Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey on November 26, 1910 · Page 5
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Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey · Page 5

Trenton, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 26, 1910
Page 5
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--* r I 4 ,C* BOWJJNG FCK/f *A»» AiHI "CAIlIEnOMEET TRUEBLUEFJ.EVEN SPORTING NKWS AUTOMOBILING BOXING NO GENERAL SPOR i S a JOHNS WIN IN ! ANNUAL BATHE One of the greatest soccer football Victory wa* with St. John In the matches ever arranged for Trent on will j annual football battle yesterday afur- Sajce place tomorrow afternoon at! noon with St. ilajy's. The score was Hill's Grove when the Caledonia"". J 8 to 0. of this city, will tackle the True- Blues.! There was a crowd of 1.500 at Trl- of Paterson. In a second KHid" at the · State Field to witness the gara« «""1 Americaji Cup tie. ! considerable enthusiasm prevailed. All--members Of th« local Jt**TM ·**! For the defeated club there w«-e reipiested to note that tlntr,osemltcr- I several stars, but the f^m play was ship" cards will not be honored tor-.**«" j lacking. Dooltng, Whateo and F«r- attractlon. The Caledonian. " pi^IiM* ! Ktison w^e ail prominent ground gain- are asked to report tM« afternoon at i ers, as was also l-amberi. IiooUng 2 o'clock at the training «"«**«» for j and Whalen, however, deserve the practice ""'·- ··" I p»lm». the former repeatedly plowing The members of both t**r« have I through the St. John line for large been training hard for this same, as It I gains. Whalen was also a good means good-bye to the America*! cap. gainer and a hard, deadly for another season to the loser. The; The line-up: _ True Blue team is composed of some i St. MAry»». Bt- Johns, of the finest exponents of the game In · Connelly This country and are fam/ms eup tie , ftKhters. having been successful twice j Clwy · In having their name engraved on,the i cup. and runners up on three r oe- j Ryan casioBs, which Is a record for any Just Some Wist Talk (Perhaps ) About Sport Matten of Interest A Sometimes Flippant but Always Intended to Be Fair HERE'S HOW! Peace Be With You M. A. R. Reading Players of Jlrmy and football Yearns to /fleet Jn Jlnnual riattle-- ?cene -_9n Decent ijame las' i Th« sc v^ar ar.'l t h « ^ re at th- er 1 ·...? « HiLrrJ 1 ! K ·-.,* BASKET BALL AT , UWRFMVIIiEliH^-^^ to work shr Forward . . . Lrft Forward. Jonea, J. I I Qrwot. J. End. Lien (Juard. cluh to be proud of. The "Callies," however, are determined to keep Trenton's · n*we to the running, and the management expects j to have some new faces in -the lineup for Saturday. They have been unfortunate-with four of their players being unable to play, two xjf them owing to family troubles, and the other two being detained by business. Jasper, 41; Camden, 26. » rAMDKN,' Nov. 26.--Jasper's team work and the accurate shooting of Johnny Donohue proved to be too strong a combination for the hustling Camden squad "Wednesday night, and the Jerseymen lost their third straight Eastern League game by the score of 41 to 26. "Weaver end Slote played Rood ball for the Camdens, tvhlle mit- Bide of Donohue's goal getting. Eck- liardt and McGraw were la. big help to the victors. Line-up'. -- CJtMDEN- Fld.G. Ft-G. Aet- Pts. D"nn Walsh Doollnir Centre. "Right Guard. Right Tackle. Rlghf End. Quarterback. Left Halfback. Right Halfback. Fullback. tackier, j ,,__ t-rday afternoon, a footb-U) s*»-on ,_.,,.. . Lhat op-.ned in disaster. ... ,,--. Cnmell . 