The Weekly Gazette from Colorado Springs, Colorado on April 30, 1881 · Page 4
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The Weekly Gazette from Colorado Springs, Colorado · Page 4

Colorado Springs, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 30, 1881
Page 4
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V'^V"" .v n ^ -- -- ·£-* O-rx -- ^ A .. Dorsey seems to lave cuistec down. - e made ais money out o-" oosta contract, anc cisiikes t'ae inves igation o : Bracy. rAN:T:7's :-73s?s. u n c e TM e a - t J O U 2 l i : i s TM- . excursion. anc one w*ca characterizes Tae Snakes, who, in common with a.. va or and noo eness o' ou on tae programme. i it as a ,ew ^ngjinc excursion, is j e :act .neZsoia, possess hereditary legencs to ac- the Same avenging c.u a, ' /-..-» j The money b r t i e i o t e is nesr.y raisec. Taose who lave no: contri jutec s loulc ca a:onceontiecommi:teeandsubscriDe :he ; j saare. Tie project must no: -ai. now. -n corop uting tae arrangemen :s nothing taat taere are :e-» more iacies than gettV count *°.r! a ^ natura - Phenomena, or any whica overhang Ue rivulet, US ;, has been ,.e-"t uncone that cou d in tae men in toe party ' · * extraordinary occurrences waiciarebe- sight o' this scene o- D-.OOC ; anc "or _ _ _ . _ · ' + ^ ** r * VOnr t "iWV rf»n r*r **ftmnr**-i«*riciftn SQVA t\* *·** « A ,*'. ._._....,*,. :_ _ . eas. ace to tae comfort of each and every anj casern an Some aatriot s.iou c give tae reoub ican cancicates-"or ounces in tie senate $ico,- coo. whic i is a xut t ic amount D " oay they wou'd receive unti, N'ovemaer, and e: ' '*rce cease. n _C . aecuestion o- tie successor o-"3ea- c-ms'ie G as a eacer o- the conservative party is now Deing agitated, "t lies between Lors. Sa issury anc Lore Cairnes. Tia at:er seems to DC mos: genera .y favorec. Jac - _ a e "irst ce:aciment o-" ;ie excursion party waich e't Boston on Tueseay. reacaed ~Cas"~e Rock A:rL iS, reaciec tais city abou: :wo o'c.oc c Sunc ay a-'ternoon. On y a ew moments stop was mace in t i i s c i y , :ae proceecing at once :o Mauitou Deen mace for oneoitnetjarty. Tae tickets number"3g 120 are aandsome.y bound in morocco wita gi! t ecges. As tae .'ourney over a certain stretch of road is accomplished, tie coupon "or taat roac is Detached, leavbg .,iem intact, taus coing away wit' c anger o~ osing *aem. A room aad baggage master accompany the excursion waose exc usive business is 'to assign rooms to the guests uic care for P nc y° m -ady conaden:.y expected to sen or comprehension sarpnse ai incing Col- course, their legendary version the representative o* caus f s whica created, in the micst o' .heir ieart, struct wiu a aare *ut row, it out of brtawita tie rock ooenec into a rounc, c.ear basin, wiici instant.y T ^ecwitii DuabJng spatt- ing water, ;'ianwjjci no -tairsty lun er *£9-aw . au x* 1C JICBC11 Ja_VO u r 7 "TM* -- -- -- -- -- -- i --- ·---- ----- · -- -- ·»·- ««6 naici, - lau w in. i nu IJiirsiy lun er city, as taev aac evicen v iun ? n 2 *ro«Jncs,taese two springs of sweet even cran* a sweeter or coo erdraugat 7, « .jc, jau c»u-eu.-y anc. aitter water: which are a_so in amate v ",,,«,,,,,, Mr : n ,,,.,,,. mpression that t was a sma_ conneotee with : ae cause or separation be'- me"men-o o' u"°"S mncn I-*TM'***"* 9i» a »«!..· -n«»*«9" »«: ~~~ ·- Ie 'Snake. 