The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 7, 1916 · Page 56
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 56

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 7, 1916
Page 56
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THE INDIANAPOLIS SUNDAY; STAB, MAY 7, 1910. ummer Furniture We think you'll be interested In seeing the extensive disphos now arranged on both the foiuth and fifth floors. The best things have a way of going first; all are here now Don't fail to see "The Redeemer" by Mareau and the "Birth of Christ" by Thomtay, two beautiful paintings now being exhibited on the --Fifth floor. The Knickerbocker BatK Spray Brush A combination shower bflth, massage brush and shampoo brush. All in one' article, at $1.50, $2.50, $3.0O and $4-OO each. --Toilet section, street floor. Muck That is Prettiest in Lingerie is Pink Pink Un White lins Vi The May sale of underiinislins can not end without some reference to pink lingerie, which today with many women is more popular,even than white. Js it nec- sesary to add that Ayrcs assortments reflect this popularity? The following are listed as evidence of our preparedness. Monday morning third floor counters in thq lingerie section will he strewn with pink underwear of every description. Pink NigKt Courts At Jpl.OO, a group of pretty pink gowns of batiste Smorking, lace sdges, pieot and hemstitching are employed in their embellishment. At SJ.25. A Cretchon of pink batiste terminating in points at the shoulder instead of sleeves, embroidery beading and dainty Val. edgings. The only additional trimming on this gown is a tailored satin bow and blue -feather-- stitching outlining the empire waistline. Others of equal attraction, lj?t.5O to $a.50. Silk NigKt Gowns Of Pink Crepe de, chine, vet Satin and Japanese Satin At $!l.75, good quality crepe de chine, trimmed with ribbon drawn through lace beading. Other models at $55.08, 5(54.50 and up to $11.50. }· Pink Silk Drapers Kayser silk open drawers, elastic at wa'ist, lace trimmed, $18.75 up to $4.75. Silk Combinations $:t 00 to $0 fO. Full cut crepe de chine combination cover and open drawers daintily trimmed. Pink Redingotes The new combination, princess lines with pleated flounce to form draworb All lace trimmed. Prices, $1.50, $1.i5 and JJW.U5. Envelope Chemises At $1.00, chemise of pink batiste trimmed with blue fancy stitching, or more elaborately trimmed with lace. At $l.OO, d a i n t y Gietcheri, pink invisible stripe, fine Val. insertion or edging trimmed. The bodice is formed of Jap satin and rows of Val. insertion. The lower part is of pink batiste. At $1.50 are envelope chemises of pink seco silk, Val, edged. Pink Petticoats $1.25 to $175" Pink batiste petticoats, deep flounces tucked or trimmed with lace insertion and edge to matclu. Pink .oomers Pink Seco silk bloomers with elastic at waist, and knees, $1.25. Crepe de chino bloomers with elastic at waist and knees, $2.75. Kayser silk bloomers, $2.O5. --Third floor. Pink Camisoles $1.00, $1.25 Kayser silk, slipover or open front embroidered, lace trimmed or self-bound camisoles with ribbon straps. Others at $1.50 to $2.50. At S5c, pink seco silk, Val. edged camisoles. At $1.00, crepe de chine camisoles. Plain or elaborately trimmed with lace. At $1.25, a group of unusually pretty camisoles of crepe de chine, lace insertion and medallions. Other lots at $1.50, $1.75 and up to $a.J)H. Prettf Pink Silk Envelope Chemises $2-35, $2.50, $3.25 and up to $6.95' _ These are of soft fine crepe de chines, charvet and Jap satins beautifully trimmed with pretty laces. Envelope chemise of Kayser silk, neatly trimmed, $3.75 and $4.50. Special One lot of beautiful envelope chemises, bodice of crepe de chine, lower part of pink batiste. Trimmed with Val. insertion and edge, 7»c. Here is an Opportunity A Meier-Tailoied Suit to Tour Order for $75 The only requirement is that the suit be made this month from materials on hand--several hundred patterns of light-weight woolens and other fabrics suitable for summer wear. --Sixth floor. SILVERBLOOM Silkenfiel It's New--It's Different--It's Altogether Admirable and Practical for its Purpose A NEW SPORT FABRIG- 56 Inches TOdr-$1.00 a Yard Silkenfiel is a mohair fabric which comes iu the popular, 'sports" stripe with plain to match, almost any color you are likely to desire. For a skirt, a suit or a' coat it Is thoroughly practical and good looking--may even be washed if necessary. This latter advantage makes Bilverfiel more desirable than many English mohairs and, as you'll notice, the width is greater and the price lower--56 inches wide, and $1.00 B yard. --Second floor. Over Twenty Patterns Ready Monday FOR WOMEN AND CHILDREN The name--Athena--stands for a tailored fit; Athena garments are knit, not pressed to shape. Athena tailored union suits of gauze cotton