The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on December 23, 1902 · Page 3
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 3

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 23, 1902
Page 3
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TUESDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 33,-1903. THE DECATDK Beautiful Thought* Th« iwtet, pure breath of the Mbe li «u»Mtive of innocence and health. X nother'i yearning for children li in* ··parable from a love of the beautiful, and it behoove* every woman to bring the ·weetett and beat influence to bear on the rabject of her maternity. To relieve pain and make eaiy that period when fife is born again, Mother's Friend to popularly used. It to a liniment easily administered and for external me only. Pregnant women should try this remedy, it being undeniably a friend to her during nature's term of suspense and anticipation. flatter'* Friend, if used throughout gestation, will soften the breasts, thereby preventing cracked and sore n ipples. All muscles straining with the burden will relax, become supple and elastic from its continued application. All fibres in the abdominal region will respond readily to the expanding cover per Write for free book" ou ·*· flotherhood. 1MB HUDFIILO UMJUTOI ·. ATLANTA, U. OFTICE DESKS --AS CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. Kinds suitable for the home or oflicei. Prices range from SIO to $50. SCOVILL CO. COLD CROWNS During the last ft-w great itrldei have been madu In dentistry, this due largely to the crown and bridge work. Modern methods enaWe us to construct * fold crown on the natural root of · tooth. In the past a tooth diseased beyond saving through the method of filling* was extract*!, but such practice It no longer employed; Instead a crown 1» reconstructed through th« employment of artificial crowns, made either of «old or porcelain, or a combination of th» two, fitted to the tooth in mien a manner a* S wstoro the entire crown, making a tooth as practical a« I ho. ordinal one. In ithe? words, rest,,.!..* the tooth to auofc « condition as to perform Its natural function*. No charge for Extracting when Teeth are ordered. Bet of Testh ........ » Best Teeth ........ · 22-karat Oeld Crown .............. li Gold Fillings ..U up Silver Fillings Me up Plates repaired Me up We Give Green Stamps R*atmber, w* ar* directly on the or- ner of Main and Water streets (OTIT Kmg'* drug itore). DR. I. oTlOORE'S Painless Dental Parlor BAST MAIN ST. KEEP UPTOWN Rural Mall Authorities to the Country People. BAD ROADS, NO SERVICE. Carriers Do Not Ha veto Break Open Drifts. Th- rurnl free delivery nil owr the country Is '(" !· used as nn imriimcnt by tin- |Hstofflci ili |nrlmcnt to Induce tho farmers to inki* n Krrat«r I n t d f K t In IfuiMl rcru!*, an will !·- Awn from the I'ol- InnlnK h u l l i ' t l n . w h i c h I'iMtmaMter Oal- hoiin r't-i-Ui-i! t s ; i r l ; i y and which In* wa* :i«ki L in ixixt i imH|)lciimiily In 'the O f f i c e : ALU'AVS I'ASftAIM.B. "The ileiuirlment lunks l» the i . i l r i n » nf the rurnl fr«v nVIhvrv nTvlce. wtin an rcccKlnlc liclielltn of Die si.TVlrc. to '.!«· tlielr ii'inotit iHTHirtial i n d u i v i i r . ami :i!».ii ex- rt their |ier»"*nal i n f l u e n c e with the rotnl H.i|MirvlH»rs, or w i t h iihoMe nfl'lcl'ils «ln .ire rcapiiiislhlc fur the cimll',l»u of tile highway. t the .-ml till- ro.ulH t r a x c l i i l hy the rural currier* ririy he always kept In such pa.s.Mjil»le wha|i th.v the service c.ui Ue regularly anil punc- t n a l l y |MTform'l. "Hh mill the ri'ii'.iliirlty i.f the nervier be nei dlcvKly ,!