The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 6, 1896 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 6, 1896
Page 4
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,_:.*-, ...aSWiaMSBSi.!"** *·! I P H H A TFE DAILY 'J. tise Ci-.ltC SiV.'* I*.- A- ett. * 1 :$:*. t r E-.r'-t- f^Jt : t «- lot |Jtv ycr jirir. ititrtKj a »cXL-«·. tbe »iN»Tf: .c i* t' « u f»'-- .- »£· i PUBLIC OPIXIOX. Gto».r Ckwiaad U the ·ton* vail » tgalntt whk* correplloaltu hare baiusa ! la ffcie.-- Bdltor LJojd T. Uacilii, Fr«!~ firo*n tbe CqisaBja* «* 0*r Xxaraed Exchange*. «'-- k 6LA!STON«'» IDEA OF SJttft. Iroa U* fit. Loc»4it*-I*'£aocnii. i Tie pabLc met'.leg ot the I thtst. L::trary o«x:'.:iy 8ATCBDAY, JUSS «, 189«. 1896 JUNE. 18 Se Mo. Tu. V.'e. Th. Fr. Sa. __ i 2 3 -1 o ! 7 8 0 30 l i ]' : »/· 15 1C 17 ic i:« ::···· 22 23 2-: 25 2G '11 2 8 2 9 30 MOOD'S PHASES. ,, Thvrcl r, 3 '. S V Quartrr 0 ·* ' :, 11 3 " -- 13 c "" COUNTY'S eammer resorts . xre now hi ftttf faiouom, and they ocebt to be fall ot city THK »Uver cyclone promUes to do arorw btroc at Chicago than the recent tonudo wrought at St. Lcmls. IT will not be long before the trail of the trolley will wind Its swift way along o»er the fine highways of Frederick County. THI slogan of the Frederick Count? Democrat! today hie a stive: j itng, and ·onoda the battle cry of sound money. Th« currency question la greater than the -question ot parties, and Independent voters everrifheie are vitally interested IE the problem of Its solution. soske «i store public »p««:h* r ,b.* year tc f :«**._'. TL* «.^:. -* --t -'«·*'· rt*: by writing i2 boars a Cay and chop- i g.,^ .^^ ,,- f fjC ' cu ,- z : ta«"' :»i «i-: irt«* a,t icittf *;» cy »~y uf t a - t r 'I ifce c*op;« of Krtcenck aa evening of ( * i U/ I. "' \ c.isred ent£fti££l--Une, YtQ nas · . , l'rtj*ns- Tc« iii^itte*. o? ci*rric» from Pr«ier- Ica to Bvilcaore us* b«a irtmecdoa* .; IB* pa* 1 , tiree daya. One day .ur tool o: tLe fruit *a* seat lo ttt c!:y, M.c-wc'i it* cti'» 'lay -y s | ssipmeet of ever fcr:r-nre Hundred; .' p^ccCi. Tie cterrUro are grown la Fred! ericl cus^'.y ·»'.'.i:Ui a rtilaj i t s fe» of lhl» c!iy.--A Shipper. froath* WO«B»£.'* J Her. Acna H. it»« !» rtforwd u lo tte*;'-sx, u4 1 ijlng- a» sa»4ec;e fwlhow U'.ue we tre rtmnvfO frctc b*rt^r!»in a* li*s dc; .-.'t a few day* «go In '.he great Mclbo- dut Ccsferesct, ajusoslrg it a: wcnxec 2tc 20 rtgEi 15 thai tciij VE.C 'b'.Si; its; w7il b« conceaed to her u that »be wli! tat* tbt rl«at lo nelp {if u»e Wlis. LuCAL LUU1C. of IViilr, Picked Cp by There U not isoch gotcg co ;ait =ow in oar oelghborhood. TB« H»«r» tell* us all that i* worth knowing.-- Edward Ualaes. Llbeda is the only more or lew civt- "zsd country where clocks are almost entirely dispensed with. The sun rttea exactly at C a. m. and sets at 6 p. m. throughout the year, aad is vertically overhead at noon.-- Sditor Harry W. L-ewlfl, j Two thing* political may now be I ipoken of aa cnkliy deiermtued and as- kurt*i, LIU. that Mr. McKlnltry will receive lie Republican nomination for liie rueddency; second, teat the stiver peo pie will control the Democratic Nation' ai cjnyeiillon.--Eilior C. E. Tburmtmi. TEK report of the health officers after their recent Inspection, that Frederick IB cleaner, healthier and In better condition than ever before, is very gratifying and very timely. With plenty of pare water and good sanitary and hygienic conditions prevailing, Frederick can looklfor- ward to a summer season of little eick- ittH and no infection. "The 8*turd*y Newa." TEK News today conveys to its readers In eight well-filled pages the story of the events of the pasting hour, given in dispatches of comprehensive character from mil quarters of the world, in detailed reports of local happenings, and in let Seri of vailed interest trom the county towns. The bright, freah spirit of the rare Jane weather is reflected in -Xbe departments especially provided for general reading. "Mary Jane' cndlthe "Market Scribe" contribute ·picTicolumni; there are short stories ·ketches, poems, choice mUcellany, and Illustrated articles of unique value on the "Farm and Garden," "Live Stock," the "Dairy and Creamery," road making, building, etc., such subjects being treated in which the vital welfare of the people it wrapped up. Choice entertainment is afforded to Aoaae readers in the graphic sketches by Captain George L. Kilmer, treating to day on the attack at Petersburg. The ftanday school lesson Is given in full, the ·"Congo Cannibals" are described In an absorbing sketch that depicts their appetite for human fieih; "Women Doctors in Imdia" are told about, and a myriad