, the All-8outh«rtl , tackle. · ·' /i 1 I'omona plays practically all IJ» games thin ueaflon with C»llfOTBIfc schools. ' · ,"' Crnck Team*. , , Coach Nixon had been «.t Claiy* mont since 1915, where he dlreet% both track and football. ,- ;' ! r From 1909 to 11)15 he couhM. school football at Dven(x»' Iowa. His teams lost only ' t w » ' Kames In nix consecutive e«uon* His success nl Pomona hat bffh.,, eo,tially good, tho team loclng OBtf one game In three years. "J^' ·' The greatest play Nixon ever MM- was engineered by John Schulfc present captain of the Cornell eliSfr *n. Sehuler was then p|«ylng vomltr*, tcrbaek for the Davenport hWK school team. The play con«litei|.(f a fake line buck and then a long. forward pass that won the gam*\ from Clinton lilgh ochool. The pj.«y, was completed after the whistle hid blown. ' ,*, ttnftftKwt Pluyor. ^.·- , Nixon «ny« that Schulcr was probably the best player he cv«r , . '" ed, He also developed Herbert i the Pittsburgh »tar who was «ele as All-Amerk'an tackle for two ye_ Sles played on his Davenport "fch school eleven. · ,., "The greatest player I over ·a.IH,*' .«ays Nixon, "was Chester iBmlth, quarterback on the Monmouth 'crt^ leg-e teams of 1905 to 1907. Smltji never was credited with natlOMl fame because he played on a mWR college !«*·, but he had evcrythliilv and J give him rnnk above nil .$" football plnyem I have evor Kckersall, Drlscoll, Shy Thorpe, Hrlekley, Mahan, and ' ,, losl of them undoubtedly had lt'^ Smith In certain respects, but In Vlt* around inmlltlvs Smith had it '«l them " .A ],. ,-ewilt«'«l. I 1 p l l ! W tt ne,i unchanged to SO points ow.-r--- aii ordlnnnco prohlbltln? .lltneyi! from operating on hlg.liwayH t r a - veled 1\y t h e street railway and If tho ordinance In enacted I ho railway will probably resume I t n i-flrvlce. "COTTON N-RW YORK, Oct. I S , -- The u n - soUlcil state ot Mrltlsh luibor cond- tloiw combined with the deiireiwlon of tho goods trade and reports Mrs. Kenyon undef Cross Examinatio| Proiecutor, Severely Grills 1 ·n Accused of Mnrderiaf ^ Dr. Tetlow. o conlnucd spot pressure In the Bouth, were rcHponxile for f u r t h e r declines In the cotton market here today. December contracts broke to 17.80 of SO points below the cloHlim Pi'V''' of lawl week and close' at l i . M ) , with the general lint closing -a«y, net unchanged to 80 polrts yower-- tho more 63 to SO points lower o n e t h " months. The opening ·»'"" V( ' r SeptomlH'r heing (10 polnls liiKher w h i l e o t h e r m o n t h s won 13 p o i n t s near anft irregu «r, relatively higher lo 20 p o l n t u lowei remote deliveries being " 'There \\ii.s a ROOI! deal of pressure of ] Iverpool an" nouth"ni selling and active. positions thowrtd 'flj't losses of about 20 o 43 polnls r l K h l a f t e r the call with Deeemhcr «jlli»« ,,l is.n nnd .lanu.-iry lit 18.00. TheHe prices seemed to a t t r a c t u good deal of n n v l n g which Includeu trade and Wall 'street lines!mont purchases o» t h e l a t e r months, eri and local overln by recent b i i y l n R for a re a c t i o n . Prices milled q u i t s h n r p l y dtirlnK R a i l r o a d a v e n u e , a n d W a r r e n .street, $2, 4 0 0 . Joseph V e l e n e h l k t o 1'hlllp C l i s - h e r i n d L o u i s Levy, re. i l l y , T u f t a v e n u e . $J,500. I^ena Snow t o B e n j a m i n J W e l n K t e l u , 40 fci't. C a r e l l o n iivenue, $ 2 , 4 0 0 . (VrllflcnK- of AllJU'linu'iit. Tim |'la/..i C i g a r e o m p o n y n K a l n s I K d w i i f d rietritrtcvlci',, $ l i 0 i l a n n i K e s and ciisiii of s u i t a r e c l a i m e d . t'crllllmto of Incorporaddii. K a h n a n d Sun, I n c o r p o r a t e d , l o deal l u f u r s , m i l l i n e r y , w e a r i n g .ip- parel ,iml f u r n l s h h m o "f e v c r \ li's e r l p t l u n ; a n i l m r l / . e d r a p l t a l i l o r k , J f i O . O O O ; i n c i i r p o r a l i i r s , Samuel