The Weekly Gazette from Colorado Springs, Colorado on April 30, 1881 · Page 5
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The Weekly Gazette from Colorado Springs, Colorado · Page 5

Colorado Springs, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 30, 1881
Page 5
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·Eil '38" --«V, Vj _· Saturday s Tie-na ¥ .inee tiis aftern6on wi t be /rou- I-'rou. T'nis is one o-" tae most n.tense o- Miss Granger's proeuctions. \Ve aave no coifot but taose o" t i i s city w i o aave oeen ? -"rom attenctmg on account of t » . aea^ta wi.. crowc tie tieatre. Yiss t Granger as Jrou-I-'rou, is artistic ane impressive. Tie company, too, co their aest in tiis p ay. ,, FLORICULTURE. Some Very Valuable Suggestions on the Ornamentation of Grornds. is one o- tie est of tae cea '-mutes o-" Co oraeo, anc we see for lim a very bright -"uture. The Deaf Yute Incex o ' ,ast wee*c contatnec a very fine wooe cut ot "O.cAae," t i e Wisconsin war eag e, who ciec- in Yadi- son, a saort time since. Tie engravirg was done by \!r. O. .:. J. K e n n e d y , 0-' waom we aave s^ocen, anc is very -aer- fect. The eag.e was carriee t.irough t.-e war by C a j t a m Jerkins' company o r t.-.e Sta Wisconsin m r a n t r y , one o~ tae nnest ngiting regiments in tie army. Tae captain was a cousin o" Z. G. and Frank Perkins, of tiis city. District Court. district court met yestercay morning ·aursuasit to a c j o u r n m e n t . Tae case o-' bal.y vs C.riyton was conc ueec, ane court aeavereo. a Jong o p i n i o n anc era y instructec tae jury to find 'o- t i c ce'encant, a n c juegment was so enterec. Tae W r i t o" attacament -"or contem~t against, ee'encant in tae case o- "oanson vs Joanson. was cisclargec, anc de-"end- ant was, orceree to tay to t i e c e r t a f t n e eistnct court within i "teen cays -"rom cate, -"o. owing sums o" money. For costs accruec ane o accrue, $25; -"or p.amtrT's attorney's "ees, $75, anc on or aaout t i e I 5 t a cay of Vay prox., tie sum o" $_o a.imony; ane $20 on or before tae i 5ta cay o" eaca ca.endar monti thereafter. Tie tx.ainttf was a owec to amend l ie romp.aint, and t i e ce'encant was grantee eave to answer or cemur to tae sime. Case No. 608, Jurke vs .'enmngton et a wa 3 re'erree to lant lus Sent ey, ZSL.[ t o h a t e t e s t i m o n y nnc. report f i n d i n g s anc j u c g m c n t , t i e -Tearing to take p ace at 10 a. rn , Apn 30' i. n case No. 720, tae c_emurrer was sus tamec. anc tie o aintir" granted .eave to a m e n d comp aint. Tae court t i e n n c j o u r n e c unti 9 a. rn, t n i s mornu'2. ; MEMORABILIA. some Hotes o! Progress ConoernlnK Colorado College. ' e Co. eje corre»3onc.ent o-'tie t a i n e e r , among ot icr somewiat irre evanl! matleis, gives the "ol owing items o ' n e w s j w.iici we rearoeuce wita ~a easure 1 ' ' At a meeting or" t i e executive committee ot tie board of trustees he d recently^ (reorge X. Yarcen, o' Soutn Weymouta, iYassac.iusetts, was e ectee oro'essor oJ v.story anc po itica science in Co.orado Co ege anc a so ormcioa. o " tae preparatory ceoartment. I n tae aasence o" Yr. T e n n e y , _ie » i , ae acting presicent o ' t h e co..ege. re wi. not je in liscutiesun'.i. next a u t u m n , Yr. Yarc en is a teacaer of exDcnence, line has aeen especia. y SUCH cessfu in fittiing young rnen -"or co..ege. i ".'resident Tenney came ut) to tie c o - ege a s t . V o n c a y morning anc mace a new a r r a n g e r i e n t in regare to tie cistri-i bution ana control r the "stueen-s. Tae majority o' -ju^us. me ucing taose o-' tie preparatory oepartment, most pf waom aave aeen o c t u p y i n g a room by taem- se.ves, now sit', m tae ciape. anc are un- cer t i e contro Q-" Pro-essor Hump. Sae is to senc to P'-esicent Tenney such