topic* of timslv Interest are treated. The trade and traffic of the city are perfectly mirrored in the columns devoted to the advertisements of our busy merchants, ·which are well worth perusing. They are the barometer of the city's commercial and industrial progress, and it la very gratifying to say that they constantly xeveal a aatislactory growth onward and apward toward greater prosperity and plenty. CUBRKJT COMXE5T. VMstac Opinion* of Topic* Loo*] ·ad General. Tfee House of Representative* announce* to the country that it do*en'l Hke to be scolded. · · At the prceent moment over 30 mem- txn of Parliament regularly pedal down to the Houae of Commons daily- · » ·Being a prince has its ad vac tare*. Wale* owns the fa*te*t English yacht, and one of U* bone* hai jut won the .Derby. * « Prof. C. A- L.Totten, a former instructor in Tale, baa iasued a calendar for past aad f ature time, covering a period of 67, 31S.S50 jears. · * Kngland is losing no time in cultiva- ttag China. During his stay in Moscow. L! Hong Chang has b«en wined and fined by the Xnglish Ambassador. · * A. petition In favor of female suffrage, «%ned by 357,000 wo«a«a. was--by per. ·ssitOB of the Borne 8ecretary-on view *-i Westsmtaster Hall recently, prior u "Bg preteated to the House. We would by fir prefer temporary defeat while battling for the prosperity aad progress of our town, rather than success in a movement that Indicates only self- 'sbness, spite and hindrance lo the prosperity and progress of the town. We may be wrong, but we have not been convinced of the fact as yet, and the experience of all progressive towns ID the country la on our tide. We believe that a water works system I* not only a good thing for our town, but an actual and ultimate necessity, and we will be found battling for this idea until it is an accomplished fact.-- Editor E. C. Bnafer, Brunswick. The Frederick Junior and Bentttown Bard base ball teams are scheduled for a game on Monday evening next. The rooters will confer a favor upon the players by keeping back from ths base line and not Interfering with the game. -George Cinm. THE PI/EA OF THE CITY CH1L0HRN. I passed wan faces in the city streets, And smitten places, where grlm-vlssaged want, And poverty, and suffering, and woo Abode within dark doorways. Little waifs, Faint and care hardened as no child should be, On every hand the hunger of their lot, The outcast stain, the tonch of tribute §ln, The raylesa gloom where love walked not nor joy, Nor any bright sweet comforter but death -Who came full oft to claim some little form, To touch with hand of pallid mold some cheek, No whiter e'en for death's cold marbling. I saw them play In courts and alleys vile With refute rags and dregi of cumulous smut; MUsmlc odors and close fctii air Tween city walls where scarce the sun could pierce And never the breeze of country meadows blow. Hot lips, parched tongues, scant clothed and plaintive forms, Dread rings of doom around dull haunted eyes- Picture of woe and misery complete, Thrilling the heart profound with sympathy, Rending the soul with torment at a voice I thought called out in hollow cadence blenf: "Save us, O save us, world that passes byl We who are sinless and came not, but sent As messengers from heaven, have our part; We, the forerunners of the future race! Are we such dross that we are left to die, No mother anas to clasp us in their love; Brute fathers, red with crimson stains of crime, Drink- bloated, heartless-tempered and morose. Pity us, pity us, pause and pity lend! For we, too, know life's wider usefulness. Inherent in the blood ot every child Lurks the wild gipsy love for wandering, Love of the bloaiomy meadows, hunger pain For fields where clover and wild daisies dwell, Streams that engulf the glistening peb bles awept By their cool currents where the wood land ways Stretch all Che long years onward to still deeps Of quiet rest, green shadows and cool lanes. We hear the sea, too, muttering Its com plaint. The golden shore, how soft for feet to run'. The leaping foam, the laughing hearted spray, The marvelous wide billows sweeping in Leagues and far leagues across the cool O, save us, save usl give us to the sky, The fields, the brooks, where myriad blossoms blowl Here we lie down to perish, withered buds That might, transplanted to the country's heart, Bloom in pure manhood, womanhood and take In time our place in the great struggle still, Filling our round of duty and replete With lofty sense of forthright honor, truth, Citizenship; where light and learning lead Follow the path of destiny and cleave Our way vo conquests glorious, and renown." So j