The Elyria Democrat from Elyria, Ohio on October 12, 1870 · Page 2
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The Elyria Democrat from Elyria, Ohio · Page 2

Elyria, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 12, 1870
Page 2
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oaaaanB J. K N K W C O M U K . l.niron , OotobcV lli, 1H7O. To tho Keadcra of tho C o n s t i t u - tionalist. "With this issue ot t h e OossTnimox- AMST I sever my connection with the paper ns its editor and propdcvor, Ono and a half voars ago t assumed control of this pnper nud Imvc endeavored to .miike it nccejilahle. How far this lias . been accomplished is left for the reader to judge and not for mo to d e t e r m i n e . This much w i l l bo accredited : The paper lias been outspoken in its advocacy of Dcmocincy, and alive to the local interests of this c o m m u n i t y . I will settle tho business of the ofllco during my connection w i l l ) the paper up to tUN 'lute. I Imvo a ibo- cialcd with inyscli'Mr. GUY U'r.miKit and Lave purchased t h e MnMon Coiluty .V(V- Wjthc Democratic paper of Marion, this State, and w i l l iiumediaioiy commonuo labor in another fluid. U n t i l the bilsi- noss connected with this olUVe is f u l l y settled up, 1 w i l l spend a portion of my time in Elyria. The cause t h a t impclls mo to make this change is best k n o w n to myself. Tho publication of tho paper w i l l be continued as. before tho c o m m e n c e m e n t of my connection w i t h it. Tho importance lo tho Democracy of tho c o u n t y mid State of their local organ cannot bo over-cstiiiii'tcd, nor arc its. claims les.s commanding u p o n the cili/cns nncl business interests of Klyria. i d e n t i f i e d with the material i n t e r e s t s of the t o w n , n s n medium of c o m m u n i c a t i o n between the tradesmen and their customers, giving wide p u b l i c i t y to the advantages offered by tho place (o all who desire to establish a. btiblncsti, sell t h e i r products, purchase supplies, or seek n dc.- lighlfttl place of residence, t l i e local newspaper appeals to all intere*! 1 -, sects nnd creeds, to all identified w i t h tho growth and prosperity of Iho t o w n , for n cordial and earnest s u p y o r f , and \ \ e bespeak for I h o Cnxynn-noNAi.ivr n continued and far more liberal patronage than has been accorded to it in the past. THE ELECTION OX TUESDAY. Republicans Have Carried State, the :M:O:ET:R,O:E Wo Have Mot tho Knoiny Tliolrs. u'o It would be doing an injustice, as much to myself as those who have so often manifested their personal f r i e n d ship, did 1 pass by unexpressed tho gratitude tell toward nil those who have befriended me. 1 leave Klyria. not w i t h pleasure, but with profound regret that I cannot linger. The town itself is a beautiful one--nono fairer in (ho w h o l e State; t h o a t t ' i c h m e n t felt for t h e town ·would be but a just t r i b u t e to its loveliness had I no other cause for l i k i n g except Its natural beauty. But the associations I have -formed here; the kind sympathy nnd u n s w e r v i n g that have been s h o u n me; tho m a n y ]lttlo things, that as a whole form a monument of kindnesses never to bo forgotten; tho social relations I have been enabled, through generous hospitality, to form; the icspect that has been paid me,in n party -cinc,not only from Democrats) but m.uiy Uepnblicaiis; the cotir- toonsncss that lmsbuciiUown mo ly my newspaper opponent--all these form a part of my memory that w i l l not soon become imuldy by Tin.c. I would be unworthy all these did I feel no repugnance at leiiYing. -And when, in after years, I shall bo vm,t niuong other scenes am) w i t h other people, tho rcmeinbraii'io of nvy yenr and n half in Lornln county w i l l be a guileful homage lo grcat-he'irtcdncssof tome of, its people. I have no excuses to oA'cr or apologies to make for t h e course t h a t has been pursued by tho Coxsrnru'iioxAUST d u r - ing my connc'jlion w i t h it. If In my editorial capacity a n y t h i n g lias been said, or lot'l tumid, tlwt grated l-ivrshly ·upon thfr sensibilities of any ono, such commissions oroni'es.ions were u n i n t e n - tional as lhavo endeavored to uTofd nlT personal abuse. But with a heart for every fate-" Ifcio'!, aslffii for llioio who loso, Alul u s:nlli! for Kioto \\lio lulto " JAMKS K. NP.WCOMKB. \\'e deferred tho issue of our paper u n t i l Wednesday morning with t h e hope oi" c o n v o y