The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on May 26, 1891 · Page 4
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · Page 4

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 26, 1891
Page 4
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CATTLE IN A BISMARCK - TWO WAYS. This Date in JEstojy--May 26. T*--The venerable Becle, p.o- Saron and FagLsh historian, died; ioxaSS. tttl Dr.; Michael.'EttmcUer. U08-- Samcgl Pepi-s died; . his fifary describes the "life of; 15TQ: and DAILY TBIBDHK: TUESDAY. MAY 26 1*91 7tP--Frances Joseph JEIaj don, musical composer, died-' · Z- KiliBY- I84tf-AdnnralSilne} Smith, £· C. B., died. Lafitte,' eminent French, banker: and politician, died. I va" ended by tho surrender to -_ Smith's ccmmaad, fncludiay 10.167 rank aad file; total surrendered regularly in . eis "armies S5,i5-t. lSS5-Gag' works c.t Jlontreai.- Can., ' explode; ' c s $1.000,000 worth o f property, Tlae Stocklns Bird. " Tie mocking bird belongs to the. great tiurash family- It has a slender form with a long iail, and a bill as long as itsjbesd and rather wide at the base, a longhand strongly built breast bone, md its tongue is deeply cleft, jrlth hair on ~lhe ends* and ontsjde edges oc the forked part. Its color is a mixture of gray* brown and white, ·with pink eyes, but these specimens are ·- . _ .Their nests are raade of twigs' and weeds,- aod are lined wrth fibrous roots, horse hair "and cotton, some. times- .mixed with' human ·itsir and.:cottonrcord.;:'Theyarq about six -widtr- and two inches deep. The- danot take mu.ch_pains in building them and they do not seem to try to hide --ThGv. select some spotiwithin a few "feet of- tne ground in an orange tres7or~£7 blackberry bus"h, -and, like their cousina the robins, they love to live near the dwellings of men. _____ _ This mav be owing to the protection _such places" afford against their natural -enemies. The hawk, the wildcat, thb opos- Etun and b'ther animals .that "would disturb' ^^iys^peacwfireTikelj to shun, human abodes, and the country's being, open about such places makes the approach- of any foe. readily seen. The" eggs, as well as the young birds, are much sought after by snakes, but the parent birds are often successful in driving tnem off, and they_are always .ready, to wage .war. on; any:intruder : upon their property. In the early spnng the female lays from three to ^rv eggs, about an inch long and of a pale greenish blue color, spotted and. blotch ed iv ithliglit yellowish bro«n Then _,sh.Q sits on them and keep them -warm, and the. male bird brings ber worms and other delicacies dunng this time- and when the birds are young couldn't shoot"a barn door, at"ten rods'and nedirds are young - ^_ _-~ + SsEe r pulled a stroke oar-m hisriife.=New- - When thej^re first hatched the birdhngs psfoj_k C or Savannah News are very nglj, for they have long bills that . are always stretched open for focnl,-and "scrawny." bare hodies -with a. few pale yellow hairs scattered'.oVer-them. " But'.their. feathers grow v*er_, rapidlj, aW in about two weeks thejj-ire full fledged and arc able to leav e the nest, ?nd their father begins to grve singing ^-- theni lessons in, flying and York -Telegram V Striking; Likeness. ', \ Agrert m iny ludicrous mistakes have occurred from the "resemblance one person bears-tfl another. A gentleman who is~ a_twm relates the following, with the apol sgy that as we are advised "not 'to spoil a story for relations' sake," he thinks tho _mle should hold good where the point of the joke strikes one's self My brother Tom and J are much alike in appearance, hung twins, and it is our daily_ experience to bo- mistaken the one for the other, and many is the laugh we- iave en_ ;joedat some mistaken friend's expense. Not until the other day, however, have ¥ found Tnyself vvdhdermg whether'J-was myself^or some one else " *^_ I was Tn ajhurry to see Tom, fo"r it was. nearly tram time, and hastened for that _ ^purpose to the- hotel where he-\v as staying "The rear enffaneeheing nearer, I entered in that way" This door- opens into the _ washroom, where^aimirror extends the^-entire length of the wall opposite the ep' trance Upon opening th~e~doorl saw,"or thought Tsaw, Tom. fit-ail its" manliness approaching fronrthe opposite, direction, and I, .holding out the article I wished to intrust to his care, began giving certain directions concerning it, but was surprised to Bee him extend tome at the same instant a similar "parcel,-nd- Well, I had merely mistaken myself for my brothLr,-which hid been done hundreds of times before by others, and I suppose I 'have as -much right to do it aa they.