*·«»:roj eiI -as a result of iuat- l i ' i i U u i i and lack of ciiiv iH-Htowed on t h e h i i r h w a y n . lie iicrm.incnl w i t h d r a w a l o'' Hi. delivery will very l i k e l y result. SO.MK U I P K S 4 TOO UKKAT. ' K u r i l c a r r i e r * are r i i n l i v i l ·,, srvv I h e l r mull* p-K'i!url.i at all wamimi of l i i e y i : i r n n i l In very k i n d nf w i a l h c r w h e n It c;in In- dime without yerlotiHly Im- perllini; t h e i r llvcu or etidaiiKerlnK 1 'llu Ir cmivi v mi i s or the T i l l e d Slntey t u l t l l w h l e h l in t i n Ir iiHtody. "I'.itri.n* sliiHilil eli ar a w i i v the snuw d r i l l s si 'li it carriers ( a n ilrlve up ti and ri H-u l i o x ' i from their vehicle* without i l i . - ' M i i . n t i ; iii^. ' I t h not a part of I lie i .IITH i '·* d u t y to hrvak "it roads a l ' t ' r a »evt re xnow S t u r m MI'ST DO I'TMOST. "Rural c;in'li' are e x p u l e d in cnor- (Tdli i l l v t r y to s c r \ c ' h i i r routes. I'ven Ih.niKli the r i i i u l t l l i u i * may I x'.rcmcly j t i h i r s t . ,111.! .my m n l i i ' 1 lack of x-'al on I h e l r p.irl should lie promptly lirmiKht to the a t t e n t i o n of t h i s o t f l i v for nucti action as t i n m e n ' s «·! t i i u cast 1 may le- iMlltv. Ite.xp' e t f l i l l y , "A. W. MAOIIKX. " Superintendent." ELEVATOR TRADE. HuwkitV Helton company tit Atwood Sells. O. A. Tiurks Monday closed n d i a l whereby the property of the Hawks llellun Ornln and Elevator nimpnny was Bold to the Atwood CJrnln and t'nal coin- iwny. The transfer will be made Jan. 1. or as suon thereafter as Mr. Hawks i ' i u remov hlw (jrala now In the elevator. The firm of l l a w k i Helton Is nn old ii,- and has done an Immense buslniss A luiuher hu^htess was run In enmiec- llon w i t h the (jrjilii and cleuitor btisl- ·*. The Illinlier IIIISIIIPSS will lie 1'c- liilned by l'nd Helton. The deal In- l u i l i s the shells utid cUvators of the company HIM tin* company's rlKht tu hu' K I « I I n In that section. That company had the only ilevator In Atwood and I t Is one of t l Idcst and cst i,n the ! , ! . W. H has ujnyed i K"id patmnuKc. Mr. Hawks will leave Friday for a t i l p east, nnd It Is expected hat lie will l . i t i r 150 east to reside norm i n e n t l y . II,. hn.s liei n one of the must prominent men In that section of t h ( o i i n l - y . He Is a Knod lawyer and u o l l t l i - a i |i a.I. r. Tin A t w .1 Uralii nnd Coal company Is a i o r t K r a l l i n fornnd a few weeks HKO ind Is ( i m p o s e d nf farmers anil business men of Atw I. The offlceis are; ITesldenl-W. !·:. Carroll'"'^ Seen t a i y ( i . II. Hmolhers. Treasurer-..!. A. Uhodes. A MpncialiKt. Hr Will Mclirlde has just rccelvoJ ,'oril t h ( he ;, i s s i d ihe examination u h l c h he took Ij'f a :ihslclaii's license before the slat, board of health the early art of the niiml'h. I I , will now have u lc nse I , practice n u ' i c l n { . In this state. Dr. McHrldc expects to leave for Chicago he llrst ot the year and t » r a year fir so will be associated with Dr. Hyde, the ( skin speilallst. STEINWAY PIANOS hUnVcrado plsan should get bed rock pile** on Htninwejr* from »·· « «» glr* yon lowwt pr!c« and the bon..H» of acholee from a \«ry liwoitoo* ol Oios^ nnelnttraniint* Addroi» * · WHOM . P. f. BM M*. P»sM-. » ivary Nrenan iNEW'SFAFERi DR. PIERCED FAVORITE PRE5CRIPTIO NE.RVOUINES3 ADACHE We Want Your Business IHK 01 mi Kid.. Fire, Tornado. Lightning. Life, Health, Personal Accident, Fidelity Bonds, Employers' Liability. Plate Glass, Steam Boilers. None but the best companies represented SIGNER HAINES. Over Postoffiee Decatur. OU FhOM 263 ·ewPhoneiM DROPPED SWAG. Wabash Fireman Faces a Burglar. Supposed to Have Been in Blue Mouud Store. Fireman Al Farmer of tho IVnbash l»e- llev s thnt he bumped smnefc Into th 1 ' men v'.io burKlarlKi'd IMOdloy Ruler's slnre nt Illuc Mound taut Friday inoru- i'llK. Kngli ( o r ISilwards and Fire-man Fnnftcr w-re on this oc"Hln pulllitK sccunoS No. Kpcatur