The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on August 30, 1947 · Page 5
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 5

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 30, 1947
Page 5
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I : THE DAILY REGISTER, HARKISBURG, ILL SATURDAY, AUGUST 30, 1947 ·7« Tfie Shield ~-\ By Fred Harmon ^Merchants fo Ploy Rosiciare Here Tomorrow Mills' battery will be Nelson or Hamilton on the mound with Sullivan receiving. Paducah Takes Third Place, B2nton is Fourth Third Place Yawns for Is as Braves Put! Half Game By JOHN GRIFFIN United Press Sports Writer The second-place Sox remained |12 games behind the Yankees. make" life, miserable lor ,lr~-- ls , Ellis Kinder of the'St. l }Loui!l| ,, , Browns when they beat thc Browi^V' ? ie« 5 to 4. Kinder, knocked 'out**·"'-' in-'the' sixth inning, suffcreeLrhiss^'. ~.- 12tlT defeat in his last 13 starts^ ' Fred Hutchinson went all the way* l for, Detroit, getting his 13th J tory.. Chieago-at-Cl*veland was .. -- ,, ft poned on account of rain in the-H* half of the first inning -and\ . ., | i v i i v v i v Cairo swimmers wofl the invita-ij n tj lc uiuicti i rcbs opons i*i*iv* : ·*** t,"* 1 *^^ WAAI^M v**%, * ****·»%. v.?t NEW YORK, Aug. 30--«JJ--- however, when New York regis- last nall O t me ursi mnu.., The Cardinals who have been tered a 10-inning, 4 to 3 win over mos t 'disappointed was. "Indian lookin" toward first place, i Washington, George McQuinn's ou tfielder Hank Edwards who · hadT were forced to look back over j long fly bringing Tommy Hen- j^ hit a homer with one man qh. their shoulders today as the Bos-1 rich home from third base with ton Braves made a spirited bid to the winning run. Stan Spence i knock them out of second place drove m all three Sector runs League. ; u i u i u 111 uii. LIIIW hjciidvuL xuiio I with his 12th and 13th homers, (ouni? The Harrihburg Merchant will bc host to Kobiclare Sunday, in a ,,.ruc to be played on the to\vu p' u k diamond. startioK at 2:30 m Mehin Bristow will pitch i fair Carrier Miiis to Play Benton Sunday The Carrier Mills Men-hunts will play the Benton Kangc-r.s Sunday, Sept. al 2:30 p. in. at Carrier Mills. Bat-1 i ncrc The Williamson County fair, which gets under way Labor Day, 1, .offers a fifty per cent increase over last year's premiums, cuit, one m u»u luiov,-. -·- country, and will offer six $1,OIW ^ uvi stake races. Races will be present- was ed each afternoon and night witn the exception of T-'e^iay afternoon. A society horse show will DC luiro Mviniiiiura wwi nit j n v » i « - , i n ^ llc ^aiionai League. ;~ ~ ~*-T --»i tional meet held last night at the] Third place yawned below the!but Bobo Newsom and Joe Page town park pool, nosing out Har- Rc dbirds since "the Braves pulled' joined to hold Washington five risbunj bv four points. Harris- ' t o W l t h i n a half-game by beating' »ts m all, Page getting the vie. · ... ' i ...:«u en v r .:. .. , *! ._I_.L r. »« o tnrv Fjirlv Wvnn vvhn «».tv«» rmlv bur» was a close second with 60, i t n c philhes last night, 9 19 2, ourg \\as a eiosc sctuuu vm.«« ""Mtne rliiniCS iasi mgui, v vy *., Paducah, Ky., had 54 and Benton iW ),ji e the Cardinals were idle, was last With six. ITO add to St. Louis' worries, first Mehin Bnstow \\ill piicn 101 tencs for carrier Mills will uc | bnn-ing the total amount offered o locals with Ruble or Hancock «uher Nelson or Trammel pitch, thii) vear to S33.000. Premiums .,,,,, thc ,,iate · · .Sullivan catch. Gainer Mills, will be } ;ave "been upned for exhibits in IUlH* l*»L jJi».in.