-: 'Youlh's"Gomoahion_' - febe Gave Herjelr -S^ray. Judge TDavis was one day in his private office ; when, he^vas president of -the senate "and acting viee^Jresident. A vv ornan came into the room ,to see :;him.- " He.turned and: said t "Well, madam, vv hat can I do for yon'" She- was neatly dressed in black, with an air of extreme poverty. She told a wretched tale of soirow and suffering, ^winding up with the climax that she and her family were actually starving and had not tasted foo-Lf or two days The judge seemed deeply moved. He excused himself for : not ' attendin g . to the 'case for themoment, as the senate was nearly ready _to open: He looked at his watch with an air of vexation, as if it « ere not going, ^nd said, "can. any QU tell me "what time i£ is 5 " Hisiositor pulled out a gold watch and toldhrm the time The judge said, "Can _lt be true that your children have been ·wfLhout food for two. days wbenyoii"have" a gold jv atch in the house 5 " The woman saw ^ho point of the" judge's questioriaiad called oat, "You are a hateful old thing," and-flouncedout.of the .room. '-". She was a jsrofessicmal de_id beat.-- San Francisco Arsonant. , ng Off Tlii-ee Cent'PIeces. bantBaiwaya worfcofC. their -silver _ ^ c e n t pieces jisfc as soon as they can,'* says a Springfield bank man. "we took in twenty-one dollars^iii thrpe cent pieces '"one day over four months''ago' from," an in- snrxnce a-jent v\ho_took them v^.i ayment for a life insurance premium, ind.vve have only jest got rictof them. The man who paid them, for his~life ins-urance had collected them::in.:the course of -trade." As" .the three ceakpiece is legal tendev only for. five dollars, the bank was not-oohged to accept : so lar_2;e a sum .in such a--small de- luammatioa. The coinage of tire three cent piece began in 1S51 and cea-Cd in 1S73, " ~ " ASxdircrzJe aad ra-iStov ~ and spatter s-id gOEiJ ' .Wid fizzii^j and sjS ; And -.noise toie3tfEn » tovu, Bat after 't-s omf a^hotir cr r^ore did before, .to show lor the fcss iu_tt roax - Tktt rain m»de corniBg down. .BBiJiow does the s^ovr come down?: - "Wtia. toceh. like a soft wing's brush! "Wit . " : trrrl steaiinsr ami With Trhiteneasasi liglitaesa and hcshl 'RTith jiiry Willrlairy traatuig and And no one In all the town I "Wbcld know wceo tho srxdw cote«3 -dOvffL If h« looked riotpirt on tbe chaased wiiite day, "And the cushipited eazUt, that seems' tfsa.y_ ~ How mcch,can. bexlocs In a qoiet war-: Tho way the snow coiies down. --5Srs. Cora;-"W. -Brposoa. in Nerr'-Yort A Typical Bactcloir's Koom-- ~-~ The mnlt-pucaAion of bachelor^,' apart- houses_i!___respon3ible for the bache- which, you wjil- find nowadays is often oat of the.apartm.enfc hocses as on it. TJ^e_bacji^Dr^ _^m,_is^o^ji_ha]I jjed -room or a three story back."ltTis"!. fine, spacious apartment, which is supposed not only to show at a glance that liS. occupant is a man. but to give some eVidence of the trend of his tastes. If he is artistic tbe fact is expected to declare itself in the fine -virility of : the choice of proof ..etchings he has made -- water"colors. ; are held. in more favor by women. If he is musical his fid__la and~banjo, piano^ and fute proclaim ItT Offcener than, either, however, one sees an ' ^ the mantel crossed foils witaa pair of fencers' masks, -upon the mantel two pairs of boxing gloves. unbroken side, a-panel of __ pars or fish nets and rods, with mounted_deers' heads a» clima-'a^j, upon the door a raw hide NavJi_|09l«eld, hand painted bysomo ·copper colored impressionist with a white-wash brush and a pot of red .ochre, upon another vv all an arrangement-of guns of all nations, swords Tind- pistols, a hroiize of the Louvre gladiitor, a 1 nat in coil, a la crosso-er tennis racket, minor trifles_ of a sportiv e hue, no pictures, except possibly some old line engravings of hontmgscenes Tho effect, of all this ^.s rather confusing at best, it becomes comical when the bachelor occupant is a soft handed swell who jiand that was just beginnrng. to show itself away to the northwest, he repeated the { prophecy, and added, 'An 1 I don't think. " -we'll have any-'· kick a-comin'-about-the dnsfrtermorrer, either." "" " ^The time was. ia the seveuties, jthe lo- cakty, 'o Man's Land, and we were on tho , old Dodge trail, with L.C90 beeves, bound [ for Ogalalla. Tne herd had been pnfc ap