The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 6, 1896 · Page 8
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 8

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 6, 1896
Page 8
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_ Baking Powder A. cna= c! tartar hakrrw powder. : IB. u»v«t.ixjr «tn04(t.-ZdU« «· Cart ftrtrf Bepvrt. CO. 10* W»U 8U H. T. THE DAILY NEW SATURDAY, JCXE 6, 18M. XEWS OP THE STATE. Evcutj. of latfraf. Here and Therr Yortcrdajr «uad Today. The Coari if Appeals will meet on June 15 to file opinion*. Tbe Wetlmlntier Poreat and Stream Club has elected cffieers. Cecil county is having an experience of £ree ot a myiterlons origin. There may be a factional contest in tbe primaries IB Calvert county. The poitofflae at Mulliken's Station, Tbe colored boys at Cheltenham Reformatory are being taught telegraphy. Mr. George Simons, of Howird county, scared robbers from hU borne with a shotgun. Governor Lowndes wl!! join the trustees of Springfield Asylum at Ogdens- bnrg, N Y. Mrs. William Hughes, of Elkton. wss acclden'.ally shot In the fool by Harry Frltcbird, s boy. Leaders of both parties In Cecil county are in favor of precluding tbe Third, Fifth and Seventh districts. Sadie Bnx'.on, one of tbe victims cf the Buxton tragedy at Galthergburg, died at the Garfield Hospital at Washtogtown. Secretary Herbert de'.lrered diplomas to the graduates of the Naval Academy, at Annapobs, and the oration was delivered by Congressman John B. Robinson, of Pennsylvania. The democrats will hold a convention | hold primaries In Anne Arnndel, Baltimore county, Calvert, Carroll, Oarrett, Howard, Prince George's and Worcester counties. LITERARY SOCIETIES. XHB 3BLLBS X.RTTRB1 L1TKHA3Y 8OCIKTT. The Belles Lettres Literary Society of the Frederick Male High School held its usual meeting Friday, June 5. After the roll call and reading of the minutes by the aulitant secretary, H. P. Richardson, the following programme was rendered: Reading, K. Williams; recitation, -A. RItter. Then followed a debate, "Resolved, That the hope of reward is greater than the fear of punishment." After the decision of the Judges, which was two to one in favor of the affirms tire, the question was open for general · debate and some Interesting points were brought ou'. After the report of the critic and usual business cf the society, the society adjourned to meet FrKay, June 12th: ' Gettjtbarjj Seminary. TPhfe 'commencement exorcises of the 'Lutheran Theological Seminary at Get tysburg, Pa., took plaie Thursday even- Ing, when an oration on "Our Christian Unselfishness" was delivered by C. P. Wiles, of Lewistown, this county, and one on "Christ In Sociology" by Marlon J. Kline, of Frederick. The Rev. Victor Miller, of Leltersbarg, Md , was chosen alumni orator for next year, with the Rev. Luther Enhlman, of Frederick, as alternate. Among the graduates were: John C Bowers, Jefferson; Marion J. Kline, Frederick; LIndon F. M. Myers, Doabs, and Charles P. Wiles, LewU- -town. Decoration Serrtco* at MlddJelown. Rsynclds Post, No 3, G. A. H , of Frederick, will visit MIddletown on Sunday, Jane 81, for the purpose of decorating the graves of their comrades who are buried In the cemeteries there. Gladness Comes W ith a better understanding of tbe transient nature of the many phys- jcal ills, which vanish before proper efforts--gentle offorts--pleasant efforts-tightly directed. There is comfort in the knowledge, that so many forms of iickness are not due to any actual dis- tase. but «itnplr to a constipated condi- fion of the system, trhich the pleasant 'Xmily laxative, byrup of Figs, prompt"^ removes. That is why it is the oniy *nedv with millions of families, and is j^erywhere esteemed so highly by all Kho value CDQ^ hf-alth. It^ Vxmf-ncial effects are Sue to the fact, that it is the 6ne remedy which prompts internal Cleanliness without debilitating the *»rjrans on which it acts. It is therefore 13.1 invDortant, in o: der to get its bene- 0cial "effects, to t ote wLea yoa psr- $tase. that yon h: ve the penuine arti- jie, which is zaanu actured by the Cali- ^nia Fig Svrup G . only and sold hy P reputable dru^r sts. * if in the en joyn ent of pood health. tad the svstem is eguiar. laxatives