Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine on March 14, 1890 · Page 2
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Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine · Page 2

Bangor, Maine
Issue Date:
Friday, March 14, 1890
Page 2
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C. A. SOUTKLIiB, BECKW All bunuu IvttCTB ·fevnid to for pntoHcaoa ahotfd tie ·dJje.afld* WJtlf audCotulv.*'] * FRIDAY, MAROH M, IS9O. The attempt of tbe free trade element In tbe New York: Ckaarter of Commerce to secure a. wholesale condemnation of tbe MoKlnkij Cufltotm* Administrative bit! bs '' Bya vote of 5t to 4 wo wonder hwlW« 4noM *»· tttoo m rMolotloa of tointltT life* u* outran to CfalM - .Beaton , j The only pot otto the abota , »-- r ' *een» to be tint the Danwaiatt trs tbo aame law defying party ^forth u well aa Sonth. Ttt* principal (tlfiennoe h tbmt hi elections fa the Sonth lome owe ttanallT get* shot and tbe [ victim *· alwajB a Republican, ] f P F R A H O U S E . A. V, Ctudttio* of VmiMA atatta Bnncb, Dn li, urn BT «t ~«U1 MD1C.CI (dni IN Item) 1VHW BtoeM ud tMwUoneA IT tb. Coitt- MM,MO» ·ftHNd AND MAIITM FAMT» AMD YEvT*. Y AMD MIYS- D*U8 BUITB AMD PAMTrf. Tfae ttrtt teat on (b* prohibition queitlon la tbe Iowa Lac^Blalure vraa 'made tbe m^Mmum ma otnet day. wben a content came up UD the Pnutiimm tu dm u» «w ~~Y---~ -j-.-~ -- -- ~ . reference of a local option bill, itlbowed *^ otter *"""· tbe organization'hia Indorsed tbe bilk that tbe Cntun Labor member «Onl4 op- *»»·«·»·** ulltkeadidtMiltuHtBcr wlthaoameDaoMMWaectloalS, provM- p« B e an, rtrowsitlon o reped tte S»t« ^Y^"^-^TM U '*» W "I »" tog tint "nothing herein shall be held to probibitorr iSw. £e voted to refer tbe J. lI*BnJMEs $ DEC. tl, MM, IN MEM'S AND BOYeV COMMON SUITS AND PANTS. ONE NIGHT ONLY I Saturday, Match IStti. J. Hlll'*t LM*tt OfMrliifj, -W - 7HF PEMBERTONS. A FOUH-AOT DNAMA BY HENRY OUY OARLKTON. 4 , proHibttorylaw. ^e vo^ed to rfefer tbe ^, -- jJ^f^^SlmtlwiS Suppression of In emperaooe ftudtetbfe ^ SKSSSaMnaS^iiut ue Ctwuu I|SB * W ** committee la conwsjtsd ibr tbe Kepnbli- OT, TI£ CO«IT*MIIHH. etc, mtjoaa cans, the hilt will be remitted ad J«Uv or ^^LSSSfS^f.*£!%. "** . _ i« ,, conwsjisa ior tne .Uepnoll- will be reported ad tienely or j it B*atl. "HTItll tlltfj 1/A* A* III CSatj FINE , March *6, wn*»f ion , ^. FCHI8C l" 1 iS^«H" D ' T'7V»Iir' STORE. I r * - y r -- ------ .«.,,., In ne^neBniof aeati. "intfc the I vW of Zowa fthould have coached GOT* Boies be* h TT .^ T ..^ . .^ »^u r t friiha-4 ^ nH* ^ i n * Have ft Mosjortts ol two on Bllqacrtlooa af, as a purely partisan victory. I recogntee tectlog tbe tamperince laits' »f the dtaie. tbe fact that, my) position la due to tbe Iblt matw it tferta n tha^ ibe Mm will Dolled action of mm ol different poUtfcal not be eh»DgeJ. i part's*. j _ , !__ jHi i S* It Beenu chat -be Governor leeoguueB Boaetiltff of A Breech of Ewth. that his elevation w office was an accident. | rt Tbe great "m-ws Eseloeite" o/ JlM eea- lows will be fount back in tbe Republican rBOn. was the Journal's pbb^leatlfn last column to tbe aeit election. erenlpg of the .final declshm of dw 8«- preiue Court In Ore StaJn-CromWell case. i -^ No other paper in theoounfijc had tt till I Saturday THE WHIG will publish an ex- to-day.