j some seeks before on the Brazos. At Bed ' nver Crossing we had picked up a bunch that had been lost out of a previous.drove -·belonging to the sanre company. These steers were placed in our herd against the advice of old Joe. "They air ole stam- peders, and they'll spile- the whole herd. Let them vait for one of themdogie outfits behind us*" _____ - . At supper that evening but little was said; even_the cook's yarns, told in" his inimitable style, fell-flat. Every few minutes our. foreman would cast uneasy glances at the great black clouds. Jhat^jvere slowly using in the northwest. Instead of picketing the horses, as was the custom, the am mals were saddled and taed to the wagon, or-to bushes close by The first guard had hardly more than taken charge when _the rest of the outfit prepared to roll in. The cook, after tying a lantern to the tongue, climbed in the wagon, tied the sheet down and thanked the .Lord that he was a cook The wrangler found a place under the coupling pole'that suited his complexion, while the riders un- strapped their little "hot roll" on the ground and piled in without removing even boots and spurs. ~ ^__. -OMINOUS 'SIGSS; un One of the most carious receptions of visitor-, I \vns that which Carljle gave Gjorge C'ifillan. Gilfillan was quite a. literary character a. -generation ago ¥{~K books were v, idelj read, and his '· Ijiterary Portraits" were especially popular with ^the young lidies T know or many girls. who-Slepk.'tt rtir these volumes under their pillows GilfUkin was p. lecturer as well as a writer He appreciated his popularity and had a very good opinion of George GUfillan He called one daj at .ill--Car lyle's, and Sis knook was responded to by Carlyle himself As Carlylf, opened the- dooiLand sfeaod "before him, Gilfillan introduced Jfhmself with a grandiloquent bow, and said: "I am George Gilfillan, -and you are "Mr Carlvle, I suppose I have been lecturing" about you all over England "^ ^Carlyle looked at him half a moment, and then throwing back his shaggy mane blurted out," "yVhatTthe dickens-did you lecture about me^for 5 " and slammed the door in his face --London Tit-Bits. "HTiy lie Was JSamed. The boj 's fishing pol5_ was fastened np- der the root of a tree on tEe river bank, and he was sitting in the sun playing with a dog _ ___.'Fishing5 ' inquired a man passing along the road. , "Yep," answered the boy as briefly "2Suee dog jou've got there What's his name?" - "Fish." , " 'Fish'' That's a queer name for a dog .Whafdid-you'callhini-thatforS'i' _T "' Cause he v, ont bite " Then the man proceeded on his way.-: Washington Star: Cbnldn't - i'ind. In one of the earliest trials before a col ored juzyin Texas the "twelve gentlemen were told by the judge to "retire and find the verdict" They went into the jury toom, whence the opening- and,shutting qf doon. and other sounds of unusual commo- tion'were presently heard. At last the jury came back into qoart, when theJ!ore- man announced^ "\Ss hab looked every whar,- judge,:for dat.yerdict^in de drawers and behind de doahs, but it ain't nowar in Tiat blessed room "--Sah. Francisco Ar- .gonaut ^^ ·· Caiiie arid Fish Plentiful- " John Chamberlin was in town overflowing with enthusiasm- about his -hotel down at Fortress Monroe. "Whj, just, think of it," said he, "my bo}, just think of it, the snipe come and sit on the back porch-till you shoot tEem for dinner I have to keep thehired girls.busy sweeping the^soft shell, crabs off the front piazza, and I've got f a great big w.^£ennelou garden on the roof. Besides all this, the building itself is 100 feetjonger-thari^the Capitol o f - t h e United- States!"--New York World.: ( WHATSIT MEANS TO HAVE A HERD * RUN AWAY ON THE PRAIRIES, ,, A ' Graphic,~AcOTraV- ^Incident of- Cattle"-DrjTtn_jr ia If o Stan's X»nd--CJia*- trijtFj^irhteEed. and Half 3Iad -for .Hcnr»'In'tbe.Dark: "Fellersi^Sej air gojn' to run torught""^ Old Jc-e, thelTpeaker. turned iif his"~sadd!e and bejstn to scan the horizon. As he POINTS ON CARDS. the V.