8 .. D , s ,,,! taw- ,,», tw»»«i Malloy ' b" th« Quakers 12 to 6 In a battle tMi i » ; as marked by brlillant fli«hj» of up- i. Canary i to .date football and miserable *n*s! takes In trying to execute the ve. .Tj»ughl!n : rudiments of the game. ! **··· ... Nolan j r-ornen scored Its 6 polnta with !-,, goals from placement booted orer th* .. Bartow | crossbar by the clever Butler, who by ; the "way was conspicuous always In J. Delate i ;hA good work of the Ithacana. Cori nrtt never hswl th« rushing power to .. Travis f zet to Pennsy's goal line but several j times the red and white aggregation . Schroth was dangerously near the vital line. 1 c-ornfill _was never dangerous to j P?nn except when Penn left openings through the ragged handling of punts McCtin . j,v the back Held men. Cornell scored I the two- fUeld goals after P»na had Borqtiin. forward ... 2 -- 0 1 4 ] Fitzgerald, forward..' 3 1-4 n 2O HaHv forward .-0 0 «" 0 1 Gerrow; centre 0 0 -0 0 j Fitzgerald, centre ... 0 0 ' 0 0 1 Weaver, guard 0 0 1 0 ; Slote. guard 1 fl . 1 2. O'Keefe, guard 0 0 0 6 Totals . 6 14 8 S« ' ' JASPER. 'Fld.G. Fl.G: Ast. Pts, McGraw, forward .. 4 Featherstone, forward · 0 C. Donohue,' forward 0 J.. Donohue, centre...10 Winch, guard 0 Kckhardt.. guard .... 0 Featherstone, guard. 0 0 ; 0 0 13 0 O 0 Touchdo-wn- Nolan. Referee-- -fon- ! f u r o bi^j kicks which were promptly ey Princeton, Umpire -- Professor j r pr^ V ered by the red and white's last Burt, State Schools. Fl»ld Judge-Roach. H*sad linesman--Mr Lautfhtin. "Elites, 3; Gar Shops, 0. The Elites gave the car-^hop learn a setback in a game of soccer fc.ntba.ijes- te'-day - mo'rnin*. on the CoJedonlans firid. The-score waa 3 to ^ ^ There was'not one*"-in the« srama that tbey threatened the E-iites goal. Tarlton and WTjwit w?re thr ro-n ·xfo did the scoring, the formerlandmjr TWO goals anT the latter one Two of »e=e goals were in the second half. The play- Ing of Carlton, "Wheat and .Lloyd tea- tared for · the winners, and M g£ ft!I aA * TJrnst were the loaers' stars. The score «nd summary: ' car,'Shops. aSVon' goaJ.......-SV;aasworth *er folibaA........... Wooley A. Coop' F - Cooper' 0 .'. halfbacks .' ilcCall fi-Hi-indlBv^ . fCrarg,. Braminer '".".'.....outside r'.ght..-. Bali-stone ,vi-?arTton "."Vcente "foTOard-'-'Bb-chenou'gn 3 i Harrison ... inside }eft FVni=t Starkcv ...: -outside,left Dewhu-st (^oal'i-CarltOTi. 2; Wliefl.t. Reterce Smith. Linesmen -Tarr an4 Wyprs. P O 1 11 JTotals ....:...... 14 IS Fouls called on Jasper. 22 19. Refere*-, JSIaJlon. Time of'.halvcs. 20 minutes. . . · . Einbolas, 5; Senacas, 0. In a. game yesterday for--the Junior championship of Trecton played on-the Y. M-. C, A. field, thi5 "Embolas defeat- f i d t h e Senauras, 5 t o 0.. ; . . . AtMiif£cSj' 5; Stars/ 2. The A'thletics defeated the Stars'yes- terday'morriins by the-score of'5'to'2. S Priors, 1; Yetmans, 0. """-The all conquering Tetmana wei-p defeated in --a soccer bootball match yesterday afternoon, by the Priors^ The. score was 2 .to 1. " The successful -trainer; McDevltt, a "recent ^purchase for- bis ern- ' rapt^in -DavU" Shaw. In a bay yearllns'filty by Arinn Hart, a son of S.rion 2:OT»4: dam. Helen Todd, 3-2SU. by Todd. 2:14%: second dam. -Happy Lassie, by Happy \Medtunj- Helen To.dt 2:14%..