The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on September 2, 1947 · Page 3
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 3

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 2, 1947
Page 3
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THE DAILY REGISTER, IIARRISBURG, ILL, TUESDAY. SEPTEMBER 2. 1947 PAGE THREB I i-'rancc hostesses wear uni-j Social and Personal Items HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE It a ifflotrt allmwrt t Hit. nenraui- Not iuu stmcthinq you tu« *· £» a " mcan5 * "" Lit II, «* our D -* lor * f - try HIGH BLOOD PRttSURE CAPSULES. Avail,, f only al Rainbow's Drug Siwe. l( not I him to x*f 'I '*· X* 1 - Thoo^nds luvt t d ,, If BRIDGES MICH BLOOD PRES- URt CAPSULES do nol rtllrve you plfaw »SV ,- ,«.r moivy twck. jWe dc'/i want II in- os r .,M*d. lOc and 1.00. Accept no lub- ,'itutr jl'icnic At Cavc-In-Kock i By Tanner Quartet Shower For Ilerschel Cummins and His Bride A household shower was ,,_ ,, ,, ,,. jit a charivari party honoring" Mr. \ and their families, and a "few oilier and Mrs. Ilerschel Cummins at relatives spent Labor Day pic- ,their home. Equality Rt. 1, Fri-' nicking at the btale park at Cave- day evening, Aug. 29. Mrs. Cum- in-Rock The Green Bowl, Navy Secret Society, Is On Way Out Doris Duke, World's Richest Girl, Weds Th^SS: ffi^^fe, Dominican Diploma! Members of. Ihe Tanner quartet ^ r .^£T^ a^cused^ | being a "self-help" club for naval officers, is on its way out. Rear Adm. Frank J. Lowry, who day evening. Aug. 29. Mrs. Cum- in-Rock. In thc party were the I Rear Adm. Kransc J. J-owry, «»v mins is the former Eleanor Olson, following: Buell Tanner, Mr and! has been investigating the orj,an- Waukcgan. ; Mrs Ear i Tanner, Mr. and Mrs. ization. is expected lo deliver a Those who came bringing wed- Davis Phelps. Mr. and Mrs. H. B. final report late 11his montn readings gifts and good wishes were Tanner, Mr. and Mrs. Will Phelps,' ommcndmg that the Green isowi the following: Mr. and Mrs. Os- Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Phelps, Mr. i be abolished because there it. no · -- -- · -- -- · · place in the Navy for any secret i Card Lands, Mr. and Mrs. Townes and Mrs. Delmar 1'helps, Mr. and j Coomes, and daughter, Mattie Mrs. Thomas Unthank, and Ronnie, society. · Dec; Mr. and Mrs. Guy Carnahan, Gary, and D. A. Phelps, Brentwood,, ^ land daughters, Guy Nell and Belly Agatha Janice, and Darrell Phelps SoVS B-29s ,Lou; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Masulis, and Dora Pearl Unthank. i _. ' . . jjohn Masulis, Mr. and Mrs. Glen ! First Line jChrisman and daughters, Ruth Mr. and Mrs. Carl B. Brooks and , Amtsrirnn JKayc. Opal and Catherine; Mr. and .,0,,, Charles, have returned f rom i / * mencan ' {Mrs. Hazel Yates and son, Floyd:' a visit with their parents and Mr. I . rnK - V n q^nt f ,Sir. ancl Sir*. Cecil Church and ' :iiui M rs. A . c. Kainiii. Mr. Kuinni, i r ' r * r' Xcnp'cv sai sons Michael and Gene; Mrs Hel- formcr Saline county farm adviser. F hcc ° r fj%q' Evy bom 1C.) Barton and children Dclman.' 1S farm ad viser in Piatl county and ' S?atc«Ic Air ComSLu -Jerry and Becky; William Ber- lhcv livc at Monticello. Mr. Brooks'' MaA^ janan the Ph Hppines a kcl. Mrs Orville Pitchers and par ents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles othc^'adnciVands ^forS the fi children. Bob. Donny, Barbara and , Brooks, live at Stonington and he- "* I Billy: William Scroggins, and Ron-1 p arcn t Sf Mr. and Mrs. Hennai tcrferc with my married life." The marriage was the second for Miss Duke and the third for Rubi- rosa. lie was divorced by Danielle Wiley Allen f 75, of Hamilton County, Dies Darrieux. French actress, in May. ..... »·% . . . . · » i * i 1 IvII Wiley Allen. 