to St. Ignite. They ppul fo. 1 water at Lltchllflill at ii:l."i itnl as KlrtWan Farmer stopped off his title twu Jumped from fhi rear of t i n - l a n k nn l h o « i m o sl.lo. Jloth of them ·arried boxes ami prick'iifrps nf various kliiilH. In Jumping i f f nn of tlmm droppid i box which drne n|ion ami several silver knives anil Corks rolled nut'. I'ni'incr shod his light In the fellow's face from a distance of three feet nr loss as he gatlt- i-rej ii]i thi« cutliry. "Wh'-re In h-1 are you Ruins?" de- n.iniled the llreman. The fellow said not a. word In reply, nit In »n much of a hurry WJIH hi» that i left a knife uml fork lying on the :r,nmil. The IKI!I' dcjmrted hastily, going wslwarit through Lltchflelil, So inl-kly lid It all happen that Klrcmau Farmer lid not wnllZ" u n t i l they WMV KIIIIO that he was probably dealing w i t h a ]ialr «.f Hi- ]lcked il| (lit- cutlery that wvn loft mil still heis It. The train had ni-ulc but one f l a v lio- fure reaching TaylorvllU- and this ,va* at WHTeys, where they went Into a. uuH'iK to l;t No. ti |asl, Thin Is thcMuconil'sUKUm south of Blue Mound, and Is probably where thi men Kot on. Fanner describes ih man sis small w i t h tiplvt oomplexlun 'and wearing a Hunt rivercoat and little cap like a 1'lcycln cu;, Me had a packuKo In hl» overcoat yockct ....ildcH tin- one he carried In 1il» tatul. The nther man he dlil nut K- I a KUIM) Iwk it, but thinks lu wiuv no uvcrcoit. MONTICEL10. Montlcello. Ills., Icc. 22.-Charles Smith ind Charlts K. Wrench of Hannannm liiwnshlp wctc here "li business Jlim- ilav. S. R. Heed was In Seymour yesterday. where hi- I'cinvscnted the commissioners of highways of the towns ol' 8anK-mun- Hcolt and Mahomet In the m a t u r of ·pining nnd laylnK »'t a new rond on the county lln.' west "f Seymour l»- twecn Cham|iaign and 1'lutt counties. Hi rn. to iMr. and Mrs. A r t h u r Irum, Saturday, a son. Charles ArRo, James Hcndrlcks nu ijmrne Furrls of North SaiiBamon were lietc on business yesterday. Oci rgu (Jlow, who Is with the Allerton people In Cedar Rapids, Tu., IH spending the Chrl."tmus time with his family here Miss Maude t,yon spent Saturday and Sunday with frlmds anil n latives In Champnlgn. The Misses Stevens camo Saturday evening to spend their holidays with tin U father, F. O. Stevens. They are In school ul Jackwiivlllu, Ills. The muddy roads and bad weather are not very conducive to a Rood out nl town Christmas trade, yet mont nf the merchants are seemingly well K.'itlsflcd with It so far. Mrs. Anna dale of White Heath was here Monday. Miss Agnes Reed of Chicago camo Sun- duy nlKht for a few weeks' visit with hoi parents here. Merle nine Is home for Christmas. Ili Is attending business rnllw at ynlncy Samuel Howe mid Robert Bute-man ul Munsflild Were here yesterday. II, I.. Tlmmons, who has been i|ult sick for the lust few days, Is mud bettor. P. C. Mldilleton of Cfiro Chmlo I helplns the county clerk with the. ta lists if this county. Judge F. M. Sbonkwller united tl.. lives uf Otto Yonaka of West Salem Ills., and Mary Shook of Moment, Ilia. yesteiday. The ceremony was pcrform- «U In the county elerk'H office. C. O. (."line, who has been sick for the past week. Is better. William B. llenness, an old citizen or Sangamon township, this county, died at his home near Mansfield Saturday night. Kurr Caldwell, who Is attending college In St. Luulg, Is home for tho hull- days. Mr. anil Mrs. J. O. Tlppett pncnt Sunday in White Heath. The annual holiday dance of the Cosmos club will be Klven In Rhoudes' hall Dec. 81. Turner's orchestra of Champaign will furnltth the music. The gun club of this place Will hold a shooting match on Chrlitmas day In Draden's pasture. Justice A. T. Plpher united In marriage Frank Ater and Afnea Myers yesterday In the county clerk's office. The groom II from Argenta and the bride from Be- roeat. On» cllne, deputy ctrealt clerk, spent ,8untay with hit parents In White Heath. MARRIAGE LICENSES. Robert J. Bateman, Mansfield 21 Gertrude Ooodeell, Mnnsneld Hi Otto Yonaka, West Salem 17 Mary Shook. Bement II Nathan Q. Hlnton, Bement SB Don Bowyer, Bement 23 Frank Ater, ArfXnta,. ....M Afoei llyen, Bement 19 Late Arrivals In .Morris Chairs at Reduced Prices Large Rattan Full Roll Rocker.......