--was..hrefl by J. Mi Johnson, proprietor of Johnson Farm. ends. ***** Both pf Penn's touchdowns were the result of brilliant, perfect football. Meroer carried the ball over for the first count after a, magnificent dash around the end In which he warded /ff tacklers In genuine All-Amerlcan style. ***** One man on the red and bine team performed football wonders. Captain Cozens . It Is a mystery to me how he ever got clear of the line to do the marvelous tackling that featiiijd all parts of the game. He was down the field at limes faster than the ends and ids tackling put to blush the efforts of the end men, Seldom did he miss his man and when his arms encircled an. opponent ] he -was flopped with a dull thad ' that j told how energetic -was the assault of the Quaker lender. - ' I ha.v*5 s.een rnany centre men In past years who might well be termed active. B'.it my hat is off to Cozens, Tf you know much of football you ran r\al"z« what a vast amount "of srTt. nervts pluck or whatever you Trarrt try call it is required to play the pore of game Cozens put up yesterday It was wonderful. An} in spite of his lack of weight he" stood up like a -wall of steel under the assault s of Cornell on the centre »f the Penn line. " It was the finest game' T have seen played this reason fh centre, ·You simply are compelled to admirfl Ir.-. i rr-m foalr ! by Al. inl* tO Ul» !llw po«I- · tht? i Klin-) ; In th» *fi* t ' t h e r-apTaln* · f,f 'run year ;* ' T*-r1.Ht. th** ?..* ; r ,f 12 *'"» S i t h f t Rair;' 1 .. w'. \ nnl third 1 show frr th- A M U S E M E N T 3 . A into. HOUSE One Night, FRIDAY, November 25 . !i'ir-f »-aa th? wholn .-.--I--). TI:o l i n e - u p and; j A!!\ Fay House Cait» Fronhmen '· Peacock : PHK.ABELPrtlA, Nov. zt.--W the football teams of the NaT.'al ami J4J!itar' academies mefit here on Franklin Field, t^mnrrow. t-.B event will he a more brilliant social one than usual, but It is admitted on all that aa a curelv athletic contest the game will outrank any of its predecessors. Though in rnainy previous years either the Army or ^avy or both faavq put teams of btgh caiibre on tb-e in no year have both teams played such consistently good ball through the season and appeared so equally matched. VSVst Point.- with a decisive victory over Yale and a close game i Harvard to Its credit, baa undoubtedly a greater record behind It. but who have noticed of the A n - napolis eleven know that It has developed slowly but strongly and has been playing a better, game each week. This year's game will be the fifteenth between the teams of the two service schools- Of the fourteen that have preceded it the Military Academy has won seven, the Xaval Academy has won six, and one has been a tie. Games have taken place each year since the re- John» Forward. Baker 3 I. Thompson ..... . R!ehr i"i'jar. Oarrnr ........ Loft Onxr Goals from tlHhl J Fav. 2; Heyr:!j?er, 3, P» Qnitty. 1. Gouls from Fav. Carter ami fcaker, . .' ...... Watt . Daniels . I Johnson. 2, ' : f.'.-^k and Mr- | foul -- Peacock, ' A Dirked team of grvi*i athJpt**s llnpd up a»f:iJnst t h o 'v,ir«Uy sir d -wtre s«r- prised to th" t u n - "f is »r 5. Kline, P*pbiirsry a n d St-Dhc- 1 ,".-^ s!;one VCTT brilliantly i'v- 'his co:,t«:};. Tho lineup and scor"?: ·Varsity. Btephenson Ptckpd Team. Orris Ballwy Right Frrt...rd, i ....... ...... Left Fo wu-1.- Formerly iocated a! road and Factory Byrne of . the Army team. For the was played at^Princeton and which re- to play for every ounce of strength that first four years the games alternated suited In "a tie. While the strength of is In every member of the eleven. Fic- r-etween West Point and Annapolis. th6 Army team Is veil recognized htra. t-are shows Surlea carrying ball In inr- Slnce the resumption all of the games there IB also a strong, feeling tluu tha .var/l-West Pojnt game. -wasmost Its utter.absence. , · - . " . . · · ***** . ' Scott was the failure of failures. He could not kick---he could not advance the ball and he fumbled atrociously. It