75. native of Hamil- Previously lie had been divorced died Monday ' , m a t l h h omc o t n i s on .i n4aw Marriage Licenses nie Mondy. Several who could | Berry, live at Lincoln, not be present sent gifts. , s and first line" ofTefcnse for the United Duke, "the richest girl in the world." was quolcd today as saying she intended lo gel right back to work as soon as her second honeymoon is over, but was determined not to let her career interfere with her marriage. Miss Duke was married late yesterday to banjo-playing Porfirio Rubirosa, formcr son-in-law of President Rafael Trujillo of the Dominican Republic. , The double ring ceremony was performed in a small salon of the Dominican legalion by Dr. Salvador Emilio Paradas, Ihe consul general. J.K)--Gen. Diieclly afler Ihe ceremony the said today thai couple left by plane for the French j L Ol ,is 'c llettcrschc'idt'. in com bombers of Ihe - · -· "-- ' . . . nand based in by Flor DC.Oro Trujillo, daughter 'n,nr.v BartoZ'near 4 ATmburg. The of the Dominican chieftain. | bod wm , k in st:?te at thc Barton residence until lime for funeral sen ices, \\hich will be held Wednesday at 2 p. m., at Hickory Hill church, two miles west of Broughton. Kev. G. F. Slavens of Galatia will conduct thc service. Duke was married to James II. R. Cromwell, former U. S. minister to Canada, in 1935. She got a Nevada divorce in 1943. Rubiroa is about 40 years old. his bride 34. He is honorary charge d'affaires for the Dominic- Mr. Allen is survived by his wife, an Republic here. Elk- Mae Allen, two daughters: Mrs Owen Randolph of Hartford, 111., and Mrs. L. E. Alswede of Chicago: and one half-brother, Aaron Allen of Galatia. John \V. Prathcr. 22. Raleigh, and Doris Sharpe, 18, Harco. Seek Divorces Ralph B. Maddox seeks a divorce from Bessie May Maddox and Ger- i The Strategic Air commander i told a press conference thai bomb- T~ Mrs. Louise LaBaw and Miss ers carrying Ihe alom bomb were Miss Virginia Dann visiled over Mary Richardson drove lo Chicago I rca d y \o defend Ihe nation the Labor Day week-end with her ' Saturday. afternoon, accompanied j "against anybody, anytime, who parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dann,' by Mr. and Mrs. Jay W. Gaskins, | decides to take us on." Route 3. Miss Dann is atlcnding j who were returning lo Chicago aft- j -the Western Union telegraph I er visiling Iheir parents, Mr. and I school at Crawfordsvillc. Ind., and · Mrs. A. M. Hetheringlon and Mr.' will gradualc Sepiember 10. Olher j and Mrs. W. 0. Gaskins in JIarris;, t . _ ,, . , Riviera, \\hcrc the romance bios-11 p i a i n t s filed today in circuit court, i B^^ somed. They met ct Beaulieu and ' . ~ -- -were seen logether daily on the beach and niglu:y in lashionable clubs. Miss Duke has been engaged as photographer and editor of Harper's Bazaar. After Ihe wedding Mrs. George Palen Snow, editor of Harper's said Miss Duke had told her that she intended lo "keep on working for Harper's as pholo editor as long as il does not in- visilors at the Dann home were i Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Hagan, De- burg. On their return from Chicago Mondav evening, Mrs. LaBaw and | ! Hazel r i' -i I-,HC -111,1 ! t' oit ' Mich.. Bobbie Cower and Miss Richardson were accompan- The Loval Daughters class of the Co.,,1 Supply o lord I arts and ^ ^ ^ Woodrow Dann o{ jcd homc by william D . LaBaw | Fi^cSia^ cnurih xvS meet Autssoiuj.. ( Marion. Mrs. Hagan is the former , who will visit, in Harrisburg a few tom -,,] lt at 7.3(1 al t j, c church Im! BMHAM-GREEM " ' "'""" Your FORD Dealer Wholesale Trade