1 ' Thus runs the .esrenc: TO/W \Ar^«',«_ .1. . .' « 1 · * - ham r. " . v , .. are a^ your mines? saic. one ~*~ GAZETTE reporter. m ne since ~. ', eft 300C Wai? _ kan _ a2a . - enver. v - ' · % Before -. le -Tain hat see "^ - nclijis »'· :on. * sorry ·» anc t r a n w e r e arrangemen's 'iad t'ne accommocation o ' tae entire party a: passenger a " ~3e 3eebee Mouse and upon arrival, a taey hac to do was to hand .heir card con -A ning the^num ber o' their room to coneuctec every *** 8Je wa * ^appoJ» ec. M. Ecgar, the very poou-ar and /- · » v "· ·· Jc gica^ca. a ju -. Coumuo passeng^ agen: of -ie up tieliaxhe: wiu o, Soce .suanc ?aa.ic roac, is a: i*j hunters 'ol.owe . , * » - -- · · -- --. *-»MH *^o** * ***··*-- -AWJUA* --M-fT i C.V : winters ago.waen the Lie two mighty triDes of Ue Shos-shone on the Big Xiyer were no anc Camancae have remainec severec an arrow, and the red men. ' ane aoart; a.thouga a .on°- anc a oocy whoatm:eetaebura.o on tie trains, a.2 war -o .owec .ae treacherous niurcer O' tae tae same .anguage, anc :he pipe on S^os saone coje', and many a sca.p *orn peace breataed.its soda. c.ouc o-" iinnik- from ue aeae o- tae Camancae paid tae .unne/e waenever two parties o" hunters penalty of his eeata. met on tie plains--waen, with Wiist- tae "ndians anc game o- every -cine " " Jave 1U3 IS ~ no naion dug 2^"° tje marve.ous .ountains wita awe one o' anc reverence, : icir Dretaren of *ae 'ol.owec the game into -.hefr , -ace jave regard ec -.aem «u woncer wi-.b, -he excursionists, anc: wM bpuncs, but, on tae contrary, loacec -or anc ce i^at Fremon -e Our cisDatcaes R ives some o-" the cetai.s " 1C 3ee Dee JOUa ^- A ret)resen:a:ive o-' o" 'ae norn D e accident on ne D. R. G. roar. We 5e ieve t u s is tie irst time, in i ic ten years t'ia: t ic road las Deen in oo- eranon Tiat any -jassen^er aas aeen in a.n acciden:. GAZETFE w'lo was esaecia'.v c'e:ailedfor - a s excursion is uneer t ie | persona. Tw sipervision o Mr. .". A. Wai:com, o' than more accommodating conductors and Lev! Greer cou! d . ae our oer cents, are now at a :re- mium o-"5'teen tier cent. Tiis s t i e lign- est ooint reaciec. Tnese DOBCS wi run u n t i . 1907, w i i c i is t i e on.y reason w i y Ue secretary o-" ne treasury c.on't issue jjico.000,000 to use in rereeming tie iSve anc vx 3er cent. Doncs. But -'ew o-" '10 cers o* t,ie them to DC receemec aave t i e m renewec at 3)^ oer cent. Tae partaxen o" 3rea-'ast at -.lie American aouse anc as they were Doarcing tae soe- cia. tram waica was in waiting br taem. Owing to tae terrib e resaets in I inois t ic oarty arrivec at Denver nineteen aours ater Uan :ie time exoectee notwi.istanc- in^ tie-'act i.ia: Uey ,e": Ciicago :wo' experiencec rauroac man. Xe · las trav- ersec ae entire route for tae purpose 6 r making ae arrangements wit.i ;he raL- roacs anc jote/s anci .s consequent-y conn- versa n : with every inch o' ternary which wiL DC coverec DV the excursion. When .i« Darty s:ar ec 'rom Boston t ley were car on the Denver Rio Grance. iSverv New Snglanc swte is lepreaentec aot h wou t v^ a v^ ma%er or who *-soulec peop e f *~ tje-acies are stranger, wit i we.--ri.lee Del.y, .e-: the vi - se/" for Us spring, anc aow, when ae it aatraenec t jar two aunters of dif- reached it, ae lay Gown Dy Ue ecge o' tae ·"^'^·^^"r^ret^^enca 3asin anc "^ o'" tae c e.igat "u. water. ir_e stream o-"wa:er,rising Rux * on was sti.. more entausias:ic; ae 'rom a spring on a roc/e witoin a *ew -'eet sa y s: o'the bane, tric^ee over it, anc 'ei. - aad not on.y aDstainec from s-xashing into tae river. To Uis Ue nunt- Uat c ay, Dut with Uc aic o: a aancXi ° e sa-t hac so f of my -« ^ - cwc ee in :o eight car .oads numbering A-. " " --"»···«· lours