---JWlftaJfln Journal, JTonA 13 tensive sbstrad) ol an opinion drawn by For downrteM intpudenceljlie stiove has Chief; Justice Peters on tbe Stalo and never been eicellec ia tblt||SMte. The Cromwell ease T^ie opinion eomplete 19 "newa ezcluafve" waa put ta type IBL ^HB too estenslTC Ii|r rewspaper pabiicatton, Wflio office and printed silica f^ratsbed tat the abstract n hioh will maEe BOOM tie Journal, tboa aatni ing ttiit [he whole flight jot ten colnmrawill cover tbe general deciBion was hi type' o Bangor more than ^··^--··^^··^^ restncea of the case,. The. Gtalef Justloe twenty-f(rtir tiotirs before it[was plitllshed idtlSt *V 31" f" Fpflf niTIV has HJflde a deej^ |tidy«f tbts case and in Lewlston, Thto Ifraa dene ubdJr an Iu »"» l / HI I LbUI UIHJF. ttiere Will be a vefy general desire to read ag^eemem with the th«rt, tqe understand' tbe opinion of the istiasnlsSetl junst be- ing being that the deLialou was to upiear lore whom the cafe twaa tried and wnoee m TBE Waio Thursday morning, lad In mbngshave beenr unanimously sustained tbe Lewiatcm Jvurnsit ^ursoayjifiernoon^ 6y,the foil bench. Afterwards the Chief Jnstkx KSF« i» »u- , thorlty cofeend'tbe Bhpg to theAs9ocuited jThe Boston fftoJ* sfionld examine tbe Kftss papers, ·fytMb *e dltt muriililg tifm pcoceedtqga in Cotgreas witli greater care for publtcatioi] Tlm-jsd»y innrtiLgJ, to beflore tt Indulges In' editorial denuncia* otder that there ml^bt not be any wtrtB.- tlon«§ Spcaklngof tbe resolution passed tin from this arrangement,'py rflaeoo of ITJUV.BJ upuiKijitg UL LUC i^soiabion passea **vu 'iuiu I.UH u-EQg^nieiit f rpy reaEcxi or bj| ihe Senate to tbe eftect that it is com- talt nnderatandlng, ell|fs wtrfj not sent to petent for the Senate {to e^ect'a President the tortland \AHaerti3br out I] Wedre^da; who atjall bold oittte Jurlog the pleasure tntebti so tbat tbey I did not reaci ibftt of Olatjbody ood nn^il aoother is elected, afltceuntitTbfngdayaiaruinx THE WHIO ltdeclired tbat the«'edicnhas jtone forth did pot regard^tts deefsion4s "use naive that the mintntv m Extth branches of news." It jva*a macerto ^blcbtht As- Congress shall be stripped ol its constltu- sociatedPrefB'pajera were fairly ettitled 1 tlonatriehts." Ths report o( tbe pro- under ottr agreement and wagladly itave ceedldgs, however, slmws that the resolu- them Slips it tlmeSor publication ttJe same tioti was amended on the motion ^* ^""TM mrtfn TM«^ cit*i ^^^1..^.^ ^ L_J L_ t^-- Democratic Senacoij J rom Indiana argued Jo support of [be resolution was adopted ''without a division." .u.» strangel that the Item cratio minoritydld .. -«, ..,,., "Mtlilijk enough of its "constitutional ffaia office. He also knfw tbt tbe ON reeorl as opposing the nngemeut waa to Ibare tbe ma tier Appear Thnraclay. Even f h£ obtafcil nermls- 1 ' f' "ton from Judge Ewiter tor-ltsffiarllS-'piibr Boston suffered mort severely from the libation if. was tat ng aucb unftn/idvan- "Gnppe^'than any df «nr great cities, it r tags as no other paper a tbe Stafe Wild the statistics on tbuj Abject gathered by *»ve taken, knowing asl tt did [bit tbe de- the Xsdiful on! i'iavjtt[i! Reporter are to cUion was in type In rms vrrak office 1 bereliedjupon. Be^ihiing; De«. 