with tight or wide knees, 50e. Extra sizes are 65c. Union suits of gauze lisle, tight or wide knees, $1.00 and 41.50 a suit. Extra sizes are $1.25 and $1.50. Union suits of silk and lisle, tight or wide knees, all sizes, $2.00 a suit. --Street floor. A Pink Breakfast QotK If you are blest with a during room opening toward the morning sun, what could be more beautiful or harmonious than a pretty pink and white damask tabelcloth? These 1nrBEkfeat^oth«h^e-ftppropriateuJf course, for luncheon also, and come in either round or square shapes, 70 inches in diameter at $2.75, $3.75 and $7.75~each. - - - Pink Dresser Sets, For pink bedrooms we'offer dresser scarfs and pincushion covers with embroidered pink'scallops. Matched sets at $1.00. --Second floor. I D E R I E S Organdy and Voile Flouncings, Peculiarly Pleasing in Quality and Pattern--?Quite Low Priced Thqy arc dress embroideries and washable. As you know, not every organdy will stand the tub; these will. 27 inch organdy flouncings are offered in two styles of embroidery-- -jajna_B.x.ceil£nt_niialitv--one at S1.25..a yard L another, more elaborately embroidered, at $1.05. \ This is the popular width for making flounced summer frocks and these washable flouncings at such prices are a real opportunity. · With the abo\e are offered a~broken assortment of imported organdy and voile flouncings, 27 inches and 45 inches wide, at $1.00--a much, reduced price. For children's dresses and double-flounced frocks are combination embroideries 27 inches vide at^l 00. These are often eyelet and blind worked .in combination and bcallops are in almost every fashionable style --square, round or fanciful. Voile flouncings 45 inches wide, and with embroidery in bold design3 to a depth of 20 inches, aie anothei attraction. These, all washable, are $2.00 a yard. Pink Embroidered V®ile Flouncings They are of white voile, 45 inches wide, embroidered in a shadow pattern of color in chain stitch, pink, blue, lavender and also black and white. $1.85 a yard. , .,. -Street Floor. TKe Great Bulk of Spring SUITS at $19.75, ^$25.00 and $33.00 KegrbupclT~ind most are suits of faille taffetas, gros de londres and: taffeta silks, as well as serges, Poirct twills, gab- erdines, needle twills, velours and other fine worsteds, in plain colors as well as checks. These suits are Ayres merchandise -- our own stocks-- gar- ments~liandsomely tailored in mades absolutely correct. Price reductions are but an incident of our merchandise ing methods which require the sale of each group of merchandise during the season. We will sooti be selling Rummer garments exclusively. Spring suits must go now -- at these prices-- $19.7'5, $25.00 and $33.00. We can fit you ; plenty of sizes for miss or woman. Plenty of variety in materials. Colors to meet every requirement. Sale Monday. b--Exclusfaae-ModeL At Price Reductions Ranging From One-Fourth to One-Half The most appreciated feature of these model suits is the fact that there is but one of each. The woman who selects such a suit is not embarrassed by meeting another of its kind; but there is another advantage--these model suits^re always tailored of beautiful materials and in a most admirable way. Some of various style imported woolens, others of silks equally fine. Price 'reductions^ and 50 per cent--to go into effect Monday morning. ^ --Third floor. GAS STOVES "Gas Stove Week" is upon us. We have to offer one of'the best gas ranges manufactured, namely, the "New Process" There are 16 styles and sizes arranged here for expediting your choice, and the prices range from $£1.50 up to JfSOfi.BO. Easy terms' if desired. When you buy a stove of us, WP sot it up and connect it free. --Pownstuu s This Model $28.00 Pink Bordered T O W E L I N G Last Winter the fad was for b^ue bordered towels. TWs fad is continued; lavender arid yellow have also been added--today the demand is for towels with pink borders or monograms. We Feature tke Following: At «5c, Turkish bath mats, 22 by 38 inches in size, in which the predominating color is pink. At 8£c, pink striped and pink plaid Turkish towels, 20 by 36 inches in size. At 8Gc or 3 for ^1.00, fancy plaid pink Turkish towels, new and pretty. At 5c, pink bordered wash cloths, 6 for ^5c. --Second floor. Standard Sewing Machines in the MAY SALE Standard sewing machines for less than usual is a rare occur- rance--an opportunity which we know many will hasten to profit by. , This Machine is $39.00 Note the 0 drawers and the modern front which conceals the machine when the top is dropped. This is a 2 in 1--a sit-straight model, sewing either chain or lock stitch. Case is quarter-sawed oak. Pay $1.00 Down, Then $1.00 a Week Other Specials of Standard Rotarys Include Urophead oak case model at -$^9^0 w A beautiful cabinet machine at $5^.50 And several others equally attractive values. Make a