Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey on November 23, 1910 · Page 6
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Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey · Page 6

Trenton, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 23, 1910
Page 6
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I'l M K.f-J, W NO VJEM K t f K 23, 1910. liXCIIANTilV 1OK RliAF.-. HSTA-l'lj For Bent. FOR BKXT--i-story brick boose. Pas-sale St.. 9 roams and bath. Inquire 38» Tyler St, 1* FOB BBItT--Houes. SOS Monmouth St., 9 rooms, all Improvements; near Greenwood Ave. Inquire *33 Monmouth Street. 11-23-81 FOB REHT--2H-story brick bouse. 18» Division St.: i roomi. battt and sewer connections- front veranda: paved street Apply 327 Chambers St. 1* FOB BESTT--10-room brick house with all improvements. 208 w. Hanover St.; reot-$22 a month in advance. Inquire 23.1 Spring: St. Bell " Iien61 ? 1 ||"j£ FOB RRKI--Frame residence wlti 8 roomB, cor. S. Olden and Hamilton Aves.: has outbuilding's and s e v * r *J acres of grround. E. E. Barton. 2» Yard Avenue. ll-zz-41 FOB RENT--House. 1« S. Stockton St. Apply Mrs. Woodruff. Aleda Apartments. ll FOB BEST--306 Third. St. 8-room house-: rent $13 per month. App " Joseph Zelllnski. 1S1 Grand St. 11-23- FOB REJCF--2 H-story brick house. 190 W. Hanover St.: has « rooms, bath, finished attic, enclosed shed, all Improvements: rent $23 oer _month^ln_ad- vance and water rent. 29 Yard Ave. E. E. Barton; 11-23-41 FOR BKJTT -- 1 «-room house and bath-- 155 T-«fayette Ave.. Broad.St. FOR RENT -- 107 Anderson St.. S-room frame: rent $10 and water rent. Chas. B. Kennedy, 26 Forst-Klchey FOB BBKT -- House on Dresden Are.. near Mott's, $11.50 month. I. C. nor. 309 o , . S. Broad St- . 11-22-tf FOR BENT--17? Greenwood Ave., 12 rooms; all modern improvements. Inquire 172 Greenwood Ave. . 11-21-" FOB RFVN-T---16 Monroe St. Inquire of M. A. Howell. W E; Hanover St Ban phone 31SS-A. _. U-21-tf FOB. REST--9-room brick house, Academy St.: rent $J2. Case t Cain. 8 E. State St. 11-19-tf FOB BENT--New 8-room noose; tile bath, gas and electric liyht: Murray St. near W. State. Charles W. Carll. Front and Warren Sta. ,, li-is-tr FOR IUsi»-r--18-rooni house. CJarteret Ave.; all Improvements. Joseph Roorn« for RKSTT -- T-a parlor, piano , and folding bed. and second floor back room. Addis-- T-1135. Time* office. ,. 11-aB-it FOR RK^T -- 2 furnished rooms; pri- · - - -·" ·--' For Sale. Our Farm Tiist Is a Large One. Following Are a Few of Them. vate bath and BUS range. 252 Spring Street. It FtTBXWHED ROOMS Lod*ln«: ll«ht I «,,*««£ »***· ""» *° d . Ii. heat: Improvements bousekeepin 248 E. Front FOB BEST--Centrally located large - all conven- acrM ^^ gxa bunJln ^, ......... ' 108 aores. U-room house, large barn. 4,009 ". acres, stock, crops and farming utensils cres, J house*. larj» baxn, good furnished front room; all con nces; euitable for man and^wlf :e or iQUWO. Ol*.fc«tV»'= *v* .iitfc*. .»..%^ · .. --" -- 1 gentlemen. 343 Academy St. ll-22-»t FOB BRVT--Furnished Cooper St. FOB RJ53TT--Furnlj _ venlences. BO Cooper St. rooms. "8 11-Z2-31 UO acres, IJ-room house, large, new ... 8.600 barn 100 acres, without buildings, well lo- .. 7.BOO FOR HBirr--Wurnlshod rooms with all convenlencaa. 280 Hamilton Ave- 11-Ji-lmo ;i' ROOMS 124 8. Stockton St. cated' 3.600 acres. «ood bulMli»«- good for poultry I.* 00 21 acres, fair buii^n^s, good fruit rooms: all eon- 1 ^J^\^J.'ff^{.'^. !S Full particulars will be given of the For, Sale. Monmouth Street. FABMS IM PEJS.\-STLVAMA--1S acrns. price only 12 900 5? acr? 3 . pr!.-« on:y For Sale--188 rooms, 2 baths. electric light hot proveme^its: Al co owner. 72? Hamllv BARGAIN SJO^MOT-TH ST. MAKE CONSTITUTION^! SHOWS TO BE 'SHADOW DANCE TO STATE ST. PROGRAM BE GIVEN TONIGH1 Referendum Feature ana English "The Romance of a Rose" and Unique Event at Yardtey Witt Speaking Clause Haft Calls it Safe M.. Nor.' «,--The Other Holiday Offerings Secured "The SANTA FE. N constitution Mexico, framed by the convention wjth^ plenty of^ whloh clo»ed this week, contain* 20,WO Rose. ' or.j of the above by applying In person or writing. City r*opeity. for gentlemen.! Rows of bo""r paying 15 per cent, on 11-21-if money invested. Ho"xs for homes. FOB BEXT--2 furnished rooms: Jlgbt housekeeping, with heat; use of bath - -- - ii-3i-tr and gas, ft southard St. LJIRGE FROWT BOOM; furnished; bath and heat- 112 N. Montgomery St. 10-t-eod-tf FOR BJB7TT--1 large urifarnlahedroom. " 203 Hudson- St, 1 block from~F' ton Ave. 11-Sl-tf FOB RR1TF--Jfleely furnished rooms In private family; modern conveniences. 217 Academy Bt 11-17-lmo Booms For Eent. * 562 E. State St. Five minutes from State and Broad Sts., Just east of Clinton Ave.. brown stone residence: irs pass every few- minutes; steam heat, gas sad electric lljrht bath; finest appointed borne in city, every room newly funtished. Bell phone T58; extension In rooms If desired. Call or address Mrs. H. M. Palmer. 5 S3 FOB . con State St. tron* 11-15-tf aU Wright. 