*Iue of Strong Plain Salt* j * g» \f "*·- Trampi. The remarks )i parentheses- show the ID £ereaces .made by A as the game progresses, from ihe L'-e of the cards In order to strcdy the game.petter the cards shoo'd'be -la_d on the table face up. The -hands are as follows. B and D playing against; A and O Seven of spades turned up b_ JB- A--A, -q, kn and 8 of cltibs, k, kn, 9, S and 3 of diamonds and 10_/7 and 5 of hearts B--K, q, 1,4 and 25f spades, 10 and 9 of, clubs, kn, 10, 7_, G~aud~o of diamonds and 3 of hearts.» ' THE -Hnr [amends, and k, 9, S, C, 4 and-3 -of hearts. f D--Kn, 9, 8 and G of spades, k, 6, 5/4 and 3_of ctabs, a'and 4 of 'diamonds, and a and;- q'oihearts. .First Bound-rCG- hearts (his'fonrth best; may have 4, 3 and 2 under), D j hearts (has q_ only, q and k, or q- and a, or is.signal- ing), A 5 hearts, B kn hearts (has kn only," or is signaling) _ Second-Round^P. a hearts (the^bnly one" he has); ,playsit even atthe ristcjjf establishing C's suit, because he thiiiks that JB is signaling, his high lead of. kn mdicat- ing'tliis. Of course B may havekn"only, but D think,s-he has more, as : he himself .is so short); A 7-hearts,B 3'hearts (completes his signal, and D is. right in his inference); C 2 hearts (had 6 originallj, has the 4 and probably- three", others)? - Third Hound--D 6 spades/jprobablv leads from 4.OTjnoreX-JUJ diamonds (mj strongest suifTonmy opponent s lead of tramps), B q spade» (m-*y have-kcr-a or both), C a 'spades. .Fourth Ilound--C 2-diamonds (does; not. dare ; lead::fr6mi-hisrheart -suit, for fear it ·will be, trumped bj D, so leads my suit), D 4 diamonds, V kn diamonds, B. 5 diamonds'(hasn't the a). - "~ Fifth Round--A q diamonds (shows jcny partner that I held five originally), B 6 diamonds, C 3 -*p idea (kno^s that D mnjfc have the a), D a diamonds (fatal mistake on i)'s part tie should have played the a, iLma, uu. tlie" firat - rouad, liecauae of people wi'l be sorry to learn taai J. VTiUiins, tne Xorr^towa Herald , has been compelled- to abandon. »U1 newspaper Ytork. "It rosy be for moiitcs md it may be forever," he says. "Twenty years' close application to JournaiMKic worjc, ivita less than two weeks' vacation dunrg_tnat ptfnod^ rosy explain nrr pree- ent-colLapseJ' Behind the work -of some- of the pro- _fessional_humoristsitis not micommqii to detect the-grindlbs; o^ the machine, and as we readme conceive the author'as oeing obliged to turn out so- much copy a day In the.telephone an alteration, of timbre,consisting of a disagixeable snuffling .wiich'distorts words,- is 'said to'be dae to the fundamental -note"and harmonics of the'diaphragm-being/snperimposed -upon" "those of the voice, ·vwthout becomiEg confounded with, -them," and producing a disturbance of the electric .waves of the movements of the aiaphragm molecules^ and thereforebf the "sound waves which reach: \heear._ Dislocatipns can usually be put : in place by .pulling. ; Dislocation of- the: jaw'.-ia treated by seizing the lower ja\^ jTith boih hanos/the thumbs on the teeth, and pushing first down and then backward. _bT3n.-rSprirrgneid' (Mass.) Homestead,^ . - : - - - \ Addr«a«Ii3g: a AVomazi. \ What is a man to do-wl$o : receivesa letter hri a.mamfestly feminine hand signal by a stranger. sa.}%J |M. L. Jonee?", Is he to re- piy to Mr. iL^L. Jgoes, or .to Miss or _tb Jfaa.7 ' Is it to be Dear Sir, or'Deariifadani, or what? . Suppose it D»3-_-ry L.: Jones. -He koorothen that h« mustn't say -Mr.,- but thatis all he knows. Shall he address her M ,ifa»: or XlM 3feMTlx Jones? That b* cannot telk - The chaaoe* are th«t. :he Tfill mmte a. vrocK-gQ«_», *od that fhe, o a_ get- iettex, will, feagb. at his stupidity. Ti^Bi-5, When.ih doubt as\to.when jewelry rnay be worn by the strner^ ser, the_iDestion. should' always · be. put-. to one's aelr: "Is it necessary? . Is it-appropriate?;and.. Ia it, manly? An old.bachelor: makes .the-cynicalre^ -mark that -there : are tho same letter* -in ."united" and--"untied.".. The trarispoci- tiou, however, is ngt;alwaya eaeyib \ becoming »n extinct xpeans. Since th*y l hj»'»«i*Mi plac»d under -protection of. gorerniaent troop« ibcy h*ve been increasing. Grey a»d Wahlec, Ih".T1729," flraf ttmn»- nuttcd-eWtrleitjr from- one/point to aa- , »nd di»Un«ui*ixxl For some reason 1 was restless and able to -sleep ..Ml the slumber prodmng r _jeceipts were tried in -s ain I" lay on mj hack-arid-watched the-" clouds ; after "btar, until Jthe whole heavens were hid, "iKbunted the number of rounds the guards were making, ^nd then fell to watching the lightning and trying to judge how fant-was off by seeing how many I j eould" count before 1 heard the. thunder "that followed e\ ery flash. j AJtLr a while, growing wearj of this, 14 turned toward theiire. By it sat one of | the guards sipping strong coffee bel^veen I whifis at his cigarette. The rattle of the i chains on his £purs a"nd bit as his hor^e j Bogged along told the \\ hereabouts of an I other,TyEiIe tBe wild Spanish song