K a h n , l . l l l l a n C o l l i n s a n d Her! h a K a h n . A H. h a t i i i i , nu ft, Hill of Sale. k to A r n o l d l l u c h s i i K i r k e t , 1 2 2 0 I ' . i r k uve- t h e n i l i l d l f t of l.he day w i t h December sclllni; up lo l H . f i S or inbuilt 10 to 20 points net h i g h e r on active po- Hloii- This met a n o t h e r w n v o ot southern heilne selling l i t e r In tho n f t e r m i o n however, whll" seemed to bo unsetllcd by rumors of d i s t i i r b - IIIL' labor demonstrations In J'.ng- I n n d , and n i l month-* m a d e new low records In the late t r a d i i - R . ,?'''« 1 ' r wn« r e l a d M ' l y steady Hui sold off to I V H O , cluslnn a t 1S.SS, bid, while .Tanunrv l i m k e lo 17.r.r, a n d closed at a p p r o x i m a t e l y t.bat le\el. During i h e earlier t r a d i n g t h . re was as m u c h dl.sposlHnu (o illsi'i u n ( a i|i(K'k s r l t l e m e n l of the H r l l l x b coal strilK' us lo .sell en r e p o r t s t h i ' l II wan n l - reailv i i l f e c l l n g I , i n r n * l i rn mill op,. r idii-) md l 1 b i - ' i k e i ,'iltrlbuK'il t h e b u l k nl 1 I h e day's pr isure to the I , i l k '"f n \ M . i k spot s K n n t l o n . i:f ports lo.'ay i f , 2 7 0 m a k i n g 71S.3S8 so f u r t h i s sciison. Port receipts 311,7114. 17 Faqiories "MAN"l!i''ACf I I R I N U l o f t I.) r e n t , 6,000 ac|. ft. h l f f h l , c e n t r a l l y locntud, possession I m m c ' d l f i t u l y A p p l y H p t I'nper Tube Cun 1017 llroad H i , lop flipr I'oel I8-.It Horses Mules houses Wanted "TMWA"Nf I 0 1 ) - ~ n e " and " two f a m i l y hounds. J l u y e i s w a i t i n g , pay all wish. Tel. Casey, 808 ('1)1111. Nat llnnlc llldg Sl'oel Automobiles lfl"20'" Frtiur T()[nu\ii."-".M"cKaiii'cally perfect. HjLrp,nlii H u l c k , IDl'.i, neve ( h e n , lienl condition, flti Sims St., off li-iinln- t n n A v o I'elrnssy I" Isldor a n d rear ronm a n d roomii, I I S l l u s l w l e k live years and $. r iO a ""li'OK H A I i K - - A horse nnd delivery watton. 1'IOC I'inst .Mnln I ' h o n o Bar. 823-2. St ,Sl'oell7-3l Where to Eat S W I O D I H I I R I ' i S T A H U A N ' l ' - A I I lunnn p n n o l 1 e u i i k l l i u H I (ho l o w e s i possible prlooo. · · · ' I d u Coloriido Ave., cor. Suite. Ht. Toetl4-14l K l l x a b c l h K l e i n , store I l i r i i i . l i v i n g a v e n u e , f n r m o n t h r e n l F r a n c i s Hclch l o . l o h t i M o n l m m r n and L e o n a r d C,ipo//.l, store at fid L e x i n g l i i n avenue, for five years, nt f f i B a m o n t h r e n t . O e n i r d i i I ' a t e r n o to H u r r y W. Hooey, store, 290 ( i e n r g e Mrcet, for n n f i e ' i r ;«t $ 1 0 0 a m o n t h r e n t . Simon In I,mils and I l n r r v K a p l l i i , f l « i i e a n d h.iriu,. If t!il Si. u - b e n H l r i e l , f u r l l v \ e a r i , $ l ( ) i ' a m o n l l i r e n l I l a r i ' V K . i n b e r g a n d S i m u e l C - n p In Mirah N a U . i s l i l . i n . s t n r e , 1 .' 11 Hliile Hlrcel, for t h r e e yu.irs, f f i O a m o n t h ronl. xonwicir. Oct. is.--Mrs. ____.,_ e n y o n , I'.iiurKod with the murdr'* Ur. llerbi ri Tetlow, was under eri* examination when her trial WU Cf sumed for II» third week b*tM| dKe G. I',, Hltimau and a Jury M day, Slalf'w A t t o r n e y ' H u l l took W (.he slorv of the accused OB »he II on I'rlday and 1 Inquired I n t l y Into i h o woman's earlier and espoclally an (o the divorce ) obtnlni'd from her ««eond hu«" Sho said I h u t sha (fot the the. ground of cruelty. Mrs. Kenyon also told of h«r W huloiiH w i t h Dr. Tetlow and reptM 1 her Klatement of 1'Mday that M four or five years prior to the blrtJ of her child In 191A Him'had Bf been In 'close friendship. The ·tkt offered in evidence a letter whlci Mrs. K e n y o n wroto while In jail,! A. H. N', WIHeiM, of AHoona, -- w h i c h she said ^ "1 am broken In spirits. It JO love Dr. Tetlow you will call