a.ieac. o tae ssecnec time. Wiu - r om i -o 9 "aose wno were ansVn o w^itcomb, .he manager o' tae excursion, ^ice in:o the running stream, tie exception o- severa. aggravating ce- ca rs 6 anc 8 J Bostou continue :o it ays noting laopenec Between Boston -- nn tL lae enc o ' t h o "ouney. Oa comp.ete ;ist of the ' Je soca s?r a ^f s was "* Je excursionists cne o' the leading attractions at Y i- . ·- ' " -- *·*-»* m k ·» · _ m*v ^^4 «A«.X^«^^KCKC W .U 1 C7W ^ "·» w i i c n urnisiec them transDortation .e» r t i. jvjm_». _^uv t r r u i-ic ·* *» --=-- * --..·«*..« -*^*»,v»* (jicni unti lie cnc o MX ner cent, aands cesire anc Denver wiic i in Ue east marrcc tae gjuncay we published* emec. ~iey wi,. ore-'er to Measure o" ne excursionists. Svery road a ^ · ; .. - P h*t*- % V W ·»! IVr--t 1 k W » _ UW · Deec n °* Wan : ' adc to :je'r comfort. era repairec; anc wai e spring itse-", where tae water, co.c anc o~ venison that I was in a most satisfactory c-ear, rejected on is sur'ace tie image o" state o- tairst. Dipping t ic cup into t ie alone ^« surrouneing scenery, the other, tirec micst o'Ue'l raisec it aissing anc JT ;' w ji«s exertions in Ue caase, threw aim- ;o my .i^s, Suca a eraugat' se. at once to the grounc ane -a.ungec ais 7 are * * im es. witaout drawing oreata, was iu-eolenisaec anc em Dried, a-mos: D.OW- The -atter aad Deen unsuccess-u. in tae m S U P tj * roo r o- my mouta wiu its eFer- caase, and -aerials his bae forune, anc vescence. :hesigh:o: ;ie ·a:ceer waich :ae o:her Tae curative lunter threw 'rom ais Dae* be-'ore ic tiree per cent, bones cou c now DC easi y no " a stone unturnec to m a t e tae .'ournev -oated at L»acvi e -lera.c. reviews the si'ver .ines one o" p anc su "ety. t seems fiat Ue Ciicago, Roc Is ane necessary to re- sea:. Tae on.y ace'fcions to the pfcjrty at Denver were Mr. 7. C. Nims, the genera. "^ anc " he «»·« 'roai them properties o: drank at tae crystal spring, causee a -ee- '° Ver muUitUCC of ?3ysica - evU ' TM c * water waich em- "»g p: 'eaipusy and iL-humor to take ?oss . IS no ' ne cessary to enumerate acre. CAcetnn /\* ·to *«««*%*· *'*""* i-.*« k. K^« _ _ · _ -. nVH.^If 1 Q f\" O w\r\ct i' *+ A »^A.A ...^^_ interview o r its corressoncent w i t a ."ucge Pacilc toot especia 3e 'ore anc cecicec. y ci~ers with the conc usions o' t ic cistin^uishec .uc^e, las reac a ne -3amoi et$ written on tie su") ect. Tie -"era c is an acvocate o-' larc anc. Tonest iiionev, Uougi it coes give a generous s u a a o r t to its most can- ^erous enemy in t i e state. sister aote. oams :o urnisa train o-" tie Iris. It con- ~3. G. Temp' e, o" :he Denver Xews; the Xon* Bryan, o'Icaho Springs, anc Miss Li. ian Scicmore, St. Louis G.ob - eigat ?u man oa ace cars, two oub.isaec in the GAZETTE Suneav morn- cars, two Damage cars, erawn . in g .o the e^ect taat tae specia. iu'n con- Dy two o t ie aanc somest engines on t ie Dining the tar.y wou.c arrive in Co orado o tus part o- ue ourney many SDrings a: 11 o'c ock drew a .arge crowo r «uen:.y re er, anc :o Je C e ? o-, many of vaom were anxious Xr ' 7rancis G ouces,er, was in big ring the iact aave .'us: come ^rom Xan- Ann session o* ais mine. f, be bre he iO-ow o' his on tae of - nva-icso: almost a., c.asses may eerive a visit to Uem, br suca iewa:er, ane. Jfting it toward tae water ' ; r^ r n ^ tte : Jy Ue aealin * versec his hand, aacf a..owed it to -al. uton a . ters W !" cenaini y ^ ^nentted by Ue ;ie grounc--a iibadon to .ae Great Saint exhl ara ^3 * a ne a soburn amongst otaer, ais thirst.rais- acvantage from a portion of as rcay not be t --- -- -- -·ww*»».