i n g I n t e l l i g e n c e of tho success of the Democracy. ' Hut qur holies were blasted al Ihc lirst i c p o r l of election news, nn-l we nro compelled to (innouncc (ho success of the Utuliu:i| p a i t y . Tlio voters, on Tuesday have g i v e n Iho preference for a eonllnimin'o of)?adk-al rule. We cannot at (his ( i m p give full p n r t i n i l a i s . When t h e smoke ot'biittlo clears away, more correct ret u r n s can ho givr-ii, and Ihc causes that U-ad lo Ihe doleiit speculated u p o n . tfutliciont r e t u r n s have been received to a p p r o x i m a t e Iho Uopublicatunaior- ily in tho State at t w e l v e or llftoen thousand m a j o r i t y . Wo regret to bo compelled to announce tho fact t i n t Mr. UriU-hliold is defeated by a b o u t 700 ' m a j o i i l v . Rep u b l i c a n s gain one or I wo Congressmen. Dickinson is delciited in tho N o r w a l k District. H a m i l t o n c o u n t y (tivcs tho Kcdnblican licl.ct about 1,500 majority. Ota- Our Democratic friends w i l l please excuse ns from b r i n g i n g out o u r rooster to c i o w over the result of tho election The bird it t,lok--;ind so are we. N o r t h e r n O h i o l-'utr. Cleveland is l u l l y alive in m a k i n g ov- ery enterprise her c i t i / e n s o n g a - o in a success. Tho N o r t h e r n Ohio Fair Association was orgnni/.cd under disad- v a n t a g e of a prejndiec against Mioh nn^ enterprise. A claim was set up that such a fair w o u l d interfere w i t h tho Slate .ind c o u n t y fairst 1C very imped!; m o n t was t h r o w n In the way t o d U c o u r ago the movement. H u t 1 It was determined to have u fall'. Preparations were made on an extensive' plan, and no ctlb'.-ts w c i e spared by means and labor to make it a success. Tho.roMltt of hut week marked t h e g i n n d success that crowned tho efforts of thos.0 who had tho mat tor in charge. Wo were present ono day--Thursday. Tho crowd was immense, Uio e x h i b i t i o n excellent-equal lo Hint of any of tho State Fairs. Tho e s t a b l i s h m e n t of a N o r t h e r n Ohio Fair becomes a p e r m a n e n t tiling. The g r o n n d i pnah.i-.ed by tho Association a i c be.uililul, and well suited for the purpose for which they aio used. Tho Toledo, Wuliash AVcstcm K a i l w u j .Co. Having recently extended its l i n e of railway to Iho City of St.'L'ouly has commenced i m i n i n g all its regular pas- sengoi t i a i n s through to t h a t cily. Tlio t r a i n s w i l l bo equipped w i t h new and u l i g a n t passenger coaches, and all night trains w i t h tlio m u c h celebrated and popular I'ullman and (.rates d* Wagncv lines ol L'alaru Sleeping Coaches, which,- lor tho grcatoi' convenience of passon- gcis, will be r u n b e t w e e n Xow York awl St. Louis M i l h o i i t ehu-uge. EDIT01UAL NOTMS. THE rocpiit reports thatllnaslivwiison, tho war pat'li has subsided. \ V Hon. W.JP. Noiii.i:, of Tilling ex-mam- b c r o f Congress, W of Nature's noblo- meJiVhasjoiiied tiio u i n t r i m a n l a l bdnds w i t h Mh.8 Ai.lOi: M, OAMiMiiiu"., of Unit ,A-Hero's our congratulation- Ax exulting nuirdor t r i a l has been going on n t M a n s l l o l d -- t l i a t o f L u n o f o r d for the murder of U fomfilo lad spring. Ono hundred and foul 1 citlttsiib of Mans- guminoiwd, buforo f t ' j u r y coulil bo selected to sit ill j u d g m e n t . TUB d r o u t h -- f e a r f u l as it Was l i i b o m o sections of, tho c o u n t r y -- t h a t in-availed f l q l d a n d v i c i n i t y sworn and examined in largo districts of tho c o u n t r y d i n i n g tho past siynincr luonlhs, was termiiu- tud last wook by a storin that s w e p t over tho land. 1 TUB census of St. Louis ranks ITiat city as tho f o u r t h c i t y in tho U n i o n , counting Brooklyn separate from Now V o i k . In JSCO tho population ol St. Louis was KiO/77,'1, but in 1861 it decreased lo ir7.0. r .lj. The present census shows t h a t in six years St. Louis hits doubled its p o p u l a t i o n . A VOLCANO near San Kafaol Valley, Lower California, which has been in n dorimint slate lor years, has commenced a violent e r u p t i o n , e m i t l i n g c o l u m n s ol' smoke, and Mallei-Jit!? nslu-b and o i n d c i s lor mllos iu omul its bat.0. Tho Fayollo C o u n t y Heiiixtor relates a sad occu'rrcnco r e s u l t i n g in Iho d e a t h tis. w i f e ol S h u i ' l U ' C i A H i s , of She went to a d e n t i s t ' s of- tico to have teeth e \ t i a c t e d , l i m i n g tho o p e r a t i o n , nnd w h i l e having administered to her c h l o r o f o r m , she -suddenly died. Tho tfoiu'U'outh Dl.strk 1 !.. Sufficient r e t u r n s h a v e been received to indicate t h e e l e c t i o n of Mr. Moxnoi. over Mr. Citi-n I I M I i.i) by from n i x to eight h u n d r e d m a j u i l t y . No p a i t i c u - lars at tho hour of going to press from tho coulilicb in tho District. of Mrs. t h a t place TKACUiinY, J N CJjIsSVBLAND Tin: Wauscoii HopMimn of hist week A . 