OB M when you are In Westerly." The licensed admitted writing U letter but. gave no explanation Ol;l When recess wno taken the croi«« n m l n n t l o n had reached the UnM'§ t h e sboollnar, Mrs Konyon waa|i^| the pistol to hold nnd In doing/I showed no emotion. IB JUDGE THOMAS SENTENCES VOLSTEAD LAW VIOLATOI S. port slockr 0 7 3 , 8 ' M . HOI'-SK srATI'.MKNT, X1-:\V V i H U C . )'·! I S , The nulled Stiller. Sub y rre'isurv wa i a credllnr of Ihe C l i - n r l n i r l l o ' i s e t o d a v to t h e e x t e n t cif h M i . v j 3 . The I'Yd'-nil Hi'- si'i\' H a n k had a cnniK luil.inon of ri.jrid nnd balances of $135,- N K W H A V I O N , Oct. 18. -- Whilki cases, so-called? of which there we 1 oriRlnally over 200 were taken » bv JudRe F.. s. Thomas In tl I'nltcrt Stales court today. Dl«|«l tlon of some of them was .us follow Por havliiK three utiarts ot whl key In his keeping, Jacob Slitt« Mii'sl H a r t f o r d , fined $7t und cort W i l l i a m Do Hltiseo, New Huven, h* lug a Mii.ill iiuanttty In his p«^ flnoil $200 nnd costs; Vincent JO xoni .md Anthonv Sylvester, J t r a n s p o r t i n g 2SD Kallons of ale** lined t l i R O each; for transportlnfjfc live gallon cans of alcohol wlthojg p c r m l l , J o h n Isivella, of New W lord, fined $125 and costs; for It ull'ciise, Alexander l-Mnu, at Roxbw M.i.-w., who had his autODMW sclwd. wa« fined $125 and coat*. Cases Involving confiscation Of « a r e subject to call for trial No»« her S. If no contrary dectalotT nuul.i the government will O.UCM oif motor vi-mcles under the l»w. . A M K R I C X X A r.«or- 8 0 - 4 0 l The nut Ice Thfl A m e r l m n A. ( h.\s Rnnlncil a n d challnnsrn a n y p o u n d t e a m In the city ir stal M o b n \ \ k « n n d Al|ln« t a k e Teams vvl-tlilntT K . n i e s i a r e r o i i r p s l e d to a n s w e r t h m u - ' h The I'' 1 " 1 or \ u l t c M u n . i w c r ,1 M e C n r l h v 1 4 s l ) n \ e n in,! I H i r e d . A l l p l . i y e i - H avid I'msi- d e h l r l n i r a I r v o u t n n '» rep. I In f r n i i i of the M l p p o d r o m . ) I h r i i i r r tom n r r i i w n l n h t «t 7 o'cl ick. WHIST. ' Th* Kilns Howe Jr., Woman 1MI corps w i l l hold a harvest ithtit 6 pinochle at the G. A. R. h»H M o'clock Thursday evening, OOM) I I . Membi'i-s of t1»« Relief CtoP»"Jj Icav.- for the Soldlvn' Horn*.;" Noi-rt'.iu mi Thursday mornlnf t h e 10 u'.'lcick train. ' J Ai a i i i i - e i l i i u held yesterday M| ii.iiin Mrs A. 11. Hecrs «ave hW^j port "ii t h e Convention Indlauapolin where *he w»» » 4« gale. .. .,, IN EV SPA PERI NEWSPAPE ( i)T i NU l u l l is I'm t « n l n i l ii i I n l 1 1 l 11 ( d v i f i l l I M I i, I , 1 1 1 t 1 1 i s i l l i n n i h \ * I I HUH » ! I" I I I V X l w o r m I "I I ! | l l n I l M I I ( i l l l l 01,1 1 |lll I l l i l " ' llv I f i (i m l . f l III II I \ M . i t s si i lu v ·- M I D I i m i l in 'i l i ' i l l l t \\ P n n l f m i 1?. C i u i n l i n c , . I MI t v i o f i m i l I n HIM n l i i i K i n . i g . , l li | | I I I V i i . l l n I I I I I M N . w r O l l l t l V O t oU|)|j|ICS " ' " . J in IMI I 1 I on,i II V\ i i ni i 1 ( 1 1 ^ I l t d . l i P i l N \ I O) I I I 1 1 . ., , .. , i IV f 1 " " " l ~ i l S i U i l x l I ( I V I ' l V l l l l I 1 . 1 I I ) I l i i (^-^ V \ V - H I \ ( , I D S I I . i n t i I 1! *· I i l v i t . IIIIH-V " I I O O M i fl 1 M.I I i i lln N ni Hi N , i s" 1 t h i n Lnd h , t m loi N h , , IIUMI M . i l n l'i i 11.-.11 l i u ' n I in i l !-.t iv o lnin.1i rul I i 1 n s \P1)U 1 1 .Si l l l v 'I or I III 71 M i l l 1 1 1 I I I I S! 11 I I I VV I I I I I l i r - i-t nt t 1 I i i l l n M l ftl)4 I I ( "dtOWH t \v i b 1V"I M f l h I s, f i o r n n, honl I I , I , | I I u l l i I t n f I I I i I .it i i i i l n tl IM , \ nv I m 1 1 1 .I h l i Iv m i l l ' s Ionic I n i . r - l 1 3 i l l l i l . n ,- · I'pins l 3 ,nul John, **

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