11 W. State St FOR R«t»T--House · Beat J10. IiMjnlre n-ie-tr HIB«-±---Large froriT room; venlences. 48 N. Stockton St. FOK wiBTP--Nicely tnrnlshea room, for gentleman or lafly; also housekeeping, with Jraa rang*.' 483 Chestnut Aye. 11-12-tf ROQM8 Nice single and double rooma, gas. bath and board. »53 N. Clinton Ave. 11-10-lm onfnrnfshed rooms. Call evenings. 310 S. FOR third floor! Clinton Ave./Zd floor flat.- 11-9-tf ROOMS FOB BioSi-i---With, running - ,, water. UK Academy. Bt U-7-Sti mbertoa St. . , . lass St. FOR BKIfT--Furnished rooma; all con- 11-15-tf venlences. 219 E. Hanover St. Ball FOR RISK-*---Six-room housef *10 per month. In advancs; .within S minutes walk of the Mott Works. Apply F, Bi Arend, 195 Deatr Ave. " 11-lt-tf FOR Riai»-i---Small store, J50 HamHton Avenue, near Hudson. Good location: $11. 427 Monmouth St.. $22.50 -B? M. Phillips Son Go.. Comroonwealtfc Bldg. Bell 222. 11-IJ-tI FOR RtsN-f-- 6-room and bath, brie* · house. SOT E. Clinton Ave : $14 I. C. Rednor, 409 S. Broad- St. ; lp-2S-tf FOR RENT -- Xew Blx-ropm brick with Improvements ana por- ' A. -Updike Sbn, Bldg. tlco front on " E.' State Street and E. Clinton Avenue, near P. R., R. Shops. - - - - Broad St, Bank 11-12-tf room house, IQfl " S. Broad Street-, sewer connections.. . Inquire "Eagle ..-Amrll- Works. l^, 8 ^ -FrfR-HENT-^-Ho«se on Ge.neral: Ave; S20 per month. In advance. C; V»lehtln:e. -W. State St ; -w«a-'·fleyr Ave. ·-'='·· .· . . . -FOR AeiSTT-- Two T, and:^-ro:qm hotns**; ' ' , N : centrally Icrcated. ,· ,' H.'\I. . Broad St. Banlt^fBandlng. . ..10-29-lmo .at,- · p6r«t- «od ; ImprovepMatii. v Hudson' "t ' '- - . · " ' . ' r . ^ - . ' . t - :..·-"'- R- i" rooms, $2T; ; :Locust, :SK , _ . '-"·ii.' Ave. tWilburt.dflB; E. Stat St.:. phone 11-2-imo VACAHuucS with use of phone and bath. = 248 Academy St -.- . . " - : . ll-3-lmo FOR R:-»'i'--US S-. Stockton St: nicely furnished roomv conveniences. ' y » · . io-2a-ti FOR - lurnlshed room use of reception room, hath and , phone. Ill E Hanover St. »eoond floor. - io-js-tf FOB. RENT-- Furnished rooms;. hbt and cold water; bath: heat IS Perry. FOR BEST -- J unfurnished rdoms. Call 139 Perry St.. 10-21-tf FOB REWT--^Large room: fourth floor. " ' Bro Apply oad S Wagner Meyer's; 153 N. St. " "'~* FOR RESTT--Furnished room, with or without board; also table board 39 W-, State St. -,. - . « .10-15 " REjriwNewly furnished rooms water- In each room, with private bath. 233. Broad B--k BI*r- U-lS-tf "TMTM"" For Sale. Desirable Residence. Oood dairy «nd'barn, large also new double houM. large -lot, tract of about -t sen* of land w4Ul «*- paragu* bed. 23-Auia Far«»- About SOO feet of frcntan on **··» St. Hamilton Square, for choice building lots: commodlooB dw«Uln«. good condition: hot and cold nr»t«r and laundry; all necesMxy outbuUdln««; abundance of shade and fruit U»=«. The above are all excellently located and on trolley line. Some o**-T* on list For Bent. 12-roora boose, jentre'tr located; heat: improvements. Keys at o"Ve Good Mortgages. $8.000 $2,500 $2.090 $1,500 ll.JOO $1.000 JOS. t. WAT9OH A SO*. Betmont Circle. house, all lrryrovementa; oai sell at one-quarter less than cost. BAHXT ATE--Eight new 2%-story brick houses. 1SOT GB.\ESEB ST.--SH-story brick. 8 rooms. CHAHI.ES ST.--JH-«tory brick. 9 E. HAMO\TER 9T--JH-story frame. 9 rooms. · Any of these bouses are worth Inspecting; terms right; for particulars, B! M PHILLIPS S01TCO Bell *ra Con""ODwr*ltI Bid*. For Sale. New brick house. Cleveland Avenue, 8 rooms, bath and heater; 11.600. Easy terms. --. For Eent, Furnished Nine-room house. Chestnut Avenue, near Hamilton; can be rented reasonably for the winter months. IS Per Cent. Investment, Seven new. brick houses on East Clinton Avenue; Jl.SOO each. Easy terras CHARLES G. TEUNON. . Both phones. 135 E. State_St. Assemblyman Walsh as Quest of Honor Arauig«m«nta hav? been compljt4 for a dance to be knowo as the Grunt Shadow dance, which U to b« held t»- n i x b t IE Odd Fellows' Hall. Taxdley, I'a. he dance wtil t» umJer the For Bent. HOtJSE-- 15 rooms; all heated; best location In the city; 2S2 E. State St; will rent cheap- DWEIiLRVG -- 7 rooms and bath: Bromley just off E. State St.: *15. DWELLING with store front: E. State near Stockton St. PROPERTIES FOR SALE in all parts of Trenton; some bargains. ISrsra~A'CE written In the best companies at lowest rate*. I* C. THOMPSON. Ftr»t National Bank Building;. ' SALE--Fine Investment on We can B«ll ob« for qnlclt sale; a lot TOxJOO, at Belmont Circle. Location the very best. ATKJJfS .* . 205 WJIkiMon Bid*. FOR Bioa-i--- ; Netw 8-room house: tile bath, gas and electric lights; Mnrra' St near WyStata St Charles w. Carl Front.and warren-" 9ts. 11--15-' Princeton Ave-, 3 brick houses renting; for $13.50 each, f o r . $4^500: near Southard St. , Chas. B. Kennedy, 2fl Forst-RIctfey ,Bldg. . H-32-tf FOB SALE--39 Kelsey Ave. formerly New Htirh St, a 3-story brick' w i t h 9 rooms, bath, range and lot 15x131 feet Chas. B. Kennedy. SB Forst-- Rlehey Bide 11-22-tt St. in Homes. $4,000 bujTs an 8-room brick; Spring 10-room -brink. Bellevue Ave.; $1,800. - -" " $3,500. Ave.; Ave-: 9-rooin brick, Bell«vue 10-room dwelliixs. »E.oOO. , - 9-room dwelllns, , 13,700. ' ' · ' BHck house, lot 20x118. CSeatr* St.; 42.10.0. 