'jplijs.iciuuioiy..., Tntiinucy' wllli the ^vitvV · \ -. )·' \\ "A" aliockhitt trajrody o'courrca In CloveJund on .Saturday, in W»\W \ in tho death ol Dr. W. I . Jouca, a' y o u n g urn Pr^'P"" 1 } ! ,! oliin: 'I'lio firciiinstnnAos leliflln|/to i ho alfair, and tho previous hlstonrortho p.u ties eonnrno(1, nro as f o l l o w s , As near a n a l present ascortainod': Dr. Jono-i, a - w i d o w o r , and J. Ni Oil - oon, Iii thti lippo Of pi'ocurin ,,in w e l l . AlflorlgollHilJ do,i (it) feel, rook (Was Hti'U'M ".oV» lu j r"-. allied, nnd lift welt-abixiidohfcd.-covor- cd over,and Ha existence almost onliro- y ibrgotlUMrWh«nron"Fi'ldny -of'mat week, pel-nous ^passing ;ipar,H heiird ft, iort*dl gurglingsiiluiwUiA v'°vfcjlwiw. . , online, u d e n i i s l , oecv|picd 'SuilB of a p u r n u m t s s u i m i a t o d b y n In; 1 , , l n tho »i » «o b n i l d l i i ' M V l 1 1" 1 cohiel 1 T/C Pearl mid De- 1)1* if U I K J H Will* I H J U i i i * t i n « "J - » " "· V i old, liWl'sltiddlud niotllclno at K e n t anVI W e h l l c l t l , practicing at.l);o' latter plaeo, a m l h i \ d -boon a surge on, in Uio ,Uoui Ohio rojilmont. J lo -hiul been Pi'a«Llc- Intf liV'C'lwvulaiid Hint-e 18M5, uiitl 111,1110 t i m e of l i i H doath occupied n ProlIeBSpr a chair ii) the Charity- Hospital Medical ColloL'Oj and stood high in his proles- MOII I l l s wife died d u r i n g hl»- residence in U i e h l l c l d , h a v i n g I m b i b e d too largo a duse of c h l o r o f o r m for toothache. . ' Dr, Ciiilcntino, about, t h l r l y - o n o yearn old, luih been peaeticing dclitintl'V if Clovelnnd lor about a your, and room oil w i t h h i s w i l n a t t h o p l w - o a b b v o n i o n - lionedi On l l m f i t h inst., tho Clovcland nil i i n o n v i n o u s c o m m u n i o n - Tin: Mrdiii.i 6'icciVe wiys that CIIAULM: JMJU Kit, a b o u t 11 jeari old, o n l y son of JAOOII MU.I.I.K, of Abbeyville, met u sudden and horrible death. He was riding a colt which had been entered for the fair, and o w i n g to the crowd and tho noise on Ihc streets it became frightened and unmanageable, though ordinarily gentle and l i n i M a b l o . l i e was riding it d o w n it root toward the lOaglo House, and w h e n nearly there, Ihc a n i m a l r u n n i n g a t . I h o top of its speed, it rim -Into a btig'^y-Btandii'g by tho sidewalk. The colt .was t h r o w n over on its side,' t h e boy f a l l i n g , u n d e r it and breaking his nock. Tho h''y died in u tow m i n u t e s a f t e r ihc accident. l i o n s t a t i n g t h a t a c e i l a l l i physician hud taken advantage of iho absence iff 'ho hli'ib.ind of a lady w h o resided in t h e same house, ;nado advances t o w a r d her, i n v i t i n g her to rido, a n d e n d e a v o r i n g l p r o c u r e ' f a v o r w i t h her, all ot w h i c h advansos.shc rejected as improper. F i n a l l y t h e U v « - lor o b t a i n e d a key to the door of one ol ihc lady's iipiirliii'ont i i and entered hoi room n't night. On rcrognl/.Iiig Iho l u l l uder she sprang l i o m bed and l i u r i icd i n t o all a d j o i n i n g room, I h o d o o i of w h i c h sco looked. The Doctor bo- came enraged and a t l e m p t o l to break d o w n tho door, b u t lor of in o u s j n g u t h e r i n m a t e s of the b u i l d i n g desistei n n d reliicd to h i s o w n rooms w i t h o u t a c c o m p l i s h i n g his purpose. On bciiif] called to account by the lady's husband the Doctor d e n i e d Ihc charge, but i n t l m u l e d that il hs was in tho lady's chain bcr it was not w i t h o u t , i n v i t a t i o n . Tin t i u i h o f this muni) minis c o i n m n n i c a l i o n is s i i d to have been . v e r i f i e d by a w e l l k n o w n . l a w y e r , a n d " A b o u t t w ]KY GOODS. mcovored gurgling aoif red, wjjun, . ' ' m c o v o r e , un, . ^ . Hi-go l\'mo\lnt' of gas cnmo out. 1 wo rt I bints oCxBto^oplpo Voll, a match applied, and the gas lias · u r n o d ' l b r l l l l t i n l j y ' oVci- ; »lftoo"M'liOli ,* BALDWIN, LAUNPON NELSON. ·- '1 FT S : !" -· v ! ," '. ! C' 1 i "Wholesale and'rc.tall dealers'In Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, iKhtod-.