The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on December 23, 1902 · Page 5
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 5

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 23, 1902
Page 5
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TUESDAY, EVBKING, DECEHBBK 93,1903. THE DECATUR REVIEW $200,000 May Be Capital of Decatnr Laud Compcnv. J.F.OlTMIMdBMB JMM Oo J. F. Given arrived home Tu*»d«y morning from a trip to Wn»hln«ton county, Tmn., where he ivent to look ov*r *m« Innd. Mr. Given wu» accompanied by hi* fath.Tlnlnw. Kben tone*, who In hrr« from the -.ixt vliltlnc. PBOPLEYOU KNOW Amanda and O*or«* QrtaWoM. the chll- dranrf Mr and Mm. C. L. Grliwold, will arrive In the city tomorrow to visit their grandparent*. Captain and Mrs Ot-orge a Uurfee during the holidays Krtd Stoner arrived home ytiterdoy from Chicago, where he nlt-mli-l the meeting ml bumiuct of the local Insurance Hgenti. Mli* Cordelia Williams rcturucd home jesterday from Chicago, where «he has been studying music. Fred Qrr.ut arrlvej lait night from Ch»- etigo tf ar'-nd the holiday*. Secretary Harry Putteraon of flic Y. M C. A., accompanied by till '»lfe. will go to Klmwood tomorrow to eyelid _,,..-,., -- -- -- ,,., - - . »i i-jiiu w'u ii'Miui ·" and they went to look In their own In-! mother ss^ifcrww^^ There In now on foot a plan to form I n , tlon as janitor nt the Y. M ( . A. looms. Decatur a company to buy land in Tenne*M*. It Is the expectation to have the capital (lock WOO.flOO, If that much money can be raised In Decatur. Mr. Given says that the formation of the company has not go"* far enough yet to aay just who may be connected with II. The land which Mr, Olven went to «ee was a tract of about 26.000 acres of timber. It I* virgin forest with much valuable wood. Mr. Oive n nays that he think* the sale of the lumber would pay two or three times the cost of the land and that a f t e r It Is cleared the land In highly valuable for mixing cotton. The rents are higher and money Invented In land then- Mr. Cllven xay». bring* n much higher rate of Interest than In this stat«. ' ' Mr. Given nays that hf considers the districts he vlxlted as the bent he to take, effect Jan. 1. James A. VJothcl la visiting frl ii-ls In Burlington, l.i . and Henderson c o u n t y . his chllillKKHl home. «. H. Miller » horn*, fr»m .1 four week*' trip to Hot 8vi-|ri|!». Aik. IIix health Is much Improved. Mr*. William Mrlirlde 1m« been calleil to IndlnnaiHiili on account of the critical Illnens of her m'thcr. Mr*. Ciiln Miss Uuldi-n IMnley and Alfred Uanley of Clmmimlx'i '·»'·· xpciulinit n few lu.i at Quliicy. They will stop In Decatur for a visit on their n t u r n ;il the end of HiS wevk. Messrs. anil Mi-minim-* W. A and II. D. Tl.inx and M!MM Nanette Truiix "' · 'Union were In Dec.itur yesterday. Mesdamen F. T. W l l b u i , J. F. uiviru in IK* vii"i*ru «n inr wri»» m- ; .. . . --* t \ v /i.,».«in ... « ever seen a* a field for Investing In land "J.? nndv °: *· »nmli.K» were and as a good place to loon money. »» "'"""" -·'"" 1 "" b(« Interest Is |wld. Mr. Olven expected to get bark to Decatur last Saturday night but was detain. ed on account of the railroads below Memphis being washed out. SCRAPSJNP NEWS- AM- TO EMPLOYES Charley Cessna will run tho I'ecrlcHs unloin on fh« co-operative plan for one day. Instead of giving his employe* turkeys he has told them they can have .is a Chrtiitnr-s present all the money they lake In on Jan 1. BbECTRrCAI. WORK EMS. The Independent Oriter or Electrical Workers will give their firm a n n u a l Lull New Year's nfojthi at !