stu-i cents as sie consicers to ceserve suca' treatment, ane they wi . not again ae ac- mittec to co ege ex-teot on aringing permission -"rom aim. Tie co..ege students ane some others ,iave seats i n , Professor Sie.caon's room. Proessor ;umt's c asses recite in tie caape , anc Pro'essor LoucVm the liarary. "Not only has tae col.ege a new r ence,i a new gate, some new, anc tie trostect of an acdi.ion to its teaching orce, aut it aas at its ^aydrant a cup, not n e w o e r a a a s aut m . a n e w position. In any event tiis acquirement's not the un- 1 important t ling some reacer o- :iis migat ae dis aosec to tain c. "Xc'Leoc too has movec town town, anc now again taree memaers o" :ae aoarcmg c.ub t i a t was aut is not .ive in, t ie same house. I "Tae term ait.s are now cc Tae Co.orado Farmer tjrints t le "o .ow- in j v a u a a e etter "rom Yr. J. Y. Gyin on f.oricu ture w.iica wi . be r ounc o- interest ay a o'" our reacers : ·'! aave to-cay aeen w a n t i n g out aaout twelve varieties o~" nurseries. I wou e ace to ask a "ew questions : First, is i: right to soenc a _r: e care o- the - garcen ? I-"it is ^' U SQ many arain anc s aina. core to account for deal i thence upon t ie I 3 ' i d a y o ' Yay next, even in so s:vort a time. It was a case OP between j t ie rising o r the sun and t ie acute CCM aro s aina. meningi .is. -. going ; own thereof", to the place of execu- Ascertaining tie. true cause o-" cea.a, tion m said county and ha:vouoe taere s 1! ? °' Disrae '· S7A?E80iaN8S:P O? DIS2AELI. , A great cea is saic o-" the statesman Tie cairn to it troaa- nowever, uncer tie circumstances, was aangec bV the neck un:ii you are ceac is'action \ to anc may GDC: lave mercy on yotr sou*." : a m t y rV, Canty received his sentence withou: f .inching, 1 and was a: once conducted back *"" to prison ay the saeriff anc his oficers. Socorro-fining ane Prospecting T JC ime waicJi now intervenes ae.ween suca a source o; anc satis .ie -"ami y that -. ieir -'riends -" aaic "or tieir time anc services. aly rests on t ae Berlin con-'erence. Cer :ain.y jis fiends aave always regarcec r _ _ _ _ _ _ as his greatest achievement. A reacy tae governor anc t n e LeacvT.e coumy com- ! 7iS JUDICIAL MUDDI.K. Tae -ate negis.ature paisec a gooc cea. otcruce 'egis.ature, esaecia y regareicg courts Tae first was ciscoverec in contest -·.·. ween tae fKaointees of Jarren rcsu - ts °t seen. land .t hardly n ' m i ss i 0 ners. Tae state supreme court ce- cic ec in *avor of tne .atter. N'extttiesu- 0 taose wao say -^orc, _^orc, --wao ter- fect.y ignore a f ower garoen--co w icn taat Lore says, "Were you gooc ausband- men w n e in your orooation and attencec to a. entrustecto your care anc seeping." I ' it is not right, aow wi .. we get arounc tais, "Notling was mace iu vain?" ^ Or were t i e -.owers mace for t a t refinee -"ew w i o toi. not, aut spin ^a -'ew yarns^; anc have tnose who were raised on ho^ anc T.tay sti , anc not grow in reinement aut ae dead anc cormant to every- t i i n g aut raising w i e a t ? "A siort time ago I saw cuitel a onj article in an eastern paper o r " the disdov- ery of tie icentical variety o- ato'.es t i a t "Tae woman Tiou eiest give me gave me anc I cie eat." " I t un t le a; · a wrong version. 