or "5*her remedies are then not needed. If «45icted -nith afv actual disease, one 5»ay be commendec to the most skillfnl fis-siclans. but if ir need of a laxative, 3se should have th best, and with the rU-lrifortteti ev ryrrhere, ^yrt-p of gsstands highes" and is most largely general satisfaction. One of the health-giving de- ments cf HIRES Rootbccr is sarsaparilla. tt contains more than many eT the ; calbi Sy that name. HTrCES--thc \:! bj an-? if si. Til 6UL ABOUT TOWX. S*ck 8a\b|eec« a« Coat* WttSl* rf Her the It is tetticd* Tie great encampment of tbe Mary'isd Kctioi ! Giurd will come to Frederick aad pUch l*«lr teats OB B«li«v*e f arat. For a wt*» they wui feaa; co rich acd rare beef, pure create aod faU grown ccfces*. Tfte vl*it of the maaldB*. board belpeO to bring tbost the rec^t. When ai. those *ne Oiteart cerrtef west down tnlt week, BaltiiBOre coclda't stand tie preatare. Tte military MR ached t!»elr lip* and tatd: "Take 01 to tike garden of tne Lord, wheie cherry, app aad peach tre«t are rooted deep." Sa, to end tbe firttif of my tiUcooiM, be U known to all awn taai Frederick hu the est aaspmest and tbe Kleclri: Railway. · The strawberry teaaon U oa the wane. They t*ve ran from a nickle to a dime, and tbe crop U JQit about to run out. Bach a time as tae bouMkeepen have had daring the week! The borne* and ebcr- rlee came all at once, asd eTerjtody had to battle to jar them »U before the ralo pot tbe worms IB them. ThU great Influx of frail prevented tb« Key Mooa- ument Aisoclatlon from going to Getiyf- burg. Preeervtog U jast as Important to a housekeeper as the raising of a monument to a soldier. cd this very preterv Ing will help feed tbe soldiers who will came here next year to help unveil Key's monument. Jos: now there U little going A choice line of DRESS GOODS · A snappy lot of elegant styles t m MOHAIRS in Pore Wool-a tasty range ot ' t fo t colorings worth much more- , thijd more 25 Cents. cents. l)een at oue . (mnlilyf 09 Hundreds of yard* of Superb CAPES il Hi, fEVIT aid CWTM in Corded to be closed at better than bargain prices. You can own a stylish CAPS at very low WASH SILKS for Waists and Dresses, 25 CENTS. price. Try us. several June weddings, and the observance of Flag Day. Over in Jctfernon they are having a tcrap about the town hall, whether It belongs to temperance or not. It is strange that place was onca called New Town, and yet It hain't grown any newer since the twenties. Hut then there's nothing In t name. bee.vise long year* ago a portion of East Patrick street was tailed Pell's Point, and now that U one of the muet arlg'.ocratlc quarter* of the town. The bicycle craze has even penetrated ' Into tbe Dunkard Convention I at Kansas. Although they condemned the wheel, some of their mem-! bers are fond of spinning ovar the country on It. Bui in all gatherings, religious J or secular, there are always differences; J h la the iplce that mates np life, j Divorces sometimes are sanctioned by some of the greatest dignitaries of the church, a la Henry VIII The Christian ( Association Ii almost ready to plunge i in a bath, not in old Monocacy, but In Oftu utUli tu'u. Ii wiii on Uiiliilren's Day all over the country tomorrow. Though I don't know when it isn't children's day, for In all lands and at all seasons they are aa thick aa blackberries. Commencements will be the order of the day next week, of which you shall have i 8 _descriptlon In this column. The State j Firemen will hare a jamboree In Cum-' berland, at which our boys will come o u t , head. Congress is thinking of adjourning, but Congress is like some people, they don't say much but keep up a devil of a thinking. The Pennsylvania Frederick railroad will be sold next week; possibly "Gain" will buy it to run a branch to his new tombstone. Kate Field, author, and admirer of John Brwon's Fort, has passed over the river at Honolulu, but her remains will be brought back and laid Dwlde John Brown. Kate was a brilliant writer, bnt I wouldn't want to hide my brilliancy beside "Osaawotmle" Brown. Yet no matter where we fall or whore we He, "dust to du«t concludes the noblest song" of all. Apropos of resting in our graves, just here It ia appropriate to say word about Decoration Day, which