«g w- »**» * \«.*««d ,*AU£ c^ (jrAZETTBa p.easant ca-wh'ue with waich he was asout to cuenca a Wi lam Curtis is so m u c i ;troneer and a T er a man tian -iosroe Con' m^, Sow coes it n a D i e n tuat ic Tas been so oac y Deaten in t i e stn'e ''or tie eacer^hip n" ne R C D U J ican -Darty o" New Yor ' Ven ate uc^ec in t'ns wor r Ty w i a t ia?v co. anc no: :y w i a t Uey miK it nave cone u n c e r certain cir- L u m s t a n c e s -- )enver - i e s u D i c a n . iecause ie coesn't care eno jga aoout success to stoo^ to «se t i e means necessa ry to o D U i n it. , .e va ues se resoect more Uan w iat some peo~ e ca success roac. o" t i e excursionis.s it is evicent Ua- tae Roc/c las won -avor in t'ae city yesterday. Boston excursion party .eave : Granc Canon ibis morning a: - .his early ais eyes s route o- tae "ew :o see riencs who were wita :he oatrons o^ tie excursion waici wi a ways 3e remernDerec . r'rom ansas City to Denver over the Kansas .'acific roac, ne 'ournev was e wor c a-ores. '^irs'.. ' Manitou is esoecia-.y fortunate in Us )r ' See'ing^s. anc being reminded taat he surrounc - in ^ Professor daveen, Ue 6 had neglectee the usua. oFering, only in- eminent geo.ogist, says :aa: tae scenery creased tie o"envy anc annoyance immeeiate y arounc tae springs is gran e ^ ,, , . n whici :ie unsuccess j u. aun:er permitt«d beyonc any taa:ae ever saw in orcer .0 makte tae rounc jrij anc amve in to get the mastery of ais hear- anc -ae " ZvL Spirit at taat moment entering ais were entertained curing their stay in ^y, ais temoer'air y J ew away, anc ; Vant-ou a- -S* ^tMtt** '---««=· -- sought some oretense by waich to -Drovo' " " w 1."7T. --ouse. .ae e.e a cuarre .with tae strari ger Indian at :: 7.nce O :T« *Mrni«»m'T« 'S» r-nm-* A. A «..« : " · me ° Clna ' s ? nn ^ s « ^^^ a - Uroa KJout Ue neigxiraooc are scenic wai e others went roere.y ou: o"curiosity., ^' cnTer to-morrow. _ae excursionists As tae train cic not reach tae ce pot unti 2 o'c oc part o'tae c-owe hae cisDersec a t lough taose ex aecting 'rienes toge^ier wita many others were -bunc wai Jng. , °" · JC service anc - '·** excel.ence cwsin* "Way eoesa singer," he as cee, rising U t ~ Be "ore is a man o- varier « ,,,,· A-:erahalt of abou: 20 minu:es he securec many worcs o: praise-rom tae Tom :aestream at the same :ime, "crini ' J^:^' ' - * . *»- - ·%· fN»w. M .»* -- _ . . »·» Vttricgaicc icconi"3_is nuicnts* ^ nce °' com?.e:eness spnng o -jrovo ce ae Deauties o- Ue most^ariec ana magnificent character. o . a e service anc t tedious anc monotonous to sbme, wai.e :o oners it was one o- mteres:. .-.ere, as :ra n continuee on i:s ourney -o Manrou' "K« ?»r.y eiiWainec. Tae scenerv was »" ·« s^nng-aeac, waen one .0 waom tae "! '"."'*'" u n o n . i e oc s a n e route, tie o.ncials wh.e tae excursionist ci.sem anc a ^urce o-woneer ane aemira-ion to ^ -££?$£££££?* l i n u e ' w i u ^ " yTmu aac spared ,.o pains to mace Ue .ourney wa « Q to Ue 3eeD«e I^'ouse. As B ie a ^ expressions o-'p easure were heary V anc sjon-aneous. The springs were one o t con. ort anc o easure to Me ^artic- anc a,'.tiousi nat oart o tie crowe s ow y main entrance i ec As rom :ae cars to tae o c o u n r y w u c i - l e L - u r a g o i.ter-Ocean ias ascertnm- ec nat ne \ o u n ^ e s t man w 10 carnec a i n u ^ e t in ne ate war is A. 