21, when whew Its publication was deliyed ai f n ' tfietepldemKj first afipjeared and ending day In order to give the Jiiar tut Feb. S, vrtien it bad iisappeared the in- p6rtumtyfo. i hav« the aretter -creased mortality in 'tba leading cities or H fflie Is enterpruinx j tbe country is reported as fo lows: thankful that tbereh b rtn« Esttnuitei lucrens* woes populstt«. percent IXeatdi 4!flWi SJ1 - -- IK lUabuk, . _ . w _ - _ . 4 l t l A Uld ^w.wv.^ PreultiB. In dun «»uneot i Men's Goods KOROMBECAtHALL. "*N«OB. lam m What does it amwit to. a fortune? No. Avetylittfe judiciously Mpeiled, nakes natters jght I nternal arrangemenjts, for instance, claim X2lBdS T.3SS, TO.LI.ARS, AC. r Also a Splendid Line of -he FOSTER D3E.SS} KID, GLOVES. Silk and .inen Handkerchiefs, Fine Hosiery I nnr lIn«iA»un»A» -fc A ' SXXjTS* The aest $3.50 I- at In the I da -ket, ' E S ' . Wieelwrl«rht Clark's Bloc \SO\ I of the attehtion of the ladies at^mt ,thisi time. Sunshine and balmy weather suggest carpet bea-ing, carpet beating suggests new carpets, new Carrje-s suggest Union Hall as the very best place to bi*y. Dont ask whv. Ev6rybofly knows Can any House Jin Bangor, Tor Maine, begin ,to compete 1V . SUN TIE SQIMRECOALPARISR AStrrl«B«ral«sEeTeitl*]«Fliiis i.iE.r*" 1 US Square Coal Pa*- or on Carpets? Did ^^*S .£****, . tr r . ,,, . . ,, tM5tOTesna'HieHOYAI.riNiD,, r -S, l lt' K ''nlii« I hue t. ^^^mmf^Mml JE ^^mLmm^m^U^^f Si nday, March, 16.189O. ··TEOalAB B. CBA1MEE8, PrertOent (n TlK,*ollim]iig ] well kaom latent win bepreu- S ~ V; »V I * Hnflial Ijf 3 luwaBe Jo. naUihv; bitier, ml'to^rmsj, ic., of BJ L IP J I 19 ttmt ^L M ^F ^mt Ovnjarai Agent, u £1 MAIjtt 8TKEBT, BAI Q0«. , , . MAINS. Bonds, Stocks. Valuable Papers. Etc., 1 --IM OUR-Bangor Safe Depart Vaults. o( tbe motiijie the! deAjion appeared Va TOE an, who WHIO. Wh*n th«editnrof (be|LeWisloo =mr uvtf. [ . MA INK. on which -Jottma; penDed tS(e jUwre pwa»iap he "* sbs ^iiLJ^. TM u" Itis knewtbathtscompwltoraputlttiedeilslon M^LV VnCK IMH UUPnO C C IMC icritydld En type from slips foroitbec from TflE "'· lUnlt HdU Utll UK A, 0. Lllft l-itnl:mnbk WSIA Aflif*«-. IT* aTo-A 'b-Mk'La* L k ^ » ^-L._ -.^. _ . Meamer LCCT P. MILE,EK , rtll e*UtHm Bo ksport. flATTTEIur r HAEtOH 1t4Hv f Ajttdto^ffM, Tat, - UAHCH I9U1, I nves-mer- Securhies of th«SafMtCharaictef tot sale* at InuWaat ms*rii** ,.» A .' ««^ i__^.__ . even any House offel- All ^iiraTM~ti5TM '"Wools at 40 cts., or Unions ^--^^T^.,^,^,^^, m __ at ^ ctsj? We cant do that WQ 3D, BISHOP ' CO every day, ibut we can psure* ^ ^ " BAN cor- '» h you that we can make any ?PABKS, w^frwooSi dealer tired wb.4 ti-ies __«ptM ""M^TU Warm, Lost. Found, To let, Etc, ..,,,.,, may|rot be absalately accurate, gut they fimtbh a basis for the statement tnat the epiflemio, directly and indirectly, affected Boston's mortality mqre than tbat of any o her city donnit tbe same ttnie. BOW.ER ME*4ILL, Bankers. No. 7 Kenduekeagr Bloc ( , - - Banger. * *o let, an, dm ««enm lour Uae«, 10 *wit« eccb luertknt wtm i*»piiill. Wlien not dAw I V , o o t . ¥rott»inm|tavitea to a ^·J oj.» nuuxbl4 