ust, »o true, so beautiful the plea, I heard and wept and longed to comfort them, And deemed it well that I should take the Wings, Song-gifted and irradiant with the sun Of Seng's illnminaat mb.ody. that ere- while Some wltt the power to help them might give ear, For just such splendid service waits the race, Heedless, that passe* ever idly by. Self-cantered aad self-satisfied, alas! Nor ever dreaming of their strength to help, Their grace to send the sunlight to such lives, To save aad cheer and glorify the child! --The Bentttcwm Bard. C L H H E N T YEilSE. Ooutribuuxl and Selected Poetry, Old and New. lilnalon. God and I In epac« alone, And nobody else In view. Auu " «ir uore are ie people, U borii!" 1 aatd, "The earth below and the iky o'erbead And the dead whom once i kcewT" "That wts a dream," God trailed and said: "A dream that seemed to be true. There were no people living or dead, There was no earth and no bky o'erhtaj-- There was only Myself and yon." "Why do I feel no fear," I n,ked, Meeting You here this way? "For 1 have sinned, I know fall well; And is there Heaven, and is there hell, And U this toe Judgment Day?" "Nayl tbosa were but dreams," the great God aaid; "Dreams that have ceased to be, There are no such things as fear, or sin; There Is no yon--you never have been-There is nothing at all but ice!" --ELLA WHEBLKK WILCOX. A Rlrt* for Mi Yon.havc heard of brave; men's fearless rides i~^,i *·/ · Throneh perils of War and of Btorm, For honor or country or dear firesides. And you praised them with praise warm. Well, here Is another ride for life From perils more dread and black Than ever were raleed by War's red strife Or followed the Deluge's track. When the light goes on; on the Mountain top And the shadows fallen the Plain, And damning blues give your blood's course stoo And the world Is petty and vain; When Languor and Sloth and Indifference . S' S^^-' '·*- · aUni Have swamped your soul In their muck, And the only thing that's Reality Are the heavy clouds of 111 luck; Oh, then Is the lime for your life to ride, For Death lurks there in the gloom, But Hope lies over the border aide, Where Sunshine's flowers bloom. The Hope that maketh the tad heart glad, And causelh the sore to heal. Lies jnrft at hand, and you reach its land By the way of the whirling wheel. LETTERS FROM THE PEOPLE. Torrent Oommnnlcatiooa TIE BALTiMOitfi PITERS. T3B !!,¥* CK.JL7.kE. Bkiiiscore Bera!c*: Free sliver aetss to be sweeping the coaotry. A wave of [Tax NEWS desires It to bo distinct!/ understood that it is not rcsponilble lor the views and opinions expressed In tatters appearing under this bead. This department it for the free expression of the Ideas f t the people, imd all contributions pruperlr eigned, and couched m respectful language will be welcome.] FLZASXD WITH CAMBRIDGE. To tbe Editor of THX MEWS. It was my pleasure last week to spend a day at Cambridge, Md. I arrived at the hotel about one o'clock and after dinner while sitting in Iront of the hotel, I heard a gentleman jokingly ask a bystander If he waa ready to help bury a Frederick man, as one had just arrived in town. I ascertained that this remark was caused by an editorial which appeared In the Frederick NEWS a few weeks ago when Cambridge succeeded in getting the bicycle meet. I was very much surprised in travelling over the Eastern Shore to find that THE Nxws editorial about Cambridge had been read and was commented on in every town 1 visited. While at Cambridge I was taken in a carriage and escorted over tbe town, accompanied by the Secretary ol the local Bicycle club, and shown [all points of interest, and I can truthfully aay that Cambridge is a beautiful place. The Choptank river, two miles wide, flows by the city, and i was shown where a number of bath houses were to be ere: ted for the accommodation of tbe bicycle people who might desire to enjoy salt water baths. There are quite a number of handsome residences, most of which are set back in beautiful yards with plenty ol room for flowers and shrubbery. The roads are all made with oyster shells and are hard and smooth and not a hill to be seen anywhere. I am not a bicycle rider myself, but It looks to me as it bicycle riders could cot find anywhere better roads over which to ride. The hotel proprietors have rented all the school buildings and will fit them up so they may be able to accommodate all visitors to the bicycle meet. The Cambridge people treated me In the most hospitable mauuer, and from expressions heard oa every hand I feel sure that our bicycle friends will be well taken cars of when they attend the meet. F. B. j'. *c« « :2 Mle lit tcelal IBU money cas cjclo£«, avi U »-:ro»» '.!e Coottaect. c-. ·»- iii it* c...