that floated from the far side of the bed ground indicated that "Little- Jack," in thought at leaat, was with his black ejed s^\eet-^ heart on tfae distant Rio Grande 1 closed my eyes for a few minutes, and when I looked again the guard had left the fire Little Jacks song was finished, ard th° onh hong from, the bed ground \vas the deep breathing of some animal had just lain down. The thunder -had ceased for a fe_v minutes, and the hoot of an ov, 1 in the cottons qod madethe dark ness soli darker and the night moFe dreary-. --As-J-Sozed-es-Old-Joe'swords kept^mg-- ing in mj head, "There am't no danger es- longes anj of,'em-air up-ctn 1 a gra/Tti', but when they air all down, and it's that quiet you km hear^your own heart beat, then yau wanter gitreadv ter nde." - -l.was"still -semi-cdhscious.-, when.rl.heard . a roar hke-a-mighty tornado and sprang up as some one shouted "They are gone, fellows f They are gone 1 ' In Jess t han a.minute.-.every. man'- vvas in the saddla and riishTng after the fleeing herd No need to_ ask which wajt the trained night horses know' thelrTluty, an-d are straining everynerve. The bghtmng's phay is grand, electricity js everywhere^ flames dancfe along the mane, a ball of fire gleams'on each ear tip, By the flashes the riders locate*che Lay of the land in front. _ HEADING :THEM. : BACT^l Soon- we_ begin passing the dra£s. No need to look after them, they'll _follow, and the txai work is on ahead. Fftr-awayT" in front, above the.roar of cattle and'thund- er, the guards can be- heard singing and shouting to the maddened"herd As we dash on the sounds^aDpear to be coming more and more from the left, the leaders are being pressed arojind, and soon by a flash we see them coming, right in front of the crazed animals, looking like a ghost m his long white slicker, hi,-, fiery little. ^nignt horse lunging a;id fighting for his head, rode Little Jack, singing, calling and swearing bj turns. By a concerted action m which _jood luck, stout lunga and heayy quiets all play-important part=, the- herd is thrown HP gether aud me milling begins ^ Around and around, they-go, each : animaT. with its head over the rump of.the one j'nst in front. -: no beginning, ;no end", just'a' -Solid _rnass. Et-arihg, moaning, as onl_rstampeded ca'ttle can. Balls of hre leap from horn to horn The cowboys are seated on their still^is statue=, all forming a picture that can't-be duplicated The oiler is passed along to "Gne more room!" the riders fall back.-the "mill" ceasts, and sooa is heartl a series of coughs ^"Jess cleann' their pipa for another dash "-sore" one s ib. Aow the ram-beginn f^rs^ tlon, then in creasing, till finallyitis comiuginTidriving ^heet. With the fir t drops the cpttle turn an3 begiti (itjltmzjsvi'-h the snorm, ^ll\he riders gettiag'in'froht atTd .endeavoring to. hold them b ick -^ ^_ "If w e km onl hoWem till their hides -get-wet I b'fievc**v've got 'em," Old Joe says. '} But ifr^wasuV-to-be. ""Something gives them a scare-ahd away they golVNo sooner are the leaders ^checked ..thaii others turn, leaders, and the whole herd goes taunder ing after them. Another null is formed and the siine" performance gone over again. " So .the nigh^-wears ;away.- The' runa grow shorter; occasionally an -animal begins to tat. The ram is over, though the clouds still, h inj. heavy The lightning has ceased, and.the riders'sit still'and motionless, -unable to · see" even i-the, heads; of the hordes they ride^. Water bt,mds every -wherej-JJkthe^^ttle bt-,;iD grazing in all- directions Ther-fcreman gives oraers to ride away, rs~ our presence would only ·erve to stir up and* scatter the herd. |fome unsaddle, roll up ID their wet blankets and sleep . Others hghtpipesand "cigarettes andTjegin watching for signs of the coming morning. _With tbe -firet gray ·treakain the-easrthorsea are, saddled: and tha crew ptther"'around for orders. Ajfter a:hot breakfast,', during: which-: all tell'.tbeir experiences of the night, and'-Old Toe s\ Gil-3 Jor the^huudredth time that this is hi_i lirt trip on tb« trifl, bed* are dried, frwhhcrseB «.nvcanjfbt, the berd ut tallied and fbund*.correct,; and^onoe. more we head for O a r l l i -- L*« T«KM Stock Groww his first object should have been to get out the trump's) Sixth Round--C 7 clubs (he doesn't dare play hearts 01 trumps, as thev vyould be trumped bv D - He knows that D must,be strong in clul^, so he leads through it He is al=o pretfrf sure that I am. strong in club , asI'CJi*«eak m hearts and spades), ,. . D 3 clubs, A SfcTubs (finesse), B 9 clubs" ~ A lecturer has chosen for nis--uoject, "Hov (then the k nrob iblv Ia3 s in D's hand) Seventu "Rounfl -- V a tlubs (I am leading ap to or strong snit, int there is nothing' else to do. L know that D will trump diamond.