i I ,, " MAHftlCD.l1 n While passing through Colnnjbus, ohto, Gen. Alger, CommaDdeMn-Ghief p( the Grand jSrmy of the Itepnbltc, was. met by Ohio's Comniander, XSeairal Hurst, and i large number of Grand Army men at tbe depotaajcihey bad a f on ^ talfc wlih him. He was asked what he thought of tib|e tTM«n for tbe Ires,de(ic7 the ChieagEi Tribune was grvlog him, JMU laugUiqgiy he said Jt was too early to [talk about tha, matter; that the Convent ON would not be held tor two years and several month* yet.andbeBadnot amhwlzed any men- name for tnat bi«h office. In] Reliable MaderaTe Casbuonlnstalneits. IT--AT, ^HE^-- j. ' PurMt ire Co., OS AXXd OS ACAlXL THING IE DEC NORTH BRITS-I AHJO -- a bnt patched, snya the clown ~ in Shakespeare's pl»y of Twelfth Niifht Who knows .bnt what Wm. bad in mind acme Stratford jeweler when be penned tbe bine? While the J aoewflrn arec-ominff ta, i^e will eay tbat *iia |eT*n eo to this day iip _^_. _ to | some jeireleig' woit wo know of, and it would aeem more-worthy of tha tiDkerini( tiaemlth tban a jeweler. The mendlnK ol Gold Jewelry [hat our workmen do, bow- ever, makes tt virtually new, and Wi defy detection (there the patch comes ID. A fomavaa frojm 17 tow yosrmjf in o BWpe ska o»oe Address oirn wlib Tctcrftnco I · , P O IC31 FBI VTLH1GB TO LET. alonbiHbaa any t show ^o r passaxe, bnt Ube dlsabuty or dependent peduoa bill «ork ana are, dependent, bnt it does not require the ijospital record proof that tbe trouble'IP incident to the army, ffce members of Congres are call log fpr the number of soldiers now living and no Grand Army «, D Dor ,,,, aam liTiog can eome within USO.OOO of (he uum- 6er. This information Is wanted, In orde" to form an eetimate^ol the amonM that waold be required to pay tW Eentce pen- will not be until after tbe ccosna la ' muf . pteted. Tanun favor of Itbe dependent bni at present, and advised my eomtnittee (has under (be clronmst»ncM It was better £r±±L^ ^'"f 6 " *« ° iu . *«. - nle TM *£ The esttoa was bawd espatch His was Incur. the WANTED. , M iced 1 Miller, and teed nil) at Dontli Brewer, v ~ H. BBiSTOW. Svntti Krtwct. daw WAIN TED Twe ve Inch Ice Plough. , ^f S?? 1 ^3 njltnr*, Ctuuuber Seta, Fiwcy Chairs and Kswk- Mercantile Insiranc TEBBETJS CO,, Mai * S.Teet. -- - 1 0 , , _ , B en who have lar K L sums to invest cmj TM«u d». tTM£"tiEs; -- "wyTM. faS~Sf . Credit weinAud ilrejOlwipMBtlTeAai HereiB thepl«ee tobu to otrt* The AtbJnaon Bouse Furnishing Blake, Barrows July. JTheycarn- ^n^WBow ... ,__ _ t^-MWHRiaaa. tbe suttoortzed flora ni spiHuspEci/l.^. ; E ' S FpWL, AT OKK . co.-s. ' t offlee ° r «· «"»- JERSEY SWEET LARGE! ECD t to undersell. Lo'ok arbund, j ''try prices, see styles, then j come to our litttepilc, the ) biggest in Bangor, but email ; to ,Poi^land stoc^ and we can febow you better fifties, finer quality, lower prices than any. Ask Mr. Oakes, whose wortl you can rely On. i C what you can do ii the Cjaraber Sets and Parlor Su^ts at otu 1 storey always ten per cent, less than others. Are the goods 1 as fine? ladies, we leave the judg-- ent to you'. Chamber Sets are greatly improved in style, and bet- ^sr still, improvect in price, --aat is, lower. T ic more we