8-room 4nri some Academy DES1H*«LB v»c»Tcl«r. 280 B. ' ' - " " " · Ave.; 10-room brlc*, 'B«trlileT Ave.: »7.000. ifl-robm brlok..N. ·Wlllo-w Bt.: 14,300. Two 7-room · ori"'*'! ' ·' N«w Ros« St; *3,200; . 8-room OweTHmr, Centra. St.; tg.500. 8-room brick, Tyler St.; ot»ly J8.800. . 8-room brick, hot- water heat, StUT- vesant Ave.t J4.000. "-room iorlck. Princeton Ave-; only »S,.500. · - , ' , 10-room brick, steam tteat«d. Ruth- erf orfl Ave.; $4,000. 6-rpom brlckitHudnon 8t.t ff-room brick. Sandford - ' · " - - ni -- ^Furnlsrhefl front room lana- taf.tnun anffrwlf «Tftra~s»ntlB- -men;---!Mat--' adr : bath. -*14 Avenne, . =;- --ts.-e--i*T ; ^J' ! '-' ...." liourji -:»ia; .Q.- oiavo-j o w - X » T J * T ·------r - ^.. ._-_. '' T5"OTt $22} flrst ";and -second floor iats,- . ... . . t^cMtrally ^located;. J«L-5^*?^-Trtrfc lf v v^^V^f housekiseplJg; all conveniences, 483 Chestnut Ave. "'; i 5"-s-:4r^;x -.-..--·/·-«»rt?. FOB -BEJjra t:aioe»- rooms and i Oy. - nished - rooni* S0» ?t- Clinton^ Ave. ·- FOB KBS 1^---Fujuishea ro«iUS; running -·- .-watei "In each .- room. - ^118 Academy : Btree't;, ;; .V; ?i.=.y ;_---"; ; v: ~'--...: S-U-tf : FOR- .. _ .. Street; 10 rooms, 'stfATrf heist gas and electricity; all modern-Jmpjevemenfs; reht $S2.S6; Apply TI. : S. Applerate fi Co./'or 224 .Spring St. % V : llrllrtt FOK SAtJf^-^Foi'doee.'aa estate, 8-room tframe .house, . 4ft TV". T-faywtte ·y : :i;.sli05)V. .Co(?lc,BroSf,:-i33;B,:;Stat.e ft' ll-?itf "connters "and: shelving. M33 .E.-State ;St;.-. "-="·;; ., ^and= basement on "good -COSH : "ln centre' of city; TOltaWe" f or ; :-any j» THJIB; $26.' Gook. Broa, .133 H; State '·''" " " · " ' " · ' - " 1 - ' " · - - - -* ^SppjjVrftAy^ffced/;; ; ;WAS-i-»c»^25b. 3:;fd'o"ms, tarntened;ifor. light :: JjouseSeepln(r, - by. young mar-------------- ·-··-·---·*- -family; preferred^ L-- - _.££.:-: - - * . -ntt-.HA . - - . -Plac«; s 7" f ooins and bath-; «JQ icpnven- " Inquire-"**- "West .Bnd: Ave^; - " " ~ P. war"" Si room- Drtcli--iiHise; : located; "=, allii improvemeatJi. iCharles;"WV-Carll."' ; -Front .and Wa FOB-"7*-"W'i -rySouse/pn 'West |5i!ra.Ayi».; '- '-=.··.:- risoms ~ and baUjj .-·all' conveniences. -Inqtilre 88 -jEst«te'; : ..'i- - month. " ' K=« 7-ropm f new ' brick house: ..lmp'rovement*;-»13;SO ;p»r trjrker .-* " : Br«n«Tn*n. 135 K - - - - - · - kn-*-- Third : floor/* St ; Bt*« Sti *ult«bl« for office*. Inquire ^^ott'prem- " ' " '''' ~ ' ' " . FOR: A«iJi:l^-l*»';K-; -Breaff Bt: nicely - - famished rooms; $1.50 per:w«ek; side ---·Btraace.-."- r .-·'- -.-, -.--.'·'- - :,--- i-f-l^tf; ffclni State St: -'*;-. «SOIB» -«nd LClOK _ _ -^. - - -- -- v»ih; all-Improvements: Interior -newly painted an* paeered; «2. \-Aralr, P. -J- -"· -- .estate^ "«West *na A? »«v-e. ea Inqdre aext · OF. «-TMT !»· stoi onndlac li ii tre ef eity. UxTS ee *-t Ooor. sattakle for "--"nfacturln* p« vo**i - - - --- -- · - · - : -. j-il-tf etory »rtck fan "»WT ·" roou, »i-- , t^eirU with bath, for Ilrht lioii»kee)lnff: elevator. stee A. -heat, all modern conveniences. Apply to janitor. Aleda, ear. Hanover and Mont»o«. c ,, IBta^ or telephone J77-A. - - : f»-l»-t£ FMf oulre I itatate. wwn . V^* est . Be in- - lo$ f,i ff ' street bath, all iraprove- heat.--K, '3B. Barton, J» FO|t Atkm-f ·-- Flat opposite Court - Honse; nice view. Inquire 210 a Broad. - - . ' - . -r- " . . , of self; * se*- ondpstory. "unfnrnlshedj'-TOom; '.paid, in advance: -aged:. cpuHl» 'preferred. : JoL~ ,:;city. : fil-ia-St -" rooms for 'H«rhV..h.6nsiBkeeplni?. : ; Ad- dresB : C. W- .H.v :«5 Columbn.s A»5-j »OA K"«-i^-- Corner omce ror aoctor or dentist. -B. '-State "'' " R»^.'*w-Te«lr«ble front-omcer and o*Bces from "*8 ^up, Elmore j " ai : ;' : TO »tc.««'i- OR Bui ' JianC office/ _ ^ located. ^Address: -R-1121i. ..,, xsast-off .clotnlng. and shoes botight; pay "tne;hlgh«st prices; call at store or BelJ ipiib.n«r;lS02j-A- airi we sflll*c»ll:-'0pen: «veiilft«s. S. Llp- inaii; IOT-;N. Broad 1StS ; ' - *KlCB ^il shone *ft!lX7 .I--IB-: 1 :'ftt~ ; --C«it- ^--=-^C*r*ir« Contracto/s. ». T. HJBTu? Jobblnjt; Belt 2SZi-t. vw crjjcui«r ^nd builder; alterations attended to, 46 N. Stockton St -Cement cellai- watarproot,: T =v . '11-18-tf : "w* -jitoirsi emiiajtw ... . ,,-, TardTtn*,-K, J.= Bell phone 2JOZ-H. Estimates »Iven on all. kinds of work. . tiaotor, Pennlngton Ave. Bell phone 2744-A. TBrancli offlce. 27^ Tyler. 1*. " V". · . " : ,. - -.'.- - - '."· *-**-** 31; only ' - . . . . . .. . Write for prlhtea list brfore bu,lnr- ; BDMiJMU mltlROITGHS, : - . ' ,-ReaI Estate and; Wre In«uranc», Room SOT Broad St. Bank Bldg. ' ' ' ' " ' " XS-ttt; fayette. ;-;· . K. C; Quis«. 48 FOR S-Vfc*" 9--9 O.S00 to pern Inter* «1. *»^e ,, r.»"*- fc »o*.«»- r .b before yo-u know It ' Darrafc ; Jlr^;."