'ress er, ' Westmore a n r , -Ian., "ormer.y conora o corno.inv -,- i l t y fourn regiment, 'enn- s vania vo u n t e e t s . e was 3orn m 1847, enterec t -·e service in 1862 anc was cis- vansas Jacnc traverses is ccvoic o" lancsome anc -n'ctur- esque scenery, m a n y o ' the oarty ,00 a sac t to nat Dart o' t i e tn 3 win no in e a m o u n t o-" satisfaction. Tie across ne tie tram wis UeBeeDce House, :he visi:ed ^^en-X »ne taeir wa:ers were scene was one o" Lie most enJvening ones tinm£ :iat Vanitou aas wttnessec in years. Tae ? arv Beebee --.ouse Dane eiscoursec sweet music "rom t ae veranc a, ane numerous car- en-ire "Tae Great Spirit -D aces :'ae coo. water at the s aring," answerec tae otaer hunter, "that^his cai dren may crin a h'pure ane Tae running wa:er is -"or tae buncay on "V.ure re." .-Ie knows y as muca aDout tais, as ae coes aDout tae suver cuestion. - wi j evicent re ish. The were provic ee wita yesterc ay morning ate were oriven up T Jte jass to Rainbow -"a. j, t icnce to :ae Iron ourney riages occupied Dy C'olorado Springs peo- s 3 " n 2S, taence ihrouga the Gareen o" t ic Camancae," returnee tae other,; "Waco ^ ains was necessarLy s o w , as p e, crowd ec tae s.ree" in "rent --"avinsr Gocs « "· Jence "° G - en ^yrie, Uence to Co'. misi -e a cs tae granc ration. Way coes is icavy anc Ue wine aig'i. a . reacv , Mn a «i^ nf . rt t «;,,',, " .! oraco Springs and .aence aac*-oVam-n,, a Saos-sione care .o erink aDove aim?" beasts waich scour tae t.ains. Au-sa-cua Ue 3 est of tae 5gat. carnages j s a chie- o r t'ae Saos-saone; aecnn^s'at taey aave Deen -ae aeae-water." S los saone is but a tri DC of tae -n the senate :ae democrats aave c.ear y Tais is :ae first time enouga to ta/ce ac- vantage o- repu^ ican 3 uncers. It is a serious question whetaer ueir wisdom wi.. ao.e ou:. As we jc'ore statec, a soecia train J'8 1 - a'.reacy Deen assigned taeir rooms. l n ?ost. uae? C 'e m, o Uis cistrict, aas as gooc a recnrc. - e was Dorn in ?3^3, anc enterec ne army in 1861 as a c.rummer boy. At nfteen years o age ae carriec: a m u s i e t in ne r a n s as an en istec so cier in lie re^u a r a r m y . _ tro- --.vening vicec 3y ne Denver Rio Grance, stooc in reacmess at t ic Sixteenti street cc"3ot, win WIIC.T Ue oar'.y was to DC conveyee to V a n i t o u . Tits :ram consis:cc o r six cars, .wo coacaes, .wo bag- guests at once retiree to Uem, no coub; WJere a super 3 einner was awaiting toem. g a ^ t o eave tae cars in wiicataey hae aeen confinee since .^eir depar.ure from u:on ie He aas saic it. Tae Saos-slione crin.cs nations o- tae LI7ERARY K072S .iree o'cloc e City.' ADOU: guests a., i ec inco :he spacious eining room, waere an exce-en: dinner aac aeen avoraD-e comment were passed A u sa- aancsome apDea^ance presented c .« a is caief o' lis nation. Tae Camancae LC*O Sjrin^s. ie »xr*"«nr» «' ;-= ar e brotaers. Let tiem Dota cringe o f -i* Received from ?«b!UJun From and Oo4ensed 3y c .° Lora; ' 0 Springs, ie excellence o' its stree :s, ,ae neatness of is o' its and same water. gage cars and two engines, in caarge o-" ^rovidee DV Mrs. 3eeb S e. A r -ercinner in ane tae tasiefu two o tae o cest anc most con- recognition o-' a *inc invitation 'rom Dr. in ^ Mr. Waittier aas contriautee a poem entitled "RaDbi "samae ," to tae Atlantic -"or arcai^cture o' tae dwe..- to war. Waco-mis i is c aief o* Ue S IDS- saone, as ae is of ais own peop e." '"Astoria," iu one vo ume, was pu'aec lave Tae aeop e o- Co oraco Sarinjs iac a "u sveek o" 5 easure in Ue new Opera .