aill,tl}ie more we ahall sell,for Ji^ie disposed of, means tiree TOquired for. E egant de- signfe. iYoa just drop in some day when yon're pass- ttg add look at the styles. Cak leads, Ash goes quick^ because the price is iow- % but the cheapest, is not always the cheapest. Tou Mow what we meani a col- r °T *f wo inTes * e d in a set now ^nean the saving of five or ten .ater on. A ^J Very on^ ^^^^ f ·^·^"iT T r -+*V*r* ^wC* JJF Carriage is the be6^ to buy. E^erybpdy knows we are -^ agents. Sunshine and dry sic ewalfcs suggest that ~b^ baby should get a eon- st^fnaonal, the prices sug- fc gept now as the bet time -JQ "' liuy. A few of last year's ca^-iages can be taken off our hands at your prices, i whatever you want that ni«ins home, or home com- foijlts, we have it. T^hatevir yo ir circmnstances, | we ai-e yoipfridnde. A lit-le mon- eygoejs a long way. "W; , don't advertise the goods, and say, "When yon 1 have the money gathered together you }an jave them,'' but we sayJ^'lTow, now, yom- wil is qnr pleasore." ")(SalI arid see us or write to t» People's Company of TdatMolpt to Our. } The Coid.I The disagreeable COD uva cu is dissipated m S 3 %riri; S »J J ~ _ _ K5 Of Pint; Corf IJicrOU HVPOPHOSPHITES O - I.TTi^E: ^iiJTn Tlie patient sulftrmg ft $2.99 SHOE, EVEBT PAIR irAEUitrrn WEii , I Mean, od to ^UHflm A. l^tton, we Wftghtmid h |*it WSlfl t)BUL, I ^dan.d DOHA ~ ~ lOwleds'es A - P^KAK* * c«.a sin* th« OBIOIMLI. Jtcf USO 111 toiiplr JO CHARLES j. JOMES. jHirtll [ jf £ | FUJI ( 8 »1 the I . ·B......B11W33HTP ·^·aWSRti; i W. - DOUGLAS S3 SHOE FOR GENTLEMEN. ii Cre*il- -. J- GOSAJpS\ ^JJO.SSTkTtaTIlk^. ' ' ·n ssatsa^SS =wj£.:.«SS= JSUSSJtfsi-^-SS ^^^_ SP? :::: "1 S "' ?SS » : " - ·Hou^wrTHo,- §SS»5?i!,5sfe«s ^^SS^Sa* aattsasssfl 1 ** ! t 1 ). Can b« nmnt the l«K«aoa FUM, WEDJiNG AND VISTIHG MODS «*»»·.·. determ^^Ze 3 ^ ^ESXS****-^^ duly their iS^^Sas HA "JBsaa denotuMfav UM ttt * '· · nalt In CuMil» n MM* to Orctar, iawfotaTM^^S?? ·"»«!»«. SST .jBjiP^^^^rfS-MiW-i-w Hall Furniture. «»« la*. »n« J DK. TTSTAim Open erenln^. FAT3ICI0 ·MtbUtoakH MAPLE SYRUP, ' -a» ^^ j, JM1B | CffU tfjfl . -i. , S. No Else in Coffee i ., ·* , ^ B ·« A . P Y · ^ Old Covemment Java, - 35certt** n. J · ii I* 0 *** and J»va ( v - 33 H--· * T X I '" M BastRlo, * - j-- t * O J * -»»^f 4 i o i i / L C « Jt to pleM you at* you cab return it o foJ trbftt^oit 100 (Jtere Vina c-M of the Above, ptt t ^ «u-j and Middle Stieets, C.A.AVERIL- BHut, I- - mzi; THOMPSON £ KEUOGG'S, Bangor i*x».».7»7i'; ySSt,*£S?S; Sffr a** C ' A - 1 " ^3P*^J*.-Ba-T J~ SJ5J, 0 * .^|^m^r«s.Mili .. M jgfi'«-u a p M . ^' sr^ "B«--JL .^^^.^ i5¥i^S^^ja!«ffi l"9f»»~!-»«~. i^Mi.M%a4W^ " iTM!'' 'iftwr**"'- H* kiu piv. - . · ~ KnArnin, iaaichi ^-- 0VMn««n " ~-k nm. ntANOHCS: . Railroacl Coznpany Auburn, Rockland, Bangor, A Pair of Matched fforaea' ^^ urn «wWand, Bangor, Ta^tel^'JU^*-- ,.^#^a ,.a»ja?'JSL-^ Norway, Biddeford, Gar- 'SS««St^ 01 a» ? «.. M.. *« ^·^·^ ""^JTktS^SHf *··*. Manuhl. ,. BHnmrll TMm. - -- *7^.S i VKrS.JPTM^? drn er, Watcrville. *-». PalaltWim AittiaV laaSiiiiB ?*^ 153A* SM :: r- Wl 1 b/ t/a i I A uteoHur H. W'THWOD, i, 1SSO td 'SPAPLRI SPAFLR

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