- 'Tho'voliimo dooa nol appear to bo Very stroiioiliH n heavy wind Wl osiliignlsli It. W h c H ' - b u r n M "· \ vi11 . i i n i l , a (himo to tho u l j n o H t capnclly ol the b o r u o f t h o well. Thiq singular pj» loiiibiion will richly repay investlga- A K c i i i c k y man bus sued a po»'cdilor for .$10,000, for pilblislililj}, ilii funeral c o r c m o n l u s ; w h c n ho hadn l oven thought of dying. If ho I'vcs u n - til ho colfoctn t h a i money, tho'publlca- l i o n of h i s death HO. prematurely will nol have injured h i m malorlallyi i A CaiiaUlan w r i t e s to the Tlirmlnghani, il'Jngland,) (ia/.clto, t h a t t h e ' prosont l i b e r a l g o v e r n m e n t of tho colony w i l l drive Canada lo a n n e x a t i o n to tho Unit* od States or'- I n d e p e n d e n c e o f ' G i ' e a t I J i i t n l n w i t h i n H!X yvara. . -- i«a »i' "· Alfred Youligi surrouhd^t by /our g u l i o r a t i o i i B of lilsddHc.ondanlH, cclebrn- led h i s b i r t h d a y at Honeoye. N. Y., last week. Ho Is 102 years bid in spite of h!n name. l I A » 1 ) \ V A l l M , W A L L P A I ' K I l , HOOTS AND SHOES, O U O (' CAHI'KTS' HATS A N D t*Ai } S, OILS AND PAINTS, Agrioultiiral Irnplernentb, Etci Ol OLD CAN 1 1 ti. W. K A f . D U ' l . V , B. K. L A U i V D O N V io T. W. LAUNDO.Vj D. (J. H A L D W I N i a.o JiU'JtfA, 0. t. L. ( I ' l V l . l l A i i . % l t ( I K OK in Jiiit ri-i-i K'«'il rt l»rK« RUBBER GOODS. All Hi" new HI. nii-st.4 n m l ( M M u n i t , .Mills'niul Ixi) i. (. \l.\f. K M ' Tovi-iblo JCs Hcpoi'ts from a Catholic IWshop at lint Ing, on tho eontines of Thibet, China and JJurmnh, brin'js Iho intelligence ; 6f a terrible cnrthquako in that icgion. Tho shock eovtrc'd an area of 180 by.OQi miles. Over t h r e e thousand people were killed. M a n y villages were destroyed, unit ot the authorities mid soldiers were buried under tho ruins of the houses. i " N«w Taper. Wo have received the first n u m b e r of a new paper h a i l i n g from Ahhlabuhi, Ashtabula c o u n t y , Ohio, published by J. U. DISOWN-. The paper prebcnto u ,ncat typographical appearance,anil, fhc best of all, is Democri\t,ic in po'itic's. General Sheridan, who is now aV tho hciul-iiu.irters of tho K i n g of Prussia, writes a j follows to (i friend in regard to wlmt-ho w i i n c h s c d : ''It is possible" that,'the French t root's have n o t ' d o n e so w e l l »» I t h i n k iln-y might, have done on ono or two occasions which 1 witnessed, from tho (act t h a t Ihc poor t o l l o w n l o n n d tli(7iiifii-lvc» so badly handled b'y i l w l r ' eoin'mamU'ra that thcr could sec no e q u i v a l e n t to be obtained b'y l,he baerillci) of I h u i r lives. All men liKc'to liavc ifn c f j i i l Y i i l e n t for then- hifof, nnd espccially'ls it so w i l h t h e soldier, who w a n t s ijiiaeoss whcr,u maii'y'lives'liavp to be sacrificed. The, French {jenciii'lship fiut this Oilt 'of tins jiicsiioi in every, battle which i hjivo ted t h a t c r i m i n a l pioceodiugs has boot i i i B t l t u t c d . ' ' Tho sequel to t h i s h i s t o r y appears t bo tho shooting ol Saturday m o r n i n g w i l l i a m Donaldson, a cousin of iho de (·cased, was v i s i t i n g tlio fair and room ing w i t h tlie Doctor at Iho t i m e . Tho; roso b e t w e e n f i x and seven O'clock. A l t e r p u t t i n g on his pants and shoos and b l a c k i n g Iho lallor, Ihe Doctor lot on a moment's e r r a n d ) leaving Donaldson in Iho act of c o m p l e t i n g his t o i l e t t e , a n d d c n l t h U f h a i p ropcrl ol a pistol was hoard, and the next m s l a n l t h c hall door was opened, and Jones, s w i n g i n g in, closed it h u r r i e d l y . D r o p p i n g a coal w h i c h he was b u i s h i n g . Donaldson M i n i n g i'oi ward w i t h tho exclamation-- ··Doctor, are you shot?" ' "1 don't know," v a s t h e ' r « p l y . Ho then stn,if- gen.