- *.'- '.OaW-'- ll^S-tf i locution) ,oiir «na on prln- »«j Tor If «.«t-Rle - lehey r« i tt prlcet;. - .1 low FOB JSLAfcB^A' 3-story frame on Pennington Ave. No. 324, with 11 rooms, hot air heater .and lot being 8Sxl-96 feet- Chas. B. Kennedy. 26 Forst-Hlch- ey Bldgr. 11-22-tf Hamilton Avenue House. 725; Just finished; 10 rooms beside tiled . bath, nantry · and laundry: itll woodwork chestnut; all floors finished hard wood: extra large veranda; large front and-side, ton aces;* gas and electric light; hot water heat; lot BO* 200 to street In rear; price low- terms easy. Inquire of -owner, 118 Hudson Street SALE--Logan Ave,, 7-room frame with all Improvements, $2.000; only $750 cash needed. Atkins Watson 205 Wilkinson Bid*. 11-18-tf FOB SAl^J--Oak Lane. 10-room brick, all Improvements, for $5.400:_tl.20( cash. Atkins Watson. 20S Wilkinson Bid*. '. . 11-18-tt -- SAiJS--r7-roora brick, 1 squar.e from Hamilton Ave., .near Chamber! St, all Improvements and In excelled condition; price $3JipO-. - not much cash needed. Atkins Watson, 205 'Wnkln- son Bldg. ' . ,, : = ' _ . .·-. . 11-18-tt down bavs Mllng, .with large lot and adaitlpna n.jnnd -can be had on easy terms if you want to naise chickens or have a garden. farm cheap, or ama!! or laree well- , ,°t P nt ,°S, "' ^ "i. 48 Ra'vM Av; n = j r. --^ ... --- . .rUDllC bale of attic. ivation. Hoiiie has The .outbulldinars are a .must speak English, - j amon«z the highest class offerings "f ^rr.!;S. ri-.rTice ' arrle Dunn, or [ Tho convention also bore in mind the ' V M u d r v l l l e . win be contir.ued for tt' s ''iy Dunn. Mart 71 - A l i e n . Pauline "_({ i adviot- of President Taft to formulate i balance of t h e week They hav*- b*»M Kevins';!!. Mary W.s.Kner, Maude a "safe and sane" constitution, and h!a winning ail. kinds of applause f.-om th- H r i f - o n . H...tti- Br:--.,~, _ Sarah Qa9 adsnor.itjon Avas taken to mean a con- laudli-nces of :he ftrsi h;ilf of the «-i^k. «"H. fifssi" Fli-)wr:' Xar. Larkins. 'he offering Is far above the ave^n-K*- A n n a To-.vnl«-y. An-.a (.'on.Tirs, Ger- The new features for the latter haif trudp M t t - h » l l . A n n a Thompson, f ,s^ w t w k . l n ai!d!t:on to "The P.o- 'Jrac- T!!-r,r.. " O r ? . -- Wh.'te. Mary l.lltian Qu.--k, Sadl* ilount, -T. Juiia. · ' -arj- and Ann--tta ! ;! fray and stliution unlike that 'of Okiahoma. It of personal property and real estate.' also had to recognis^ the insistent de- on Wednesday, Nov 30, at 1 o'clock r.i.'inda for progressive features, out of sharp, as follows: K a r m rontaining 30 W hich demands the Democratic ralnor- ^.7,'r i ley naturaliy made political capital. large ! Tne ··'arious county debtb (which the , ; mance of a Hose." to be preai-ni- Qti!--k. ed by Margaret N e w t o n and Company. Li-r.a ; will "be: "Th,- Three t::art-s," com.-dy'. Messrs. jam." wood" shed, wagon house, chi'cken ! new state Is to assume), the regulation acrobats; FMdle A u s t i n , English com'- ("h.irlt-s f..,h-nters-r John about 1 mile from -VTfushingV'in'B Cross- ; the older Ing. The farm has plenty tf f r u i t a n d ] th^so newts well watered. Hural tna!! passes! the place. Property can he seen any I tlnie before the sale. was adopted, with An elective corporation commission, with no judicial powers, but having th« "Stock*s-nd'Sracbin'nry--1 aorrel mare, i right to regulate rates for transporta- good worker: 3 cowi tn pr^flt soon. 3 t tlon and transmission, to grant char- yearling belters, 12S chickens, you^s ', KTS - ' . . . and oldu 1 Acme far.m iva^on, market to sui«"O'ise corporations. An- automatic arranif?m?nt Immediately marKQt WJXK wt. -*^' ^^"; :iu iv in*j r t l ; ( . i i , ' . L j j - « . » _ i i nearly new; Johnston horse raJte. t 2- takes the' decisiuns of the commission horse Iron .Age corn plow, new: new | to the Stat* Supreme Court, which Syracuse lever sDrlncrtofith "harrow^ 1 | must pass on them without delay. The initiative was rejected, but a eJVrendum -cliiuse was included. It enables 25 per cent, of the voters, on petition, to suspend a law within ninety Syracuse Iron-beam plow, and other machinery too numerous to m e n t i o n : 1 I set double harnnss, I «!nK!« set of'; harness, collars and 200 hush els corn on the ear. 2. tons of straw. · Six mo'nths 1 credit on all sums of tiays of a legislative session, and 10 ' " over $10. A. W -Stout Good Mortgages Wanted. , -WV A. H01430MB CO., Real E«f«rt«. Inirarniwe, I*o«»-. Fifth Floor. Broad St. Buk BI3c. 11-4-tf Money To Loan. TO t.OAK on bond and mort- S per. cent. -Interest. N. C. Harter. 14T E. Stfcte St 2-13-tf Money Wanted, per cent, of the voters, on petition. i to pubrnit a law parsed by the last j Iv*--gis;ature to a. popular vote at the next election, while a-majority of the Legislature ir.ay submit constitutional amendments to the people. . Prohibition nd local option were excluded, but. the %vay was left open to the- Legislature : to deal with tfiese questions; The constitution raises a boundary dispute w i t h -Texas and with Colorado. It provides for. an elective Judiciary f r o m ' l o p to bottom, and for elective state officers. It limits the tax circuit and recom m*ml ed. 4- and James Charles "Wesley vard B. Paul H. to Trenton higi-ly irrnssh. Harold Oo5.!y. .