I religiously obseiyo on both sides. List Saturday was the Union decoration. It was all done decorously and well, bnt the Sag over Key's grive needs washing tadly, though a new one is forthcoming I believe. It sprinkled a bit of rain then, and on Thursday when the Confederates sire wed flowers over their heroes it had been raining briskly. It was a pity It rained on both sides, but I guess It was on the wise principle that "blessed are the dead whom tbe rain falls on." * The mouth of June opened with a perfect day, full of roses and daisies. It opened ecclesiastically with a church reception, wherein I am told everything was lovely. Some of the folks devoured six plates of cream, a corresponding quantity of cake, and then went in the rear, scaled the fence and robbed the parson's cherry tree. The medical statistics at the end of the month will prob ably record sevei al cases of cholera mor- trat. There have been several alarms of fire this week, which amounted to little more than a water throwing exhibition. The Electric Railway, which for a long time ka» been "so near and yet so far," is coming nearer, and before yon know it it will be at your very door. I will go over to the Middle town picnic on it for sure. The days are growing longer, but there ia no perceptible shortening of the gas bills. The man who burns all be wants has a small bill, bnt the man who burns a wee bit has a dollar and a half bill. Ice is a bit higher than last year, possibly because when the Electric Railway gets finished there will be lots of excursions, and much Ice will be needed to keep tbe watermelons cooL Tbe Clevelands of the White House have gone to their summer quarters for the last time In the present administration. It depends upon who gets in the Presidential chair where they will go next year. My summer tour IB not mapped onl yet, for want of the wherewithal. But by mountain, lake or seashore, in Europe or old Fredericktown, I an always your own MABT JAS». A BANG UP UMBRELLA, 2C inch, fast colors, Dresden Ball and natural stick handles, stroug frame, 49 CENTS. A 10 ca\s' cfiance. I A FINE TWILLED GLORIA, solendid cloth. 2G inch. Parasron frame, very choice handles, worth $1 anyway. The makers misfortune permits us to aayf " 75 CENTS.' Lots of other gocd things. NEW LARGE BUTTONS, NEW METAL BELTS, NEW LEATHER BELTS, NEW NECKWEAR. THOMAS H, HALLER Central Dry Goods House. t Painful Aockient. Mrs, Win, Gardner, of MIddletown, while In the yard Thursday evening of last week stepped on a wire nail which had been driven through a board. Tbe nail ran through her shoe and penetrated the ball of the foot until it almost came out on tcp. Mrs. Gardner Buffered much pain during tbe night aad next day from tbe lojary. Or. J E. Beatty rendered the necessary aid. week an egg containing a black foreign substance, having lira appearance of an opened gizzard and another caae of a perfect egg enclosed in a hard shell, floating In the "white" or albumen, and all en doted in a perfect, hard outer shell. The former was the product of one of our kens; the latter of one belonging to Mr. Edward Baxter. r TS- Chi- « F h.v Even Steal Flage. Dsiiag the pas: two weeks £_, been removed from several graves In the old Lutheran graveyard by unknown parties, who may not b« aware of tee fact Uat they are commiuing offense* per- mlatlble by law. A lookout U ao w being !%de for a retain of the maiavdcn, and I aa effort will be made to arrett all coa- joerMdiB A Y ! Do yon know that the Monon Laundry PSODDCB8 THE VERY FUST UUNDRY WORK in the city. It is a Fact. Try them and see. H B. DEBRIRfiTG. H. HEFFNER, PROPRIETORS, C. 4 P. TELEPHONE NO. 30. NO. 42 SOUTH MARKET STRKBT. SNAKE AMD BlBD. An Ezoitmc knd Desper»to Encounter Seen. An EHIcotl City, Md., special says.