waa his fault that Penn -was In'diffi- culty several times. -wherevpr you" see Jt. And Cozens had enough sramfinesn yesterday to stipply some entire teams. Georgp School has evcij right to feel proud of the wrvrk two of ttn sons did i e»terda afternoon for Pnmsylvaiila f Mercer and Hough- *" * Mercer -was amiostrtKis wKSfe rfuika In the back fteld In th« .first half; It was Mercer' -w:ho time and- agato recovered some of .the kicks that Scott fumbled. It was Mercw -who flsshed axomid the ejida,-when-other Penn backs were hiirled bark or smothered by.-the Cbr- tiell ta:cfc!ers. It fvijft Mercer -who got lown th« Held -wTth Cozens and put to earth the flying-,^Cornell runners after the ends, There is little use In trying to compare Penn's score with that of Harvard against Cornell.' . Cornell, always makes the fight of the year agaliist Penn. It Is the one game the Ithacans shape for. Cornell was better yesterday than at any time this season arid even at that ,-dId not cross PenrTs line ·*«** It Harvard could not SCOT*-on the Tale teani I saw at Princeton two weeks ago t .fall to see where thfi Orlmson has anything .-on Penhsyl- vanlac True, -Ferin has some glaring faults hut there is a dash about the play of the Quakers when they are going right that appears to -he Irresistible. Of "course Harvard will be given th« Finest Line *f Overcoats in the call over Perm because of Penn'e -poor opening but It would take a meetin'g: of who should"Save done this work, had! the teams to convince me that the New failed utterly. : . - Srnglana«vi could beat- the kind of ball To;u can bet the rfidaeet .apple Jn'the barrel that Merr^r waa a mighty handy man for Penn to have hanging around -lix .tBfa The man fbo hnaws«^th« **neK^C ,tog«Siy *Tat yotm« wen Hon««ty and -square. d*«lltiK Is my -watchword tax huslnesa. When T advertise a- ault OT an OTei«o»t"-;rpti S«n believe no*rfly jrhat-.T say. K my garhjent*, are not wh*t -% _r*jjs:e Lit to tW» :"^A.,": »«rer buy them. I want yoof trade" I'ftav* ttie'-*tBK» J»n -want and my price* are thw -be«t yon «m find anywhere. "Call aria look, ^rtjether yoa tmy »r not. SIAPFY, SWAGfiLKt SifLISH SIITS Ii Blie, Brtw 4' Mini tttds $20.00 S-itUor . . . $15.00 $15.00 S-iU for ... SlO.nn And little to-w headed Uoogrh -He dart^a toto the game like a ahboHng.Vstar: and it was his 'rbeteor runs that mode; one of Pehnfg touchdowns possible His little, utocky, -white crowned flgrnsS- -."was alTCaya- he wa».ta the CPieii r remember -that neithisr Mercer . nor Hottgh. haa. any .football experience t before going to ,P«ir - George School does not sanction the peaeef pi pasttine called football, : so her boys go to other colleges Jjfnorant of oite-ofr the greatest o? all college sports; But Mercepiis headed for the "AlJi- American /.team; He/may Jlot b« selcctea thin "wwaon-- -Sat tarry- awMIe and _s«e what- cornea to pass. -*«*·· Next to Cozens, Mercer ana Hongh the ? 9htnlnR Ughta : of this battle n^tet Rogers and Marks The latter -wfes ffliie :3n r hls all around '^o-iue and Rogers a -never fouad were sent to him. *-**·» _ Ramsdell was -somewhat : of V a -dls- appotatment. hut Jhls -was partly be- canse tte- ; ·watch word - 1f Gornejl \waa ·"don't-.-Tet /Ranisaell get eleaf^.df th« Jln«.*'- XTJjiEi.; tespFt -was -that thro* or four red legged tacklers were on the Texas ; every .