*: cL i/l*ct», soocd stttaey cl::zcc8 art jii: E.CW In danger of *:*mp«i'.cg before '.!« wted. ita'. LLeic U a g'.*xl (ioa; of cwrrt oct*e atu conJuiiua la IL.S sliver wblrlwltd. it wUi pr?t*biy so', t* ta^ ·-· ie- tiroeiive i* i:c preaeat appewrce wouL'l tdlc»'.c Storm* oftea t ow over without uoleg *ny damage, *cd tucn atu»iitl d*moartr»'ioc» (/I popular fcenlim«nt a-c qalte oftec lltt'.p*'.el be !ore tcey »:rt*«r. Ti^fti w»* tie ^rt«a L-ack movement, for txunple, hd tie Popttllut cr*ze. whict sir. J. J Icgai^ dfecli-ed cjald net be "wnis-.led down the wisu." Yel both of tte»« lowertcg storms vaaUfced at qa:ckiy as they came. It l. pkrttcuUrly advUable at thtt pret- ent time that intelligent men should not lose their bcula. Let them HacJ up and face the itorm, titeid of ruehicg franti cally into hid teg to escape a tornado which m»y not break. Taelr confidence will inspire others, and remit, quite likely, in tb« complete embarrassment and confusion of the forces which threaten th« stability of sound financial well belog. [Mr. Sapplngton'a impressions of Cambridge are no doubt correct, but he missed seeing one of the curiotlUea of the place if he overlooked the letter which a "True Marylsnder" wrote to tbe Mayor of Cambridge from Frederick protesting against the loyalty of the Frederick papers to their own city. The author used the cowardly method of th* ancaymooa scribbler and failed to sign his name, bat tie epistle is prized by a number of the Intelligent and cultured citizens of Cambridge a* one of tbe rarest specimens of human littleness they have ever met with.-- TEX Naws.1 Sadie Bmxton Iead. Little Sadie Buzton. the six year old daughter of lir. and Krs. Richard L. Bazton, of Qaiihersburg, died yesterday at GarQeld Hespittl, Wazhington, from the effects of tbe assault on her. George Keale's brother, Charlea Nesle, was arrested at Gslthersburg yesterday charged with complicity In the crime. NO VEOrlBTV Baltimore American: U seem* clear, from the logical and clean cut decision ncation in the elective franchise will not be legal In Maryland until there Is a decided change In the Constitution. A law was passed imposing a qualification of (100 upon all who voted In ibe municipal elections In Belalr. The conn nold* tha:, under the Constitution, such conditions cannot be prescribed In any election field IB tbe state, eiiber general or municipal. "If," says Judge Walters, "the legislature has the right to prescribe a qualification of $100, it £s the right to make it $100.000, aad it IB Idle to say that the frs.merj.of oar Constitution assumed that the legislature would exercUe Its power within reasonable limits." This i* the result that was expected. Maryland has been and to for tbe freest possible use ot the suffrage. There are some who would limit it, and there are some good arguments for a property qualification in the business of running towns and cities, but in the long ran these thing) hare a bad Effect. If you take away a vote from any man, yon de- b'.tuy iuo iavci6tl ttQd piiiio lo uiai extent, and tbe man who has net $100 today, may be one of the rich men within a few years. There have been times In the careers ot the best men of tbe country when they could not swear to $ 100 ot property. The poor of today are the wealthy of tomorrow, and very often the poor are the ones who advance good government. In this country of free opportunity there should be a free vote in all elections. THE BKPDBLICAN FOLICT. Baltimore News: The developments of the last few days make the triumph of the free-silver men at Chicago very probable. Sound money Democrats should not in the slightest relax their efforts to prevent this result, and It Is still fully possible that a change may come over the situation before the Convention meets. But the probability that the Democratic platform and candidate will be for the free coinage of silver at the ratio of 16 to 1 IB a circumstance that at this moment is of more immediate concern to Republicans than to Democrats. What are they going to do at St. Louis the week after next! Will they bid for tha silver vote by a flabby compromise, or will they concentrate the sound money sentiment of the country, Democratic as well ai Republican, in support of the Republican nominee? That is the all- important question of the day. It Is evident that the silver Democrats are counting on large accessions to their ranks from among the Republicans of the great agricultural regions of the West. .Nor can U be doubted that they are justified In this expectation. The life of the silver