--A well authenticated account of an exciting acd desperate encounter yesterday between a large black snake and two birds --known ID this section as French or sandy mocking birds--Is related by a resident of this place. Whllt the gentleman was walking around a patch of undergrowth in the outskirts of tte town his attention was attracted by the excited chirping of the birds. He at first supposed they were engaged In a domestic la'.ile. but later saw a black snake at least tour feet long with Its b»td erect, and seemingly trying to advance where It wsfc evident the birds were determined l should not go. It was then noticed tbat In a small bush a few feet further on was the nest of the birds, and It appeared clear tbat It was- the eggs- bis anakeahlp was In quest of, and which the two birds were defending at the risk of their lives. For nearly ten minutes the battle ia;ed, neither seeming to gain the advantage. Whenever the snake would strike at one of the birds, the other one would aim a dexterous pick at Its body, causing It turn In an opposite direction. At times the attacks of the birds were so rapid and vicloas that the snake would be compelled to recoil and crawl under the grass and brushes for shelter. When the progress of the reptile could not be stopped without risking too near Us head, the birds would Immediately change their attacks to the rear, and by pricking the snaka alternately near the tall force It to turn ronrd, when U would riclott»ly panue Us flattering combatants some feet away, finally the gentlemen, seeing that the two birds had become 00 exhausted that they could, no longer mUt the advance of the snake. Killed It with a dab. BEBR1£S AND CHERRIES. Early bat Prolific Season-- BlR Ship- meat* Made. The past ten days have been the most delightful season for strawberries and cherries. Not only have they been abundant but very One in quality. The prices, too, have been satisfactory, when the labor of gathering and bringing them to market Is taken into consideration. The dry weather has made the berry retain lu original flavor and kept the worms out of the cherries. Berries appeared In all varieiles, from the tbry old fashioned one np to the filgbJy cultivated and walnut sized Sharpiess. One dealer averaged over six hundred bcxes this week, furnishing to one Instltmtlos. alone eighty pearls In one da?, Cherries are a week earlier than Usual and already great quantities have been put away for winter. They come in all grades, from the common red to the great oxheart, Ideal and Tartarian. Nearly eight tons have been shipped to the cltlttt. They, average about 43 tunnels to the ton and bring ^t.cana per pound. According to demands of the dealers and chipping agents they have- to be ·hipped with the stems on to keep them fresh longer. The crop Is Immense, one dealer averaging eight Doebels to a tree, and another picking |3 worth for one morning. Next week will finish the berries, and the cherries- will be OB the wane. Pose'Aly the Morllla cherry will be abcat longer. That 1» :he latest one ta ripen. THE WORK OF DEATH. Better Tluun Brer Before. His Honor, Mayor A. B. Yeakle r ttatea that he has received reports from the officers who have completed thaiz annual inspection of the town, and that the re- salt is a moss gratifying ahowlnc for the present condition of the city. Several of the officers who made the mspecvlon have been esgaged la the work for a number cf years. They say ftal the C!'T is cleaner, healthier and la better condition DOT than they have ever know* It to be. Every effort sbou',4 be made by tbe citizens to maintain this record, aud tht efforts of the Mayor aad bis assistants to bring about the gratifying state of affairs Is deserving of · Railroad. The case of Ebenezer Pesrre, of Brunswick, against the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Compaay. for f4,000 damages for Injuries sustained oy belg hit with a bag of tc all thrown from a train, wa taken ap In court at Hagerstown yester day, having been removed to that county from Frederick county. Judge Stake instructed a verdict fox defendant on grounds that there was no evidence to ·how neglect. TSBI.4Tft.3iBa. Mrs. Harriett Berry, aged 67 years, ·who died Thursday evening at 4 o'clock, at her residence oa NorCt Potoaaac stnet, Hagerstown, after a lingering fll- neaa of three month*, was the widow of the l*te Dt. ML. A. Berry, wto died abo« toe years ago. She was bora in Sharpsburg, where aba- lived for a time, bat for the i.aat thirty years had resided la Hag- arsiowa. Six yean ago her niece and adopted danRiter, Mrs. Elton H. Donb, the wife of Mr. D. W. Doab, died, leaving oae son, M. Berry Dovb, who Mn. Berry was one