The Laurel Ledger from Laurel, Mississippi on February 4, 1905 · Page 5
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The Laurel Ledger from Laurel, Mississippi · Page 5

Laurel, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 4, 1905
Page 5
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.7 \r THE LAUREL LEDGER W. L. PRYOR, EDITOR. _ ... _ J , . .. -^ - , . ir · - ' · ~ · ' .- - - - - - Subscription - $1.00 a Year STRICTLY IN ADVANCE. SOCIETIES. I I O. O. F., Independence Lodge No. 140. meeU every Monoay night i n l . O . O. F W.F."PAVIS. N. O. W. H. QBAMT, R. 8- K. of P.,Lanrel Lodge No. 1M meets every Tue»d»y night 7.80 \ FOR FUN ? There seoms to be a disposition among some people to take the efforts of a newspaper man as a joke. They seem to think that he toils early and late just for the fun he can get out of the business. Advertisements he inserts just simply to "fill up space." They want free notices of the marriage or death of some distant relative, and think he should know and mention the fact every time one leaves town or buys a new piece of furniture. They think simply because they are a good friend of the editor, who to take with all his faults is usually a pretty good fellow, and resent the idea of being charged for anything. Of course they read the paper, the product of hours of toil, worry and brainwork, but if he presents a bill for subscription or a small job they go up in the air and cry "stop my paper." For the amount invested, it takes more monthly revenue to run an up-to-date newspaper than most any other business. To be abls to pay bills and printers, he must receive compensation for his time and brain work and get it as it comes due. Men worth twenty times as much as the editor will walk the streets with money in their pockets due him for subscriptions, professional cards and job work never thinking of the amount,while the editor is wondering how he will meet printers bills and paper drafts. If an editor goes into a store and buys a pair of shoes, he must pay the same as any other man; if he buys drugs or has a doctor in his family, they never say, "well this doesn't cost us anything, just go along;" if he takes his meals at a hotel or restaurant, he looks just like other men to the proprietor; if he happens through hard luck to get nixed up in law, the lawyer soaka him for his fee just as hard as he would any one else. People should realize that a newspaper to be a success, must receive pay for what it does, be it advertising, job work or a thing of that kind. It is always ready to "boost" and say good things of the town, county and its people which should certainly be enough for one to do. We hope that a number of people will take this as referring to them personally and take the matter to heart. ' RESULTS OF TRUCK GROWING. Pew people in thia immediate section have any idea of the magnitude of the work entered upon this year by the Southern Truck Grower's League, which had its birth two years ago when a few venturesome spirits organized the Laurel Truck Grower's Association with a membership of less than twenty. J. M. Lindsey, then and now the biggest individual trucker perhaps in the league, sa~v that it, was a good thing, and he was soon able to convince others of the merits of the combine. Last year good money was made by every truck grower, and and it is now no longer in an experimental stage. The Southern Truck Grower's League is the biggest truck producing combination in the South and is growing rapidly. New associations are being formed weekly and are joining the league. Competently officered by successful truckers and business men, its influence is being felt not only in the South, but in Northern cities where the products of the association will be marketed the coming season. Car loads of deed potatoes have been shipped here, besides vegetable seeds by the hundred pounds and it is confidently expected that the gross shipments this year will be in excess of 8100,000. It has caused the price of farm lands to double in value, and with tiie corresponding increase in acreage another year, farm lands conveniently near a ship- pine point will be worth double what it is at present. The Southern Truck Grower's League is a good thing and is here to stay. Some citizens of this Republic want divorces made more difficult. There are lots of single folks, widows and widowers around here who are willing to compromise the matter by making marriage easier. It may be strange to some that this paper prints a lengthy article on the death of a street dog. There are some dogs that could learn some people lessons in