-! and hearts, and there is a chance that C has no more clubs), B 10 clubs ,(B has no more clubs, as 10 is the lowest he has, and -ill the cards higher-are elsevv h,e_re), C 2 olaibs (orobably has no more "club--, as he must have four hearts indprobablj tvve spade^), D I clubs " " ~ -Eighth. Round-- A : S : clubs, B. T.diam'onds; C o spades, D j clubs ISmth Round -- C k hearts, D S spades, A B 10 heatts B 10 diamonds Tenth Hound -D 9 spades r A""q clnbs, k spades, G^T.6 snides The student can nm h for himself. This hand is interesting because it- shows "how Miro-ijj plaai suiii can be made to -tell against u-u_iob _ IOM, NORR1STQWN HERALD MAN, - C».B«j;»» to ~Wrtt» Hi* Tammj flatter--Hi* lU'Hoaltti. humor never; tooi on this aspect. It always seemed as if he wrote it be-: cause he codldn't hslp -venting it- Indeed, Mr. T7H1,- iams.tells ns ; that" heTiever regarded h i s paragraphs ·as funny, a n d -when hes- began ·writing them they were intended as s i m p l y Tre"ws items, with a sarcastic or grotesque comment appended Pernaps it is for this very reasafl7~becatise lre~never made an effort to make us. laugh, that his humor has been for the most part so natural. As far back.as1866.he jieganjyn.ti'n.gthese hnmor^ ous comments, and they have from that day to this received viae recognition". In an old scrapbo ok Flljd several samples of "Mr "Williams 1 work. They random, and ie nas written miny better, but thev serve to illustrate his uecufiar style of~humor- .A;news item" says'. that a muleinColnsa'coun.- ty. CsJ , "was struck by ug-htnmg and para- lyzetl; Ijttt fctrovcrtjil nf-tcr' twegty-fouj ' j. n. --and was as frisky as ever " It was not o hghtnmg^bnl it is inferred th5t it is btiU lingLnng-in the hospital. Several flbdians who vrent on tho war path rccccitly woro overtaken by lour whito men and killed. : . ; It is 'feared that .oni; government had not. provided the .Tinfortunate Indians with the latest improved rifles. ' f iluoh interestrwas recentlj manifested in the propo ed j-apid'dnv in_^ race-for Sl,QOft between LordIxmsdale and Shrews bury .The police prevented th» men from driving over the course side by side, Buf XTocsdale won the -wager" by coVerfng to Else 11 tho W orldJ' _re^as Tior«o thieves who get canght Kiv o solvtS-thii pro oltjn. a concertrm-St, Petersburg a few -weeks ago there TV ere 150 drtmia and tA-cnty-fonr pianos nLiyed_b7 ivonien- Last week gi'ou'ud. was brokfti-lor a new insane asylum in that citv. The wny l,£r, "Williams came to be a humorist is eitremelj interesting. He' was born near Philadelphia, and when he was sixteen years old mov ed to "Vorpistown." and started injto learn the printer's "trade This was in 1857 His iirst literary effort, he ^ells us, grew out of some of tbe thnll ing taleo vvhich, in common itK most boy=,^he was in the habit of devouring "TEe senalstones of awellknown vvnter," ie says, ' published in an equallv well known storj paper,J?ojmed a portion of mv mt-ntal nibulum These stories, albeit reeking with exaggeration and impiSftja- bihties, were e'ttremeiY. fascinating to tBe youthful mind, lu orderTb learn whether th% hero had rescued the beautiful, golden haired Etlielinda from the clutiiea of the "chief of tfie"robber hand, I would hasten to' procure a copi of the-paper on my way to theofhcein thmOrmng, and, concealing it -under mj 'case_ J -~wouid naw-.tnd then surreptitiously ilriw ic out and satisfy my curiosity I would read a few^dezen lines- of-'The Lbrd_of UJIQ, or, The Old Cobbler's Secret.' and then set four or five lines of, an editorial on 'Bleeding Kansas, or, Down With the Rum Demon", 1 ani thus' alternated until I reached the exasperating 'Continued in our'next ' ' This style of litei^ture eventually palled - J / f i 'i 1 ' S". ·Mm ,,i v ~ ^ *~ LORD distance ag-unst time Lonsdafe nas gaihea considerable notoriety in. various ways, "butr he is probahly best known as i patron of _ the turf_and pri^e ring in .England CHECKERS AND Checker Problem X "-ilarsh - Black--3, o, S, li CHESS, -i- · 109-^By L 16, a?, 24 H. The hero's feat of cutting a "gory swath through a"band~b£ armed-rob- hers and escaping without; a scratch, and finally discovering that he was the son of a king