of thirteen chfl dm», four of whom swrlve, Mr. M. N RcJsrback, 5on=r!y cf Frederics:, soir cf Oklahoma Territory; Mrs. Jao»Bowraan Hot Springs. Arkansas; Mfea E.iubeth Rohrback, Keedysvllle, and Miss Mary Rohrback,of Hageniowa. She was a member of Zlon Reformed Church, that city, for many years. Her funeral took place this afternoon at three o'clock services a: the boose by Rev. Dr. J Spangler Klefler, Interment In Rose Hill cemetery. XBS. Hcrtos. Mr*. Mary Houon, a native of Middle town valley, this county, died in Cedar ville, Ga^ recently, aged 66. P ERFECT and permanent are the cures by Hood's Sarsaparilla, be- c.iu-e it makes pure, rich, healthy life and health-giving BLOOD. A PLEASING ARRAY TO IUSI0F HJRflTlIE IS TO IBM OFCiETY. Ires which to cboote jour tumiaer bit. tilne eje be thy judf*." Tou cant DIM tt wbeo jou trlect · ha. from «a aionmemi lineoun. Ton can tee lh» btaatM ot oar straw hat* from Dm ouwxle. but TOO oucc come IB If you traaid na!!z« tt whit price* tier art betac told. It *oe feareo't gat th« Kraw h»t yei. better do'.'. at one*. Pno«* are a*»r below wbat they Wore thK UB0 laft jemi. TKote a*ood* can o« ·ecored at OEO. Ju GILB£BT*i*, Hoe. 18 JE 18 North Market Bt» Fnderiek.Md. ·A Stray Carrier Pigeon. A week or two ago Cra'les £. Crone, of Mlddletowa, cuight a carrier pigeon, which alighted in the street in front of the roe'JO«/M. r.* Ifh?TM;^ D;7j = i tSii! on one of Its feet bore the Inscription, "112 W F F 93," ail ·tamped oa the wing was the tune Edward Kraeger, WrU-btsvllle. Pa. Mr. Crone wrote to Mr. Krueger and received a letter asking him to ship the pigeon to him at his expense, which was done. Mr.- Kraeger stated that the pigeon had been released at Orange Court House, Va., and must hiye been crippled In some way, as it had been on the way three weeks. Mr. Cr^ne Is promised a fiae pair of young plgeone for his trouoie. fto JLcmfer a Luxury. Where to Get Them. Since the Board of Aldermen at their last regular meeting passed an ordinance compelling cyclers to equip the'.r machines with a lamp f-nd bell, It will be to the Interest of wheelmen to cat! at THK NEWS office and Inspect the laree and varied assortment of sundries, for which we are special agents. Handsome aud loud ringing bells and convenient lamps can be purchased at a remarkably low Qgure. Our bicycles this season are the best that can be found on the market for the price. Everyone sold under a special guarantee. Thc-r^ are rr^ry articles cf fursinzre that have been heretofore considered article? of luxury which now have become matters of necessity. Yon are entitled to all the good things in this life you can secure. The mother knows raosi about the necessary articles of fur*y niture for the sleeping room and the mothers of this section have found out where they can buy the most for the money. Mothers are our best customers and we always extend to them a hearty welcome. Don't think of buying any article of furniture either for sleeping room or any other part of the house without iirst seeing what they have to offer you at k, i2, ii d is Sis', Patrick Street, Frederick, Kd, UNDERTAKING A SPBCIALTX. LOOK FOHTHB LiSGB WIRE SIGN. A SLAUGHTER IN PRICES. We'are offering a big drive in a LAJ3Y'S SHIRT WA.IST. A regular 50c. article for 39c. All new goods. "We are showing some exceptional values in DRESS GINGHAMS from 4c. up. Goods that"are worth double the money. Have you seen the Ladies' we are selling for 5 cents ? "W^e have a fine Black Organdie with a Colored Figure that sold for ISc., which we are- closing for 12^e. RENNER KEMP, Popular Dry Goods House* Conclave Organfzed. A conclave of the Improved Order of Hepta?ophs was organized at Mlddletowa Thursday night, with the following cffl run: Sitting past archon, Martin 8. Rfcmibuxg; archon, George C. Gardner; provost, George C. Rhoderlck. Jr; sec retary, Charles C- Bfaer; financier. Dr. E. L. Beckley; treasuier. Singleton £. Bems- bnrg; prelate, Daniel C. Derr; Inspector, John C. Stone; warder, William G. Bolleau; sentinel. Charles L- Kepler; trustees, George C. Rhoderlck, Jr., George . M. Keller and Jonas P. Young. Committee Meeting. The Bepnbllcan County Central Com mlttee will meet In the room of the Republican Association