1 wi give you mine. T ^ e Creator-a.acee man in tie Garden anc commancec aim to tenc to tae wio.e jarcen--not part o it. Wei., no Garcen o: Zcen wou'd 'ae Zeen un ess tiere were a great many varieties of ' owers in it. Taere was a great cea. o " o.c Adam in tie nrst man--as tiere is to-cay--in two respec:s: First, it is a waste o- time to tend to a "ew - owers; seconc, I am too lirec ( azy^ to attenc to anytaing aut w i a t is o~" aront to me. Perhaps you may say my taeo.ogy wi\ Decree to Acam ? You now that it was a very warm country wQere the Garden of Zcen was. Waen olcSo- hac gaineo: tae z e n i t i it .ookec down very warm u a o n motaer earti, anc a poor litLe -aansy had cornmencec to wilier uncer its score ling rays. Acam saw its erooaing eaves anc 'ower, ane was wisiing-'or some excuse not to tene it. Zve saic, (I woncer at it, sie aeing a woman) " t's on J y a f ower!" T icy were,lis taoujats ane now that it lac aeen uttercc ie cou c ao c y say, ""t's on'y a r 1 , awer." Tiere'ore, "In tie sweat O" t i e aro»r, etc.' "Now, 'r. Zcitor, we enow what /cmeo- a man Adam was to lay the a ame on bis aeiameet. I con't expect he aumirec a .ower or s i r u a o" any cescriation. Are tiere not a good many Aeams in Colorado to cay in Lus resnect? "Taere is a great amount o' anrit in my 'ower garcen, a.tiougi f.e time soent in it is at noon or m^ it, waen many are too t i r e e t o o u ' . a 'ew weecs. or aoe a itt e. Yet " am am a.y reoaic in tie en oyment ' aave in watcimg t i e laaits o-' tae p.ants and the beautr'u. alossoiis. "Tiere is a .arge pro it in a .awn coUee with many siruas ane flowers. I- a person nas two lots, which wi'l se . irst, the one taat is aare of everytaing or tae one tnat aas trees, saruas ane : owers? Tais question wi.. answer Use/. "Now , et me say, cu.tivate a r ew - ower?, esoecia..y tie aarcy saruas. Do not be, ew minutes eaci cay in . 3ut, as I recommenced in .ast weed's oa^er in tae cu.tivation o- -"ruit, i. is to et tae o c aouse 3e aare of a I Bowers, ane saruas, ane trees, --yes, better to be perfectly ceso ate t lan to auy a "ewseecs anc sirubs anc taen .et taem eie -'or tie want o r a .tt:.e care. "Let me give my exaerience in a -ew saru as, roses especia .y, -or eight years : '. have .aken great pains wita my sarubs, roses, etc. A few o- them were c uite hardy, taouga very aeauti til; otaers were more tencer; taese . covered eaca ;'a,.. Lara* '"a.. '. die not cover any o' my shrubs, anc tie resu : was, every-.ling ceac to tae ground. ow, see aow muci I nave .ost. A day to cover tae saru as wou d woulc ae two c"o.- _ars; tae same .ime to uncover : lis spring. Xow you xnow w e a . » J e a n c wi. ( ' tav for enjoyment at taera.e o", :aea- tre, fi ty cents an hour; circus, etc., aaout tae same rate. \Vi . it is worn that muci to tae .over o-" - owers. bo . .ost aa, - an nour three times a day tais summer by not covering my -alants. Wiat is my aro-ltor .oss a^ 50 cents :jer aour? "3ut noping when '. come .o see al. o- t ie reacers oi tais I wL. b'e gree :ec wita many rowers, I wL. c.ose." company aave 0 · mcortjora- tion. Tae incoraora:ors are J. F. Carr,W. H. Co "insi, Z. J. Zaton, A. J. 3 etso, J. 7. Ataerton anc C. Z. Niece. .Tie capita, stock is $ioo,c*x, in $10 saares. Tie o aerations wi . be in Socorro coun-.y, Xew Yexico, a ic other -aarts o" taat territory. Tae pj'inci aal orice is in Coloraco Springs. Tie aaove namec gent emen re a . we.' -nown in t lis city. Taeir ^roiery was ,ocatec by Yr. W. H. Col ins during his trip to New Yexico past w nter. tae prisoier anc his execution is very saor; for saou.c no exiension ae grantee he wi-- be .aung in Just taree wee^s from next /ricay. His counse. wil. mae an a3tea to t ie supreme court. After sentencing Canty Judge Helm a«- 'ourned court -"or tae term. JC gran occu ay or contro. Constan ano a.e. .t was known t sat wou.d ae imoossi a.e at taat treaty are "or more taan p re me court cecicec tae .aw creating the a wit.ingness to criminal courts unconstitutional so that tae criminal court legis*» ation was 5na_y abolished. aas been discovered cic not intend it that the fersonai. .ucge r_eim goes court next Yoncay. ·o ' aira.ay to open time. The :reaty o' accomp.isaec , aw increasing t ic ucicial cistricts was au^ itt.e in tae way o' re-orm -"or tae in- not