The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 7, 1916 · Page 54
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 54

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 7, 1916
Page 54
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"l. T I* \ THE INDIANAPOLIS SUNDAY STAB, MAY 1 " 7. WASSON'S 1or SOU Welcome! National Association of Charities and Correction! WASSON'S *r *» ·m , .... Wesson's Cold Dry Storage jtor Furs ' WASSON'S *»· aTM. Welcome I National Association ef Charities and Correction! -- t-- -- -- -- -*. «.^«.-- ^~. WASSON'S *r*«. i/ fy /£oom for Incoming Summer Stocks- Sale of Silk Dresses Including Almost Every^ one in Our Entire Stock ! $18.50, $19.75, $25 Dresses, $14,50! $29.50, $35 to $45 Dresses, $24.50! You'll know the sort of sale it is when you see the garments-The very kind your friends paid just twice as much for! We can fairly hear women gleefully exclaiming over their loveliness and beauty--- F6r they're as pretty,as laces, frills, tucks and silk can make them! And as_is often-the-ease--seme-o£ the most fashionable, strikingjyar- ments of the season--the ones you'd naturally expect to sell first, have been included! It seems shameful to sacrifice them this way--hut go*they must! , Dresses for all occasions in the widest assortments! For street wear, to wear at little afternoon functions--for "dress" up occasions--and the "dearest" little sport frocks! Taffetas, gros de loudros, crepes meteor, crepes de chine, Georgettes^ chiffons, charmeuses and the combination of two--sometimes three of these fabrics. Skirls are in every instance; very, very full in circular and pleated ef~ fpcts--with waists made in either high or low necks--with cunning little coatee effects--with girdles--or straight and waist-line effects. And so we could go on and on--telling you of this ono and that one --there's so many! «fM.50 and $2-UO! --And Then All afternoon, party and dinner gowns that were up to $75, at $50-And all evening gowns--imported models--those remaining from our spring opening display that were up to $150, at $75*---Second Floor--Wasson's. Irresistible in Their Loveliness ---'Summery" Hats at Little "Artist" hats you'll fall them, so skillfully iirc t h d v denned- so well do their colors blend A wenlth of beauty in every one that would add charm to the fairest face' , The one sketched is of shirred while rualine and huir braid. Isn't it pretty? The wide fan-shaped ornament at the front is of white hernm aigrettes. White_£EQgrain ribbon bows put the finishing touches to it. Then there are leghorn hat? w i t h silk crowns--others with tlie oddest ornaments--others with loops of ribbon or long velvet streamer's-Each with some little individual touch that is most pleasing! }j;1() --Third Floor--Wasson's. 'X The May Sale of Undergar- m.ents~ Continues ! They go about as quickly as one can count--by the half dozens- dozens and so on! -^. Each day tables are heaped high with these snowy white undergarments--only to be replaced again the next evening. ,uL.y u' tin kind ot undergarments all women like--And at remarkably low prices! $1 to $1.50 Knee Petticoats, 50c And such good ones--find so pretty! , Made of piques, muslins and nainsooks--some with lace flounces and 3dges---others with narrow blind and open pattern embrojdery flounces and edges^ Ton'11 want afTeasTaTcoupTe wTien you see them. $1 to $1.50 Nightgowns, 69c Almost givmgj;hem away at the price! Made of fine musling and nainsooks with V and square style yokes of pretty lace and organdie embroidery combinations. Some with high necks. Regular and extra sizes. 