* I ^ ^ .I.;.»«T tl-i^n- l *7i 1» 11 n^ f\f Hji trti_ .. . . V. __ · 1,1 i i; " · r 4i i I F C C K l I l s u i v u i n n \ \ j i i uj, me at'-' In the opening game of the La( M)n The Kangers pro vously dc bur U-»y tournament at tne l a n - . f , alc(i t hem by a 9 to 3 count. ..rounds, thc Merchants and Carrier M.II^ w i l l meet at 9 a m. . Duke i l hurl for Harrisburg and Han-! The Daily Register. 20c a week. In L w:ll catch and the Carrier ' by carrier boy. have "been upned for exhibits in all departments--agricultural, livestock, etc. Four-H exhibits will also be shown. · This year the Williamson County Fair association is a member of the Top Line Harness Racing Cir- UiU j;4«iiuoiu*»\»* * · - " - " - t ·* -~ dollars will he offered to exhibitors of show horses. _ » . Coach J A. Morris and Mary i place giew even more remote as anuu,, c'uutiibatcd greatly t o ; the !crs«c leading Brooklyn Dod- the Harrisburg cause, winning two; gcrs stretched their margin to events each. Morris won the men's jsevcn-anda-half games with a b ' iork tory Early Wynn, who gave, only six hits, went all the way and was the loser The Detroit Tigers continued to \,«. -- Southpaw, Yesterday's Star Mickey Harris of the Boston , Sox who gave up only three - hits s and struck out eight batters as he capped his comeback from arm trouble with a 2 to 1 win over the A's. The Daily Register. 20c a week._ . open brcaststroke and the men's | to 3 win open individual medley. Miss Han- 'Giants. . . , - - f n i n g \\as victor in the 100-yard | Imbued with the diehard spirit show horses. n ing was victor in the 100-yard | Imbued with tne aienaiu spuit Included in the list of featured' f rccsls i e , women's open, and the I of Skipper Billy Southworth, tne .4 ,,,..,,,,., orr- Rrlnn St. Jorn anv:i«r! frfoOvtp women's onen. Braves niroed four Philly pitcners · entertainers are: Edna St. and her world famous religious folK singers, the Plamsinging Chanters; Dick Clem*is, internationally famous wild animal tamer, and the Aerial Snyders. »*»*. w^ J OPPORTUNITY . . . SECURITY . . . JOBS FOR ALL ... ,-s what he wants in the days to come . . . and he knows how to .I M Worker k»n get it, too. . cducatio. for the youn S ., . greater protection and security for the old . . . '· La,,o, united, has pointed the way in .he ,-.- Labor, united, win point the way in the future. 111: us i iir, w w i j i v i i ^ v/|^\-i» M*»« »-··- iv*. k^4»*»f.* --- "-·»· ~" --. " i t 40yai"d frcebtyle. women's open. Braves ripped four Philly pitcners Lynn of Paducah copped three for 17 hits to make up their fourth fiist places to be high scorer for!win in the last five games. And the e\cmng ion the mound, going all the way A crowd estimated at 300 per- for his fifth straight victory, wg TM.m witnessed the events Big Bill \oiselle, nght-hancLei Thr ,SiV who ha; blossomed into a winner inc icsuiis . s - nce Southworth got him from ,ly C. Time 222. 80ard freestyle relay, boys 12 and under: Cairo (Gram, Willis, Keith, Edging) first, Harrisburg (Riegel. Hays. Braddock, Homing) second. Time 55.4. 