\lart!ii W." nil- Austin also has t h » ra'-y..-r, Henrj" G-''-'rt. John Henry, . reputation of being a real comedian of F i u r r y Keml*T. Orv::i- La R-Je, Joseph the kind that has made England music Lfi«h. Samuel J-ihri Connors, halls famous ln» amusement circles.-Jumes Slulien. Charles Pmi:h. Charl«3 Miss Newton and her associate play- Sears, Harry Van ''amp. Benjamin era have a pretty sketch th "The rto- Van Camp. Edward P.iiiivan. Louis mance of a Rose." a sketch that w i l l , Rltter, .Luke Farley, Ju?"ih appeal especially to the ladies. "CAMEO KERBY" FOR ·francis I.Miy. J. Rr. Tindali. .Ter-. rfrt,-.- liuehJrs. John ' ' . . n i l n . '.Viilia-ni Gr.iiisT. Jospph iliiijee. Andrew Uyer=. Jatn^s J. ilar--. Rusei: Drake ait'! Kusssi; RicK.^y. Mr. and Mrs.. J; ilurpay. "Cameo Kirby," th« new Booth Tar- klneton and Harry Leon Wilson p!«iy. with Austin- Farnam In the title rot». Taylor Opera House -- Th?«nk]iftivirig Day. That ii have " . the same enduring popularity which " INITIATE the wrlfrhts. seems reasojiabie to expert, Judging from the success achieved .iur- , _ ing Us long run at the Studeba-Tt-i-r Thfia- 00 tre, CWcago; at th? Theatre, ; tl , New York, and the-favor with which !t - '.-shlu x-ere I n i t i a t e d lifto ths n v n 'if t h = W--:4 ,ast evening at i3«S init;a:ion ; :: the Ajrcade .Acadr-; Tho exerc:k^s ,n-erf r-ah.ducted by'- ·w Trenton ?!«^reij- team. · 1 "Tha InttlaE'.on exer-',3*3 i;onsuaj«d'th« , rate to 12 mills for the first two years has been received on tour daring ;hfi; greater oan .jf the i-ventnsr. after which:' · - ~ ' ' ·'- ' ' ^ : '--' '" As ··Carrn-o j aiMressr-s for the g-vi-1 and welfare of ·"-. orjer. wsr"; delivered bv- Sovereign . ' . and 10 mills after that. It grants to present theatrical season. A3 women the right to vote at school elec. ! Klr°;." th6 Mississippi Rivei· ga ««,,= or,^ m »^ M «,»,,' ^HO^MI. t n h«, Mr, Karnura-is seen in a character and makes them school directors and county school superintendents. *-_ L* ^**r, r aj-nuiu-19 aecii i.u -a. i_.iat«* .ct. which - J o h n P. ijEitillard, t'oi 1C. C. Stahl. Ssate- 0 De shows him to distinct advantage. It is ManasJ-i* Col. F. O Th«-.-i=pson acd uth- " ni*tr!rt Mani^er Peter B. ' r "The constitution also abolishes the fee system. It prohlbits.separate schools for Saxons and Spanish- Americans- . I t provides for the. payment by the staie of th'e railroad bond indebtedness. of tl.OfMhOOQ- through the sale of. . t r j i $3,500 at 6 per cent for 3 a million acres' of land granted by Conor 6 year*, first mortgage on farm of j g^gg ' , : s l t t e ° n distinction is to be made in the 11-4-1 mo. WAJ»Miar $1,000 on first , brick property worth $2,500, Address office, other than that of slate legislature, on account of inability to ·speak English.. T-826. Times offlce. LOAJT OJf 3-22-tf ^TA»-i'ittD-- oh . jrood business .proisety ·worth doable. "Ad-, dress T-Z34, Times o*Bce. . 2-J8-tf of $700 on tlrst niort- on S-atonr Brick dwelllnit. ; Ad- Timp* office . J-21-tf Attctroneier. The hoBSa is large and «iry. with .win- f.-OLJUtK'·;*.. MARiGKBtIM, 28S Tyler Stj dpws onfall -:staesl, You^.ca.n^;P*y.^ o ^2t ' B «U phone. 4163-A. Auctioneer; 9-2-tf RO^ivmi,!, HART,. 112 NoVwy Av'e. "Bell "pHohe; 35B4-A - Auctioneer and cash down if yoa desire, . b u t 850:11 enougli. This le a special- bargnln. ; and .w:e;--want yon to .see It -.- ·'. :- · · - _ - Broraley Place fine home.-. ..... $5,000' Rose Sti good bftrjraln ...... ..,, ..$1,600 S: Warren -St., brJck house; .....; $r,800 Villa ;Park. all Imp... ..... »..,.. .$2;800 Chestnut : Ave-, -T-rootn brick. ..^.$2,750 'Mercer SU 11 room, brick -- -.-', $3,600 Mercer -:-SU nice brick" .froitss. . .$3.36 : 0; Sf.-GHnton Ave. : 18 roms . .:.-..··. $6.509 - ' . . Stay-yesa'nt- -Ave.. ;.detacheii Cot-, iHlilcrest Ave.i We-offer:1 irk'-at ' er;.eas.y; : . _".$B,000 ;;.$3;;200. -cottage, Park at t. bafr8,rnA»rlbe to-..rulck--ibuy: .sy L terms:;.;w 111 ^consider trade lor and jui«t jtlor* and barn. In; Batrt i^u a bargain; ea«y :" t«r"-».r .yviJs- llam. j;T«oore, r 141 ».-8tirta:St-10-28-tf . 1 newl IVi-mtovr : 1rlck aiia Tfaroe L -6dn»eii, 3= · . Browd. 3t; 1. , . . brick. Hajnllton - ' house, W.- Hario,v*r brtek''fionsB» Sn Centre Sti 1 frame;; house with -lares 3»t- '.Samnel . Kelly;; 147; '' -FOR »ATr« '"f »«i»a lbt« in? T«nUyfll*l .:Appry Tteothy. Furlong. S7T5 :K*lr Sfc V- ^,--;-. - · ...I: : = o .--Avr.-^: . "L .- r ' ^ttrW-tr fi In good :idea.Hon;. suitable for L Apply Sell Jphane^SMJ^Av 10-It-tf FOR : SAJtE-- A: .non-r««ia«nit Coffers:--* lots on :T""'ay»Ue ^ AVe...*t : ;» bargain: - Apply: .Street,--. .. Gi.Wokrt, «iB-;Sta.t« " ' ' ' - J»-3I«tf *»·»· MJJ^*JMlr w l\** 1^1 · K*Ja.'VKQU . W t - * l f -- : stallments; on- Clinton; Oeoess* and William :Sta.";.