*· Sons of Veteran*' hall. The Men ilur orchestra will furnish the music. ·" j ' *··!; H. P. 9TANLHY 1/MrT. The forcible entry and detainer ras B. P. Stanley, agent of I he Syndic Mock. ver*u» Mm. T)ora Auntln. was elded In favor of the defendant by Justlc Hune today. She had beon paying her rent pi«nitly a n t proved she 'hail a v r i bal agt(em«-nt with Stanley to keep the room* through the winter. TV-L. JAN. i. Brown's bu*)nesM college n-1!l close this afternoon unill after the holiday, reiiim- Ing Jan. S. A.S I'91'AT- The employes of 'the Htuiutard OH company will eiu-h ft a lurkri- anil ran of oyslerd. us usual. 1'KNSION IN' HEASKB. Thomas p Clark of Decatur baa been, grunted a Derision of 110 a month. Wesley D. Duke of Uaynesvllle has been given one of $17. H)th are Increases. porter- Cllnliiii visitors yesterday. Raymond 8. Ives of Taylorvlllc has luk. en n position In the office of Archie Wll- HOII. He will act UH *tcnogra]hcr anil bookkeeper. iWas Nettle Carey of Clinton IM n guest of Decatur friend*. Mr*. J. H Crawford and dnnchtcrs Misses lluzel and Dess, xpent a couple of duyH with relatives In St. Ixiuls this week. Champaign News: J. N. Anhmore. '05, cnlleice of llterutuie and arlH, will probably leave about the middle of this week for his home at Hcllmny. Mr. Ashmoru IKIH been .ixslstlnK raduat ManaKur Huff In nuking out the statement- ,,r the athletic department of the university. Miss Edna Bayer will be home tomorrow from Chicago, whore she has been studying music. She will spend the holiday* at home. Kurl Merrltts and wife or Little Rock, Ark., are home to .«)cnd the holidays. Bldnev Covlngton will arrive tonight to take the physical dliectorshlp i f the Y M. C. A He will be accompanied by Anna Hurr. who has been clerking In a big grocery store at Denver. Theodore Coughlln l« h. re from Mollne to S|M-nd the holldiyx As soon as the new V. M C A ' l i u l l d l n g at I'rb.inn Is AT TBB S YtfDIt ATE BLOCK GROCERY SPECIAL HINTS FOR CHRISTMAS- IT W I L L PAY YOU TO SPEND A LITTLE TIME LOOKING THROUGH THIS LIST. One lolld list of good dependable fvii- cluls without any frills or side talks. T» begin with wt offer you 20 HCNCI1K8 FANCY BANANAS AT lOc A DOZEN. Fnncy yellow 1'ort Llmon bananas. II) CENTS PKR DOZEN. 1.000 pound* absolutely new mixed nuts IT^jp per pound. FRUITS. Ornnffi-R--ttillfurnla NHVPI*. FlorlJns and Souoritx, 2Uc to Me per dozen. N w Turkish Flg». 20c per pound. Fancy Lomong, 20c per dozen. Maliiwi fli-apei. flnu tinted clusters, 23c per |inuml. Wiiihcil Pig* stuffed with iiBSorti'd frultH. Slip bux Apples , if i-vi-ry description SJi- to KK- peek New ilitti'M Her pound, 10c. t'HKESK FOR CHRISTMAS, You'll iK-f'il It Eilnm rhwsc- of superior f i n a l i t y J'lneiipplf, HH|Ufort, HeHrlc. NeiifHclwilel. C'ri'iim. Club House. IMrme- min r.tul others. CHRISTMAS TREES, HOLLY, TLETOE. MIS- MBS. K Y M A N ' H KATHF.R. John W. Arnold, the Colf.ix bunker. whose deuth Is noted tod.iy, wa*4 the father of Mrs A. H. Kyman of »X We«t Wood street. Mrs F"ym;in nnd her tnm- hand have been ot Mr. ArnoUI'x lieilHlile his lllncsx. SQI'IRHKI, IXIO OONK The siulrre| dog fulled to show up at SprliiKcr's store this mornlns and It t.« sii]poHeil ^ome one has stolen him. Joseph Coojicr of Fonyth raised the dog anil giive him In Kph Morro a neighbor. Moore own* the dog. The dug dime to town. Maw the squirrels und althouan taken hack home twice he refused to *tuj ami has t»en In town ever | sine*. ompl.-lcil hr will K n tci that city to take 'ihi- pi net il UK retur.\;ihl| ,,r (he ii-mui-la- lion. NEW OFFICERS. T I U f M P I I COfRT. Triumph court, No 17, Trlhe of Pen Ilur, met lust night anil elected the !!lowing i fflwrs: Chief-John K. Hekeit Judge--Cl:irelict' I I . Ydiins Teacher-Mrx M a i j Ka»t Serllie- Mrs K A K r w l n KeejM r uf T i l b u t e - l i t n H i i w e n s t i l n C.iptaln- I'h.irli'H () K n i l l h 'iuldi J \V 8hoem.ik r Keei«-r "r Inner jnt*-- ,1 M W M K K I U I . r Keeper of n.itcr li (' II '" ml lilnlo, l I'hyHlcUnv W. II H i l l .end W A DIxMl The U!M,\. ufrU.