instead of the offspring of a poor-tint respectable shOTmaker7 became monotonous, and almost _my -first literary effort was a- tra\ esty on one of these sensational and improbable stones" il^hero encoun tered enough dangers in a wee"L to make an ordinary man's hair turn winte several tunes a ni£,ht, but he "was-THadfi. -dET stern? staff, and being perfor-ited with, bullets and frightfully hacked bj the hired tools ofnis "unprincipled rival ciidn^t: cause him to swt-rvc from, the path of duty. , When "lie was seizedhy the hireling- of ^his schem- uncle --arid' buried/alive^ the ouflooM did appear gloojnj, but an earthquake inconti nentlj and opportunely came along, split open the ground, and Tny,hero-crawled out and walked home as good as ne-vt, but hia clothe^ somew hat soiled This burlesque was printed, .in a"New York_weekly"paper, aad the eflitor encouraged me to continue -m_r contributions--gratuitously " Itwas about this time that Mr." Williains began"to "befunnyfaad'he w-as unconscioas- ly incited to-ivnte by his employer But ^hep«Vre-hib own words . ' "Durng the first year of. mv apprentice ship-the editor of the paper on which I was employed wrote ana printed i couple of articles lu imitation of a well 'known humorist, since deceased, using-the lattor's ·pen name. : 1 ^d'npt re^nrd.'.the imitation^ al^alSnlfiint succesa, and concluded to trj mj-^fi md at tue business The result I for wtrfledanonvTnouslvto tKeeditor, and had the satisfaction of putting a 'take' of the -effort in. type. Aly"article wsis also.praised editoria.ll3~ The autho--inp souu leaked - out in the office, and I p rmitted m j self-to ba pcrsiiaded to contmug the ImiDitions,' addiirg, liowever, Mr ' to the nom deplume. White--2*, 6*, 14^17, 22, 25, 30 White tapla} and v, in =-- ^^ . _ Chess "Problem ^To. lOO-^-By B. G. -Laws.' Blaci^-Four pieces! _ White -- Seven pieces. White -to^ilay and mate 12 three mo\e« SOLUTIOXS; Checker problenr No: 106.» White ·1.. 3D to 25. . 21 3.. 19 to 15' 6. .81*0 '17-6. .13 to 23 and-wins hem problem JTo. 106: ·Whlte.- I'.'.BtoQKS S .P Black 1.. Ito 5 2 5to 9 3.';18'toS3 4..-23 to 27 5. v 3 to 13 BUct. Any ance-of the-law» o£ enc T. BraiEBa.- \. TLe _ is loaned the-eon , Stocks aad boEds ol 'tfn cospaay, aaper Ecbedols atteched _? to original fclsj?3 en t--total ca? T riodout atmarket vales ,, ·_ "' " J " " " JJ25 CO Accrued on' bond aid b«ia_c balances ...I'.T PremlninB driQ and - unpaid on policies in farceDec. ii,16SO, actr ually received · 10- Jac, ,1691. -Premiums on poh'tdtain: -force'Dec- Sl,J£90,.iii- ~. ^eluding lEortnary pre-~ "" mioms, ' called in course -of -collection. _ . £37,£CO CC 'Annnal dues in courte of- collection ... . 17.PS37 .11,500 00 Dednct estimated^.c6st ot collection. 55,6^3 00 firturrs, ~ TotaTassets; .. Inabilities. Amount of losses approved, not yet Amoont of JOEJCS reported and m' process of adjustment. Amount of claims for lot=es res =ted : by tli8 : company.. _ . . Advance asssEsmenia: OatEtanding Btm'd obligaiiocb Netpfp"=ont value o£ all pohci"s LI .Xuiuu Q · " · - " ' S U5.-700 [ term inBorancb. for 60'd2, actuaries' table cttnortality, mter' · est 4 per coit. Aii-policif-i ttrmi Bate bj bnut of time each jO daj-s, subsequent - paymeatt f "oiztunrg each bU dais, equal hnblht} for fa --tnre death claiirB based on com- - _fjLned-Gxperience-tahle3;of -mortal- _" 171,: / 313 Totiil habihtits _^ * 31,24° ^ Income pumig the Year 1890 " Whole amount of cash _prenuun_^ " received-- _ ^ AESC .menlB , . - ~~ S 2,631 o Membership Fees" Annnal.dne.5i' as per contract. · Whole amount- of .cash." "-preibinnis .Mcei-ved"dn-"policie5~-mnttenin ths : State of No;rthT5ai.ota /. :: St,610 17 Vytiole-ambnnt of interest money ^received: '· * Medical ^eiaminer's- fees paid by ·applicants - "* - -Wnb)^ : amount-, "of -inconie : received from all-bther sources -- - _ Special- deposits. ^ -r i TCs fpr altefationb of pohcics 6,065 Total mcorre Expenses During- the Year._1890 JVhoTp amptmt of lobses paid dnrmg the yearle^O 3 I D 405 -Amount accrued prior to-Jireceding btatement.. .x S166,2WJ--^ Amoimt necruEd Bub^equent to pre ceding etetrment Sl,6SO / 93 OD Ainonnt of losses paid upon n=ks taken m tbe state of Jtortli Da- iofa ^. - . ?a,__CO Aci^_int of loeteSs accmcxl eub^e queni ,* to prEcedmg Btate- Afhonnt': of'-- . . ^"and lees retaint;d : by» oripaid for "al'pwed to agente during tie jeir 1890 , , .