selection Monday. Thd prices are special. --Fiflh floor. It's a Rare Gotfn in WKicK or Chiffon is Not an Important Componen From 2 to 6 yards of Georgette crepe is used in combination with, or as a trimming for, the main material of nearly every silk gown. Such sheer fabrics add beautyl not otherwise attainable. We consider them accordingly important and present stocks as extensive as the conditions warrant. In addition to the sheer silks in plain colors many are also shown in attractive novelties, both American and imported. GEORGETTE, a great favorite, is here in forty or more colors, both the very fine and heavier Georgettes in the best of their kind. 40 and 44 inches wide at $1.75 and $2.00 a yard. INDESTRUCTIBLE VOILE, MADAM BUTTERFLY or WILL 0' THE WISP. These are dainty cob-webby weaves of wonderfully beautiful fabrication and finish. Sheer as they are they will wear as long as the cloth or silk with which they are combined. 40 and 43 inches wide, at $1.75 and $2.00. ELBOW-PROOF CHIFFON. Our dress makers have always found this a great favorite. Fine range of evening and street shades. 40 and 42 inches wide, at $1.75. Besides the above are French voiles, chiffon cloth, crepe chiffon, Marquisettes and many other weaves from $1.00 up. NOVELTY CHIFFON, VOILES, etc. Many of these are our own importation in exclusive patterns. IMPORTED RIBBON STRIPS' VOILES. These come in street colors with wide ribbon stripes in contrasting tones. They are 42 inches wide and are priced at $4.50 a yard. PLAID MARQUISETTES. Large block plaids in multicolor combinations, a strikingly handsome novelty. CHIFFON, MARQUISETTES and VOILES, in pompadour and Dresden colorings. Beautiful floral printings on both light and dark grounds in great variety. Also in plaids and stripes. 40 and 42 inches wide, and from $1.00 to $2.50 a yard. TINSEL CHIFFONS, in both gold and silver, of best imported grades. Up to $22.50 a yard. -- Second floor. ~~ Silk Skirt Bags of Black Moire or Faille Silk? as Pictured? $4.50 to $15.00 The black silk of the bag is in pretty contrast with the dainty white lining of moire. Each bag is outfitted with stationary purse and mirror. The decorations are steel beads embroidered in designs of true beauty. Colored bags of same materials at similar prices. --Main floor. Yeu May -Depentfr-Absahttely~r Upon the Quality o/ These Toilet Preparations Mary Garden Talcum, 45c. ^Arly's Lilas Talcum, 45c. Mary Garden Extract, % ounce -size, $1.OO. Mavis Toilet Water, at 75c. Mavis Talcum Powder, at 25c. Rigaud's Lilac Extract, ^-ounee bottle, $1.00. --Street floor. Pink Edged andkerckiefi After plain white, popularity follows pink J! the article under con- sidoratiea-ta-a totndteerchiefr CORSETS TKe RigKt Models Properly Fitted **. L. S. Ayres Co. offer its patrons a real corset service. The chief flt- -tgrrnrttrTecently-was-ono of the aa- sociate designers of the Redfern corset, specializing scientific fitting. Another of our corsetieres has studied surgical fitting. This^appreciation came in her mail a few days ago: "It will be one month tomorrow since I put on the corset. I had no trouble whatever in adjusting it, and it has been a PERFECT BENEDICTION ever since^ I am improving all the time and have wanted so much to tell you about it. Wo are, it is true, as "ships that pass in the night," but I become deeply interested in one who touches my life as you have done, and I want to meet you again. With kindest regards and deep gratitude." Other fitters are here who will serve you equally well--contribute to your health, comfort and grace of figure by fitting you prooorly v\ a corset exactly suited to your need We Feature ""Franco, Lily of France, Redfern, Lilac, Nemo, LaGrecque, Bien Jolie, American Lady, Warner, R. * G., Thompson'?, P. N. and similar lack- lace corsets, and Gossard, Frolaset, Warner, American Lady and La- Tosca in froni-Iace models, -~Oorser fchop, third i'oor' Very pleasing indeed are the little Initial handkerchiefs at 25c--one of the latest arrivals. These have one- sixteenth of an inch hand-made hems. Pink borders and white centers and a pink initial. At the same price, §5c, are pure linen handkerchiefs with pink centers and white borders. Either rolled hems or one-sixteenth inch hems. Handkerchiefs of batiste with embroidered floral figures and pink hems are 15o. Exquisite are the plain linen handkerchiefs in two harmonious shades of pink--hand-made throughout. These are 75c. --Street floor. SILK GLOVES From Kayser Kayser's Milanese silk gloves, two-clasp, white, with self and contrasting stitching, $1.00 a pair. Kayser's Milanese Bilk gloves, 16- button lengthr-extra-quality, $1.00 a pair. Special Gloves of natural chamois, washable, one-clasp, stitched with bWck, l)5c a pair. --Street floor. 1 ( , " l '* ' \

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