-d t o w a r d s tlio s i l t i n g i o o m , w h c n , ns he was in t h e act ot l i H I i n g , ho was biij.'cd by the cousin and ;i y o u n g mall n a m e d Oldu/nl, s t u d e n t of thedci-i. eel, who hud j u s t iu l i v e d , and carried lo tlie bed. H P groaned once or twice, bill was c v i d e n i l j muonbcious from an i n s t a i r t after being w o u n d e d . In abiVut eight m i n u t e s l i l o was o x l i n c t . Ir. C'haries lVuAi'il»l(iy. who ICOPUR n sliilion.n-y siwe hi (he block, licai-fl Ihc report, ot a p i - l o l i n Ihc h a l l nbovo and r u s h e d o u t , Doctor G a l c n t i n c w a s s t a n d i n g at t h e foul of i h o si i i r w n y , pis,- tol in h a n d , in a h i g h s l a t e of excite- m e n t , "Whin's Hie m u t t e r up there, D o c t o r ? " asked Ucnrdslcy, ' "1 hit,ve shot i h c s-- ol a b--!" exclaimed Gal- mljkluiMnUpon being more explicitly (lliestianoil, tho Doctor said : "/ /ifn-e CALL MMm BOOTS ( j n t i u best (iiinllly ul low nrlros. AND T A K B A LOOK. run TIII: Autumn Trade. \T7"i: m YV "i o nnv\ ici- Ivliitf n If »f (,'uitiN iliilly \MK» .iei i""«l'in lo Kuril ilo|i:nliii(.iil H i l l n/wt Cite Owl Damned t The Cliangcd 3ul(jmnl Itcvunuo Tnv Lmv. On the 1st of Ontobcr tho change in the internal revenue law took ofl'eet. It tiboli«lies the tax'on sales of a l l 1 merchandise except l i q u o r aiut tobacco, tho tax of one-twelfth 'of ono per cent, on brokers' sales, tho tax of two 1 and a half per cent, on the gross earnings of nil 1'ttilroadB^iin.d the tax requiring a stamp 1 "Cojifirtnalory 6f 0t4, jral-shol 'Afc- fttahon staieVth',lt'iUvaB 11 by order oC.Ihe Minister of War, Comic dd'l'nljkao, mid of tho Qommitfoo'of Defense, Ihal he cxdcnted the mu-cli "wlvleh 'proyc.d ,so fatal to tiro firms of I'i-awce. Thjs is what i n f a l l i b l y happd8 wbeiT 'people take tiponJthcin 1 fo d i r e c t ' t h e f/iove* i n c u t s of d i s t a n t armies froni the ,closct. In' those clrcuuishince^ oiVc van dii|w.iip a general plan, but one c a n ' n o t i desc'eiul, to details; and this is w l i a t ^ G e n e r a l MoMahon's lnte«tii was t o ' f r t l l back- on Prtris, '.alter haying reoi'g.-Viii/cd the army so i t i i S o r t u n a l o l y Unclqiio'a't Svdan. lie wa^ not p c r m i t t d d to ivccoiiT-ijIisli his wi-rc project.' As boc^n' a-i 11^6 staUi.'of h i s h e a l t i i w i l l pbrhril, MiirsliiU M'pMa- h o n w i l l not'lail lo pttblih'pi'ools that! ho ca'ii not bo cOiisld'ovcd' rcspousibl for the Immense fiun3ter fit Sedan. Bc- . Ho then walked l e i s u r c f y awfly. Dr. U a l e n t i n c altc'rwnrdjt g n y o him- s e l l ' t i p t o ' l w o p a t r o l m e n whom he mcl in the street. The '1-ho mani w lx has i-crre- eJiongli to cs- rol , l h c | mmc ,, so (fiunstcr lit Sedan. Bc- tablish a Democratic paper in Ashtabu- twoon a victorious ai'my 'M\[ , (he fi;on- la county ought to receive an u n d i v i d e d tior'of a, n u u l r n ^ n.Uioiii .th^ro^ was no v»- stipnorl at tho hands'of the Pemocra'ts: ' C!V 1 )0 ifafi'accklctitocc'uh-edv" t . i ( «. '! .1.1' i',...i.rJ.rYi.. n.« n ....i.i n The Comnulteo, of .Doleireo, .in flrci'i- stippp'rl at t l i o , hands Our sympathies nro d'eoid'ccfl.v favorable to tho success of tho new enterprise^ Tho 'Nowspayor -PrtiiKsvillo Adecrtiiel' on every roctiyt .over twenty dollars. These points raprcsont an i m m e n s e re^ auction in the suia total o'f internal revonnc taxation, but there are 'other reductions. Tlio stamp ofe all promissory notes under ono huiulreildollanus abolished. If u morl-go-go deed bo properly, stamped, IUQ. sta-mp i n . i ' u t u r c will bo needed on.tho assignment. Tlio income tax of five percent, is reduced to two and,,a half icr cent., payable in March, 1871. The improv-ioniw geuoral that after the 1st of October stamps will not bo required on checks and'drafts amount than SI CO. This is not Hit' case, as the law aflbr'.ls such relief only Vn the repeal of the stamp inx on prnrtiissory jiotcs for a los sum limn $100, owl .on receipts for any sum of money or for tbo payment of any debt. S"o Credit to Tlum. Two of our well-known citi/.ons. Mr. N. B. G A i K s n m M V . i l . PAUK, for the purpose of exerting an inlluencc u n f n - voroblo to Judge Wv. F.'LIVKWOOD, who has been defeated of an election In tho Toledo district, v o l u n t a r i l y mixed themselves op in a little matter of voracity as to whether said LOO'KWOOD was at ono tlmo a member of a JCnow- Nothlng lodge. Those two men a d m i t that they themselves wore members of ft dark-lantern Know-nothing lodge, hut in tho frank admission wo a i o at a loss lo k n o w v/herein they add lustre to their namcb! Tt is no credit to an individual to a d m i t that ho ever be- 'longed to t u ' h mi o oflleo has boon «old by ( !M. K. DoowjrTI.I: to ,Mr. E. W. UI-AUK. The Advur- ("v-ei'lsa well conduttecl newspaper, do voted 1 t'Oftlto intcrubl of tdWn and conn- n '!