-Decoa; lots. Broad St Park: - Bell jphorie Ml'4-^aC" : :; =10-4-« FOlt mine-room. fidnBet, with . . «!!' Improvements: : large and /Keaolnjjr Aves^ HlUcrest Gall - jjr Aves^ HlUcrest G ftano 6fe?-XIt St ' ·WfKt-Wl TfrTck; ,_._ B. S»«te St : 111 . W. V, »4 $1.500 each. . X; 10 ' brick houses. rood Cisrei » story f .condition. to Ci«renc« "Wlllets. good l ar $288 per .in- ·1 wo nlceXdweliiiigs ln : tlon. for : $2vSOO clear, renta year, . : Excellent chance jtor Vestment." : : _ . _ . '.·"''"···". fitisiness Restaurant business vi.:-'."i : v;:.'*s». $500 Meat and grocery store^v,,. ..^IliSOO Country;' grocery: '-.'. V.-Vi-.J. i .-.% - -. ^ $?0ff "WTiolesale : candy .-buslnes .. v;i i$2;50i ^Boarding -Jioiue^ 14 [ rooms,. :i ..;£ .$2,000 (keys/att Greenwobd : AVe;-i i* roisnis :J, . V v . . WvHanover St 9-rppm brtck:.*'. .$35.1*0 -General 'Greene,- S-ro6m:brfckVi.. $30.00 stars ± f . .:.^..'..V; . $5.00 . . . . ^ . . . . . Centrat flat* 4 roonis.;.-. .V-. .i.i. -$9/60 ICadwalader" Place.- "ipRrtmeht--.-S3a.00 'Monnicwith St.V 12 : roomsi ..'i -. Sf^'.tta.Of) · 6-room : Hbrlck . v. : . ... - « 'i · *13.SO , . . - Hertbltage Aye.. 9, : rooms^jaew --..$35.M "^r have rsevewil good tKbiwarid: :d.oHirs pericent iToiic PropaWyv ^tflh tft .If you want.itr -«it or" rent and Veit how OUickly ;» 'tenant 'buyer !?" fpond.. ; .X FOR SAI.K- OR One. of . the finest residences In Trenton; 19. ran, 2-t-story Mill Ef, « rootn*. *lde alley; also 1 lot on Ftreunfr . Ave. , Inquire 401. 8. *~ St. '. .--·-. · - . - -'." " 9-ri-tt(rooms: -ail .modern..improvements; .built four years 8450;. drlve*r*y and- 1n«s: wlir consider a plec* FO1X S.VLB-- Houses " "on Spring St, : Hatnerfora Are.. JPa«salo Sfc. Bellevtw Ara^ Hanover St, Cook' Ave.. Olden Av«~ Walnut Ave, and many otbers- R. M. HuWWnson, 4 S- Broad -St. l-« 4* VOBTSAI.K $S.300 «X11 boT 1 of Frank Pel! * Co^ 144 Pronr St " Wanted. »»K_ FIEA.A--- «Ai.» wVntea at once: highest prices jtuaraateed; I pay M per cent, more tbaa any other Sealer. Hunyan. Ill Pis*« St Belt - ' -- -- - · ;- 11-U-tt HOUSE *·· FMCAOOC } PAINTING . those beautiful howes- on south side of 1r. Hanover -StTM above Calhotm. StK- ler. Printer.- IBS E. Rkaorer.-Str tr*t-tf JTAUC · home: In perfect- la, re lot; modern conveniences; at a rlg« price. 3. H Darrah. Jr.; x-oint-RJcher Bid*. - '· Go-t Mrt FOR SALE TB. coats for 12 to$A Slightly used suits. $3, H AQ noredsc--ed SAMUtL Lfcmttd Pawnbroker, roit ·»!.··-- -tJaaonne and steam en- a-lnes, saw mills, wood saws, feed mills, new and »econa-hand .epatrs and mpetent experts on h«"d. IHlser ' particUldTB, address. City.,- -\v;-"^ -·--.- - . ·:For 'Box 351 5-3t |k)H. SAtK t)R BXCHAWOE for small ""Trenton hoTjse~^27 »sres.V. 13 acres lijiiber; : no .bnlldlnys; an ' flirht- -for fannln*, frnft and poultry: located, In Hnnterdon "County, Kew : Jersey, .Ad-! er call on Uecken 4S Hayes Are-,; boogrht-.- Buhyan, phon* ties Wanted. and crockery, PassMo- Bell ; -3-lS-tf - latest" imprOyea fo wer icarpet ; cleaner. ' Orders promptly executed; - Bell vph-pne- 3760- p. Residencei ,44, Sajslprd. -8fc-.V vl-. ~. -^t-t-ttt TK H. -yacanm 7, Front 'SUV near Sjata .Belt phone JA; Inter-Stale^?4,; wltljoa't Injury- or ": removal; -Clinton Wlnflsw andHonse- " :c]eanlnf Co.: 10rl4?tt . .12 and::- 14- Htlfs "Alley. RiilASTJHAINS the best part he has had since his memo- j »ra- table successes in-the title.roles of "The t on ,«^.v. «-- .-- -- - ... -- ------- -- Virginian" and "The Squaw Man." fcr s. . Gun. art3 irK:'-iiu"cei the speak- .Jos.-prs . Cu'.ien- Koot, "the ' he Invests- it with a supreme elegance hlirhest offlcfir in \TV-icrafi. who -was. V--?.M and grace "of bearing. - .* ( ex The play is a romantic one of th* llf« be In Louisiana In the early 30's. The head R-resa. to "be 'pr^-v^rit," V.MS unable' arrd ao*l telegraphed bi-at re- or4»r was s In thin creased' * while ' of the house 'of Randall has -played at |, LaM vear I'ri cards while coming home from New Or- ! by 300 member leans on a river steamboat: has been t this year more than tiflt-e. that- cam- made drunk, and In his gambling, has ! ber were r^c-'-lved i n t o m-Mniershlp. . . lost not only all Bis (snpney. but .has } Lieut. Colonel Ifiior. «"o-!-k.ed nard. : t6 ,-t-i deeded his' whole plantation to ths pro- : KP.I this kirgs. cla?s toare^thefi and-; is "* PTTTr;ADEifPHIA, . ' Nov. 23,--An- noimceraent was made by the Phila- -delphla Reading Railroad .Company yesterday that it!would- operate hourly trains between 'the Reading Terminal and Liberty Street Station, New York, in one hour an.S* fifty minutes.- This is the Reading; to the-Pennsylvania Railroad's announcement ^hat its .entire tiinn.el system .in New Tork wilt be .opened ~for : traffic .onVNpvein^' her .27^ J The ..Reaaing's improved 'aer- vice'wjll :begin a day latef. ; ; "- By reducing the running.,flmi5 to -ten minutes less r than .: two -hours,.