-. time; he" -had- the ball- It was al repetition of the way= Tale looked after theUg'htningrUfce Pendle? ton to. th» Tale-Princeton match. Penn played In spots yfisterday; »****. daj -was magnificent and the sport wortbv of the great throng that almost filled the tiers of seats sur- -Seld -yyf- battle. '4Hk**^ field the 43-yard.Une^-was a,'beauty. ***** Th*re is one thing about. Penn's foot ball-season-that mils t~be acHpftted The Rpd-.,ahd Blue "men" aije-.entitled to and aainirktlon of all sport lovers Cbecause of the manner' Is -which they bncked up after being beaten b a minor college In their opening grame. That's the spirit we all bow to Thanksgiving Football PennsyJ-mnie, 12 Cornel), 6, at Phlla- arfr 8- 8t Ixrais, « at «fc Mo" Johns Hopkins. 9 Washington. 1, at "Bal iftiore Lafayette, 'H;-TMcStnson.-0; -at Easton,. Pa. Vanderbltt, 2S S*-ane«» 0- at Nash- -pittsburi. Jl;"State College; tt; -at-JPltts- ^erttral. « Slate, *. at Lexington, fey efte. 5. Notre- xrame, 5» at 5H1- WJs, iEAGUE BAStrfiALLliAMES READINO, Nov. 26.--Reading- n an even break with De Neri in double holiday hill, winning last game by-a. score of .46 to 26. The same was -witnessed By a: crowd w-arly ns large as the memorable house -which aaw Heading «ad ^Trenton battle 'n a game^wjiich declflod the pennant la-«t year, and thete^ : was plenty of enthusiasm IX Nerl had a lemaTka-bJo 1* ad through : a: part" ff th«! first half, but Reading: fui^ed rapMIv tn the front.) and when "the hell sounded the "Fret- j zels"* were leading 24 to 10 t BucSf Reilly and Vilson wer» ptsiy- Ing hard, and while Tie Nerl was pa Ing attention to the local stars " f thf afternooh contest FIchthnrn and Fisher slipped a'ffew In after som-e" pretty passing The"llne-np EASTERN LEAGUE. Re*ults of r» Neri, 6; Reading. 37 (afternoon ? Reading, 48; D*-.N«rf. 5* (evening game). Grt-ystoc.k, 28; Jasper, 14. Reading Grp.y stock re Nt-rt I Jasper ! Trenton C'atnd«n Club Sending. ·W. 3 2 2 2 1 0 L,. 1 I P.C. .7 SO -H87 .BOO .500 .500 .000 'I' AVT 1 A. X ·· Mlxell i Kline Brahtley Right Oj»rd. JohTi«ton Johnston, (T. T. Vnallantlne.) . L/eft Guard. Goals frorn field-- St-ephenson. Seeburger. -Kline and " Ml'xell. e«-h . 2i Balleyj 1. Goals frnm foul -ICllne, 4: Orvls and Brantley, each 1. The fourth and last game was be- MAY ROBSO Direct from T-r-rr's Theatre,. For Young Men (Over 18) Tomorrow Night FIRST TWO Tonighf* Sohedul*. Trenton at -Fld'.G. Fl.G.;-Ast. Pts. " Fichthorn, forward 4 0 Bohler, forward ... 1 0 Roland centra . . 8 12 F3sher guard , ^ , 6 Elessteg,- guard .... 0 0 3 1 0 \ -4 Tot«J« WHsou, fviward RelUy, forwara fiowdv, forward BuSens centrp Krueger, ·' guard Brooks Kuard .. -Trafoer, centre Totals Releroc 17. -12 Jl 0 0 0 0 0 11 Time- 2-* " THOMANN'S BOWLING ALLEYS Two-Man Tournament utmrt* Somtmbe* 7., 1819. Two Hnm4ri-d DsllAn IB" C«»h Prize*. 1*«B S. BROAD ST. 10-ZS-lmo pts. JS n The clash 1 0 11 J) 1 S 0 2 23 -20-nrtn- by he and « f le- .. f 45 to 37 ifl I* N«r« s fa% «r T s- the first defeat f i r K^Hr-p In Baslwn I^cagtie thi^ xe?iT Th* tint half eim-rt with 22 to 18 In Da Nerl s fa^ had aottm Off to a. ift«-r P«"ad- rart. Rolanrt and dM Aan«s. Caa«, 3, Southwestern 6. « Ufs "Wbfcea, 26. Q«orgJa, 0, «£ Savaju-h, Weptern Reserve, 8» at Cleve. 6. «««««.. 5, «i KaasteClty. »12; .Bkker; Sc ^.fc /Wichita, *7, Oklahoma Baptist. S, -T, flabugh-t 3E*Hnceton'» «id» -dW thft, worst taekllng- 7 have seen 1n a big- game In year* !n the Tale affair btrt * at TOinfteld, there was not much to choose between^. Kansas ^Jr.^rnculgraT, 33. ; rjoane,-0; at St -Flchtborix, ,toi *i Bohler. forward Boland, eenfT6 . sher, guard Blessing, guard Totals .. - - St;' Ba«raess. Salln* " " IVrntle* for »10.00. .Better ·nap. . "-"-'- ...... 'for a Uttle more.. All full of L MUELVOIBIRC 171 SOUTH 8R9AD17I tho work of the Tiger end ««! ·that . of Penn's flankers Penn's ends w»re -wffilng but ^, uw ,TM. _. ,, _ . . seemed to have no Idea of distance and; (Kan } Wesleyan, S at Concordla. TTUT Kai?