40-\ard breaststrokc, men's t open! Morris H, R- Otto P, Milcy j H. Time 24.5. I Branca Wins 19th Game The Giants could have used 'Voiselle. or somebody, when thc Dodgers blew 'Dave Koslo and Joe Besgs apait for five runs in the to clinch their game Field. Brooklyn had who held to Tonite 6 p. m. STARRING Franchot Tone Ann Richards sixth at Ebbets j the Xew Yor kers to four hits H. Time 24.5. ! register his 19th victory of the 40 yard freestylei women s open: ^ CUmax L of the Do d- M. Hannmg H, M. Luby C, D. . v rall wag Jackie Robin . Otto P. Time 2o.4. . t j of home against Beggs. 40 yard freestyle, bovs 12-lo. Q lv Giant highhght in their C. McAnally C. B. Cooper C, J. j - lh . sixth ia seven games Warner P. Time 222. ' 7 Days Starting Sunday 2 p. m. 14c and 40c PLAYING 40 yard backstroke, men's open: at Ebbets Field this year, was Wil' - n ,, . TT T ,, , . r lard Marshall's 32nd home run L v n n P, Hunt H, J. Hatcher C. n thjj sevcnth inning! a wallop Time 2D3. ,-,,,,! ithat left them only one homer be- 40yard freestyle girls la ^\ hind the Yankees' all-time mark undci T Metzger P, B. Henlej 1()f Ig2 Jn a single scason II. L. McAnally C. Time 30.8. The Cub RcdS; an[1 P i 1 . a t cs , as Dhing, women s open: Otto P, well as {he Cards had « off days » Lolry p Overmeer P. ! in lhe Rational League. 80 yard freestyle relay boys 12-, Mickev Harris o£ the Amci -ican ]5- Cairo (Mattmgly, \Vuhs Keith, | League -s Boston Rcd Sox showed Cooper) first, Harrisburg (Hays, |.. ;* . 7 J « « n , « r t T.Iii^i( T!llc^:lnr^ sppnnfl l1 " 11 - a Hannmsj, Time .43. 60 \ ard individual medley, men s open : Morris H, Furlow B, R. Otto P. Time 41.8. recovery from the sore arm that has plagued him all season was near-complete as he three- hilled the Philadelphia A's, 2 to 1. Joe Coleman went all the way , j for the A's, yielding only five hils. 100-yard freestyle, women s i u t . open. M Hanning H, M. Luby C, D. Otto P. Time 1:17.9. IGO-jard freestyle relay, men's open- "Cairo (B. McAnally. C. McAnally, J. Hatcher. M. Willard) first." Harrisburg (Johns, Backer, Lancaster. Miley) second, Paducah third. Time 1.29.8. 20-yard freestyle, boys 12 and under Keith C, Hays H, Gram C. Time 183. CHICAGO, Aug. 30--«J.R--Stan !,,,,,.-,,,,,. ,Hack, 37-year-old third b^eman 100-vard freestyle, men's open: who has been a permar."-.t ixture j Lvnn= Lancaster H, Morris -H. l in the Chicago Cub ini'Md -since) ·^* . -· f*f*f\ c; i i _ . l _ n n l ' . n ^ l V « i / I r v i Time 1:06.7. 40-yard freestyle, boys 15-18: , . McAnally C, B. McAnally C, Donoho P. Time 21.3. 40-yard freestyle, girls 15-18: Overmeer P, Metzger P, Walker 1933, linaliy has had hL day today.' The Cub managemert pioclaim ed today "Stan Hack c' the fans lined up gifts of home plate to show- pi eciation for "Stanislaus.' and front I H. Included among the gifts were medley relay, men's [an automobile, a television set, open:Harrisburg (Hunt, Morris,'and a carload of gadgets. Lancaster) first. Cairo second, Pa-1 It was the first time that the ducah third. Time 1:17.6. North-Siders showed Hack what Diving men's open: Otto P, Jar- they thought of him. He had been ircll H Willard C 'around so long that fans took him Judges last night were Louie i as much for-granted as the ivy on Beltz, Kenneth Davis, Roger John-,the Wriglcy Field walls, son. Bob Davenport and Jack i Steady in. his. play, never one Wendling. Bill Franks was thc to pop off at an umpire s decision, starter and Ralph