-,fhe a .Colonel Moreau that ""'Cameo' Busay. Walker ahi} Cro.sUn. -. shot lias merdy wounded htm, and that the gambler is coming ,to claim the plan- tatloh k The son determines to tod Kirby and kill- him, and. calls Us friends to his aid. Colonel . itoreau arrivea at; the same time and declares his Intention of killing .-Kirby. In fact, Moreau !r the . . , ganibler KOilty. of the swindling, Kirby hav-lng taken part jn the game to; protect the elder Randall' from being .robbed, and it being "Cameo's" Intentions to -re- tarn the 'property won -aa\ soph as. Ran- dat{ was goberl : - . Moreaii and Kirby meet by appotnfment and the 'former-Is Killed. · Kirby, escap- iiig^ springs over . a balcony and so tarougn the wlhdo-vtynto'-the" liying ropm -of- tUe -Kandells. Tn,ere he !» mistaken fof .-'Colonel Moreau, and is sp-. Ihtroduced by Miss \RandalI, and escapes thei men who are pursuing htni by riding owittr her and her friends Mo Uie RaTidali-. plantation. ,-.- Klriy and^sbe {all iii love ;with each qtheri neither knowing the- 1T exact . aitrf dance. tMs.erehSn'e irt Arcade : HaJ£:?S? Great palgs have Seen ' lakes.. to · .nial;e : -Eeaaing's inanageinent contends that. - identify of'the other, arid : iidt until It ls.affordlhg'rlders,DetTOen-;the cities : e n a; of the third- act are ;'the identities an piSpprtunity- to sav.e-,-t!tner'-.arid · · - - rmbrieyj It is" geneiaily" oelieved that tfiS .Penh?ylvanta -Raflrbajd -will -make an e*tra: cha-rge on account' of?Its New' ·Torfc'lmprbveinetitsi and ; th* Jteidjhg's officers maintain that' the speed to. be rtiade 'on the iNew-.'.Ybrij dlvfelonl~ h'ai j "HAS -tlje- only power vacuum jt.l , carpet -cleaner on the,Boor in Tren- t-dic'ta^tbt ton,' -"-. Bell'-phbhe 8BS9-Ai Inten-Sta-te-I- riot been accomplished fit either. Its or WORKS, the PpnnaylTOnla's.-regular-;-aerytee':- 7 ' f "Between - tne. Termlrikl- jind- Jthe. - i"Twe-ntyithlra Streeeferry the : :tine.will. 3-t-tf;-, - r -iinproved -locked . robnw;";- estimates \glven : on furtiltirc-jind cBlna. ,:20-22 :S.v Brofdi* ' = v : ' ' ' ' x : . / . - - - - /:.: -/ t I o i t t f a ·-.:·--:-·; ·-·-·· '-· . --.-. :'. : -^ ' "WnTl -. . -:. ; :- :=.-". ROOMS -PXH3HS30,. $2^35, /and tipwaris.- .'liir T County,; :;5a. ^ -·-: -William iJJoKoiJv- 256 - S. O^en: Av. Ci paWiea.U»n- -2 -Bell ; jihone : ISSffiQ: : C .-'-·,··· 11-32-t-f, -.county, -is oa^e.T^n popular. '· Preparation ; I» Bethg : made to.lncrease :the slzer of .the : _ ' i -··-: *~- - i,. , - --. ,,- , ·-- : j '-"-".«. ., ; Say /New .YorlMr* Helped Make . AT CANT A; Nov. 23.-- Inseniaos/methods "bV'"wn"trh "-.vat**-- Site alleged. toT Jiave .-Iwen- hased-an; the -recent electtoirJn Fan- County,; : ; 5 a . r a e . W i g h t :!n_tRe TM - ROOSIS P AITBREtJ - · Belter, .. , . ._. telephone. 1 082-Xf Bell phone : "i KBI : -J UUBS-i-isiJins - - paper styles - before you Jflye yofar papering el»e- trh*r»; - the ?only- pla'ce -where: you..,e»*: get satisfaction iot tatest styles. " ant*«d work cad \loir prices, .At, ·teln-a: «1 -N.vBroid. abov« P*rrjr. S -pany^- -The 7 ^tTe^t-JOf - -fuujes .,fr6m-^.lt» i : -piant, "^spreading-lnto Fannth County,"sare f alleged ^tp nave "damaged crpps and. for-, ests - Hie Ttepubltcans were "pro cop" ' " '--· De'mo/crats were Automobile company/ "- ;3Fwo**dietjnerits riot 'collected i»ilh ^he election: charge officials of ib« «pnSp»py, Fr*3«ricfc ·Lewttsahxf and "C- W, Reawjck. of 'Sew. f irk, -with " maintatnhiir * nul?, Sance, The" other 'Indictments, charging Vote : buyi»R. "-anege that a favorite i method was t» hide a $5 .bill In 'an apple and ^4;tt)»n(l this apple. tojHKe voter. .'- If^on-are going ,to place",-yottr ca* te «ead *tora««, we will store «/or,$f per month; CatT 110 Briajte St.. *-13-« Antdmobilci POtiCEMEN GET-R^BBJTS, "" " " "-'-" 5Tor« than, twenty . bagged by : -Patrolmeft vsaridhbrr and Sanders,' of Ose Second" District: Police, during" a two. days' gunning · Washington's CrosiSJngv . - Trenton, K. J. Boofs Repaired, ll-IS-tf I C/Ut GI v K T»r: a new t»n roof or re! pair and paint the otd one. Ko patent paint u«ed during the next 90 day*. Property" owners'" attention Trill be called to roof a, Rutt«rs, sponts. beaters.. and ranges. Send all orders to J. Da- #o»i Donloti, shop -Market and Decatar Sis. Open evento'in until * o'clock ohone*. " . Old w PAT'nl»ue« casfi prices tor Iron brass,, copper. lead.- rags. - rubber. ne*»p»pers and old metals. Trenton Paper Stock Company 22-24 N. Willow St. Bell phone S3SO-D; Inter-State 143K-B: or by postal 7-J7-tf fhfflissioii w Spare Borne With red, gieen or atnbcf^glass and beaded . frlrigre. . two cjandJeai to , "Other special valubstu Gas apd" Etectric., dome* and Uxiures to select from. In justice to yourself yoii should *ee our stock bcfjri yoa buy-." ', " Open Evenings. Bell Phone 7*6O. tnaile clear. . .. ._ . . "Cameo Kirby''- has' abundance -of heart-interest of -the rowa'ntlc; kind, is liberally supplied w(tfe humor:; and fllSed with -the: «oft. drawling speech and tBe fcourt^sy and thannerSrOf the South ;iir~lt3 pldturesque; days. \ "- - Tayior Opera-' House will have as ;its ittraetlon Fridas night the bfg; Sew. Tork and BostoRrSaccess,-"My M*P;*' a comedy drawn %by; Forrest W«i«y t based on his own well-read noveli"The : Quality "of Mercys"-The piay is in rtireaels, : and tells a',Si»pte yet ^OT«!fflrtul-sfory, the psychology of crime, and punishment be-. ing-'it» thetne. Th? author has relied mare upon types than character Sit the building at fiia stbryi an8 has Intrpdacea: seyaral very strong siCoations, wMcn are said to audienceiafepost rfyete^L . '-^ The play ^wlll :be-Jrrfesenjfid .here -wltlJ: thr orisiual-production .as .seen at the Bijottm?ue,.te~Xsv Tork City, aurlag it.