movement in the West comes from the distressful condition of large sections of the agricultural population who seiza upon the silver men's doctrines as furnishing the explanation of thetr 111 condition, and grasp ac their scheme as one that promises speedy relief. This spirit has nothing to do with party, and Its intensity, among those whom it controls, U far too great to be held in check by party tlee. Nor can the Republicans hope to win over the men of this class by any vagnj or oracular utterance, holding out the prospect that they may "do something tor sliver." The farmers who have been brought over to the free-silver cause want free silyer, and they want it at once. The promise of "coinage of silver under such restrictions as may be established by legislation" they will regard aa a mockery of their demands, an attempt to retain their support by smooth words, which are Intended lo convey to sound money men an assurance that the gold standard will be maintained, while bold ing out indefinite promises to the opponents ot the gold standard. Tbe Western silver men, Republicans as well as Demo crati, are much too far gone in pursuit ol their purpose to be caught by any such chaff. If the Democrats come out flat for free silver, and the Republicans try to straddle, they will vole the Democratic ticket. TEE BICTCLX R1VOL.TTTIOH. Baltimore Sun: The present generation Is witnessing a quiet social revolution which, like all such revolutions, 1* affecting many Interests in an unexpected manner. By putting mankind and worn ankind on wheels and convening the labor of locomotion Into enjoyment, the bicycle has materially altered the habits occupations, diversions and business relations of millions of people. That it is benefiuing tbe race seems to be bey one question. According to an eminent physician, "Thousands upon thousands of men and women who, till within a few years, never cot any outdoor exercise at all. are now devoting half their time to healthy recreation, aresUengtieniag and developing their bodies, and are not only reaping benefit themselves, but are preparing the way for future generations ·which will be born ot healthy parents We are no longer to be the victims o dyspepsia ant! rheumatism, but wll correct indiscretions of diet an exposure by timely splas. Our Habs, no longer exiguous or preternatur ally fat, are to be padded with firm, well tempered muscle, and the quickened circulation of the blood, induced by daily exercise, will show Itself in improve complexions and better spirits. Former!; It required an Iron will to sustain thecit; man or woman in taking the exercise required to keep all tba fanctioas of thi booy is bealtay play. Even a well man could hardly make up Us mind to come daily to the scratch with his dumb-bells or walk tbe prescribed number of miles, It was disagreeable, and tbe more the exercise was needed the lees was one disposed to take it. With the bicycle the · case is wholly different. The rider en- i jays Us ride and ii every day eager to remew It lie 1* happier in Bind wtUe etulde his swift steed. Hi* heart expands, and social ille is wkie«*d by the of comradeship that is tkT^i": ^-i wteeiiea. f ctre are, however, drawbacks wfeich j are ft:i tii vi.-ic-a* iibcg of basJuese. Tflr j fch«ai»8 tiirer aes, tte M-rElder tariff | asc ia« 16 to I exltaUoo ** reaponil'-e,' no doe-.:., for ».acc uv_e, bu: c-., U *eem*, for d tbe la-'A times, fit dispo- *'..'..- 'j' ··;·-}':,·. 1) tO Sale up JE.vie ii i bay «a-*i« U rcapottls-e for dtcreued f tales IP. many qaiiera. Tbe blcyc je I r» i:c coi^ic^ n.osey, tut tin plccitd. To* coefe:4oa« it*'- ice yoccg mta co ^ocger brings tlb be*: ^itl U. l;e*l icr to ico asd soia water, in 1 , beta are ecoa- g. Hit candy and chewing gem | are "i drag." ilrtro afler each it*i par { ciii»ed a wheti licit lortter rUUs are j few aci far be'we*c. u they speed their j tel»art cxrwrrjjg inrougs uae park. Jeweler* find Lett parent* give their children whteis instead of wt'.cties, ring., brico leu, £c. Smokers conet unoce well rblie riding s! iLit tlu Ue lobaccv- EIL The consumption of cigars has decreased by 040.000.UUO a year. Similarly the saloonkeeper toilers from the fa :t that the cyclist needs a clear head. I: was bat a few L'UTS ago that a bu*b*nd charged by faU wife with bclsg drunk and violent, established his inno cence to lb* tatlsfaction ot the court by proving merely that at the time of the alleged drunkenness be had jost returned trom along ride. Ihe hours formerly wasted in Changing around barrooms or btlllard ''parlor*" are now better spent la a "sweater." Tbe theatres complain that they are ruined by