$3.49 Outfitting CO., 240 Bast Main Street. AT THE GRAND. T O . V H i l l T . "The Heart of .\larj l a i . i l ' i- I he 'il'r.ic- tlon l i i n l H h t . Tlu- leailniK rule, t h a t of :he f a m o u s artlsil, Mrti. l.i'Slle (Mrler, is w played hy ln-r successor, AUKS Alma riiKci', who a t i a l m d by her forceful 4'Honatkin Iho recunnitlon of a ilo- rved shai'e uf critic,il and popular fair. SKXSATIOXAI, «i:r.xu'. li.. Chrlslmas a t t r a c t i o n at the (ininil, m . i l i n i e and nlslil, U "The ratal \Ve.l- llnif." n Hi'iixiitloiiiil .scinie dramn. W I L L I A M S AN 1 !) WALKKH. " W i l l i a m and Waller, ihe k l t m p l n s of :· lorcd comedla is, and t h e i r his company will a p p e a r at t h e opera, house Friday MlKht In t l u l r latest success, called "In Inthoiney," a musical comedy In three acts. They have Miiroiindoil tlunvs« L lves this nciimn with an u n u s u a l l y clever com- liany and a l,irt?i churns of plrls. Thi* piece has ,1 host of st.irtlltiB novelties ami f u n n y situations, tho muslu i» all of tho laU-s.. at I tho sfencry, costume.-* and eleitrlcal 'fCecta ure file finest ever Be/-'!i on any s Mrs. Olllett Keslpni. ·/. At. Ollletl, administratrix of the estat ^jf John 1'. Glllctt In Logan county, r signed, as she Is to take up her residence In another Mate. Judge Mc- i'ormlck appointed K, 1). I t l l n u as udmln- Istrutur de bonls nun. with bunds of tHO,- IHIO | Lutz Music House f is the place to go to see the largest stock of fine Pianos and Organs Selected for the CHRISTMAS TRADE BARGAINS! -- AT-ROSENBERG'S. 125 SOUTH WATER ST. We are offering some of the Lowest Prices to be had on Christmas Goods. Ifylozen of We find 75o silk tleu to be sold from I5c to 26o Ifest fleeced underwear (it H5o dent's 25o hoso nt Ho Bilk'handkerchiefs, regular price GOc, now 2c Suspenders from 15c tip. Heavy all wool ovcrshlrts ' V8O Best Jerseys tit Wo Canvas gloves at 8b Astraclmn and Jersey lined gloves at 250 Finest caps In the city from 25c up. Our regular J4.M winter pants go at 12.75 Overcoats, now nnd unredeemed, from (2 up. Buck and Covert cloth coat3 from tl.2S to ·· t25 Latest style heavy 14.00 leather lined box calf shoes go at KM Latest style enamels of eamo grade at t3 Fine assortment of musical Instruments nt cost. Striking bags and boxing gloves to Do sold tram 11.35 to |2.M Kelt boots from 11.75 to $2.25 Overtlioea and arctics II and H-£ Ladies' anil gents' watches from (5 up. Chains and fobs from Wo up. ' Solid and gold filled plain band and set rings from II to K OPEN NIGHTS UNTIL 9 P. M. Reduced Prices and easy terms given for thirty days ; I Large stock of small instruments, books and sheet music; Regina i!! Music Boxes and Simplex F | [' Player--the best made. TIM iitliwUrt FOR CUTS. i Blood PARACAMPH 25« COMFORTS ALL HURTS. We __ , THE BBU.OaiaT, COBNBR HOKIB MAIN ANQ NOBTH 9O,, TMl KIOiT ATTRACTIVB1 CALENDAR OPTHBNIWYBA* (IMM) 10 in., la U colon, with an added special flnuib that ilje* it the trn» ·ate»«oloreirct. Tho aooompwa. In* ronrodnctlon of one of the sub? Wietot plates. ··w *» OMB4« tt^GmtlUf- wben. pr«»tJ. on woelBt. tftk eolaorMm|iiOjnp^ lukuulr n0 ,V2,5 ANIOUIMCIIH 00,, ArMW StaHN, Euut CHf, IMNM. DR. A. n. DREW ·pMfct MttMhn flrtM t» rwM «ad vtouvi AM*MM. rat* tuna mtbMt TM*Ir^^ «· * ··»*^ JwUV lEWSPAPERr

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