on Monday evening next at 3-o'clock, for the purpose of recommending four names which will be sent to the election supervisors. Seems as- if «m S p m p t i o n alway* picks out the brightest and best. Maybe- itisntso. Maybe it seems so becmttie- consumption is the- most fr«piMit of all diseases. Consumption TritK more people than wars or Cholera or Yellow Fever. Fully one-strtli of oH the deaths that occur in tie -world are caused bv consmaption. And consmnptiom Caa be cured. Doctors osed to say th«t tt was incurable, but the doctort w«re merely mistaken. It would be ittafife if medical ·eieace did not make some progress. Many Clings were once considered impossible. The ocean steamer, the locomotive, tht telegraph and telephone, the phonograph, tte electric light-- all the** were once impossible; aad oacc it -was impossible to core consumption. That was before the tide of Ir. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. Taken according to directions, this standard remedy will cure o5 ptr ce»L of all cases of constotiption. Confuniptxm is « disease of the blood. It n^ed to be considered » disease by itself. It is not. It '» canted and fostered br js'purily in tie Wood, pnnfy the bJood aad restore th« healthy action to the radons ors^ns of the body aad consumption will be crired. It is by weakaess and loss of vitality in the blood. It is cored by punjyandncnnessof the biood-- sorely, tion or any lingering bronchial, throat or Inn)? di«easc and tho*e who are oa the road to them, have a positive remedy at hancL Any condition of the body that indicate* weakness, any indication of impurity in tSa blood, should be attended to »t wee. Ixst of appetite, IOI.H of fiesh, loss of -vitality, 3sne^s, -weakness and annatnrtlwcar- . are indication* that the bodv is rnn- 3o-«Ti. Dr. Pierce's Golden llfdical Discovery makes the aptictite good, the digestion strong. It builds np solid, healthy flesh and vigorous strength. Thousands of people have testified that it has really saved their lives. Sor^e of these testimonial*, together with hnndreds of things that everybody ought to know »boat health aad sickness and medicine, have been embodied in Dr. Pierce's "Common Sense Medical Adviser " This looS paee medical work, profusely illustrated, will be sent free en receipt cf zi one-cent stamps to com coct of mailing only. World's DisnettMy Association BuffUo, N. Y. _ GOING OUT OF BUSINESS, JTo indeed! Kot while we do tbe business we have been doing. Such a thing would be suicidal We got in a lot of bargains last week and they are going, going rapidly. People know when they set A bargain we don't "gouge" our customers. "Quick sales and small profits, 5 ' our motto. We have several cases left and we will sell them 'W^LY DOWN. Don't mind the looks of our store. Tou most excuse the appearance. Our extensive improvements make lots of dirt and lots of work for us, but we don'n forget the welfare of our patrons. Oome and see us- GROVE KINOLEY. BASE BALL. There will be a game of basa ball on Monday evening on the old base ball grounds on Madison avenue between the Frederick Juniors and the Benlztown Bards. A good game Is expected., as both team have good bail players. All are Invited to wtoess the game. Pleasant Trip. A party of young ladiea and gentlemen enjoyed a run on their bicycle* from Frederick to Baugher*i woods yesterday afternoon, where tiev had supper. The party rernrned to Frederick several hours later after a pleasant and reJreah- Ing trip. Say you saw It la The News. KA.PIDS The best mads goods on earth, and the prices louver than stuff it take* so "much talk" to sell and then yon are not happy. ' See Oor Floors, See Onr Stock, Learn Our Prices. We buy the goods by the Oar Load. No other fnrniture house does, no otbsr house can show a bill of lading for a car lot. We are on the ground floor for prices. Onr opportunities and connectious enable us to sell High Grade Furniture at Low Grade Prices. Our furniture receipts each season are greater because our sales are daily increasing. . H. B. BTOHISON, The Furnisher of Homes. UNDERTAKING A SPECIALTY, Telephone Ko. 122. j No«. E o and 1 2 South Market St., Frederick, Mtf .

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