diminished attendance, the last season belne the poorest for yean. Tne cause is the bike, for what with aavlg money lo buy ad riding U when bought, young people have no time r inclination for sedentary amusements, jo prevalent has the iuMi of riding on Sunday become In Chicago that theatres which formerly made money on that day live had to close. The churches, un- ortunately, suffer to like extent. SKRiOUSCHAK(iK. A Servant Accnied of Attempting to Polaou a Family. Debbie Oakey, colored, aged 15 years, was arrested by Constable Ru!os Hood, of Ml. Airy district, and taken to Jill at Westminster Thursday. The girl was a servant In the family of William Borer, at RIdgevllie, this county, and she is accused of making two attempts to poison dr. and Mrs. Boyer by putting Paris green in their coffee. The firat attempt, 't Is charged, was made on Tuesday, and .he second on Wednesday. Mrs. Boyer was tasen quite sick after eating her ireakfast on Wednesday, and suspicion being aroused that the sickness was caused by the coffee, an investigation was made and a green substance was found in the cup and some Paris green was found elsewhere abont the house. ACHISJC OIL BT THE C4K 03. GAJLLOK. KLJBKCK C«TAD f^-Jt 0«BB«T. riKB TOILKT 8O4.P CBSAP. MOtfc M W QCEKKSWAJt* OK HAKD. CAi-L ASH cUM T8KM AT NOTICES. KO- «15 E^l'lTY- Ir tbe Ori-uit Court t(jr Fr« dervk County, en- ··^e m t;u;ty. -.t ami wxlt s, Ca!:.v;.£t J Oi' b'LTlMOJU, M D . ^ Ur »t UK tUlfC ut liLidEiiOCK A SUK :OT two i iaj .! Jiav. *54». .\ L. J"i'.riAS. rt:-' r.~_ C F OR R B N T N o s O U FH MA.R- ket street, containing 5 rooms. Immediate possession. Apply to frank Suman. TjV)RRENT. -1? N oe. 5 and 9 E. 3rd St., 3 story new houses; NOB. 6SX and 70 West Church St.. 94 S. Pat rick St., al«0 NOS. 217-210-301-326 and 330 W. Patrick tic. William A. ManjDeld. Banker and Broker. ang6dly TjHR ttENT.--SIX ROOM, TWO X? story brick house. Mo. 67 B. Fourth St. [8.50 per month Apply to A. T. £ice i sons. maj'Jtiltf O ~ STICKS FOR RENT.--LARQE^ bright and cheerful office* in th« Flnt National Bank building, slneln or communicating. Apply at bank. aprSdtt F OR RENT.--DWELLIHO HOUSE In rear of First Nat. Bank, and oter W. 17. Telegraph office; !mtncd:ate nossesstoa Elven. Bdward Hewes,Joon u. Matter. Attorneys at Law. apr24dtr F OR RENT.--ONE SEVEN ROOM house with gas and water, on East f atrick street. Apply to J. E. VT. Hargetu reb!4dtf TTiOR RENT.--2 FINE S STORY X: brick home* on B. Church St., containing- 10 rooms aca bath, heated with Furnace and open Rrate fires, kange. lighted with gas and electricity. PoaeMlon given April 1st, 1886. Apply at News Office. janWStawtT W ANTED.--A COOK. GOOD wage* to a competent person. Apply at 45 X Weat Third street. 3e4d3 W · ANTED.--NEAT ACTIVE BOY at Mrs. Norrt*' Mil'laeiy store. W ANTED.--AN EXPERIENCED white woman to do general housework In family of two. Good wattes. Belerenoe required- Apply 79 X. 2nd St. JuneSdlw* ANTED,--RELiABLE MEN TO · F canras. Salary fiom start. AddreiB, N. C. Benson. No. 27 We« 2nd bt. leldtw' W W ANTED AT ONCE.--ACTIVE agent* for each Ceunty. Bxctuatve control and no risk. Will clear 12 to 26 hundred dollars a ye*r. Enclose stamp for roll particular* or 25c. for $1. sample. Big Bap- Id* Mineral Water Co., Big iupids, may28dlm W ANTKD--AN AGENT IS EVERY lection to canvas*; 14 to $5 a day nude, ·ell* at light; alao a man to *ell staple goods to dealers, beat llde line.$75 a month. Salary or large commimon maoe experience nnoeoe*- sary. ClUton Boap * Manufacturing Co^ CIP- octtd2awl W AMTBD. -- FOR U. S. ARMY, able-bodied, nnmarnea men, between ages of 21 and SO. citizens of the United States, of good character and temperate habit*, who can (peak, read and write tagliah. For Information, apply, preferably by letter, to Be~ crnittng t,ffioer. Washington Barracks. D. C., or Ft. Myer, Ya. apraadewediat till530 W ANTED---ACTIVE, RELIABLE men to trarel and solicit order* for fraltandormentalnnneryatocc. Permanent employment and good pay. tererence required. Address the B. O. Chaaa Co. South town Square. Philadelphia. mayUdeodaet F OR SALS.--FOUR HORSE POW- er engine and boiler, nearly new: lawn mower*. Apply to Jno. eomber. 8. Market Bt. Jeodlw T?«OR SA.LB.--A 2 HORSE ENGINE J? Kultabl* for cream ueftsrsSm, trfll be add cheap. Apply at thla office. F OR 8ALR.--FREDERICK COUN- ty Rational Bank Stock. AddrcesP. O, 70S, rrecertck. Md. nor£d 17 pioperiy tare* maa cot uw: ej«* u Hie g GBBATfeT CA US liTIzX,' CSTIKG GLAtbto FOH CHII-DEKK. Bye* ex»"i-ntd tree ot charge. T«O X g LOAN.