proaer.y tassec. Tae constitution re- aabi:ants or" Turkey, as tie proposec quires taat sue i egis .atioa s ia/; aave the reiorms aave never been carriec voteo-two-;airds o." tae members oreacj Jtt.e :or Greece, aouse. Tae constitu'ion ajSo says, "no ai_ put .tae Greexs, s ha.. aecome a .aw except by vote of a were uncer Tun/cisa r u e , uncer majority o - a., tae memaers e.ectee to out. -"or who It etc ·"ai.ed aut to Greec nue.waica was a., taat was as ed. It each house, nor un'esson its -ina' -aas- At tae rreetmg of tie boarc o f cirec-ors o-' tae Ohio Conso icatec. Minirg conraany, ie.c in New York, vie 'o' owing o.ncers were e.ectee 'or tae present year : Taos. C. Parrisi, Dresicent; Max Yeyer^Ake evcmn -Z- Genera. C. C. Howe.l, o r Leacvi .e, araccom: isiec noiastin S results and was sage , tie vote oe taeen ay ayes rived in the city .ast nig'it. o in r.arvey, ot LI . Mr. was m rather a pyrotechnic display o : g ittering anc noes anc t a e genera ities tian a permanent sett.ement taose voting be entered on 1 names o e ourna' e _ ourna.. yestercay, anc returnee .ast ·- _aejourna_ coes not give tae names of o r a. great prob em o" statesmansiia. Tie purposes Uat Znglana aac in view taose voting 'or this 'ueicia. reaoportion- m .axing a aart in lie settlement o f the ment ai , nor does it "show that there was ·% » f~ *,. _ , , . . . v ' ~- ^ l l l i ~ u i J\ I i l W l ^.UCa It S.1UW X.UCLi. aresiaent anc treasurer; A. Guarc. tempo- -r. C W.,_o-ncia t stenog- war De tween Russia and Turkey were two- a two-thirc's vote in its -avor. rar y secretary. rat icr 'or ue court or the 7ourt i is a From Sunday's Daily, dis-rict, 'eaves his morning with jis wi e towarc Con's-an:inoty e, anc'saconc.'toTnl ' .Mrst, to ciecc tie march o-" Russia matter o great regret .aat taere should ae :or jairp-ay, waere ^ucge --.e.m wi court next weec. 30 C OI87R:CT COCRT. , . . , . , , . . . ,, to prevent, as --, baen*: Smita is an exce .ent o-icer, anc . f ^ , WUuntanty Bentencet to ba Eung on tae coes ais cuty wi..i great t lorooganess. * " '' Tairmnth of Next May. Jncer-Saeriff Dana deserves corn- so muca uncertainty about tais 'ucucia.1 c.ease ing isa in- uence in tie east. Tiere .egislation. It was muci needed and was were eirerent ways o-"coing ti.s. One was gencral.y consieeree wise exce at -'or not atteneing to itt e tecanica ities w.iica are i ce.y to de"'eat a . the ueicia egis,ation. e, tae weasen- icr ae a aarrier Zng and took 3ut there is a misUen idea about the Dis .rict Court met yestercay pursuant to ac'ournment. T ie change o- veuue in re case o-' Joanson v.«. Johnson to Douglas county, was ceniec, anc motion was wrtierawn. .n 6^9 YcFerran vs. .nox, .he mo .ion :o stri e ou. portions o' answer ceniec, uo cays grantee to i.e ai o-exceptions. mencalory noiice. * » ( T,ie term o- c i strict court w lica c.osee. yestercay, ,ias aeen tae ausiest Hat las :'a'iere or severa' years. J u d g e as made an especia y -"avora a e Tne MaBttou I-Iouse, under entire '-n case 757, tie -aeoo.e vs. J. W. Wa',- management, wi . o^en Yay aoti, or tae o »ur,cey, ane iet o Russian -arogress. '. thft)ar o ' T u r k e y it wou e, o" course, immediate efect o" .lis .egislation. Tiese strengtienberin-^uenceintlieeast. Tiis courts are ce -acto if not ce.ure. Tiey was tie -a,an wiica Disrae.i tooc. The are recognized as .awfu. and 'so -"ar tieir o^a'ections to it were many. Tae present oreerb anc eecisions are resaected. Tney Tur is government is wea^ ana growing shou d continue so unti. cecicee uncon- weaker. Sie can never again ae a strong stitutiona.. Tae Triaune o- yestercay Zuropean-aower. Tie aarrier to H issia statec tiat Judge H e m was recuested taere ^ore cou e on y ae temporary. It was 0 withho'd ."rom sentencing Canty as tae the strong wim tne wea^c, tae -aroceee.ngs wou e ae nu . ane voic, i- tae with tae eying. Tiere are otaer . aw was unconstitutional Tais is not true.' ace, tae motion to cuasa tie incictment rece ation o- guests. Mr. S. B.Jennings, consieerations sun as civi ization. pro- fudge -I elm ho.ds nis postion by virtue of ._,, H n ..