- Amountrof taxes paid! "~ iear_18JO. T Jiiotmtof taxes paid tha State,OL- North JDalcota [dtmng the jeer Igqj S1-S9 p Ampurtt of f ee3:paid. the - rommis- ; aionexoEIiisaiiince of thfl'Statebf -North-Dakota durinc the yearliiffl- Tuot incladang taies) .. $32 00 .Whole.-amount. paid; for. Balaiies of:^officers dur- Tng.-t.hj jparrlSOQ $45,210.1)0 Of managers 8n agents not; paid oy oommiH- _..£ions. -- --^ 42,7iD 63 -Whole, amount "of,. . . tnies dnnng tho year Ih90 Total eioenaitnres. ^ 83.U15 *123,«11 Gross arr"onnt of xiskatekeirdnr ing tha year,1890 - $^7,637,680 Gross amount of nks taken ill theHttebfNbrth.-Dakoia^dur- _ ing the year Igofl -. -118 OOff Whole Kmonnt of nsta outetand- 2,136,750 Who e asiount of lo"E3 .incurred dnjingrtheyear 1699. 'including those climM and "not yet due . . t t Whole amount -of Jo^^es" incurred daring fee year. lS90,'.-inclading- ' those clnmedZDW^not- yet due, __ in. ULe, State of North D- _ kota ' . ^ ?i,000 Nnmber'of.'atrente'iu'the. state "of" Nprth Ebiota _ -» STATE 6ll NFW YORK,-?,.. " County lit New York _ i * E.mryJ. Reinmond, second \ice-pr sdcnt M Predcnc T. Hraman, secretary, of the ilotualr. serve Tnad Life Association of .New o t beinr duly iiworn, depose and «ay that t^e rCr g6in^ is a f til, tnn and correct stoteinpnt OL J ailursof said compam that the- said In'orem company is the, bonafido owner of ut least O T "hundred thonfnnd douara of - pc.oal ct as=ets, inves^d m the state and Un}fc-d a 13 ' stocks tncl bond , or in bot.ds and radrtgsiTBa i real « state unmcumbered and worth donbli, U arftonntforihicii tha Fame- i mprteafied ^ they are the abovedescribed officers of said ASSJ ciation. HiaBx J. Ihii,i!UTL, Hecond Vice pip idt-t. FBLUFHIO l BB*M-LS, Pecrtary. - bob'cnbed and" sworn to before me this i day ol Jatcar,, 1S Q 1 . . - Isotery Public, T\DV» York Conn's STATE "or Nonm DAKOTA, - - . N - , I.A.L Tares Commi-biorierolliifnnnceortt State of North Dakota, do hi.-ebj certuy th-it ti above, is a- true 'copy of the: original Etatems- now Jin file m this-oljce ,. In -mLness whonof, ITisvc nerennto c e J" hand and affixed the F«-J of this ofhw at J) marck, this 5th da of Yehroary, 1S9L A A. Li C^? Y - [ai-VLl 'Cpmnu'Sionerof in_mar.w By L. E:o5DffiR)M)-, Chief Clerk. 8T4.TEOFN03TH ' Being ;_ oan_j and mespenencediujournal " is tic ways, 1 failed to see the injustice of borrowing the style ami name of-another writer7"a"hd, TxLsides^T did' .not suppose the "Corftr*buLion.-i would be seenjmtside of tha iocal paper in v^hich thej originally appeared Tnej wera- quite extensively , copied, however, and frequently with the ',COiIPAI\T's GE^rn?fC4.Ti; OP vUTHOEirs aflix 'vir' omitted, tarus faitemns the i Wnereas^The-MatualKeserfe JFondl-ifo authorship on tlie-creator of the character ) ciatjon,-a-corporation orgamzedjmd last my cODbCience, was touched ajtd I Sond'itio^ aiid"bn8rn8SB""to the .ceased; to be an imitator. \a I never re- {in^ December S1,,1K», wifonnable to-tr » »ivedanypay for the articles, perhaps ..L d Q ^e ment ' ofjiellajre C f-thi3 stats ree-i _ was not guilty of a very serious ofTense;' thehusmeBS ofinBDrnce, and, Wh re«s. The eaid company Las filM_ and :Temjuned. there...until_1804,-when the .p*perwas: consolidated- with -the-;jN"orris- town Herald, and went on the 1 atter paper; where he staid until 1866, .renxxving thea to'Wilmington, Del,--where lie superintended the mechanical part of the Daily Commercial,'and it was»the began." : writing -£he ; 'para_cr»ph8-that; hare of Insura-ic* of te saantto tbe proriEi certifj- that -tbe fully empowered, to _ transact.- lu iiiB---uuorance in the l»wn thereof. 01 til tin A, D. 1SW. M "^" A. L. Cares. jtate of Isortii ns of said laws, Lbove nnied compsay i ghita guthoriwrt ncu-t- roprifite ..i...-^ .^w/. -__»iw.»_LA.»i/uo-.t,u"; iiaic,.imK«j n tfl»timony wb«iT of, ave him BO widely known. In 1871 berfeturned -I lxmdiknd»«*l »tBU* nek, this othday 01 *; to.theNorristown HtraJd-and introduced the column of "Pan^jraphic Humor," whfafrotn that ttirMwaaaragularfeatare of the paper. Mr ~Williaa»a IM« flriaiy x»- fu«ed ail offers to ioctoj*, 'and aa_m Uot hi* matter .will BWTBT be pubbshed ia book fomrif he' caS~l»elp it. Tbe- writwr i« li^- liebted .to the J. B. lippiboott Co. ii tooM-of the extraoW ia tbe fore«Dlng. A..'.D."19M;~ O CoimToi Frisby . -the Druggist. f, Ihave A. i. niistionerbflM?? 110 ?' f!hit Cleric. Pa Jam cry. Etc: j-jtiuid»rd Novels A. oooiplotc hne-of Book*. btA Periodical*- {NEWSPAPER! *«ili.»i« il 1* . iV ^iiittfc ''t '-i» . -'J _ NEWSFAPESI

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