69c Silk Bodices, 39c. As pretty and dainty ones as any woman could possibly^ want! Made with back and front yokes of lace insertions and net lace medallions. Come in flesh and white. Envelope Chemise at $1. Materials are all very sheer--in flesh and white. Pretty hand-embroidered designs and shimngs, and attractive front and back lace yokes Others have combinations of full lace insertions and solid organdie embroideries. Choice of empire and straight effects. Corset Covers at 60c. Made of fine nainsooks with lace cap sleeves and back and tront yokes of lace -In flesh and white. Others of flesh and white batiste with fine lace point set in yoke effects. Twenty different styles. Drawers at 60c. Marcella styles Of fine muslins, batistes and nain- sooks--some with blind embroidery edges and trimmings, some with flsheyo patterns and Val. lace edges, and others with lace medallion and insertions. \ Envelope Chemise at $1.95. Pretty lacy ones, with solid, deep ycKca, hack and front. Some with lace nnd medallion trimmed aide drawer effects. 75c Envelope Chemise, 59c. Of nainsook and lingerie cloths with fine embroidery edges--fisheye laces and oigandie embroidery yokes. Other attractive empire models with fine satin ribbon trimmings at $2.50. Crepe de Chine Gowns, $3.95 and $4.95. Washable satin ones, too. Empire and straight effects with hemstitched and lacy yokes In flesh and white. , Princess Slips, $5.50 and $6.95. Of crepe de chine and washable satin Shirred waistline -- hemstitched flounces. Bodices, $1 to $3.95. Satins, rrepe de chines and pussy willow silks-In flesh and white with beautiful lace trimmings. Drawers at $1 and $1.50. In circular and Marcella btyles. Very sheer materials with lace edges and Insertions Effective lace designs set all through bottoms. Petticoats, $2.95. Some very pretty ones with deep circular flounces and lace motifs and insertions--others with ribbon run lace insertions finished with bows. Slipover Gowns, $1.95 and $2.50. Of fine naipsook with pretty lace rufflo edgPH. Organdy embroidery yokes, finished with soft, lacy frills. Floor--WasHon'8. Satin Striped Moire Ribbon 50c a Yard- Pretty--indeed, they are! Plain colored ones with the stiipo in the same shade. They're good and wide, too-six and one-half inches--and of a splendid, heavy quality-In pink, blue and white. CMrls will want them for hair- hows and sashes--mothers for trimming their hats, 50c a yard. Velvet- Ribbons, 8c to $1.25. Black ones in all widths--one- eighth to five and one-half inches wide * --First Floo%--Wtmon's. McCall Patterns Give the Best Results They mean a saving In materials--as every pattern comes with a set of instructions on the back, telling just how much to get and how to cut each section of the garment so that not the slightest bit will be wasted. They banish all sewing worries and cares-For they're as simple as one could make them! lOc and 15c, none higher. The June patterns and magazines are now in! --Second Floor --And Now for the Second Week of the May Silk Sale! A sale whose fame has spread far and wide-By virtue of the fine quality of the silks--their extreme fashionubleness--and the good, fast dyes that were used in their making! , ^ For years WASSON'S has been noted for such! Assortments are as goo \, as bright aiid as big as ever-- / rj Jjif r -r-J- For there was°a tremetJRms amount includted when the sale b e g an __ 0 ver $100,000 worm--and a great lot at 30% to 35% less than market prices! found it i m p o 8 8 i b l 6 t a t t e n d a s t y e e k should not faiTto do so tomorrow! $1.50 Taffetas, $1.15. Satin finished ones in a splendid heavy quality. In plain colors in the following desirable shades-- mals, apricot, turquoise, lilac, pink, and Ivory. A taffeta that has never been offered at less than one fifty. $1.25 Rajah Silks, 98c. The most popular sport silk of the season! Comes in twenty-five of the best plain shades, also white, black and natural. Twenty - seven inches wide $1 Striped Taffetas, 69c. Satins, foulards and plaid effects, too. An Immense variety from which to choose' Twenty- four and twenty-six inches wide. $2 Crepe de Chine, $1.50. Walrus weave brand. The shades shown in this beautiful material include almost every color you could desire. 