-ft«i M -.~ . -- . . ~ TM-- ^^« *«A A « .'». _ _ ^ _ _____ : . __ . _ sustained. o' Oaio, aaving .easec t i e aouse. wii. run § ress - reecom anc aumamiy, wou c cic- e.ectian as.udge o-tae -"ourta ucicia. cis- Tae ce'encant in tae case o: tie ,-jeoa.e u tie year round. Mr. George Y.Wa.^er, tate '^t it is claimec a statesman may trict. Mae ta^ .aw not been passed at a.. vs. Benson, chargec wita bigamy, a'eacec^o- Denver, wi.. aave charge o - t i e offices, sometimes ae excusec -"rom consicerin? ie wou.e nave hela this same cf court guiity and was sentenued to ane year's ' Tae Yanitou .-.ouse is unec in situa- ,iard .aborin the aeniten'iary anc inec uon oy any summer resort in tae state. $10.00.* ' T or terms, aceress S. ^.Jennings, "^rop. case o'the oeop e vs. IV.'en et a ., . ? +~» was continuec, anc recognizance o' p.aint- i^s wi nesses to appear at n*x: -erm o' court enterec. Tie ee r encant in tae case o ' t a e oeop e HEUQI07B CHAFOE8. vaca - e f » o s · s "° U ' C r. , eabocy is worthy o no thires o-" vs. .--ene"ncx:s,caargec wit i gra .ic .arceny, was sentenced to one year's aare .aaor in tice '' -"- arvarc M eo 0 2 ica -! SC1O °- is Jni ' by S.avs. Taey are a arave peoo e wao in tarian so ar as it mav tae tJeniten-iary. In the case of ae peotj e vs. Yunsan, ciargeu with bur? ary, pieac gii.iy .o Lie c large o- petit arceny, ane was sentencec to sixty cavs" roninement in ae county . ai . In No. 677, peop e vs. C in Doo ey et al, -'or-'ehure oT recognizance oT Doo.ey as surety anc Jac-tson as trinc aa , ta/cen. In tae case o" tie teop,e vs. Potter, -"or- -"eiture of recognizance of ce'encant as surety anc Durxee, Lee et a.s. as princi- oa s, :aken. In tae case Q-" tae peop e vs. Rabbins, caargec witi .arceny, recognizance o- :ae ce'encant 'entered to ao-aear at t i e n e x : term o- court. At -"our o'clock yestercay a-ternoon Canty, the a' eged murderer o- Tom Per- tins, was arouga: into court ay Saeri ~ t : . taese taings. at tie same time in tais county. Taere3u: aroacer statesmanship suggests an- TO re the actions of ais cour in tais county o t i e r a a c e o' accomp.isaing tae oa'ec-s wu ae aiacing wietier tae Juoicial re ap- o- caeciingRussia'^acvance to Constan- ^ointment ai . was constitutional or not. t i n o p e anc strengthening ^ng.ish inf.u- It is to be ioped taat taejueicia. appcr- . .- _ ,,,-. " ,- maa t e n c e i n t a e east. Taat is to organize a tiontment wi. not ae cec.arec unconstitu- a s i g n o tie times monarchy in Lie Turkish territory, waica tiona . Tne extra districts are for e strong ane vigorous. Two- f ne promit dispatch o* ausiness. I" they European Turxey was inhaoited are cec.arec unconstitutiona', then tie cistricts of Juuges . .e.m, lunerec years of aoncage Ware, Iirad.ey, 3urris. and t i e criminal maintainec their ieentity as a race. co irt o - "ucge Ruc^er wi.. ae conso icatec are patriotic anc Jiave -areserved the i n t o one eistrict ane "uege ~.t m wi. aave aest tracitions o"their race. T i i s - a e o o e t IP nr,^infs; O ' T V P ro»rt^tr HU-itrV» c\- muci preaca about ,heo l0g ical dogmas as occu 3J ing Roumania. 3u garia anc Servia ^TM^^7^TM t numaer-rom 10.000,000 to S0 ut.iern Co.oraco waere tie ega. ausi- o.e. Taeir territory wou c have aeen ness is now too muc ' a De - 3iQ(i aand Tae aouncec on tae east ay .ae I ac^ sea so on y reme cy wou.c ae anotaer session o- -aat Russia wou.c iave aeen compelled .egis.ature ane it is a cuestion waetaer 7m-«»« !n° . r * IC "" *° ?