*avMann«t Training, 6. Spr nf CMo NonuaJ. K ai Fjttsburi?, Kati. Rochester. 3, Raleigh, «. "Wilmington. O, at wjlmtngv F!eH3a, 34 Crtadel College at Charleston, 0 at OarMBvlIlc Fla. Mercer, JS Howard 0 at Macon Ga. 3Iisst««Jppi, : *: A. and M.. «; at 61; Ixraisiana, 0. *t 9; Washington and Lee, 0. at i North Carolina, «t at RkA- Aerlcnliar*! and MftfMMlcal. .5; Vft- rinla ""Poly," 3; at Norfolk. . . - . - . -St. Vincent, 11; -ps««tern;f*; at- Ne^^rt rMvUsoa. 82; ;" -Wak*fi« eat, «; at Char- Ibtte- -- BSnsham, IT; Mooney. «: at -Aahwvllle. ·-University Jf Olclahoma, J: Untverslty «r Texas; o; at ATJStln. Tew»«- .. Texas A. and «., 10r Tulana, O; at Boaston, .Tesas. Georgia "Tech,"^ S4; Clemson, 0; at Atlanta. · : Gettysburg. 9; Franklin and *; at Lancaster, IVOiBVCI , J- *· 0; Miami. (tie); at Indlan- at Lincoln. Butler, ·polte. Nebrasks, 12; Haakell, 0; Neb, y - Creisrhton, 6: tes Molnes. 2; at''Omaha, Neb. - - . - - Ctndnnatl, M; Deftly-M 11: at iisli J» !^ '~;:i^»-l-i:S : f 5 n 12 "Fl3 .ft: Gowdy. fteilley. "Wilson,, centre Brook? Kfucgfer, Totals R 23 i ~3~ , JS Neri, of balnea f. *T or r»» Time Twntv Xov finish GrevtAck "p- * sui prise of tb« season js^t they defeated Taspsr at HaU by the *eore "f ^ to 14 *r» JASPER. McGraw, F J. Denounce. 3P -.\V. J. Donoh'ie; C . C," ttonohbe, C - -- Wtnch. O Echardt, » - ... t FIsr. t -· 9 0 S 0 0 0 0 12 ft 0 0 0 0 ·-«· 1 0 T a 01 Si 0 6 0 2 It Totals :-. ORESSTOCK. ·^~~^~ Fd-E. Fl.g. As't. T _ A. R. McWiiliams, F 3 A - 0 . 6 ; Bryd. P ..,.-.....-.-·* 0 1 Henry, r . 2 M /ff A. McWillfams. 3 .. 0 fl t ...... 0 0 1 ."?.... » 1« » « 8 j Thompson, Your Bcsl (iirl Will like TOTI a lot more if ~$nn TP wearing one of FtsTipr'i snappy Suits or incomparable Overcoats when you caJL on. hpr Drtn^t let -anvonp trfl yon fbr sirb do not notice Ihese things You bef. ,thfy:do! Fran^\Pishr iftaies trie classiest, yonne ro.en 's clothes in; "=-Ttentin. -^ He has the "know .how'* of it. And 7 thai means * cJofhes BASKt I BALL GAMES By Y. M. C. A. Club Team* IN THE GYM-^a to 9 - - THEN -A- NOVELTY MUSICAL ACT Magic and Monologue BY THE DIETRiCS In the Lobby-- 9 to 10. TRAVEL BY Rev. Alfred W. Wishart "The Rejuvenation of Aunt SATURDAY "Clever E mil Klr»t Ixmdon --very cie.y«r," "Post, 'Ai-.other 'Aunt London. · IN. CENTRflL BAPTIST CHURCH Tuesday Eve'g, Nov. 29 AT Tickets 'are .on: sale- at, the Stuckerfa dm? s£or» ren "Stree-s Stockton 5tree s a n d P^ne-^'on A i and Moaisom»rv S roe^s S-o ;Broad -'-· and %Temr Struts.; . . eoieiriari'B, 18 South ."Warren try' Fisher 1 If ..he ntak«s one Suit for yon yon" will nerer-let any one ebe fit yon. ; · '":- '- - _ - . ' ",. . , f Frank 3. Fisher, Tailor to Men and 17 W. State Street | One continuous round of pleasure EvCiy Victor Record ts a never-ending sOurce^oi delight. \\batever i.jnd ot music an1 entenamment"- you. want;" and the neir records, made by tbe jmprovefl \ ictor process, hnng k'to you as you have never heard it before. Come in and-'we'll gladly play for yoa any Victor musk ;you want to hear. ;.·'... You can boy a Victor:. W as Kttie as $10, and up to -$250. fy tcfiu» ii desired. . . E.S.ApplegateCo. 17 VSPAPER 1AYTX .ALL NEXT W£EK MK. Mon. Tues. Wed. Tlra. Sowinr · The Sign TRE State: ?nd War- J s, S-a^ and High class OS 1 . ' AX1,-- - A ; v^-- '^'.-? DAVE JFEERGrSOZf. ' Stale Street Come4i*n- : . PHOTOPUA*. AOJBISSIOW. ,,,. Tfnder the At»pte«« MASOHIC November 24, 25 ADMISSION, t« CJ»MI

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