-I'M «HI l» lllst.lllecl at t h e next m i i t l i i K n l K l u In J a n u a r y * \ Hif? Boy. M a m i MTM. John Dllls.iv. r of Whllr lle.ith are the pun nts of a hoy about «lx iiionih^. nlil who IM recanted U.M some- th«iK "'il "f the Di'dlnuiy The child welichx .itiout t h i r t y pounds. Ills hanils .mil f e i l .11. as l.irite HH thiwe of a child of 4 or ·" M-ai'M l i e N well proportioned anil pliiniK. M to );iw up tu be a big ntun. A new lut cninc lodjiy. Holly wreaths m w nmili- with plenty of Ix-n-lPs, 15i- 'Jiell. OY8T1CKS OF THK RKIIIT KIND. Fancy stnndaidB, H-l«etH nnd New York counts. Tin-He ccpini) direct from the oyHter Ill-ill* nnd IIIIVP not been iloctoreil. CMYKS. Olive* of every ileserlptliin, plain or pitted, fancy queen "lives In liulk, .15o l»-r iniarl FANCY DRESSED POfLTRY. Turkeys, rlilrkons, diirk*. You mny le- liend upon the (iiiiillty. Prices will be the "rlKhtest" ]rlce) In the city. FKt'IT 1IAHKKT8. C I I H I B T M A S HONKS AN'I GROCRRIB8. Our limits "n fjinr-y fruit, basket* for Christmas are thorn- of your wlslie*. As. KorimcnlH »f v «r iccHcs make nice liresentH fur I ' h r l H t m i i B K^ !";. You e.m have any kind of a box m i with UM to miiki' up fur you iMU-kej r»r ^lilp- ment to .my part m tile e n u n t r y I T M P K I N A N D MIW1C 1'IICS. It In almost uaele » labor to bake thc'.:i when ax BOO.I us a n j uiie niii make me here I .r I'-HM tha:i vmi em tuaki them Thu favorable l e i u i t . i l i o i i of the W o m a n ' s exrhtniKi- U-!iiii'lni nt unil "Uier 1) iltery products) Ix wldcBiireiid. FIUMT i-AKK .'Mi iM.i'M rrnnixr, Mrs M c t i i i H a l f s l i i n n e n i i u l i u n i t :ik or the rlcht ai;' ItJchclleii plum inidillni; as llm a ."u home mail" j«u i a n I)U'. -"« .nul ·* \"- i'an AsparaKir'. I l l ' - , '·'·" ,'- L'.IM NO rsi: to el ilii.rnte any m e m - S u f l l i ou will lind i - x i - r v i h l i i K Miur clnlstmas I' r iiuiilltj miJ rlKhl prices 1 UMWl BlOCt B BEAN PRITCHETT, 946 ». M«ln St. Both Phone* Mail orders promptly filled. Send cash with orfler. Money refunded if you arc not satisfied. Christmas Gifts That Are Useful and Beneficial. Mail ordets promptly filled. Send cash with order. Money re funded if you are not satisfied. Each recurring Christmas day finds the world more in love with ,the idea of giving and scattering gifts broadcast so that none may be forgotten. To help those who need advice, as to what they should give in the way of Christ' mas presents, we have what you wish, even if omitted in this list. Cameras 8oc to $50 All the leading makes. THE GOOD RAZORS. Safety Razor Sets, Fine Razor Strops, Brushes, etc. Keep the boy at home evenings-- au easy task if you will pr o- vide a Burrowes Billiard and Pool Table -5 » to » $40 Daisy Air Rifle Whitely Exercisers 500, $-, $3, $4. A complete home er y m n a s i ti in. Your health is your fortune. Don't waste it. HAMILTON RIFLE · · · f c i . 7 5 This Rifle shoots 22 hhort ca rtriclges and is guaranteed accnraU 1 ; all working parts tempered steel. \\'e liie fine 1'ockct Cutlery. \Ve carry no eliea]) trash. Our k n i v e s are guaranteed In suit you. S I I I I K - ( i f (In- must l i a n i N u m r p a t - i-vrr shown in Decatur. NOT THK llt'SH. Uecatur bualne»» m. n had a chance to rett a little thl* mnrntnf. The ru*h wai nothlnr like thin of Monday. There wai a good ateady trade, but It wnn easily handled. Momloy wits a bin day with all the merehnnlH. iiml luit nlflit nearly every More In the city wan crowded. The people are buying good Rood* thin year. "FLOWERS in DEMAND. Jo«t at the There Is a Dig demanu for cut flower* right now, as there- always l» just before Chriaima*. Hose*, camuHon* and hyacinths arc tho i nly cut flower* now offered. The prlc* I* a little hlgWr at this time of ye»r, but not extruvvgantly so. Ro*e«, all color*, sell at from Mo to K.M a doaen. Carnation* sell from 7» to Me. and $1 a dbien for extra fancy, all ,-ol- ora. Hyiclnl-h* nell at 35c · doaen. There has been a big demand for holly and mistletoe. One .man had it big stock of both, but has sold out all the holly und mart of the mistletoe. Th«. tatter sells at ten cents for u good slied bunoflP"or tif- teen vent* a iwund. A great deal of It wlH b* used this 4*hrt*tma*. There has been a good demand for cut fl.w*rs and a gieat many orders are In for delivery tomorrow. WILL HAVE A LAW. TlMB All LMTM Mint W«J«k Twtaty Onaem. A meeting of the grocer*' a«*oclatlon wa* held last night and the proposition of the baker* to make a twenty-ounce loaf of bread to be retailed at I cent* straight wa* considered. City Attorney Walter* wa* present on Invllatloik^f the association and the matter of an ordinance regulating the Kile of loaf wa* talked of. It we* decided that *uch an ordinance ahould be drafted at once. Oily Attorney Walter* will draft the ordinance nnd it will be presented to the clly council, probably at the next meeting. Twv Arrwt*. Jacob Lehman of Fortyth wa* arre*t- ed Monday night on a warrant charging him with the (eduction of Dolly Louge, · young woman 17 year* of age. The warrant was sworn out by J. Louge. di» girl'* rather, and on hi* request the girl wu al*o arrested and conflned In the city prtoon. The girl'* behavior ha* not been good and the father thought It would be belt for her to be confined In Jail. TIM «v*nMr of On poor Is still having call* for help, but UMJT do not com* In ·uoh «roM numbers M dwlnc the cold ·poll. All of tbo poor Who hwro applied or Mon found nnd wor« known to b* wortkr wm h.lp«d with dothlm. food or u*l. ^ E W SPAPEItfl IC H i V E ® From Now Until Christmas W e W i l l S e l l New Upright Pi · · «Ac* · · Ix75i $200, $225, $250, $275, $300. WASHBURN Guitars, Banjos and Mandolins. The Best in the World. Phonoffraph* and Records. A Hindsomo Souvenir Catalogue Free. IfsTnr ADA* A We W, t60,f6, $70. and *76. 8UQIITLV H A W VAVAHO nMd and Swond band Orgaog $10 to f 35 Special Prieet on Musical Metchandise. Prescott Music House 104 B. Prairie Street. HEY'RE KEEPING BUSY -- no wonder with such prices ours on fine China, Toys, Lamps, etc. 1»4-19*188 Prairie. 1'iMTv ... .500 to $1000 \\Y carry the- good ones, as well tin- cheap ones. ( i t x x l Manicure Scissors cost considerable more money llian the kind usually carried in slock by most cutlery houses. \Ve h a \ e learned that they are appreciated by those \vlio like ;^ood cutlery, and we therefore offer nothing but t h e liC'U. ]'"inbroidery Scissors. Manicure Scissors, Surgeon's Scissors, Corn 1'laners, Kail Files. PLAT- VICTOR BAG AND FORM, $7.00. Noiseless, and can be put up in any room. The Disk Talking Machine, $15 to $30. Full list of new records. The new kind--loud, clear, musical. Is your dog worth anything? If he is, buy a nice collar for lis Christmas present. We have a large line of good ones. Shell Cases, Hunting Coats, Sweaters. These make nice Christmas Presents for hunters. Ithaca Double Barrel Hammer Gun Ithaca Hammerless 23.00 Marlin Repeater 1775 Single Barrel Breech Loader 4-75 We have a Double-Barreled Breech Loading Shotgun, 12-gauge, for 8-75 PUNCHING BAGS. Children's size 75c Boys' size $ I -S° Men's size $2 to $4.00 SWEATERS. We have a shipment of Sweaters which was 90 days late reaching us. We must sell them fast, .t'orty-eight styles--Goc to $5.00. BEAUTIFUL CALENDAR MOUNTS. Something entirely ««w. We cannot tell you much about them, the variety is too great. Please call and see them. Absolutely new, and just tlfc thing for Christmas gifts. We have a large line of Foot Balls, basket Balls, Indoor ·Jails, Gymnasium Suits, Indian Clubs, Dumb Bells. ' " ' Buy now, everybody cannot buy the week before Christmas. We can show hundreds of articles not men tioned in our advertisements,?and all ate suitable for Christmas gifts. DECATUR GUN CO. ;; 134 Prairie Street ABCHIK P. WILSOR PROP Decatur, Illinois 11 SPAPERf

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