-.ouse. Tiere aave aeen nigats wnen ue Oaera house wou'c aave more, inc we Dresume tro3netors nave not Deen ar^e. We o u g i t t o aave some O U D I C s^ir t aaout patronizing a gooc entertainments, as tie Opera _-. ouse iias seen bui t a: a arge ex aense so t nat we migat lave t ie opnor- t u m t y o ' a t t e n c i n g tiem. Denver Rio Grance, "oo an active in- Cross. terest in ue we. are of Ue excursionists, . was origina.,y in:eneec that tae ex- ing to tie ie - r anr, in providing taeir transportation ne cursion s lou e reach Mani .ou at 7 o'c ock » arise ais^orninz z~ o tae fronts to tie - - *~w.* ·*« -5.oc, ane ot'aer 'ooo'i of pursue cuctors on tre roac. Messrs, ^ycen ane B e , , many o' :ae excursionis :s vished his " 3 c 3eebee Mouse was'orma. y openec "Waco-misa lies; ais tongue is -"orec " ast week m l l « Geofrey Crayon eaition Greer. JS.r. f . C. ,ms, tae very genue- private resicence ane viewee Moran's re: " or ae season -"^ evening, and a hop was iketje ra ^e sna^e;.ais aeart is D.acc as o: - mD 2' s wo«s. man v anc oassenger agen: o t ie nownec painting o "tae Mount o-" :ae I-Io y ~ """ '""" """ "' - shone or Camancaer^raDaa^^Saian^or ?oems -" is t l e titj -e o r the new , taa:thetartyha ?a"ne, ae gave taem buffa.o to eat, and ? oeras °" J"o-in Boy.e Reiliy. ae tmre water o' :ie ;bun:ain :o cucncn b - c - Gnjgs Co., o- Ciicago, aave Duxisaec 'Victor Hugo, ais .re anc wor^," waich is in a series of DOO^S on ___.., ,, "Great citizens of yrance." sooner hae .he train reac ied ou.skirs one cay. , p mEgh: wish » 'oin ^n ^ie dance. o Denver taan ,ae passengers Degan to Yes :erday was* spen: in a carriage crive -^ s a souvenir to our visitors we present c.c notproDose to rurnisi accommoc ations on Saturday nig at, anc. aus aaVe Suncay "^eir ,'ourney the ma'ori^ o- taem retiree in any sense o" :ae woru in enor to any for rest, DU: :ae ce.ay caused sy wasaou:s ^as" evening at an early aour. The music roacs over waica in L.inois spoLee this p. an, ane conse- was re alnec, however.anc the "Saratoga" .y traveled. No cuenLy aeirsaya: Maninou is shortened "Vown open for :ae pleasure o- any who saic no: to ·"urnis aee by .ae o* icr t i e ^ a r t y aar. t)revious crink." Waco-misa a most Durst with rage as tae spoke; but ais coware Certain re sub icin pasers are Dersis.ent y sneering at V a i o n e anc Rice e merger anc Gonam, anc are constant y i ricicu.- i n g tie re 3 U D ican senators. In sto coing Uey are virtua y opposing ne anti Dour- Don coa ition in Virginia anc are coing waat taey can to aic tie cemocracy. It may 3e Ue nrst anc highest cuty o-" re^ U D ican aaoers to cirect taeir cii«-"est e"orts to the strengtaening c~~ tae cemocrat- ic oarty , 3ut it coes not so appear to Ue orcmary comoreaension. -- Denver Re- ~3u D.ican. Tais remincs us taat certain re?UD ican papers 3ersistent y sneerec at the recon- stooc ou- in DO c. re ie' D . u e s y , w i i e .ae snowy range, with its train, whica has aeen he.e 'or them at ont page o-this morning's issue o' the wiitecaDpecpeais, air.vj g.istenee in tae y^titou. and proceec, to Canon City, GAZETTE.. As a commen: upon the pic- jrigitsun.igM. waere taey wL. be trant'errec. :o ooserva- tare we aec some descriptive remarks tion cars and a run wC ae mace through t.