Invited . . , I V l l i n l l L t l l - i » » J V / i » v i . » " ^ *-""»·*···· -days during his vacation belwecn porlant business. All members semeslers at Michigan bmversily arc urge( ] t o a tlcnd. Attorney Lester Lightfoot lefl at Ann Arbor, Mich. ' Saturday for San Francisco, Calif., on a business and pleasure trip. The Business Women's circle of Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Stevens, Chi-' the First Baptisl church will meet He will be back in his office Sepl. i cago, who arrived Saturday to : with Laverne Clayion, 17 West 8. T»UT«».« - ***«TM ~C Wednesday 630 p. m, at JAMES CAFE , ® mm f-i rA .'i f jl m. W 1 CEMIE^MIANS WHEN FOLKS ASK "HOW COME?" HAND THEM ONE OF THESE CARDS JOE "FUZZY" DOE "SALINE COUNTY, ILLINOIS I A',' GROWING A CFARD W~' ceiM mial no mr ccn'criial Oc'cbcr 23 24 and Z5. :,',; the ^oproachtng c-. ,., w ~ .-,r~ cbv-mno mr ccn'criia c . 7 r^c.% r? fcMa-rt l..-.i« to aovrr:,',; the ^oproachtng e,H t ,-,,at 5S^«,cn are rc*.^ c- V 1 TM""" ".»?"... "j^ Y fictobcr we lr"c to !-?k ' k» srn: if tro old sctl.ers of 18w. e tow ve,i w 'i tx-.-r «,th us. Kue fun us and esm= io We tow ve,i Cur ccntcrm'""! cc'c!r.Uion. 75c Per Hundred -- One Day Service HARRISBURG PRINTERS Cull 1180W (No Chanses can be made at this price except name) ne ii^iTsmer blow will break it! ;, You Know, when ou see an old lock, that no matter how highly'polished it may be on the outside, the chances arc its mechanism is rustcrt through and that one hammer blow will break it open . . . Your automobile can be in just the same condition. Shiny and new looking on the outside, hut full of knocks and moans on the msirtc. Safeguard your driving future by bringing your car lo us for a complete check-up. Rcasonab c prices and no work done unless it's absolutely necessary. 626 N. Main : t)EAN [spend Ihe week-end with her sis- Poplar, today al 6:30 p. m. for a ! ler, Mrs. J. O. Wells and family, picnic supper. Each member is relurned home Ihis morning. They i requested to bring her own table were accompanied by Mrs. Charles service. Oatman, molher of Mrs. Stevens, who resides at the Wells home · The W. M. S. of the First Baptist and who will be in Chicago for a , church will observe the special pro- 'few weeks. i gram for state missions Wednesday ! beginning at 2 p. m. Every mem- Mr, and Mrs. Grosvenor TS'ced-1 ber is urged to attend this very ham of Chicago were hpusegucsls, important meeting. of Dr. and Mrs. J. J. Klein through the Labor Day week-end. Necdham was formerly band structor at the IITHS. ? Mr., Brother Bill Russell will preach in- at the Social Brethren church tonight at 7:30. Everyone is cordi- j ally invited. Miss Sybil Gidcumb, who has i acccpled a clerical position at Rice-' The Past Noble Grand club will Stix wholesale dry goods company ha\e its annual picnic today a L at St Louis visited over thc week- ( p. in. at the town park. Eacn one end in Harrisburg with her par-; is asked to bring table service. cuts, Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Gidcumb. i , . ! The Loyal \V omen s class of the Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Streight had ; First Christian church will quilt as guests last week, his brother-; at the church all day Wednesday in-law and sister. Mr. and Mrs. with a pot luck luncheon at noon Dick Richards, Toledo, and their At 7:30 p m a spcakei fiom the son. Ed Streight, was at home. Men s Bible class will bring a mes- Ed is a student at thc Teachers , f age and Mrs Came \oung am College at DcKalb and is employ-i lead ihe dc\otional. cd at Sycamore Armistcad managcr of Mother's Friend massaging preparation helps bring ease and comfort to expectant