^ ?TM*_* ^ m order to reaca Con- ne cure wou.c not oe as a^ as disease. jni\,ariau in UenCeS. SlOWS c f r * n f i n r t ^ . « t- tsr/\n r nnf i a v » -vAAn V n o * f . . . noi iave aeen xus- y; uca otaer egis.ation wou.c ae attempted vigorous and tne state siu ectec to extraorcinary lt Jas expense. A gooe way iti- designs on Constantirpt,e anc tae ae ca.,ee sec.anan. Mr^3rooki, is a Trinitarian. He was no: ca .ed aecause o~ ^ais, but in spite o- it. --:e is a aroac taeo ogian wao coes not so tae person anc .i "e o- Carist. His preac i- ing toucaes anc affects tae i "e. To ca.. a man waose preaching emphasizes civini.y anc vicarious sacrince o- lie 8 t a l t i n 0 e - o.ogica. i.ica. il or tae iaera cauVch is letting conservative. "Jndou at- ee.y 'aoth views wil. be entertainec. 3ut as aae overture comes r rom »he .i aera side, we think it inc icates taa: .he -i aera.s are conservative. We should look to arrange tae wou.c ae -or tae su areme court to more split uo and tie weaker the govern- de.ay cedding on the constitutionality of aetter. ( ne .awunti. .hemeeting o'tae next egis lature, ane rneanwai e tie new courts cou.a exercise all tie autiority in- men:s in tie pataway are, tie ^ is true that the Russians and tae teop e o- tae new nation wou.c aave be.ongec ,o tae same race, aut ^ "° r a ° indca:ion °'" "^ other :encency the branc IBS are cistinct. Tae -act that vestec in taem anc tieir actions wou.e ae vaJc. new na- Smita anc uncer^Saeri^ Dana. Tae aris- i n A °f o y c-^ Ya.e, James Free- Zng.and inter ered to make tae .._.. ..,, oner's course';, represen-ec ay 'ucge Gaman ( ^- arjt '° r w - ^ A -ger, jo teach in tion which wou.c aave aeen S.a- Our Wasaington eisoatch ineicate some nai., movec 'or tae granting "of a new Ueu " * eo '°2 1 _ ca: institutions. I-'arvard las vonia, wou c aave made her influence chance of a compromise. Some o-'tae tria.. Tie prisoner aptiearcc aa^arci :°' Cay more -? ISCOa ians ·" iai » -Jni arians rj . onj : aere and Russia weak, aecause reaub.ican .eacers on.y want anjsxcuse- ane downcast, anc cic not seem to have m *** acacemic course ^^ '·» ver V '**- the .atter would have opposed it anc tae in- verve iceru an :icipations concerning tae era e ; emen: is no onger-very assertive. Crests o-' Russia anc S.avonia woulc aave new .ucges shoulc h u r r y up the outcome o ais counse.'s e "orts. I-Iis irons " l IS a " S ° sai ^ ' Ja ' " aere Was a I"" 0 ^ 05 *- "* aeen d iame arica. y op aosec to eaca otaer. murcer tria s anc appoint an ear.y cay for were remoyec curing tae time vhathe re- *° ^ a " s '°TM an e.egant and The soutiwestern part o-Turkey is in- tae execution so tiat tae supreme court mainec in cour:. rathei s'Tong Ca.vimst to tje same c lair, a a aited ay Greeks anc shou c aave aeen saa.. not aave time to cec.are tae law un- on- constitutiona'. in Tae cour: room was oac,«c witi an at- A " ~' ais indica ' es ~**~ J « °'- cest and m °s- given to Greece. Tais wou d aave le't or tentive aueience o' taose wao aac-been res ? cc . ;cc -. ^i.ution o^ learning in the ^ a sma..-aar. of the Turkish -erritory i * -rar vr ^v -1» «ia,^-*r- « ~~ * ^,«« ^« coun jy is changing rom laera-ism :o -^urme untisnoaer. n-" -',i» -MT~ ;TM --,«»; m been t .o-cay r. coes not exci:e mud sur- ^urope uncisposec o-, tae part in t ie media .e vicinity o e Constantinop.e. Tais mig it have aecn a.trac ec ay -ie saectace o a man on tria. 'or ais .i "e. Severa. adies were present, bur tae majority of ue auc/ence was composec o' men. Judge Gc.nahl began ais argtment -"or a new tria.. a: ^ o'cloc/c and conc.ucec - it shor..y a'.er 6. Mr. Ganaa.'s tpeeca was earnest anc eloquent and showed a fine command o'.anguage anc a wice acquaintance wita iterary anc ega. .ore. At tae conclusion o f the argament his lonor Jucgai, I-Ie.m relivered an exhaustive opinion in whica ae overrulec ,ae motion anc eeniec a new tria.. A motion 'or an ;"!f l °;l °,_ e ^ a ; ?