40 inches wide. $1.25 Crepe de Chine, 98c. All silk! Splendid heavy quality in a good range of colors. Thirty- six and forty Inches wide. $1.50 Foulards $1. The celebrated shower-proof foulards- Cheney Bros.' make. All the very newest color designs-thirty-six inches wide. 98c Sport Corduroys, 67c. Imported ones! In all the newest, brightest shades, with fast piles and fast colors. Twenty-seven Inches wide, $1 Silk Poplins, 680. With the brightest, silkiest finish! Twenty-three of the most wanted shades; also black. Made by » manufacturer that specialises on this one fabric. $1.75 Silk Voiles, $1. A very desirable material for waists and dresses. Can be had In any of the following colors -- reseda, peach, Copenhagen, French blue, rookie, brown, helio, lilac and Ameiican Beauty. Forty Inches wide. Chiffon Taffeta Stripes, Special, $1.25. In all the new desirable shades of blue, from the narrow hair line to the one and two-inch solid and cluster stripes. 36 inches wide. Natural Shantung at 89o. All sorts of stripes and colors. 24 inches wide. Natural Japanese Pongee at 59c. All pilk. 32 inches wide. $1 Shantung at 79c. All silk, in plain colors. Practically every desirable shade. 26 inches wide. Striped Habutai Silks at 89c. An excellent material for blouses and shirt waists. One yard wide. Colored Stripe and Plaid Taffetas, Special, $1.10. 24 and 26 inches wide. In the new multicolor satin stripes. All are distinctively now in style. * Floral Printed Failles, $1.25. Ono yard wide, in the new color grounds for coat linings? Very desirable and unusually pretty styles. --Second Floor--Wrtsvon's. Parasols io Match OneVGown, $3, $3.50 and $5 Everything must be 111 harmony-- Shoes, gloves, gowns and all _,the other little accessories that constitute one's wearing apparel- Even parasols! At least so says "Fashion H' Here you will find a collection of the newest and best ones--all in the smartest styles-Black, blues, greens, black and white combinations, and fancy light and dark novelties. Of course you'll want one--$3, $3.50 and $5! --First Floor--Waason's. All Wool Sweaters, $5 Splendid for one to wear while golfing-Or after an exciting game of tennis! In the most beautiful shades--including rose, cardinal, green, brown, gray and white--with large belta, collars and pockets. $5. Children's Sweaters, $3,50. Silk fiber ones! In rose and Copenhagen blue with pretty little sashes. --Second Floor--Wasson's. If Your Figure Is Stout, a Nemo No. 402 will answer every need regardless of your requirements! The woman of fashion has as many corsets as she has shoes, and changes her corset as often as she changes her toilette-For constant wearing of any one corset, causes it to lose it's shaue much more quickly and gives one a dilapidated appearance. This is an exceptionally good, new low buet model with loads of conifort--long abdominal front boning ^vtth-flattening back and hips. Elastic abdominal reducing straps, two wide elastic bands finishing bottom of skirt in back! Sizes 23 to 36. Priced^at $4. --llurd Floor--FUASCW'S. The Annual Sale of Summer Blouses at $1.95 Includes Eyery Imaginable Kind! 1.50 to $3.75 Values Tis a thing to marvel and wonder at-That blouses--brand-new, fresh, crisp blouses such as these should be so low! Blouses that one would never in the world expect to sell any- ways near such a price. Blouses as pretty, as charming, as dainty, as captivating as any woman could possibly wish for! There are linens, voiles, crepes de chine, tub silks, Jap silks, organdies and batistes--in just every conceivable model. Some daintily embroidered--others hemstitched--with collars both large ami small, square and round. ) Strictly tailored affairs with cunning little side pockets--some all tucks--some with lace insertions and edges. Others with large fluffy frills--some with tiny pleated ones. In white and white combined with the brightest colors. Ideal summer blouses, every one! It is without doubt the biggest, the greatest waist sale of its kind