«- successftjl ettgageme'nt: there.- and £J» to' . Tlltori. - the ton. hat)rt7-"!ine silver -T lee; to- Wilbur Camp In "the:. work .of 'the casi greatest- :n-4iaber-- 61-. o In .The trreseatatipn-.'-speech- ;. Sovereign accept'eg: - wS.tii - the- 1 .ser^.tceV"wa* r -i:iS,j. : -~-;| ^haiifcs "iiy ' - . - . . TSe servlc* was .a. personal Jgift vfj?om^; :i : .;5 Mr. Til ton. .. , '.-.--.'·' ' -":..-·----.;. ,"- ·:-/: j- t w-;.---i::s-.:--..^ - ; Be-fore- ;the_-affa£r.closea: Mr,.. Tntoa'-:: ; :i^ %a3^siven-3 haiid5/irte sols-" .watch. by-r-. ; .--i:-S'-;a Camns 3J. 4Sr 1 "49 and »*. In: apstreciJttlOtt '-'"*§ oT.'Jils work' ,-aurljTK . the T?ar,' : - V Jolin?v- ' "Miinder. :m.a ' ' Mr. - Tlltpja. -tijanJcs and . . . . the Woodrneh--tD make- It the torsTnoat ' ' " ' " . . - - : the. 'W*tc.]L''.wttli=i,-~ tD.cotitlriu6r . ' lodge-In -the-. couar?5V- · "- In "aaftittan ^toT -.tSK 1 ' a -. . . -by --Messrs; -piiSarrt, Stahl - and'. Thoinpi-S *'--,:-« oni-speecSft.i were -deliyeredr. oy?:'H«ry.^ -- ·-^-"-"·S t: nanajeer..of"-Per.tJi -;Amhoy. -. JAPANE$|tNTERTAlNMEl^^ ATMTVZlM Members of :5fti-vZioa -A-. ! iJ.:'2;-r.Cb"i3i- S-" 'IB; giyej-Tft-..Japanese--en.terjainmeht; tb».;-v-;-i' : -n*zht-._to: the · chapel;' - en-. Perry Sux~tS: -I''- The features of ths, affttifV.wfll^.-b*" a"v . . wKite;crisi. drSlJ by' iS-girfs," -a Japanese:T';T-; 5 iVJ ptB-asoi -dT'-?t".apd--a. Jap3K?se--tea:gardeit.f.;..; ? tj-..SoniTs ^frora : the .op-^ra -*'Xiilead6f^"WllI b«s^'-:". rendered;" Mrs. '-lAtliAa Btyaat-aMff Miss 7 ElSzaSeth Johnson- have; completed tlia .·--'. arrangements for-.t'ae evenU' - · . - . - - - ;-'.- ; = · ; --!, :'(S£ingt£ V"og1er, fined 1S -tbis-.-moTDing. in:Central" PO-: ·lice Court'by Justice Harris :on a charge of assault; aird bartery-;p?e- StlALS 'Summer Streeti- , 47 ;.glea:d«d -_ guilty. fcrred by Moses -Ji. Joiason, bridge | yeii«rdar morning before Jastlc4 " tender-at. tl»«tate Street canal loefe- r t* in CeV-tral Polti-e Court -to-a «i According to the testhiiony given b-, (;Jf _. stea! t RK a tab .of Ijutter item * Kailroad freight-".car. was ; this morning :· tits serve": six: . -j ,,, u ,..,.-,. ^.f - tne=: eoahtv.- -\vfrknous«. · mBJ *»?^ ut "lBeniKan was"-^arrested by ,. ,. the-brjdga HalcWnson and C*»naa. had placed 'a red signal - . . . - " " · ' - "" |*.O. SkJPF *. MEETS TONtaHT" wrr«:THe Johnson. Vogler strack iim aeross.tae face".with-a: horse whip. "- " J -" TSt* r assaoH was the result: of altercation .betw'sen the after Hght which is sujpo.Ma to sto'p traffic. The light signtfles that, a boat t«: -app.oachlng:- and that .the brjagi isjto be turned. "- - .." JTe*nsoit declared .in court that Vpgr- l«!r'"dellberaterywhipp-d up his horse and started to cross the bridge. Jobr.- son. gimbbed l?!s ho'rse by. the. hea.d, and then, he "says,- Vogler struck him he-ac* with his whip. - There willvbe a district i»erting of th* P. 0. Sc of A, Et ~ in the todK*~Tooios--of: Camp, No. 150. T!r«re win S% preset "larpe delegation from this city " lamhcrtvlUe." roeetin? wiU b«..:ts _ ' -charge of District .President WaU'S ,H. Erwin: State President W. C-_t?ut» ' ter^ and State. Secr«ars J- "W. will t SCARED BURGLAR AWAY. ·--.--. COOUDNT TALK AT ' Valentine Stnlsaka; an''Italian' living at S70-Beaity Street; was HSned. $3 b y j Judge "Bees tn the Second District; "Police Court last night on .the charge j '.'bf di linkenness, preferred by Reserve!.an _^-- )MHcer Weieand, who: arrested hhn in; Street Monday night Isaac-Uft ixy's 'Alley Monday night. WhetLJ who lives ia the. ftous*_ heard - " · - , » · »« tvi» «f«Mr». sini««vrf l would-be intruders at work and *r attempt to entw at 5"-'4 Market . . was iakn to the station Sinlsakf 1 would-be intruders at was nhable to of hla_ condition. hi * name because NO FOUL PUAY IN BOYLE«»CASE. County Physician Scammeil spent yesterday at Princeton "Junction In' --*· the rntnor that Andrew them away; tcne pofica bave back notified. " . TRYING TO FIND FIGHTER*. A battle royal waged on East CJMf«- roll Street for about a qua* ler of ' hour yesterday and during the . J had t ; learned . soldier of that place. 'I Irven Geodrteh was. hadly foul play. The physician, seven or eight obier men _. Jeath had been caused by | has been reported « ' and lh« body will not be at police ;·! lEWSPAPER lEWSFAFERl

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