*TM ""^'.j*. TM and that taey as well as geograt, iica. arrest of Jicgment was tien mace and a so Tae course, -or tie ce'cnce aaving cone ·.' a . in :aeir tower in :ais court mace no Tiere is an ominous silence abour-*iie tae international monetary Its proceecings wou.c ae oroceecmgs ,n tae international monetary - · . . -- , , . . ^ ° - .e-t uucer Tur-cisa C on-'erence. or aave aeen neu:ra ground vast y more interesting to CoioraCo than contro-or tae great powers o' Ue in -ormation waica was te'egraphec cause ae s iaera. bu~ ri -he 'ac- re - uro ? e * . ; J1S wou c lave ^en a settle- yesterday taat some Insh gir. aae aegun cause ae .s .laera-, hu. s.i . .he ,ac. re- men: w nch wou.c aave .asted, have op- o -'as- mains tha: ae is a Trinitarian. If taese aosed Russian advance by a young arave " . . . a tencency towarc conser- na-ion, and given Zngland a strong inftu- Is it tae becoming thing -"or the -aresi- t ence in the east. It wou.c aave carriec c.en: anc secretary of state, eitaer in per- out at an opportune time what mus- come Son ° r ^y. a ? e n t - t o 'p"y .with democratic . . . . , - , " senators -or Uie comrmation o- a nomma- L : is evident that races mus; ae recognized -ion'-- 'Denver Re aub' ican years,es?ecially since the discuss on o-" . he in any se tt.ement o: .he eastern cuestion ' n - - " · - '- j * tucsuun Or is it a aecoming lung tor a repub'i- can senator to oaay wit ti cemocratic sena- s a pronouncec u have been se ectee. This is a ·» .a.e L ca- churches are jmits. must decide tae aoundaries o-" new - - .. · ut a essen-Jal and cis-inc-ive · -,, · · J U U U U d n e s ° new tors to c e-eat Lie nominations a / a reou au? a^ essen.ia. anc countries. _ t is on.y a cuestion o- -ime · · · . .- · . - rr-S«r -.«,-.; -· i« r,,i-» -roe ,,,·,.,,.·.. - ^ · ' * , ican acmmistration o- gooc reaua.icans? .rue waen tais wi... be cone. Races ii e tae °/ "? elr iwi doc^nes are nK TJC :erms of tae Curds-Pinneo race wiici is to ae run in Denver next month' are as -.o .ows: Tae race is a aorseback (jo-as you-p.ease. Zaca .acy is .inruec. -o, t ic use of eight aorses, to caange waen,' waere, anc in what manner sae may. p.ease. Tae race is to oe riceen on a .ady's sice-sadc-e, eaca party to ca,Ty equa.^eaca lacy to wearareg- u-a'Joc skir: waich sha.. touca :he *.oor when the wearer stands erect. Taree Judges to te selectee in tae ordinary manner, are to dete-mine :iie restut. Tie race is to be run without any stipulations t as to the manner of riding, or .he jait o* i Zrom tie utterance of .he 1 fe comraane, "Go!" the only concern upon .he part o: eaca "air equestrienne wi. aei ;o ge: the Jtmost .ime out 0"" each aniaaal anc moment, and in the granc 5n£ie of .ae fbriera round of - ie track, ae tie paa-Inj an r, tncer tie wire wil. be ad- -unher mo ions anc -ucge Mem-aroceed- ""^ as " hey WCre ' and ed to t,ass sentence uaon :heprsoner. " nnSv are i auga: walcil Were no ' n - * · f enoaasizec m ue ^s: century. TJIS 1 ae court room aecame pair fu-.y c met f »-s«i.ui 7 . _jia as tae J ucge re cues :ed Canty to stane up and receive Jis sentence. Canty arose y anc answerec .he 'ormal c,ues- taught as s.avs anc Greeks must acaieve t i e i r i n - cetencence as nations. Tie testimony of Vne futtire wi'l be that Disrae.i trovec aimse e a narrow and statesman in not taking suca an op- ^nunity whic! t,e historical students of centu- his coun-^y acvisec aim :o em arace. anc Sat a-£eat Examinat on. ?08t 3LomiB Yr. Ac ins, a prominent citizen of Monument, apoarent'y in good health, was ta- Ken i on JrC ay .ast anc dec witain twenty--"our aours, witi tecu iar syma- toms. A 