^on Mani;ou anc give an Zncian Les;enc tae Grand Canon, a ":er whica thev will re- Concerning tao origin o "the springs. "Dorothy's Daugaters," oy Zmma Mar_ f W « M ,, « t ^ -jc ta-m oa s'-ia~, is a peasant Zng.ish story inteneec utterance to expressions o-' admiration :o .he various poin :s o-" nterest surrounc- ^em tais morning wi'j an accurate ane made't'iirsty DyTae wores^e aaesDo^en "^^-y for " he us e o- girls wao aave m re-erence to ue surrouncing coun ry. I: ing Mani:ou, inc.ueing She Garcen oi the ine -y ex«ci"«c cut o ; Manhou as viewed -- " or " J e red man is ever stmringV ais ceasct -"° De caildren, Dut aave not cuite was c.ear and p.easan: curing tae cown Goes, WLaams' Canoj, G.en Eyrie, L'te "rom tae brow o'tiehi.. on tae aoule- [On i2 ue ~again stoopee eown to tae spring Become women. Z. ?. Dutton Co., triD. Zach t)eac ane mountain range Pass, ane .ais city. This mornin? a- 'x va -'ce waere one ^rs-c catcaes si 'V o" -he :° rtc -" e . nc ^ tl ls uirst ' WJCn " Je su ^i-e"war- .isners, New Yor . - - . , . · . » · » · » * a · w- -»« nor o .ae camanc ue sueceni.y _arew aim- against car* o e.oc* tae party wi. ta« -Ao specia. :own. This cut 'ouncl on -j e sec- sel'u.wntae kneeang a inVr. anc, -arc- *· Wortaington aas pubJsaee ' ing ais aeac into tae bub water, he.d Treasury of Zng.isa Sonnets" coLectee him cown wita a., his s-rengta,unj his David V Vain "-.A TM« . . victim no .onger, 5is sirenec ' ' ae D00 " c aas so cescnptive remarks ira is relaxed, and he -'e forware over vaiue Because many of tae sonnets aave the springj crowned ane dead. no: apoearee in ordinary co..ectioas. Over the Joey stpoe the murderer, anc midst o* "osff^was aedeedof b.pocconsum o ; some . ae scene was certain y a grand one anc wou c nave crawn ou: expressions o' taose w 10 aac seen i: a " u m :o Denver. Wed.nes.cay morning acmira.ion rom auncrec-yes a -jousana .imesDe-bre. "Waat a'ii is," remar^ee one o-' tae excursionists, "to have :ia: Manitou itseJ is n spen: in a visi: to Centra..* mountains, saut in on tarouga the Cret^c Canon. OnTau'scay . than bitter remorse took possession cy o* r. -ayes was encors ec 3y Ue Maaone movemen.. TJC on'y ci Terence is taa; Ue re-3UD,icans triec :o sion ane waen :he Divk e was reach a shor s-op was mac e in oreer :o give tae : en TM Graice.w co^inue An edition of Locke's caapter on :oe Concuct of -jie "Jncerstancing," tiroper y ! be'ore aad reignec the e citec, wiu an introcucuon and much^s v N.S. · - ,»« · ^neictive hate. Wr.a neeeec notes by Professor Taomas v ow- T****,,**,******^ ss^^^sss^ajs ;K '° fo ^ "I--*.-. --^.. a's victim, waose heae sti L remained im- · ls - :iet by y - Qssrs - Macmi^an Co., as a mersee in toe : ountain. Mechanica_y ae number in the C.arencon Press Series. from the water, waica, as soon as tae aeac of tae -^e most imttonan: papers in uie Inter- dead Indian was witherawn, .be Camanche nationa- Review "or May are "Taxation ^aryun-J. :aev oav* completed raos^^TosT^ 8 ^5 -S* ^ ssaiden -y ««. stran 2 e.y disturbed, ane Inter-S-ate Commerce," Dy Brooks Dreak tae so ,c som.i ay ^inc ness insteac excursionists an o 3 poruni :v .0 view Lake .; aa * 5»r- ° ^ excursion watca, ex-*ncs ° ^^^ OS6 * ^ 8 " ream ° ^ e 3uY »-« ^^^ « ' x »m tae wnm » « , , , . 5y " Droo ' ls o tracing o-=kes. We preer :ie brmer -^ mer ' °v«r JC road whica' i e re^resen s, and policy- ! Some ste^pec to toe arin.c of tae .a^e wi " co ^verytoing witiin o:s power -- andcua"ec -ae ice-co c water which alma ** * lis ?ar. of-he excursion one s,on.y scanea. whica aas been con- ways exists there, wai.e others stood upon i wita President I-"ayes' acministra* thep'-a:'orm ane inhaled the keen, exhL- _ae nectec tion is now Decoming trominen:. I: is arating mountain air. ."us: one in the en- *t nrm ^ ,^^ ,,.,, _ tire pary aad been taere be ore, anc he very s-range Uat an:i-re ormers anc sta. warts con't smLe anc say. "~. :o.e j'ouso.' "Jut the reason taey eon': is oDvious. :ae iron aorse aac premec-ita:ec suca a Bracy was never a re-"ormer. Me was one .'ourney. So far-ae :ram had mad e a gooc · _ _ fi r. mteresung 'eac tires of Se entire . " ."ourney. · srsCELLAyBQVS MENTION. Mr. .