-- J5GO. U*m .103 ON MORT- F IRST CLArtj BOAHD WITH pltamnt oooi room* atsi hone eomforu can be »ecur*d at 36* W. .Third ou »ra. Milter. ICXUC SPECIALTIES. Ham. Tongue. Pheasant. Chicken. Turkey. Kmeiu, turdinea, Bicxuer and Sardine rute, iJevilaa Crabs, Ijataier. CH-JDOO. ulive*. jftckle*. Pine App:«. Edam. and cream Cbetitt. ttae Craekeira. ifiocolate. falcger. Gra- .»«!** *!.«. l . l t i l ' j U C C »* »lC£». gJttiKT ft KNOTT. J Ai'IVE WlNKo A«l CLAKJiTd. laabella. HUB, Catawba. Port. Sherry. White Tokay and Butckberry Wmes. Hover Lett!, Zinlandel and Monuoello Clarvts. BJtSArfT KKOTT. . daUy. Compreased Tent, rccehed BB3AKT tc. KNOTT. rpH2 CHETWOODJJ, Pacific Avenue, near Indiana. ATLANTIC CITr. C'ne minute's walk from t*ach. Under new management. Long distance telephone 299.. H. V. YORK. R SALS CHEAP. THS FIKtST HACHIK1 PLANT to Frednrick City. cou«l*ting of a firat cl«« ea(rice and DOUer. Jatbea. dnua, planer, abaper. Yiaeabafttag.brttttit.naMLtooJa.fcL. in good order. Tbe above Bachtoery will be SOU cheap, and tbe porcbaver cao ehher i»nov« the plant or lent the factory at a moderate price. Apply to BO-J BVLKR BKOS^ aprfWSm rrederiek CSty. Md. -CV)R SALB.-DB8IRABLS BUILD- £ In* Iota opposite Steam Brick Tanda. Apply at this Offlce. Jaolldtf DIVIDEND NOTICE, TaiDEaiGK COUNTY XAUOKAI, HA* a% * FKDCICX.MD-. June 2nd, 1886. 1 The board of director* of the Frederick County National Bank tare this day ~ ' a seini-aniratJ dividend of THBESPKRCEST. (clear of taxes) payable oa and after Monday June 8th, 1886. J. W. L. CABTT, je4d3Uwlt Cathler. HA.T THE PEOPLE BAT. H. Bo? d Berne*. W-ter V-Usy. Ey-.TrrlUi: '1 fled Balsam of Bctebuda to be as represented on your circular*. Enclosed find money order for l dozen boies. Send at once." A. lepptrt, Balto., Md..writes: "Balsamof Botebuds Is the only preparation that cured my cracsed hands.'' MissB- Anderson. Orange, Eamaa, writes: ·Balaam of Koeebuda 13 the best to lie c prepa- ratlOL I ever used. Makes icin unooth and white Like n*glc for removicEian.aunbum, plmplos, ic. Would not Ite without it fur ten .1m-* the price." We earnestly desire every reader of tfcis superb Journal to try Baitam of .ttoaeDuo* and 3e convinced that there is no other preparation on the market to equal it for skin tilstaaea and toilet. 1 wo siz?B. price lOc- and 2Sc., at druggist* and dealers or cent by T*". cample 'ree. THB 6. T. EMITH MANDFACTTTKUStt CO- WOOD3BOBO. MD. T ADIES MUSLIN UNDERWEAR SALB. For the next ten days we will tell all our UNDKEWEiS AT A GBKAX RBDUCIION. Much cheaper than yon cm have them made. Try one of our new ityle P. H. CoRaSTS if yon ivant a perfect fit and round tapering walsi. We have them in different prices. «.. B. 4 D. MANTZ, jelldly 16 South Market St. V ALLEY QUEBaf 8TOVB HOUSE. New firm. lew gocda. New store. All goods strictly lirtt class in every particular, Pooling and spouting a ipeciallty. cummer nove* always on hand at the Valley Queen Btove House, C. f. smith ttson, aprUJdSai WA8H, WINDOW AND SWEIFINS BHUHHIS. We have white wash bruihea for outside work lor 5 cent* and np; good brushes for in- sine work for 40 cents and up. If you want a list clats window or (weeping brush, com^ in and look over our stock, r. B. SAPPINGTON, 73 H. Market St. W EARS MAKING CABINET FHOTOGRAPH3 AT $1 TO S3 PBB DOZEN, Photographs made ^ ^ iae * direct with Camera, or enlarged from imali picture*. We are making the finest and cBeapest crayon In the city. it i ou want » One told, aliver, gilt, steel or cak portrait frame, we have th* lateit styles. Yon are reqaeated to call and aee them. Try onr *20, ^30 and $4O craj on, band- ·omely framtd. They will con youtlO or US more in the larger cities. Bemember, we dont employ any but first class artist*, amongst them aprague, Hathway * Co^ Boston. Call and see. teeing Is believing at BUEBEB'3 PHOTOGBAPH GAXiBBT. 23 North Market St. octSdawiy T INDSAT EICBISON, . EckateinJ 1 7 « 1 K » T N B U R A N C K . X! I K * _1_* B T J B A N C B. CONTINmNTAL. OBiKNT. OFFICE-- Court Street, Frederick, Md. feblldaw6m A. POOLS. CONTRACTOE AND BITLLDES. 68 WIST SOUTH STBIKT, FKBD1BICK, MIX I have all modern appliance* for tbe prompt and ·Bbafactory execution of all kind* of ·work; also derrick, ropea,block* and Jack* tor remoTing buildings, heavy material. *c- BttiELSte* cheerfallr gtren on all bostoes* In my line. NOAH. E. OBAMER. N OAH E. CRAMER, BJEAL B8TAT* * TBtl IN8T7BANCB. Call and hare your proper tj msmed IB ol* and reliable Fir* Insurance Oompuie*. mocks. Bond* and Mortgagssbougnt asd sold FOB BALK. l*t.-144acre farm at Walkersrllle. 2nd.--10 acre* at Mi. FleMaat. 3rd.--10 acre larm adjoining City. 4th.--Botno and tot In Voooiboro. Sta.--Building tot In WalkczcTflje. eau--f JO-OuO. to loan on Mortgage, 7th.