}·. Wo wish frie'nd OooT.i'iTkK f u t u r e success. JJo is a piactieal, newspaper man in Uio full sense of tho term. -For tho f i i t u r o of tho Aklwrfiscr we hop'o iNir. Cr.Aitic's fullest oxpcctottloHfl may bo reali/.ed. , i unwise Interference with iMuMuhon, »i in ply repeated Uio b l u n d e r of tho An lie Cowneiro'f tho AustrlaiVs,'b'y · E!vey,sulll',red ^uuh sc,vcre dis'aoloys tlao-J'tonch iiiltlioiohliiNnpoleoiiic .wars. l)i- UioniiiKliI} IIIU-il M l t H i i l l Ilia l XOVKLriKK ()/·' \\v\ \\ mi- In linjM.k Hi il iinilei nof m-'w oVKiinl- yiiilini c i i s l i i i i n - i A « l l l !» M-nrtl (0 Iw-li i-iitiri'mil- HIVIIull · 1 1' l u l l ) We ' i d l l l l i l l - H K U I I I U - l l l l o l l 10 I l l l l l - Ini'sH u l l l gut iii ilii' li.ill.iin (n i In' iniirkul, ni- -linll l- llu'ic ,i'M.ry lln'i' '[ li.uikrul lo our muny l l ' l l ' l l f t ^ IU1|1 I ' l f l l l l H I . l f Tol pjll l l l V U M . \\t' J I - H I I U llit'in Ilitit Ui;tliIiiK "luill I"' w.uithfer uu out p.nt lo niuHfl thuci inh»»v.i'irtt one- c'if n i l \ unt. !,,·!.. fail " · s l - A K I t mil)-* .V I D 1 Fall and Winter Goods* SHAWLS, DJiKSS GOODS, POl'LIN'S K0.(l Sl'iT.S, , . l A I ' A . N ' K K S K ' f t T l . K S , A M K K 1 C A N M 3 L A C K S I L K S , W I I I T K I I A M H U H C H K D G i X G S , U N I O N C O L L A R S A X U LACK COLLAltlj, l-'ANS, II I. w i r n A rri.r. OK CLOTHS AND CASIMERESSi CLOTH I NO MA UK TO 0«»KK/ We have added a f u l l block of Ciioccj-ics, w h i c h w i l l bo sold ns pehl. Cash ^sld for U KirVd of Produced K .Vi'j , lutf tin' , /;/, / i uu Ji i'Ji n K R 1 LA fuppijlir l o n n lii'ii-lofdvc In «so. This rnlikrr (9 w l i u l l j IVw Minn iinv HICK iirj nr oilier Injnrlnim t.|iii|i»tlii(l' M l l h li uiQtiiolijuclluniil In lliuii-d l u l l X 1 ' W.Uni J. J, . , , ( I . V T P O I ' O I M,STt|l'M.I.Hi) P ltOI'lillUOIl ul Iliillioiiil SiiliKin nnd Ilii«t,iii. 1-linu lo I h n il«|iul. tholu-. Old anil ^oniif! ··loci, AK'i. X X V I'oilcr, I'nlu niul llliici ,\|ii, tliu lie-it Iniind" nf Wli ps, I'l/rtrs. Toliiui-n i)lI 1 1 and Uyhturs in liuli auiuuii. Mv.Ut 'r\t nil ni, i M - l v n Soup Hot .Sifi-1'ng 1 . , , Tho London (Huff.) JVcu-s of the- World contains- the f o l l o w i n g bit of in- f o r m a t i o n , "winch proves true' t h e Jsny-' Ing that to ri(av,t,ho n,cwsgo away fnmi home : ''According to tho American papers, a liot spriny haa ibcon discovered 1 in Niivudn, from wWeh flows not petroleum, but 'I'hlckciv soup;' ov', at as'i\| rate, a li(|iiid wliieh, w T t h u l i t t l e seasoning of popper and sail, tastes like chick-' en noun.. Baths uiul pump-rooms are sirtiV lO'havo been oiccteil at t h e springs in question, b u t no. particulars aio g i v e n as lo any analysis of Ihe soup, or whatever it iw-iy b* called. U is statod that 3ltM. of beef boiled in t h e water from t h i s spring \\ill yield ns much gooil broth as 12Us. boiled i'n e-rdlnnry water." - .1 B3"- "\Vo injfor Clovoliintl , Oictober 0.--Tlio Tfljnpress 'Kiigenlo yestpritoyj soiit a letter fo ,tho Empordt- eo'iicerniirg' 'her m;eptiou in Engla'nd. She states, Unit ivll olllolal, re- c o g n i t i o n ' c f h'cr presence ' hail boon postponed at hor own i-ci^icsf,- tfolh-, Ing could, h a v o ' b c h i tencror tl'ia'n'hoi' t r e a t m e n t . Que'ei) V i c l o i i a s c n l ' a t o n c e ja p r i v a t e l e t t e r , oIl'Qi-ing lo pay hei- j i'i 'sUifc visit', Tho PrliKjo of \Valos,-imiiic- d i n t c l y upon her ai riaVal, wr'olo,|icr, ex-. -·'--- the kftuV riimtfinbrnncQ; of ~ - '' ... I ,J 1* 1 \l ,, tS . . ( . . . _ , . _ .. - I . 1 \ . * . L . b'cutti of tii(f \Vicketlcat 1 Man. John Allen, noted two voai s ago as (ho "Wickedest Man in New York," tiled on t h e 1(5 lh of last m o n t h , nt West Perth, in t h i i Stale, w h e r e hi-, l a t h e r resides, Johft It imiv be remembered, kept a dailcti-lKMisc and drilling saloon in Wntei' street, and 1 imiiriVh'Ja est.ib- t i s l i m o n t i n t o ' n place of cTaily i«-ayoiv u n d e r the i n t l u D i i e c o,f several g-einle-' incu eouneoCcct w H h tho Howard Mis- sioiV.' More (Inin a year ago lie moved ]'iito a Urge brick b u i l d i n g w h i c h lio'had erected al. lloosevcll and 13at,avia a^euts/ '(iikl k e j i t a grocery oil Ihc ground Hoop'. 