ever held by us. $1.95. --Second Floor--Wasson's. A Two-Day Sale of Furnishings For the Home Comes at the Most Opportune Time ! Right at a time when housewives are thinking very seriously of housed caning-And contemplating the little things they will need to make the home more cheerful--more cozy! The good, durable, distinctive, desirable things, that are such jan absolute necessity to the well-furnished home, have all been included-- -- llugsj curtains, draperies and the like-And the prices ,]ust wcc bits of ones to what you Would ordinarily pay for such good furnishings. But bear in mind--the sale is just for two days! $42.60 Royal Wilton Rugs, $32.75. Twelve beautiful patterns in the lot from which to make your selection. Splendid woven ones in the most beautiful color combinations. Size 9x12 feet. , $29.75 and $35 Rugs, $24.75. Sanford's seamless Beauvais Ax minsters. Size 9x12 feet-, in a beautiful assortment .of ^patterns--greens and browns with plain band borders. Some in two-toned allover patterns. They'd make a world of difference in any home. $11.75. These are f all seamless Brussels with large, wide hems on the ends that assure their laying on the floor perfectly straight. Pretty color combinations and patterns. Size 9x12 feet. $39.50 Axminster Rugs, $29.50. Hartford's Bussora Axminster rugs. Size 11.3x12. If you have a large size room that's needing a new rug--it would be advisable for you to see Ihese. Colonial Rag Rugs, 59c. Sixes 27x54. Pretty hit-and- miss patterns, such as grandmother used to weave. 98c Inlaid ^Linoleum, 75c. The very kind that all housewives like! In the newest tile patterns, in blues and greens --also some in the liardwood patterns. Don't fail to see them tomorrow. $4.50 Sanford Axminster Rugs, $3.25. These are the Beauvais quality! In 1he ·pretty oriental patterns that women can't help but admire. $9 Seamless Oongoleum Rugs, $7.95. And they're becoming more in favor with housewives every day! Most desirable f0** kitchen floor coverings. Size 9x12 feet. 65c Linoleums, 47c. Genuine cork linoleum--fully six feet wide. All new, desirable goods in the very prettiest of patterns. $4 and $5 Lace Curtail!?, ~ $2.89. Irish point ones--two pretty for words! Two and one-half yards long, in the prettiest, newest spring de- isign^, Tn \ynt.ft ftpd ecru. $1.25 Transparent Tapestries, *98o. Sunfast draperies --and how beautiful they are! In old rose, blue and green and brown--fifty inches wide. $1.35 Ourtains, 98c. Swiss bedroom curtains -- daintily hemstitched--and neatly finished with lace edges. Two and one-half yards long. 29c Cretonnes, 21c. They put life into one just to look at them! Beautiful rich colorings in the prettiest of patterns. Get some for the sun parlor tomorrow. Window Shades, 60c. Roman striped ones! Thirty-six inches wide and seven feot long. Mounted on rollers and ready to use. Ask to see them. 25c Scotch Madras, 19c. In cream--thirty-six inches wide. 25c Filet Nets, 15c. Fully one yard wide. It'll be a long time 'til you get them at a price like this again. Ostermoor Mattresses and artistic porch furniture to be had at big savings, too 1 Savings on Good Wall Papers, Too! ___ 5c and 6c Wall Paper, 3o. For- kitchens and bathrooms --also good patterns for any room in the house. Wide or narrow borders to match. lOc to 12V 2 o Wall Paper, DVfcc a Roll. Suitable for the living room, hall, dining room or bedroom. A very large selection of good, dependable papers with wide or narrow borders to match. 12V 2 o and 15c Wall Paper, 7c. Splendid for bedrooms ! Satin stripes, floral stripes, chambrays, allover florals and near plaifl effects. Pretty cutout borders to match. You will find them in any color you may desire. 15c and 180 Wall Paper, a Roll. German dyed plain oatmeal paper! Thirty inches wide. All the wanted colors--beautiful cutout borders to match. --Fourth Floor--Wassail's, ·*·** \ i r . s

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