--V B. H. Eet*o2"s property at Hopeteod. 8th.-J. D noore* fans of 306 acre* ot and near Gaitbezaborg. Md. 9th.--Mr*. Done?** firm near Vew Market. 10th.--tot* IB Korth W«*t addition to Frea- ertck boagfet and sold, desirable sntmrban stuwity. _,,, lltfc.--Otfcw Cfty. VEQBJI* atrf Oemtrj property. Oaaa««f*t!tt. HOAH B. CBAMXB. aad Floor of Fim national Bank BcMttg! CAKO. NOTIOfi. ib* rej'or»tton of my brtwerj r*- iroyiM bj £re. 1 tare Mrro(ed u vuaaxn ittt i- e trade »-coeril!y wUb i-tir ;u»i. ceicUfcicii OCTMKJ.I o! Toe (J It-be ur«:w_~g fa. o: ivuUQ.ire Oulabnu. (p»ic J M uen xmer (crfcj u» ooncodt! to U» firlnftnuy m i b- vary Hr»t r*ck ot A aert- ' e^clutirtly e!dcce3 I'jrali SttmoUQifU bviwoca Baiitmare ted Gtrana. tbc i corairitmetti i-£»t ObUJi to beitowei 03 an Amer:;«n beverajfc o» rcrther tv.dersee of ice tutcrwjntr ol these bnr*. u m»r bo mentioned iuu ttter tu-c 'he only bcv«mie«of Maryland Brcwcnc* ituppto aed end In New tf- ACMJiuEo uiiric JOHN u ouib Agent. SPECIAL NOTICE. Notice i* ht-nrbj iri\i-Q laftt the n of laics wilt uicet os MONDAY. JUNE IST, istw, at 9 o'clock, a. m.. at the City Hi-fc-isUrr'e office. anil rtcstt'E 12 t.-ss;ou liaiiy Iruc; iLe hours ot i o'clock, a. m-. to 1- m-. and Irani 1 toi-1 o'clock, p. u^ uuily, durint, two »co.s- tollow- InK said date, to bear apptstlf, iunl.c uausf ere and comet the levy of lbW. Alter adjourn- aicnt the bookJ will be closed. All persons Interested w:ll please takt notice. FRAXCIS T. RHODES, N. J. WILSON. J. GEO. LAMBERT. Commissioners. AT i'ORNUllC. - A'l A LFRED ij. -ui*K»r-Ai-^*'iv. COCET 6TEKET, FKBDKBICK. KO. Particular attention to Commercial law and Collect on*. DKCKEKo PHOC0BED F^KTHK 8ALK OF KEiL ESTATE, AND OSPHANS' CUCKT BDSI«S;-S ATTENDED TO. jan6dtwly WANTKD, W ANTED.--WOOD LOT, 15 TO 20 aena. Bamfiton Lindsay. 3e3d6: W ANTED.--SAW LOGS WANTED of all kind* of wood. Nsae In put, cheatnat. gas*, elm. *c-. sic. Cnt m 10-12-14-16-18 and -JO feat tengtfaa. Bought for cash delirered at the Palmetto fiber Oo-H works, e*tt«nd of Bast C ed, neSenck, Md. uaa lumber for sale aad sawed to nit. mayl»vlkwly L 08T.-IS MBPOHDIHG TO AH alamof Are. Tuesday or Weoaesday.a double mate screw. Finder wfll reeelve a ·vttabto nward If returned to Wa. P. Btoe, TrMSnterof Junior 8, F. m. Go, Jotdlw d£-on G. Crcer. Clayton U. Keedy.- Bammond Urner. UHKB, KKXDY UHNBK. Attorneys and Counselors at and bollcitors in Chancery. Will attend promptly to all Law. .Equity and 1 ectameniary Builnesa. OFFICBS:--Becord ttreet- Oppoeite Court Houae, Frederick, Md. mchlSdJtwtf C 1HARLES P. LBV Y, ATTOSNKY-AT-LAW, Succcetsor to C. V. B. Levy. OF HCB-- Court Street, oppcslt Court House Special Attention given to securing decrees for the tale ot realeatte. Prompt and careful attention will be given to all business pifced In my bands. W. 0. ELDRTDQS. OT GONE OUT OF BDS1NE88 AS aKPOKTED.5BDT MOVED INTC^A EABC GKK AND MOEK COKVBNIBNT KOOM.WHBBHWBWILI. BE PIEA8ED TO 8KB AT.T. DUE FJBIBNBS AND CTJSTO- MBHS. We have jott returned from the City with an SLE0ANT LINE OP AND NOTIONS WHICH WB PBOP031 TO SELL AT PBICJtS. AT OTJK N«W BOOH, NO. 6 WEST PAT- HICK ST., ONE BOOB FSOM UAJtKXT. WILLBS PL»A8SITOHAVBYOTJCALI» W- C. ELDRLDGB, 6 W. PATEJCK ST. FBE0EB1CK. MI . THOMAS ^^^^^S*«^^*.^«W^^^XN EAL ESTATE. CLARY. S. S. XHOMAb. JNO. K. CTLABT. SKAL «3TAT1 AND LOAS A61NT8. Mortgagee Bought ana Sold on Commisalar ' Money to Loan on good Mortgages, in Sums Salt. l*t.--We have for sale a farm of 34 acres, » miles irom .Frederick, is Baker's Valley. 2nd.---A farm of 175 acre*. 6 Bile* Bast of Mt Pieaeant. 3rd.--A fine farm of 126 acres X mile . ot Frederick. 4th.--A small farm of 21 acres, 3 mile* West of Frederick. 6th.-Many other city and farm propertto* call for particular*. 6th.--Mr. 8. F. Stnll property of 5 acre* aad fln» imiit»eu)»ntB. gltuatec on West Foartb ·ireer extended. 7th.--Two offices for rent In good part of city cheap. Office No. 90 West Patrick Bt_ Frederick, M4. TBAH*. K NOW ir. We know the Coal we are selUcgooa** from the be*t mine*. We dont boy any but tbe best. This tt true of Dotfc our HAKD ASD SOFT COAL. Then, too, oar Ooaitt well scxeeced andiron, turners who boy from n* get Coal, NOT DIET, Caa we supply you/ SuSLL t " rg * * ~THE BT3PFALO. "rpH3B BUFFALO." TH» FINKT S10CKED BAB IN THS CITT. Trya glass of C.-JB. »TAH8 *8O»8 CBM ALB. .WHISKIta B«Be of KalsoB Whia, OM ow. Hoatcr Bye, __ Jaoxbnry Hye, King's Pure Sye, Old Hk By*. LW.Hanwr. MeltfOW AltamoDt JEje. CBABS AND CLAMS ·applied at loweat prtoes. The only Bar seQlct Tal Slats Lager Beet. CHAS. N. HAUBB.

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