'The upp-or stoiies ho rented .tp,^\|iulicJ. At llrsr ho attended lo business, and p r o s p e r e d ; , b n i a l t e r the death of his wife, his old hiubil of drjn'k-ing overcome hiiriv J l o lived" in idleness for six months previous to h-h death,-' and his store w a s - w i t h o u t goods, fii Angitet ho wefft to hw faiher's farm', and re'- maiirecl there iynti-1 his decns.c. He loaves Over SJOO.OOO, eovhvd-chiefly in hja no- furious- \Vator ?treet ptt'r-mit^ "While re- s i d i n g ih Hoosovclt si reel) hxr ffcqWoWlly yisited lihc I to ward: Mission' in h!s 80- inoinnnls - a n d prol'ossoll' fClvgiou York ~ niitc-iu'i, mid''.,' i, ',, DEALER IN KUESII AND SALT , ,' ' MEATS, Kiist Sldo of Public M|iiain, · KM'llIA, 0. IllM'lU'tomuH inay iesi a-snird (bat no imliu will s|iarul lo glva Ilium IISTIHK .SA'll.-[-'A(.. TIOS' , K l M - l n . A i i e t. ISI'l. ' ' I I . I / Elyria ancl LINEv GraSoii' Sack. t c r i i i i i i m a i i t ?r tlioT'rlneeasi ( W ) d h i i n s o l f »l, tllicr visit fo, VurlS," niuT tl« t;i;unii k i n d n e s s displayed .I6"llienl by her' iu the TullorloR, and beting to k n o w in 'what way e i t h e r llu Pi ii\ves9 or 'liinHQlf roiil'd servo hor. Tho Empress says slio is in excellent l l e n l l l i and in gOod IP'S! 1 -it", a's is «l6 tlie Pi-ince'In'ip6rial. J^oril ' A s h b u r l i h n m has o i r t i c d ' h c r his m u n - ;»ion i i i Sussex,, Tlio Dukq of iXo'ri'ollv, Uord Fetry; tho M i i r q u i s ' p f ' , ^ _j.m, I from remarks in- tlie ( h u t tlio editor of Hint' shoot ithiecs mi uclitor of a polilitMl pn- pcr beiiotith Uio d i g n i t y of a "tVec-bnt mini," ami that tlio b u r t h e n of proof is t h r o w n u p o n Mich editor to prove h i m - aolf droont. Thu o d i t o r of the l.eaitef would have no dilllcully in proving himself on a l u v c l with his own appreciation. a n d i n a n y olhcM- pet-ions.' Imvo be^HCt] '| tec pay t h e i r respects )o hor. Tlio diplomatists iv JjiutToii u r O c n c o u r aged by the American Btinwtur.awd oppress e o n t l d o n t hopes of tlio downfall of Iho Kupublic and the rostoiarton of the 'Empire. ' ' ' ' . - . ' t- ' Since Ihe fnilnro of nil negotiations for a i m i b t i c e o r pence, and the; fail of ,Sl«.isburg, tho dispatches? from 'EurO)ib have prineiptilly heo'n 'devoted to the- nfovcmeiit of llVe Frnssia'na'f'i)!- tho ni'pi-o eomplela inyostmoiil of Pnris r aud"oo- casianalinforniiitloii of c i i g n g e m c n t s i n tho v i o i n l i y , tho I n l t o r principally corning from iiVonclvsonrces, and reproseiU- 'ng Eronch sueccssiss, some of ihom of importance. - · » Coiinoeticut cider inillo are o v e r r u n w i t h apple-' at flltc-en cent? a bushel. Pi-od-ucUonV Tire i'opoi'1, o1' tlio Dairy HICK'S ntion stalea-lhdt) in JSC8 there were in llvo iTnited Slates 792 cheese- Ihcloi'i^s, ol'wliidv G(iO' we're in New iyork72 in Ojiio mid, 26 i! ( . 1 I'lli'neiey2r) in'Yerm'oni, and 8 in Wisconsin. Since 1SG8 a largo iiicriiii^o in the niiihbpi''is'i x cpOrteil, and it is thought tlm 1,20,0 factories have been started in this State ajotio d u r i n g 'Hie jcar.'pasl,' Since J.8GS, AVisc-onsii) IVote- increased her n u m b e r to 02. Under the system the chceso product of Iho country has piscii from,; 100,OOQ,000 p o i i n d f r i n 1BCO Ho 2-10.00!);000 in . . 1808, ft»d in'tlfo livitcr year the demaiid ox- ocuiled tho au.pplv a b o u t ' 72,000^00 pounds. .InsSSUi) the e n t i r e dairy pi o- duct of.tlio U'niled 1 tttati's-was vivluad all S'100,'000,OiX),' nxeeeding tlie wheat ci-op ebmo 425,000,000, and leaving tlio cotton crop nearly $100.000,000 behind. There weio iihporlcd hist ycnv into Jew Yorki Iho followinjt n u m b e r of ( fare, iff n birds, w i t h importers,' pricos'ann'cxcd: 27,7£s),c/inarios ) fro in D to,, 50 cents e n c h ; 2,500illnchos, al 10 c u n t s ; 1,500 English sparrows, at 10cei|ts;'08 coiiiinon thrubhcsj'at 50 een'ts; 70'tilack- p l u m e tlirusl\CB, at if'2; 58 ,hu-ks; at 25 ,conU ; 2 niglingulos, at SI'? 5 cockatoos, St !{; L-19 pnrrots, at f t ; 18 pheasants, at y,]( anil 1,780' various wild birds, at 10 coats each. At! a camp m e e t i n g n-oar liiuicock coinvfcy, posters woro slu(;k,up on the tro««, w i t h the folio win?;: '"Notice, to Christiium: Yon can gfrt all the whisky nnd other s p i t i t u a l ooinforls ,\ ou w a n t al Dcnlon. Come ye si mi or*, poor n n d needy, and bo roU'Cbhed." t(l I 111 I V tlnic u iiiiiH'rslftniHl \\ould niinnniK o to I ; p n l i l l u (InillKi M i-inililiiK-li DAlf.V H A C K julwcWi 1 Klyi Iu mtdllinftoii, niid.l* prcphiiil pnisuiiKcr^ (a nnd IVoin oliht'r pluco In nnki? uilliiHid (onni-iUionj · · · · · · !' Drr'AlMTKK--I,t-lnc- tlin tTMilnRton . r.luhhilnffy, ulffftO-A. t., Depot ill li W X JI , n-inlVfilf(ji'.il1on In tlinlitd nmiioct.WUIl K\- pros*}'I'min i^nd lluc-k ifdliifrSoiitlv . i T.