mothers. M OTHER'S FRIEND, an exquisitely prepared emollient. Is useful In all conditions where a bland, mild anodyne massage medium in skin lubrication is cicsirea. One condition In -which ·women lor more than 70 years have used it is an application for massaging the bodi during pregnancy... It helps keep the skin sott and pliable... thus avoiding unnecessary discomfort due to dryness and tightness. It refreshes and tones the skin. An ideal massage application for the r.umb. tingling or burning sensations of t.r.e skin lor the tired back muscles «r cramp-i^e pains la the legs. Qu ckly absorbed. Delightful to me · Highly praised by users, many doctors ana nurses. Millions of bottles sold Just as^. any druggist for Mothers Friend--the skin emollient and lubricant. Do try It. Friend While prices of so many things are kiting, we are keeping _ B.F. Goodrich tire prices down. We've pegged tire prices at well below prewar. But B.F.Goodrich Silvertown quality is flying higher and higher. The wider, huskier "road-level" tread gives your car a safer foothold . . . outwears pretrar tires. NOW ONLY 1.50 DOWN 1.25 A WEEK Puts a New 6.00-16 Tire On YcvrCar Every B.F.Goodrich Tire Carries a Lifetime Guarantee fire 4 Ballery Co, Phone 174R1 Llovd Horn 206 E. Poplar say CLEMENTINE PADDLEFORD, Food Editor oj This Week Here's the answer to you women who are wondering if you should still save used fats! Secretary of Agriculture Clinton P. Anderson says,"It is still necessary to conserve every pound of fat, since the over-all fat supply situation is little better now than it was last year." You see, many things we use require industrial fats or their products, and there aren't enough fats in the world to go around, as yet. So every pound we women of America can save will help. Please . . ·- keep up the good work until we've got this situation really licked. TURNING IN USEO FATS American Fat Salvage Committee, Inc. street. Mrs. Thomas. Jr., has just | Pirates. | completed a ---r.mrr season singing wit'^ ( U ~ "' Lo n Municipal Opera Company. I Mr. and Mrs Cam Cole and Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Boles have moved to 209 West Raymond 1 ! street, from the Raley apartments, j 2 Walter mother.' turning to Indianapolis from a visit in this city. Mrs. Dorris visited Miss Lorene Dorris and her mother, Mrs Cora Dorris. and Mrs. Raasch. thc forme? Vclma Frills, came lo altend a reunion by former Harrisburg high school classmates. Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Streich of New Orleans, La., are hc'-e/for a brief visit with Mrs. Streich's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Barter of this city. Mrs. Streich was formerly Miss" Marilouise Barter. Henry Scott. :ui»s Mary E. Mcscher, ,, - . County Home Adviser, who spent one week of her vacalion al a ' cabin on Lake Manitou, Rochcslcr. J Ind., arrived homc Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Simpson i and twin sons, Dick and Don, Jol-,, ict, spent thc past week-end v i s - , j king his mother, Mrs. U. J. Ham- ikon, in this cilv. Mrs. Simpson who leaches at Jolict, has trav- elled with the Happiness Tourist Co., this summer, touring Califor- Rot!