'ew cays a-"ter intermen: his "riends aegan to enter :ain apprehensions that poison, ay some means or otzer.migjt aave bunt entrance to his system. The :aougit -reyec upon their mines to tJe extent o* making taem very uneasy. Ac- coming y two Cays ago t'aey had a coup e o-* p-iysicians summoned *rom tiis ci:y. Tae bod y was exhumec anc a post mor- :em examina .ion oer-'ormec. Tne aotjear- ance of ;ae viscera saowed tieir apprehensions to ae entire.y groune.ess, vl'jile on tae otaer hand there was found the un- mistaka xe evicence o~ t. sufficient amount in be-ie* sut a change of 'rent tionspu: bv the'Judge in nnn voice. I^.e nr ago. Discovery anc experJnen: have which i:he powers o-'Europe wou c. we said taat his -u_ name was W. Ix. Canty, mK " CC a3C c T?'*T n ~ OU **~ an(i . JCnCe . asscn ec - »· T i« sett.emen': he maoe was taat ae was born tn Becforc, Mass., and was 54 years o." age. .he prisoner ^ had answerec these questions, :he Judge the tjresenat' -iave vou mus: C.ins"ian tru £1. The attitude o' *he churc i j rather that of a stucer -.. Ic asjcs is truth anc seeks to know it. It re- oa y -or a cay. Our new Oaera House is receiving iinc- .y mention a . over tae state. Mr. Muton Yoore of tne Mountain Mail, wao was Lt the opening, gives tae "'o. -owir.g notice: "Tae Co.oraco Springs -""". OlJSC TV JI1CJ3. WAS O^CQftC. AS" 1 light, is the most beautifu. anc 'comtle*e C aera House in tae west. Lan- 'grisae, who aas tae lonor o: conducting 'tae first exercises in tae building, saic 'taat taere was not in -jeUnitec* States an ·the otaer .arge cities' houses oay in tje The sentence o" Canty yesterc ay ay Jucge Ie-m wil aave a salu-ary erect on "°P era House Liat exceLec it -"or beauty. doctrine assua.ect to ce- criminals. Tae cay of execution is fixed "and that it was Interior to Chicago and ve.opment now as h was ini tae period as ear y as May 131.1. I: is time taat mur- of history covered by the scrip:ures. It is cerers siou-d be punishec. Great errors ·9-'. *o any o*" tie beJe*s of wL. aemace to stay tie execution of the un ess something bet :er is pu: sentence, but it is to be hoped .hers wu. in ia pace. As'or the charge o." Injer- be no delay. Canty cool.y murcerec an so!. that drrirSanuy jisryingou^ -acre- oScer in .he discharge o- his du*.y and Crerec markab,e interest shown in the pu'j'.ca- sj,ou-cnow pay the pena_tv. - uonofthclteVsiottoftlses^TKuresissuf- . . --:-- · *" -aope .aa.waa. ^.j^. anaww · , - »s a c.uesoon wietjer repub ican sen- taere now a: verv-ow figures, Capt. DeCoursey maxes ais agency -"or C S2L.C Ot -OUS 190 accressec aim as -o-ows: any:ling to say why sentence saould not J * J now be passed uoon you ?" Cany gazee irm yat :JLC Juc^e, and re- p-iec in clear and. clstU cc tones: i"Cn y one .hing, I am innocent,, anc waen I gee on the scano.c, it wil. x^rny ast wore ;jas I am innocent, if ft cfbnLes to uat, I never thai man." ,, Jucge lielm rep' iecw you l a y ^ "Jrue, btit you h^ve been i '"",. , . u_ , t.:ors can much^ongenres.:aeimport- from ^25 » ^'100, wnica in all humah-^ air.v :nec by a ury ind founa fuity of The taveUtg of the Jaragr; stsuue ity o: 'rfencs who are anxious -o ae con- lability wLl e~ch many times their cos the crime caarged. ^y c*u:y require* me mar, have 4sen a t -nt even: :o :^re. armec. Besices, pub^c business is suffer- before the season .s over. to ue wor.c, tins morning, th^-ougaour acverdsing co.umns. He in "orms -as taa: k ots may ae aoug it "j.5( w.ia^r, »* !," o: aSfeT.ciwoa o: £ o ^er, c. ;i.e rt Of K fi"L' Tie W. S, Jactson Hose Co. No- 2 wbl ocges give a complimentary recepion TO Mr^ ; Lere anc. Mrs. Z-.Z. I-Iooker a: Coera iious*, 1 " : ; ^ ^«xi Ta-^wky cveiJ:^ ? r^ ^3sf' Vfc. \l V v W i ^ p H ^ C "

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