-.. Temple, dry editor o' tie crossec t ie Divic e at this point long be'ore ver ^" ews i accompanies -i ' rot-ga the Granc Canoi to-cav. Mr. 7. M. Xoones. a promlnen: 'urni- o- tae two or Uree mac line men in the average run, no effort .laving 'Deen mace ac minis .ration. I-Ie was an active partisan to accomp.isa speec. "Sow DU: safe is ^ o r :ae senatoria. triumvira.e Cameron, ue my-o or :ae RJo Grance,"sue Mr, Con f line, and Lo^an. None o f i,he re- ^iros :o one of :ie party, "even r it coes -"ormers have Deen caugh:. Tieymay "·* :e a -i"'-e longer to maute ae run." fc carious legenc says, ei 5 a " " aa " ca!e « amongs": the He says: regard wih awe the " ,v.r. . . .v_. .-.oanes, a promoien: 'urni- Tae Inclans- regard. wih awe -JSe "mec" aa '* J* 1 ^ 0 TM*^ waue 01 ture manu'acturero'Sos.ion.accompanlec ^cW wa^rs o'these ioantans, as aeinr Stretching out a wa b* his wieand two d sui^aters, of -i-e "~*a^o«*ofajrpir'- who breathes :aroajh a5rfgated murderer, ^ par^. Yr. I-Ioimes Is ae u^*«- man ·» ^' ^s^^^^ 1 " wter, and: tlas, by his cressec aim: a aren* e we-- . Mary Switi Lamson's verv interest- fZ ** ^ TM -- « ue - "e anc a.moss deded 'or the gooc actions Scwarion 0: -^^ ^ ewer Bncgman, ue ane eeecs of bravery -uiis -amous warrior dea'. dumb ane xinc girl," whica was on earta. tossib,y have Deen simple mincec asout Just here i: wqu.d be we . to give a brie' cent o'tl_ _ wire?u.inj, jut they have been'aith'ul pi-l'ne of :he manner in which"ae excur- manaer^and" cour:eous arenion Is ae titles: man ?arty anc measu~es MX 'oot Mr. Luier 1. H Boston ;ournal,V his « i i war ue exlaJitioas,aiBses - pe3a6aion'05 1^ "Accursed o' my triDe! tais cay t Toe Arapaaoes, especially, a, has: severec tae -in* Between oncers no stea. o or- f =4eir est o' tae wor e ' a year or ts o ago, has passec into t ae aancs o- Messrs. I-^ough .on, Mif"Jn Co., wao pubasa a new edition, and: wao wil., of course, aring tae look more IJ«r-ect.y to tae attention o f t h than has hitherto been done. to tae government They aave sion is^conducted, anc py waom. Tae muca to make tae excursion one c sta.en any money or a .owed others to trip wavp^an-jecranctrrangec y Raymond est to *ie e ia., Tae purity of Presicent Haves' ad- and Wohcomo, of Boston, special pains M'ss .Vui minisia'.ion is :he best answer to sneers having been .taken in selecting ^i,ose at ais attempts at clvi. service reform. I-Ie rores known to combine -ae greatest va- may have a::emt:ec inconsistent iraprac- riesyo- scenery a :tajnab.e la « 'ourney » idre. ?. C iScaja. »-%, · ^ ~ . · i ----«· --«ww«», «iq taeorTj si^^j^Li^r^^rr ~j? ?*TM-.. v ^ ? .*- '..^-- ^ t ^»-.,' *»;.,*g3wgav?ffi;2S£f ^-ss.'S^^rvs. A *"TM ^·Jrit "w^Jsaa «x»* ^5r7!*^*fj*»:?«.c^ ar«; niay,*; W*S -nternat: b. * ,,, - " ae ^an- . . _ t for vengeance. May tie wa:er of tay A s«conc series o- Processor Meon^.!^! l J £a » C ^r* r -! n _" i . eir "^ r °a:s?" io.'z's "Popular lectures on Scientiic tee by Professor 2. At puDOsaee by tae Aspletons. ects treatec in, his vo-ume -- . . - optics to painting, ana r^TwS^'^'Sr** 1 -f e -^^ -an^ry sys:em. .Tae :ons aave a^o ?8b.isaec, la -L^e onal Sciettiac Series, a ·apsfe-ise, .HHC-ilVt*

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