-0ul WaiSi-Hi Broiler One Piece Stainless Porcelain Top and Back-Rail Chrome Plated, Easy to Clean Burners Simpson and the Mr. and Mrs. Lester Turner and children, Robert and Diana, Chicago have been visiting his mother Mrs. Audrey Turner, and his sister, Mrs. Clarice Hatcher. While they were here the Turners and the Athel Choisser family from Eldorado held a picnic and fish fry at. Cave-in-Rock. i Dr and Mrs. B. E. Montgomery! have returned from a vacation trip, j l o Canada and he resumed his, I medical praclice here loday. Miss Miriam Taylor, who is a ' student at Washington Universky,i St Louis, is at home between se-i mesters. She is Ihe daughter o f , Mrs C A. Taylor and is with her | mother at the home ol Dr. ana' B. E. Montgomery. , and Mrs. Howard Gibbon^ Mountain View, Mo., have been called to Carrier Mills bv th" ''1 ness of his sister, Mrs. Sam Mill ( er. whose condition is critical 1 They arc Ihe uncle and aunl ol Mrs" Ed Holloway of Ihis city. 5 Beeyly Ranges Ready to Install Either Bottle or City Gas The Daily Register, 20c a week What To For That Sluggish, iown-and-Out teauly Raoge Perfed Cooking h Living al ISs Besl Rcmembcr tnc tlmc when you could cat nke a horso . bubbicd-ovcr with - Phone 66 r ^r,- Louis YoungS, son of Mr oiis YoUjWs.'will return the m f th" monlh l o Wilmore Kv 10 resume his SludlCS al \ K , , r v rnlle«e the Methodist Asbury '-oiieae ui»- school Of theology Mrs. H. B. Monroe Adrian Mich , spent the past week m this city, , viVitin" her brother, OtlS Youngs,, ViSlim 0 Jin " l . ! digestion was. felt strong as an ox? -V nw advances the "old stomach and th- ever-changing blood" need help. No* - -Mr and Mrs Tom O'BeirnC, Of Mr. and Mrs.. JLUH ffucl ^ O e Tolono, were ucck-cna guesis 01 \ir ind Mrs. Sieve Farrar of this ·V" \trc O'BcirnC was formerly City. Mrs. U ^£ lrl ± \lrs Gcr- Miss brville tarrar. Airs, · ^cr Harvey Klmgcnsmiln, Ot ,« rt formcrlv Of Harrisburg. icago, lormi -''-, ,,, ., Famrs was also a guest of the tarrais ^iindiv night. They left for their u «« vMterday aflcrnoon, withi homes c ? iei 7?'n«frt£ orrnmnanv-, Mr and Mrs. 0 Bcirnc accompany i " Mrs Klingensnilth as far as j " ' . Every day-- every hour-- millions p. tiny red-blood-cells must pour for O marrow or your boncs to re- £ -worn-out. ^ lo. **,$**$£ TM$®g$ « , c c to infection and disease. To get real relief you must keep up you , blood strength. Medical authority-; bv analysis of the blood, have by posl- tivc proof shown that SSS Tonic ! r amazingly effective In building up lo* blood strength In non-organic nutrl- an emia. This is due to the sss Tonlc formula' which contains special and potent activating ingredients. Also. SSS Tonic helps you enjoy the JooA you cat by increasing the gastr c digestive juice when it is non-orgar.i- caily too little or scanty-thus the stomach will have little cause to get balX;. Woat and lve off tnat so .. : rood Mstc . Don't wait! Energize yow body with rich, red-blood. Start on SSS Tonic no-.v As vlgorous blood surges throughon'- yo ur whole body, greater freshness anrf strength should make you cat better s)ccp better, feel better, worK better play bettor, have a healthy color plow in J. our S kln-- firm flesh nil out Perfect Baking Sealed -in Heat one piece oven linings with rounded even heal corners assures you perfect baking every time. Kobertshaw Oven Thermostat guarantees the same temporal urc each setting And. the Johns ManviHe Glass Wool insulation keeps oven heat inside the oven. Waist Hi Broiler Ueaulvrangc has a patented Roll-out Waist Hi or Harbccucr. To the left of the oven the 14 inch high compartment gives'y.o'u ihe possibility of broiling or barbecuing meats or fowl by simply placing the large Aluminum Sizzle Platter in the desired position from the broiler. rl I ,,: Champaign. ~ - " .- i 1.1- TSnherl Davis, CCrlified public acSSSnt of Robinsor i 111 is in', Harrisburg this week on business^ i helps Build swrty Health. with 0. L. Woods. I BeaySy Range lesled and Approved by American Gas Association Tesiing Laboratories. C. F. Gidcumb SERVING SALINE COUNTY SINCE 1906 X

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