Horning, Jr.,'Hack has never been much more *· was thc announcer. Illinois Baseball Leogue Results noticeable than thc ivy-- except in the steady manner he played third base. Leading the acclaim for Hack was Charlie Grimm, Cub manager. who said Hack "was "his ball play! er. Marion Centralia 121-000000-13 8- 9-2 Mormino, TrcmamO) and Farkas; Hawley and Ciacchi. Mt Vernon 000-200 000 2-6-1 Wesl Frankfort 002 002 OOx 4-9-1 Henry and PankoviLs; Desmukc, Millicre(2). and Cupp Belleville at Mattoon--postponed. Today's Games Ccnlraha al Belleville; West Frankfort al Mt. Vernon; Mattoon al Marion. Silvery Seas The seas of the world contain about 2.000,000 tons of silver. TO MAKE YOUR HOME | A MARK OF PRAISE. jj JUST SEE BILL DOLLAR-. YOU'LL FIND IT PAYS. I I C ° UW Hack will be 38 next Dec 8. He entered professional baseball in 1931 wilh Sacramento in thc Pacific Coast League. By the fol- 1 lowing summer, the Cubs decided 'he was ready for thc majors. He wasn't. He played 72 games with the Cubs in 1932. About all he hit was thc air as he balled a measly .236 The next year, he went back to thc bushes, for more seasoning at Albany in thc Inlernaiiona' I League. | He caught on quick at Albany 'Laic in lhe season the Cubs re 'called him. In 20 games bcfo_rc 'the season ended he balled .350. JHc has been lhe Cub third base,man ever since. i In Ihirlccn years as a regular, he has balled over .300 six limes, i He has never baited under .282. 'His best year was in 1945 when he batted .323. | By the end of the scason, Hack [will" have played in more games' than any other third-sackcr m | i thc history of thc Xational Lea! gue. He'll bc about ready to take J 'his place in history with Pic I [Traynor, Hcmic Groh and Hans j ' Lobcrt. i Bing Crosby Bob Hope Ray Milland Alan Ladd Paulette Goddard Gary Cooper Dorothy Lamoor Veronica Lake Barbara Stanwyck Lizabeth Scott William Holden Sterling Hayden William Bendix Joan Coalfield Sonny Tufts Barry Fitzgerald Cass Daley Virginia Wolls Howard Da Silva John Lund Robert Preston MacDonald Carey William Demarest Burt Lancaster Gail Russell Arleen Whclan Virginia Field Johnny Coy Billy De Wolfe Patric Knowle* Mono Freeman , Sally Rawlinson Diana Lynn Wanda Hendrix Mary Edwards Cecil Kellaway Richard Webb Mikhail Rasumny, Stanley Clements Frank Faylen gyttMHHMba^^HMry^^ ^ffjj^!^ Now Showing 12c and 35c Sunday 2p.m.- Monday 6 p. m. 12c and 35c Pc.t, P°P cr c "" son-.o new furniture mckc a big difference. Phone or come in loclsy crd gc! 'he eaA for 1hss * c your o'licr You'il li'*e ct. fncndiy service. Loans up to $500.00 Do Qyoin Fair ! DU QUOIN. 111. Aug. 30--p --Summaries of yesterday's final i Grand Circuit harness racing card at thc Du Quoin State Fair. 2:14 Class Trot. ' Peaceful Abbey (McGown) 1 1 1 'Scotch Goddess (Osborn) 3 2 2 Moiris Mite (Mahoney) 2 , 3 Ballad (Cameron) 4 6 4 , Time--2:02 2-5, 2:03, 2:04. 2:18 Class Pace i Paul Mac Pheison (Partial!) i 1 1 1 I Easier Dale (Dunn) 5 2 2 I Mighty Lucy (Leonard) 2 3 4 C. Guy (Garrctt) 3 4 a , Time--2:04; 1:59 l-». 2.04 !-.. Claiming Pace, I Student Printv (Parshall) I 1 .Dan Glow (Humphries) 2 5 il)on Pr6nto (Fit/patrick) 3 2 . Sky Chief (Stover) . 3 4 5 Time--2:04 2-5, 2:08 i o, 2:06. I THE NEW^3 " fta^ M38WBRSW MTtfig · ftl * nr»u nnrwim ' mm TON DUN SlflCKWQi · PHIUP KED PAHaCUUOKISQM ^

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