faithfulne93,appreciation and devotion. Tne LEDGER has already a fine staff of country correspondents, and will soon have every post- office in this entire section represented by a competent news- gatherer. Hon't worry yourself about what will happen to the country when all the timber for wood is cut off. You nor your children will be living to see the time come. Tom Lawson is getting pay for what lots of people spend a gre*t deal of money--advertising. But Thomas is an awfuJ smart fellow as those who read after him know. The Lyons Oil Company has made the first genuine effort to ascertain what minerals if any exist under the soil of thia section. Nature is a kind provider for her crowd of thankless and thoughtless children. HARDWARE of every description from a horse-shoe nail up. We handle brick, lime, cement and everything needed by contractors and builders. Our line is the most complete on Hie North Eastern railroad south of Meridian. We guarantee our prises and the snoods. x x x x x x FRANK GARDNER HARDWARE SUPPLY CO. The best Board In Laurel! DINNER HOUR FROM 12 TO 2,15. We make a specialty of Kansas City Beef. Families or individuals are solicited as table boarders. The DecKer Hotel, F. S. BECKJE.R, Proprietor. Specialty of Sunday Dinners. If s Worth Your While to look over the special values we are offering in Men's and Boys' Clothing, Overcoats and Heavy Underwear. Big reduction in Boys' School Suits, AVen's and Boy's Shoes. Ladies Cloaks and Skirts and Knit Goods of all kinds at special prices. We will continue our Big Sale on all Winter Goods until they are all closed out. See them DUNAGMfflTAKERCOMPANY TEN THOUSAND ROLLS OF WALL PAPER JUST RECEIVED Times may be hard, but we have heard' br^^'nrWteWs-' elppi able to work who is suffering for food and warmth. John D. Rockefeller's income is §10,000 an hour. That is more tian some people around here make in a whole month. ANY KIND of clothes look new if properly cleaned and pressed occasionally. This we do.-. Ladies garments properly dyed without injury. Goods called fonand delivered. LAUREL P8ESSINGCIUB A new switch engine has been put on the Northeastern railroad tracks here for the purpose of doing- the' switchin? for Laurel and Ellisville. It is understood that two new local passenger trains will be put on March 1. The new iron bridges across Tallahala east of Laurel and on Tallahoma near Mico are completed. The one on Tallahoma on the Johnson bridge road is being put in this week. Jeff Moss and Oeo. Hogans, of Moss, killed two fine wild gobblers Monday. If a turkey happens to pass through that neigh- oorhood one or the other of these gentlemen usually get him before he gets out. Makes no difference what you want in the eating line, call up Ross and be supplied at once. Wo satisfy our customers if they can be satisfied with reliable groceries, prompt service and treeh, new goods.--ROSS, the grocer. If it isn't at Ross' it isn't in town. A. D. Bethea, a prominent cit-__. izen of Heidelberg, was in Laurel · on business Friday. A live electric wire last night burned out the switch board at the telephone exchange, putting it out of busineas temporarily. . Reliable groceries at reasonable prices. That's Ross. To enjoy house-keeping and eating at home, buy your groceries of Ross. John McDuffie is still quite ill at hie home in this city. He is clear of fever but is not recovering as fast as was hoped for. Cecil Heidelberg spent Sunday with his brothers, Messrs. Oscar ,,, and Will Heidelberg of this city. / Mrs. D. P. Bradford is suffering with grip. Mrs. Fellows is quite sick at -her home on East Front street. After a severe attack of pneumonia Lula Mae, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. II. B. W i l - son', is out of danger. Mrs. Warner Beard is conffned to her home on account of sickness. The Star is undoubtedly Laurel's leading restaurant. Get in the lead yourself and take your meals there if you are not doing so already. Dr. R. W. Jones and Dr. P. H. Saunders returned to their home 4 in Oxford Monday. Barrington Hall Steel Cut Coffee (not ground) the best on the market. If you have never tried it, do so at once, at ROSS'. Fresh vegetables of every de-.. scription received daily at Ross' . Ward Taylor for fresh fruits7 candies and everything nice in this line. Fruits, nuts and candies--the bertafeWartfasfaytof's? ' * ' A great man once said some* thing about a man's euting having a whole lot to do with the s way he lived. If you want to . ' live regal, eat right. This yor *.· · ^ . . » _ tt «· '·SFAFERI JKWSPAPEld

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