(.'!iV«' ( ((Viinnn illioill'lirdP A. jr., n i i l v l n p at r,hrti In Unit it, council vnh- li-iiliif going Cuil anU \VirU on Iho T/. H nml rf. Si rtiliH 1 , I'IIH-i-.icli « » j , 50 i-i-nln 1 , BLACK IUVEA HfAOK,' W M. nrxNiMOUjNti 1 w{NS''/ WAllA , Jaiclt hctwci'n Bliictt |[U|"i. 1 mill I^JJI'M IcNuliiL- ItJiicU rth-ui- imcli moi-nltijyatSpilOnki lit iluMiuKiyi-ln'lirfiinu lorllio irjtr,iilii#oliiir c-nft iolii"iihiif lo.we'Kfji'lii on nri'lvnlorUio S.'.'t I 1 M J l u u l l r n i o m V l l y ntUniif W titty mid all oi-raml otiliioUd lo)ls i-iiio. . ,, i , , , in · i HUM \M \ i - \ . . I II M I M I M , - K K I p.i/1 oil ·I hi O. J. I II \ I O I I N ( , - K K I I M / I S ; i l n l h 'I hi \\.M1 _. _. _ _ ildl'ill l ) i M i k h u « l u l l I I I . I M I , llnil-lm.n illl, i l u ' K - i u l ?4i/| /-\-n/-» l » 4 -%·» -f- ' ^a-rsHiinK,^ I I I III lie C l i r l u l l K l-\pl-| I I I K I l l s IIIK aitilicis n l i l i in u n|s IK..11/... .Sh A (·(/, .VI', JI -w KUInh fl,, I'l lllli'il ll\ Mini. i;\ .' A.Ss A V O I D (Jf \ l\s- \ »|i Km ff i u h (mils! »·· ji\. lion, I'liiislnx m-Miiii« d i - l i l l i n , p i ( i i i - ( l u i c l i - c i\-, A r , li.oln^ tili-^l In Mill) o v t - i \ n d \ , ) l l f ( i | rt-niod^, li.-is n t | n i j l 1m mis ni sfii i inc. M ni( li lie \ \ l l l KlMIll i K ' I ' l o l l l s I c l l l I M snlTl-K 1 !^ A d d U s s , | ll.TUTTl.i:,7S XiK-nn si . Nc» V..rl, D i XX F l i n t Glass L ' A K T P ·d'H'l'M'PTE Y S - Ucnf belle,f than nii/ oilier Mmlc. _. . . i Dlllirlili;! 'c nml,i iiDDllu-i, see Hi il our iiiiini! l» »n ( \ ( i; li«\ D n n i f i i i i . i . ,v SON, rttfsiii.rxii, i'.i.. iC TIII: ntxr i.\ TIII-: i Y» s'i itv. OBS3ESR¥1SR rr.h ONJ-: j Ono I'niinil of I.iiiinclrv Sixip ol lliimln f fi w i l l 'rarti mill JJ{, A ,0. 1M\X."% 1 V\\ Vo Dton'N Tnipbrhil t v i - q n n r i i i ini-n, I.oi ul \ \ l l l R t i l n i j i I(V SV) i runi-, Ohio. AVERILL'S CHBMIAL?AINT iHClioniiur, Ininilsoini.'!-, inuro iliualili*' Ktt\ oliintlr ibiin llie liosini unj niiipi iiatiii li \\llriini iii'i-l. vriick iim-'t-h-nlk Ittf.* Tlil- N l'iilnt-«ll? rA»*4tiitir ·' ' . limn rt.vlnrt wlillo Ic-nl ·~ IIIK) O\»T one hiinilioil (IliU-ii-nlhli nuw (Fi'iiiK, Us (foui|mml 6 iiiij use. U* ; fiijiil MC BKXNINGTOX A )iin; -s Til il b\ t| SPIRITS'. Jfa i fov J'dfi'f wiffx ' A i7 , , only. Tills I'oitWInd mtrt JJmmlj linvu Ijocn pinnnuiirvil bv coinpotvnl JnilK. PS toUuUiopmrstiiHli-liilliiu liiixouvuruxninlutil HCiii' J. J.IIHK UiiM-K, Al. U , Analytical and CaiiHiillliiKUioinlhl.01' tliu Clurclnml ji(!ilii,nl Col. logo, says 01 them: , '" ' '· ' · 'Ol;«VKl,A!iD, Jtftv 17 19KI'. Mil JtAMViM.K-- Doni'SIr: J Imvo Hiibinlltcil lo n l)liaruu|tb niul inn ofiit i-bt-mlcnl ii^iiih Jld tlui sum. nil' of J'ovt'WIiK! and Iliiniily }on hfhl inc. nsbo- lilt; IVoin tlio IIOII-HI ol llwtis ('»., yttv,-' YlivW, jiud Unit ilium botli l» bo pi-rlci tlr.hoo from nil Imini. lilli'sniul (luliinnloiii) nuontx Thoroit I uiimlilor tliepinviil, nol'ti'sliinil ilrlieslnrllcluol' tbo klml I linvu ovor us'iiinlnod. It, tin \vill ns ihi')lriiiu1v, i 'veil \\Milby llie i-nnttiUtoi n of Ihoinoilfoiil toil In nil uisw ttliui u snub tliHiuluiitJ t«ll , · · · · Hi tnhtnibii. r -xritnllVMlii Hint I lilivn JVqqucnll -uvninhicil guixls fioirt Hid nlxivo boiiso uml alwo lounil them ol Uio most lullnblu clmiiiutur,,. 1 Yoill»\i!l\ H'snOi'irilllv. i J. 1,ASC CAhd^T.S. Jf.'l)., riofeiior of Cliotnlsti y, Uluvoluiul Mcdlcill CollORU STOVES. , I ! ·\iroil Ul u-spi'i IfiiHj li^ltu ato nlto»libh' l 'of - V,V tbo nooiilo ol tbU vklniiy to Iris ' ', ,, S t'ove and Tinware' Store,' JliilnfiLioot, KJ/l'WA, nunilyop|XMlioiaiionio ire l» i»ro|)im'(l to do iiH hi m b ol' win!; in Tin. l-oppcr, sliuut Iron nml Zliio on ulioit nolkc mill ut moutieiisoniililoioiiiu. "uun, JIc keojn on limul n iurgo slock ol , , COOK AND PAUIOR STOVJ5S, M l i l d i « l l l IK-mid iiiclioii)) us llio ohcnpcht, Bfe/7" All kinds ol' IjoiiKlil 01 bikuii In o\- (.Imn«u J O H N ],AM:. KI.Mlll, Sov lo, 1WJ. -Iy T Hrr ·.(sl ^.^.^ i (ifTc'i-sfoi «..ili- lil-T I'mppiV. con- fou) .Ario-iiUroimil wllh « K«od)loiiM, lliclilim 6Cjli'ui riiapiiian, nbviil - ' . isltiilitCil 'litfiH l i a l f a n i l l o WoVtortbl- I'oiniilniiNO, mi roml, Inside Ibu Curpui ill Ion thiill*. 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